Swingtown s01e04 Episode Script

Cabin Fever

Provisely on swingtown: - We are not swingers.
- Don't forget.
Janet and roger are the ones who left.
Let's promise that it will only be that one time.
Susan told me they made a pact to stay exclusive.
Maybe they need a little friendly nudge back in the right direction.
Welcome back,everyone.
Today marks the official midway point for our summer session.
How do you see me? I think.
we're having a housewarming next weekend.
You look nice.
So,what,is she your girlfriend now? It's a party,janet.
Let people eat.
Susan,she's ruining your party.
It's not my party.
And that is not my wallpaper.
- You've been cheating? - No.
Me and susan and tom and trina on the fourth of july.
Geez,rog,do I really have to spell this out for you? I want us to be completely open from now on.
Open how? All options on the table.
You want to go again? We're gonna wake the neighbors.
I think they'd approve.
Or we could just invite 'em over.
Bruce! You said all options on the table.
Okay,mister,two can play at this.
Only two? Boring.
This is captain decker.
We've reached our cruising altitude of 33,000 feet.
The air up here is smooth and clear, so feel free to stretch out and mingle with your fellow passengers.
Been helming the miami/o'hare route for the past seven years now, and it has been my pleasure serving you, but all good things must come to an end, so after today, I will be leaving you in the steady hands of my newly-promoted co-captain, mr.
Rick gilmore.
as for me,I will be piloting pan meridian's new service to tokyo starting next week.
I hope to see you good people on that long flight to the far east very soon.
In a restricted area,ma'am.
I'm gonna have to ask you to find your seat.
Is this one taken? Well,folks,it seems i have my hands full up here, so I invite you to kick back,relax,and enjoy the ride.
and that goes double for you.
I come to speak with the counsel.
What sounds better,shrimp-stuffed peppers or garlic chicken milanese? - I wouldn't eat either one.
- Good.
I'm not making it for you.
We better pick up some flashlight batteries.
Oh,and bug spray.
The mosquitoes nearly ruined the entire trip for janet last year,remember? Yeah,vividly.
Off to a late start.
Thought you guys wanted to get a jump on the weekend.
Yeah,we,uh,kind of did.
- Load the car,please.
- Right.
something you want to say? - Nope.
- Good.
Muffin tins,check.
Oven cleaner.
Hey,did you find your tackle box? No.
No,I didn'T.
Well,I'm sure there's plenty of lures at bruce and susan's cabin.
Not that you two ever catch any prize winners.
What's the matter? You've been mopey all morning.
I don't know if it's a good idea for us to go this weekend.
What are you talking about?Are you feeling all right? No.
No,actually,I'm not.
I'm sorry.
Call and tell them we can't make it.
If anything unexpected happens and you can't reach us, call the mcconnells.
I mean,all the emergency numbers are on the pad near the fridge.
It's two days,mom.
I can handle it.
oh,the thompsons are going to be dropping rick off any minute.
Don't let those boys give you a hard time.
I-I told bj you're in charge.
Hello? Yup,hang on,mrs.
Ready when you are.
So,how was miami? Oh,hot and sweaty.
The weather was nice,though.
Welcome home.
I forgot you guys were coming back today.
Don't even look at that wallpaper.
I'm embarrassed it's still there.
Your mail.
I hope it wasn't a problem.
No,not at all.
We were just trying to scoot out of town ourselves.
I saw the fishing poles,and where you off to? Uh,door county,wisconsin.
Susan's family has a cabin on the lake.
Oh,how romantic.
Yeah,kind of.
We're driving up with the thompsons.
Actually,we're not.
Janet just called and cancelled.
Something about roger having the flu.
In the middle of summer? I know.
I'm so sick of playing this game with her.
I mean,all we did was move a few blocks away.
I'm sorry.
Ah,we still got the lake breeze and the fresh pine.
And each other.
- Sounds pretty good to me.
- Yeah.
why don't you join us? Oh,susan,tom didn't mean for you to invite us.
No,I-I'm serious.
Let it be our turn to show you guys a good time,right,bruce? Absolutely.
Uh,plenty of room.
You know me.
I'm always up for an adventure.
Are you sure? Then let's do it.
proudly presents Swingtown Season1 Episode04 Your grandfather built this place? Great grandfather.
It was originally intended to be a church retreat,believe it or not.
