Taggart (1983) s27e02 Episode Script

Abuse of Trust

(Gun fires twice) (Gun fires) MAN, ON PHONE: Come quickly! He's shot us! He's shot us! WOMAN, ON PHONE: Caller, how many people have been shot? Two - me and Will.
Oh, he's bleeding everywhere.
What is your location? What? Come quickly! Where are you calling from? The Shipworkers' Social Club.
It's on Clyde Street.
Come quickly! Over here! They're here.
Hold on.
Let him go.
What? I need you to let him go.
No pulse.
Help him! Arggh! (Groans) You need to stay still.
Don't move that arm.
Cam! Cam Oh, my God.
Will! MAN: Clear! Clear! I wonder what the going rate is for tipping off the press these days.
The strike's big news, and they don't have to wait for Jackie to do their hair.
Coming from you, Robbie Ross.
(Journalists clamour) WOMAN: Mr Beattie, can you tell us what happened? Aye, I can.
I was shot.
Will Ramsey was assassinated! Aye, so, now you all know the lengths that Seaward Systems will go to to end this strike.
Have you any proof of that allegation? Proof?! Mr Beattie.
DCI Burke, what do you think of Mr Beattie's allegations? I'm afraid I didn't hear them.
I've only just got here.
Mr Beattie, you need to come with us now.
Aye, when I'm done here.
You ARE done here.
(Shouting) They killed one of us - Seaward Systems! He never stood a chance.
Two shots, both to the chest.
Probably dead when he hit the floor.
Beattie's shouting assassination to the press.
Well, he could be right.
No gun, no shell casings, close grouping.
Looks professional.
Maybe they'll claim it was an industrial injury.
£ Yes, I know the city like a lover £ Good or bad, it's hard to love another that I've found £ This is no mean town No mean city £ It's the only place that I would be willing to die for £ It's the only life I've ever seen £ This town is so mean £ This town is so mean.
£ You should be out there, trying to find who killed Will Ramsey, instead of looking under my fingernails.
The sooner we have any evidence, the better.
Are you up to talking to us? Do you need to do this now? He's just Lorna, if this helps find who did this to Will, eh? So, what can you tell us about the person who attacked you? Black clothes, black mask, big gun.
Could you recognise him again? I doubt it.
He never spoke? No.
Will and I were leaving the hall, and he was just standing there.
He pointed the gun and fired.
Will went down.
I went for him.
He fired once, then he turned and ran.
And you went after him? It's stupid, I know.
I just didn't think.
Have there been any threats made against either of you, or the union? Not for me.
No disgruntled shipworkers? The strike must be costing them.
Well, then, they can vote to go back to work.
Seaward Systems.
They're a major defence contractor, Mr Burke.
You don't think they know all the right people for something like this? I think it'd be a mistake to jump to conclusions.
Have you any reasons why they'd suddenly turn to violence? No.
That's your job, isn't it? Which won't be helped by your little performance at the crime scene.
I was nearly killed! I saw an opportunity to get the truth out there, and I took it.
So what? Am I the suspect here? We'll leave you alone now.
Thank you for your time.
I knew your father, you know.
He was shop steward at the yard when I started.
Good man.
I recognise you from the funeral.
Must have been proud of you.
(Gun fires) Oh! I hate when they do that.
Oh, I love the smell of gunpowder in the morning.
It's 'napalm' in the morning.
I love that film too.
And in between watching movies, did you manage to find time to do any actual work? Yes, though rushing things is not conducive to good results.
Neither is hanging about waiting for a report on a major enquiry.
Interfering with your love life, is it? Ramsey died of two close-grouped bullets to the heart.
No powder burns or gunshot residue, so not point-blank range.
I can tell you what it isn't, and that's lots of the more common handguns we see.
See, the riflings don't conform, so we've got a pistol, possibly rare or exotic.
I just need to keep testing until we get a match.
And what about beating? Blood on his clothes and hands were from Ramsey and himself.
There were traces of gunshot residue around the wound, but not much.
Could he had fired the gun? The traces weren't strong enough to suggest he ever that close to the weapon.
His hands were clean.
