Switched (2018) s01e04 Episode Script


I heard.
How to definitively switch bodies.
- From who? - Don't look at me like that.
- I will never leave your side.
- Even so, I don't want that.
I like you as you are now! - You've misunderstood.
- Huh? I'm not switching with Kaga.
He will switch with Ayumi.
During the next Red Moon, I will end their lives.
I realized something.
Instead of switching myself, it's more entertaining to watch other people switch from afar.
But, how do you plan to make it happen? Dying in front of the person you want to be is one of the conditions.
Isn't it impossible to make them do that? That won't be a problem.
What? We can easily trick them.
They don't know how to distrust people.
But, - what if it fails? - We'll call it suicide.
You can't forgive him, right? Kaga.
For me, Umine is the cutest right now.
Umine right now.
Which means he denies your existence completely.
So let's teach him a lesson, that "people are more than their looks" is merely a nice saying.
Am I disdainful? No I'm falling for you even more.
Let me help you.
I'll tell you everything I know.
Yummy! Strawberries taste the best this time of year.
You can really eat.
Actually, I feel bad for Umine Huh? Since I've been in her body, I can eat a lot and never feel full.
I've gained 11 pounds in two weeks.
Don't worry.
Eat your heart out.
That's what I'll do.
You seem to be enjoying yourself.
Why are we here? You two are going to lose your lives like this.
We're going to switch? Koshiro doesn't have a reason to hurt us.
It's a mistake! Even if you say that, I wasn't the one who heard it.
Then who? Amagase.
Amagase? Yes.
Are you mocking us? Ayumi, let's go.
He switched, too.
Amagase was originally human.
- Really? - Don't believe her! That's a load of crap! It is not a load of crap.
Do you believe me now? Amagase turned into a parakeet six years ago.
When I was 46.
NINE MILLION YEN DEB CO-SIGNER KENZO AMAGASE He was betrayed by a trusted friend.
Go quickly! Hurry up! His family abandoned him.
Masako! Before he knew it, he had lost everything.
Then, inside his fading consciousness he began to wish.
The parakeet in front of him had such pure and beautiful eyes.
- That's impossible! - But all the conditions were satisfied.
You were betrayed by your lover and he just couldn't leave you alone.
Koshiro Mizumoto will be unfazed if the switch fails and you die.
We'll call it suicide.
I told you.
At this rate, you'll lose your lives.
I can back off.
I feel the same way as you.
We don't want to doubt Koshiro.
Even though he's smart, he's honest to a fault and very serious.
There must be a reason behind all his actions.
Are you two stupid? Koshiro Mizumoto doesn't give a damn about you.
He is not that type of person! Koshiro saved my life.
Somebody help me! I'm scared! Koshiro, help me! Ayumi, where are you? Hey, Ayumi! Ayumi! Koshiro! Help me, please! - Koshiro! - Ayumi! - Ayumi, are you in there? - Help me, Koshiro.
Koshiro, save me! Hold on, Ayumi.
I'll go get someone! No! Koshiro, don't go anywhere.
I'm really scared.
Are you there, Koshiro? Hey, are you there? I'm here.
- Koshiro! - Everything'll be okay! You're there, right? I found you, Ayumi! When he saved me, Koshiro's hand was all torn up.
That's the Koshiro I know.
Don't be fooled! He'll have you right where he wants you! You're still young No matter what you say, it's wasted on them.
Be as cautious as possible.
The next Red Moon is the day after tomorrow.
What a pain in the ass! Let's see him now.
See who? You know who.
When I was a child, my dad was the Shinto priest here.
He taught me the Red Moon song.
Red Moon song? How to switch bodies is written here.
"On the revolving red day, before the perfect circle, I will give you my shell, so please give me yours.
" Did you jump from that building based on your belief of this? I was planning to die anyway, so I tried it.
Even if I failed, no one would be sad about it.
We trust you.
I don't know what you're planning to do, but we trust you.
That's all.
See ya later.
How stupid can you be? See you tomorrow.
Why do you look so conflicted? That hurts! Don't oversleep.
Don't forget to do your homework, too.
I love you, Ayumi.
Just focus on yourself for now.
I'm sorry for always making you hold back.
Kaga must be waiting for my answer I'm sorry I'm late again.
- From now on - Don't bother coming home.
Without you, life is so much easier.
Good night.
due to this, in the town of Akatsuki, many more people are planning to see the Red Moon.
Shops and other spots have proved to be even livelier than usual.
Akatsuki's famous sensation, the Red Moon, is finally arriving tomorrow.
The rising anticipation of the Red Moon's appearance is palpable.
RED MOON DAY IN TWO DAYS! The Red Moon appears tomorrow.
The last day I can live normally might be today.
Good morning.
Kaga! Zenko! - There's something awful happening! - Huh? I heard Kaga openly confessed yesterday! Kaga did? But wasn't he into Ayumi? He must really like ugly girls after all.
But he sounded serious yesterday.
It was Umine.
That's gotta be a joke.
This started because of that.
For me, Umine is the cutest right now.
How did it get like this? Kaga's difficult, but still popular.
- Difficult? - You are.
What?! Look.
This is pretty bad, too.
Hey! Jeez Umine is the cutest right now.
Don't people have things to do?! Right? No, no.
Oh! Speak of the devil.
Hey, is it true that you're dating Kaga? He said he liked you in front of everyone, right? Nice going, Umine.
It's not like that at all.