Half the town used to congregate here on sundays.
Grandpa lyons used to minister here after a fallout with the local parish.
Sounds scandalous.
You can read all about it in those log books.
They-they go back to the turn of the century.
Uh,bedrooms are through there.
Take your pick.
You catch any bass in that lake? Yeah,I try to.
Uh,sometimes I think the fish can smell the city on me.
Let's get settled,and we'll rig up the boat.
Uh,hold on.
First things first,bruce.
I almost forgot.
Something we should know? Uh,we have a little tradition.
Newcomers have to jump in thee lakfirst thing.
No toe-testing,all the way in.
It's not mandatory,of course.
Your weekend,your rules.
Come on,tom.
Let's go put on our suits.
what are we doing? Let's not overthink it.
looks like you're feeling better.
Guess so.
You know,if we get on the road right now, there's still time to salvage the weekend.
I'm happy right where I am.
Roger,what is going on? You've been acting peculiar ever since bruce and susan's housewarming.
Maybe I'm just tired of spending all of our free time with them,you know? I mean,what do the four of us really have in common anyway? How about,uh,ten years of birthdays and-and easter dinners and thanksgivings? They were our neighbors.
They lived across the street from us.
Susan is more than just a neighbor.
Look,I know things have changed,and.
but if we go up there, and-and we do all the things we've always done together,maybe.
maybe things can change back.
What if it's already too late? I don't accept that.
Hey,gaywad! what kind of putz mows the lawn when his parents are out of town? I thought yours decided not to go.
So,why should that ruin our weekend? Grab your bike.
Let's book over to vintage vinyl.
They just got a bunch of kiss bootlegs in from holland.
Bj! Oh,great,it's rapunzel.
Are you done mowing the lawn?My mom's trying to sleep.
What,is her mom a vampire? Kind of.
Tell her I'm finished.
Hey,we're gonna go buy records.
You want to come? Where are you going? Vintage vinyl.
It's in evanston.
Hold on.
Are you kidding me? What is your problem? Why can't you just be nice to her? I don't think she has a lot of friends.
Big shock.
Lookin' good,ladies.
oh,what a gorgeous day.
- Thanks for inviting us.
- Thanks for coming.
I love how spontaneous you and tom are.
you know,I had to plan this weekend a year in advance with janet, and she still cancelled.
Sounds like she's really testing your friendship.
She thinks we've changed somehow.
Um,what do you think? maybe she's right.
Things have changed a lot in the last two weeks.
You mean since our night together? things seem really good with you and bruce.
Trina,remember what I told you that night at the playboy club, about the pact that bruce and I made? To keep your relationship exclusive.
We,um,had another talk about it last weekend, and decided to try to open ourselves up a little bit after all.
Meaning? We haven't exactly defined it yet.
Right now we're just trying to be open and honest with each other about how we feel about,uh.
That's the only way it works.
No,no,don't rock the boat!I got a bite! I got a fish!I got a fish! Close the net! I have to get a picture of this.
I think it's a big one!Get the net! I got it.
Hey,boys! Over here! We're okay.
Guys,we are officially into the homestretch here.
Two weeks from today you'll have the ap credit out of the way.
You'll be able to enjoy the sunshine without pondering what nietzsche or camus might have to say about it.
Raise your hands if you thought this class was excruciatingly long and slow.
How many of you thought these six weeks just zipped by? All right,you all get "a'S.
" kidding.
In the spirit of fleeting moments, your next assignment will be to write an essay on the subjective nature of time, drawing from any of the philosophers we've been studying.
that's it.
Have a good weekend,everybody.
it's a cool assignment: The subjective nature of time.
it's all perception,right? Yes.
laurie,I think we should talk.
That fish was huge,and i nearly had it in the boat.
Yeah,all right,all right.
I messed up.
I take full responsibility.
Yeah,I want that in writing.
It'll be noted in the log book,I promise.
And don't forget to mention just how big it was.
Size isn't everything,dear.
I think I'll go rinse off.
Yeah,the water's hot,but there's not a lot of it,so.
well,a little hot water goes a long way.
Well,I could get it started for you.
Or we could.
all get in together.
Your cabin,your rules.
Uh,susan? Okay.
Knock,knock! Surprise.
San,what's going on? Hey,kids.
I didn't know this weekend was going to be a three-way.
