Switched (2018) s01e02 Episode Script


What are you doing? This is mine.
I'm sorry.
Um where is mine? Huh? I just don't remember where I put mine.
What're you going on about? You don't have one.
Get out of here already.
Fixing your hair won't fix your face anyway.
Why? Do you want me to reveal your secret to Koshiro? Zenko Umine.
My face, my hair, my voice, my clothes Despite everything being the same, why am I still different from Ayumi Kohinata? AKATSUKI HIGH SCHOOL FESTIVAL Ayumi.
Ayumi! Koshiro.
Good morning.
Can we talk? Kaga Did he? What's wrong? Tell me, Koshiro.
I wanted to be alone with you.
What? Ayumi, are you afraid? No Nothing scares me when I'm with you.
- Hey! - Ow! Kaga.
You'd make a great ghost.
What's with the long face? Hey.
It's said that human cells die one after another every day.
After 200 days, all of your cells are replaced by new ones.
If I stay like this for more than 200 days, I wonder if my body will become Zenko Umine's entirely.
I don't get these things, so I had my sister pick this out.
- Hey! Watch the zits.
- There you go.
Seems okay.
See? Not bad.
I definitely like this more.
What? No, I just meant I didn't mean "like" as in It's the same as saying "I like sweets" Kaga.
No prob.
I'm really, really glad we're friends.
Just friends What's wrong? It's nothing.
That hurts! Even if it's only one person, the whole world shifts when they see you.
That really hurt! The person who pulled me out from the dark and into the light was none other than Kaga.
AYUMI KOHINATA ZENKO UMINE It'd be nice if you could naturally return to your body.
Why did it get switched in the first place? If you knew that, then you could switch back.
When Umine fell off that building, I think that's what set things in motion.
Then try diving off a building, too.
That's not funny.
PARROT FOUND But she's lucky.
- Who is? - Umine.
If you didn't switch, she'd be dead.
It wasn't a coincidence.
Huh? Umine knew already that we'd change places.
Morning, Ayumi! Hey, let's go check out class four's maid cafe.
How can you be so normal? After what happened yesterday.
Umine's been harassing Ayumi.
Everyone, I'm sorry.
I misunderstood Umine.
But you just misunderstood, right? - Everyone makes mistakes.
Right? - Yeah.
They're acting like they're angels, but inside they're laughing at me, aren't they? Who cares? Ayumi? Let's go.
Do not speak to any other girls.
All right.
Hello Kohinata.
I want to talk to you.
THE CURSED HOUSE PRE-OPENING Whoa! Captain! Here! Lead us well, Captain.
I'm getting fired up! I'll do my best! Please do! Your captain is here! Kaga! - We're here.
- Thanks.
As captain, I specially present to you front-of-the-line passes.
Hey, that's unfair! Give me one, too! No! Go line up.
Captain, you've got a stick up your butt! - He took it like a man.
How classy.
- You jerk! Koshiro, save me.
Kaga, we need to talk.
Please, Umine.
I want you to tell me.
Tell you what? How to change back.
How should I know? But you said it yourself.
That's because I always wanted to be you.
That was just a coincidence.
No, it wasn't.
What? If that's the case, why did you jump off the building that day? Because you knew we would switch.
So you did know.
I told you I don't know anything.
Wait! If we can change back now, Kaga and I will keep all of this a secret.
I won't say a word to Koshiro, either.
So What's so funny? Sorry, you're just so desperate.
Of course I would be.
I'll tell you out of pity.
Koshiro has known for a while.
He knows that we've switched.
Ayumi, are you afraid? Nothing scares me when I'm with you.
Since when? When did you switch Zenko Umine? Ayumi is terrified of the dark.
Then what? What did he say after that?! He said it's fine like this.
Zenko Umine being Ayumi Kohinata is fine.
That's what he said.
What're you saying? What I like about Ayumi is her face.
That's why I'm fine with dating Umine.
Cut the crap already.
Do you know how much pain Ayumi's going through? Ayumi had her body stolen! In that case, you help Ayumi.
