Switched (2018) s01e05 Episode Script


Koshiro! You're Koshiro, right? Say something.
Physically, they said I'm fine.
What about my body? About that they said he's still unconscious.
What the hell is happening? We couldn't have switched! That's exactly what happened.
I called her.
There is no mistaking it, Mizumoto is in your body.
So why am I awake but he's not? This isn't a unique occurrence.
In the past, some people were asleep for years.
Then - What if they didn't wake up? - Don't worry.
That has never happened.
May I ask you a question? Why did you switch? Huh? If one of you didn't want to become the other, then it wouldn't have worked.
I don't know.
Then Koshiro wanted to At any rate, there's only one thing we know for certain.
You can never return to normal.
This is my fault.
Kaga and Koshiro switching all of this is my fault.
Kaga and Koshiro Koshiro? What's wrong? will never No, nothing's wrong.
be themselves again.
I'm worried about Ayumi! How was she? You saw her, right? I told them! Not to trust Koshiro Mizumoto! If you had stopped them, they wouldn't have Hey! I'm trying to talk here! Let me out! It's not my bedtime yet! Damn you! When I was at my lowest, the person who stayed beside me and lifted me up was Kaga.
Let's have a look.
See? Not bad.
Now, it's my turn.
Kaga! Here's the math homework.
You didn't do it, right? Oh, and here.
If you get hungry.
And if there's anything else you need, you just let me know! Thanks.
Are you serious?! When did this happen? Weren't you dating Ayumi? Does that mean he's moved on to Umine? No! It's not what it looks like! Them together? How moronic.
They don't look good together at all.
But, I kind of get the appeal.
I mean, Umine has gotten cute.
Totally! Recently, I've come to really like Umine! To me, - Umine is the cutest as she is now.
- Recently, I've come to really like Umine! I mean, Umine has gotten cute.
Ayumi? Are you all right? - I'm fine.
- But I said I'm fine! Umine is really popular now.
I'm so jealous! - When did you start dating? - How'd it happen? Ayumi's been acting different lately.
Yeah, she wasn't like that before.
That's why you broke up, right? I told you it's not what you think.
Then what's going on? Stop! I'm telling you, from the start We don't have to invite her, right? I'm embarrassed to be seen with her.
Loser has to touch Umine! He actually touched her! AKATSUKI GENERAL HOSPITAL SHUNPEI KAGA Koshiro? Why did you change with Kaga? I didn't want to die, so I switched instinctively.
But this might be a better result.
I've taken over Kaga's life.
My wish came true.
This isn't good at all I look like Kaga, someone you hate, but you'll stay with me, right? Looking different on the outside won't change what's inside.
I'm sorry.
What do you have to be sorry about? The reason it all started.
I'm responsible for all of it.
Huh? That day, if I hadn't fallen for their trick I want you to go to the art room.
I want to talk to you one more time.
Too bad.
Oh, it hurts.
Owie, owie! Kaga, what's wrong?! Cupcake Did it taste weird? I don't normally bake I want another one.
Huh? Next time with raisins, please.
Kaga It's not your fault.
You were the victim to start.
I'll be good and do my own homework today.
See ya.
Kaga can't return to his true body.
She said it's a misunderstanding! I promise I'll get your body back! It doesn't matter what you look like.
I'll always be on your side.
For now, focus on yourself.
No matter what, I'll be rooting for you.
Kaga went so far to protect me.
I like you, Ayumi.
To me, Umine's cutest as she is now.
More than anyone else, I like the Ayumi with me here now.
But I couldn't do a thing to protect him.
I would discover your kindness faster than anyone else.
Why? Why did it turn out like this? What's going on? Ayumi, you can smack him if you want.
What? He's been deceiving us this whole time.
Koshiro purposely stayed with Umine to find a way to bring you back to normal.
No way Ayumi, I am so sorry for hurting you.
Let's get our bodies back.
Our families, our lives until now we'll take it all back.
Kaga Koshiro Don't cry.
You'll stay with me, right? Looking different outside won't change what's inside.
Was that meant to spite me? Umine is cutest as she is now.
Recently, I've come to really like Umine! Despite having Ayumi Kohinata's body, nothing changes for me.
Food is still tasty no matter whose body I'm in.
Hey, Koshiro, you faked everything, right? - Yeah.
- Then why did you fall with Kaga? Ayumi, Sorry.
But actually Stop! Listen to me! Those two are watching.
You - You can't be serious! - I am.
I found a way to restore Ayumi.