Janet,let's go.
Sorry to interrupt.
He's just joking.
What,what are you two doing here? What are we doing here? Well,you said roger wasn't feeling well.
I mean,you said you weren't coming.
Well,it never occurred to me you had our replacements all lined up.
Um,let's not make a deal about this.
Tom,let's go get dressed.
You two drove all this way and we practically invited ourselves.
Hold oa minute,trina.
Susan? why doesn't everybody just stay? In two bedrooms? How does that work? We're gonna turn back around.
No,I don't want you to do that.
Look,there's plenty of room.
We can figure this out.
Please? It's up to you.
I suppose we can manage one night.
Of course,we'll need more food.
We were just going to head to the market.
You know what?I-I'm going to go.
Okay,you guys can dry off.
Roger,I'm going to come with you.
Just give me a sec to put something on.
I don't suppose anybody took the time to wipe down the kitchen? No.
Long time no see.
Where have you been hiding? I haven't been hiding.
I've been studying.
Summer school should be about over by now,isn't it? Two weeks.
Summer always flies,right? I'll see ya.
I came back for you,you know.
That night after the play,I drove around the block.
I circled back for you.
Where'd you go? You left me downtown without a ride,logan,so.
I found one.
With who? Does it really matter? There's a bonfire at north beach tonight.
Be cool if you were there.
My parents are out of town.
I'm watching my brother.
But even if I weren't,I wouldn't be going to the bonfire.
Do you understand what I'm saying? Yeah.
How's the whitefish? Fresh as it gets.
Practically leapt into my husband's boat this morning.
Bruce and tom won't be happy to hear that.
We'll get something else.
No,no,I meant bruce and tom flipped the boat over this morning trying to catch fish.
It was hysterical.
Two whitefish,please.
Roger,are you okay? Oh,yeah,yeah,I just had,like,a 24-hour flu or something.
No,no,I-I mean.
I know it's awkward with tom and trina here,but.
you and janet called and cancelled.
I just.
you don't,you don't have to explain yourself to me.
I'm sorry we crashed your party.
You didn't crash anything.
You were invited.
Well,with us here, I doubt it'll be the kind of weekend you expected to have with your new friends.
Here you are.
All right,thank you.
All right,we should.
we should go.
Where'd you learn to split wood like that? Boy scouts.
I'm trying to imagine you as a boy scout.
Well,it didn't all stick.
But I can still light a fire,rig a sail and whittle a tiny totem pole.
You whittle? Oh,yeah.
Big whittler.
I-I'm really sorry about the unexpected guests.
Don't worry about it.
Hey,whatever the party is,that's the party I'm at.
Man,everything just rolls right off you,doesn't it? Waves coming at you a little fast these days? You know,I'm just aware these are potentially dangerous waters susan and I are wading into.
It's not that complicated.
You want to keep it open,gotta keep it honest.
- Okay.
- Lemonade,gentlemen? Hey! What's cookin',good-looking? What's cooking is a batch of my brownies.
World-famous recipe.
well,if they're anything like your lemonade,we are in for a treat.
The lady does make a mean brownie,I gotta give her that.
Thank you.
You ever seen a man split a log,jan? Can't say that I have.
Well,now look who's in for a treat.
I'll take this in.
who's winning the he-man contest? Tom,hands down.
I didn't mean to abandon you with janet.
I have a feeling she might loosen up.
Uh,yeah,step away from the stove.
You don't want to mess with janet's brownies.
Just adding something to give it a little extra kick.
You know,I'm guessing that isn't oregano.
We could all stand to mellow out a bit tonight,don't you think? Hey,hon.
How's the market? Fine.
I'm going to check on janet.
Bruce,would you start cleaning the fish? Who lives here,sonny and cher? Be quiet,rick.
You're sure this is worth it? They have a stereo and a pool.
I'm not getting arrested just so I can see some freaky house.
It's not some freaky house.
It's freak central.
susan,the fish is perfect.
Roger's idea.
All I did was point and pay.
susan,those cabin journals are fascinating.
There's one entry from 1948.
All it says is,"I'm as lonesome as topaz.
" That would be great aunt sally.
Everyone is lucky everyone is so kind I'll get the brownies.
Everyone,just sit.
I wonder what aunt sally was like.
Did you know her,bruce? Only in legend.
