Taggart (1983) s27e01 Episode Script

Bad Medicine

GROUP: I do solemnly and sincerely declare that as a graduate of the faculty of medicine, I will exercise the several parts of my profession (Man screams) .
to the best of my knowledge and ability (Screams) .
for the good, safety, and welfare of all persons committing themselves or committed to my care and direction.
Doesn't matter what you do to me.
I told you And I will not knowingly or intentionally do anything .
I don't know where it is.
or administer anything to them to their hurt (Screams) .
for prejudice or any consideration, or from any motive whatever.
(Man sobs) And I further declare that I will keep silent as to anything I have seen or heard in the practice of my profession which it would be improper to divulge.
(Applause) (Nail gun fires) JACKIE: Sir.
Sorry for the early call.
So you should be.
My moisturiser hasn't even dried in yet.
So, tell me you're going to restore my faith in humanity this morning.
No can do, sorry.
Yeah, I didn't think so.
Just a word of warning - it's not pretty.
Never is.
£ Yes, I know the city like a lover £ Good or bad, it's hard to love another that I've found £ This is no mean town No mean city £ It's the only place that I would be willing to die for £ It's the only life I've ever seen £ This town is so mean £ This town is so mean.
£ You weren't kidding, were you? Well, I didn't want to get too close, but it looks like the soles of his feet have been slashed.
There are cigarette burns on his arms.
Finished off with what looks like a shot to the head.
This feels professional.
Whoever did this knew what they were doing.
Kept him alive till they got what they wanted.
If they got it.
Oh, Robbie.
Hope we haven't dragged you away from something important.
Oh, sorry, boss.
I've had a bit of a hectic morning.
Well, that's your problem.
Tied with a multi-fold overhand.
It's an angler's knot used to tie a hook to a line.
Look - something's been scratched here.
A-D-A-S-T-R? Let's check that out.
Late night? Hope she was worth it.
'Cause of death - trauma to the brain caused by combustion nail gun.
This poor bugger was shot in the head twice.
Wouldn't have known what hit him.
So, if he scratched those letters in himself, he did it before he was shot.
Yep, and he did do it to himself.
I found skin and blood traces under his fingernails.
The rope used was bog standard, clean.
The knot was an overhand, also known as a Gallows knot, I know.
The soles of the feet have been slashed, probably with a Stanley knife, as was his face Probably? Look, I know a DNA hit would be much appreciated, but there wasn't a transfer of evidence, which means our killer wore some kind of protective clothing.
My guess is gloves, bin liners on his feet.
We're not in the business of guessing, son.
Only the victim's prints and DNA were found at the scene.
Right, that's two things we know about the killer He understands how to torture and how not to leave a trace of himself at the scene.
He's done this before.
A gangland thing? I'm thinking that way.
I want a full report by the end of the day.
Can you do that? And don't say 'probably'? Definitely.
And that's him in a good mood.
Got an ID on the victim - Scott Clarkson.
Recently graduated from university as a doctor.
Oh! That kind of scuppers the gangland theory.
MAN: He just got his degree.
He just started work up at the hospital.
I can't imagine how you must feel.
He was going to specialise.
Infectious diseases.
He wanted to work in Africa.
You must've been very proud of him.
I couldn't have been more proud.
He was going to leave his mark on the world.
(Sobs) Look, we can do this some other time No! No, no, no, it's, er I'm alright.
Could you give us a list of his closest friends? Er, Lucy Boyd.
They graduated together.
I don't know if there was anything romantic going on.
It was hard to tell with Scott.
And there's Gordon.
I don't know his surname.
They shared a flat for a couple of years.
Get a cup of tea.
We'll let you know what's what in a moment.
Dr Boyd, can we have a word? I'm busy! Come on, now, Craig, how much have you had to drink? Oh, shit! Whoa! We need to speak to you about Scott Clarkson.
Is this a good time? I just heard this afternoon.
I still can't believe it.
Should you be working? I'd rather be doing something.
Would you mind if I ask, were the two of you in a relationship? No.
We went on a few dates in second year, that's all.
His father seemed to think you were close.
I don't know if I'd say that.
I hadn't seen him in a while.
I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but he was tortured.
It usually means one of two things.
They were taking revenge, or they wanted information.
Can you shed any light on which it might have been? I'm sorry.
I don't know what he got himself involved in.
