Sym-Bionic Titan (2010) s01e07 Episode Script

Showdown at Sherman High

What the We can't continue the fight here.
There's too many innocents.
Too late.
You've got to be kidding me.
It seems that its compounds are regenerative.
Look out! Oh, no.
WeCan't break free! I've got it we simply need a burst of high-level radio-wave frequencies.
Great job, octus.
I know, right? Once I discovered what the creature was made of, the solution became obvious.
Hey, Lance.
Hey, Lance what's up, Lance? What's going on, Lance? What's going on? Yo.
Yo, bro.
? Hello, Lance ? hey, Lance.
Hey, Lance.
Hey, Lance.
Hey, what's up, Lance? Lance, all right.
Hi, Lance.
Hey, Lance.
Hey, Lance.
What's up, Lance? I don't get it.
Hey, Lance.
Lance barely does anything at this school Hello but somehow everyone seems to love him.
Good morning! I an, he could care less Hey, Lance.
Yet here I am, trying my hardest hey! It's like I'm invisible.
It's because Lance is cool.
Cool? What does his temperature have to do with it? No, it's something I hear the kids calling Lance.
By definition, it refers to one's self-conscious, antisocial characteristics and how those stimulate a positive response from their peers.
Hey, Lance.
Hey, Lance.
Hey, Lance.
Hey, what's up, Lance? Lance, all right.
What's up, Lance? Hi, Lance.
What? Nothing.
Absolutely nothing.
What is going on? Cheerleader tryouts? Cheerleaders are the school's spirit leaders.
Oh, my gosh! Here they come! Oh, my gosh.
Oh, my gosh.
Oh, my gosh.
Oh, my gosh.
I'm gonna try out.
I'm gonna be a cheerleader! You know what? I think I'll try out, too.
What? W-why? Being a cheerleader is an ideal responsibility.
They're all about friendship, spirit, and giving back to the community.
They're just like me.
I'm ready.
I'm ready.
Thanks so much for trying out.
But I haven't tri Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
You really think they're like you? I-I just can't see this ending well.
Look, I don't want to hear it from you, okay? This is my chance to finally find someone in this school who sees me for me, who accepts me.
Who knows? They might even think I'm cool, too.
Wish me luck.
Good luck.
Aren't you going to wish her luck? You really do have antisocial characteristics.
Oh, yeah.
Come on! We can do it again! Go! Next.
Jazz hands.
Jazz hands.
No! Ugh! Is there nobody? "Ilana luni-is.
" Is this some kind of joke? Hi.
I'm ready to be a fellow spirit leader.
All right! You can do it! Whoo! Come on, sherman! Cut it out.
Ow! All right, "spirit leader," let's see what you've got.
Make sure to gather every last bit.
Go, team! Wow.
She's actually good.
Impressed with ourself, aren't we? Just 'cause you can do some flips doesn't ma you cheerleader material.
But, I Oh, no, unh-unh.
There's only o way to tell if you are the pyramid.
What's that? This shouldn't be a problem.
Right? Ow, my leg! Ugh! You'll never be a cheerleader.
People want to be us.
Who wants to be like you? Nobody.
Lance is right.
Why do I bother? What'll you give me if I drink the juice? Oh! Bedtime.
How can that still be alive? Ilana, Ilana, come in, ila.
Oh, great.
Lance, the life-form is back.
I know.
I can't reach Ilana.
Neither can I.
I am not sure how the creature survived.
It should be dead.
I was sure of it.
So you made a mistake.
I don't make mistakes, Lance.
I'm going to the gym to get Ilana.
Just fix this.
I don't make mistakes.
Ohh, that was a mistake.
Ptuh! I have to contact Lance.
What are you doing in here? You've ruined our hiding place.
We have no timfor this.
We have to find a way out.
There is no way out! That's it.
That's our way out.
Don't everybody help at once.
Come on.
We can escape through here.
We're not following you anywhere.
You'll end up getting us killed.
Suit yourself.
Come on! Hurry! Ew! Ew! Ew! Ew! Ew! Ew! Ew! Ew! Ilana.
Come on.
Get it off! Get it off! It's on me! What happened? Owie.
Well, that didn't work.
Can I please have some privacy? Aah! Hey Aah! Brian? Ugh! This is so grody.
Only you could lead us into a place like this.
Hey, I saved your life back there.
You? Save us? Don't flatter yourself.
Shyeah! Lance? Come in.
