Swingtown s01e03 Episode Script

Double Exposure

Previously on.
why don't the four of us go someplace a little quieter? Let's promise that it'll only be that one time.
You got it.
We should have left the party with you and roger.
Why didn't you? I'm so happy I met you,trina.
Your dad's a perv.
He'll also be a murderer if he finds out we swiped these.
We can help you set up the tent.
Just leave it.
- It's a walkie-talkie.
- Thanks.
If you write a brief,honest review,I will bump up that grade on your essays.
Raise your hand if you think you might be able to come.
is laurie miller.
Anane directed the play.
Sylvia and brad davis.
I miss susan.
Then do something about it.
What are you guys doing here? Your pie is on the stoop.
hey,you're up early.
I rolled over and you were gone.
I hate that.
Sunday morning.
Thought we could.
sleep in a little.
Bruce,can you get the kids down here,please? Kids,get down here.
you sleep okay? Not particularly.
- Morning,bj.
- Morning.
What's going on? Breakfast with your family.
Bruce,could you say grace,please? uh,dear god.
thanks for the food.
And our family and friends, and we ask that you bless this very big, expensive house that we now live in.
Dad,I need you to take me to the bike shop today.
I think I bent the frame on my front wheel.
Uh,next weekend.
Your mother and i have been invited to a pool party across the street.
How am I supposed to get around without a bike? Borrow your sister'S.
Sorry,I'm going to the library after this.
Actually,you're not.
You're coming to church with the rest of us.
Church? When was the last time we did that? Far too long.
Finish your breakfast and get changed.
and in genesis 2:23,pay attention to adam's words.
"You are the flesh of my flesh,bone of my bone.
" Notice there is no talk of the heart.
Love was not born in the garden, but rather through the ordeal which followed.
By casting out adam and eve,god put the burden.
of love squarely on the shoulders of man and woman.
Love is a journey,and we must follow where it leads,hand in hand.
Been a while since we saw you here.
- Rog,how you doing? - Hey,bruce.
Laurie,you look beautiful.
I'll be at the car.
Come on,roger.
The lawn won't mow itself.
We're having a housewarming next weekend.
That's not much notice.
Which,which is why I-I need your help planning it.
I am lost.
A-and you made our first one so special.
Feels like a hundred years ago.
You really need my help? More than you know.
Call me.
Housewarming? Ah,yes.
Shot of whiskey in the rib sauce.
- That is the secret.
- That's tequila,dear.
- Here,you direct.
- All right.
I'm on grill duty.
john and cherie hyatt.
We spent new year's in rio together.
Thyou inwek 're wild? Try spending a weekend with the two of them.
Boys and their toys,hmm? Coming in? I think I'll just dip my toes.
What kind of party is this housewarming tonight? Yeah,I'm not exactly on the planning committee.
Janet and susan are kind of running the show.
Janet? Yeah.
You need us to,uh,pad the guest list a little? Oh,there's brad and sylvia.
You remember them from the playboy club.
Sure do.
- Not on camera.
- She needs no encouragement.
Watch w here youpoint that thing.
I just might sue for invasion of privacy.
It's true; my wife's quite litigious.
Bruce,can I talk to you for a minute? Someone's a little camera-shy.
That goes away.
Tom,how about a batch of margaritas? What do you say,hon,a little hair of the dog? - woof,woof.
- Susan? Actually,I have a headache.
I think I might go home.
What's the matter-- too much sun? just give me a minute; I'll get our stuff.
You know what,bruce?Why don't you stay? It's a beautiful day.
No sense in both of us being miserable.
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God,i hate this wallpaper.
You mind telling me what just happened back there? Who would put this in their home? I'm going to call janet and cancel this housewarming.
The party was your idea,remember? Besides,I already told tom and trina they could bring a few friends.
Let me guess.
Brad and sylvia? Okay.
uh,what's going on? I found her card,bruce.
I know she slipped you her number at the playboy club.
- sylvia.
- Nobody slipped anyone anything.
We had fun with them.
I thought we might get together again sometime.
Get together and do what? they're friends with tom and trina.
Not every friend of the deckers is a swinger.
Thompson's on the phone.
Could you tell her I'll call her back,please? She said it's important.
You know,whatever you're fighting about,mom's usually right.
Yeah,well,not always.
But usually.
going to go return some books.
Susan,there you are.
I'm afraid we've hit a snag on the deviled eggs.
Apparently,meg walter's great aunt had a stroke, so she has to go to milwaukee to place her in a home.
That's terrible.
On the bright side,I was never crazy about meg's eggs anyway,so.
I am nominating a new appetizer.
roger,could you turn that down? Pigs in a pickle.
Pickles,rolled in philly cheese,wrapped in thinly sliced deli meat.
According to good housekeeping,it's all the rage, but I wouldn't want to offend your fancy neighbors' palates.
