Switched (2018) s01e03 Episode Script


Hey! What the hell are you doing?! You gotta really launch yourself! Don't be so hard on me.
You can't say that.
We've tried everything else! Then we don't know if this will work either.
Are there no other ways? Well - There's one option left.
- What is it? Tell me.
Getting struck by lightning.
It's fine.
Zenko Umine as Ayumi Kohinata is fine.
Umine! Sorry I'm late.
No worries.
I just got here.
- That girl's so cute.
- Wonder if that's her boyfriend.
I have Ayumi Kohinata's body in my possession.
And Shall we go? the thing I wanted the most Yes.
is the happiness I now have.
I never want to go back to being alone.
HOW TO SWITCH BODIES Ah, I just don't know anymore! All we can do now is force Umine to spit it out.
There might be another person who knows.
Huh? Actually You switched with someone, didn't you? Who is this? If you cooperate with my research, I'll tell you everything, even how to switch bodies.
Why didn't you tell me sooner?! Well, I didn't know if it was true, - and I was scared - So how do we find her? She said go to her research lab on the sixth.
The sixth? - That's today! - I know Where is the lab? We don't have any other options! It's a woman, right? I can take her.
If by chance, the person on the phone was telling the truth, it might be possible for me to go back to normal, right? Ayumi.
Hmm? If that happens Are you Don't worry.
I'm not trying to scam you.
RED MOON RESEARCHER MAO UKON Thank you for bringing the parakeet.
This parakeet only comes near those who've switched bodies.
- So it knew that I - You were serious, right? About knowing how to change bodies.
Of course I am.
After all, I switched with someone, too.
Welcome home, - Amagase.
- What kind of name is that? Typically, you conduct your research on the Red Moon here? Yes.
On the outside, at least.
The data on the Red Moon is crucial for my business.
Business? I earn money in exchange for information about switching.
Appearance, talent, wealth.
Humans are born into disparity.
But with the ability to exchange bodies, anyone can obtain happiness.
Who were you originally? Before we get to that, I'd like to hear your story first.
- Here I go! - Okay.
Thanks for inviting me out today.
It felt like I was living in a dream world for the day.
You're exaggerating.
But it's always been my dream to go on a date with you.
You know, I initially intended to die.
What? That's why I wanted to be reborn.
Koshiro people's hands are warm, aren't they? I never want to let go of this hand.
That's why I can't tell you.
I want you to tell me.
How to switch bodies.
I've always wanted to be Kaga.
You're only staying with me because you want to know, right? If you betray me, I wouldn't be able to live.
It certainly seems that Zenko Umine knew the conditions for the switch.
Conditions? First, you must commit suicide when there is a Red Moon.
Then, you must be seen by the person you wish to be.
And you must die.
If these three conditions are met, you can do your first body switch.
Then, next time, I have to go in front of Umine and You'll be fine! If you succeed, you wouldn't die.
Succeed? What are you talking about? I I'll do anything to get my body back.
I'm sorry.
There seems to be a misunderstanding.
I said I would teach you how to switch bodies, but I never said anything about going back.
What do you mean? I can return to normal this way, right? Everything will be fine, right? I want to go back to my old self quickly This was what I looked like before.
I had just changed places with her, but she suddenly wanted to switch back.
Everything about the method was correct, but for some reason, we couldn't return to normal.
So where is she now? She died in my body.
There were two other pairs who tried switching back, but both groups failed, each one resulting in someone's death.
In other words, once people switch with another person, they can never return to their original body.
Oh my Wait Wait just a minute! Is there no other way? No clue.
Those three groups could have just happened to fail.
That may be true.
In that case, why don't you try? If you don't mind dying.
See you tomorrow.
What happened to make you want to die? I am not Umine anymore.
Good night.
I'll walk you home.
I will be fine.
- Yeah, but - Sorry.
I just want to be alone.
I can't go back.
I can never go back to normal.
Why don't you try? If you don't mind dying.
Mom Dad - Okay! It's ready.
- Ooh! Finally it's here! Bring on the nabe, Watanabe! - He's at it again.
- In English, it's called a "pot.
" - I know! - Oh, really? - Okay, opening the "pot!" - We know already! You really like saying that.
Ayumi! Kaga Why? You don't have go back to normal.
It doesn't matter how you look.
You don't have to smile every day, or be strong, or not be depressed.
I, alone, will love you in everyone else's place.
I love you, Ayumi.
Koshiro? What was that just now? Just now? I love you, Ayumi.
That was About not returning to normal? That was Actually, I met someone who knows how to switch bodies.
And Tell me every detail about that.
Goddammit! Ah, jeez! That's why I can never go back to my original body.
Koshiro? Thank you for telling me.
You remembered.
It's been a while since we've talked like this.
I can't be happy about this.
I can't tell him I love him.
Koshiro is now Umine's boyfriend.
Will you date Kaga? Huh? I've thought for a while now that you two would make a better match.
See ya.
Just as I thought, Koshiro doesn't think anything of me anymore.
If you're concerned about Koshiro, don't worry.
He was only interested in learning how to switch.
That's not it.
I waited for you because I wanted to apologize to you.
I'm sorry! For expressing how I feel while you're having a rough time.
And to be honest, I have no idea what Koshiro is thinking.
After you changed with her, he still had feelings for you.
Ayumi! I came to help you that time only thanks to him.
Go to the classroom now.
When you find Ayumi, open the curtain immediately.
Confessing to you without telling you that seems cowardly.
Kaga Ayumi.