She never married.
Everyone said she was damn happy about it.
Except for the lonesome part.
I doubt you two had much in common.
Why is that? I just.
can't imagine you've ever had a lonely moment in your entire life.
There's a lot about me you don't know,janet.
You should learn to control your prejudices.
Well,that's a laugh coming from you.
I'm sorry? I know how you feel about me,trina.
I mean,you wrote it on susan's wall,for pete's sake.
What was it? Um,"killjoy"? You might want to help susan with those brownies.
Nun's habit? This is a complete disaster.
What was I thinking? Just let janet and trina work it out.
It's not about you.
Of course it's about me.
I'm the one who invited the deckers.
You know,it's like.
it's like the minute I make a few changes in mjalife, y net starts behaving like.
like a forgotten child.
Not that trina's making things any easier.
Can't argue with you on that.
And then there's roger.
He can barely look me in the eye.
It's like I've done something unspeakable.
what? Uh,I-I probably should've told you this earlier, but-but I-I kind of mentioned to-to roger that we'd done some experimenting with the deckers.
You what? What is the matter with you? You should really try to learn to lighten up.
Might do you some good.
Oh,you know what the problem is,trina,is that I'm not going anywhere.
You're not gonna get rid of me.
Anything else I should know? Uh,yeah,um.
uh,about those brownies.
I didn't write anything about you on susan's wall, janet; that's paranoid.
Oh,and I suppose it was just an accident that you sent me to the basement on the fourth of july.
You must have really enjoyed yourself.
Let's send the boring,stupid housewife to wander off into an orgy.
that's enough,both of you.
you and I need to talk.
Everyone else,have a pot brownie.
They're delicious.
Pot brownie?What's she talking about? World-famous recipe.
Trina,can you stop pushing everyone's buttons for five minutes? - You laced my brownies? - Loosen up,janet.
You're on vacation.
I'll be outside.
- I'll get the car.
- No.
What are you doing? We came here for a reason,roger.
Now go outside and find susan.
We are staying.
and I am going to eat a pot brownie.
well,I feel nothing.
It takes time.
Maybe you didn't make them right.
Maybe you should eat another.
Oh,bad idea,jan.
Trust me on this one.
Let's play a game.
Oh,oh,how about pinochle? I was thinking something a little simpler.
Susan? I know that bruce told you what we did at tom and trina's party,and I.
your marriage is none of my business.
I'm not judging you.
Well,it's why you cancelled this weekend,isn't it? Yeah.
I guess it's a little hard for me to see how janet and I fit into your new lifestyle.
There's no "lifestyle," roger.
Why didn't you just talk to me about it? You and I don't really have that kind of relationship.
We've been friends for years.
Yeah,sure,you're friends with janet, and I'm friends with bruce, but I didn't think that we could.
you know,that you and i could have A.
I didn't know how to talk to you about it.
janet know? Not from me.
she idolizes you.
I don't want to be idolized.
What do you want? Just to be happy.
You got a great house and a great family.
What more do you need to be happy? That's a good question.
are you happy? Mostly.
I'm glad.
I wasn't long,was I? Not at all,mrs.
Hope I've got my face on straight.
Perfect,for my money.
Neff is the name,isn't it? - Hi.
- You're late.
Uh,well,I would have called,but your note didn't have a phone number,so.
well,come on in.
I'm just cleaning up.
Wow,you made dinner.
Poulet provence.
It's kind of gross.
You didn't miss much.
My parents are out of town,so I thought I'd try and cook.
Uh,laurie,I shouldn't be here right now.
I thought you wanted to talk.
You're right.
Um,look,about what happened in the library last week.
um,that was.
just a kiss.
It's not that big a deal.
No,that was a very big deal.
I'm your teacher.
Only for two more weeks.
Well,if I did anything to.
I don'T.
you know,uh,lead you to think that.
I-I just want to say I'm-I'm sorry.
- I just want to apologize.
- You didn'T.
We were alone,surrounded by books,and dylan was playing.
I practically jumped you.
I like you,laurie.
I do.
I really do.
I mean,you're smart.
You're funny.
I value your input in class.
You know that,but this.
this can't happen.
Laurie? Sorry.
Pbs is doing a film noir week.
Oh,barbara stanwyck.
Oh,wow,this is double indemnity.
One of the rare occasions I wish I owned a tv.
