Taggart (1983) s27e05 Episode Script


speak to the boss.
What do you want? I'm going in there.
Ugh! (Siren) Where the hell did you get this?! It's all there.
Aye, alright.
Right, beat it, back to your work.
You're late, girl.
I'll be ready.
Are you hurt? No.
There's blood on your arm.
Oh, it's nothing.
Clean that off now.
(Whooping and cheering) £ Yes, I know the city like a lover £ Good or bad it's hard to love another that I've found £ This is no mean town, no mean city £ It's the only place that I would be willing to die for £ It's the only life I've ever seen £ This town is so mean £ This town is so mean.
£ (Mobile phone rings) DCI Burke.
Don't look so happy to see me, people will talk.
I was expecting Robbie.
Well, you got me instead.
I hope I'm not too much of a disappointment.
I'll get over it.
Time is a great healer.
So, what have we got? Uniforms on patrol found him.
They think it's a mugging.
Really? No sign of his wallet, phone, watch.
And what do you think? I don't think it's a mugging.
Eddie Cash? I wanted to talk to DI Ross.
Why? Personal.
Do you think I have nothing better to do? I'll talk to Robbie.
Can I go? No.
Heavy bruising to the body.
His hands, his face.
It was a long fight.
His lips are all busted up.
They bled.
So where's the blood? On the crime scene, so this is a dumpsite.
His clothes are clean, no spatter.
So he wasn't wearing them when he was beaten? He was dressed and then dumped.
Nothing about this scene is right.
Excuse me.
Listen, I've been waiting here for ages.
I'll have someone come to you.
This is ridiculous.
I've been here for nearly three Hang in there.
Eddie Cash? Yeah, what about him? He's in custody.
Why? Well, I imagine it's a long story but he only wants to tell it to you.
Needs a good kick up the arse.
I'll sort it.
It's not like him not to come home.
What does he look like? He's a sort of medium build.
He's got dark hair.
Is he very fit-looking? Yeah.
This way, please.
What the hell were you doing at The Palace? I went to McGreevy.
Tell him to stop pulling the boys from our boxing club into his cage fighting.
Eddie, the boys in your club want to fight at McGreevy's, that's down to them.
I'd love to .
just once give that bastard a straighten out.
OK, come on.
I'm sorry, Robbie.
A moment's madness.
It's over now.
Duncan, the head shot, I'm on my way.
Jackie, I need you in there.
Look, he's not in some sort of trouble? Um, I'm not sure yet.
Hello there.
I'm Detective Sergeant Jackie Reid.
Julie Cash.
Cash? Eddie! What are you doing here? Looking for Noel.
So, ah, Julie's your My daughter-in-law.
Is this your boy then? I want to see him.
I'll arrange for you to view him properly.
I'm sorry for your loss.
He looked like he was in a fight, but there were details of his presentation that I'm not comfortable with.
How do you mean? His body was dumped on a road.
So he was murdered then? Well, that's what we need to find out.
I think it would be best if you broke the news to Julie yourself.
Eddie? What's going on? He's dead.
Not an overly emotional girl, is she? Well, just because she's not wailing like a banshee doesn't mean she's not devastated.
Give them a couple of minutes then split them up for questioning.
He hasn't hugged her.
What's with all the behavioural analysis? No, I were just saying, it's strange.
Well, if you want to observe something interesting, check out the shoes, the clothes, the bag, they're all designer.
Must be worth a few bob.
Extensive bruising throughout the torso grouped on the left side of the ribcage.
Multiple blows.
Close and tight.
They were delivered by a boxer.
Well, it was a boxer who wasn't wearing any gloves.
Distinct knuckle impressions.
And here, faded bruises, could be from previous fights.
He's certainly in fine shape.
Massive trauma here.
The left zygomatic arch, probably fractured it.
Is that the cause of death? No.
The most likely wound for that is here, the back of the skull.
You can see from the swelling that the blood has pooled under the scalp, probably fractured his skull.
From a fist? I can't say yet.
It could be a weapon or a fall.
He could even have been thrown from a vehicle.
But I'll have to get his brain out of his skull and examine it to be sure.
Go for it.
You might want to stand back.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
I'll leave you alone for that.
Let me know as soon as.
Will do.
Was Noel one of the lads cage fighting at The Palace Club? Noel wouldn't get into that.
Why not? He's a champion boxer.
Really? I've not heard of him.
Juniors champion, when he was 18.
But not now? He was working on getting back to it, going pro.
He was getting into shape, looking good too.