Focus on yourself for now.
No matter what happens, I'll be right there, cheering you on.
Thank you.
What time do you think it is? I'm sorry.
Are you working tonight, too? Going to play pachinko.
From now on, this woman will be my mom.
This will be my home.
I have no choice but to live this way for the rest of my life.
CONDITIONS FOR THE EXCHANGING OF BODIES As long as the process is correct, the switch will occur.
Me and Kaga.
Kaga, were you waiting for me? Yeah.
Um, about yesterday Please let me copy your homework! Huh? I was playing games till 1:00 a.
Sorry, I can't.
Wait, please It's not that.
I forgot, too.
You're supposed to come prepared! You're not one to talk.
I didn't say that.
But you always do your homeowrk! Ah jeez, what're we gonna do? Never once did Kaga talk about what happened yesterday.
He's most likely giving me time to think it over slowly.
Kaga! You got a minute? Yeah.
- See you later.
- Yeah.
Knowing how he feels, I'm not sure how I'll answer him.
I wonder if it's okay for me to depend on him.
Lately, you've distanced yourself from Ayumi and Mizumoto.
What about it? Mizumoto is your best friend.
Plus, you like Ayumi.
What? You're crazy.
There's no way You're such a bad liar.
Other than Ayumi, everyone in class already knows.
- What?! - So - what happened? - You're not with Zenko, are you? Fine.
I'll tell only you two.
- I like Umine.
- Huh? It started during the school festival, and now I'm trying to appeal to her.
Do not tell anyone! Seriously?! Hey! - I just heard something crazy.
- What? Kaga likes Umine! No way.
That's impossible.
- That Umine? - Liar! I'm serious! What? I heard it from the horse's mouth.
Right? I heard it, too.
Are you kidding me? For someone to like her looking like that is unthinkable.
And how does Umine feel about this? Huh? What do you think of Kaga? Hmm? Tell us, tell us! Stop it! That's enough.
Don't mess with her.
Wait, is he serious? Got it.
It's a joke, right? Starting today, I, Shunpei Kaga, am attracted to ugly girls! What are you doing, Kaga? Hurry up and deny it! Go on.
Tell everyone you hate ugly girls! What's wrong with that?! To me, Umine is the cutest as she is now.
Did I Did I do something to deserve to be laughed at? Before you laugh at me before you hate me I want you to know more about me.
Just try touching my cheek! Maria.
It's so soft! I could do this all day! - Right? - Can I try? It really does feel nice! Let me try, too! It feels good! Seriously? Hey, wait a minute, all of you! - Hundred yen per pinch.
- You're charging us?! Of course.
It took 16 years for those cheeks to mature.
Kaga, knock it off.
Everyone, fifty yen is fine.
She's still charging us! They're saying she's cute?! Are they trying to spite me?! Kaga and Ayumi Kohinata are the same.
They understand nothing since they were blessed with good looks.
Do you know how much I suffered because I looked like that? I will never forgive Kaga.
Suffered? - What happened, Umine? - I told you I'm not Umine anymore! That's right.
But I want to know everything about you.
Because I'm your boyfriend now.
I was always alone.
What should we do about our field trip group? Shouldn't we ask Umine? It'll be embarrassing to walk next to her.
We can just have her do something else.
Yeah! She'll have special treatment and do everything individually! That's a great idea! Then let's have her go home alone.
The loser has to touch Umine! - That's perfect! - Are you serious?! There she is.
Hurry up and do it! Get going! Ew, he touched her! Did you see that girl? Her bangs are awful.
So gross! No one does that.
For the rest of my life, I thought I would always be alone.
During that time, I met you, Koshiro.
I'll help you.
I can do it alone.
It's faster with two people.
I told myself not to get my hopes up.
That's because I would just be betrayed in the end.
My dad left me behind without a word.
After that, my relationship with my mom soured.
Don't infect me.
I can't take off work.
Then don't come home anymore, hag.
For who do you think I'm working?! My mom kept me at a distance.
Umine, are you okay? You can look at my notes if you want.
I don't need it.
Oh, okay.
I've always hated Ayumi Kohinata from the start.
She's just an attractive wolf in sheep's clothing.
There was no one who ever truly cared about me.
But only you were always kind to me.
What is this? It's hard to keep up after missing four classes.
If you don't use it, toss it out.
You start to hope when things like that happen.
I thought that maybe you would accept even an ugly girl like me.
TO MIZUMOTO KOSHIRO MIZUMOTO I thought I should tell you.
I'm confessing my feelings to Ayumi.
I see.
Good luck.
In that moment, my guts fell out.
Being born ugly was a mistake itself.
If you're not pretty, then no one will love you.
That's why I risked my life to steal it all.
Ayumi Kohinata's life, her body, everything! She had a pretty face, friends, and everything else, but she had to take you from me, too? She didn't realize how blessed she was and lived without a care in the world.
But I would never be needed by anyone.
I suffered and I suffered and I suffered.
If I died, there would be no one to cry over me.
The only thing left for me was to die.
I finally, finally switched with her.
Why must I still endure these painful memories?! Ayumi aside, Kaga is still an eyesore.
I'll steal Kaga's life for you next.
I learned how to definitively change with others.
- From who? - Don't look at me that way.
I will never leave your side.
Even so, don't do that.
I like you the way you are now! You've misunderstood.
Huh? I'm not switching with Kaga.
He will switch with Ayumi.
During the next Red Moon I will end their lives.
Subtitle translation by Krysta Uyekawa