Swingtown s01e02 Episode Script

Love Will Find a Way

Previously on Swingtown Well, congratulations, Bruce.
What's interesting? Our new neighbors.
They look happy.
- I'm Susan.
- Ina Decker.
This is my husband Tom.
Welcome to the neighborhood-- if you'd like to share, why don't you bring it to our party tomorrow night.
What'd I say, nothing left, huh? Take it easy.
Bye! My family's moving, so Uh, that's it, everyone.
Have a good weekend.
Times have changed, mom.
Women can decide if and when they want to have sex withomeone.
So, are you? Having sex? Samantha.
I ed you to run to the A and P.
We're out of tin foil.
Are you running away? You should mind your own business.
The new neighbors invited us over for a drink.
That's all.
Out with the old, in with the new.
Why don't you join us? It's the new kids in town.
You and Tom have an open marriage? Honestly, opening our relationship was the best thing that ever happened to me and Tom.
Quaalude? It'll take the edge off.
Uh, Trina? I was trying to find Susan.
Have you seen her? She was heading towards the basement.
Down the hall, second door on the left.
What's in the basement? The playroom.
You won't believe what kind of party this is.
We don't we don't belong here.
We're gonna stay.
Great hands, Susan.
Why don't the four of us go someplace a little quieter? Ooh, hot apple pie.
Now that's the way to start off a week.
Pie not for you.
- Oh, come on, just one tiny little slice? - Sorry.
Oh, for Pete's sake, Janet, let the man have some pie.
God knows the poor guy can use a little pie.
Roger! Something smells good.
Relax, Jan.
It's-it's Janet.
Relax, Janet.
You're on good hands.
You both are.
Is anybody gonna get that? Don't answer! - But what if it's-- - I know who it is.
You can't avoid her forever, Janet.
And besides, isn't tonight card night? Just let it ring.
Morning, Ricky.
Sit down, I'll whip up some eggs.
Hon? What does this tie say about me? You know, second week with the new firm, it's time to make an impression.
I like you in navy.
I'm playing in a whole different league now, Sue.
I gotta dress the part.
Don't forget, tonight's bridge night with the Thompsons.
We're still doing that? Good question.
I haven't been able to get ahold of Janet since What, since we brought them to a swinger's party on Saturday night? Bruce, we are not swingers.
Oh, my god! What did we do? Nothing everybody else.
Else isn't doing.
- We're not everybody else.
- I know--we're still just Bruce and Susan.
And don't forget, Janet and Roger are the ones who left.
Let's make a pact.
Let's promise that it'll only be that one time.
You got it.
You want to go for a run? Oh, I think I just had my exercise for the day.
Thank you.
C'mon, before it gets too hot.
Hello? You got him.
What, a pilot call in sick? Really.
All right, well, give me an hour, all right? I've been summoned by corporate.
Why, what's going on? I'm not sure.
Could have something to do with all that talk about adding a non-stop to Tokyo.
Do you think they'll offer you the route? They can offer me whatever they want.
I have no interest in spending my nights 10,000 miles away from you.
Here, genius.
Morning, guys.
Cupboards are kinda bare, mom.
Well, I'm headed to the store later, if you want to add something to the list.
How about everything? We just moved.
- Big day, Beej? - Not really.
Then I need this more than you.
You have a good day, kids.
Hey, hey, I'll see you tonight? Okay? Are you guys acting weird? What makes you say that? Dad forgot his briefcase.
Morning, Bruce.
Trina-- You're up early.
Yeah, I guess I I figured you and Tom more for the evening types.
Well, nights are good, too.
So how are you and Susan? I haven't seen you since the Yeah, yeah, we're-we're good.
Great party.
Bruce! Hi, Susan! Uh, uh, Trina was just, uh, I was just walking out and-and here she was, just I was just heading out for a run.
Susan, I-I found your ear-ring this morning on our rug, in case you were looking for it.
Oh, God, I'm sorry.
The backing must've fallen off.
It happens to me all the time.
Come by and pick it up anytime.
Uh, well, I better get going, if I'm gonna catch the train.
Do you, want a ride? Nah, nah, gotta get my blood pumping.
But if you want to pick me up tonight, I'll be on the 6:00.
I'll see you, ladies.
So, Susan, what's your day like? Oh, just errands, and house stuff, grocery store.
Well, let me know if you'd like any company.
Mine's wide open.
Hi, Helen! Brought to you by: Robbo Edited by: TeHVeRdiK Swingtown Season 1, Episode 2 Captain Decker.
Thanks for coming down.
That'll be all, Mary.
Thank you, Mr.
