Swingtown s01e10 Episode Script

Running on Empty

Previously on swingtown.
you got some sun today.
Does that hurt? Not too bad.
I went over to susan's the day the power went out to talk about losing my job.
This is not about your stupid job.
This is about you confiding in another woman instead of turning to me.
You are a beautiful woman,janet.
Don't you ever forget that.
What the hell did you do? Nothing,man,she tongued me.
I've invited brad and sylvia to come home with us.
oh,my god,my parents are home.
Bruce Laurie,what is going on here? - Who is this lady? - Who is this? - Doug stephens.
- How old are you? The buck stops here.
We are taking back control of this family.
Laurie,no,you should go.
I just got here.
no,you didn'T.
Now I have to get more ice.
My dad is going to kill me.
Although,after what we caught him doing with that woman the other night, he really should let me slide.
Before you know it,you're going to be up at your granddad's cabin, hunting and fishing together.
It'll be beautiful.
I can't believe I'm missing the jackson browne concert for a forced family bonding experience.
I wish you'd let me talk to your dad.
I am pretty charming.
He might let you come home early.
My dad is totally irrational where you're concerned.
Anyway,I have to show him I'm not a kid anymore.
I'm going to make my own decisions.
In fact,I just made one.
What? I'm not going on this family vacation.
I'm staying home.
and you and I are going to that concert.
wake up and be you.
It's a life-program workbook.
I thought it might be good for you.
Well,I wake up "me" every day.
Not lately.
I think you're depressed.
I'm not depressed.
You lost your job,roger.
Men define themselves by their jobs.
I read that.
It can be very destabilizing.
Well,I'm looking for work.
What else can I do? I made an appointment for you with and,now, don't get upset by the word with a psychiatrist.
A psychiatrist? Janet,who am I,woody allen?This is.
you're not happy,roger, and it's hard to find a job when you're not feeling good about yourself.
Brad davis recommended her.
Her? Janet,no,I don't know.
we can't keep doing the same things and expecting different results.
Do you want to fix this or not? bruce,it's 800 in the morning.
You may be on vacation,but the neighbors aren'T.
I love you.
I know.
And I love our kids.
Even laurie.
This family is going to have so much fun in the next couple of days swimming,fishing,hiking.
Oh,that reminds me,I told janet I'd pack calamine lotion for rick.
Why are we taking that kid? The whole point of this weekend is that our family is together.
Janet said she and roger were working some things out and needed privacy.
I wasn't going to say no.
Well,she better get here soon 'cause I want to get on the road and we need to pick up some ice.
Oh,I sent laurie for ice.
Laurie is grounded.
From buying ice? Look,I know you're upset with her about doug stephens.
So am I,but she's growing up,bruce.
I think we need to be careful how we handle this.
I do not need to be careful.
I'm her father.
If she's not back in ten minutes,she is grounded for life.
- hey.
- Hey,buddy.
Let me give you a hand with that.
Oh,thanks,I'm trying to get the car packed up.
- Susan? - In the kitchen.
Hand over those house keys and go have fun.
Thanks so much for looking after things while we're gone.
No problem.
what took you so long? Have you ever tried to ride a bike with two bags of ice on the handlebars? Hi,mrs.
Take your backpack to the car.
Mom,I'm not going.
there's a concert tomorrow night.
It's jackson browne.
I'm going with doug.
This weekend means a lot to your father.
This concert means a lot to me.
It's a couple of days.
Okay,that's all he's asking.
Let's be a family for a couple of days.
Yeah,we'd ask you guys along,but it's kind of family time.
You know? Oh,I get it.
Trina and I are having our own family time these days.
Since we stopped going to parties, things have been a little creative around the decker residence.
Really? Hello? Hi,janet,ricky.
I saw the car was pretty full.
Are,are tom and trina coming with you? No,just the family.
and rick.
Don't worry,jan.
If you're not going,I'm not going.
Hey,janet,I packed the calamine lotion.
Ricky just has to look at the woods to break out.
- Good morning,trina.
- Morning.
So what are you and roger doing with the weekend all to yourselves? We'll think of something,I'm sure.
,Why don't you help rick,uh,put his stuff in the car.
I'm not talking to you.
Oh,lucky me.
Well,I guess we'd better let you guys get on the road.
- have a great trip.
- Thanks.
