Taggart (1983) s27e03 Episode Script

Silent Truth

(Ragged breathing) (Tyres screech) (Coughs and gags) (Bloodcurdling screams) £ Yes, I know the city like a lover £ Good or bad it's hard to love another that I've found £ This is no mean town, no mean city £ It's the only place that I would be willing to die for £ It's the only life I've ever seen £ This town is so mean £ This town is so mean.
£ The victim was doused in petrol and set alight.
Died at the scene.
Any witnesses? Apparently there was a young junkie who saw the victim in flames but he's done a runner.
The initial attack took place in an alleyway at the end of this lane.
Get a house-to-house organised.
Victim ID'd yet? Yes, sir.
Farid Mamood early 20s.
The family live around the corner.
Iranian apparently.
The locals think it might be racially motivated.
It doesn't matter what they think, it's what happened that's important.
There are traces of blood and petrol all along here.
The attackers must've made their escape down that way.
I might be able to find some fibres from their clothing with a bit of luck.
More than one attacker? He was beaten, doused in petrol and set alight.
One man could've done it, but I just presumed Presume nothing.
Look at this guy.
He was here when I arrived.
Get his name.
Find out what he's so interested in.
We'll talk to the family.
Excuse me.
DI Ross.
Mind if ask you a couple of questions? You live here? Aye.
Got a name? It's Geddes, Billy.
What happened to your face, Billy? Oh, I drive a cab.
One of my passengers had a pop at me.
It happens, you know.
Aye, tell me about it.
So, you see anything last night? Hear anything? No, I'm sorry.
Been here for about four years, they're seeking asylum.
Muslim? Not sure.
(Quiet voices) We understand this isn't a good time.
Unfortunately, the first 24 hours are the most important in an investigation.
Can you tell us a little about Farid? He was my oldest son.
He always wanted to do his best for the family.
Is there anything you think we should know? About what? Sorry, you are? Their cousin Soheil.
Well, Soheil, can you think of a reason why somebody would attack your cousin like that? Do they need a reason? The fact that we are here is enough.
Soheil, I'll speak now, I am the eldest.
There has been trouble with some kids from the nearby scheme but most people around here have been very good to us.
So, no-one you suspect? Are you sure? We came here to start again.
You're looking a bit glam.
I forgot you brushed up well.
Aye, what a charmer.
You going out somewhere later? All right, a bit of hush.
Victim Farid Mamood.
Political exile from Iran, along with father, sister and brother.
Let's check them out.
And the neighbour, Geddes, let's find out what makes him tick.
Jackie, what do we know about the local community? Excuse me.
Well, the picture that's coming Sorry.
Can I help you? DC Rahim, Diversity Unit.
Chief Super thought you might need some help.
I thought I heard the bell ringing there.
Should you not be back at school? (Laughter) She feels you'll need a liaison officer.
I speak Arabic, Kurdish, Pashto and a bit of Persian.
Do you, sir? All right, take a seat.
Carry on, Jackie.
Well, as far as I can glean, the local community If you don't mind The area's very diverse.
Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Iranian, various religions.
There is some racial tension but Farid had no history of radicalism.
So, not an obvious target for a race crime then? No, but the local community need to know their concerns are recognised.
We have to tread carefully with a crime like this.
The thing is, DC Rahim, we don't know what kind of crime it is yet.
Oh, Chief Superintendent Campbell Chief Superintendent Campbell isn't running this investigation, I am! We're perfectly capable of handling this on our own.
We don't need people parachuted in.
The Diversity Unity was set up for situations just like this one.
Rahim is on the investigation whether you like it or not.
Use her.
Are you going somewhere? We have been trying to get permanent visa for many years but our third appeal has been turned down.
We are being deported.
They don't seem to think we have much to offer your country.
Do you mind if I ask what you did back in Iran? I was trained as a teacher, but after revolution I lose position and property was confiscated.
They are sending us back to a life of persecution.
Perhaps we should've stayed.
Farid might still be alive.
Don't think like that.
What kind of life would we have had? This isn't your fault.
None of this is your fault.
Will you keep looking for this man even after we are gone? I do not think so.
You will forget about Farid.
No, I can assure you, we'll do everything we can.
