Swingtown s01e11 Episode Script

Get Down Tonight

Pre with a psychiatrist.
I lost my job.
You disappointed in him? I have a depressed husband who went to susan when he should have been coming to me.
I'm goa sign up with an employment agency.
I think it's time for us to step out of the penalty box.
There's a concert tomorrow night-- it's jackson browne.
I'm going with doug.
you have no right lecturing me about anything! I'm going with doug.
All right.
Uh,well,look,if you-you need something.
Geror? Hey.
You okay? This trip's not as fun as the last one.
Susan? Where were you? Who were you talking to? susan.
what? You faked it.
What do you mean? 18 years.
what,you think I don't know when.
I'm sorry.
It-it wasn't anything you did.
or-or didn't do; I just.
I can't focus.
My mind's all over the place.
What are you thinking about? You and laurie.
You and me.
Laurie and doug.
The fact that summer's almost over and our one family vacation was a total disaster.
we've got a couple of days before I go back to work.
So,what do you say we spend that time just enjoying each other again.
Just you and me.
That sounds like a great idea.
What do you have in mind? Just plain old,hands off the wheel fun.
We'll make it up as we go.
I can't think of anything I'd rather do.
Well,you see,I already got you to stop thinking.
Now,all we got to do.
get that focus back.
I can be there in an hour.
All right,well,thanks for making time for me.
I'll see you then.
Was that about an interview? Well,just following up on something.
You leaving already? Don't want to be late.
And if I'm gonna be dressed properly for work this coming week, I've got to drop these outfits off at the dry cleaner.
They smell like mothballs.
the post office,the bank,the grocery store.
24 four is simply not enough hours in a day.
Hey,I can help out,you know.
Just tell me what needs to be done.
it's mostly stuff around the house: There's,uh,laundry,dusting,uh,vacuuming.
The weekly meal plan is below.
Tonight is chicken kiev.
Or you can just get some tv dinners, and we can switch tonight's menu with saturday'S.
These pans have been soaking all night.
I can do the dishes.
You get going.
Thank you.
I should be home on the 6:00.
I told the temp agency I needed a strict 9:00 to 5:00 schedule.
Even sicker.
I was surprised to hear from you,bud.
Haven't seen you since.
your party on the fourth.
Talk about fireworks.
I've been in new york the past month doing a little research.
Oh,yeah?What kind of research? Nightlife.
I'm putting together my own spot here in chicago.
It's gonna be huge.
I believe you,bud.
Nobody puts together a party quite like you.
I'm glad you see it that way,tommy, 'cause I'm looking for a few select investors.
How would you like to get in on the action? Oh,I.
I don't know,bud.
I never really considered getting in on the business side of the club scene.
I'd kinda like to be able to just,you know,come out and play.
Imagine how much more fun it is when you own the playground.
Trine,talk some sense into your old man,this should be a no-brainer.
Perhaps that's the problem.
Bud's looking for investors for his new club.
I'm calling it jet.
It's got a nice ring,huh? Just pay a little buy-in and you get back a percentage of the profit.
How big a buy-in? Lady's got a head for business.
She's seen a portfolio or two.
I tell you what.
Come in tonight,I'll comp the whole thing.
Bring your dancing shoes,your libidos,and your checkbook, 'cause I got a feeling you're gonna love this place.
Roger: Well,I've always been the guy you can count on.
Supportive husband.
Trustworthy friend.
Solid bowler.
that's who I am.
But lately.
I don't know.
just feels like there should be more.
Think I'm having a midlife crisis? I think you're here because there's something that you very much need to talk about, and I have a strong suspicion it's not your bowling average.
The only way to tackle a problem is to give it a name,roger.
My wife's best friend.
I think I'm in love with her.
proudly presents Swingtown Season1 Episode11 san is the friend your wife mentioned in our first session? Yes.
What is it about this woman that makes you think you love her? I don't know.
it's-it's hard to describe.
I just.
feel alive when I'm around her.
She's a great friend.
She's open-minded.
She's beautiful.
And we talk about things.
Real things.
you should hear her laugh.
And I know that none of this is fair to janet.
She's a great woman,too.
And I do still love her.
It's just different with susan.
Friendship and marriage are two very different relationships.
They have separate sets of rules and expectations.
Shouldn't you be able to have both in one person? Are you sure janet can't be that person? I don't know.
Does susan know how you feel? your old driver's ed book,huh? Yeah.
I'm thinking about finally getting my license.
What happened to making a conscious decision to conserve energy? Taking the el down to see doug is becoming a pain.
And he said he'd driving to practice,so.
I could take you driving.
I think that's a great idea.
Aren't you golfing? We could do it after.
That's okay.
Doug doesn't mind.
Neither do I.
Thanks,but he's expecting me.
