Switched (2018) s01e01 Episode Script


I have always liked you, Ayumi.
A confession from the one I love.
Go out with me.
I was so happy, I forgot to breathe.
But I didn't understand anything at all.
I had no idea exactly how important that happiness was.
It's gone! It's not here! It's gone! - What's wrong? - The necklace I left here! Dating at 16 years old - Here.
- She's too young! Thank you.
Your first date.
Have a wonderful time.
See you later.
An outstanding illusion reflecting terrain and light will appear midday today.
Unique to this town, it is a sensation known as the Red Moon.
UNKNOWN CALLER Hello? This is your classmate, Umine.
Zenko Umine.
Umine? - What's wrong? - I am going to kill myself.
I'm going to die! What are you saying? You're joking, right? Look behind you.
Umine?! I'm coming so stay there! No! Stand there and watch.
Umine if you stand there, you might actually Heavy My eyelids, my body feel as heavy as lead.
What happened to me? Are you awake? We didn't find any major injuries.
Do you feel pain anywhere? No.
Thank you.
That's right.
What happened to Umine? Is Umine okay?! What are you talking about? Ms.
Umine is you.
Huh? I'll call the doctor.
What's happening? How are you feeling? Doctor! Are you okay? Doctor, please what happened to me?! Where is my body?! Please calm down, Ms.
I am not Umine! Zenko! Stop being a nuisance! Please accept my deepest apologies! You apologize, too! She seems confused from the sudden shock.
If you give her a minute, she will calm down.
She has no injuries What in the world is happening? I'm not really I left work for you.
Do not cause me any more problems! The person in front of my eyes is not me.
But the person inside was undoubtedly me.
Rock, paper, scissors! One more time! One more time! Koshiro loses! Get going! Come back soon! - Enough already.
- See ya! Strawberry milk? How many times has Ayumi told you that she likes hot drinks? Oh yeah.
- I'll get something else.
- It's okay.
I love strawberry.
- Thanks.
- Oh, fine then.
Give it here.
Ah! It's cold.
Now then.
Cheers! It's so cold! I'm getting a brain freeze! Sorry.
That's why I told you to get a hot That scared me! Ah! That's cold! Don't do that.
Mom! It's me.
I'm Ayumi! Are you Ayumi's friend? No, that's not it! I am Ayumi.
Mom please help me.
I'm sorry.
Please excuse me.
Good morning.
Who is that? Who are you?! Who Who are you? Are you Umine? What? You are Umine, aren't you? - Hey - Don't you remember yesterday? We switched places, didn't we? - Stop Umine.
You're getting too excited.
- Kaga You're acting weird.
I'm telling you, that's not it.
Did something happen between you? I don't know.
Let's go.
Wait a minute.
- I am - Hey, what's with you this morning? You're being a pest.
In any case, Stay away from Ayumi.
Okay, here it says, "These factors.
" Who can tell me what that's referring to? Umine! U-mi-ne! U-mi-ne! Me? Why is your head in the clouds? You've got a full stomach, but an empty head.
What? - Okay everyone, pair up! - Yes, sir.
Ayumi, want to be partners? Sure.
What's with that smile? Face your partner, and stretch! School is exactly the same, and yet What is that? Yum! It's really good! It's like I was living in an unknown world.
Oh, Umine, please bring up the schoolwork after class.
It's a lot for one person, so have someone help.
Everyone stand.
Okay, dismissed.
Be careful.
Umine was probably always alone.
We were in the same class, but I didn't notice her at all.
Umine? I'll help you.
It's too hard by yourself.
Koshiro By the way What happened this morning? Something happened, right? Umine? I'll take this box.
Wait! I am Ayumi Kohinata.
What? I'm not lying.
I don't know why it happened.
But just before our date yesterday, Umine jumped from a building, and now my mind is stuck in her body Hang on.
- I don't understand - It's true.
Please believe me.
I could tell you all our memories.
I remember every word when you told me you liked me.
You called me into another classroom to say you've always liked me.
I'm sorry! If I got your hopes up, I apologize.
I'll carry this.
I am not Umine! Do not cause me anymore problems! Are you Ayumi's friend? I'm sorry.
You're acting weird.
You've got a full stomach, but an empty head.
I don't understand.
If I got your hopes up, I apologize.
I can't take this anymore.
I want to go back.
I want to go back to how things were.
Are you okay? It's rough, isn't it? Being in my body.
You are Umine, aren't you? Yeah.
Did anyone believe you were Umine? No one did, right? I don't know how this happened, but we need to convince our friends and family that we've switched bodies.
If we tell them together, then they'll definitely believe us.
Right? As if I'd do that.
Because I've always wanted to be you, Kohinata.
Umine What are you saying? Looking at every angle from here I truly am hideous.
You can have my body now.
Starting today, I will be Ayumi Kohinata, and you will be Zenko Umine.
I don't want that! But no one believed you, right? That's right.
No matter how much I struggled in that body my words never reached anyone.
No one ever believed me.
You've already lived happily enough.
How about you struggle for once? Wait.
