Tabula Rasa (2017) s01e05 Episode Script


PREVIOUSLY Let's be honest with each other.
Thomas De Geest is my son.
We have to cooperate.
You've got mail.
"Their lies are so powerful that eyes become blind.
" This is a recording device that you can use in the toilet.
I got it.
They found you in the woods.
Your arm was hurt, you were covered in blood.
She's so naughty since the move.
The place has a bad vibe.
Bad mum.
- There's more than meets the eye.
- Do you believe that? The main thing is that it helps people.
Are you going to let them mess with you with this hocus pocus bullshit? Things aren't great at home.
He's away a lot for work.
Could you take over? Thanks, Vivianne.
"A weekend in Paris? Tell her you're going to a conference.
" I'm going to bed.
You were better, my little mole.
A lot better.
- Mie? Mieke? Hey, babe.
- Hey, Chantal.
What did you think? - It was alright.
How are you? - I'm okay.
Benoit, this is Chantal.
She is in charge of costumes.
- Did you make the costumes? - Of this production? No.
Tonight I am here as a tourist.
I'm glad to have bumped into you.
You're looking well.
- Thanks.
- No really, I'm glad to see it.
We should do this more often.
Yes, we should.
The director.
I'll be right back.
Are you okay? We should go.
The babysitter has exams tomorrow.
Of course.
- Hey.
- Hello.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- I'm sorry.
- Don't worry, we'll take care of it.
- And? Did everything go well? - Yeah.
- Did she go to sleep without a fuss? - Yes.
How much do we owe you? From seven until now.
Thirty euros, please.
- Have you got a tenner? - No, I paid for parking.
- Can we pay you next time? - Sure, no problem.
- Shall I take you home? - I biked here.
- The bike will fit in the car.
- There's no need.
- Are you sure? - Yes.
Enjoy the rest of your evening.
- Bye.
- That's sweet, but you don't have to.
- I'm glad we went out, what about you? - Definitely.
Do you think she's pretty? Valerie? The babysitter? - I'm old enough to be her father.
- And if she were a bit older? Then I wouldn't kick her out of bed.
Stop being so serious.
There's still some wine left.
Care to join me? Sure.
Here you go, smiley eggs.
Come on.
What's wrong? Nothing.
Mind your manners, please.
Sorry, I was working on something.
Why don't you ever say anything? I always have to play the bad cop.
Don't, Mie.
Shall we talk about it tonight? Shall we do something fun this weekend? We could go to the zoo.
- Yes, to the gygena's.
- The hyena's.
I have to work this weekend.
I'm sorry.
Are you disappointed? Why did you start smoking again? - Mum, where is Daddy? - He's gone to work.
- Can I help? - The knives are too sharp.
Valerie lets me.
- Valerie? - The babysitter.
Leave it.
- Is Valerie nice? - Yes.
Valerie is like a princess.
- Does Daddy think so too? - Yes, but I always say you are prettier.
Why are you crying? I'm not crying.
It's because of the onions.
Let Mummy work for a bit.
- Put it back.
- But I'm hungry.
- Dinner won't be long.
Put it back.
- But I'm hungry now.
You can have a carrot.
But I want chocolate mousse.
If you finish your plate, you can have chocolate mousse.
Put it back.
I want chocolate mousse now.
Stop it or I will send you outside.
Does it hurt? Romy? Stop it and go to sleep.
Come on, you're tired.
You have school tomorrow.
Go to sleep.
Don't lock the door, Mummy.
Mummy, don't.
Benoit D'Haeze can't come to phone right now.
Hello? - Did you call? - Yes.
- Where are you? - Where do you think I am, little mole? - Are you still at work? - Yes, but I'm almost done.
Benoit, I hate being here by myself.
I'm almost done.
I'm on my way.
Try and get some sleep.
I will see you in a bit.
Benoit? - Yes? - Am I a good mum? You, my little mole, are the best mum I could possibly imagine.
Now go to sleep.
I will be home soon, okay? See you soon.
- What time did you get in? - A while ago, Mie.
- Was Romy here? - No, Romy isn't here.
Let's get some sleep.
Come on.
Sleep tight.
Has the hospital been informed? TODAY DECEMBER 9TH Yes.
They even freed up a ward.
- Has the patient done this before? - I have no idea.
But today I am open to anything, Carlo.
That sounds pretty desperate, coming from you.
Listen to my voice.
Only to my voice.
You're lying on the beach.
It's lovely and warm.
You're sinking slowly into that wonderful, deep sand.
Your body feels heavy.
Extremely heavy.
And you keep sinking further and further into that lovely, soft sand.
Are you on a beach? No.
Where are you? In the woods.
In a garden.
What do you see? My grandparents' house.
A tree.
A walnut tree.
- Sit down quietly next to that tree.
- I can't.
- I need to take a look.
- Why do you need to take a look? I need to see if he is okay.
I need to see if he is okay.
They have taken him.
Him? Who is he? What have they done to him? It hurts.
I'm bleeding.
My arm is bleeding.
- I am scared of him.
- Who is he, Mie? He hurt me.
