Tabula Rasa (2017) s01e06 Episode Script

The Bear Pit

PREVIOUSLY While my investigation is ongoing, no sensitive topics should be discussed with the suspect.
- If she panics, she can forget everything.
- Yes, doctor Mommaerts.
Mozes, a picture, baby.
Let your fingers roam freely, but never in front of a lens.
We're off.
Grab our coats.
- It's Romy's birthday.
- I'm fed up with this hypocrisy.
There's something about this house.
She's been acting out since the move.
- There's more than meets the eye.
- Do you believe that? The main thing is that it helps people.
Psychologically at least.
Are you going to let them mess with you with this hocus pocus bullshit? Those colours are way off for a seven year old.
- Did she go to sleep without a fuss? - Yes.
- Do you think she's pretty? - Valerie? The babysitter? "Tell her you're going to a conference.
" - Who is V? - You are the only mole in my garden.
I think Daddy has a hidey-hole.
My baby is dead.
Clean knickers.
TODAY DECEMBER 10TH Hey, sweetheart.
What's wrong, baby? - Are you alright? - Is Romy not coming? - Mieke, this is no place for children.
- Where is Romy? Why don't you ever bring her to see me? - Romy is with Nikki.
She's fine.
- Give Nikki a call.
I want to hear my daughter's voice.
Call her.
- Baby.
Baby, please - Mie, calm down.
Say it.
Say she's dead.
- Go away.
- I'm staying right here, little mole.
- Go away.
- Benoit, come.
Leave her be.
I'm not going.
I am staying here.
- Here you go.
Isn't Mum coming? - No, she'll be here later this week.
- A gin and tonic, please.
- We don't serve that.
- In that case I will have a beer.
- This is an institution, not a pub.
So you do have fucking peanuts, but no alcohol? That's all I needed.
Two coffees, please.
Why did you lie to me? - Take a seat.
- I'm fine where I am.
We have had this conversation before.
A couple of times, in fact.
So Mie saw the grave yesterday.
FOUR WEEKS BEFORE THE DISAPPEARANCE Why didn't anybody tell me? We couldn't, Annemieke.
You'll have to explain that one to me.
Time and time again, we had to tell you that Romy is no longer with us.
That she is dead.
Every time, your baby would die all over again in your mind.
And every time you would forget.
You were so convinced that she was still alive.
So one day we decided to no longer tell you.
We? No, Mie.
It was Mum's decision.
She wanted to play that game.
Game? It's not a game.
Mie can see Romy, right? To her, Romy is still alive.
- I can't see her now.
- No but you will tomorrow.
And then the whole rigmarole starts up again.
- And you let it happen.
- It was for your own good, darling.
She's asking Benoit, Mum.
Every day, I drive past the cemetery to see if perhaps I was wrong.
And then I come home and I see you.
You're looking after our Romy.
And then I have to choose.
The doctors are right, Mie.
The shock The shock was so great that part of your memory shut itself down.
But your memory can come back as soon as you can handle reality.
The doctors felt it was better to leave you be.
So we will keep up with your pace until you are ready to Cut it out.
My little Mieke-moo.
Don't be angry.
- Take it easy.
- Why is he even sitting at the table? - I can go upstairs if you want.
- No.
Mozes is part of our family.
Is this the first time I found out myself? No, Mie.
How did I found out before? Dad shooting his mouth off, or Nikki's boys.
You'd write it down on a piece of paper, lose it and find it again.
It was killing you, Annemie.
Benoit too.
All of us.
That's when we started censoring.
Your diary, mobile phone, the lot.
Excuse me? Look.
What did I tell you? Do you think it was that simple for me? Do you think I had it easy? I keep getting drawings from my now dead granddaughter.
This isn't about you.
Do you think it was fucking easy to pick out clothes for her funeral with you in an institution, constantly asking after your daughter? How dare you, Mum? How dare you do that? You How dare you rob me of my grief? - What gives you the right? - Mie.
- I am your mum.
I took my responsibility.
- About time too.
Is that right? And what did you do? What did you actually do? Did you have to tell her every day her daughter was dead? You didn't, did you? No, you didn't tell her.
Why not? Why didn't you tell her? Because you knew it would fucking hurt her.
Because you love her, and so do I.
- All of a sudden you act like a mother.
- Oh, man.
Seriously? Is it all my fault? Is everybody ganging up on Rita? - Mozes, say something, please.
- Sure, you're part of this family too.
I think that Don't get upset.
You're all mad.
This is not in my job description.
I quit.
No, don't leave.
Do you really think I enjoy sticking my dick into your dried-up twat? It has to stop.
You won't be checking up on me anymore.
You won't keep anything from me anymore.
You won't lie to me anymore.
- We don't lie, Mie.
- Yes, you do.
- Promise me you won't lie to me anymore.
- Mie I promise I will never lie to you.
TODAY DECEMBER 10TH But you promised.
Annemie, we couldn't, okay? The police asked us to - Mie - You should be in here.
Not me.
Mie? Mie.
Mie, easy.
Mie? Calm down.
Sir, stand back, please.