But we must genuinely risk our lives.
What do you mean?! First you need to fall with me.
- What?! - We're switching! Explain it properly! Kaga! Do you trust me? But he wouldn't wake up.
I didn't know what to do myself.
That's why I didn't tell you anything.
But there shouldn't be a way to get my body back.
That's what I thought, too.
But there is one way.
A shuffle? If you can't switch with the same person twice, then you should just pass through another person.
What does that mean? This is our current state.
First, during the next Red Moon, Kaga and Ayumi will switch, and I'll switch with Umine.
Then when the next Red Moon comes, I'll switch with Ayumi, and Kaga will switch with Umine.
Then finally Oh! We'll all be back to normal! Right.
With the second Red Moon, we'll have switched without going through the same person.
Koshiro, that's amazing! But Koshiro, this still wouldn't work.
Why? - Zenko Umine! - What? All four need to cooperate for the shuffle to work.
But I don't think she'll accept this without a fight.
You're right.
Convincing her won't be easy.
So what's your plan? We have no choice but to trick her into it.
Did you stay by Umine having predicted that far? I think now I can make her do anything.
Hey do you think we can just have her cooperate? Huh? I know it'll be hard, but if we lie to force her to change back, who knows what will happen to her.
Even if we're okay, Umine's heart will certainly break into pieces.
Ayumi, I can understand how you feel, but if she betrays us, one of us could die.
Besides, this plan is the hardest on Koshiro.
He's the one who has to stay with Umine.
You're right.
Thank you.
See you tomorrow.
Hard to be the villian.
You were right there for Ayumi.
In that case, you support Ayumi.
Wait, so you also All I did was put you in charge.
I was also a reason for why Umine stole Ayumi's body.
That's why no matter what the sacrifice, I resolved to return Ayumi to normal.
- Are you going to date Kaga? - What? I've always thought that you two matched better.
You support Ayumi.
We trust you.
I don't know what you're planning to do, but we trust you.
How stupid can you be? Welcome home.
You used to help me like that before.
You couldn't reach the counter, so you'd try your hardest to pull out the stepstool.
I'll wash the dishes.
You're going to help me? Thank you! Yup! I love washing dishes.
I'm going to do my best.
That makes me so happy.
Good job.
You and I, if we were born slightly more beautiful, maybe life would have been a little better.
Umine? Koshiro.
I'll accept you.
Even though I stole Ayumi Kohinata's body, I couldn't become Ayumi Kohinata.
I will accept you so please don't leave me alone.
Koshiro, let me love you.
I thought what we should do about Umine again.
Huh? I think we should be upfront with her after all.
Koshiro Wait a minute.
You're going to tell her everything? Yeah.
And I want her to join us.
We decided to trick her because that's too hard.
But in doing so, it would be the same as what she did to Ayumi.
Who cares if she gets a taste of her own medicine? I thought so, too.
But we can't make Umine suffer more.
Why are you saying this now? There's no room for pity Kaga.
Please for me.
All right.
Besides, no matter what I say, it's already been decided.
Sorry, Kaga.
Thank you.
Somehow, I will figure out how to convince Umine.
Oh, crap! There you are! Hurry and eat or you'll be late.
we know the change in terrain is responsible for shortening the Red Moon's appearance cycle.
Unfortunately We need to talk.
Ayumi! Where's Koshiro?! On the roof with Umine.
- We gotta stop him.
- Huh? If Umine refuses, we might not go back to normal! What do you mean? Ms.
Ukon said so.
If the cycle continues to shorten at this rate, in two days and also one week later will be the last times the Red Moon will appear.
Hold on! For the shuffle, we need at least two Red Moons.
We gotta trick her into it or something by the next Red Moon or else! What did you want to talk about? I'm sorry.
I've been lying to you.
I was dating you because Koshiro! Where's Umine? Idiot! Chase her down! There's no time! Look.
LAST RED MOON NEXT WEEK Understand? Let's go! What are you doing?! Let's wait one more day.
- What?! - Changing how you look doesn't matter.
The one who understands that the most is Umine herself.
And what if she refuses? - I believe in her.
- I'm telling you.
This isn't the time to be Kaga! Fine! "Please, for me.
" Right? And so, the next day came.
On that day, it rained from the morning.
If we can't persuade Umine by the time the Red Moon comes tomorrow, we can never go back to normal.
But Take your seats! Before we start homeroom, I have an important announcement.
As of yesterday, Ayumi Kohinata has gone missing.
Umine Subtitle translation by Krysta Uyekawa