They are going to No.
They tied him up.
They are going to kill him.
- Who are they going to kill, Thomas? - Don't.
It no longer hurts, Granddad.
Please don't kill Pinot.
That's enough.
Wake her up.
Easy, Mie.
I will count from one to three.
At three, you are back in the present.
And three.
Mie, we have hypnotised you to find more about Thomas De Geest, but who is Pinot? They put Pinot down because he bit me.
- But Pinot is - A dog.
Yes, darling.
Childhood trauma's.
Does he wear glasses? Glasses? Glasses.
Are those glasses? Yes.
- Does he have a moustache? - No.
Wolkers came by with a hypnotist.
Don't tell me you let them inside your head.
I had promised to cooperate.
There's three people to be wary of: police, psychiatrists and hypnotists.
And pyromaniacs, but that's peanuts compared to those three.
No one gets to look inside my head without me knowing what is in there.
Is he bald? - Yes.
Is it Claire? - No.
I pretended.
- Mieke has been a bad girl.
- It's okay.
- Is it Susan? - It's my turn.
Wolkers is Thomas De Geest's father.
- How do you know? - He told me.
I feel sorry for him.
His child is missing, but I don't trust him.
- Does he have blue eyes? - Yes.
- Is it Susan? - No, it's not Susan.
- Is it Bob? - Yes, it's Bob.
Bloody hell, Mie.
The one you always dream about.
Tell me, Mie.
Those woods.
Isn't that where you were found after you blacked out? How old is your child? Seven.
- Is she colour-blind, or what? - Hey Get her some drawing lessons.
The colours are off.
- They're way off for a seven year old.
- And what would you know? Take a good look.
Well? Well, what? You know the rules: no visitors in the rooms.
Shoot me.
"Rise and rise again until lambs become lions.
" - Robin Hood.
- Come on.
Are you done? ONE MONTH BEFORE THE DISAPPEARANCE "A weekend in Paris? Tell her you're going to a conference.
Kisses, V.
" Romy.
Romy! Romy.
Romy? Catch me if you can.
Romy? Ready or not, here I come.
Romy? Romy! Romy? Romy.
We're done playing.
Get out from under there.
That's dirty.
Look at what I found.
Move over.
Look, Mummy.
What's this? Mummy, this is our secret camp.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- I told you to start without me.
- I wasn't hungry.
And neither was your daughter.
She's already in bed.
It may need heating up, though.
Who is V? V? Oh, that.
That's Vivianne from work, the executive secretary.
Does the executive secretary want to take you to Paris? It was a birthday present from all my colleagues for us.
"Tell her you're going to a conference.
Happy birthday, kisses, V.
" They think it's funny.
Mie, Vivianne is 59 years old.
She reeks of menopause.
You are the only mole in my garden.
Who is V? Is it Vivianne, his secretary? I don't believe him.
Mie? Yes? What are you doing? I'm having a poo.
Is that allowed? Yeah.
He's lying.
He's lying.
TODAY DECEMBER 9TH I was the last one to be seen with him.
Have you got a second? Yes.
- I have - I'm sorry.
Your second is gone.
I saw that you and Mie D'Haeze have become good friends.
Do you have a lot to tell each other? The best crème brûlée in the world.
Apparently, the one in the open ward is a lot better.
Maybe I can arrange something.
Because I have beautiful eyes? Because you have information about your little friend.
Information? I don't know.
Maybe she remembers things she is too scared to tell me.
The contents of her notebook, for example.
We are being tortured with arts, crafts and drawing therapy.
That's all the notebook is for.
Mie is the sheep, not the wolf.
All the more reason to help her.
I'm not interested in open wards but airplanes really fascinate me.
I may have a white beard, but I'm not Santa.
Isn't your son worth more to you? Aren't you a little too involved in the investigation? I don't have time for games.
Only lunatics tell the truth.
Today, I would like us all to think carefully about how we feel.
After that, we are going to try and give shape to that feeling by way of an animal.
- You're late.
- I hate this.
What animal expresses loneliness? A giraffe.
- Excuse me? - A giraffe.
Sure, why not.
A giraffe.
Do you see? Or: I feel tired and sluggish.
- I don't feel like getting up.
- A sloth.
Our monkey is really going for it.
Give him a peanut.
Come on.
Let's get started.
I received a letter.
For example, up high, imprisoned in an ivory tower.
Somebody wants to help you.
Looking at the handwriting, it could be a doctor.
Or somebody with Parkinson's disease.
Or a hot admirer.
Come on, guys.
Let's get started.
Have you got an animal yet? I was thinking of a fish in a bowl.
- A fish.
- No, hang on.
- A bird in a cage.
- A bird? So start working on your bird.
- Jan.
- Vronsky.
I'm sorry.
Which animal did you pick? - Can't you tell? A firefly.
- Okay.
I emit light in the dark.
And no one sees me during the day You little ghoul.
Look what you've done.
Where is your costume? - Your costume.
- Here.
Your mask? Your hat? - I'm wearing something black.
- And where is your sword? Here is my sword.