But could he have fired it? Given the evidence, I would say that that is highly unlikely.
So, no, then? I've told you my findings.
That fence must be really hurting your arse, Duncan.
(Gun fires) MATT: And you can't think of anybody who might have had a grudge against Will? No.
Will was spending all his time on the strike.
If he wasn't down at the union office, he was here hunched over his laptop.
Did that bother you? He was trying to make a difference.
I was proud of him.
How did Will and Cam Beattie get on? He didn't exactly pop round for dinner.
You know, they were very different.
But I know Will admired him.
They both wanted the same thing.
He asked about threats, and I know Will hadn't had any.
But he rang yesterday about something big, you know? Said it would change everything.
I wouldn't believe it.
What was it? He wanted to tell me face-to-face.
He said we'd talk about it that night.
So, Will could have had something to threaten Seaward Systems into giving in? Is his laptop here? Erm he had it with him.
He usually did.
We'll do everything we can, Mr Crellin.
Except bring him back.
(Horn honks) What's that? New motor.
See the press are still sniffing about.
Yeah, well, Cam Beattie chasing the gunman's a great story.
Did you get promoted and not tell me? Nah, the right horse came in, and then another, and then another, and I invested it.
Fuel injection, surround sound A convertible? In Glasgow? Sorry for the delay, folks.
So, Robbie, let's go through it.
The strike.
Seaward Systems want to employ cheaper foreign labour in the yard instead of rehiring the local men.
Union doesn't like it, and they've been on strike for nine weeks.
Aye, and fair play to them.
Just leave it at home, Trotsky, alright? So, a mystery gunman turns up after the meeting last night.
Kills Ramsey and wounds Beattie.
Everything points to professional hit.
Except that Beattie's still alive.
Well, Beattie said he went for him.
The killer must have panicked and ran.
Seaward Systems? A massive defence contractor with 30,000 employees.
Sites in seven countries.
Ramsey's phone records show a lot of calls to and from Seaward Systems switchboard, loads of paperwork, nothing unusual, but his laptop wasn't at his flat.
We need that.
Whatever he had on Seaward Systems is more than likely to be on it.
Do we really think a huge corporation would hire a hit man to solve a labour dispute? The strike is going to cost them millions.
Let's find out what they've got to say.
Robbie, go and talk to Patrick Carr.
He was the first on the scene.
And get me a list of all the union members, specifically those that were at the meeting last night.
Do you want to tell me about last night? Ah, we held a meeting, voted to continue the action.
He had a wee confab afterwards, and then I headed home.
The two of them were still at it when I left.
Anything untoward happen? Nope.
A couple of people have said the meeting was recorded.
You'll be wanting the tape.
Yes, I will.
I'll make sure you get it today.
Did you know Will Ramsey was gay? Is that why he's dead, Mr Ross? And they call me a dinosaur.
Nobody shot Will Ramsey because of that.
He's dead because he was sticking into big business.
This is all our fights, Mr Ross.
The rest of youse just don't know it yet.
You want us to wait? No, you're alright.
Thanks, lads! MAN: Right, see you later, Cam! Beattie's just discharged himself from hospital without bothering to inform us.
Let's go and tell him why that's a bad idea.
There are too many lost battles on the banks of this river.
MAN, ON VIDEO: Yeah! There are too many compromises, and where has it got us? (Applause on video) (Light switch clicks) BEATTIE: Lorna? (Gasps) MAN: Entering property now.
Is he going to be alright? Arggh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Arggh! I'm alright! WOMAN: Come on, Mr Beattie.
Now do you believe me? Someone is trying to shut us up, Mr Burke! You're sure it was the same man? Same clothes, black mask - what do you think? JACKIE: And you never saw? I've said.
First I knew was when I heard Cam scream.
I shouted at him, and then I ran down the stairs.
And the attacker was gone? Yes.
Could you just stop for a minute, Mrs Beattie? What do you want from me? Seaward Systems killed Will Ramsey, and they tried to kill my husband.
I didn't see anything.
Oh, I wish to God I had.
Then you might catch them and I wouldn't be scared stiff wondering when they might come back.
Look, we can put an officer outside.