It would take a lot more than pigs in a pickle to offend my neighbors.
Good,because I'm also making enough rosy perfection salad to feed an army.
susan,are you there? Thanks.
None of this would be happening without you.
You've been in that house two weeks.
I'd say it's time to warm it.
Okay,I'll talk to you later.
I guess the party's still on.
Like a freight train.
Honey,I'm sorry I didn't tell you about sylvia's card,but.
I didn't think it was a big deal.
I mean,there's nothing going on,I promise.
Do you realize.
the first time we had sex I got pregnant? we were kids.
We didn't know any better.
We do now.
Not sure I follow.
Sex has consequences.
Seeing you with another woman wasn't easy for me.
But you like trina.
I like her a lot,but ever since that night, I can't help wondering what other women you want to be with.
I guess I just zeroed in on sylvia.
We made a promise to each other,susan.
The only woman I want.
is you.
what's wrong with your bike? Oh,um,the chain came off and the gear crank is cracked.
The bike shop guy said it'd be 20 bucks to fix,so.
you're not running away again,are you? Not today,anyway.
My parents are having this really lame party tomorrow.
Kind of a meet the neighbors thing.
I know; my mom's going.
Maybe if you're not doing anything,you could come,too.
do you want some help with that? Yeah.
Here,take this end.
Oh,I can take those.
Thank you.
Oh,please,call me doug when we're not in school.
What's with the box? I guess I could have read it.
Recidivism rates are double for inmates with low reading skills.
How about you?You must have a few books that have done something wrong.
Prison books,they're books for prison,so.
they do something wrong.
No,I get it.
And yeah,I've got books.
Lots of them.
I'll be here all weekend.
Laurie? Why didn't you hand in a review for waiting for godot? I mean,you went all the way downtown to see it last week.
I'm just curious why you never wrote the review.
I liked the play,but anane's production was a little overdone.
And I didn't see how slamming the teacher's girlfriend was going to get me extra credit.
Anane's not my girlfriend.
We dated for a little while in grad school, but she's just a friend now.
we can both handle the truth.
So please.
feel free to write the negative review,all right? Yeah,baby.
Show me those dishpan hands.
Would you put that thing away,already? I thought maybe tonight could be.
movie night,if you're in the mood.
Something wrong? I was just thinking about susan.
Yeah,she seemed a little off today.
Didn't she? Remember what it was like our first time? Oh,yeah.
really shook up the snow globe.
Took a little getting used to,seeing you with someone else.
Susan told me they madea pact to stay exclusive.
Bruce still seems kind of into it.
Well,there's a recipe for disaster.
Maybe they need a little friendly nudge back in the right direction.
Are you sure that will hold? Well,if it doesn't,our next stage is a blowtorch.
Don't tempt me.
happy housewarming! - Hey.
- A fondue set.
Here you go,buddy.
Fondue makes a great centerpiece,and a terrific way to get people to gather.
The wine and cheese is cooking at my place as we speak.
You didn't have to do this,trina.
Well,I wanted to.
Honey,come in here.
You have to see this.
Look,they bought us a home movie camera.
Can you believe that? No,I can'T.
You're gonna love it.
We have footage of every trip we've ever been on,every party.
Not to mention other more private moments.
Bruce,we can't accept this.
Oh,of course you can.
All we ask is that you put it to good use.
Come on,tom,they have a party to get ready for, and I only have three hours to look fabulous.
Call if you need anything: Ice,booze,tripod,whatever.
ooh,now that's rosy perfection.
World-famous recipe.
I was talking about you.
Did you get the folding chairs? In the car.
- Sterno? - In the basement.
Okay,guys,september 1974,college coed issue.
I have personally inspected every girl in this pictorial.
I assure you,the student body is worth every penny you can cough up.
A dollar? That's what it costs at the newsstand.
You stole it from bj's dad.
Not the point.
This is the last of the playboys.
We're not letting it go for less than five.
What's the grand total so far? 18 bucks.
What are you doing,rick? I think the sterno cans are in the thanksgiving box.
Has ricky turned this basement into the bermuda triangle? What is going on down here? hi,guys.
You're early.
Could you get bruce,please? There's something we need to discuss.
What's in the box? First off,you are to apologize to mrs.
Thompson right now.
after you've finished helping set up the party, you are going immediately to the basement and cleaning it from top to bottom, seeing as how much you like filth.
And you're grounded,young man.
You're not to leave this house for a week.
Is that clear? We'll be in the kitchen.
I think now would be a good time for you to have that "talk" with your son.
Guys,you messed up,big time.
You stole something that didn't belong to you.
Something that,in fact,belonged to me.
A-and got caught.
Which is all bad,but it's what you stole that's the problem.
What's wrong with your husband that he would even need that collection of smut? Must be a nightmare for you.
There's nothing wrong with bruce.