Oh, no, out of sight, out of mind.
We have to report to a holding centre this afternoon.
We understand you're dealing with the Mamood case.
That's right.
One of many.
They'll be on a flight to Iran by tomorrow.
Oh, that seems harsh.
They didn't meet the criteria for asylum? Their claim was found to be without merit.
Although their religious beliefs make them enemies of the revolution in Iran, the Home Office position is, go home and be discreet.
Well, we'd like to request that they're allowed to stay until we finish our investigation.
Is that possible? They've had all the appeals they're going to get.
Even in these circumstances? I'll make some calls.
What happened, anyway? Did he set himself on fire? Why would he do that? Well, he knew it was going to be bad news.
They were expecting this.
It happens.
There's a lot of desperate people in this city.
The border agency have given you a 48 hour extension on your deportation.
It make no difference.
Farid is still gone.
Thank you.
We'll do everything we can to help.
Can I just ask, how did Farid feel about the likelihood of going home? This was his home now.
Can you tell us what Farid was doing last night before he was attacked? He was at the cafe with me.
He left about ten.
Cafe? Soheil had just opened his own place.
We were going to work there, prove that we can support ourselves.
So, you're staying? Yeah, I have a permanent visa, I am married.
Is there any chance that this was self-inflicted, that Farid did this as a protest? (Speaks foreign language) Sorry.
Have I Suicide is against our beliefs.
My father won't believe that Farid could do that.
And what do you think? It'spossible, I suppose.
It's Yusi, isn't it? We are trying to piece together Farid's movements last night.
When did you last see him? He said he was going to get something from the corner shop.
What time was this? After he came home from the cafe? The cafe? Er, that's right.
But he never returned? No.
So, what was he going to get from the shop? Oh, I don't know, he didn't say.
Well done, you managed to completely antagonise the whole family.
It was a question that had to be asked.
Did it? Just because it was against their religion doesn't mean he didn't top himself.
If it was a protest, wouldn't he have done it outside the immigration office? People in his situation don't always think straight, do they? In future, can we agree what our approach is before going in? Aye, OK, DC Rahim.
But can we stop treating this family with kid gloves, because they're holding back.
That's a cultural thing.
They're very reserved, private.
Is that another word for liars? Because the brother thinks Farid was at home, and the cousin thinks Farid was at the cafe.
So, one of them is lying.
(Door knock) Sir.
The good news or bad news? Good.
I've got a lead.
Bad? I've got a lead.
Graffiti has sprung up in the area since the murder.
The number 103, I think it refers to Pan Am flight 103, Lockerbie.
Coincidence? It's possible.
This could be very divisive.
Let's keep it within the team until we are sure.
(Door knock) I checked out William Geddes.
He served in Iraq.
When did you get discharged, Billy? Three years ago.
He's got shell fragment in his leg so he's been driving his minicab since then.
Whereabouts were you stationed? Basra.
Did you see a lot of action? Lost three of my closest mates.
They were burned to death in a personnel carrier.
I'm sorry to hear that.
He's got post traumatic stress, but he's never asked the army for anything.
I'm fine.
So, did you know the victim, Farid Mamood? If you guys know anything, it's in your own interest to tell us.
His sister married Farid's cousin, so .
technically we're related.
I've nothing against them, I just want Scotland for the Scottish.
I take it you weren't at the wedding then? That's right.
And where were you the night of the murder? He was here with me.
Watching the telly.
Champions league.
We never miss a big game.
So, how long have you and Soheil been married? Three years.
It's not a marriage of convenience, if that's what you're getting at.
I never meant to imply it was.
That's what a lot of people around here thought.
We love each other.
So, you didn't see who sprayed that graffiti over there? Hadn't even noticed it.
Does the CCTV cover the street? I don't know, I just work here.
Karen, if you want us to find out what happened to Farid, you're going to have to change your attitude.
Just the doorway.
They're good people, Soheil's family.
Farid set up a club to keep the kids around here away from drugs.
He didn't deserve this.
Want one? Oh, no, thanks.
You might as well place them directly onto my thighs.
I can eat anything.
I've got a super fast metabolism.
Why did I know you were going to say that? So, how come you haven't put in for a promotion yet, Jackie? What makes you think I haven't? I checked.