I'll put these in the car.
Call me when you get there.
Of course.
Laurie,let's go.
What? all right.
Let's go fix this family.
proudly presents Swingtown Season1 Episode10 BJ,U and rick are sleeping in the tent tonight, if you want to start setting it up.
Hey,when you're finished,you can do some target practice.
We only have one bb gun.
Rick We tried sharing.
It didn't work so well.
Don't talk about her.
Nothing to see here,folks,you go about your business.
Hey,as soon as we get settled,I thought we could,uh,go out on the boat, you know,do some swimming,maybe a little fishing.
I have to make a phone call.
Now,hol-hold on.
I thought we came up here to get away from phones and tvs.
I came up here because you guys made me.
Is she going to be like this all weekend? Try to remember what it was like to be her age.
and smitten.
I was never smitten.
I was madly in love.
And horny.
So is she.
How long are you going to stay mad at me? Look,I kissed samantha.
Big deal.
It was a stupid game,I had to.
Oh,great,yeah,real mature.
Thank you for seeing roger on such short notice.
I hope it doesn't mean you're a terrible therapist and that you have no clients.
brad asked me to work you in.
I didn't realize that we'd be doing couples counseling,though.
Oh,I'm just here for moral support.
Roger and I are,are a team, and I want to make sure whatever's wrong with him gets fixed.
I lost my job.
What happened? Well,the company was cutting back.
I asked for a raise,so they let me go.
You never told me asking for a raise had anything to do with being fired.
Of course,he never told me he was fired.
I found out from a secretary.
He made a point to tell my best friend susan,though.
And how'd that make you feel? How do you think?It'S horrible.
Like he was closer to her than,than to me.
Are you? Closer to susan? No,of course not.
But she's easy to talk to and I'm not.
That's what you said.
I said I didn't want to disappoint you.
Are you disappointed in him? No.
but he's my husband.
I,I want him to be all he can be.
And do you have an idea of what that is? More.
H-he can be more.
W-we all can be.
Hmm,that's interesting.
Is there more that you'd like to be? We're not here to talk about me.
If roger and you are a team,your issues effect him and vice versa.
I don't have issues.
I have a depressed husband who went to susan when he should have been coming to me.
But I've let that go.
- Clearly.
- Roger.
are we going to talk about roger's midlife crisis or should we leave? I think we should talk about roger.
I also think we should talkabout you.
I don'T.
Roger,let's go.
Thisis why you have no clients.
Yeah,dust that table,baby.
Show me how clean you can get it.
Qui,moi? might be time for you to put that camera down and.
Throw me on the couch.
Is that how this goes? From what I remember.
We haven't played naughty french maid in a while.
you look amazing.
I kind of like the costume closet.
I kind of like the toy chest.
do you miss it? The playroom? A little.
but I haven't noticed a slow-down in the action, just a reduction in the number of players.
and is that okay? Are we enough? Baby.
most times we're more than I can handle.
uh,when will lunch be ready? In a little while.
You want to make s'mores tonight? Uh,no.
Tomorrow night,we're gonna roast marshmallows, tell scary stories around the campfire.
Tonight is charades.
Whatever you say.
Is laurie still on the phone? She's been on that thing since we got here.
Uh,let me.
laurie,it's time to get off the phone.
I'll be off in a minute.
You said that an hour ago.
Come on,laurie,it's time.
I got to go.
I'll call you later.
I miss you.
I miss you,too.
How's doug? He's far away.
We're not just being jerks.
You know there are reasons why we're concerned about you dating him.
I know.
They just don't matter to me.
Can you believe the nerve of that woman,telling me I have issues? And you didn't help.
I just figur we should stay since we were paying for the whole hour.
No,we are not.
I refuse to pay for services we did not receiver.
And I'm gonna let her know that.
Hi,it's susan.
Let me just wash my hands.
Rick's fine.
He and bj are off having fun.
So you,uh,gonna skip some rocks while you're up there? Wouldn't be the same without you.
coaching me.
Pretend I'm there.
Give me the phone.
Uh,hey,here's janet.
Susan,you're not gonna believe this.
I lost the number to the cabin.
Would you mind giving it to me again? Let me just,uh,get a pen.
Uh,you're a fountain.
Uh,water fountain.
It's a movie,right? Uh,flying.