Cam's got police protection.
You're safe.
Oh, really? Well, I'm not taking any chances.
GIRL: Mum.
Mum! Kirsty, what are you doing here? I heard what happened.
Hello, Kirsty.
I'm Jackie.
She wasn't here.
Kirsty, why don't you go downstairs, pet? So, where was she? Just out at a friend's place.
What's your friend's name? Why? (Sighs) Curran.
Jamie Curran.
Kirsty, put that in the car, OK? Where are you going? My mother's.
Are we done? What do you reckon? How many briefs is he going to walk in here with? Four? Six? Probably need a few lawyers when you make weapons for a living.
DCI Burke, I take it, and Oh, DS Reid.
Lawrence Brown.
Well, now we're all acquainted, this strike, it's costing you money.
It will.
It would be in your interest to see it stopped.
It would be in everyone's interest, believe me.
What they're doing is madness.
And you thought you'd put a stop to it, or is it just coincidence that two of the leaders of that union have been attacked? Did I just say something funny there? DCI Burke, do you really believe we're in the business of hiring assassins? Give me a good reason to think you're not.
We're fairly sure the strike is actually illegal under the terms of their contracts, but sacking them all would be bad publicity.
These days, the pen is mightier than the sword.
Tell that to William Ramsey.
I did, and he agreed with me.
We'd been negotiating with Mr Ramsey, and had come up with a deal he felt could work.
He was a realist, unlike Beattie.
He was going to take it to the membership.
And you have the paperwork to that effect? Of course, and so will the union.
Now, DCI Burke, let me ask you a question.
Why would Seaward Systems have killed the only sane man in the room? Hey, if this is the lecture on cooperating, I've learned my lesson, believe me.
You're lucky it didn't cost you your life.
She's beautiful, isn't she? We should be working on her right now.
Alright, lads? (Men murmur) If we give in now, that ship will be finished by foreigners who live like rats and work for half our wages.
Except you'd an offer that would stop all that happening.
What? Oh, we spoke to Seaward Systems.
They told us about an offer they made to Will Ramsey.
No idea what you're talking about.
I've seen the paperwork.
Would you like to? Has it got my name in it? Any kind of response from us? No? Thought not.
Seaward Systems are lying.
This is how they operate.
And now look who they've got doing their dirty work, eh? ROBBIE: Mr Carr.
Jesus! What are you doing to me? You think I'm not nervous enough? A word in private.
Come on, boys.
Thanks, fellas.
I want you to tell me about the offer you received from Seaward Systems.
These are copies of the fax and emails that were sent to you.
Never seen these things before in my life.
Well, the emails are marked as being opened at this end.
A big firm like Seaward Systems could easily have them faked.
I wasn't aware we were talking to them about a deal.
Will Ramsey was.
What do you make of that? Not a lot.
We're a brotherhood, Mr Ross.
That's what a union's about.
If there's been an offer, we'd have opened it up to the membership.
If Will Ramsey was working behind people's backs, do you think that would be enough to get him shot? Who knows? People get killed for the change in their pockets these days.
We know Ramsey wasn't blackmailing Seaward Systems.
He was doing a deal with them.
We've checked the paperwork and the lawyers who drafted it, and everything seems legit.
I don't think they're lying.
So, Will Ramsey was working on his own to try and secure a deal? I checked with Lawrence Brown.
It was definitely only Ramsey at the meeting.
And Beattie and Carr deny all knowledge.
Ah, right on cue.
You got something for us? Er, the suspense is killing us, son.
Your three bullets were fired from a Ballester-Molina.
So, not a gun, then? (Laughs) It's a .
45-calibre pistol used by the Argentinean military since the Second World War.
Hardly high-spec, even then.
A few were smuggled back in 1982.
Right, let's find out if there's any ex-servicemen among the membership, particularly anybody that saw action in the Falklands.
Seaward Systems aren't lying.
Somebody at that union is.
Let's get a warrant to search the premises.
I want their computers and their paperwork, and talk to some of the rank and file, see if there's any kind of clique within the union.
(Chatter) Er, pint of heavy, please.
And, er, give me one of those single malts.