All I can say is that his behaviour was a bit erratic lately, but Stressed.
I thought you said you hadn't seen him.
I meant socially.
(Pager beeps) I'm sorry.
I need to get back.
Is she lying? About what? About her and Scott.
Notice how puffy her eyes were? Like she'd been crying all day.
Mike! Matt Burke.
(Laughs) You're a sight for sore eyes! (Laughter) You haven't changed a bit.
Yeah, yeah, right.
God, it must be five years since I last saw you.
I heard you made DI.
I've got you to thank for that.
Oh, bollocks.
Bollocks nothing.
You take a compliment, Matt.
I owe you, and I want you to know I know that.
Alright, alright, compliment taken.
So, what brings you to Glasgow? London not exciting enough for you? Well, as a matter of fact, I've come to see you.
We got word you had a nail gun killing.
Sorry about the state of the place.
Well, it is a bit of a shambles.
Yeah, we're just moving in.
They reckon we'll work better in nice new offices.
(Laughs) So, you got a similar MO on this guy in North London last week.
Our boss wants to know if it's linked.
It's hardly a common weapon, is it? I can't say it is.
He'd like us to work together.
Can you give us everything you've got? Yeah, fine, always happy to help the boys down south, but I want everything you've got in exchange.
You show me yours, I'll show you mine.
Ignore him, Matt.
DS Moretti likes to think he's the master of quick wit and snappy repartee.
Oh, very good.
Well, he's come to the right place.
Here we are - share and share alike.
How's that? We understand you're a friend of Scott Clarkson.
Kind of.
Kind of? We shared a flat.
I studied pharmacy.
He thought of me as a bit of a second-class citizen.
He was going to be a doctor who changed the world.
So, he looked down on you? Yeah, he had that air of natural superiority.
It can be quite annoying.
You didn't like him.
I liked him fine.
Just 'cause he's dead, doesn't mean he was perfect.
Mr Watts, if there's something you know that we should, then tell us.
This was a particularly brutal crime.
Just hasn't really sunk in yet.
He didn't confide in me.
I was just a flatmate.
Who did he confide in? Lucy? They had an on-off relationship, volatile.
I think she mistook that for passion.
In my opinion, they just weren't compatible.
She was too good for him.
OK, our boy wasn't tortured, but he did take two hits to the head from a nail gun No DNA.
Any chance you can get us the name of your John Doe ASAP? Working on it.
Fill us in on your guy.
Our victim is a junior doctor, Scott Clarkson.
We know he was stressed at work, anxious to pay off his student loan What - thinking suicide? (Laughs) He was tortured and killed by somebody who knew exactly what they were doing.
Could there have been more than one assailant? It's possible.
So, the main lead we have is this.
It seems that he scratched these letters on his body before he died.
We're not exactly sure what they mean yet or how significant they are.
Ad astra.
Ad astra? Latin.
It means 'to the stars'.
See? Not just a pretty face.
It was the last thing he did.
Could be a message to someone.
We have to assume that this killer, or killers, is still a danger, still out there, still after whatever it is they're looking for.
We're going to need to names of his friends and his colleagues to see if we can connect any of that to our John Doe.
No problem.
That was quick! Erm, I was thinking of transferring out of London.
Would you recommend Glasgow? Sure.
Oh, it's a buzz and all that, but sometimes I feel like a change, you know? No family, then? Free as a bird.
Maybe we could have a drink and talk about it sometime, if you've got time.
Yeah, I'll, er, I'll get back to you on that.
What do you make of him? Cocky bastard, isn't he? Maybe he's got something to be cocky about.
(Laughter) At least the boss is happy.
Come on.
Let's go.
MATT: Take a look at this.
It looks like we have Clarkson on CCTV at a service station, about an hour outside Glasgow, heading south.
When? Last week.
How did we get this? I checked to see if he'd hired a car recently.
Struck gold.
And do we know if he was meeting anyone? This is all we've got.
OK, Lucy Boyd.
Let's dig a little deeper, see if there's something she's not telling us.
Why don't you guys take Boyd? We'll take the other one.
Gordon Watts.
That OK with you, Matt? Yeah, sure.
That's while you finish your coffee.
(Mobile phone rings) (Mobile phone beeps) That's her.
Let's go for a walk.
That's not her flat, is it? She has an address on the south side.
(Glass smashes) (Jackie.
Take a look at that window.