Um,one flew over the cuckoo's nest.
Oh,come on,just try again,do something different.
Okay,help us,laurie.
You're flying again.
A bird.
Movie's about a bird.
Uh,jonathan livingston seagull.
Rick You're a dancer.
You're a ballerina.
You're a beautiful,beautiful ballerina.
You're a jerk.
It's the towering inferno! Well,why didn't you go like this? why don't you shut up? Bj.
don't even think about using that phone,laurie.
Why not? We're playing a game.
I don't want to play.
I'm serious.
Susan Come on,guys.
We're having fun.
No we're not.
We're being forced to pretend we're having fun.
Okay,now this has gone far enough.
You're not calling him,and you're not seeing him anymore.
Understand? You can't stop me from seeing him.
I can report him to the school board.
See how many jobs he gets after that.
You wouldn't dare.
He is a grown man trolling for young girls.
I mean,he obviously has bad judgment and no moral character.
You're going to talk about morals? You were about to have sex with another woman in our living room.
Laurie! I have no idea what's going on between the two of you, but you have no right lecturing me about anything! any luck? Yeah,fixed it.
just give her some space,okay? When did she become this? When she met doug stephens.
Listen,this isn't just a schoolgirl crush,bruce.
I think she's serious about this one.
And-and she'S.
confused about what she saw the other night.
I am not gonna explain myself to a teenager.
Then I suggest you leave her alone.
Look,look,we didn't just come up here for the kids.
We came up here for us.
So let's do something.
Just the two of us.
What did you have in mind? Well,you remember the first time you brought me up here? We got sandwiches atthat deli in town and drove to cave point for a picnic.
I don't think it counts as a picnic if you never even look at the fo.
Meet me there at 300.
Yeah? Janet.
Come in.
I just,uh,came to inform you that we will not be paying for yesterday's session.
Plumber failed to fix my pipes,I wouldn't pay him,and I will not pay you.
have a seat.
I don't expect you to pay.
I would like to understand what happened yesterday.
Um,roger needed help,and you didn't help him.
That's,that's what happened.
I sense you were having feelings that you couldn't or felt that you shouldn't express.
Was I wrong? Not entirely.
Uh,I am frustrated that roger can't find a job.
I could walk into an agency and get a secretarial job this afternoon.
And I would,too,but i wouldn't want to upset roger.
Why would it upset him? Well,he's the man,he should provide for the family.
Might appreciate the help.
Your salary might take some pressure off of him.
I hadn't thought of that.
well,I-I do make a little money selling kitchen necessities, but that's just once every few months.
Janet,you don't do roger any favors by making yourself less than you are.
He'll stay in a place that's not good for him, you'll start to resent him and lose respect for him.
And once respect goes,love goes.
And you may start looking to other men.
Have you looked to other men? There is a man who-who has been looking at me.
He,uh,he asked me to dance.
And he arranged for us to be partners in a-a scavenger hunt.
And,uh,he kissed me.
And how'd that make you feel? Well,I felt bad for him,uh,because.
because obviously he,he can't have me.
you sure? Excuse me? Tell me about this man.
you're gonna have to get that.
Oh,let it ring.
Whoever it is is not giving up.
Just answer it.
I'm not going anywhere.
anthony,old buddy.
Haven't heard from you in months.
Oh,no,no,I'm afraid we can'T.
Well,we're keeping a low profile for a while.
You will be the first to know.
anthony and michelle? They're back from italy.
They wanted to have a little private party with us tonight.
you know how we are with them.
Oh,believe me,I do.
If we're keeping it in the marriage, we should stay far away from those two.
where were we? That's for me to know.
and you.
To find out.
And-and he's,he's gorgeous.
You know? And he's,he's an airline pilot.
and he has this little mustache.
What am I gonna do? You're absolutely sure that this is not an avenue you wish to explore? I-I couldn'T.
no,no,no! No.
Then maybe you should think about telling this man that his attention makes you feel uncomfortable, that you'll remain friends and nothing more.
Nip it in the bud.
I didn't know you could skip rocks.
taught me couple weeks ago when we all came up here.
Why did you marry dad? Laurie.
he's your father.
I'm not trying to be insulting.
It's a serious question.
What was it about him that.
made you think you wanted to spend the rest of your life with him? Well,we weren't together very long before I got pregnant.
