Sym-Bionic Titan (2010) s01e19 Episode Script

The Steel Foe

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1x19 - THE STEEL FOE - Lowe? - Here.
Kapinski? Edwin Kapinski? Here uh.
Present, sir.
Lunas? Lance Lunas? He is not present, sir.
Ah, that's two weeks Martinez? Present, dude.
Ilana Lunas? She is not here again.
And neither is Newton.
It's too powerfull.
There is no way for two of us to stop it.
Lance! Ilana! I'm all right.
Where are you going? We have to stop that creature.
We don't have a chance without Octus.
We can't form Titan, we have to get out of here, now! There has to be another way.
There's still no sight of Titan from last week's battle in the streets, which saw two armored robots failed to stop the creature and flew from the scene.
What is certain that the creature is still very much alive and there seem to be no way of stopping it.
You made sure, you weren't followed? Right? Of course I made sure.
It's just We have to be carefull.
Without Octus there is no Titan.
We just have to keep off the grid, until I figure out how to bring him back.
I know.
I just miss him.
- How's it going? - I don't know.
I'm not even sure what I'm doing will work.
Maybe we should have taken that Solomon's offers and stay with G3, after what happened in the space station.
Every time you get mixed up with them, something bad happens.
This is the right thing for us to do.
But how long are we gonna be running like this? As long as it takes.
Lance, why don't you take a break? Here, you want chicken or tuna fish? I want chicken, Ilana.
Here, eat.
A will, in a bit.
- Ilana.
Ilana? - Ha, is something wrong? No.
I think I've figured it out this time.
See, I haven't been getting enough power, so I tapped him into the main electrical relay for the motel.
- Will that work? - It should.
I think.
Well, if Octus was here, he would tell us the right way.
He might be in a few seconds.
Stand back.
There could be a spark.
Roadway Motor Inn.
We're rolling? The site we're seeing here is unbe get down! Come on! Under power and outmatched , the millitary has no affect on the creature.
Your turn.
But just be warned, there is not much hot water left.
What? the officials have yet released a statement of that intent.
So many people are being hurt because of us.
Because we aren't there to stop that creature.
There's to be something I'm overlooking.
What thou? You've been trying for weeks and hasn't worked.
I don't know what.
But there has to be something that can bring him back to us.
Watch this.
A giant robot has just entered the city.
- What? - What? Get this! Get this! It's Titan, he's come to our rescue.
Wait a minute.
That's not Titan.
Absolutely awesome.
If you've just turned in your home, a new hero just brought out of nowhere and has taken a fight to the creature.
But still we have no idea who it is.
We'll try to get information I'll tell you who the hero is.
- Steel? - Steel? This is general Steel.
And the hero is a the U.
Army and my robot.
The H.
Stabilize! Evasive action! The creature is stunned, sir! Iniciate the skull crusher! Iniciating skull crusher, sir.
Output at maximum.
All systems in green.
Calculating trajectory.
Target is in the hit zone.
Fire! This is Brick Jackson joining you from inside the 3rd battalion Black Falcon helicopter and it looks like general Steel's airattack just set the creature flying.
The creature is on it left legs.
That's right.
Made in U.
No alien technology needed, just good old american genuine a hell for tax pair of dollars.
"HomelAnd Mobile eMErgency Robot" The Titan is coward.
Now we have got our own protector.
And is here to stay.
It's dead! The creature is dead! Yes, that monster, which terrorized Sherman City for the last three weeks has finally been defeated! Way to go general Steel.
- Did you see that? - What? That energy core, that's just what we need to jump start Octus.
- You think so? - Yeah.
I can't get enough power but the source that big, we need to find it.
I think I know what to do.
Let's try lookking up: General Steel, army.
That's not going to work.
The won't leave stuff like this for anyone to find them in the internet.
I got it.
There is so much What? What are they thinking? Well, this is gonna take a while.
Lance, can you get some food? Wait! That! That has to be it! - Why? - What kind of military base needs its own powerplant? This must be where they recharge the robot.
But there is no building big enough to house that thing.
That's because it's under ground.
Lance, I do not know.
Breaking in there seems really risky.
It's a risky.
But if there is a chance we can get Octus back, well, we have to take it.
What does he think he's doing? Sir, I have something you need to see.
Signing into your screen, now.
You're looking at the Steel's base.
This can't be good.
You want us to move in and pick them up? Prepare your men to move.
We'll see how this place out.
- He's a marvel, isn't he? - Yes, sir.
36 individual cannons, laser-guided missiles sequence existence, 5 ft fit metal armor, you are one bad mother.
I would give anything for look in Solomon's face when we unleash this bad boy.
- Better have to change his shorts.
- Yes, sir.
Done right he did.
The HAMMER! Yeah! - Ready? -Yeah.
But how you gonna Let's go.
Is he really a game changer for the U.
military? You bet! With the Hammer.
The world would just have to accept that there's a "new kid on the block".
Done skippy! huge, metal, sassy! It's Hammer time! The HAMMER! Totally dominated the alien beast in that violent showdown, that ended in The HAMMER! I think the Hammer is a good thing.
It's a new icon for America.
The HAMMER! Yeah! Can't I have a moments ? Yeah, what is it? What? No, no don't get them yet.
Just get everyone in position, quietly.
I'll be right there.
- That's it.
- There are guards.
Go, go! - What? - It's encrypted.
- Can you hack it? - I don't know how to hack it.
Octus is the one who knows how to do that stuff.
Well, what we're gonna do? Ha.
Maybe we don't need Octus.
- How can you say that? - I was only kidding.
It's Mutradi! This this is from that rocket, Tashy was sent in.
What? He just picked up all that pieces and slapped them together? Pretty much.
- Lance, what can I do? - Get that cable.
The entire facility is locked down.
You are surrounded, there is no escape.
Stay close.
Now, why did you make it nice and come quietly? Because we won't make you if you don't.
- What are we gonna do? - We need to find a way out of this.
All right, just try not to hurt them.
- What? - We are the ones who broke in here.
All right! Enough of the nice guy! You have exactly 5 seconds to get on the ground and surrender.
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 I knew you would come, trying to destroy the competition.
Fire, fire! It's HAMMER time! Yeah! Are you okay? I've finally got you! What the? Solomon, you treacherous rat! I knew it! - Can you get to your feet? - Thank you.
Let's get you on the move.
Don't let them get away! Let's go! I'm ok, really.
You should let our medics take a look at those burns.
- Thank you.
- Yes, thank you.
- You saved us.
- Luckly, we've got there in time.
What were you thinking? Breaking into that base.
We figured we could use that power source of the robot to help our friend back.
Now now we'll never get another shot.
You look exhausted.
Why don't you get some rest and we'll talk more about this later.
Please, you're both be safe with us.
I guarantee it.
Don't worry, Lance.
We'll figure out how to bring Octus back.
I know it.
Looks like something went wrong with that Titan, after all.
Well Hamer, it looks like Christmas is come early, this year.
Not only we have Titan on the run, we need to take down the G3 as well.
They finally showed us true colours.
Fuel the jets! Mobilize the infantry! Reload the Hammer! We have some hunting to do! synced from eavesdropping: f1nc0