Sym-Bionic Titan (2010) s01e04 Episode Script

Phantom Ninja

We barely have enough men to Cover positions, let alone care For these people.
I don't know what we'll do.
They found us.
Move these people into the Caverns, take up positions.
We've been compromised! fire! if only we had lance.
I know he could help even the Odds.
the word is he's on a mission For the king, and I'm sure it's Far more dangerous than this.
To store goods for export, Like flour, tobacco, pork, Bacon, lard, feathers, cider, Butter.
Through pinckney's treaty, American merchants had right of Deposit in new orleans.
paramecia, which are Widespread in freshwater Environments.
pi is an irrational number.
Permissible to omit a Comma after an How can you eat this Stuff? octus: Nitrates, magnesium, Monosodium glutamate.
Actual meat content -- 1%.
ilana: 1%? That's horrible.
People shouldn't be eating this.
I can't just sit here and let This happen.
I have to do something.
Excuse me, everyone.
Everybody, stop! This food is unsafe, unhealthy.
I think change is needed.
I think it's time to demand Healthier food.
I want to help, and we can start By creating a new school menu -- Something nutritious.
A healthy body means a healthy Mind.
ilana: We can band together And make this happen, right? Now, who's with me?! octus: I am.
modula: I said tell me how Your daughter keeps defeating The beasts I send.
modula: Very well.
None of your monstrosities will Make me betray my daughter.
modula: Proceed.
very well, master.
Our creatures? Is she alone? king: [ straining ] no.
how many others? king: [ straining ] t-t-two.
who are they? king: [ mumbling, groaning ] a very strong man, indeed.
modula: Excellent work, Xishi.
At least we know she's not Alone.
perhaps these two are Responsible for destroying your Creatures.
modula: I want you to go find Out what is going on and kill Them all.
I do your bidding, My general.
modula: Leave at once.
And, xishiDon't fail me.
octus: Here we are -- fresh Garicoto.
ilana: Mmm! That seems like it would be Great for the new menu.
octus: I've substituted the Galalunian ingredients with Earth items, but it should be Just as good.
lance: Octus, did anything Come through the rift gate yet? octus: Not since you asked me 10 minutes ago.
ilana: Hey! You're just in time to try some Of our new menu ideas.
lance: No, I'm not.
ilana: Come on, grumpy.
You're gonna love it.
octus: I made red beans with Yam foo-foo.
lance: I said no.
ilana: Lance, wait.
eat it, pig! man, why did you have to take This fool hostage? I-I-I panicked, okay? man, I can't go to jail Again, man.
what was that? What the wait! Don't shoot! I'm the hostage.
Something just -- I-I Minha Nossa! You just rocked my world.
ilana: Do you think the flier Should say "come to the food Party" or "come to our food Party"? lance: "come toOur food Party.
" Morning.
Morning, octus.
octus: Good morning? lance: Mmm.
ilana: Someone's hungry.
lance: So, uh, what's all This? ilana: Food tasting party.
We made all this food and Figured a tasting party would be A fun way to get the other Students involved in our new School-menu idea.
octus: More? lance: Yes, please.
octus: Once they've tasted The nutritious benefits for Themselves, they can sign a Petition, which we will present To the principal.
ilana: We even made buttons.
But you probably wouldn't want To help pass them out today, Right? lance: Sure.
ilana: Really? octus: Really? ilana: Oh, thank you.
octus: Oh, by the way, lance, I just wanted to let you know That I did monitor a rift gate Opening last night.
ilana: [ gasps ] octus: But it turned out to Be nothing, just a small Anomaly.
ilana: Oh.
That's a relief.
police were baffled as the Hostage situation seemingly Ended after a phantom-like hero Intervened.
I don't know.
He -- he came out of nowhere.
And he was like, "wham, boom, Chop!" And then -- and then, "whoosh!" He was gone.
He was like a phantom ninja.
He done saved my life.
ilana: What a heroic act.
It's so inspiring to see someone So selfless making a difference.
Hi! both: Ew.
ilana: Please come be a part Of our food-tasting party.
We've -- h.
ilana: Excuse me? h.
-- "hold the fone.
" w.
"what a dork.
" f.
"food is for losers.
" t.
"talk to you never.
" yummy foo-foo.