That's a lie You're definitely lying! Koshiro would never say that.
If that's what you think, then why don't you go see him now? What's wrong? Oh, dear.
That's right.
Koshiro belongs to me now.
She's lying, right? I can't believe that.
I don't want to believe it.
Koshiro I'm sorry about earlier.
I was mean, wasn't I? No, it's okay.
Right? Yeah.
Also, I have a small favor to ask of you.
Zenko Umine being Ayumi Kohinata is fine.
That's what he said.
Is something wrong? Listen, we're truly sorry about everything.
We just never gave you an honest apology.
It's okay.
Don't sweat it.
Thanks for saying that, Ritsu.
I mean, Inaki.
And Tsuchiya.
First names are fine.
Can we call you Zenko, too? I had some really wonderful friends.
Oh, by the way, this is from Ayumi.
If you can find me by 4:00 p.
, I'll teach you how to switch back.
3:45 P.
Where is Kohinata now? She was heading to the courtyard.
Sorry! Have you seen Kohinata? She just went back to the classroom.
3:55 P.
AKATSUKI HOUSE Ayumi is terrified of the dark.
Umine? What I like about Ayumi is her face.
You help Ayumi.
NEW MESSAGE FROM MIZUMOTO Koshiro! Koshiro, save me! Koshiro! Koshiro Ayumi! Kaga.
Everything is okay now.
Thank you.
She really is scared of it.
I feel better after eating.
Man, I could eat this forever.
Needs more whipped cream next time.
- Hey.
- Yeah? Now you're being shy? You want seconds, right? It's not that.
Huh? Did you meet up with Koshiro? I heard from Umine that Koshiro - is fine with - Dating her.
Right? You can't take it so literally.
I, for one, don't think he would ever betray you.
- Because - Because? Go to the classroom now.
Open the curtain when you find Ayumi.
He's always been that kind of person.
Yeah, you're right.
Kaga's words gave me courage.
I will go talk to Koshiro.
Have you seen Koshiro? He's in the art room.
Koshiro doesn't hurt people.
I should know that better than anyone.
Why didn't I believe him? Koshiro, I'm sorry.
Oh, it's just you! Sorry.
Ayumi! Ayumi is terrified of the dark.
Koshiro, wait! I risked my life to switch with her.
There's no way I can go back now! I will become Ayumi Kohinata.
I'll be whoever you want me to be.
I finally became your girlfriend.
I'm begging you.
Fall in love with me.
That's fine.
Zenko Umine being Ayumi Kohinata is fine.
Why? Because I didn't care for Ayumi to begin with.
I've always been better than Kaga academically and athletically.
Nice shot! You're first again, Mizumoto? I even took extra tests.
But everyone always gravitated toward Kaga.
Kaga! You've got a stick up your butt! He's an eyesore.
I've stolen the one thing he values most.
That's why I've never had a shred of feeling for Ayumi.
Stop! I can't do this anymore.
Don't worry! I will find a way to get your body back! It doesn't matter what you look like.
I am on your side! I want to be Kaga.
I've always wanted to be him.
I want you to tell me how I can trade places.
You know how I feel, right? I can't do it right now.
But If you have every intention of falling in love with me, then I'll consider it.
But I don't plan on telling him.
Because I like Koshiro as he is now.
Let's go.
We would make a great fake couple.
Food therapy is a terrific system.
Isn't it convenient? - You forget all the bad stuff.
- Yeah.
Hey will you go out with me? Sure.
Seriously?! Yeah.
I'll go out with you anywhere.
Huh? I could go for a strawberry parfait next.
You better get ready to be so stuffed, you'll wanna die! Ow! That hurts! I wonder why That really hurts! the more I try to forget, the more it comes to mind.
If my body is changed, then I want my heart to change with it.
I don't like this, Koshiro.
Let's go back.
Just a little more.
You'll be fine.
See? We're here.
It's beautiful.
Isn't it? UNKNOWN CALLER UNKNOWN CALLER "I'm going to kill myself.
" Hello? You changed bodies, didn't you? Subtitle translation by Krysta Uyekawa