He'd have had it in the bag already if it wasn't for Go on.
Oh, you know how it is.
Lad meets a girl, it all changes.
Julie made Noel stop boxing? She wasn't happy about it.
Does Noel have a mobile phone? A phone?! He's dead! What's his number? What am I looking at? The injury that killed Noel Cash.
Half a dozen blows to almost exactly the same spot with a blunt object.
Not a bare fist? No.
Hard to say exactly what the weapon was.
A series of ball bearings, a knuckleduster.
And a blitz attack.
Noel's number.
Get a trace on it and his call log from his service provider.
I will do.
Sir, I need to show you something.
I ran a search on The Palace Club just to see what was floating around on the net.
I come up with this.
Serious boxing.
That's not boxing, boxing is an art.
And he wins his fight.
Find the other fighter.
Yeah, I will do.
There's something else, sir.
I found this in the crowd.
Robbie! Hey, babe, I'm really worried about you.
Where are you? Are you OK? Love you.
Who was that? Amanda.
Could I have some privacy? You're going to be flashing it around anyways.
Not for free, darling.
We open in ten minutes.
Psycho gives me the creeps.
What's with him checking your calls? He's just, um protective.
He's not protecting you, girl, that's owning you.
(Raucous shouts) Well? I go to the fights.
At The Palace Club? It's not illegal.
It's hardly befitting a police officer to be down there rubbing shoulders with the likes of Don McGreevy.
Does he know you're a cop? Aye, sure, and he also knows where the boundaries are.
McGreevy doesn't have boundaries.
Well, I do.
So, you were at the club last night.
Do you remember watching Noel Cash in this fight? You made contact with the victim and you don't remember? Boss, it was a bit of a heavy night, you know, and I had to leave early because I, um You pulled.
Does the betting go large? Sometimes.
Did you know he was fighting at the Palace last night, is that why you went there? No.
I heard lads from my club were in there, but not Noel.
He was supposed to be working last night.
So where was that? Muirhouse Engineering.
DS Reid.
Excuse me.
So much for the big comeback.
He spent his whole life trying to live up to you.
OK, folks, my officer will look after you.
What a pair.
That number you gave me, sir.
We made a clone of Noel's sim card.
His phone is off or destroyed so we can't run a trace on it.
But if anyone does call him, we'll get it on that? Yeah.
Of course, it's unlikely the murderer is going to call him.
Yeah, but we do have this.
ON PHONE: New message.
WOMAN: Hey, babe, I'm really worried about you.
Where are you? Are you OK? Love you.
Not Julie.
Caller ID is Anita.
She called earlier today.
Check the boxing club and his place of work.
Find this Anita.
Where are we with the other fighter? We've got no hits on the biometric scan.
I'll circulate his photo.
You know, I don't think he's local, don't recognise him.
They do bring guys in to fight.
From where? London, Belfast, Dublin.
Oh, great.
You texting her back as Noel? Yeah, don't see why not.
Where r u? Matthew Burke.
Just like old times.
Not really.
I'm here investigating a murder this time.
Noel Cash.
Last seen alive fighting in here.
It was a fair fight, all above board.
So you'll be happy if I search the premises then? What grounds do you have for your warrant? He left here in one piece with a fistful of dollars.
How many dollars? Four grand.
Not bad for 15 minutes work.
Mind you, with a wife like his, he needed the money.
Why do you say that? Expensive tastes.
He lost his job a couple of months ago.
He's been ticking things over by doing the door down at the Kazbah.
The lap dancing club? The very same.
A waste, though.
His true talents lie in here.
I'll need the name and address of the other fighter.
Scrappy wee bastard, not without skills.
Shame he's such a sore loser.
You know the type.
Get Lewis's address.
He's a knacker, doesn't have a fixed address, does he? Well, get the name of the knacker's park where he ties up his caravan then.
Alamo Higgins.
He was a serious talent in his day.
Yeah, he was.
And now he's your errand boy? You take bets on the fights? I'm a licensed bookie now.
I'll take a bet on two flies fighting over a dead body.
(Chuckles) Gets very messy in here, you know.
Blood everywhere.
I have Julie outside but I think you should take a look at this.
Bank statement.
Noel put 40K into his account three weeks ago.
It went straight out to clear credit cards.
Bring her in.
OK, in you come.
Just grab a wee seat.
Julie .
what are you not telling me? I don't know what you mean.
I think you do.
Even if you didn't know that Noel had lost his job, I don't see how you wouldn't notice 40K get into your account to pay off your lifestyle.