Do you know something, Mita, I'm not sure it's what I want.
Well, I still think we shouldn't rule out a possible suicide.
We really have nothing.
Get anything? CCTV.
Might be worth a look.
Never guess who I just saw.
Tommy Keenan.
Who? A local businessman.
Built his empire making people offers they couldn't refuse.
DCI Burke, is it? Long time no see.
Mr Keenan.
What do you think of our Iranian cafe? Very cosmopolitan around here, don't you think? You don't mind a wee bit of competition then? Me? No, not at all.
I like a falafel or two.
Not so keen on people getting burnt on the street, though.
That's bad for business.
Good to see they've got somebody like you on the case.
Must be taking it seriously.
Oh, we take every case seriously.
Good, I can relax now.
I know you'll sort it out, a man like you.
Let's find out what that rat's been up to recently.
Like to go for a drink later on, Mita? We should get to know each other.
Should we? She's too smart for you, Robbie.
She speaks five languages, you've barely mastered English.
I speak the language of love, Jackie.
I bet in your case that's an ancient language.
(Both argue) Happy families.
Help me! Help! Help! (Monitor beeps) How is she? They say she is going to be all right.
We should be thankful.
Thankful?! You find who did this yet? No, but we'll find them.
I'll arrange for someone to stay with her as long as need be.
No, we will protect her now.
I'm afraid you'll have to speak to us, whether you want to or not.
What's he doing here? He gave me a lift.
The official numbers of the Lockerbie disaster.
What's this? It's graffiti.
103 and now this.
It could be Farid's murder is some misguided revenge for terrorist attacks.
That's a long time to wait for payback, isn't it? I mean, when was Lockerbie? 20-odd years ago? It's not that long since Megrahi was released, though.
You really think there might be a direct link? I don't know, but if I've picked up on it, it won't be long until someone else does.
I don't think we can ignore it.
Delkash? It's Mita Rahim.
You're in hospital.
Can you remember what happened? I don't know.
I just remember a car.
Where's Yusi? I'm here.
I'm all right, Delkash.
We'll get you home soon.
Very soon, do not worry.
I'll speak to the doctor.
Are you sure you didn't see anyone? Leave her.
Let her sleep now.
I think this latest attack puts your suicide theory to rest, don't you? What's the Mamood girl saying? She didn't get a look at the driver or the car.
She gave you nothing? I don't think this family's telling the whole story.
You seem to have forgotten she's a victim here, sir, not the suspect.
All right.
He lost friends in Iraq.
His sister has married into an Iranian family.
He's not a happy bunny.
Has he turned violent? With all due respect, boss, he did fight for his country only to be dumped in the scrapheap.
That doesn't give him the right to go around killing people.
I'm just saying, he has his opinions, but it doesn't make him a murderer.
I don't care if he's Douglas Bader, if he hit Delkash Mamood, he's doing time.
Check the local CCTV, see if he left the house on either night.
We'll have an officer checking on the flat for the next few days.
If you feel under threat at any time, don't hesitate to call.
We have friends here, they'll help us.
Soheil, if someone is targeting your family and you know why, you must tell us.
Have you seen the graffiti? The numbers.
It started the night Farid died.
(Raised voices) I'm telling you the truth, I don't know.
(Loud slap) Is everything all right? How's DC Rahim doing? Oh, fine.
She's, ah, she's bright enough.
So, what's your feeling on this? Race crime? It could be.
I'm not sure yet.
The answer might lie within the family itself.
Well, we need to be careful how we handle it.
Anything else I should know? No.
No, not at the moment.
Keep me posted.
Just remember how we represent ourselves to the public is half the battle these days.
It's hearts and minds, Matt, hearts and minds.
I'm glad you like Rahim because mark my words, one day we'll all be working for her.
There's something here.
There's no sign of Geddes, but this BMW was in the area when both Farid and Delkash were attacked.
It's registered to Sammy Kirkwood, the officer from the border agency we spoke to.
Let's find out what he was doing there at that time of night.
(Door buzzes) DI Ross.
And DCI Burke.
You have time for a wee chat? I drive around at night quite a lot - since my divorce.
I don't sleep.
Driving takes my mind off things I'd rather not think about.