Lance? Hey, Ilana, so, what's the story with your brother? Yeah.
Does he have a girlfriend? He's so cool.
Too bad that's something that doesn't run in your family.
You ate that French fry at lunch, didn't you? It was only half a fry! I swear! Shh.
Don't move.
Ilana? Ilana, are you there? Lance? The pool! My hair look what you've done.
Are you for real? Everyone, out of the pool.
Ilana! Why doesn't this work? The creature's compounds should be dissipating.
Mom, can you come get me? It's weird here.
It's so weird.
I don't like Can y wh-what? Oh, for dessert? Awesome.
Yeah, but can you come here, though, because it's I don't like it here now.
It's not good here.
It's not nice.
Lance, I did it.
I did it.
Little busy right now! And, you know, it's funny I used an slf frequency before when I should have used an shf frequency.
That's what destroys the creature.
Lance? Ilana, is that you? Can you believe I used the wrong frequency? Funny.
Great, octus.
Why don't we talk about it when I'm not surrounded by creatures? Where are you?! I'm in the auditorium.
Just stay put.
I'll be there soon.
A concentrated burst of low-frequency radio waves is all we need to do the trick.
Who you talking to? Meat, no.
Is it someone in here? Are you talking to someone in the building here, like that other guy How are we gonna get them all? The students' phones.
All they have to do is text me I want to say hi.
Meat, stop it.
Come on! Meat, go.
Get! All they have to do is text me, and I can send back a frequency that will what? Meat sorry.
Oh, meat.
Thank you.
That will turn their phones into weapons.
How do we get everyone to text you? The p.
Stem in the main office.
I'm right by there.
I can do it.
Yes, tell them to text 1279, and I will do the rest.
Bye-bye! No, Ilana, you should hide somewhere safe.
I'll go.
Lance, I can go.
Besides, there isn't anywhere safe in the school.
I'm going.
Ilana out.
Ilana, no! Ready? Weren't you listening? He said to hide someplace safe.
You're not leadings into danger again.
I am so sick of you.
I've done nothing but save your life all day, and this is the thanks I get? You know, you were right before.
I'm not like you, and I don't want to be.
You're supposed to be good and noble, but you aren't.
You're terrible people, and I feel sorry for you.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go and try and save this school.
Can you believe th? Who does she think she is? Hello? Right? Well, she did save us.
Yeah, actually, she's been pretty cool.
She saved you, too, Kimmy.
I'm gog with her.
Me, too.
Come back here.
Seems clear.
What can we do? I'm not sure.
There's so many of them.
I've got to get to that p.
The pyramid.
We could use that to vaultlana over them.
I don't know.
How can I be sure someone won't sabotage me this time? You won't be.
Besides, you were pretty good at it before, so I know you can do it.
Let's do it, then.
Yeah! Aah! Lance? Look out! Go! Hello? People, use your cellphones to text 1279.
It will destroy the creatures.
There isn't a moment to lose.
Everyone, the power is in your hands.
Text 1279.
It will save your life.
If we all work together, we can fight this foe and bring an end to the terror.
Come on, everyone.
Text 1279, and there will be no end to what we can do.
You got robot thumb, bro! It's working! Just text 1279.
Put the power in your hands, people.
You don't have to be afraid anymore.
Stand tall.
Make a difference.
Text 1279.
Don't bow down.
Don't despair.
Use your strength, your courage.
Text 1279 and ing about the creature's end.
Aaaah! Aaaah! Strength is what we have strength in numbers, strength of heart, strength of mind.
Unite and be all you can be.
Stand up to the tyranny.
Text 1279 and save our school! It's Lance! Lance! Hi, Lance.
Fight on! There will be a tomorrow after today if we band together.
Text 1279.
Sing! We need a battle hymn! ? Text 1279, and the battle will be won ? Lance, don't! Stop.
Just stop.
Well what? Too much.
It's good you're safe.
For a minute there, I-I thought I'd lost you.
Yeah, nice song.
? Text 1279 ? ? fight on ? "We can all be one unifying force.
" Hey! No, Lance, it's okay.
Let them say what they want.
It doesn't bother me anymore.
I know I had an effect on them.
Otherwise, they wouldn't have helped.
I wonder how octus is doing.
I didn't think we were gonna make it.
My mom told me she was coming to get me, but she never came.
But you, with that big, beautiful brain you saved me.
You're my hero, bro.
You're my hero!