I thought it was a bank loan, that's what Noel said.
The money didn't come from a bank, Julie.
I know that now.
How do you know? That man phoned me.
What man? McGreevy.
Don McGreevy? He said that Noel owed him a lot of money and that he'd be dropping by to see me to work something out.
I see.
Then I find out that Noel had lost his job, was working in a strip club and cage fighting.
What else was he doing that I didn't know about? So McGreevy mentioned nothing about the 40K that Noel owed him? No.
The real question is, what was Noel going to do to pay it back? Are we looking at McGreevy? Well, he's already guilty of withholding information.
We need this other fighter.
Lewis Hayes has gone on the run, with this caravan, so that rules out airports.
Make sure his photo's posted at all the ferry terminals.
Oh, sir.
Anita's got back to us.
She sent Noel a text? Yeah.
Meet me in the club tonight.
Everything's sorted.
Which club? My money's on her working at the Kasbah.
We need to find her.
She's our only link to this murder.
Aye, maybe I should get down there and check it out.
That would be right up your street.
No, I'll do the Kasbah, look for Anita.
McGreevy's expecting me to pay him a visit tonight.
You're going to go instead, undercover.
Ah, he knows I'm a cop.
But he doesn't know Jackie, your girlfriend.
Oh, I could do with a wee night out.
What do you want me to do? Mingle with the girls who work there.
See if you can get the story on Noel and this Anita, and I want to know how the betting works.
I could tell you that.
I want Jackie to do it.
Yeah, will do.
And one more thing, Jackie's in charge on this one, alright? Fine.
(General chatter) OK, we're walking slowly.
High heels.
Mr Ross.
Thank you.
Hi, fellas.
Oh, hi.
What's your name? Candy.
Do you like it? Can we go somewhere private? Of course.
A suite.
VIP room.
Hey, Donna.
Oh, hi, Donna.
I'm Jackie.
See you later.
Ah, that was Strange.
Let's get a drink.
Oh, no, no, no, you don't need to do that.
I just want to talk.
One of those, huh? This is serious.
Sit down.
So, no more Candy.
What's your name? Kerrie.
I'm looking for somebody called Anita.
What's she done? You know her? Yeah.
Where is she? I'm not about to drop her in the shit, am I? Listen, I'm trying to help her.
We can do it here or we can do it at the station, comprende? Yeah.
So, where is she? Prospecting.
What does that mean? Some girls go over to The Palace - mingle with the punters, work up some customers for their own.
So she's at The Palace? Do you know Noel Cash? Why, sure, he works here.
Are you going to ask me about him and Anita? Should I? What the hell are you doing? My job.
Making sure you don't get disturbed.
Well, go and do it somewhere else! Oh, he's a creepy bastard.
Who is he? Bomber.
Anita's his girl.
Not Noel's? No.
Noel's married.
He's straight up, you know? Yeah.
So, what would happen, do you think, if Bomber caught Noel messing around with Anita? A lot of blood would happen.
Well, time's a-ticking and all that, so, do you want one or not? Ah, not.
No offence.
None taken.
Take to your leader.
Cosmo? Yeah.
What does Anita look like? Here we go.
Not going to introduce me? Ah, yeah, this is Jackie.
Don McGreevy.
Oh, pleasure.
That's what I've heard.
(Laughs) So, are we here for the fights? We are.
And the betting.
You'll have to keep your eye on this one.
We're just getting started but bring them in when they're ready.
Cheers, Don.
This OK for you? Yeah.
Thanks, Alamo.
Note to self.
Don't mess with Alamo.
(Mobile phone rings) Oh, it's a text from the boss.
Anita's in here somewhere.
5'9", eastern European, blonde, brown eyes, sparkles.
Well, that narrows it down.
Bring me a glass of the good stuff.
From the boss.
Thanks, babe.
You're welcome.
So, is there history there? With Donna? No, we're just friends.
Well, if I were you, I'd start to make a fuss of me because if I was your girlfriend you'd be getting a smack just about now.
Will I, ah, pour you a glass of champagne then? That would be a start.
I think you're going to have to be a wee bit more convincing.
What's that? That's the tip.
The what? The winner of one of the fights so we can bet on it.
So, they're fixed? Not all of them, just one of them.
Oh, that's alright then.
Jackie, I don't bet on the ones that are fixed.
Good, because you won't be needing this then.
(Cheering and whistling) Let's get moving! From the heart of Glasgow, give a welcome to one of your own, Mad Dog O'Donnell.