Why that area? It's quiet.
And you didn't have any contact with the Mamood family outside of your work? I only saw them once or twice - in my office.
I don't have a problem with the Mamoods.
People like them would be a bonus to the country.
I don't like the way some people are treated, but I don't make the rules.
Ever had any problems with a man named Billy Geddes around that way? Not that I recall.
Well, if you ever see anything in your nocturnal travels that might be of help, let us know.
We won't keep you.
Lovely house, by the way.
I don't think I could afford a portaloo around here.
Neither could I.
I inherited it from my mother.
As I said, we've been here about a year.
I set up the refuge myself.
I'm proud to be gay, but some men from Middle Eastern backgrounds find it hard to admit.
So they come here for advice? To be gay is to bring shame on the family.
They can face threats of violence and end up homeless.
We try and help.
Did you know a man called Farid Mamood? You understand, I have to be careful.
I don't want to compromise people.
Look This is a murder inquiry.
If Farid was gay, it could shed some light on why he was killed.
What about his brother, Yusi, do you know him? No? Well, that's odd because he was here ten minutes ago.
Shalim, trust me.
I'm sorry, trusting the police is not always easy.
Then let me make it easy.
Someone is targeting that family.
They could all be dead soon, is that what you want? Farid and Yusi were volunteers.
They felt angry about what was happening to gay men and women in Iran.
I know that Yusi didn't want their father to know they worked here.
Fresh Kills, it's a landfill in New York.
What was left of the twin towers and the people in them ended up there.
A graveyard? Somebody could be punishing the Mamoods for something they had nothing to do with.
So now we have three possible motives.
Homophobia, race, revenge.
Let's start with Geddes.
He's got an alibi.
Wives lie.
You've got a real soft spot for him, haven't you? Because he laid his life on the line for his country.
Let's keep this under our hat for now.
I don't want his getting back to Campbell.
Sir, that's Keenan's file from Drug Enforcement.
There's nothing in here that links him to the Mamoods.
Oh, don't worry, he won't get involved.
I think he must hypnotise them or something.
I don't know where he gets the energy from.
Right, come on, Robbie, get your jacket.
Let's go and steal a car.
Whoa! Hey! What's going on? This is my motor.
We believe this vehicle may have left the scene of an accident.
What are you talking about? What accident? I need this car to earn my living.
What are you looking at?! Hey! That's enough.
That's it, you're taking away my livelihood because of them.
The corner shop a week ago.
Farid's talking to a man in a suit.
Do you want me to ID him? No need to.
Sammy Kirkwood.
You said you only met the Mamood family in your office.
Why did you lie? I didn't lie, I simply forgot I bumped into him.
What did you talk about? He was asking advice on his family's appeal.
And you make a habit of chatting about official business in the street, do you? I resent your tone, DCI Burke.
And I resent you lying.
Do I have to remind you, I work for the border agency, I'm not some thug you can intimidate.
Do I have to remind you, I don't care who you work for.
Look, I'm more than happy to help with your enquiries.
Then give me a straight answer.
Exactly how well do you know the Mamood family? If you're holding back on me, I'll turn your career to ashes, understand? (Phone rings) Sorry.
I only spoke to him about the case.
I told him to prepare for the worst.
Anything? I'll see if this paintwork matches samples from Delkash Mamood's clothes.
And check the interior top to bottom.
I don't want to miss a trick.
Oh, I never took Mr Geddes for an art lover, did you? Rule number one, Jackie, never judge by appearances.
Is that right? There's more to your friend Geddes than you thought.
Maybe Keenan resents the Mamoods for starting a business.
And he's using Geddes to scare them? Boss, it's Robbie.
Thanks for giving us your time.
You're a busy man these days.
Nail bars, property, restaurants, you're practically a conglomerate.
Oh, yeah? Well, I don't like to put all my eggs in one basket.
Maybe a wee bit of protection on the side, eh? Oh, yeah.
Should I have my lawyer present, DCI Burke? I remember you when you were selling square slice out the back of a van at the Boroughs.
Oh, well, we've all got to start somewhere.
So, you don't mind somebody opening up a cafe in your neck of the woods? No, not at all.
Free enterprise, I'm all for it.