I-I didn'T.
have a lot of time to think about it.
If you hadn't been pregnant with me,would you have married him? Not then.
But-but later,sure.
Laurie,he's a good man.
He is kind and smart and.
he loves this family.
Do you still want to be married to him? Of course.
But you're messing around with other people.
relationships are.
They change over time.
You-you can't understand that right now.
no,I can't,because all I want is doug.
He's all I think about.
If it ever got to the point that I wanted someone else.
I'd leave him.
Everything seems so black and white to you right now,so simple.
It is simple.
You love him or you don'T.
It would kill me to see doug with someone else.
Do you think your father and i never had hat? We did.
We felt exactly the same way you do now.
Do you hear yourself,mom? You can't compare what you're going through to a relationship that has lasted 18 years.
It's not the same thing.
One day,you'll understand that.
God,I hope not.
I just want doug.
And it is that simple.
Hello? Roger? It's susan.
What's going on? Everything's fine.
I-I just wanted to say that I.
I skipped rocks.
Yeah? Yeah.
I used the wrist thing.
Worked like a charm.
Are you okay? This trip's not as.
fun as the last one.
I wish I could be there.
I wish you.
susan? Where were you? I waited for an hour.
Oh,my goodness.
I-I didn't realize what time it was.
Who are you talking to? Just.
checking to see if the phone is working.
Thank you,uh,for your help.
You stood me up.
Laurie and I had a fight.
I-I just,I lost track of time.
Come on,let's go now.
Bruce,please don't make a big deal out of this.
It is a big deal.
Things can't always go according to your plan,bruce.
I thought it was our plan to get this family back on track? Mom,dad? What? Laurie's gone.
I need to get to alpine valley.
I'm going as far as honey creek.
That's fine.
Hitching ain't the smartest thing for a girl.
You trying to getyourself killed? No.
I just got into a fight with my mom.
and my dad.
About a boy.
How'd you know? I've been married three times.
My folks never had a kind word to say about none of 'em.
Wait no,no,no.
I've been married four yeah,I've been married four times.
You don't remember how many times you've been married? Well,men,they're like light bulbs,you know? You keep screwing till one of 'em works.
And they don't last forever.
That's sad.
No,it's not.
It's best if you wear them out.
Meaning? Love the hell out of 'em,marry 'em,don't marry 'em just get in the game.
Forever is not the point.
You want to go see this boy? That's why you need the ride,huh? Yes.
Honey creek,here we come.
What a nice surprise.
I need to speak to you about something,and it's best not done over the phone.
Come on in.
Trina just,uh,left for the market.
I know.
I mean,I thought I saw her driving away.
Can I get you something to drink? No,I'd better be sober for this.
Lay it on me.
I forgot my billfold.
What are you doing here? Jan came to tell us something.
Something important,I think.
I just,uh.
wanted to.
invite you both for dinner tonight.
Bruce and susan are out of town.
I thought it might be a nice chance for us to get to know one anotheR.
I think we're free.
We eat early,530.
Well,we better get dressed,then.
Well,I'll see you tonight,okay.
530? That's like lunch.
She couldn't have gotten very far.
Bj saw her half an hour ago.
"Give her space," you said.
Is this enough space for you? You know,blaming me won't bring her back.
If you hadn't blown up at her.
as long as she's under my roof.
she's not under your roof,now is she,bruce? I hope these taste okay.
Martinis are not my specialty.
I've never met a martini I didn't like,at least enough to get by.
Cheese ball? Janet,this is a lovely wall sculpture.
My parents surprised us with it as a housewarming gift.
Well,it's unique.
Just like jan.
Dinner will be ready soon.
This is a fine cheese ball.
Did you make that,jan? Ys.
Well,somebody else made the cheese I formed it into a ball.
I like the nuts.
It's a nice touch.
I need to baste the chicken.
Tom,would you mind helping me in the kitchen? Sure.
I don't know much about basting.
tom,I like you.
I really do.
But the attention you've been showing me is making me uncomfortable.
Oh,jan,I'm sorry.
no,let me finish.
It's making me uncomfortable because.
you're not alone.
I feel things,too.
You live in a world where you can have any woman you want.
And I'm flattered that you think I can be a part of it.
But I can'T.
Does that make sense? Oh,yeah,yeah,um,I'm with you.
I'm sorry.