- Benoit, there is nothing we can do.
- Careful.
What happened? She remembers.
- What does she remember? - Romy.
That's good.
That's positive.
The fact that she knows about Romy means she's making progress.
Our approach must be working.
If she remembers things that happened six months ago, the rest will come too.
But in the meantime, she is stuck here.
I won't keep quiet.
If she shuts down again, she and you both have a problem.
You signed those papers.
How long do you intend to keep her in this sad old place? Until De Geest resurfaces.
Hopefully not only in spirit.
I won't let you question my wife today.
I'm here for another appointment.
Hang on in there just a little bit longer.
The curiosity of a cat and the brain of a goldfish.
- Can I help you? - I'm looking for the toilet.
Follow me.
FOUR WEEKS BEFORE THE DISAPPEARANCE Tomorrow morning, I want to lay flowers on her grave.
Perhaps you could come with me.
Mie? I am going to the cemetery tomorrow morning.
Shall we go together? Mie, what's the matter? ROMY IS DEAD CAR ACCIDEN Why do you never cry? - It may not be necessary.
- Am I too early? - Hey.
- Hello.
Valerie, the babysitter.
Babysitter? We still owe her from last time.
- How much? - Ten euros, please.
That's easy money.
Looking after a child that doesn't exist.
- Was there anything else? - No, thanks.
- Bye.
- See you.
Here is your wallet.
TODAY DECEMBER 10TH I locked it.
I'm sorry, you can't be in the bathroom by yourself.
Why not? It's for you own safety.
Are you scared I will slash my wrists with a plastic spoon? Have a bath.
It will do you the world of good.
Who is that for? It's for me.
It's making me nervous.
Hang on.
You haven't had your pill yet.
It will calm you down.
I was wondering Have you ever had a look at her notebook? It may contain important information that she is neglecting to tell us.
She sketches to get well, not to hide something.
Then why am I not allowed to take a peek? Her right to privacy.
Her right to privacy.
Do you know rock-paper-scissors? Yes.
If this paper were a search warrant, your right to privacy wouldn't get you very far.
I hope you will reach a breakthrough soon, but not at my patient's expense.
My daughter is dead.
You knew but you never told me.
She's not in even in that photograph.
I didn't tell you.
They give me these to calm me down.
Say something.
You are here to help me, so why don't you? Why didn't you tell me? It's not up to me to confront you with your daughter's death.
I've been urged not to say anything.
I am here to help you deal You are not helping me at all.
Whose side are you on, anyway? You know more about me than I do and you are here to taunt me with that.
You are being carefully monitored because you are mentally unstable right now.
And because there has been a precedent.
What do you mean? You suffered from depression.
Romy was not an easy child.
- That's not true.
How do you know that? - It's in your medical file.
There were also marital problems.
You even gave up work for a while.
- What kind of problems? - That's all I can tell you for now.
I don't want to get in the way of the doctors and the police.
But surely this is my life.
Everybody is meddling with my life.
You can tell me anything you like.
You overdosed on pills.
You barely survived.
It happened a couple of months before the accident.
That is why It can't have been a couple of months before the accident.
I would have remembered.
My memory was fine before the accident.
What you're saying isn't true.
Even a healthy memory is selective.
Why would I kill myself? I would never leave my child behind.
I'd never do a thing like that.
Right? My accident, was it Was it even an accident? - Let's take it easy.
- Did I want to hurt myself? That's impossible.
What am I saying? Do you enjoy poking around in other people's minds? I don't necessarily enjoy it.
Have you always dreamt of becoming a psychiatrist? Actually, I wanted to be an actress.
But my father wouldn't let me.
He was a psychiatrist.
I followed in his footsteps instead of my brother's.
I'm not interested in your private life.
In which hospital did I recover after my accident? Sint Antonius.
Mie, I suggest you take your medication.
Your doctors know what's best for you.
Yes? - I'm sorry, I booked this room.
- It's not a problem, we'll be done soon.
We are done.
ROMY IS DEAD CHECK CAUSE CAR ACCIDEN suicidal tendencies? Mommaerts is hiding something MEDICAL FILE? SINT ANTONIUS HOSPITAL Hello.
How can I help? Hello.
Can I have the number for Sint Antonius hospital? - Shall I put you through? - Please.
Thank you.
Sint Antonius hospital.
Hello, I would like some information regarding my sessions with Dr.
- And your name is? - Annemie D'Haeze.
When did the therapy take place? After my accident, in In March.
I will check with the Psychiatric Unit on Monday.
- After the weekend? - The unit is closed.
Is there a number I can call you back on? A number Doesn't it come up on the display? - Yes.
I can see a mobile number.
- That's it.
- We'll get on to it.
Enjoy your weekend.
- Thank you.
- Good afternoon.
I've come to collect my money.
- Your money? - For my home visit.
I sent you an invoice and a reminder.
- You You have been here before, right? - Yes.
You knew my daughter was dead.
Of course your daughter is dead.
The problem is that she What was her name again? Romy.
Some souls are unable to pass over to the other side.
They are stuck in this world because of certain unresolved matters.
You are dealing with unsolved matters.