Why? Why did you want to be me? That's because you had something I wanted.
What? Koshiro.
He's at the top of the class and a basketball star.
Ayumi's childhood friend sure is a step above the rest.
They're not childhood friends anymore.
Oh yeah.
Now he's your boyfriend! So how does it feel, to finally be with him after years of longing? I'm really glad.
Of course you are! It must be so nice.
What's wrong? You can't go home anymore? In that case, you're the same as me.
If no one noticed that I was stuck like this, then my family, my friends, and Koshiro would be taken by Umine.
It scared me just thinking about it.
PARAKEET FOUND I need to do something.
CLASS RANKINGS You're first again, Mizumoto?! I even took extra tests.
- It's because you don't study.
- I don't have time! It's gonna hatch! Kaga.
Wanna know an easy way to make time? Yeah! Stop playing games.
It hatched! I got a super rare one! Koshiro! Look! Hey, Koshiro! Perfect timing, guys.
We just decided will be the school festival captain.
Our leader.
- And? - The captain for class two is Kaga! Thank you! Ever since I was a young boy, I've dreamed of being captain.
You idiots! What a burden.
Koshiro, you do it.
All right! KAGA Hey! Okay, it's settled! You'll all be getting a bill for my fees! Why do I have to be captain? Ayumi, you should play the ghost! We need someone pretty who won't get scared! But I'm not really pretty You're the cutest in the class.
Right? I want to see Ayumi in a kimono! You want to see it, right? Please do it! What are you talking about? STAGE CREW MIZUMOTO Koshiro.
Please, notice me.
UMINE, MIZUMOTO - You're working hard, Captain.
- I'll be busy the day of.
Actually, I need a favor.
Koshiro! He's not coming.
What? He wanted to do something else.
Umine, do you like Koshiro? What? He has a girlfriend.
Give it up.
I am his girlfriend.
Am I really that strange? Yeah.
Man, that's awful! What? What is that? It's a kappa.
It's not scary at all.
How rude! I did the best I could.
But this is just as bad as hers.
- Hers? - The girl I like is a bad artist.
- What?! - You like someone? - Since when? - Relax! So you've been hiding this from me? Who is it? - I'm not telling.
- Do I know her? - Gimme the brush! - Got it! It's Maria! - She's really cute.
- Brush! - Or maybe Ritsu! - Stop it.
I'm a kappa?! Quit laughing! - Help me out.
- Sorry, sorry.
Thank you.
It feels like the first time in a while.
Huh? Chatting like this.
'Cause you don't have many friends.
They were surrounded at the famous Battle of Gaixia, and in the early morning hours, they heard the Chus' song That looks like crap.
You don't need to laugh at me.
KAGA This is mine! And you wrote it in pen! I don't know.
You two! Stop disturbing class! I'm sorry.
You look a little gross.
You were thinking about your crush! Oh, shut up.
I'll go ask the class to buy supplies.
Hang on a minute.
What is it? Order yellow paint, too.
Got it.
Maybe I do play too many games.
Ritsu, Maria.
Could you buy these? Ask the accounting group first.
Oh, you're right.
By the way can you not talk to us like friends? We were never friends to start.
Excuse me I'd like someone to buy this.
Leave it over there.
THINGS TO BUY There it is! KAGA I need a favor.
Could you do stage crew for me? I want to put some space between me and Umine.
- Did something happen with her? - I don't really get it, either.
- Huh? - Umine believes that she is Ayumi.
We switched places didn't we? You're acting weird.
That's impossible.
Now presenting our ghost! I'm scared to go into the classroom.
Their eyes scare me.
I only look different.
I'm still me.
But why It's not like you to isolate Umine! She got what she deserved.
She's been harassing Ayumi.
Harass? Ayumi won't explain why, but she doesn't want to be near Umine.
If Ayumi says that, it must be big.
Wait a minute.
- I didn't do anything.
- Don't move.
You followed Ayumi yesterday.
Yes, but What? - If you've got something to say, say it! - It's just a misunderstanding! Ritsu, Maria.
I'm fine.
It's my fault for starting it.
I didn't think about Umine's feelings and I started dating Koshiro anyway.
Umine likes Koshiro? So that was it.
You're the worst.
No, that's not it.
You've got it all wrong.
People can like who they want, but Poor Mizumoto! That's hilarious! Look in the mirror! She said it's a misunderstanding! Everyone I'm sorry.
I seemed to have misunderstood Umine.
Ayumi? Well.
If that's the case, you owe Umine a proper apology.
Come on.
I'm sorry.
Thanks for helping me earlier.
I'll help, too.
You are Ayumi, right? I'm sorry for not realizing it sooner.
How? No matter how you look, I'd know.
Because you are who you are.
Kaga Don't cry.
Thanks to Kaga Silly.
I told you to stop crying.
It felt like my existence on the verge of disappearing was being seen.
Do you want me to tell Koshiro your secret? Zenko Umine.
- It surprised me.
- Did it? What? This However for Koshiro, his life might've been happier had he never known.
Subtitle translation by Krysta Uyekawa