) What? (Speaks indistinctly) (She's coming!) Ah.
Recycling? Mind if we take a shufti? Methylene dioxyamphetamine.
Benzoic acid.
Insecticide? What exactly were you making here, Doctor? Ecstasy.
I want to talk to a lawyer.
What have we got here, then? This Lucy Boyd? Oh, are both of youse checking up on us? Wouldn't put it like that.
How would you put it? What? What's he saying? I can't understand you, mate.
Slow down, will you? We couldn't find Watts.
We thought we'd join you guys.
What did you find up there? Beg your pardon? I said 'What did you find'? Oh, sorry.
Must be the accent.
(Laughs) OK, OK.
We wanted in on the action.
We should've asked.
This is our investigation.
Robbie! If you're thinking about phoning the boss, forget it, or do you want some salt for that big chip on your shoulder? Wait a minute.
Gordon Watts works at the hospital pharmacy, and that gives him access to drugs - drugs that Lucy needed to make E.
So, is he supplying them? Is he part of all this? Well, I bet on it.
We just need to tie Scott into this and we have a motive - drug money.
Or jealousy.
Gordon wasn't happy with Lucy's on-off relationship with Scott.
Let's have a consultation with the good doctor.
Shall we? You must know a bit of Latin.
Part of your studies, I would imagine.
Does the phrase 'ad astra' mean anything to you? 'To the stars'.
Scott carved it on himself before he died.
You're an intelligent young woman, Lucy.
A wonderful career ahead of you.
How the hell did you get yourself into this mess? Have you been doing it for a while, making and supplying? Was it your idea, or Scott's? Or did Gordon come up with it? What - is that funny? Gordon not leadership material, Lucy? Scott, then.
He was in immense pain when he died, and the fact they kept hurting him means he didn't give them what they wanted, whatever it was he was protecting.
You and Scott weren't romantically involved.
That's right, isn't it? So, it wasn't you he was protecting.
No, it couldn't have been.
Well, whoever it was, he must've loved them very much .
to have endured what he endured.
I couldn't have done it.
Who killed him, Lucy? MATT: We need more time.
Boss, we got word of Watts.
His mother's just reported him missing.
He didn't turn up to her birthday lunch, which is not like him, apparently.
It's possible Lucy got a message to him.
You know, if Lucy did kill Scott, she couldn't have done it on her own.
Gordon? Or another woman.
The girl I saw when we picked up Lucy, she knew why we were there.
Her flat? I'll check with the landlord, get a name.
Katie Wallis.
Know her? Whatever happened to 'how's it going'? Ah, I'm in a bit of a rush, Tommy.
Her flat was being used as a drug factory.
Are you paying for the soup as well? Aye, sure.
Have a roll with it, push the boat out.
A baguette, if you don't mind.
This is French onion soup, not Ayrshire onion soup.
Where'd you pick up your sophisticated taste, Tommy? Special unit? Katie Wallis.
Aye, I vaguely know what you're talking about.
She's a junkie.
Stands out.
Kelvinside type.
She dropped out of university when her habit kicked in.
There's a certain je ne sais quoi about her.
Where will I find her? Sometimes turns tricks around here when she needs money fast.
Here? Mmm.
Here, go and stick that on Clarion Call, York at 5:20, will you? Okey-dokey.
You still doing karaoke at the Shipbank Inn? Every Sunday.
Good for my stress levels.
Don't get hungry, don't get angry, don't get lonely, don't get tired.
That's what they tell me (Speaks indistinctly) Yeah, good advice.
MORETTI: To be honest, the way you've been talking him up, I just expected someone very different.
Who you talking about - Burke? Yeah.
I just imagined somebody a bit more on the ball.
I said he USED to be one of the best.
You looking for something, lads? Matt.
Yeah, crime scene report.
Seem to have lost ours.
Oh, don't worry.
I'll sort you out.
Oh! Should get some down time when we've cracked this.
Mmm, that'd be nice.
Any plans? Probably a quiet night in with a bottle of pinot grigio and a Meryl Streep flick.
You? Nah, nothing much.
What? No copious amounts of alcohol and a one-night stand you dump for the footy the next day? As wonderful as that seems, as a lifestyle choice, it's beginning to lose its lustre.
How did we end up this sad? I don't know about you, but I've put a lot of work into it.
That's her.
Why did you let Scott and Lucy use your flat to make drugs? I didn't know they were.