She died in an accident, right? - A car accident.
- Yes, I know.
Where you there too? - What do you remember? - Not a lot.
Ever since, my memory has been failing me.
Maybe Romy is here to help you.
To help you remember.
Maybe there are some things you have to come to terms with first.
Was there a song you used to sing together? We often played "This is what I am taking on my trip".
Connecting to a dead soul is a lot like fishing.
I need something on my hook to reel her in, to join us at the table.
Take my hands.
Close your eyes.
What are you taking on your trip? This is what I am taking on my trip: Mr Bear.
This is what I am taking on my trip: Mr Bear and my cat.
This is what I am taking on my trip: Mr Bear, my cat and Fristi.
This is what I am taking on my trip: Mr Bear, my cat, Fristi and Mummy.
This is what I am taking on my trip: Mr Bear my cat Fristi Mummy and my storybook.
- I am going on a trip.
- And this is what I'm taking: Mr Bear, my pussycat Fristi.
Mummy, my storybook.
And the moon.
This is what I am taking on my trip: Mr Bear, my cat, Fristi, Mummy, my storybook, the moon and clean knickers.
I miss you.
I miss you so much.
Mie? Don't be sad.
Oh, Mummy.
- Don't be sad.
- No, no.
- Mie - Calm down.
You are here to wheedle money out of people who are grieving.
Mie, for fuck's sake.
Get out.
- Get out.
- Don't.
I asked for her help.
I swear, if I catch you here one more time, I will kill you.
Mie, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Mie.
What are you doing? - I don't know.
- Where are you going? I just want to get away from you.
Everybody's lying.
Except for you, maybe.
What happened? They let me believe that my baby was still alive.
But she's gone.
She died in a car accident.
Hold me.
We can't do this.
For your Bear Pit.
Maybe you can use it to make another child happy.
- No, Mie.
I want you to keep it.
- Please.
Keep it.
TODAY DECEMBER 10TH Is your daughter colour-blind? Those colours are way off for a seven year old.
I've got something to tell you.
Vronsky, I've got something to tell you.
Hey Sorry, old habit.
Back home I have a small library but a huge fireplace.
- Vronsky - Do you ever read the same book twice? You were right.
Romy didn't make those drawings, I did.
To make myself remember.
Where is it? Here.
My family concealed my daughter's death.
"All happy families resemble one another.
Each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.
" Tolstoy, Anna Karenina.
- Why do I always draw toilet brushes? - Yes.
And it's always the same one.
Mie, you've got mail.
- Thanks.
- Omar, there's something for you too.
- Open it.
- Yes.
I am sorry The handwriting looks familiar.
No, you recognise it because it's not the first letter you received.
Is it possible that I wrote these letters to myself to make me remember? But that's not your handwriting.
The same goes for the drawings.
It's not my style, but I did draw them.
"Their lies are so powerful that eyes become blind.
" The lies about Romy.
That's obvious.
What does this mean? "I am sorry.
" What do I have to be sorry for? What did I do wrong? Here.
"Suicidal tendencies.
Car accident.
" What if I caused the accident myself? I could never leave her behind.
Maybe I wanted to take her with me.
Vronsky, apparently I have tried to kill myself once before.
- Says who? - Mommaerts.
It's in my medical file.
I need to speak to Benoit.
Could you ask Benoit to bring me some matches? Mie? It's just a little favour.
Ask him to bring me some matches.
Yes? Hey.
Are you alright? They said it was urgent.
Should I be worried, Mie? Should I be worried? What do you mean? Today, I am the one who gets to ask the questions.
Just answer yes or no, okay? Yes.
Is there anything else you haven't told me? I'll take that as a yes.
What do you want to know? Everything.
- The truth.
- Alright.
- You know the truth.
- Don't lie to me.
- I had an accident, yes? - Yes.
Did I fall asleep? Did I drive into a tree? No.
They think I'm a suicide risk.
Apparently I have tried to kill myself in the past.
Is that true? With pills? - A couple of months before - We mustn't.
- Yes, we must.
- No.
A couple of months before your accident.
Was I depressed? Talk me through the accident.
Step by step.
We can't stress you out.
Please don't ask us to do this.
It was an accident, darling.
It was awful, but it wasn't your fault.
- Romy didn't have her seatbelt on.
- What did I do? Don't let your own imagination drive you insane.
- You heard what the doctors said.
- Mum, please.
I'm doing the best I can.
I also want you to come home soon.
Your mother is right, Mie.
Don't put strange ideas into your head.
Is there anything I can do? Can I bring you something from home? Darling? Actually, there is.
My lavender shower gel.
And the toilet brush from the downstairs loo.
- A toilet brush? - Yes, a toilet brush.
I want a clean toilet brush.
DREAM MURDER What's going on with Mie D'Haeze? NEXT WEEK - I think we should go back into therapy.
- I don't think we need help.
- I want to see my medical file.
- You can't.
Search warrant.
- V is for - Vronsky's fire.
Benoit is flipping out.
Did we make love? I think she already knows a hell of a lot.
Subtitle translation by Alexandra Mitchell
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