Tabula Rasa (2017) s01e08 Episode Script

The Forest For The Trees

I can offer you something in exchange for information about your friend.
PREVIOUSLY Nikki always needs a little more time than others.
Certain topics should be avoided.
If she loses it, we're back at square one.
You can visit her, but only under these conditions.
Sign at the bottom, please.
"I love you, I need you.
Forever yours, Rita.
" I no longer trust Benoit.
- They're giving me these.
- Yes.
They think I'm going to kill myself.
Apparently I have tried to in the past.
Sorry, old habit.
- Vronsky.
- Mie faked going under hypnosis.
Instead of harassing her, you ought to check out that husband of hers.
WOOD FOR THE TREES You are losing, my dear contestant.
Are you sticking your head in the sand? And now the ultimate question.
Who wiped Thomas De Geest off the face of the earth? Who was it, Mie? Have you got sand in your ears? I will ask you one last time: who killed Thomas De Geest? TODAY DECEMBER 12TH Mie, you have a visitor.
Is that alright? Okay.
It's about time we had a proper chat.
Don't you think? You told me my wife would be present.
People don't always tell the truth, Mr D'Haeze.
As I am sure you know.
Where is Mie? Sit down.
- Excuse me? - Sit down.
Or would you rather do this at the station? I thought this would be more neutral territory.
Let's go through your movements in the days prior to De Geest's disappearance.
Why am I being questioned again? Because it's quick to tell a lie.
Telling the truth, however, takes time.
I think it all started when I realised Romy had gone.
What was different about his behaviour? He became more distant.
Was that during the time you met Thomas De Geest? I think so.
Benoit found out that Tom and I would get together and he He took it very badly.
I have never known him to behave like that.
He was destructive.
De Geest and you weren't exactly the best of friends, were you? Our Little Mole on the other hand did get on with him.
Maybe a bit too much.
Just imagine Thomas De Geest fucking your wife.
- I can imagine - Fuck you.
- Fuck you.
What kind of peasant are you? - That must have infuriated you.
- You've got nothing on me.
- Don't I? - No.
- Intentional bodily harm.
Mini witnesses take their time coming forward.
You were seen at the recycling centre, Mr D'Haeze.
And you weren't recycling rubbish.
I have every reason to recheck your alibi.
I was at work, like I told you before, but feel free to check it.
We shall continue this conversation at the police station.
- Fine by me.
- With my lawyer.
File another complaint, why don't you? You want the investigation to be stopped.
- How's your relationship with your father? - With my father? What kind of man is he? My father has always been a very quiet and patient man.
The complete opposite of Benoit.
He was a very clever neurologist.
It's quite ironic to dedicate your life to curing people's brains, and ending up with Alzheimer's.
Do you often compare your situation to your dad's? Yes.
It's different but it has brought us even closer together.
Even without my problems, I have always taken after my father.
In what way? You know.
My mother is How shall I put this? Hard to get on with.
THE DAY OF THE DISAPPEARANCE That belonged to my mum.
You have no respect.
- Will you stop interfering? - I'm not.
It's my house and my daughter.
I am needed here.
Don't flatter yourself, Rita.
You have no self-control.
Any idea how much this is worth? You broke that jug.
- Just like you've broken the family.
- Excuse me? What makes you say that? I am always the one who has to pick up the pieces.
- Shall I tell you how all of this started? - Go on then.
It all started when you started chasing your dick.
When my daughter was depressed and couldn't cope with Romy.
And sir here had to go and fuck his ex.
What are you talking about? That happened a long time ago.
And the minute you confronted me with it, I broke off all contact with Véronique.
No, don't lie.
Don't you dare try and sugarcoat it.
You didn't stop seeing her until Annemie tried to overdose on pills.
- That was your wake-up call.
- That had nothing to do with it.
You don't deserve Annemie.
You're a coward.
You are a coward, a liar and a cheat.
Who's the cheat? Who mounted her sick husband's nurse every night? - It's not what you think.
- Who is fooling her daughter? - That was a joint decision.
- I'm not talking about Romy.
This was long before that.
What? Who was pregnant with a unstable idiot's child, reeled in a fancy neurologist, and told him he was the daddy? - You're imagining things.
- You exceed my imagination, Rita.
Where did you get that from? You should have thrown out your love letters before you started seeing Walter.
And I married Annemie because I love her.
- Unlike you and Walter.
- I do love my husband.
I admit, it wasn't a flash in the pan, but over the years I have grown to love him.
My daughters had a wonderful father.
He was my man.
I looked up to him.
But that sodding Alzheimer's fucked it all up.
Annemie's illness and my dead grandchild have destroyed our family.
Not me.
Feel free to bash the hell out of what little there is left.
THE BEAR PI CONTACT THE BEAR PI Walter is not my dad.
Benoit is cheating on me with Véronique.
Walter is not my dad.
Walter is not my dad.
Benoit is cheating on me with Véronique.