Did they give you a cut of the money? Would I be here if I had money? Where's Gordon, Katie? (Sighs) No idea.
Listen, you can flutter your eyes at him all night, I don't care, but I'm not leaving here until you answer my questions.
Who was involved? We need to know.
Two people have died.
Two? What do you mean? Scott, and another man down in London.
Now, this is more than just about drugs, Katie.
Whoever was involved in this is going to go down for a long time.
Help us.
You'd be doing yourself a big favour.
Scott came up with the idea of selling drugs to pay off his student loan.
Didn't want it hanging around his neck for the rest of his life.
Selling to who? He thought it'd be safer shifting them down south.
A guy he knew put him in touch with somebody down there.
Look, if you want protection, we can give you that.
(Laughs mirthlessly) Oh, really? Look, if there's someone who's scaring you, the only way you'll be safe is when he's behind bars.
His name.
Danny Kerr.
Thank you.
You were at university, is that right? Studying to be a doctor.
So? Katie, it does not have to be like this.
I can help you.
Call me.
Robbie? We need to go.
I mean it, OK? I read about it in the paper, but I had no idea it was Scott.
(Sighs) Didn't look that closely.
Well, we have someone who claims that Scott and yourself were involved in selling drugs.
What? I've no idea what you're talking about.
Who's been telling you this? You tell us.
I don't know.
Someone who knew Scott and Lucy.
She seems pretty sure.
Named Katie, by any chance? Scott told me all about her.
You can't listen to her.
No? Doesn't she have a drug problem or something? See, the thing about junkies is they'll tell you anything they think you want to hear.
You seem to know a lot about it.
That's all it is.
(Mobile phone rings) Ross.
Listen, a contact at Special Branch has faxed me details of that John Doe down south.
A dealer named Levine.
They think his death is linked to the fact he was selling a dodgy batch of drugs recently.
They've had the information for days.
Are you going to interview Lucy Boyd again? If I am? Fancy some company? No.
No, you're alright.
So, he never mentioned the names Kerr or Levine? What's this? Scott, after somebody had fired a couple of nails into his brain.
(Knocking at door) GORDON: Lucy! (Mobile phone rings) I'm sorry I had to show you that.
I just had to be sure that you didn't kill him.
Are you? I am now.
Talk to me, Lucy.
I can help you.
At first, I didn't take him seriously.
He was always coming up with crazy ideas.
Then I realised he meant it.
I should never have listened to him.
But he'd persuade people.
He had that knack.
Kept saying it was just ecstasy.
Then, when we started, it was just one batch, just one, just to pay off the debts, then we'd never do it again.
But the last batch we made was lethal.
How did that happen? Scott screwed up and used too much insecticide.
Gordon was furious, but by then it was too late.
Scott had sold the drugs and people had already died.
I wanted out after that.
And Gordon blamed Scott? He did.
How did the contact down south react to all this? Only Scott spoke to him.
I didn't meet him.
Scott thought everything should be on a need-to-know basis.
Sometimes it was just a big game to him.
Until those people died.
Until then.
And he never mentioned the name Levin? No.
But Danny knew who the contact was.
But Danny put him in touch with someone, and that person put him in touch with someone else.
That's all I know.
He did say it wasn't easy, getting out of the deal with this guy.
But he thought he knew how he could make him back off.
Just didn't say how, eh? Interview terminated 22:27.
(Tape recorder clunks) I should've talked sense into him.
My career's over, isn't it? Lucy, right now that's the least of your worries.
(Tape clunks) (Door rattles) MATT, ON TAPE: And he never mentioned the name Levine? LUCY, ON TAPE: No.
But Danny knew who the contact was.
But Danny put him in touch with someone, and that person put him in touch with someone else.
That's all I know.
He did say it wasn't easy, getting out of the deal with this guy.
(Knocks) Why didn't you just ask for it? I'm sorry.
I know, it was out of line.
You knew the name of the victim down south all along, didn't you? What are you playing at? You think I'm as thick as your granny's soup?! I need to solve this case, Matt, and quick.
My new super down there, he's got it in for me, big-style.
I think it's what they call a personality clash, you know? So, you just walk all over an old friend.
I don't know what I was thinking.
Just show some respect, mate! Yeah, I know.
This is my patch.
I got that.
Sound like a bit of a dinosaur.
My patch, your patch.