Even if they refuse to give you a cut? Is it a cafe or a hairdresser? Make up your mind.
Do you know an ex-army guy called Geddes? Oh, slightly.
What were you talking to him about at the Lighthouse Gallery? I lent the man some money so that he could buy a motor so he could start a minicab company.
I like to look in on him now and again.
He's a hardworking man, but research on Iran never done him any favours.
We think he might be involved in the death of Farid Mamood.
Farid Mamood? Apparently Mr Mamood's family were involved in trying to stop local kids getting into drugs.
Would you know anything about that? No, but good on them, I can't bear drugs.
I hear you're a betting man, DI Ross, is that right? Who would you say the odds are of somebody like me getting mixed up with the likes of the Mamoods? 100 to one, at least.
Betting man? You're getting well-known these days.
Although some souls have spent the days of their lives in ignorance, and became estranged and contumacious, yet with one wave from the ocean of thy forgiveness, all those encompassed by sin will be set free.
We are all nought but sinners and deserving to be shut out from thee.
But shouldest thou hold mercy, every sinner will be made pure and every stranger a friend.
Bestow then, thy forgiveness and pardon and grant thy mercy onto all.
Thou art the forgiver, the light giver and omnipotent.
Thanks for coming.
You were very close, weren't you? Yes.
You knew everything about each other.
We did.
Did he know you were gay? Please, don't say anything.
Why didn't you mention this at your appeal? That might've helped.
My family would be ashamed.
I thought your faith taught tolerance.
Sometimes people say one thing and feel another, don't they? But Farid understood? He wanted to protect me.
He knew how much danger I would be in when we go back.
You need to start telling the truth, Yusi.
Look, there's not much time left.
If you do know who did this, you need to tell me now.
Exactly how long have you known there could be a political motive behind this murder? We recognised what the graffiti meant yesterday.
Why didn't you inform me straight away? Because anybody could've written it.
It might have nothing to do with the murder of the Mamood kid.
You think? Seems pretty obvious to me it could.
I should've been told.
We needed an immediate response to this.
I'm a detective, I'm not a PR consultant.
Do me a favour? Stop looking at the past through rose-tinted glasses, the way it used to be when you were a proper copper.
It wasn't any better back then and you know it.
You need to get a grip on this.
Is it race, is it revenge? What are we dealing with here? As soon as I find out, you'll be the first to know.
I'd better be.
Sir, report on the CCTV.
Kirkwood said, 'I told you to stay calm, I won't hurt you.
' She couldn't make out what Farid was saying.
But then Kirkwood said, 'I need time.
I need some more time.
' Kirkwood was definitely connected to that family in some way.
Good work, Mita.
Or is that Mata, as in Mata Hari? Somebody told Campbell about the graffiti.
I didn't think you were taking it seriously enough.
So you went behind my back? She asked me to keep her informed about the investigation, so I did.
CS Campbell outranks you, sir, what was I supposed to do? Robbie, you'll take Kirkwood, Jackie find Geddes, bring him in for questioning.
Mita, you stay here and man the fort.
What's he got? Is that Yusi Mamood? Yusi, II really Get a warrant to search Kirkwood's place.
Just calm down, OK.
Everything will be fine.
Going somewhere, Mr Kirkwood? Boss, there must be 20 grand in here.
There's three other bags under his bed.
You want to explain? Kirkwood, if you killed that boy I didn't kill anybody.
Then what is your relationship with Yusi Mamood exactly? I told Yusi and Farid I could help them with their appeal.
I said I'd write a recommendation overturning their denial to stay.
And how much did that cost them? Five thousand.
Where do you think they got that kind of money? I take it from the amount you've got stashed, they're not the only ones you've been stringing along.
Unpack your bag, Sammy, you're going nowhere.
No, no, it sounds lovely.
Well, why don't we meet at that bar we went to last week? (Call waiting signal) Sorry, Chris, I'm going to have to take this.
Mita? It's Yusi, he's been attacked.
Can you get to the Mamood flat? Yeah, I've got it.
(Harried conversation) Please, I'm asking you, move to the side.
Sir, move to the side, thank you.
Why has this happened to my family? What do these people want? We are going back and still they want to kill us.