Sure is nice working with pretty girls.
One of the perks of the industry.
Not that I have to tell you.
Oh, no, sir.
Understand you married one of our stews a few years back.
Yeah, she's retired, now.
Most of them do when they reach a certain age.
The rest of them just keep getting younger and younger.
Like that pretty little trainee on your Miami route, Tammy Matthews.
Yeah, yeah, nice kid.
What about her? Spilled hot coffee on you during your approach on Friday, is that right? There was a little turbulence, on the plane.
No big deal.
That's not all she spilled, Tom.
Kid's been talking to some of the other girls about, uh, sharing playtime with you and your wife.
Yeah, well, that was all off the clock.
No, no, no, it's not the point.
See, with all these women's libbers out there, a girl like Tammy could make serious trouble for us.
So this'll be your last week on the Miami route.
Am I being fired? Of course not.
Your flying record is flawless.
In fact, when we announce service to Tokyo next week, I want you at the helm of that 747.
You're being promoted.
Congratulations! Oh, excuse me.
Uh, I thought you'd be shopping on the other side of town now.
Janet I've been calling and calling.
Well, forgive me for not waiting by the phone.
Janet, wait.
I'm sorry about the other night.
We should've left the party with you and Roger.
Then why didn't you? Hey, Susan! Buy one, get one free-- I couldn't resist.
Trina, fancy running into you here.
Well, I was just tagging along with Susan for company.
How sweet of you.
Trina, would you excuse us for a minute? I'll be up front.
This is so awkward who you spend time with is none of my business.
Of course it is, you're my best friend.
Are we still on for bridge tonight? Actually, we're not.
Uh, Roger and I made other plans.
If you'll excuse me, I have a dinner party to plan.
Biggest hypocrite I know! You know what? I can do what I want to do and there is nothing you can do! Is getting hopeless on that stuff! That is a load of crap and Every time I try to Please! Spare me the lecture.
Gail, shut up! I'm sick of you making a federal case - 'cause I like to have a good time! - Yeah? Yeah? And since when did you become an angel anyway? - Gail, you're a junkie! - Where are you going? - I'm leaving! - Stu - Go to hell! - Wait! No! No! Don't you leave me! I'm sorry! All right, welcome back, everyone.
I think you'll be very happy to hear today marks the official midway point for our summer session.
I, uh, hope you all found time to enjoy your existential freedom over our bicentennial.
I know I spent mine enjoying your essays on kierkegaard, and, as it seems more than one of you struggled to find appropriate literary comparisons to draw from, I thought I might offer you all a chance to pull some extra credit.
In the back of your essays, you see a flyer.
It's for a non-equity production of Samuel Beckett's waiting for Godot.
The director is a very good friend of mine.
She has a very interesting feminist spin on the material-- so, if you write a brief, honest review, I will bump up that grade on your essays by one letter.
Raise your hand if you think you might be able to come.
So where should I put these? - Oh, just on the counter here is fine.
- Okay.
You know, I'm sorry about everything with Janet.
Believe me, she hasn't always been this tightly wound.
Most of the time she's funny and thoughtful.
I-I think she's just feeling a little threatened right now.
By me.
By change.
Please tell me that Tom and I didn't scare you and Bruce off, too.
No, no, of course not.
You have to understand that that night is so far beyond anything Bruce and I have ever done together.
Well, then, I have an idea.
Let's have you over for dinner tonight.
Just your basic, casual evening with friends.
I think you'll see we're not so different after all.
Hey, mom.
This is my daughter Laurie.
This is Mrs.
Decker, our neighbour from across the street.
The post and beam? That's us.
It's a great house.
I love how all the glass frames the stone.
Are you interested in architecture? Laurie's interested in a lot of things.
She's our resident overachiever.
I see the resemblance.
Nice meeting you.
So what do you say to dinner? No quaaludes, I promise.
You're back.
Coming in? You bet I am.
- How was your morning? - Interesting.
Tell me yours first.
How does four or five days in the Bahamas sound? Like a bribe.
You said yes to Tokyo, didn't you? It turns out bringing young stewardesses home isn't the smartest move a captain can make, present company excluded.
Well, I could have told you that.
As a matter of fact, I think I did.
You mad? Ask me from a Japanese pay phone, after we've been apart for three days.
You'll still accept the charges, right? So how did you spend your "interesting" morning? With Susan.
Susan-and-Bruce Susan? They're coming over for dinner tonight.
Wow, that is interesting.
Kind of thought they were a one-time thing.
Well, doesn't mean we can't get to know them better.
How far do we have to drag this crap? Not much further.