Can't cancel at the last minute.
Don't say I didn't try.
Golf,huh? I thought we were spending the next few days together.
Well,it's ermore country club.
I-I called in three favors to get a tee time.
Look,after this,I promise it's just you and me-- all day,all night.
There's gotta be a way for you to kill a few hours,right? trina: So,how was your trip? The family trip was a disaster.
Bruce and I fought the whole time about laurie and her teacher.
Or and how are things now? Laurie seems to really like him.
no,I meant how are things with you and bruce? Us.
We're fine.
Really? I think so.
So,we've decided to spend the last few days of bruce's vacation just focusing on each other, trying to make up for lost time at the cabin.
Which is why you're here and he's out golfing.
He had a tee time.
but tonight it'll be just the two of us.
tom and I are on the list for the opening of a new disco downtown.
If you feel like escaping suburbia for a night.
no,I-I think we're just gonna try a night alone together.
But if you get a wild hair,you know where we'll be.
you must be from the temp agency.
I'm janet thompson.
Henry fisher.
I manage the pool.
The girl you're covering's appendix burst, so she's gonna be out at least a week.
Bathroom is that way.
Kitchen through that door.
Lunch is half an hour.
Work to be typed: Box on the left.
Work typed: Box on the right.
Malone blows a gasket if the girls aren't in their seats by the time he gets in.
If you're late,you're fired.
Got it?Great.
You sit there.
Henry! Yes,mr.
Typo in the metro section.
Who covers it? Pack it up,blondie.
who are you? Uh,janet thompson.
She's a temp.
She's covering for brenda until she gets out of the hospital.
Words per minute? One hundred.
You're hired.
Take vicky's seat.
Henry,you cover for brenda this week.
Might do you some good to remember where you came from.
Get used to it.
You'll never defeat me! Samantha: Hey,bj! And friend.
Uh,mind if i borrow your bike? My cousin's visiting,and we're gonna head down to the beach.
That sounds fun.
If you're deaf.
You can come if you want.
We can ride dutch.
Lisa's really cool.
You'll like her.
Uh,hello? I am not wasting a perfectly good summer day at the beach with two lame girls.
Well,don't come then.
Stay here and play with your little plastic dolls.
Sam!Come on!Let's blow this pop stand! Hey! I'm lisa.
Uh,bj,you coming? Yes,he is.
I am.
w-we are.
definitely coming.
Both of us.
Roger? Susan.
What are you doing here? Well,janet started her new job today.
Temping at the daily sun typing pool.
She-she didn't mention that.
Well,it's just until I find something.
In the meantime,I'm giving her a hand around the house.
Tonight,it is.
chicken kiev.
Whatever that is.
let me help you.
I-I make it all the time.
It's pretty simple.
It really just consists of chicken breast with butter and parsley inside.
So,you just lay the chicken breasts out like this, and then you season with salt and pepper.
Helps if you rub it in.
So,uh,ricky tells me you guys had an interesting time at the cabin last weekend.
Apparently,laurie ran away? Yes,she did.
Do you remember,uh,the day of the scavenger hunt, the guy at the grocery store who was collecting signatures with laurie? Her teacher,right? Yeah,and apparently,much more.
You're kidding.
I miss school.
well,bruce didn't take it quite so well.
It's not easy for him to see laurie growing up.
And it doesn't help that they're both so stubborn.
oh,I know all about stubborn.
Janet has got herself convinced that I'm smack in the middle of a midlife crisis.
Who knows? Maybe she's right.
Maybe we're both having one.
I-I I think I got you beat.
I'm standing in an apron making chicken kiev in the middle of the day while my wife's out earning a living.
well,if it's any consolation,you look very cute in that apron.
why did you,uh,call the other day? From thefrom the cabin that afternoon? Were you looking for janet? No.
You know,I called you back later that night,but there was no answer.
We were out looking for laurie.
When I was skipping rocks-- or trying to-- well,I-I-i brought one back for you.
It's at home.
Susan,there's something I need to say to you.
Janet: Honey,I'm home.
What a day I had.
Susan! What.
what are you doing here? Oh,janet,I-I was just,um.
she came to help me with dinner.
That is so sweet.
Oh,roger,I'll take over.
Actually,we're just about finished.
the chicken's in the oven,and,uh,I have to run.
congratulations on your new job! Sorry about the fish sticks.
I ran out of time running errands today.
No,it's fine.
Is it okay if I borrow your poker chips? What for? We're playing cards with sam.
Finally,some kid other than rick.
Rick'll be there,too,and sam's cousin.
Oh,who's this boy sam? Sam is actually samantha who lives next door.
Though I-I haven't met her cousin.
Her name's lisa.
She's our age,too.
I think.
Double date,huh? That a boy.
Don't lose any chips.
