Tabula Rasa (2017) s01e07 Episode Script


PREVIOUSLY You overdosed on pills a couple of months before the accident.
You barely survived.
Was it even an accident? Did I want to hurt myself? Which hospital did they take me to? Sint Antonius.
I would like some information about my sessions with Dr.
SINT ANTONIUS HOSPITAL will call back Her notebook may contain important information.
Why am I not allowed to take a peek? Wolkers came by with a hypnotist.
I faked the lot.
Have you got some information on your girlfriend? I may have a white beard, but I'm not Santa.
- Mie, what's wrong? - Why do you never cry? She's no longer with us.
She died in an accident.
- Do you read books twice? - You were right.
I made those drawings to make myself remember.
Maybe I wrote these letters to myself too.
- Is there anything I can bring you? - The toilet brush from the downstairs loo.
Mummy? Mummy.
It's nice.
I read somewhere that 75 percent of all couples who lose a child separate within six months.
We've been going for eight months and five days.
We already survived the first six.
You survived.
To me, it seems like only yesterday.
Do we want to stay together? Of course we do.
Then something needs to be done.
What did you have in mind? I want to get back to therapy.
Together with you.
I don't think we need any help.
I think we can do this together.
The two of us.
You're a coward.
That's not a bottle opener.
- Hey, baby.
Hey, Ollie.
You're looking well, Mieke.
Have a seat.
Here you go.
I'm sorry.
I'm on my period.
Where is my hanky? We kept it on our fridge.
I always took it down when you came by.
Nikki would always get upset.
Oh well - What was I supposed to do? - Why hasn't she visited me yet? The fact that you now know, should make things a lot easier.
She'll be here.
I promise you.
Rita asked me to give you this.
What are you going to do with it? - Mie? It's Karen.
- I'm on the toilet.
I have mail for you.
I will leave it on the bed.
Who is V? Is it Viviane, his secretary? He's lying.
Romy is dead.
Is Benoit seeing Valerie, the babysitter? Benoit is flipping out.
He scares me.
Sorry, Mie.
I wanted to cheer you up a bit.
A peculiar dictaphone.
Is that another counting exercise? No, do you see that little cross here? A little cross? - It could also be the letter T.
- T? And maybe these aren't birds, but V's.
- A V for what? - For all sorts.
For vanished, viable, volatile V is for Vronsky's fire.
It's possible.
Thank you.
- Without you, I'd be going mad in here.
- You are mad.
Everybody here is mad.
He is mad.
She is mad.
Otherwise we wouldn't be here now.
Alice in Wonderland.
Lewis Carroll, he was mad too.
Could the T stand for Thomas? Or tinnitus.
Or tantric sex.
Or therapy.
THREE WEEKS BEFORE THE DISAPPEARANCE Can you still see Romy? Sometimes.
But I do my best to ignore her.
She looks different from when From when my family let me believe she was still alive.
What does she look like now? - Like she just died in an accident.
- That's positive.
I mean that from a mental perspective you are trying to deal with reality.
We call that mental rejection.
Right, Benoit.
How are you dealing with your loss? That's rather a simple question to a very complicated answer.
How did it feel to have to pretend that your daughter was still alive? What do you think, madam? I think you had very little opportunity to mourn.
Was there anyone you could turn to when you were feeling sad? Every cloud has a silver lining Here you go.
I think it was really hard for him.
I wasn't there for him for months.
I'm sure I made things harder and I am sorry.
Mie, I'm not blaming you at all.
Was there no one in the family to help you? I'm an only child.
My parents live in South Africa.
- And they couldn't - We don't keep in touch.
And besides, our family doesn't do feelings.
That's a sign of weakness.
Just like sadness and cancer.
Is that why you're feeling so lonely? Mie, can we please get out of here? No, I want to talk.
With whom, her or me? You have been very distant with me lately, Benoit.
You're always out.
Like you don't want to be home.
And when you are Mie, for the umpteenth time: I have to attend conferences, abroad too, but I try to be home as often as I can.
- And what's the story with Viviane? - Excuse me? Your secretary.
" The one who always sends you cards and texts with kisses.
Trust you to remember that.
I have my little tools.
In all those months, I have never cheated on you.
Why do you say it like that, "in all those months"? And I could have.
Every day.
With every letter of the alphabet, - and you wouldn't have remembered.
- This is getting us nowhere.
I notice a lot of pent-up feelings that you as a couple can't seem to express in a dialogue.
Do you talk about your feelings with Mie? I feel that one mustn't always say what one thinks.
Mie? I would like to.
I need someone to talk to, someone I can be myself with.
I can't always do that with you.
So I have to turn to someone else, even if it is a complete stranger.