(Laughs) What decade are we in? I might be a dinosaur, pal, but I'm not extinct yet.
You want to make this into a competition, pal? Fine by me! But bear this in mind.
I don't go to work, I go to war! Couldn't you just keep it shut for once?! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold it, hold it! MATT: I take it he was dumped here, but murdered somewhere else.
MAN: Can't say for sure yet.
Were his hands tied? The knot - was it the same knot?! His hands weren't tied.
OK, I need to know if it was the same nail gun.
Think you can do that for me? It's not a firearm.
They don't have different characteristics.
Pretty obvious, isn't it? You tell that to the procurator fiscal, son.
Don't let those two anywhere near the crime scene.
This isn't about money.
The violence is disproportionate.
It's revenge.
For the contaminated drugs? Yeah, could be.
Go over the service station CCTV again, see if Danny Kerr pops up.
Danny Kerr? Can I have a word? Do you people never make appointments? I'm busy.
Gordon Watts.
Remember him? Scott Clarkson's geeky pal from the pharmacy.
No, I don't think I do.
Somebody did a spot of DIY on his body last night.
I think it was you.
Me? Is this a joke?! It's a process of elimination, and you seem to be doing the eliminating.
I'm going to need a DNA swab.
Really? And I'm going to need a compulsion order.
You know all the jargon.
I'm impressed.
Oh! Listen, you'll pitch up at my cop shop tomorrow morning for a swab voluntarily.
In the meantime, if anybody else turns up with a head full of nails, I will use them to crucify you, get it?! Oh! How are you settling into the new space? I preferred the old nicotine-stained walls myself.
What was it Johnstone said? 'Change is not made without inconvenience, even from worse to better.
' Jinky Johnstone said that? So, what's on your mind? Chief supers usually don't pay social calls.
No, you're right, Matt.
There's been a complaint made against you.
Daniel Kerr.
Seems to have a very good lawyer.
It's nothing.
The days of slamming heads together are well gone.
It's his word against mine.
Not quite.
Another officer witnessed it and has come forward.
Who? DI Mike Casey.
Maybe it's time for a move.
Have you thought about the Crime Review Unit? They need men with your experience.
Do they? A lot of guys have already retired at your age.
DCI's pension is pretty good.
Compared to what? Am I getting demoted? It's worth thinking about.
That's all.
Karen, I know I'm not your cup of tea, but I'm not ready to be put out to grass, not just yet.
Another officer backing up the complaint? Could be serious.
Heya, Katie.
Oh, what have I done now? Nothing.
Just here to ask you a few questions.
I'm a bit out of it.
What was it that made you drop out? (Sighs) What does it matter? I used to take speed to help me get through my exams.
That's how it started.
Guess I'm an addictive personality.
Listen, last time Scott met his contact, did he come back here? Usually did.
Anybody ever tell you you're not bad-looking for an old guy? Nope.
You're the first.
Did he do anything different? Nope.
Did he maybe talk about how he was going to stop supplying, or did he have anything with him? Did he hide anything? How am I supposed to remember? Well, think.
It's important.
Did anything unusual happen? Well, he gave Lucy a present.
Some old tat he got from the barrows.
Anything else? (Sighs) What am I looking for? (Tuts) Keys! (Rummages) What's the blade for? Self-defence.
What do you think? Do you mind if I take a look? Aye, I do.
It's not illegal, is it? I liked it.
Had a little plane inside.
What did? Nobody ever gives me presents.
What are you talking about, darling? Paperweight.
Had a little plane inside.
Stars that floated around when you shook it.
Stars? And what did Lucy do with it? Binned it, probably.
She hated it.
(Gasps) This is important.
Where is it? I don't know.
Did it have writing on it? I don't know! I told you, it was just some old tat! Arggh! OK.
Jackie, I know what 'to the stars' is all about.
When did you get all holier than thou? I saw what I saw.
You've done much worse to get what you wanted, and don't tell me you haven't.
Times have changed, Matt.
So have you.
(Sighs) I hope you're having a better day than me.
Well, could be.
We need to go and ask Lucy about a paperweight Scott gave her - now.
Oh, Christ! Get her down! For God's sake, get her down! When did you last check? An hour ago, I think.
You think? You're not sure? She was sleeping the last time I looked.
It's just a pity you can't remember when the last time you looked was, isn't it?! Where were you - getting your nails done?! This is a total failure of required practice.
We have to provide a minimum level of care.