Or anything else.
Do you remember those days? Everything so new and exciting.
All those firsts ahead of him.
Do you think our firsts are all behind us? What do you mean? First love,first child,first home.
Our 14-year-old son is on a date tonight, and we're sitting in the kitchen eating fish sticks.
What would you like to do? Maybe a movie? Sitting in a dark theater,not talking? Right.
I guess I could get out the scrabble.
Yeah,that sounds like a night with the thompsons.
Well,trina invited us to go dancing with them tonight.
Really? Yes,but I told her that tonight was about you and i spending quality time together,so.
quality time doesn't necessarily have to mean alone time,does it? hey,hot mama.
You ready to get down tonight? You know it.
hello? Nope.
Just about.
Can you be here in a half hour? Great.
You think bud can add two more names to the list? I like where your mind's at.
Who was that on the phone? Susan and bruce.
They've been,um,having some rough times connecting to each other lately.
Thought it might be nice to take them out and show them a good time.
Oh,you did,did you? How good a time are we talking? Do ug: Press down on the clutch and slide the gear shift forward.
You mean the toilet plunger.
Okay,gently ease up on the green sponge while simultaneously pressing down on the pink one.
Don't be shy.
You're just really gonna.
I'm not shy.
I'm humiliated.
You just smashed into that rolls royce that's right in front of you.
Fancy neighborhood you live in.
Okay,start over.
Turn the car on.
You forgot toswitch into neutral.
Maybe this would be slightly less embarrassing if we were actually practicing in your car? No one gets behind the wheel without passing a few preliminaries.
Right foot on the brake,left foot on the clutch.
Okay,slide the gear into first.
Okay,now,ease up on the clutch while simultaneously pressing your right foot down on the gas.
or you could slide into second.
I do believe you're getting the hang of it,laurie.
You really are a quick learner.
Uh,it helps to have a good teacher.
So,how was work today? Not what I expected.
You should see how disorganized the place is.
And so far,I can find no redeeming qualities in the head boss,mr.
Well,first days are never easy.
I'm sure you can handle it.
I am handling it.
As a matter of fact,they offered me a full-time position.
Please tell me that doesn't mean dad's cooking dinner from now on.
I can't eat this.
Roger,how long did you bake the chicken? I forgot to set the timer.
Are you wearing your father's cologne? Dad said it was okay.
Rick and bj have a double date tonight.
With girls? We're just playing cards.
I don't want you gambling.
I already told him he could go.
Well,now I'm telling him he can'T.
Well,so who wears the pants in this family anyway? 'Cause I know who wears the apron.
Rick! How long are we going to live in this bizzaro world? Just go,rick.
Took you long enough.
I'm gonna make us something edible.
I was trying to help,janet.
If you want to do something for this family, you can start by making a real effort to try and find a new job.
I have been.
How? By sitting around dreaming up the perfect career? There comes a point when you have to stop wishing and start doing,roger.
go watch tv.
I'll call you when dinner's ready.
Tom,get over here.
Hold on,don't start without me.
okay,it's called "the new yorker.
" Now,it looks a lot more complicated than it really is, so just follow us.
Well,if I can do it,you can do it,come on.
Come on,bruce,at least give it a try.
Trina,help the poor guy out.
Come here,handsome.
Ready? All right.
not bad,right? You're great.
Right this way,mama.
Thank you.
Decker,party of four.
We know the owner.
Tommy d,you made it.
How about this,huh?Come on in.
Step aside,pal.
Larry,get this guy out of here.
Uh,you think that's good for business? Come on in.
You tell me.
Hey,bud,let me in.
drinks are on the house.
Tell them you're with me.
Ladies,allow me to show you around.
We'll catch up with you boys later.
Let's get a drink.
no offense,but I don't think I'm ever going to pass my driving test this way.
You're probably right.
Unfortunately,the only other option is getting in the car with my dad.
What's wrong with that? Are you serious? You met my father.
I didn't think he was all that bad.
Everything always has to be his way,and if it's not,it's wrong.
He's totally unreasonable.
He didn't seem so unreasonable when he let you go with me last weekend.
He's strong-willed.
I can think of someone else I know who's like that.
I'm not like my fath.
I'm not saying there aren't differences,believe me,but.
one of the things I first noticed about you was how willing you were to learn.
So,maybe you should think of this as an opportunity to learn a little more about your dad.
Disguised as a driving lesson? it's a win-win.
It's good to see you and susan out and about again.
Yeah,it is good to be out and about.
Every night is an adventure with you two.
Tom: I'm glad you appreciate it.
Hey,pretty lady.
Uh,I better go and take care of this.
Look how sexy our wives are.
Every guy on the dance floor wants to be with them.
Wait,except the ones who want to be with each other.
