Sym-Bionic Titan (2010) s01e05 Episode Script

Roar Of The White Dragon

Please, hurry up.
I don't wanna be late for class.
Not to worry.
Even if we only hit red lights, we'll still arrive seven minutes ahead of schedule.
- Seven minutes? - Relax, we'll make it.
What was that? A criminal who is breaking the rules of The road.
It's some sort of Turbo-charged Internal-combustion vehicle.
It's so primitive.
I like it.
Oh, no! Now I'll be late for sure! Hey! You forgot your bag! Oh, great.
Now I've got to walk around all Day with a pink backpack.
Do you feel that? It's causing my Circuits to pulse.
Mine, too.
Yo, Dawg.
See what I added last night? Bet those cops do, too.
Entirely new valve train, yo.
Stainless-steel racing valves.
You feeling me, bro? Whoa.
Did I say you could touch my Car? No one touches my car.
Hey, I just wanted to Look at it.
Dude, why don't you and Soccer mom here run back to your Cute little minivan and go buy Some groceries? Or do we have to make you? What? Seems like the bell saved You, bro.
But don't worry.
We'll meet again.
You too, soccer mom.
What's his problem? He has extremely high Testosterone levels.
That guy doesn't Deserve a car like this.
You know, I bet we could make One of these.
Quite easily, Actually.
Lance, what's a soccer mom? Sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry, Mrs.
I tried to get here as fast as I Could.
Traffic Ilana, I never figured you For the type who would be tardy.
I-I-I homework.
Of course.
It's in my oh, no, no, no, No, no! I left it in my bag, which is in The car.
I can get it.
Can I go get it? Please, please, please, please, Mrs.
Please! I'm very disappointed.
I'm afraid I'll have to give you An "f" for the assignment.
But I'm sorry, but those are the Rules.
Now take your seat.
These ice sticks are amazing.
Who knew the combination of Chemicals, sugar, and water Could be so delightful? You can't even begin to imagine What I've been through today.
What are you doing? Building a car.
And eating delightful Ice sticks.
Why? You don't even have a license.
A license? Lance has piloted Galalunian velociters at maximum Speed.
These are primitive machines.
A child could drive them.
Thanks, Newton.
No, a child cannot Drive them.
Because on this planet, you need To be 16 years old and you need A license to drive.
Those are the rules.
I'll have Octus make me one.
No, you can't do that.
You have to follow the rules.
'cause if you don't, you'll end Up in a traffic jam, come late To school, forget your homework In the car, and get an "f.
" I have a responsibility as a Leader to set an example.
Trust me, Lance.
You want to follow the rules.
Or else you'll end up a huge Disappointment.
Just like me.
Well, well.
If it isn't soccer mom.
Check out the sweet ride.
Hey! What's your problem? You are.
Boys, fighting on School grounds is against the Rules.
Little sis.
I wouldn't want to break the Rules.
Come on, boys.
We'd better go before little Sister gives us a ticket.
What did you do that For? Rules are rules, Lance! Oh, all that work.
It's all right.
We still have this.
Why didn't you show me That before? I wanted to eat ice Sticks.
Not exactly what I had pictured.
It is perfect.
Don't drink the milk! It expired yesterday! What is up with her? Seems all finished Here.
I think our hard day's work Deserves a reward.
Popsicle? You go ahead.
Maybe I could just Where's the harm? I'll just go around the block.
Hey, bro.
Where's mommy? Nice car.
Looks like you raided a dumpster To make that thing.
There's a lot more to It than you think.
Doubt that, fool.
What do you think, babe? Should we find out what kind of Monster this fool's got under The hood? How about it, bro? You want to race? Yeah.
I didn't think so.
That bucket of junk.
I'm in.
Yeah, Dawg.
Follow me.
First one to the end of the site And back wins.
You got it? Got it.
It's not over yet, Chan.
Hey, you tried to kill me back There.
Little baby gonna cry now? Get out of the car.
It's the cops! Freeze! Freeze? Hello? What?! What's going on? Where's my car? Shut up, punk! I'll ask the questions! Who's the white dragon? I don't know what You're talking about.
Stop playing games, punk! We know you're a part of the White dragon's gang! Detective Blutosky? Ilana? According to section 4c of the penal code, no person Can be held longer than two Hours, nor can said person be Held accountable for actions Based on hearsay.
And in accordance with your own Rule book, you cannot detain my Brother any longer.
Come on, Lance.
You watch your back, kid.
One of these days, I'm gonna Catch the white dragon.
And I'm gonna take all you punks Down with him! Rules, Detective.
I suggest you learn them.
Mike Chan? I can't believe that guy.
And now the police think I'm Part of his gang.
You might as well be.
Trespassing, driving without a License, street racing.
I can't even imagine what rule You haven't broken.
So, how did our car Perform? Perfect.
But they tried to kill me.
I'm gonna get that guy.
Oh, no.
No more driving until you Follow the proper rules and get A license.
And don't even think you're Getting that car back until you Do.
I'll get my license.
And then I'll get Chan.
Lance Lunis.
All right, proceed out onto Lakeview street.
Oh, no, young man! Are you road-raging right now? Uh, no.
It's just you see, I I wasn't.
Green light.
Oh, sorry.
Uh, right.
Boy, what's wrong with you? He braked! I'm gonna break you if you Don't watch it! Dang, bro.
Big mama giving little baby Driving lessons? Who you calling "big," you Spike-haired, toy-car-driving Punk?! Get your butt out of here before I slap that cheap paint job Right off! Thanks.
Oh, don't thank me! You're about a half a car length From failing, son.
It sure is nice of you To get Lance's car out of the Impound lot.
After all the hard Work he's put in, he's earned It.
I just hope he's doing well on His test.
There it is.
That's it? It's so So So what? I guess I expected More from you guys.
Eyes on the road, Mr.
Going a little fast, are we? I'm going fast? Are you sassing me up? No, I, uh What the oh, no, they didn't! Octus? The rift gate has Opened.
We have to contact Lance.
I'll proceed to his Position.
Will you hurry up? We've got to get to Lance.
I'm simply obeying This planet's traffic rules, Like you told me.
I know I told you That.
Now I'm telling you to break Them.
Are you sure? Yes.
The rules don't apply to Something like this.
Now go.
Got it.
Oh, sweet mama! All right, test is done.
Pull over.
Just just pull over! Done? But is that your cellphone? Oh, no.
Not now.
Not now! Boy, have you lost your mind? Oh, sweet mercy! Slippery road! Slippery road! Slow down! I can't! Why?! Give it a minute.
What the if baby boy stays, so do I.
Come on, fool! Bring it on! Are you crazy? Get out of here! What, and leave all the fun To you and big mama? You dang fool! This ain't no game! Are you all right? Is it over? Um, not quite.
Okay, well, I'll just be down Here.
Let me know when it's over.
Yeah! Ilana? Lance? Hey.
Hey, hold on a second.
I got something to tell you.
I know.
I failed the test.
Failed?! Son, I ain't never seen skills Like yours.
Shoot, you should be the Instructor.
Well, I see you have a ride, So I'm out of here.
Initiate Sym-bionic Titan.
Let's finish him.
Can I give you a hand? Thanks, man.
Hey, what the well, well.
The white dragon.
At long last, we meet.
See ya.
Watch your back, bro.
I'll be coming for you.
In 5 to 10 years, maybe.
Look, look! It's from the DMV! That is unusual.
See how great it is to follow The rules, Lance? Yeah.
And you learned how to bend the Rules.
Only for emergencies.
I didn't mean that.
This expired! I think I'm gonna be sick!