I'm investigating the attacks on Ramsey and Beattie.
Like to have a chat with some of the strikers.
Take your pick, if they'll talk to you.
Not playing for money, are you, lads? Just joking.
Yeah, mind if I join in for a few hands? Help yourself.
Matt? MATT: Ma'am.
How's it going? The press are very interested in your progress.
You have a talent for understatement.
They love a whiff of conspiracy.
We're being painted in league with big business, dragging our feet.
Think I don't know that? All that local hero stuff isn't helping either.
Don't cases like this make you wish for something a little easier, have some time for yourself? Nice segue.
They teach that at top brass academy? I haven't decided yet.
I can't hold the Crime Review Unit job forever, Matt.
I understand.
I'm sure you'll make the right choice.
Keep me in touch with your progress on this case.
Boss, another round here! So, everybody loves Cam.
Cam's done right by us.
Like he says, if we don't make a stand now, it'll just get worse.
And what about Ramsey? They killed him, didn't they? He was a shirt-lifter, but he was still one of us.
So, was anyone in the union against the strike? Plenty of us - every Friday.
No, but I mean, were there any specific grudges? Oh, aye! You should be talking to the wives, Mr Ross.
You cannae buy new curtains if there's no overtime coming in.
Were you in the army? Aye, Caledonians.
They treat you almost as bad as Seaward bloody Systems.
That your car out there? Aye.
Aye, it is.
Not planning to leave it there all night, are you, officer? It'll be a skip by the morning.
I never said I wanted a go.
Ah, didn't have to, Jackie.
I might have been busy tonight.
(Snorts) Doing what? Technically it's work.
Put in for the overtime.
Ha! And I paid your tax I should bloody well think so.
And you had to get pissed? Aye, I did.
Only way to get them to open up.
But will you remember what they said in the morning? Great.
Got a warrant for the union officers.
Cam Beattie served in the Falklands.
Caledonian Rifles.
So did Patrick Carr.
They fought together.
We've got 17 other ex-servicemen in that union, but there's only three of them are Falklands veterans.
And Patrick Carr was the first there after Ramsey was shot.
On the footage of the meeting, Ramsey's on his laptop, but we never found it after the murder.
So, somebody must have taken it.
Aye, someone who wanted to hide Seaward Systems' offer.
You drive.
I'm not going to bloody ask.
(Explosion blasts) Yeah, it's the Clydeside Shipworkers Club.
(Car alarm blares) Hell! That's him.
Oh, shit! Get him! SAT NAV: Recalculating.
In 200 yards, turn right.
Turn right.
Shut up, woman! At the traffic lights, turn left.
You have arrived at your destination.
Arggh! Get off me! Patrick Carr, I'm detaining you for murder.
I've only had it a week! Well, you shouldn't have brought it into your work, should you? You do not have to say anything, but anything you do say may be noted and given in evidence.
Bloody hell! JACKIE: You knew Will Ramsey? He's Jamie's uncle.
Oh, I'm sorry.
It's OK.
He was more of a father to him than his useless brother.
Has this got something to do with what happened to Will? We think the same man is responsible for both attacks on Will and Cam Beattie.
We're trying to establish a timeline for the attacks.
What time did Lorna bring Kirsty round? About 8:30.
Was it a social call? Homework.
Can I go now? What age are you, Jamie? So, you're not in the same year? I was helping Kirsty, that's all.
Is Kirsty your girlfriend? They're just kids - friends, it's all Yeah.
How do you get on with her dad? I don't.
What? I'm not lying about it, Mum.
Cam didn't want me seeing Kirsty.
Banned me from seeing her.
Why? Ask him.
He's a bastard.
It's a shame they didn't finish the job.
Jamie! Who? Whoever shot him with that thing.
So, if you were banned from seeing Kirsty, how come Lorna brought her round that night? Did Cam know? You'll have to ask Lorna.
Kirsty was welcome here whenever she wanted.
Can I go now? And you were here all night? No-one left? No.
MATT: So, what are you going to give me? Name, rank, and serial number, like some good old soldier? Is that where you got the gun? I've no idea what you're talking about.
Alright, let's talk about something you do know about.