Walter is not my dad.
Benoit is cheating on me with Véronique.
Walter is not my dad.
Benoit is cheating on me with Véronique.
Walter is not my dad.
Benoit is cheating on me with Véronique.
Walter is not my dad.
Benoit is cheating on me with Véronique.
Walter is not my dad.
Benoit is cheating on me with Véronique.
Walter is not my dad.
Benoit is cheating on me with Véronique.
Walter is not my dad.
Walter is not my dad.
Benoit is cheating on me.
Walter is not my dad.
Walter is not my dad.
Walter is not my dad.
Walter is not my dad.
Treehouse now! Mummy, this is our secret camp.
Our secret camp.
An accident at work.
You have been in a fight.
- Did Benoit do this to you? - It's my own fault.
How so? We have to knock this on the head, Mie.
It's not right.
Then why are you here? Go and be with your husband.
But I want to be with you.
For God's sake, Mie.
You can't.
I am not who you want me to be.
Nobody is who he says he is.
We have to stop this, Mie.
- Where are you? I told you I wanted a word about the case.
- I'm listening.
- No need.
I want you to come into the office and report back to me.
As simple as that.
- Hello? - I have to go, guv.
- I'll come by early in the morning.
- No, you're coming over now.
Think about how you feel about me today.
I feel good.
With you.
Hold onto that feeling.
What makes you say that? Because this is who I really am.
Promise? I promise.
I want to get out of here.
- Aren't you comfortable? - Yes, I am.
I want us to get out of here.
Away from everything.
Don't say that.
- I want to be with you.
- Same.
But you can't just leave.
What's keeping me here? I lost my baby.
My husband isn't the man I married, my mum is a liar, and my dad isn't my real dad.
What's keeping me here? I want to get out.
I love you.
- Okay.
- Okay.
I'm going to say goodbye to my dad and pick up some stuff.
I'll see you back here at four o'clock.
- Yes.
- See you later.
Go on, you get your stuff too.
How are you today? I can't even remember what I had for breakfast this morning.
I also don't know what day it is.
But I do remember when you were little and we were at sea.
You were wearing sandals and stepped into dog poo.
I was standing in the breakwater, cleaning your toes.
The stench was making Rita sick.
- Dad, can I ask you something? - No.
You can't have the last biscuit.
We don't get many moments like these anymore.
Pretty soon, there will be none left.
You are lucky.
This is the moment.
I'm having a good day today.
You and Mum, you had only just gotten together.
Mum fell pregnant straight away.
Have you never wondered about that? Is the colour yellow round or square? What does it matter if yellow is your favourite colour? Your mother may not be perfect but she was the love of my life and she has given me two beautiful daughters.
That's the one thing my illness will never take away from me.
There are days when I'm no longer present, Mieke but in moments of clarity, like now, I consider myself lucky that wherever my confused mind may wander I will always have my three girls around me.
That looked cosy, the two of you.
- What did you talk about? - You.
You have done nothing but lie since the day I was born.
- Did Benoit say something? - To Dad, to me, to Nikki.
And to yourself.
- Would you like to sit down? - If Dad isn't my father, - then you are no longer my mother.
- What are you saying? - All my life - I have heard you say that so many times.
How everything always comes down to you.
The sacrifices you make for Dad, for me, for everybody.
- Annemie, please listen.
- You only care about yourself.
- Who, me? - Yes.
- I always look after everyone.
- You are a spoilt brat, do you know that? There is someone out there who loves you more than anything in the world.
And you're not even aware of it.
And what would you know? What would you even know about that? Mum You don't know how lucky you are.
It's time you start realising that.
Enjoy his company.
While you still can.
- Nikki.
I'm sorry it took me this long.
- I couldn't play games like the others.
- I know she is dead.
But that's not all.
What is it? - I am not supposed to tell you - Nikki, what's wrong? Mie, you have to remember what happened to Thomas De Geest.
Or you're going to be in so much trouble.
You were not only the last person to have seen him, but you've also got a motive.
Benoit has a motive, not me.
You both have a motive.
You just forgot.
- If Dad is not my father - What are you saying? That explains why Tom was so distant and secretive about his past.
The feeling that I already knew him, Benoit's odd behaviour Nikki, Thomas De Geest is my brother.
Yes, he is my half-brother, just like you are my half-sister.
Mie, stop it.
Your mind is being poisoned here.
- Thomas is not your brother.
- I am going crazy.
Sis, I don't know what's real and what isn't anymore.
I really don't know.
Do you remember your last fight with Benoit? Before they found you in the woods.
Do you remember? You wanted to run off with Thomas and leave Benoit.
- Hey.
What happened here? A little accident.
And sir here had to go and fuck his ex.
Benoit, I am leaving you.
Why? - Because I don't love you anymore.
- You do love me, Mie.
- You're just confused.
- Don't treat me like an idiot.
- I know more than you think.
- Is it because of Thomas? You haven't loved me in a long time.