Excuse us,gentlemen,but I think I'd like her all to myself.
Lucky you.
It's best to browse before you buy.
Oh,I'm not shopping.
Well,they don't know that.
This is lame.
Let's make it more interesting.
You want to up the ante? So to speak.
Strip poker.
- Yes! - I don't know.
Samantha? Why not? All right,ladies.
Get ready to get naked.
now,that's a party I can get down with.
Who wants a bump? Yeah,I think we're good.
You sure? We're sure.
you don't happen to have anything,uh,else,do you? Perhaps something a little smoother? quaalude,anyone? Yeah,why not? To enjoying each other.
I call.
Full house.
Take it off.
No way! You cheated! I didn't cheat.
She just didn't tell you her brother plays tournaments in vegas.
He taught me the basics.
what,what's the matter,rick? You got something to hide,or is it that you have nothing to hide? no way,I won these fair and square.
Come on,rick,it's a joke.
Can I have my pants back now,please? You're kind of cute when you're mad.
Aughs? you want to go inside? may I? roger.
I'm sorry I jumped all over you.
I know you tried with dinner.
It's okay.
You had a long day.
I did.
Are you happy? What do you mean? It's not a trick question.
We're going through a rough patch.
It'll pass.
And what would it take to make you happy? Today,right now.
What would make me happy would be for you to find a good job that makes you happy.
That's it? Once that happens,everything will fall back into place, and we can go back to exactly the way things used to be.
You'll see.
uh,I'm going up to bed.
You coming? You go ahead.
I'm gonna finish the show.
my god,it's so hot.
we do have a pool.
Shall we all head back for a dip? Show me what you got.
No,you show me.
I win.
rick,where are you going? What happened? Absolutely nothing.
What a blowhard.
It's okay,I lost.
I don't want you to.
You forgot these.
thanks so much for tonight.
We had a really good time.
It was our pleasure.
that was fun,right? Yeah.
Let's go home.
Q good morning.
Good morning,henry.
Where are your to-dos? - Done.
- Henry.
What's going on? What do you mean? This coffee.
W-what's wrong with it,sir? It's good.
Henry told me exactly how you like it,mr.
You're all caught up,I see.
Yes,sir,henry stressed how important it is to stay on top of things at the daily sun.
keep up the good work.
With a ll due respect,if you touch my rear one more time, my husband will come down here and kick yours.
get back at it.
Some people need to be reminded of their manners.
Look at you.
Up and at 'em and ready to go,even after a wild night.
you are so good.
I was just about to pay you the same compliment.
bud called.
He wants to know if we're investing in the club.
Tom decker-- jet pilot by day,jet club owner by night.
little on the nose,don't you think? Yeah,but if this place takes off.
it might open up some new doors for us.
How so? Well,I never said I wanted to be a pilot forever, and you know how much I hate leaving you.
I like that this gives us some options for the future, but it's your call.
and technically it's your money.
babe,what's mine is yours,you know that, and I like the idea of diversifying.
You're the boss.
You can order me around anytime you want.
Well,in that case.
I brought you and lisa some pop-tarts.
Oh,she's still asleep.
I guess rick really wore her out.
Did you see his face when he came out of your house? Yeah,it was pretty red.
Did you talk to him? Not yet,but,um,i had fun last night.
Susan,laurie and I are going out for a driving lesson.
We'll be back in a few hours.
That's great.
Good luck.
So how was your card game last night? Dumb.
Girls ruin everything.
well,not the right girl.
Like who,mom? What's that supposed to mean? Nothing.
You're the one who married her.
That's right,I did.
You know,you,uh,you don't have to rush into anything,rick.
Don't worry about finding a girl yet.
Take your time and.
and be selective.
don't ever settle.
Okay? Yeah.
Hands at ten and two.
All right,what comes next? I check my mirrors and my blind spots.
You signal that you're pulling out.
Now you check your mirrors and your blind spot.
and if there's a big enough opening,slowly pull into traffic.
- Stop! - What? What's wrong? You almost pulled right out in front of that car.
Dad,that's like a mile back there.
I have been driving longer than you've been breathing.
I think I know a little more about it.
why do you think I'm always wrong? You think I'm wrong about doug,you discount my political views, you won't even let me pull out into traffic.
We both know that you don't have all the answers.
Just look at you and mom.
Okay,no matter what you think you've seen, you do not know everything that goes on between your mother and me.
I'm not sure you do either,dad.
You don't have to worry about me.
I can take care of myself.
I know you can.
Do you know how proud I am of you? You are smart a-a-and beautiful and.
dad,I didn't know.
then that is my fault.
and I am sorry.
Come on.
I think it's time you got that license.
What are you doing here? is anyone home? No.
Come on in.
yesterday in the kitchen,I was trying to tell you something.
what is it? proudly presents