Why'd you torch the club? My guess is to hide evidence of the Seaward Systems offer, because if you knew about that, then you'd lied to us.
No, I knew that you knew the facts were real enough.
So, why wasn't the offer put to the membership? Because they were getting nervous.
They'd have taken it like a shot, and once you give in Once somebody like Seaward Systems gets their foot in the door, it's over! So, it was never mentioned at the meeting.
So, what did Ramsey make of that? He disagreed.
He wanted to reveal the offer.
Giving an old chalk like you good motive to kill him.
You think I killed Will? Well, why not? He was betraying his comrades, wasn't he? I didn't kill him! You ask Cam if it was me that shot him! The killer wore a mask and used an Argentinean pistol.
Bring any souvenirs back from the Falklands? It's funny how you were first there after it happened, isn't it? You'd better have a bloody good alibi! JACKIE: So, Lorna and Kirsty leave for Jamie's.
Oh, Cam returns home.
Where are you going this time, Lorna? (Footsteps crunch in gravel) What are you doing? Oh! Sorry, Mr Beattie.
I was looking for CCTV at the back, hoping to get a wee look at your attacker.
Did he come in the front or the back? Don't know.
No? Sorry.
It must have been when Lorna was out, right? He must have waited for her to leave.
Aye, I suppose so.
And Lorna phoned you when she got back? I guess so.
I was a bit out of it.
Thanks, Mr Beattie.
Patrick Carr's alibi checks out for the night of Ramsey's murder.
Beattie did call him, and a neighbour saw him leaving his house.
MATT: So, he can't have been the gunman.
No, he's alibied for the attack on Beattie as well, plus no gun or laptop recovered after the fire at the club.
So, where does that leave us? It makes no sense for Carr to attack Beattie anyway.
Well, if they were keeping things close to their chests about the deal, then somebody else could still have assumed that Beattie was in on it.
Plenty of candidates.
I mean, this guy, for instance.
Adam Turner, ex-Caledonian.
He was at the office the other day when I questioned Carr, and he dropped Beattie off at home the night he was attacked.
There's got to be some other connection here that we're missing.
Or are you looking for a connection where there isn't one? What do you mean? Kirsty Beattie is going out with Will Ramsey's nephew.
Cam Beattie's not very happy about it.
And? Well, maybe the two attacks aren't both about the union.
Cam comes home, the car drops him off, in he goes.
Now, at this point, according to the original statements, this is when the attack happened, but then Lorna goes out again.
Where does she go? Don't know yet, but I've called up all the footage from the surrounding area.
When I spoke to Cam today, he said that the attack happened while Lorna was out this second trip.
But she said she was upstairs sorting the washing.
Either one or both of them is lying.
Why? Right, as soon as those other tapes come in, I want them watched today, long as it takes.
Never mind looking at me.
Eyes down, the lot of you! ROBBIE: Boss? Oh, did it have to wait until my arse hit the seat? What is it? I think you should see this.
Is it Lorna? No.
It's Jamie Curran.
That's one angry wee boy.
If you've nothing to hide, then why did you lie to me, Gina? Because I knew this would happen.
I knew you'd think that Think what? That Jamie has something to do with what happened to Cam.
Where did you go that night, Jamie? Where were you going? Why was Kirsty there that night? And don't give us any rubbish about homework.
It was all his fault.
Who? Cam Beattie? He used to be cool.
Came to the football a few times with me and my Uncle Will, and then when I start seeing Kirsty, he goes mental.
Threatening me.
Mrs Curran, right now you're facing charges of attempting to pervert the course of justice and God knows what else.
Now, we have evidence of Jamie leaving the house right around the time of the attack.
Jamie, your mother's lying to protect you, but it's too late for all that.
Now, if you've got anything to say to help yourself, now's the time to say it.
You need to tell us the truth here, son! I did it.
No! Alright? It was me.
Jamie, son I shot him with the crossbow.
I love Kirsty.
I wasn't going to let him stop us seeing each other, so I went in and I shot him He's lying! Mum, leave it! No! JACKIE: Gina, if Jamie did this He didn't do anything.
He's just a boy.