There's a lot of money changing hands.
Aye, I know.
Malwal Benson! Go! Go, Malwal.
Come on, Malwal.
It's just pure panto.
(Wolf whistles) Jackie, this is going to be a messy one.
You alright with that? Yeah, well, I tell you what, see, if I faint, you'll be there to catch me.
Malwal, get in first.
They're really going for it.
Ref! Referee! Referee, the head.
See his head.
That's it, Malwal, use the right.
Good man! Good man! Valiant! Come on, Malwal.
Get stuck in! Take him down.
Oh, don't mind.
Come on go for his body.
What? It's only a bit of blood.
Right, that's it, Malwal.
Yes, that's it.
Go for the right.
Take him down! So, you're not surprised that Noel isn't in for work tonight? Should I be? Did you phone him? See if he was ill? Do I look like a nurse? Come on.
You've got a girl working here.
Ohhh! What's that supposed to mean? Well, it's funny her name should come up because I was going to sack her.
Really? Why would that be? Look, don't get me wrong, none of the girls that work for me are easy to handle, but Anita, well, she's more trouble than I need.
In what way? Well, she's got a habit.
Drugs? That's usually what a habit is.
Why don't you be straight with me? Tell me what she's done.
I'm investigating a murder.
Noel Cash.
Nah, we're finished here.
Oh, we haven't even started.
By the time I get a team in here to strip this place down, interview your staff, your punters Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
She owed me a couple of hundred quid and she paid me last night with this.
You didn't think it strange it's all covered in blood? It's purse money.
They shove it into their hands after the bout.
She's been screwing one of those mad cage fighters.
I'm going to have to hang onto this.
Keep it.
I don't want this place torn apart.
Thanks for your time.
Oh, when Anita shows, you phone me.
that way I won't have to come back and look for her again.
Get her in here.
Well, I guess that's it ruined.
I guess so.
Do you work here? Here? No.
You alright? You look a bit upset.
I'm fine.
Oh, you, er, missed a bit.
Oh, so have I.
Have a good night.
You too.
McGreevy, come on, let's hook it.
Come on, one on one, McGreevy.
You had my boy in here fight like a dog.
Now you think you can come sniffing around his wife?! You couldn't fight your way out of a paper bag! Let him go.
Hey, leave it! Calm down.
Are you hurt? No.
I'm fine.
I'm a nurse.
Get him out of here.
You know, I'm getting tired of this.
Look at you, you could've been a contender.
It takes all sorts, eh? Yeah.
Before I forget, you did well.
Alright, thanks.
A nurse? Yeah.
Well, you never know when you're going to need one of them around, do you? What's that? Winnings.
OK, we'll deal with that later.
The blonde behind me, in the denim.
It's Anita.
You sure? Yeah.
I don't think he's buying you being my girlfriend.
Well, no wonder.
You've been acting like I'm your sister.
You haven't even kissed me all night.
Do you want me to? Yeah.
He's watching.
Make it good.
What about Chris? It's work.
That was .
So, who's that making a beeline for Anita? Right, come with me.
Don't say no.
Let's go.
You're hurting my arm.
Come on! Let go! Let her go.
This is not a police matter.
I think you'll find it is.
Can I see him? No, not now.
The blood on that money.
Look at it.
That's Noel's blood.
No! Oh, yes.
So, you and Noel were close? He was a friend.
I think he was more than a friend, wasn't he? He What? He was going to help me.
Anita, what's going on here? I mean, I don't get this.
You and Noel.
We connected.
He confided in you? Sometimes.
We talked, you know, really talked.
He'd tell me stuff, real stuff.
What kind of stuff? About his feelings.
Oh, Jesus! Look, I'm not going to go around the houses with you here.
I want some straight answers otherwise I'm going to charge you with obstruction and conspiracy to murder and you'll be doing cold turkey in the nick.
I'll tell the truth.
Where did you get the money? Bomber.
I'm seriously considering charging you with the murder of Noel Cash.
You what? Well, you gave Anita a roll of notes with Noel's blood on it.
You were jealous of his relationship with her.
That's a good link.
I think I can make that stick in court.
I didn't do it.
Do you know who did? No.
You see, that's no use to me.
I mean, I've got you, I can do you for the murder.
But I'm innocent.
No, what you have to understand is, you're guilty by association.
By evidence, by circumstance.
I mean, right now in the eyes of the law you are guilty.
Tell me about the money.
It's his purse money.
Then why have you got it? I went around to his dressing room after the fight.
He was gone, the money was still there.
