Sym-Bionic Titan (2010) s01e06 Episode Script

Shaman of Fear

[ rumbling ] [ Wood creaking ] Princess! Princess, please help me! Princess! Princess, help me! Ilana: I'm trying! I can't reach you! Princess! Princess! Princess! Help us! Princess! [ Hinge creaking ] [ Indistinct conversations ] Lance.
Lance: Father? [ Alarms blaring ] [ Roaring ] [ Grunting ] Octus: [ robotic voice ] Lance, the rift gate has opened.
Lance: [ gasps ] What? Octus: Something has come through the rift gate and is entering our atmosphere.
Ilana! Help us! Help us! Ilana: No! No! Noooooo! Octus: Ilana, the rift gate has opened.
Ilana: What? [ gasps ] What? Octus: The rift gate.
Ilana: Right.
[ Footsteps approaching ] [ Thudding ] [ Whirring ] [ Electricity crackling ] [ Water running, [ dishes clattering ] I had the strangest dream last night.
It felt so real.
Lance: So did I.
I-I I dreamt that we formed titan a-and we were investigating a Ilana: An ancient-looking stone with strange hieroglyphics all over it? Lance: This isn't possible, is it? We couldn't have had the same dreamCould we? Ilana: Octus, did we form titan last night? Octus? Lance: Octus! Octus: [ human voice ] I keep going over all my data from last night.
Everything is accounted for except Lance: Except what? Octus: Well, there is a piece that isBlacked out.
Ilana: What do you mean, "blacked out"? Octus: Whatever happened after we went to sleep, I have no recollection of.
Ilana: Is that normal? Octus: No.
Lance: Has that ever happened before? Octus: No.
Ilana: Should we be concerned? Octus: I'm not sure.
[ Bell rings ] [ Indistinct conversations ] Lance: [ gasps ] Hello, son.
Lance: Father? You trust me, don't you, son? Lance: Father? [ Gasps ] [ Alarms blaring ] [ Growling ] [ Roaring ] Lance: [ breathing heavily ] [ Indistinct conversations ] Princess, help us.
We're dying.
Princess! Princess! Princess! [ Overlapping voices ] [ Voices stop ] Ilana, help us.
Do not abandon us.
We are counting on you.
Ilana: Father! Father! Shh! Ilana: I'm sorry.
I have to go.
What is happening? Aah! [ Grunting ] Ilana! Ilana! Help us! [ Overlapping voices ] [ Birds chirping ] Ilana: [ whimpering ] What do we get with k = 2n-1? A subset of size "n," the sum of whose elements is a multiple of "n" Lance: Good night, octus.
Ilana: Good night, guys.
Good night, guys.
Lance: Good night, octus.
Ilana: Good night, guys.
[ Beep ] Octus: Sir, I need to use the bathroom! [ Beeping ] [ Horns honk, tires screeching ] [ Grunts ] Lance: I'm so sorry.
[ Tires screech, horn honks ] Ilana: What happened? Lance: You you almost got hit by a car.
Ilana: We have to go home! Lance: What? Ilana: Galaluna! People need me my father, everyone! They're communicating to me through these visions.
It's horrible! Everyone's drowning! Lance: Wha visions? Ilana: You've had them, too.
Lance: No.
Ilana: You have, haven't you? What are they? You have to tell me! If we're both having visions, it has to mean something! Lance: Look, I don't want to talk about it.
Ilana: Lance, wait.
Please tell me.
Maybe it can help us.
Lance: I'm I'm not sure But it's about my father.
I think it's the moment When he died.
Ilana: Lance, wait.
I'm sorry.
I didn't Lance: Are you seeing this or is it just me? Ilana: I see him, but is he real, or are we just sharing another vision? Lance: Who are you?! What do you want?! [ Air whooshing ] Lance: No.
No! Ilana: Oh, no.
It's too late.
What's going on? Who are you people? [ Gasps ] W-who is that up there? Father! No! No! [ Crying ] [ Shrieking ] [ Birds chirping ] [ Energy crackling ] Lance: Ilana! Octus: [ robotic voice ] Are you all right? Lance: Hurry.
We must form titan.
Octus: Agreed.
You are still too weak to fight.
Lance: We need to get some distance.
Buy us some time.
This it can't be happening.
He he's messing with our minds.
This this can't be real.
Ilana: It is real, all of it.
It's happening right now.
Our homeIs destroyed.
Octus: No, Ilana.
We would've gotten word.
He is preying on your mind, attacking you.
Ilana: No, no.
Everything is gone.
My father he's dead.
Lance: No.
No, no, he's attacking the things t-that we care for.
Ilana: Your father? Lance: Yes.
The visions they're making me relive the moment when I lost him.
But I was a little kid.
Ilana: You don't remember it? Lance: I do.
I-I did.
But not like this.
Octus: But then, is it like it happened, or has he altered it? Lance: I'm I'm afraid to know.
Octus: Where are we going? Lance: We need to get away.
We need time to to regroup.
Ilana: [ gasps ] Lance: Aah! What's going on?! What was that? Octus: Something has penetrated our armor.
Lance: It's him! Ilana: No.
Lance, octus, please help me! I can't go back again! It's too real! I Noooooo! Lance: Enough! No! You won't drive me away! Father? Father! Don't go, dad, please! I-I don't want to lose you! I have to, son.
But things will be all right.
Trust me.
He went through the rift gate he's gone for sure.
Ilana: No.
Please, no.
Please, no.
[ Gasps ] No.
Please, no.
[ Crying ] [ Gasps ] Ilana, you never returned.
Everything is gone now.
Ilana: No.
II Aah! Ilana: Please don't hurt my father.
Lance: He's not your father.
Ilana: No, Lance! What have you done? Lance: I haven't done anything.
This is all that creature's doing.
I-it's just in your head.
Your father is still alive.
Ilana: How do you know? How can you be sure? Our home is in trouble.
We have to stay.
We have to help! Lance: No! You can't help them because there's no one to help.
All of this is false.
Ilana: ButMy father.
Lance: Would he ever raise a hand against you? Would he ever attack you? How could I defeat him so easily? This is all a lie a vision, a fabrication in our minds.
Look around you.
This is not home.
We have to return to titan and fight! Ilana: You're You're right.
None of this is real.
My father lives! Lance: That's it! Octus: Lance! Ilana! Ilana: Octus! We're here! Lance: Can you hear us? Octus: Your thought patterns are becoming more focused.
You're doing it.
Lance: What's happening? Octus: See for yourself.
It's about to break through our armor.
Ilana: No, it's not! Octus: It's good to have you two back.
Lance: We're on to your tricks! We will not be your victims anymore! [ Shrieking ] [ Electricity humming, [ crackling ] [ Shrieking ] [ Insects chirping ] Octus: You know, this signal might take years to reach galaluna, if at all.
Ilana: I don't care.
I need to know that my father and our people are okay and that they know we are coming back and rescuing them.
They must have hope.
Octus: You do realize that the very act of them still trying to destroy you is a clear indication that there must be a rebellion.
Ilana: Just send the message, octus.
[ Electricity crackling ] Lance: Why did you do it, dad? Why?