Are you aware your sons tried to bribe an immigration official to get your family a permanent visa? What? My sons would never do that.
That goes against everything we believe in.
I brought them up to be honest, they would never do that.
They were desperate.
Yusi was terrified of going back because of his sexuality.
I don't understand.
Yusi was gay, Mr Mamood.
He was too scared to tell you.
He was scared? Of me? Oh! There's no hope.
No hope.
Farid knew about Yusi.
What about you? Did you know? You think I killed Yusi, Farid? My own cousins? Until we start getting some straight answers from this family, I don't know what to think.
Talk to us, Soheil.
Where did the money for Kirkwood come from? Farid was desperate to help Yusi.
What did they do to make this family a target? Nothing.
I told you about the graffiti, you didn't listen.
Now Yusi is dead.
(Phone rings) Didn't get a match on the paint from Geddes minicab, I'm afraid, but I can tell you the car has traces of heroin and cocaine all over it.
Good work, Don.
It's Dan.
(Threatening knock) Did Billy do this to you? If it wasn't for your alibi, we'd be arresting him for the murder of the Mamood brothers.
You know that! Now, we know he's been doing drugs.
We could put him away right now, so start talking.
It was Keenan, he's trying to scare him.
Billy was working for him delivering to the dealers.
Last week he got robbed.
They took thousands.
Keenan blames Billy.
He says we've got to pay him back, but we don't have it.
Where's Billy now? (Shouts) Where is he?! Soheil's cafe.
He's going to get some money so we can get out of here.
Let's go.
He made them do it.
You've got to understand.
He made them.
What? What are you doing? I need some money.
Give me some money, Soheil.
Where's the money? No money! I don't have any.
Open the door.
No! Soheil, open the door! No, no.
Leave me alone! Give me the money.
I have no money.
Give me the money now! Give me the money! Enough killing.
Come on, Billy.
It was the Mamood brothers who robbed you, wasn't it? Billy? They were screaming.
My mates.
Begging me to get them out.
We were pinned down.
There was nothing we could do.
You believe me, don't you? There was nothing I could do.
Sure, I believe you, Billy.
It's not my fault.
None of it.
The thing is, nobody understands what you boys went through over there.
Yeah? If you haven't been there.
And you don't have the right to judge.
I can't imagine .
what it must feel like knowing that nobody gets it, nobody feels what you felt.
The thing is, Billy, you have to deal with that.
Was it the Mamood brothers that robbed you, Billy? Keenan knew.
That's why he wanted me to torch Farid.
It was my punishment.
And did you? Bastard! All right! All right! All right! I didn't know he was going to He was going to kill Abbey if I didn't.
What choice did I have? Yusi and Delkash? I couldn't go through with it, not a woman.
So Keenan killed Yusi himself.
Get him out of here.
And track down Keenan.
Why, Soheil? Because I wanted to distract you.
If you discovered the robbery, they'd never be allowed to stay.
And if they went back .
I would never be able to see them alive again.
I told Farid to get the money back, I told him! But he still believed that Kirkwood could stop the deportation.
And Farid was that desperate? Yusi.
He said he would rather kill himself than go home.
(Phone rings) Mita.
OK, Mamood, last chance, where's my money? What do you think you're doing?! Mita? I thought you said they were alone! Where's Mamood and his daughter? Where are they? Just so that you know, nobody leaves here alive, including you, Officer.
Sir, Mita's at the Mamood's.
She's in trouble.
Argh! Up you get! Go on, girl! Move yourself! Let me out! (Rants) Help me! (Screams) Leave them alone! Where's my money? What money? You think you're taking it home with you? I don't know what you're talking about.
I can't have people thinking it's OK to rob me.
MITA: Leave them alone, they don't know what you're talking about! Nothing personal.
Please! Please! (Sirens approach) Shit! Help! Help me! Keenan! Ugh! Argh! Taste of your own medicine, Keenan.
MITA: Help! Help! Where's Mita? MITA!! (Mita calls out) Help! Help! Help me! Go, go! (Helicopter overhead) Listen, about CS Campbell, I'm sorry that I No, sir, I should apologise.
The decision was final.
Their flight to Tehran leaves in two hours.
Thank you.
For what, Delkash? For caring.
Come on, let's go.
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