I appreciate you bringing this up before things.
got out of hand.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
You're pretty brave,you know that? You see something that needs to get done and you do it.
Boy,I admire that.
As a friend.
So,you and tom really aren'T.
You know.
These days,we're just like you and janet.
I doubt that.
It must be difficult,getting involved with other people and not developing feelings for them.
That must happen,right? Sometimes.
Janet's trying,you know.
She wants to be exciting and interesting to you.
But it doesn't matter how much she tries if she's not the woman you want.
What do I do? Well,the way I see it,you have two choices.
You can tell susan how you feel and take the consequences.
And there will be consequences,roger.
Or you can to find a way to.
get over her.
what are you looking for? A news station in case something's happened to her.
If someone hurts her,I will never forgive myself.
Or you.
All we did was our job as parents.
We're at a party every other night.
We are so busy trying to make ourselves feel good.
Or alive or younger I don't know,like we still love each other.
The last thing we are doing is our job as parents.
Look,you are a great mother.
And of course we still love each other.
At least I still love you.
All right,and that's another deep track and that finishes this hour's rock block.
We're going to take a commercial break,and when we come back, jackson browne,who ll be playing at alpine valley tonight.
oh,my god.
Pull over,bruce.
We need to find a pay phone.
Yes,thank you,operator.
They found two doug stephens,but only one in rogers park.
Is this doug stephens,the teacher? Uh,yes.
Who's this? This is laurie's mother.
She just called me.
She's at a diner in honey creek called the way station coffee shop.
I told her to stay put,I'd come get her.
She got all the way to honey creek? That's halfway home.
Miller,I'm so sorry.
I have to go.
I know where she is.
Hit me.
What? I kissed samantha and you're never gonna get over it until you hit me.
You told her I felt sorry for her.
Don't you? No.
I feel sorry for you.
Well,screw you and your stupid girlfriend.
She kisses like a fish and she smells like one.
you had enough? Yeah.
you feel better? Yeah.
I think my family's really messed up.
laurie! How did you.
You proud of yourself?Come on.
Doug's picking me up.
We're going to the concert.
Like hell you are.
look,you're coming back with us.
Now go get in the car.
Laurie! You see what you did? You could have gotten my daughter killed.
Calm down.
He-he helped us find her.
You told my parents where I was? You scared the hell out of them.
I ought to have you arrested.
You do that and you will never see me again.
Okay,time out.
Everybody back off,take a breath! We need,uh.
so,what,you don't know anybody your own age? - Dad.
- no,that's a fair question.
I'm 24,laurie's 17.
Mom was 16 when you guys got married.
excuse me,doug and I are having a conversation.
You certainly inspired her to get involved in the community.
And to do well in school.
How hard can it be to get good grades if you're dating the teacher? We never did anything until summer school was over.
Miller,you feel she's too young to be dating someone like me and I respect that.
I do.
I fought the idea myself.
I care about her.
And at some point,I realized,laurie's capable of making her own choices.
And I respect that,too.
would you like coffee? I think janet made peach cobbler.
Oh,nothing for me.
Me either.
I-I think we're going to have to call it a night.
Well,okay,let me tell janet.
How can an evening be freaky and boring at the same time? Oh,well,they're very sweet.
Is this what it's like to be normal? do you think,uh,anthony and michelle are still available? Seriously? I think it's time for us to step out of the penalty box.
Thank you for a lovely evening.
Oh,do you have to rush away? Oh,we're going to try to get to bed early,right,dear? That's the plan.
good night.
Good night.
Thanks for coming.
Good night.
See ya.
I can see why you like him.
Mom,I'm going with doug.
All right.
Just be careful driving.
We'll see you tomorrow night.
Mom? Life is short.
We need to be happy now.
Sometimes life is long,laurie.
Even more reason.
Where's she going? With him.
I let her go.
if you-you need something.
I guess we don't need this anymore.
The psychiatrist's number.
You really hated her,didn't you? Actually,I-I went back to see her.
When? Earlier today.
Turns out,she's a pretty smart lady,after all.
Roger,we can't keep going on with our heads buried in the sand.
I-I-I want to help.
I'm going to sign up with an employment agency.
Really? Yeah.
I'm going to go upstairs and take a bath.
Don't forget to take out the garbage.
hello? Hello? proudly presents