I can't believe you wasted six months' allowance on camping gear for some crazy chick you barely know.
It's her mom who's crazy, not Samantha.
Oh, right-- running away to live in the woods is totally rational.
You know, I sure hope you're banging her.
I thought I told you to come alone.
Who's he? Rick.
He's cool.
- Anyone else know you're here? - No.
We can help you set up the tent.
Just leave it.
That's it? Not even a thank-you? Thanks! You can run home to your mom and dad now.
Yeah, she doesn't seem crazy at all.
New York desk likes our position on IBM, so stay in the money as long as possible.
Carrie, what do you got? Here you go, Bill.
Size trader out of New York wants to unload his position on standard oil.
Standard's trading at 40.
Uh, it's a buy.
Seems the word of an offshore drilling accident might be hitting the wire after we open.
Yeah, I know the market maker in the oil pit.
He'll work with me on this.
You got an 'in' with Gilboy? Yeah, he's kind of a mentor.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, easy, cowboy, I trade standard.
Soh is my baby.
Sorry, Mareno, got to fill the order.
Miller, you better deliver.
All right, gents, go print some money.
All right, 15,000 cards.
Standard oil at a third.
Look, standard's up to 42! Okay if I go to the library after dinner? Sure, if you bring your brother.
Are you guys going out tonight? The new neighbors invited us over.
Is that what you're wearing? - Why? - I don't know.
Decker seemed kind of stylish.
I just wouldn't want you to feel frumpy.
Where have you been all day, BJ? Hanging out with Rick.
Your clothes are filthy.
You have exactly 20 minutes to clean yourself up before dinner.
Frumpy? Here you are, fellas.
The, uh, the drinks are on me, gentlemen.
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you.
All right, you know, I'd better call the wife and let her know I'm gonna be a little late.
And a little loaded.
Does anybody got a dime? Here, I'll apply it against your bonus.
Believe me, you got one coming.
Thanks, man.
Hello! Hey, Laurie, it's dad.
I-is mom there? No, she left to pick you up.
Uh, yeah, well, I'm, uh, I'm still, uh uh, downtown.
Yeah, could you, uh, could you write down a number and have them page me here when she gets back? - Hey, Susan.
- Roger.
You here for Bruce? I don't think he was on the train.
Are you sure? I didn't see him.
Wow, you, uh you look great.
A little dressy, maybe, for a bridge game but great.
Janet canceled tonight.
Said you'd made other plans.
- I didn't know that.
She didn't tell me that.
- It's okay.
She's been avoiding me ever since the party, and I don't blame her.
- Roger, about the other night - No.
No, no, no, it was fun.
No, I had a good time.
Really! And you know how Janet is.
She'll, she'll come around.
Looks like you were right about Bruce.
Can I give you a lift home? Ah, I'm going to, I'm going to walk.
It's the only real exercise I seem to be getting these days, so and dinner's probably already on the table.
Don't want to be late for that.
Bye, Roger.
Hey, kiddo, what's for dinner? Something weird Mom's cooking.
She around? In there.
With them.
Oh, Roger, finally.
Uh, Roger, meet Paul and Martha Hincamp.
They moved in to the Millers' old house today.
This is my husband Roger.
Most nights, he's a little more punctual.
Welcome to the neighborhood.
Can I talk to you for a minute? Excuse us.
I thought tonight was supposed to be a night with Bruce and Susan.
Well, if they can move on, so can we.
I got you a new shirt, it's upstairs on the bed.
Now, hurry up and change.
Dinner's almost ready.
Can I freshen up anyone's drink? Susan, come on in.
Tom's still getting ready.
You look great.
Thanks, but I have bad news.
Bruce and I can't make dinner.
Well, Bruce specifically.
I-I wanted to drop off this wine to apologize.
Oh, is everything okay? Apparently, he had a run of good luck this afternoon, so he's off celebrating at the Playboy club with his trading buddies.
The Playboy club-- now, there's an idea.
Oh, Tom's a member, too.
Oh, Bruce isn't a member.
I don't think.
I say we head down there and surprise him.
Oh, I don't know.
Oh, well, you can't waste that fantastic dress on a night in.
Bruce will love it.
Are women even allowed? Allowed and encouraged.
Let me just go dig up my key to the club.
How about a drink before we go? Gimlet, right? Hey, Laur.
Where you headed? To the el station.
I like the new digs.
No wonder I haven't seen you around.
Probably got lost in all those rooms.
I don't have time for this, Logan.
Like you said, I was, um, an idiot the other night at the beach.
Just wanted to make it up to you.