"I wouldn't feed that to my Dog.
" lance: Would you like to come To our food party? both: Sure.
lance: Button? both: Sure.
ilana: I don't get it.
octus: Dark hair, bedroom Eyes, moody demeanor.
I totally get it.
ilana: What? Well, at least we'll have a Great turnout.
hurry up, fool! almost, man.
come on! lance: What? the vigilante called "the phantom ninja" has struck Again, this time caught on an Atm security cam.
Another crime stopped by the Mystery hero.
we're in.
Bird's-eye, we still clean? Bird's-eye? You! He is here.
Go, go! hey, ninja! you can't hide now! the ninja's a robot.
shoot! Shoot the robot, you fools! I need everyone back.
look at that! Lance! lance: Octus, you nearly gave Me a heart attack.
Can you shut that off, please? octus: Where have you been? lance: I-I couldn't sleep, so I went running.
octus: Why was your suit Activated? Oh, uh, yeah.
I was running and I fell and it Accidentally turned on the Armor.
octus: For 9 1/2 minutes? lance: Well, I-I was just Making sure it wasn't damaged or Anything.
octus: Your heart is beating Awfully fast.
lance: Will you stop Monitoring me? I told you what happened.
octus: Lance.
lance: I need to go to bed.
Good night, octus.
I like Your flower.
ilana: Me too.
I'm so excited.
Now, where is lance? octus: There.
ilana: Are you just waking Up? What's with you lately? [ clears throat ] I hadTrouble sleeping last Night.
ilana: Well, you better get Yourself together.
I mean, a lot of people are Coming because of you.
You've got to look your best.
Oh, my gosh, I forgot the Banner.
octus: I know what you've Been doing.
lance: What? octus: I saw this on the news Today.
Ilana hasn't seen it, and I Won't tell her, as long as you Stop what you're doing.
lance: Octus, it's the only Thing on this planet that makes Me feel like Like I have a purpose.
Otherwise, what is there for me? School? Homework? I'm not cut out for that.
octus: I realize things have Been difficult to adjust to, but You can't take this planet's Laws in your own hands.
When things not of this world Threaten, then we should step In.
Anything else should be handled By the local law enforcement.
lance: I I know.
octus: Besides, your actions Could jeopardize our safety.
ilana: What are you two Standing around for? We're going to be late.
lance: Look, um, I'll be There in a few minutes.
I'm just gonna take a quick Shower.
ilana: Don't be late.
you cops stay back! all units in the downtown Quarter, please respond to a lance: What am I doing? They can handle this.
what are you doing? ilana: Where is he? octus: I'll call him again.
I thought lance was gonna be Here.
ilana: He is.
H-he's supposed to be.
so, does that mean he's not Coming? Ugh.
I can't believe we wasted our Friday night on this.
ilana: Anything? It's been over an hour and a Half already.
Where could he be? struggling is useless.
you know, I should be Thanking you.
I probably would have never Found you, but that night in Your armor -- all I had to do is Follow those little sirens and I Knew I would find you.
where is the princess? lance: [ groaning ] S-sherman HighSchool.
this party blows.
ilana: Please, if you can Just wait one minute, I'm sure Lance will be here.
forget this.
I'm leaving.
me too.
no lance? No way.
ilana: Wait.
You can't just go.
What about the menu? The change for a better life? How could lance do this? octus: Well, uhAt least we Have a lot of foo-foo to eat, Right? ilana: Lance? lance: Ilana, no! Any last words for your father Before you die? Good foo-foo.
lance: It's getting away.
Enough of this.
Form titan.
record mode initiated.
Tracker probe to launch in T-minus 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
Probe launch initiate.
octus: [ robotic voice ] it's Launched a probe of some sort, And it's headed out into space.
lance: We need to shoot that Down quickly.
ilana: What just happened? [ sighs ] all that work.
If only lance would have just Come.
lance: I know that foo-foo Looks bland and boring and You're probably wondering why You need it, but then you take a Bite and you realize that the Blandness a vital part of the Meal and necessary to keep Everybody healthy.
You are soDeep.
ilana: I would like a plate Of that vital and healthy food, Please.
modula: That's it.
Come on.
king: More torture? modula: No, not torture -- Information.
Tell me everything you know About this.