- Hey.
Where have you been? Were you with your perfect stranger? - My perfect stranger? - The one you mentioned during therapy.
Is that all you learned from our session? Yes.
And that it set me back 100 euros and did diddly-squat for us.
CONTACT THE BEAR PI - Benoit? - I'm going out for an hour.
- Are you mad? - Open this door.
Mie I just want to talk.
What did you do with that guy at the recycling centre? No.
Damn you, Mie.
Is he your perfect stranger? Don't.
- You're hurting me, Benoit.
- Is he your perfect stranger? No, he's just a friend.
That's Tom.
He's a friend of mine.
A friend? Damn you, Mie.
Did you think I was going to hit you? What were you doing with that guy at the recycling centre? We were just talking.
Like normal people do.
What did you talk about? - About us? - Let me go, please.
About Romy? About your feelings? Mie Mie Mie Mie.
I'm warning you.
If you see that bastard one more time, I will bash his head in.
I will bash his head in.
Benoit is flipping out.
He scares me.
TODAY DECEMBER 11TH ROMY IS DEAD CHECK CAUSE CAR ACCIDEN suicidal tendencies? What are you writing down? MEDICAL FILE? infanticide I want to see my medical file.
Now? That's not possible.
Am I to blame for her death? Is there something in that file I'm not supposed to know about? - There's nothing to worry about.
- I don't believe you.
You're in cahoots with the police.
No, I don't work with them, but I don't obstruct them either.
I want to protect your privacy and your health.
- And right now you need some rest.
- Let me rest then.
Leave me in peace.
- I'm only trying to help you.
- I don't need your help.
I don't want you here anymore.
If you ever change your mind, give me a call.
SINT ANTONIUS HOSPITAL will call back Welcome.
You have no new messages.
Houston, we've got a problem.
We're out of fuel.
Vronsky? - It's me.
Can I disturb you for a second? - No, I'm disturbed enough as it is.
It's important.
Mieke, get in here.
I have a surprise that will set you on fire.
A surprise? - Something that will set me on fire? - You get to set fire to it.
Close your eyes, hold out your hand.
Close your eyes.
Potassium chloride.
You can't have them all.
This is all I will be doing with them.
Nevertheless, I think I should keep them.
I found out the meaning of the numbers.
- This is the date she died.
- That cross.
- So it wasn't a T.
- I received another strange letter.
"Beware of the wolf in sheep's clothing.
" Wolf What's this? We're not supposed to be in each other's rooms.
I forgot.
- Is there something burning? - The light.
Mie, your husband is waiting for you in the canteen.
- I don't want to see him.
- Okay.
- I no longer trust Benoit.
- Mie, come on.
Mr D'Haeze? I found her, but she'd rather not see anyone today.
What? Why? - You did tell her it was me? - Yes, but she wants to be alone.
But surely I have the right to see my wife.
Just as our patients have the right to refuse visitors.
Maybe tomorrow, when she is feeling a bit better.
Enjoy your snack.
Sir? Do you think I enjoy sorting out other people's rubbish? That doesn't go into the bin.
Do you think I enjoy eating here? Could I please have some Tabasco, Maggie? - Am I in trouble? - That depends on what you remember.
If you see that bastard one more time, I will bash his head in.
You know what Nikki is like.
She needs more time than others.
- She's finding all of this very hard.
- I received a strange letter.
Someone is trying to help you.
A hot admirer.
- I feel like I have known you forever.
- I'd love to be able to forget, like you.
Are you who you say you are? How do I know I can trust you? - You can't.
- Please give me the benefit of the doubt.
- What makes you think I am involved? - Because everything leads to you.
What's wrong? Are you alright? Benoit is flipping out.
He is aggressive and jealous.
- He must have seen us.
- Where? I don't know.
At your place? Or do you think he knows that we meet up here too? - I'm scared.
- It's okay.
We have done nothing wrong.
Is that right? - Did we make love? - No, Mie.
How long have we known each other? Are you who you say you are? I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I have to go.
If there's anything Where have you been? I asked you a question.
Where have you been? Were you with your Tommy? Were you at the recycling centre? Or have you already forgotten again? You do tend to forget things, don't you? Where the dish rack is, for example.
Or where we keep the cutlery.
The glassware.
Benoit, please.
Stop it.
- I no longer recognise you.
- Have you stopped recognising me too? Now I'm crying.
Isn't that what you wanted? For me to cry? If you only knew You know nothing.
TODAY DECEMBER 11TH - Push that cabinet aside.
- What's this? What's going on? - We won't be long.
- Guv? - What was hanging there? - I don't know.
- Something from the previous nutter.
- Check that closet.
- Notebook, please.