Where the hell was the custody officer?! It's not her fault.
I'll take responsibility.
That's big of you, but you're a bit late.
I understand the prisoner was a junior doctor.
That'll attract attention.
Meaning? Meaning it won't just go away.
Worried about our image, are you? Watch your mouth! The chief constable will want a fatal accident enquiry.
I need a report on my desk tomorrow.
Sooner, if possible.
Are you trying to cripple this division single-handedly, DCI Burke? 'Cause you're doing a good job.
Did Lucy say anything to you the last time you checked on her? Not to me.
What - was there someone who was with you? The two officers from London came down to speak to her.
In her cell? Just for a minute.
They were in and out.
They said that she refused to speak to them.
And you checked on her after that? Yes.
Like I said, she was sleeping.
Sorry to hear about your prisoner, Matt.
Looks like we're hitting a brick wall with this one.
What were you doing in her cell? Just wanted an opportunity to speak to her.
You didn't seem inclined to give us a chance.
So, you just took it?! That's what you taught me - initiative.
What did you say to her in there? She just sat there like a zombie.
Didn't get anything.
If you ask me, she'd already made up her mind to top herself.
Maybe it was something you said.
Excuse me, ma'am, could I have a word about DCI Burke? It's in relation to the death in custody.
I don't have the time right now, DS Reid.
Make an appointment.
Oh, you need to know that DI Casey and DS Moretti visited the prisoner in her cell unauthorised.
You have something to say, say it to the enquiry.
You know, Jackie, you should be looking out for yourself.
Burke's career is on the wane.
You still have far to go.
Matthew Burke is the best DCI we've got.
Everyone has their time.
Maybe someday, somebody will say that about you.
ROBBIE: We need to find this paperweight.
I think we should take a look in Lucy's flat.
Now? You got a better idea? (Knocks) I thought you'd like to see this as soon as possible.
My report on Lucy Boyd.
I think you'll find it interesting.
Thanks, son.
It's Duncan, not 'son'.
JACKIE: Any luck? No.
Well, I've checked her bedroom and the kitchen.
Maybe she didn't bring it home.
(Snaps fingers) Her locker at the hospital, remember? Well, it's possible.
(Mobile phone rings) Ross.
It's me, Katie.
I'm being followed.
It's Danny Kerr.
I'm scared.
Where are you? The barrows.
Stay there! I'm on my way.
Wait a minute.
Where are you going? You check the hospital locker.
I'll see you back at the station.
It's the girl, isn't it? Check the locker! (Saw rasps) Oh, shit.
Going somewhere nice, Danny?! To the stars.
(Paperweight rattles) I know what you're thinking.
It looks bad, but they wanted me to keep an eye on her, that's all! Keep an eye on her! Who did? Do you have a computer nearby? MATT: Do you recognise this man? His name's Levine.
What about this man? Yeah.
I do remember him.
This man? No.
What about this man? Yeah, that's the guy he was with.
He's a bit younger in that, but, aye, that's him.
Yeah, 8,000.
OK, one, two, three, four, five.
There we go! DI Casey, DS Moretti have just bought £8,000 worth of ecstasy from me.
I hope I got all that.
You lied.
I was in the canteen.
The London boys said they would back me up, said they would cover for me.
MATT: That you off? Yeah.
All the best for the enquiry.
I wouldn't worry, Mike.
I won't get the blame for Lucy's death.
You will.
The same knot used on Scott was used to make Lucy's noose.
Is this what you've been looking for? Danny Kerr filled us in.
You've lost me.
Scott Clarkson wanted out, but you wouldn't let him.
Too good a deal, having your own drug factory, wasn't it? But then he made the mistake of trying to blackmail you, and once you knew that footage was out there, you had to get rid of anybody that might have seen it.
You were the best of the best, Mike.
When I saw guys like you coming up through the ranks, it gave me hope.
What happened? I realised I was turning into you.
That's what happened.
I didn't want to end up alone.
Hanging on for my pension.
I mean, what have you got to show for 30 years of service, eh? Nothing.
Stand aside.
Why should I? I'm all washed-up, remember? I've got nothing to lose.
I'm serious.
(Nail gun clicks) Do your worst.
Put it down, Mike.
Guess that drink will have to wait.
No! (Nail gun fires) Ambulance.
This is DI Ross.
Sir, are you alright? Closed Captions by CSI
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