Don't say things like that.
What about that Véronique? Yes.
Yes, that happened.
A long time ago, after After your attempted suicide, I broke off all contact.
- I needed someone.
I needed you.
- I'm here, aren't I? Stop lying to me, Benoit.
I found your postcard.
It's not over between you two.
It is over.
I lied about the card, because I didn't Stop trying to explain yourself.
She won't leave me alone, but I want nothing to do with her.
Is that supposed to make me happy? I don't know anymore.
I just don't know anymore.
You're right.
It's not working.
We can't do this.
If you really want to go, then I think you should.
I'm sorry.
You go off and fuck the man who killed our daughter.
What did you say? Thomas De Geest is the drunk who crashed into your car, Mie.
That's not true.
You're lying.
You are lying.
Tell me you're lying.
Tell me you're lying.
I'm not.
MUSICAL STAR'S CAREER CRASHES TODAY DECEMBER 12TH He spent three months in jail and had to pay fines and damages.
There's my motive.
You said you met a guy named Tom.
If I had known it was that Thomas, I could have stopped you.
Benoit eventually found out about it and tried to sort it Benoit-style.
- How? - By keeping you out of it.
He beat the crap out of that guy.
But Thomas wouldn't leave you alone, so Benoit ended up having to tell you.
- I don't know what you did after that.
- Nothing.
I did nothing.
I'd never do anything like that.
You know me, right? Are you sure Benoit did nothing else? Madam, you didn't sign the paperwork properly.
- The police requires all visitors - I'll be right out.
You have to remember what happened so you can get out of here.
I know.
I need to get out of here.
I need to get out of here.
Hello? Yes.
Fifteen minutes later.
A quarter to eight? Yes.
Yes, I will write it down.
Mie? Annemie D'Haeze? Are you going for a walk? Mind if I join you? I know that you are keeping things from me and that you faked the hypnosis.
Why? What on earth are you afraid of? I am not afraid.
I have nothing left to lose.
Your son has taken everything from me.
Had you been a good dad to him, we wouldn't be standing here now.
My son has done a terrible thing, but we have to I don't have to do anything.
You, however, have to leave me alone.
I don't know where your child is.
But my child is never coming back.
How did Wolkers know about me faking the hypnosis? You ratted on me.
Who are you? Do you want to play that game? Are we going to guess who I am? I am Mie.
I am your friend.
- And you? - Me? I am Jan Peeters.
Shall I tell you something? You are a dirty rat.
Vronsky the Rat.
Where are my documents? Documents? There are pages missing from my medical file.
I want them back.
I know of only one nutter who rips pages out of books, and that's you.
Was there something in them that I wasn't supposed to know? - Here you go.
- Thank you.
- Hey, Omar.
- Hey Mie.
Mie, this is Fatima, my mum.
These are nice.
Have some.
- No, I don't mean to interrupt.
- You're not interrupting.
- Why don't you join us? - Take a seat.
- Would you like a drink? - Coffee, please.
- I'll have a tea.
- Tea? Thanks.
- Can I help you, Mieke? - No, thanks.
How do you say cheers? - Bsaha.
- Bsaha.
And thank you? Cho - Chokran.
- Chokran.
And sorry? - Smeh-li.
- Smeh-li.
- Are you tired, mum? - No, just a bit dizzy.
She's feeling a bit dizzy.
Why don't I take her to the toilet? Yes.
Mum, you go with her, alright? SORRY Labes.
Thanks for the ride.
I escaped.
At the recycling centre where Tom lives.
I just had to get out of there.
No, you're the only person I want to see.
Mie, everybody is looking for you.
You have to go back, now.
First I need to see the scene of the accident, then I will go back.
I don't even know where it is.
But you can find out.
I really can't.
The police are looking for you right now.
I know that Tom was the cause of my accident.
Do you know what he has done? I know that we were involved and that Benoit found out about it.
I have to go there.
I have to remember.
I need closure.
If that's the police, I will tell them about the mobile phone you got me.
Don't you trust me, Mie? Wait for me in the car.
Do you want me to go with you? Did it help? Yes.
Did you remember anything? No.
Nothing about Thomas De Geest? Will you be alright? Yes.
Is Omar's mum alright? She's fine.
We will talk about it tomorrow.
You get some sleep.
- Can you give her back her clothes? - Yes.
He burnt without flames.
- Will he make it? - I don't know.
He was burnt all over, except for his legs.
- Yes, his legs are fine.
- Mie, are you alright? Let me take you to your room.
NEXT WEEK Twenty-four hours.
- You want a scapegoat.
- You have a motive.
You must remember, the time is now.
The only way is forward.
How does a pyromaniac end up with methanol? - Shall we play a game? - You focus too much on the accident.
- Sit back.
- You need to focus on Thomas De Geest.
But the two are connected.
He knows everything.
He did something terrible to Thomas.
Subtitle translation by Alexandra Mitchell
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