Look you're a really good guy, and I've had a lot of fun hanging out with you this summer, but we just don't have anything in common, so come on.
Let me give you a ride wherever you're off to, and we'll talk about it.
I'm going downtown to see a play.
I love plays.
Name one, and I'll take the ride.
Who's up for one more? No.
Got to get home before the wife starts wondering what I'm up to.
One of a hundred reasons I never tied the knot.
I do enough lying on the trading floor.
If you marry the right girl, you don't have to lie.
That girl don't exist.
Actually, she just walked in.
This is so last minute.
Susan? Surprise.
- What are you doing here? - Is it all right? What, are you kidding? How did Oh, long story.
- Bruce, good to see you.
- Bruce.
Trina! What are you doing in our neck of the woods Without so much as a phone call? Spur of the moment adventure.
Trina, you look lovely, as always.
- Susan, Bruce, Sylvia and Brad Davis.
- How are you? - Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
You have to have at least one drink with us.
Well, we just got ourselves a booth, so, why don't we all squeeze in? Good.
You sure it's okay? Damn liberals would rather give handouts to drunken welfare mothers than pay for a war to kick the commies' ass.
'Nam's a war we could have won.
That's a fact.
I'm not so sure about that, Paul.
Well, I guess we'll never know.
And watch out for this Carter guy.
All smiles and southern charm.
What you think the devil's gonna look like? Horns and fire? More corn? Martha? Corn gives my wife gas.
You're excused, Ricky.
I'll go get the pie.
No, I'll get it.
I'm excuse me.
I'm gonna Get the pie.
Man, is that guy a douche.
How'd you like to make five bucks? All female cast? Is there any nudity in this? Could you please try not to completely humiliate me? Oh, Laurie, glad you made it.
You're just in time.
Hey, man, is this your play? No.
This is Mr.
He teaches the class.
Oh, cool.
I'm Logan.
Curtain's about to go up, so, come on.
We'll have a party.
Just you and me.
I'll wear something nice.
Hurry up! Okay.
Who's there? You.
What do you want? I'm sorry.
Well, I don't suppose you two play bridge? Mom? What is going on in here? I'm sorry, mom.
It-it just slipped out of my hands.
Boys his age are always getting into some kind of trouble.
Cut's pretty deep.
We're gonna have to get him to the emergency room.
Let me see.
Oh, my god! What the Let me get the first aid kit.
Sorry, folks.
We're gonna have to call it a night.
Come on, Martha, let's get out of the way.
Thanks for the eats, Jan.
It's Janet.
Relax, mom.
It's just a gag.
It was dad's idea.
Well, then I guess the joke's on me.
- Thank you.
- Of course.
I can't believe the outfits they make these girls wear.
It must be so humiliating.
Actually, there's power in it.
That bunny tail put me through law school.
- You were a bunny? - You're a lawyer? Yes, and yes.
Sylvia's a partner at Kessler and Loeb.
I, but worked here from '68 till '72.
Organized the girls into a union before I left.
Now they are fully insured, with benefits.
I still have the costume at home.
Indeed she does.
And what do you do, Brad? Very little compared to my wife.
Brad's a psychologist.
He's written three books on human sexuality.
And how about you, Susan? Just a homemaker and a mother.
Culturally speaking, raising a family is the most significant job there is.
Could you be more condescending? I meant it as a compliment.
How-how many women work at your firm, Sylvia? Not nearly enough.
Why? Are you thinking about taking the bar any time soon? Oh, I think the time for law school has passed me by.
Says who? Today's woman can do anything she puts her mind to.
How about a toast? To the women in our lives.
And to new friends.
I love this song.
- To Susie? - Go on.
Shall we, gentleman? Whoever's out there, I have a gun, and I know how to use it.
It's BJ.
That's just a toy.
What are you doing here? I brought you some dinner.
Tuna and noodles.
You're letting all the bugs in.
In or out? Let me see.
Let me see.
What was I saying? We could go on from there.
What were you saying when? At the very beginning.
At the very beginning of what? What the hell are they talking about? This evening I was saying I was saying Babe, just say it already.
I got to get out of here.
- Then go.
- Fine.
you coming? Actress: What do we do now that we're happy? We go on waiting.
Let me think.
It's coming.
Go on waiting.
Now that we're happy.
Let me see.
Ah, the tree! The tree? Look at it.
Do you not remember? I saw your mom today.
She was fighting with some guy.
That's Stu.
And they're always fightin G.
But he's not your dad.
My dad went to Vietnam when I was five and never came back.
At least not to us.
How'd you get his wedding ring? Just came one year in a Christmas card.