All this, he's just trying to protect her, protect us all from him Shut up! I don't want you here! Does she have to be here? Look, I did it.
What do I sign? I'll sign it.
Jamie, don't.
It's too late, sweetheart.
We have to tell the truth.
If you do this, he gets away with it.
And no-one ever knows.
You'll go to jail and he'll keep doing whatever he wants, see? If you really want to protect her, you have to tell the truth to these policemen.
What are you talking about, Gina? Tell them, son.
This is all my fault.
When I started seeing Kirsty, she was Go on, son.
She was experienced.
I was surprised.
I mean, she's younger than me and I wasn't, but .
she'd done it already.
We know what you mean.
We love each other, properly, and I was jealous.
I wanted to know who it was she'd been with.
Kirsty wouldn't say, so I threatened to break up with her.
I didn't mean it, but It was him! Her father? He'd been doing it since she was nine.
Mr Pillar of the Community.
So, what happened? I didn't know what to do, so I told my Uncle Will.
When was this? A couple of days ago.
He promised to sort it.
So, he confronted Cam.
We don't know.
That night, they both got shot.
Cam didn't say anything when he got out of the hospital.
It was just like before, so Kirsty told her mother what he'd been doing.
She just wanted it to stop.
MATT: Well, hands up if you saw that one coming.
Gives a strong new motive for the second attack on Beattie.
Aye, for Lorna.
If would make sense of her movements and the fact that she lied about them.
So, Lorna shoots Cam, sticks him up against the wall, and then she gets rid of the evidence, then drives home to do what? Phone an ambulance to save his life? No, she wants to kill Cam, but she misses anything vital, and it's not like she can just shoot him again.
So, she goes out to dump the crossbow, she comes back, dials 999 And Cam tells us it's the same mystery assailant that shot him at the club.
Which makes sense because of the attack on Ramsey.
But if it's Lorna, then there is no mystery assailant.
And Beattie's lied to us.
Now, what if he did the same thing at the Shipworkers' Club? To give us a ghost to chase.
Maybe Lorna didn't have time to dump the crossbow.
Maybe she gave it to someone she could trust.
(Door opens) I know Lorna gave you the crossbow, Jamie.
What did you do with it? Now, don't lie to me again, son.
This is your way out of this.
I hid it.
This is our line in the sand! (Cheering and applause) Fuck me, lads, we're not asking for riches or outrageous terms.
We just want to know that our jobs are safe! Boss, SOCO have just found the crossbow.
(Cheering and applause on video) We've talked to Jamie and Gina.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Refresh your memory? We know you gave it to Jamie Curran.
What chance we'll find your prints all over it? None.
We know what Cam's been doing.
We can put him away.
Kirsty will be safe.
Kirsty's safe right now! Now, I won't put her through anything else.
If you want to prove I did that to Cam, then go ahead, but I'll never say why, and neither will he.
Let me guess.
He said there was a way for it all to be OK.
I don't know what you're talking about! I want to see my daughter! (Sighs) Please.
Let me see Kirsty.
MATT: Robbie.
Look at this.
You spotted the laptop.
What did you miss? Erm There's a union logo on his shirt.
So? So, I went down to evidence and got this.
No logo.
And nobody thought to compare the two.
So, why did he change his shirt? Now, what if this has got nothing to do with Seaward Systems' deal? What if Ramsey confronted Beattie about the abuse? It would ruin him.
So, he waits till Carr's gone, and then he shoots Ramsey.
And himself? Well, not according to the forensics.
Yeah, but if he wore gloves, overalls.
We know he changed his shirt.
You know, he's not unfamiliar with a firearm.
He knew we'd be looking for gunshot residue.
All this stuff about going for the gunman.
He does his best to taint the evidence trail, make himself look heroic, right down to the flesh wound.
So, he runs out of the club, supposedly chasing the killer, building his alibi.
And no doubt chucks the gun and the laptop into the Clyde.
Exactly, and only then does he call the police and Patrick Carr, and makes sure he tells the press it's all about the strike.
Because he's the only witness to both crimes, the timelines start with him.
And we've never questioned them until now.