- That's private.
Sir, you can't Search warrant.
That includes your notebook.
Come on.
- Didn't it have more in it? - Is this a search or an interview? - What does that mean? - A bad dream.
We encourage our patients to draw their dreams.
No good? - Guv? - G5 to G4.
Where are you? I'm conducting a search.
- The Thomas De Geest case.
- A search.
Horse, F3 to H4.
- Don't tell me you're at D'Haeze's again.
- Yes, I am.
Somebody filed a complaint about your investigation.
- A complaint? Who did, the institution? - Benoit D'Haeze.
Our department is accused of, and I quote: "Inflicting psychological damage with a lie detector and hypnosis.
" What the hell are you doing? I want you to come in and report.
Hello? Did you get that? As you wish.
We are done for now.
Thanks for your hospitality.
I told you I didn't want to see you anymore.
I know, but could you please sit down? This is Daniel.
Was Daniel.
My little brother.
He was off to a birthday party.
His friend's parents came to pick him up.
But they never made it to the party.
I know it's not the same as what you have been going through, but that's why I am not giving up on you.
Lots of people have your best interests at heart.
Your enemy is not sitting across from you.
Your enemy is in here.
You have to create your own happiness.
We are all the architects of our own happiness.
MEDICAL FILE You can do that later.
How are you? You look tired.
I haven't been sleeping well.
Lots of nightmares, often recurring ones.
- Do you write them down? - Yes.
What's that one about? Wally.
- Wally? - The pet rabbit I had as a little girl.
I dream I'm living with my parents.
I go into the basement and see his hutch in a dark corner.
As I get closer, I see he is still in there, after all those years.
I have forgotten about him.
He is starving hungry and covered in his own excrement.
The hutch is way too small.
- What do you think it means? - An old sense of guilt? My parents were always telling me off for not looking after him properly.
But why are you dreaming about him now? I don't know.
Maybe because of what happened with Romy.
I should have looked after her better.
- I often dream about the accident.
- Do you? Tell me.
The dream always starts with white lines on the road.
I am behind the wheel and Romy gets thrown out of the car.
And what else? I don't know.
Try to relive that moment.
Do you want to lie down? Maybe I do.
You wouldn't be the first patient to have a nap during a session.
THREE WEEKS BEFORE THE DISAPPEARANCE - Benoit? - Yes? Can we have a chat? Benoit? TODAY DECEMBER 11TH A present from Mommaerts.
My medical file.
- And? - I haven't read it yet.
She only just gave it to me.
And a little present from Vronsky too.
Mieke, everything is in there.
Your phone, the letters, and everything from your notebook you didn't want him to read.
- How did you know about the search? - Not only the walls have ears.
Haven't I deserved a little magic stick? Don't do anything foolish.
Foolish people are always dangerous.
Dangerous people aren't always foolish.
Mie, I'm the last person to get you into any more trouble.
Our friendship means too much to me.
Coffee? Two coffees, please.
Dessert? - Apfelstrudel.
- That sounds German.
- Two coffees.
- Thanks.
You're welcome.
Ein Apfelstrudel, bitte.
Will you miss me? What do you mean? As soon as you have recovered you can get out of here.
Your assistant at twelve o'clock.
Mr Peeters? Vronsky? - The one and only.
- Come with me, please.
- What have you been up to? - I've been lighting up.
Are you happy with your little plane? Cigar? If you insist.
What's going on with Mie D'Haeze? Who are you? Who am I? "I knew who I was this morning, but I've changed a few times since then.
" - Cut the crap, Peeters.
- That's not crap, that is Lewis Carroll.
I can have your plane taken off of you in an instant.
I'll tell everyone I got it from you.
Will they believe the inspector or the nutter? No, don't do that.
Come on.
Mie D'Haeze faked going under hypnosis.
Man, oh, man.
We couldn't stop laughing about that one.
But between you, me and the lamp post: I think she knows plenty already.
Just not enough to share it with you.
First, she needs to get it all sorted in her head.
She's a real stickler for details.
You know what she's like.
Instead of harassing Mie, you ought to check out that husband of hers.
Why? He is dodgy.
Mie doesn't even want to see him anymore.
Damn you, Vronsky.
THREE WEEKS BEFORE THE DISAPPEARANCE DEAD CAR ACCIDEN Mie, can I call you back? I'm about to go into a meeting.
Come on.
Come on, man.
NEXT WEEK And now for the ultimate question: Who killed Thomas De Geest? Just imagine Thomas De Geest fucking your wife.
Fuck you, man.
I know she's dead.
- There's more.
- What is it? There's pages missing from my file.
You are a coward and a cheat.
Subtitle translation by Alexandra Mitchell
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