Men are just different animals.
Roger would never bring that muck into our house.
Really?Janet,do you look in every drawer? Of course.
So privacy doesn't matter at all? Why would roger need privacy?We're married.
Boys your age are very impressionable.
Yeah,I mean,yeah,you shouldt n'be looking at girlie magazines.
You could be scarred for life.
"Scarred"? Yeah,you see,these girls,uh,you know, while fun to look at in the pages of a magazine.
they're not,they're not exactly.
they call it "airbrushing.
" For all we know,I mean, this centerfold could have a giant mole here or a tuft of hair or.
but the point is,some day you are going to meet and fall in love with a real woman.
And as a gentleman,it'll be your job to treat her with respect.
You see,real women.
laugh,and cry and,and grow old.
And have families.
The girls in these photographs are just a fantasy.
Laurie,where are you off to? Book drive.
Why couldn't I have had a girl? May I see? Your nancy drews? We read these together when you had the chicken pox.
Got to make room on the shelf somehow.
Time to move on.
Are you coming back for the party? Onion dip and small talk? It's not really my scene.
You guys have fun.
What exactly is laurie's scene? I'm not sure I know.
You better start getting ready.
I told everyone 7:00 sharp.
here are my books.
See what you got.
Black beauty and kerouac.
I was going for a theme of freedom.
You know,prison literacy and all.
The library will be closing in five minutes.
Looks like I got here just in time.
Looks like they're about to close up.
Well,I'm going to be here all night.
The library gave me free reign to pull out any books that haven't been checked out in five years.
I'm only up to the "bs.
want some help? oh,yeah,sure.
Why not? sorry that took so long.
I was about to send up a flare.
Janet has a vise grip on this party.
There you are! Um,everyone! The guest of honor,my dear friend and co-host,susan,has finally joined us.
And I thought we would kick off this party with a little name game.
It's called "who am I? " Everyone has the name of a famous person taped to their back.
And then you mix and mingle and ask people "yes" or "no" questions and learn who you are.
At the same time,you learn who they are.
Yoo-hoo? Hey,everybody.
The cavalry has arrived.
Fondue,anyone? Hi.
Good to see you,bruce.
Careful with this.
- It's the good stuff.
- Thank you.
Thanks for inviting us,susan.
I'm so glad you could make it,sylvia.
um,the music? It's not my call.
Point me to the hi-fi.
That way.
Who wants to play a game? it's called "forfeit.
" If a woman drops a cube of bread into the fondue, she has to kiss someone other than her husband.
uh,what if a man drops his bread? Then he has to take a drink.
I think your dad's got a big one for your neighbor.
Ricky,it's time for you to go clean the basement.
Get your things.
I'll have your father get the car.
Look what crawled out of the woods.
Excuse me,little lady.
Bru! Nice digs,miller.
What kind of salary you pulling down at the exchange? Not nearly enough,mareno.
Come on,I'll set you up with a drink.
Who's the,uh who's the hot blonde? She lives next door.
Hear she's a bit of a wild ride.
love thy neighbor,right? Right.
Come on.
Stay out of trouble.
You look nice.
- There you go.
- Thanks,janet.
Oh,susan! I picked the perfect person for you to be tonight.
Turn around.
No peaking.
Do you think people are getting it? I-I don't want to force people to play games.
Well,that's the whole point.
We make people socialize.
Otherwise,the evening gets too cliquey-cliquey.
Emily post says cold hors d'oeuvres must be served two hours before serving hot ones.
Otherwise,they go to waste.
Swedish meatballs.
It's delicious,susan.
And they still will be half an hour from now.
It's a party,janet.
Let people eat.
They are eating.
Pigs in a pickle.
And fondue,which goes great with swedish meatballs.
Know what? They're just meatballs.
Put them out,or don't put them out.
You two fight it out.
It's 20 bucks.
You can use it to get your bike fixed.
Did you steal it? Not exactly.
Why are you being so nice to me? Dude,what are you doing? Half that money is mine.
Itno,'s not.
The magazines were my dad's,not yours.
And now I have to clean the whole basement because of it.
It's not my fault.
So,what,is she your girlfriend now? What do you get for 20 bucks anyway? Screw you! get out of my room.
Get out of my room! I hope she gives you crabs.
A princess and a movie star.
Grace kelly.
No wonder I had no idea who I was supposed to be.
Sometimes if you give janet an inch,she takes the whole nine yar .
Ds it's my fault.
I wasn't ready to throw a party.
I've barely even accepted that we've moved.
That makes two of us.
Well,I got to drive ricky back to our house,so,um.
hurry back.
You're one of the few people I even know here.
Susan,I found six "who am I?" Signs on the floor.
She has completely taken over.
There's a way to bring energy to a party,janet,and there's a way to suck it out.
You would know all about that,wouldn't you? The sucking part.