You think I killed him? You think I killed Will Ramsey?! I know you did.
You'd rather take on the little man, one of your own, than take on Seaward Systems, is that it? Your father would turn in his grave.
My father would never have killed a friend to protect his empire.
He'd have spat in your face for what you've done.
What I've done? I was protecting my own! That jumped-up little sod would've sold us down the river with that bloody deal! So, I lied about it.
You want to arrest me for that, carry on, but I didn't kill him.
I didn't need to do that.
My men would follow me into hell, Mr Burke.
They love me.
So, you find anything? You know we didn't.
Aye, because I'm innocent.
You didn't mention Kirsty? We've got no proof yet.
I've said all I'm going to say.
I think Cam killed Will Ramsey.
(Laughs) No.
This was never about the strike.
Jamie told Will what was happening.
He threatened to expose Cam.
Are you telling me you never suspected? No.
Cam had been shot.
I didn't know anything Oh, God.
I want to put him away for the rest of his life, where he can't touch you or Kirsty.
When Kirsty told me, it all clicked, you know? What sort of a mother am I? 'Cause once it was there in front of me, I didn't doubt it.
How could I not have seen that? The way he'd been with her.
The crossbow was his? Been in the shed for years.
I hated the bloody thing.
He came in.
I sat in the dark.
He put on the light, and (Cries) The thing you've got to realise about Cam is he he has something.
People want to be around him, follow him, listen to him.
He just smiled, started talking about how I'd got it wrong.
Kirsty was lying 'cause of Jamie, and I so wanted to believe him.
He was so reasonable.
He said no-one need get in any trouble if we got rid of the evidence.
Blame it on whoever shot Will.
Said he'd protect me.
Like I was the one that needed And as always, I did what he said.
All he cares about is what people think of him.
He's rotten underneath.
Lorna, will you trust me? Lorna.
Could I have a word? I'm busy.
So I see.
It's about Kirsty.
What about her? I know who you are.
A murderer, a liar, and an abuser.
Ah, right.
Thing is, you're the only one accusing me of anything.
Now, you prove me a killer, Mr Burke, I'll take what's coming.
Now, on your way.
I can't prove you're a murderer, but I can prove you're a child abuser.
A man who had sex with his nine-year-old daughter.
Shut your mouth! Ramsey knew too, didn't he? That's why he had to go.
See, the thing is, I haven't got enough evidence to convict you of killing Ramsey, but I have got statements from Lorna and Kirsty testifying to the fact that you've been having sex with the girl for the last four years.
So, are you ready to take what's coming to you, Mr Man of the People? It'll be messy, the court case, and I don't imagine these lads here will have too much time for that sort of a man.
If you can call him that.
You're bluffing.
Lorna would never tell the truth because of Kirsty.
I know her.
She said you would say that.
Lorna will testify to shooting you, and why, and Kirsty will have to give evidence and you will be found guilty.
Now, I don't know if there's a union in the nonces' wing.
Tends to be every man for himself on there, you know what I mean? There's one way to stop it happening.
One choice.
What? Confess to killing Ramsey, and I won't pursue the child abuse charge.
I want to put you away for the longest possible time, and if it saves that wee lassie a court appearance, so much the better! I want a confession and a guilty plea.
You bastard! It's all about negotiation, Cam.
Now, surely you understand that.
You alright, Cam? Well, are you? Aye.
So, what's it going to be? Your shout.
Or do you want to make a speech? The cameras are right over there.
Maybe I could make a wee speech too, eh? Murder I'm sorry, what was that? Murder! Happy? I killed Will Ramsey.
He was going to destroy everything! You're sure it's over? Lorna, Kirsty will need to get help with this.
It will be hard, but it will be for the best.
I promise.
Thank you.
Great result, Matt.
A nice one to finish on.
I'm not applying to the Crime Review Unit.
You sure? I'm a detective.
This is what I do.
I'm not ready for the easy life yet.
I hope you don't come to regret this.
Is that you hope I don't, or you know that I will? If the brass has stopped kissing your arse, are you going to come and have a drink with the troops? Yeah, sure.
(Cheering and applause) Closed Captions by CSI
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