So you rejected him? That would never happen.
Come to think of it, they don't fit each other at all.
Is she even aware that she's ugly? Huh? Aware that I'm ugly? I finally understand how people were looking at me and Kaga.
Until now, whether my appearance was superior or inferior was something I never considered.
But the person I am now is ugly.
Man, I really am ugly.
Poor Mizumoto.
- This is hilarious.
- Go look in the mirror! Kaga likes ugly girls! Is she even aware that she's ugly? People that have switched once, can never return to normal.
Ow! Just kidding.
What're you doing? Um I'll take this over.
When Kaga looks at a cute girl then looks back at me, I wonder how he feels.
Why have I been fine until now? Why didn't I notice? Why did Kaga say that he's okay with me, even when I look like this? I love you, Ayumi.
Maybe he changed his mind and wishes that he never made that confession to me.
And yet, I'm still here, unable to find the words to answer him Ayumi.
Ayumi! You're the real Zenko Umine, aren't you? Will you share information with me? Ayumi.
The guys in class invited me.
Want do you think? GIANT PUDDING EATING CONTES 10,000 YEN PRIZE Sorry.
I have plans today, so You're doing it.
Wait a minute! This is real, isn't it? Yes.
People who have switched once can never return to their former self.
Do you regret it? Regret? I don't have even a single drop of regret.
I guess that's natural.
A cute appearance, wonderful friends, a kind and caring family.
You got everything you wished for.
And Koshiro.
But despite all that, you don't seem very happy, do you? I'm going to take a copy of this.
What would I do if people think we don't match? If they laughed at Kaga because of me - Did you see that couple? - That's hard to look at! Oh, stop it.
Ayumi, I wonder if we look like a couple.
I got wrapped up in the moment and held your hand.
Lucky me! You finally smiled.
What did you mean by that? That? You said I was cute.
There are plenty of other girls who are cute.
That's true.
There are lots of other cute girls.
Before you switched, I never thought Zenko Umine was cute.
But, more than anyone else, I like the Ayumi with me here now.
If you met me while I looked like this, would you have said the same thing? If that were the case, I would discover your kindness faster than anyone else.
I see.
The reason I was never concerned about my looks was because Kaga was next to me this whole time.
I don't want to only be saved.
I want to meet him halfway.
Let's go.
I can't be teasing kind people like this anymore.
I'll decide by tomorrow.
Tomorrow if the Red Moon day ends safely, let me answer your feelings.
But despite all that, you don't seem very happy, do you? Umine is the same shape as the pudding! I'm taking the picture! And got it! Go, go! You can do it! Oh, Ayumi, welcome home.
You must be hungry.
I made lots of your favorite, broccoli! I don't like it.
I don't like broccoli! My classmates, my mom, everyone's the same! All you think about is her! You don't give a damn about me, do you?! What's the plan? You think this will work? It will succeed for sure.
I know Kaga and Ayumi the best.
He knows Ayumi the best.
What's wrong? It's nothing.
Ah, I'm starving.
Ayumi, wanna go get doughnuts on the way home? Nothing's gonna happen.
Besides, we were informed by a bird.
I know that, too.
But in case something does happen Then I promise I will protect you.
Okay? Okay.
It's my turn to clean up, so wait for me in the class after school.
After school, I want you to go to the art room.
Don't tell Kaga.
Come alone.
Can it wait until tomorrow? I guess you can't really believe me.
I didn't believe you, either.
I am Ayumi Kohinata.
I don't understand.
Why wasn't I first? Why didn't I realize it was you before Kaga? This whole time, I've been trying to suppress that regret.
I want to talk to you one more time.
I'll be waiting.
See ya.
Wait for me in class after school.
I want you to go to the art room.
Don't tell Kaga.
I want to talk to you one more time.
I'll be waiting.
Sorry, Ayumi ART ROOM Kaga, I'm sorry.
I want to talk things out with Koshiro one-on-one.
Too bad.
Ayumi? Ayumi's not coming back.
What did you do to Ayumi?! Relax.
I haven't done anything to her.
For now.
What does that mean? I dare you to lay a finger on her, but you'll regret it.
Is Ayumi that precious to you? Then prove it.
Must be nice to be you.
Taking all the good things.
Huh? No matter what I do, everyone always goes to you.
Now, you've taken Ayumi from me.
What the hell are you talking about? You were the one who left her! You're one to talk.
That's what you hoped for.
Stop acting like my cheerleader.
You've always liked her.
Who gained the most from them switching? It wasn't Zenko Umine.
It was you.
Isn't it great? You got Ayumi to look at you.
Who cares about winning or losing?! Have you once thought about Ayumi's feelings?! That doesn't matter.
Koshiro! Kaga.
You jerk, I'm seriously gonna Stop Stop! Take a look.
Kaga! Kaga's going to fall from there soon, all while thinking of switching with you.
There's only one way to save him.
You must not turn away from Kaga.
Kaga! What are you doing?! Grow up! Let go of me! It'll be way better to be Kaga than to look like you.
I am not like you! Even if I can't go back to normal, even if I look like this, from now on I will make you suffer by being as happy as possible! Koshiro, stop! Run, Kaga! No.
I have to watch.
What? I didn't switch.
No No! Koshiro! Kaga! Hey! Kaga! Kaga! Wake up, Kaga! - Koshiro - Kaga! Koshiro.
What the hell is going on? No Kaga? Subtitle translation by Krysta Uyekawa