Sym-Bionic Titan (2010) s01e20 Episode Script

A Hero Returns

1x20 - A NEW BEGINNING Look at this place.
There is like a million newspapers.
Maybe they don't know how to read.
Hello! Anyone home? Newton! Anyone home? - We can knock on window.
- Cut that out.
They're not home! They didn't say anything, just poop and gone.
They've even missed our cookie-ginger-jamboree party.
- What could've happen to them? - Is this my fault? I did tell Newton, I don't want to see him again.
- What if something happened? - Kimmers, no.
I just hope Lance is ok.
I mean, they're fine.
I know it.
We better get going.
Sharkoon? Bravo, Tango, the Mother Bird, do you read me? - Requesting permission to dock, over.
- Permission granted.
Proceed to Dock 4.
Welcome home, commander.
Follow me, please.
You don't have to worry.
We aren't your enemy.
Steel, on the other hand, is.
Especially after that raid you attempted last night.
We had no choice.
Octus is vital to our protection on this planet.
There is no way for us, to form Titan without him.
I know.
That's why you can stay here with us, if you like.
We'll do our best to keep you save from Steele.
And help you with whatever may come in the future.
I know we started of on the wrong foot, but believe me, we would like it if you stayed here with us.
All right.
We'll stay.
- It's very uh - Cozy? This room is fully equipped to accomodate your every need.
There's a TV, food, bathroom, a ping-pong table for your recreational activities, sleeping quarters and there is soda found, down the hall.
You should get some rest.
Oh, thank you.
We will.
Why don't you let our scientists take a look at your friend? We'll see, if they can do something.
I'm not sure about that.
It's ok, Lance.
Let them try.
We've done all we can.
We do have some pretty advanced science here.
- You're okay? - Yeah.
- It's beautiful up here.
- Yeah.
Lance, Ilana.
I'm sorry.
We've tried everything we could.
This technology is beyond our capability.
No! We've lost him.
What will we do now? I'm truly sorry.
I was sure there was something we could do to help.
Target acquired, sir.
12 minutes.
Proceed as planned.
- Report.
- That robot is in bound, sir.
- What? - We're under attack from large squadron of fighters.
Is the robot with him? Yes, sir.
And closing fast.
Battle stations.
I knew Steel was stupid, - but this is a whole new level.
- Let us help.
You'll need all the fire power you can get, to defeat his robot.
Let's go.
All hand battle stations! This is not a drill.
Repeat! All hand battle stations.
Ha! Look at the size of that thing.
I was ahead their budget.
There is incoming transmission.
Of course there is.
Put it up.
- Steel.
- Well, look who it is.
Have you lost your mind? I always knew you're a traitor, Solomon.
Aiding and abetting those aliens.
You and your G3 are finished.
You don't understand what you're doing.
I understand all right.
I understand that those Titan people broke into my base to steal the Hammer.
And you helped them escape.
End of story.
I think you forget general, our jurisdiction gives us control over all alien involvement, including the materials, you used to build your robot.
Ah, don't try to change the subject.
I know you're harbouring them.
You've got to be.
They are probably there, right now.
All of you happy together.
Thick as thieves.
Don't do this general, I'm warning you.
- And I'm warning you.
- We're the ones you want, general.
Who's that? That's them, is it? Show yourselves, you cowards.
Your fight is with us, not G3.
Leave them out of this.
That's what you're wrong, alien.
All units, begin attack formation I made! Drop that Hammer.
Drop that Hammer! Get to the launch bay.
We'll need you out there! All units.
Launch assault! We need to make sure we don't harm their human pilots.
There is no effect.
That Mutradi armour is too thick.
- Land this up there, boys.
- Yes, sir.
Depth guns, fire! Is there no stopping this thing? Go for it's guns.
They're not armored.
You've just got hammered.
Lance! Deploy the troups! Solomon, this slaughter must stop! - Tell him that! - Yeah! Hammer-time! What? Jumping to what fact? Three of them? It's pointless for us to be fighting like this, when there are creatures running loose down below.
There are people down there that need all our help.
It's your fault they're here.
- That is not important right now.
- Stopping those creatures is.
What do you have in mind? Each of us takes one on.
Heck the Hammer can take them all out.
We'll take the creature farmost away.
You'll take the one that landed in San Francisco.
You two will deal with the one in Sherman.
All units! Stand down! Redeploy the Hammer.
Don't think for one minute that this is finished.
Recall the squadrons.
We'll leave immediately.
- What's wrong? - It's just without Titan we can't defeat something like this.
We tried before and nearly got us killed.
I know that losing your friend is a big blow.
But you're both powerful and highly skilled.
And these people need you.
The evacuation of the city is underway but many people still remain trapped and are unable to flee at this moment.
What is this? I'm getting word now from the studio, that two more brave teams have taken up the fight against the other two creatures.
You can't touch this! What? Fire everything! Fire everything! Our weapons have no effect.
- This is insane.
- We have to keep trying.
Ilana! Looks like you can use some help.
- Octus! - Octus! Initiate Sym-Bionic Titan.
How is this happening? You were dead.
- Apparently not.
- I can't believe it.
We better save the lovefest for later.
He's back! It is unbelievable! Titan has returned to save us all from the creatures.
I can't believe it, Titan is back! Titan feels different, more powerful.
- I feel it too.
- Check this out.
- I missed you guys.
- We missed you too.
Are jobs are not done yet.
Titan! Come back here, beast! I'm not done with you, yet! You hear? This is not over! Huh? Go ahead! Titan? I'm so happy you're here.
I can't even begin to explain it.
I've given up hope of ever seeing you again.
You guys I've realized I would cry right now.
How did G3 fix you? We have to find how they get it.
And thank them .
Rick Jackson here and what has been the most incredible day in recent memory.
We have general Steel live via satellite.
Pretty heroic stuff today, general, luckily we have Titan on our side.
- He even saved you.
- Yeah, yeah.
Let's thank him in order.
But let's remember, those creatures are here because of Titan.
Well, save what you will general, but the way I see it, out of despair came hope.
out of devastation came releave, and today in our darkest hour came a hero.
Tonight, the people of earth thank you, Titan.
I don't get it.
These were the coordinates.
- and they're nowhere.
- Strange.
No residual signals or energy readings either.
They wanished.
Well, this is the moment we go home? - I miss my bed.
- Yes.
Wait, where have you been all this time? Forget it.
I'll explain later.
I can't believe it either.
My mom is like freaking out over this.
Hold on.
Got your message.
Be returning to town soon.
I'll call you when I get home.
Newton? Kimmi? Hello, Kimmi ?