I can't help it if no one wants to play your silly game,janet.
Susan,she's out of control.
I'm just trying to have fun.
I don't like your definition of fun.
Calm down,janet.
Susan,she's ruining your party.
It's not my party,janet,and you know what? It's not yours,either,or yours.
And that is not my wallpaper.
You might want to get your camera for this.
anyone care to join me? Hey,rog.
What the heck happened here? Susan had what we would call a breakthrough.
hey,so I understand you live nearby.
Mm,right next door.
You got a husband? what are you,a detective? So,you like skiing? In july? Got a little bag of powder in my pocket.
Not here.
Follow me.
You are my only love.
"You have me completely in your power.
"I know and feel that if I am to write anything fine and noble in the future, I shall do so only.
" well,I know it's james joyce.
Can you finish it? Anything fine and noble in the future,I shall do so only by listening.
at the doors of your heart.
" I can't believe no one's checked it out in five years.
That is the world we live in.
Okay,I've got an easy one for you.
"Go away from my window.
" That's charity,and you know it.
You have to finish it.
What's the rest? "Go away from my window.
"Leave out your old shoes and spades.
What? That's the worst dylan ever,and you messed up his lyrics.
You're wrong on both counts.
Lucky for you,there's no way to prove who's right.
Oh,but there is.
I want you to take this back.
Is it broken? No.
I just don't want it.
Why? Because I never asked for it.
And because I don't need you looking out for me.
because I'm not your girlfriend.
I never said that.
That was rick.
You should give him half the money.
No way.
I'm grounded because of him.
He's being an ass.
It's because he's scared.
Of what? it sucks when you're the one who's left behind.
well,I like that.
Janet? I need to apologize to you.
I-I know how much work you put into this party.
Maybe next time.
you should call a caterer.
Clearly,you can afford one.
Do you remember our first housewarming? We didn't even own a table.
Bruce and roger had to make one out of plywood.
And you and I sewed those old drapes into a tablecloth.
times sure have changed.
Not for me and roger.
I want you to write something on the wall in the living room.
I have nothing to say.
Since when? It doesn't have to be nice.
It's all gonna get covered up with wallpaper anyway.
It would really mean a lot to me.
Susan? What is this I'm eating? Rosy perfection salad.
One of janet's specialties.
It's delicious.
Maybe we could exchange recipes.
five bucks.
I'm a schoolteacher.
I don't make that kind of money,so.
pay up,sucker.
I have a scar in the same place-- roller skating.
This is actually a burn.
I spilled hot lead,uh,from a fishing lure I was making.
It went right through the jacket.
I broke my thumb twice.
Now it clicks.
I'm a klutz.
that's not how I see you at all.
how do you see me? I think.
I think you.
windows show possibilities.
So,are we facing out,or looking in? - Haven't decided yet.
- Careful.
Brad is rabid to psychoanalyze you.
So,what do you see? May I? The fondue game sure made a splash.
I'm pretty sure that's not what this party will be remembered for.
Well,susan kind of stole your thunder tonight.
As it should be.
How is everything between you two? Eh,we're still feeling our way through it.
Everything shifted a little,you know, since that night,but we're just holding on till it all settles.
Just don't hold on too tight.
Let me ask you something.
How many women have you been with? Uh,truth? Uh,two.
That's what I thought.
Was it that obvious? Susan's one of a kind,bruce.
Make sure you always let her be that,and you'll be just fine.
what it looked like.
Hey,it's none of my business.
S-susan and I have been.
- You mean you've been cheating.
- No.
Me and susan,and tom and trina.
on the fourth of july.
geez,rog,do I really have to spell this out for you? How does an attorney sleep at night? I don't know.
How? First she lies on one side,and then she lies on the other.
He can go on all night.
It's not fair-- there are more lawyer jokes than there are therapist jokes.
I'm not joking.
I'm speaking from experience.
Have you ever been in a courtroom,susan? Well,then,let me buy you lunch next week.
I'm in the middle of this knock-down,drag-out civil rights trial.
I know I already gave one to bruce, but something tells me you're the organized one.
Maybe we could all have dinner.
Roger,there you are.
I've been looking all over for you.
- You ready to go? - Yeah.
Let me just say good-bye to susan.
I already said our good-byes.
any magazines for sale? I got 18 bucks.
It's just like you,miller.
Showing up when the work's all done.
You're throwing away all our little league trophies? They're just plastic.
It's not like they're worth anything.
Wanna see something? our old fort making stuff.
Remember the one we made in fourth grade? Took up the whole basement.
We spent the whole weekend down here.
You want to? Nah.
We're too old.
Who cares? No one's watching.
I want us to be completely open with each other from now on.
Open,how? All options on the table.
If you feel something,I want to know about it.
Good or bad.
That goes both ways,right? You put your finger on the trigger.
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