- Can I ask you something? - Of course.
Where is Houdini? - Who is Houdini? - Our three-legged cat.
- I don't know, baby girl.
- It's your fault.
You didn't feed her.
Caramba, señorita.
- Caramba.
- You look incredible.
- Wait.
- What? No, I'm wearing a moustache.
- Are you okay? - Yes.
- Who is that? - The office.
Here they are.
Happy Halloween.
- Our daddy is Shrek.
- Daddy is the Hulk, remember? Daddy is the Hulk and he is going to kill you.
- Go off and play, boys.
- Are you playing too? - Can I have a go? - You’re a fine one to talk.
- Is that belly for real? - I'm showing Nikki some solidarity.
- That was really delicious, Rita.
- Your chili con carne is the best.
But I'm not responsible for what happens next.
Daddy, can you wipe my bum? - You are a big boy now.
- There's no toilet paper, Daddy.
- Go on, Daddy.
- Jules.
Your brother needs you.
I think Benoit is seeing someone else.
Where's all this coming from? I don't know.
- Things haven't been going well lately.
- Yes, you said.
Do you think Benoit would cheat on me? I'd know it if Ollie did.
He cannot lie.
Benoit loves you, but he's more of a Did you know that I have never seen him cry? Maybe you did, but you just can't remember.
Ollie cries at Stallone movies.
Would you prefer that? I feel lonely at times.
Forgetting things isn't that bad.
You learn to live with it.
But there's always this nagging feeling that I can't quite place.
That's when I start doubting.
Myself, everything.
But I'm probably imagining that too, right? - Are you crying? - No.
All the things you say, and your situation You shouldn't be crying about that.
What are you whispering about? What now? - Did I say something wrong, again? - No.
Man, oh, man.
Say, Walter.
Don't keep Mozes all to yourself.
- Don't forget that I pay him.
- No, Dad's pension pays him.
- Well said, Mieke-moo.
- Potato, potato.
But I do have to say that lately, things are going great.
Your dad and I even had sex last weekend.
He's no spring chicken anymore, but it did us the world of good, right? What? Surely we're all adults.
Happy Halloween.
Happy Halloween.
That cake took me all afternoon.
There was a long queue at the baker's.
Just as I thought.
What's wrong? Darling, what's wrong? Didn't you want chocolate? What's up with Granddad? - It's All Saint's Day.
- No, it's Halloween, Walter.
Tomorrow is All Saint's Day.
It's not carnival.
We have to remember the dead.
Don't we, Romy? Come on.
I've been running around like a madwoman all afternoon to make it look nice.
Sit up straight.
- Mum.
- What? What? Did I get it wrong, again? Am I the villain here? That's fine.
I am Cruella de Vil, after all.
Daddy, careful.
What are you doing? I told you I had to work.
But it's a day of celebration.
All Saint's Day doesn't give me much cause for celebration.
I won't be late.
You left your bag.
And would it kill you to say goodbye to your daughter? Mum, why are you crying? Mummy is just a little bit upset.
Is it because Daddy is away again? Shall we go look for him? I think Daddy has a hidey-hole.
Let's go.
Buckle up, darling.
This isn't Daddy's hidey-hole, this is Daddy's office.
I know.
We're going to wait here for a while.
How much longer? - Will we be much longer? - No, my angel.
Just a little bit longer.
Can I play a game on your phone? Shit.
Mummy, that's naughty.
I'm sorry.
Daddy knows where we are.
Mummy needs to think.
Come on.
Hey, it's Nikki.
Leave a message.
Annemie, if this is about yesterday, now is not the right time.
Can you please look after Romy for an hour? - Now? I'm busy tidying.
- It's really urgent.
- Annemie, please.
Really - Mum, listen to me.
It's - What is it? - It's really important.
- So is my hangover.
- Mum, I'm in I'm in the parking lot at Benoit's office.
Get over here.
- What are you doing there? - Mum.
Stop asking questions and just get over here, okay? Okay.
Give me five minutes so I can get dressed.
I will see you soon.
A game.
It's only for a little while.
- Here I am.
- Come on.
- What is so important? - I will explain later.
- I'm sorry? - I will explain later.
Is there anything I can do? No, just look after Romy and take her stuff.
- Why don't you come with me? - I just need a quiet word with Benoit.
- Don't worry.
- Okay.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Be careful.
- Will do.
I knew it.
ROMY D'HAEZE SEPTEMBER 20, 2010- MARCH 12, 2017 Mrs D'Haeze, you have been in an accident.
You're suffering from memory loss.
- Romy? - Your daughter didn't make it.
You have been in an accident.
You're suffering from memory loss.
- Where is my daughter? - I am sorry.
- What am I doing here? - You have been in an accident.
You're suffering from memory loss.
Romy? NEXT WEEK Why did you lie? We had to keep telling you that Romy was dead.
And then you would forget.
ROMY IS DEAD CAR ACCIDEN Maybe Romy is here to help you remember.
So you do have fucking peanuts, but no alcohol.
Out, or I'll kill you.
MURDER Subtitle translation by Alexandra Mitchell
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