You don't own a tv? Nah,conscientious objector.
Then stay.
Watch it with me.
Who wants a shot? No,thanks.
You know,you're stealing from them.
Yeah,this from the girl who showed us how to break into their house.
That's smooth gin.
U yowant to go in? You first.
You are so dead.
It's right foot yellow.
hey,hey,hey,watch the goods,little missy.
I warned you.
I was a chee eader.
Rlokay,spin it! Okay,trina,right hand green.
Right hand green.
I can't do it.
I win! Oh,oh,you're too much for me,lady.
Flattery will get you nowhere with me,mister.
Okay,who wants to play again? I'm afraid I must bow to the queen.
You know,if this were high school, you'd be my new best friend.
Oh,no,if this were high school, you wouldn't even be talking to me.
You're probably right.
I was too busy making out with the bad boys.
you know what I was like in high school? Exactly the same as I am now,but with saddle shoes.
I know-- sexy,right? I thought you were a cheerleader.
Only on weekends.
Ooh,it's always the quiet ones,isn't it? Roger wishes.
I have never done anything wild and crazy in my entire life.
Maybe tonight's the night.
I have an idea.
you want to use a little wrist action.
Check it out.
Okay,wrist action? Yeah,it might come in handy at one of tom and trina's parties.
hey,you think tom skips stones? Hey,man,you can skip or not.
Whatever you're into.
You guys okay out here? Much better.
- Good.
- How's it going in there? Is that laughter or screaming I'm hearing? Little of both.
I think janet's buzz is definitely peaking.
I better go check on her.
ally,ally,all come free! You guys in,or what? Shall we? rick's wasted.
Make sure he sleepsface down.
Most girls get advice about boys and make-up from their moms.
Mine tells me how not to puke in my sleep.
Have you ever been drunk? Nah,I don't want to end up like my mom.
Or anybody else in this neighborhood.
So how come this place is freak central? They have these parties.
I've seen them sometimes.
You wouldn't believe it if I told you.
My parents are with them this weekend.
I can't really imagine them doing anything weird.
They're like the definition of normal.
Everything looks normal on the outside.
honey? Can you get my hair? Mmm,that's nice.
roger and I will just sleep on the porch.
You guys take the bed.
Man,I dig the night air.
No,no,it's fine.
I'll just get some blankets.
I have an idea.
How about girls in one room and boys in the other? you mean,like a sleepover.
Cthatould be fun.
Works for me.
good night,honey.
Good night.
- Good night.
- Good night,roger.
Good night.
Meet me on the porch in 20 minutes.
what do you think? I know I'm supposed to go along with the whole femme fatale thing.
I just wish powerful women weren't always portrayed as evil.
It's like a poisonous spider that has to be exterminated.
Fred macmurray wasn't exactly a paragon of virtue,though.
Yeah,but the movie practically blamed all of his bad behavior on her.
God,why are men so paranoid? Not all men are.
At least she had great hair.
There is that,yes.
This works,you know.
You and me.
but you have to go,don't you? Yes,I do.
I had so much fun tonight.
I can't remember the last time I slept with anyone other than roger.
no,not that I ever slept with anyone but roger.
I just mean.
sleep,as in actual sleeping.
Tom's starting a new job,flying to tokyo next week.
A lot of nights apart.
Are you worried? I'm not worried.
I'm just.
lonesome? As topaz.
Don't worry.
You can always call us.
did we actually all survive this? Yeah,I think so.
Of course tomorrow's another day.
There isn't really a handbook for what we're going through right now,is there? No,there isn'T.
we're okay though,right? Yeah.
We're okay.
What am I wearing? That's mine.
Where are my clothes? Last I remember,you threw them in the fireplace.
My head.
Where the hell are we? is that pancakes? Morning.
We have blueberry and banana pancakes.
I couldn't find any walnuts.
You're leaving? Well,you know roger.
He always likes to be the first one on the road.
I thought you'd stay.
It'S it's time for us to go.
I hope you guys don't mind,but tom and I decided to get back today.
I got my first big flight monday; I want to be ready.
Of course.
Why don't we stay,janet? Okay.
Trina,are you sure you don't have time for pancakes? There's plenty.
Always have time for pancakes.
Suse,you coming? Just a sec.
proudly presents Swingtown Season1 Episode04