It's a walkie-talkie.
The other one's at my house, in case you need anything.
Uh, but I-I don't think the signal would reach.
You can't stay out here forever, you know.
I-I'm sure my mom has the cops looking everywhere for me by now.
Actually, I don't even think she knows you're missing.
I'm pretty sure Rick and I are the only ones who know you're here.
You need to go.
Come back with me-- if things get bad, you can stay in my room as long as you want.
Look, I can take care of myself.
- Let me help you.
- Just go.
What? You and me, here? Dancing, surrounded by all these people.
Doesn't seem that weird, does it? No, it doesn't.
Do you have any idea how much I love you? Tell me.
You just keep surprising me.
That's a good thing, right? And it's only gonna get better.
It's incredible.
- What? - You and Tom.
That it actually works.
You're really not jealous? Oh, it's only sex.
It's not what really matters.
Bruce and I made a pact.
Not to do it again.
The swinging.
Oh, good.
You should both decide for yourselves what works and what doesn't, just as long as you're on the same page, and believe me, Tom and I have a few pacts of our own.
I am so happy I met you, Trina.
Me, too.
What happened to Brad and Sylvia? Oh, you just missed them.
Sylvia has court in the morning.
Oh, that's too bad.
We've all been invited to a penthouse at the hancock for a little after party.
Oh, you know, we gotta home to the kids, but we'll take a taxi.
Actually, you know, I think I'm ready to head back, too.
It's been a long day.
I'll go get Bruce.
You okay? Yeah, it's nice having spontaneous nights like this.
I don't want to lose that.
Because of Tokyo.
We'll make it work.
- It'll be really great.
- Oh, you think? Okay, bye.
- You ready to go? - Yeah.
I'll go get my jacket.
The only thing that can save these characters is the act of leaving, not just the desire to leave.
But existentialists don't believe that life actually has an objective.
True, but it still has value, and to achieve that value, a person has to live, not just talk about it.
Anane, this is Laurie Miller, the student I was telling you about.
Uh, Anane directed the play.
So, what'd you think of the production? Brilliant.
I loved that you turned a play about existential inertia into a referendum on feminine stereotypes.
I'm glad it spoke to you.
So, how'd it all end? Wait-- let me guess.
"Should we go? "No, let's stay.
No, you stay.
"Okay, fine, I'll go.
" There's a bar around the corner that doesn't card.
You guys want to check it out? I'm sorry.
Can you excuse us? Yeah, yeah.
Mellow out, I'm just joking around.
But you're not funny.
Why, because I don't care about that dumbass play? No, because I care about it, but you're too busy embarrassing me to give a damn.
Right, I almost forgot what an idiot you think I am.
Fine-- you're such a genius? Figure out your own way home.
You need a ride, Laurie? That'd be great.
You mind if we make a detour to the north shore? No problem.
Well, you ladies wait here, and I'll "godot" get the car.
I'll head up to bed.
Sorry about the dish.
Dinner was terrific, by the way.
It was a disaster.
Those people were a disaster.
Dinner was great.
One of the best you ever made.
- Really? - Yeah.
Hey, look I guess I don't say it enough, how much I appreciate everything you do to make things so perfect all the time.
Thank you.
So, why is it, no matter how hard I try, everything still seems to be falling apart around me? Everything's not falling apart.
I miss Susan.
Then do something about it.
I'm not sure I know what to do.
Janet? What are you guys doing here? Uh, I we just I just, um Janet wanted to, uh, drop off a pie for you.
At this hour? I don't know what we were thinking.
Obviously, I should have waited till morning.
Well, good night.
Hey, fun night tonight.
Yeah, thanks for the ride.
Yeah, I'll call you, Susan.
Good night, everyone.
Your pie is on the stoop.
Janet, wait.
Do you want to come in? I could make some decaf.
No, thank you.
Roger? Someone, someone's got me wrong, You thought that your love was strong, Now you're feeling like such a fool poor you, Thinkin' maybe if you said good-bye, Hello? Samantha, where are you? Home.
Once you get past the pain, You'll learn to find your love again, So keep your heart open love will find a way, Sometimes we all feel a need to change, Our love we have to rearrange, And move on to something new, Yes, you do your dreams, Feel like they're falling apart You need to find a brand-new start, But you're almost afraid to be true to yourself, Oh, but it's all right, Once you get past the pain, You'll learn to find your love again, So keep your heart open, 'Cause love will find a way, Love will find a way Love will find a way So now don't Don't be afraid of yourself, Just move on to something else, And let your love shine through again Yes, 'cause it's all right Edited by: TeHVeRdiK