I've still got it.
Why did you go to his dressing room? To give him a seeing to.
Do you know what he was doing to Anita? Stringing her along, making her stupid promises that he could never keep.
I was .
trying to offer her something solid, real.
He was just offering her Dreams.
And Lewis Hayes will verify that? Lewis? The other fighter.
His dressing room was right next door to Noel's.
It would've been impossible for you to get in and out without him seeing you.
I didn't see him.
Lewis wasn't in his dressing room? No.
(Door knock) Boss.
Picked up Lewis as he was trying to board the ferry to Belfast with his family and his caravan.
He had £15,000 on him.
Where does a traveller who just lost a cash fight get money like that? He doesn't.
Let me interview him, boss.
I think I can get to open up.
You're lucky it's me in here, son, because you're in a lot of trouble.
Listen to me.
They have your DNA all over Noel Cash's clothes.
You know what that means, don't you? No.
It means that they can prove you dressed Noel Cash after he died.
You're looking at a murder charge here.
Do you get that, son? Yeah.
I'm all you've got so this is the deal, you can either sit tight and go to prison for murder, or Or what? Help me help you.
Tell me what happened.
I'd be a dead man walking.
We can talk off the record.
Whatever we say in here is between you and me.
Just .
he just dropped down dead in his dressing room after the fight.
A con a con something.
A concussion? Aye.
Aye, that's it.
You saw this? Yeah.
Then what? I dressed him.
Picked him up, put him in the car, dumped the body? Yeah.
All by yourself? No-one else? Yeah.
You've just blown the only chance you had of staying out of gaol.
What?! I come in here to help you, straight up you treat me like some kind of mug! I'd like to help you here.
Wait, wait, please.
I'm sorry.
I'm just What? Scared? Yeah.
Well, I told you, it goes no further than me.
You're going to have to trust me here, Lewis.
In two minutes my boss comes through through that door and it's out of my hands, so it's now or never.
Alright, OK.
Alamo .
he called me into his dressing room.
He told me McGreevy said it was my fault.
I helped to move the body.
And Noel was dead? Yeah.
Save that.
We'll need it for the courts.
I told him it was off the record.
You know what, Robbie? You're hanging about with gangsters that much you're starting to think like one of them.
Well, he's not putting McGreevy in the dressing room.
No, we've got to change all that.
How do you mean? McGreevy's got you in his back pocket.
He handed you a wad of cash in front of Jackie.
Yeah, winnings from a legitimate bet.
And I can guarantee you that was recorded on one of his security cameras.
Any jury looking at that will just see a cop taking money from a gangster.
OK, it was stupid, but I'm not bent.
Robbie, if I didn't know that, you'd be gone already.
The point is, McGreevy thinks you're bent, or at least bendable.
So, go to him, tell him that Lewis has put them to the crime and offer to let Lewis out onto the streets for the right price.
I want to see Mr McGreevy.
About what? Um, about something very private.
ROBBIE: Entering the club now.
I need to speak to McGreevy.
He's busy right now.
It won't take long, Alamo.
Look, how busy can he be in there? (Anita screams) Argh! Let's get in there.
Ugh! Stay down! (Anita screams) Argh! Cover! Stop! Stop it! Off! She was trying to do me with a blade! You were trying to make Noah take a dive.
You mad junkie! It's all his fault.
She's off her head.
Is she? Get her out of here.
What the hell are you doing here anyway? We got a call.
One of the girls at the club tipped us off that Anita was on the warpath with a knife.
You came here to save my life? Why is it I don't believe that? I really don't care what you believe.
Alright, let's go.
Oh, and if I find out that you've been anywhere near Julie Cash, I'll bring you to a dark place and take a hammer to you.
Same old Burke, eh? Out.
So, what was the plan - for you and Noel? Get out of Glasgow.
Get me off drugs.
Start again.
I don't ever want to see you again.
You won't.
So what happens now? Well, it's not a total loss.
We still get him.
I was in the crowd that night, your shot at the title.
You should have won that.
I mean, you really should have won it.
You took a dive.
I knew it, the crowd knew it, the boxing federation knew it.
He knew it.
Eddie Cash, your old coach.
You didn't get me here to talk about that.
I know.
How did it go down? McGreevy came to you and said, 'You take this hit for the firm and we'll make sure you get another crack at him,' and so here you are, still taking hits for McGreevy.
I do OK.
Do you? Look, what do you want? It's what I don't want.
I don't want you for the murder of Noel Cash, but it looks like you've been served up to me for it.
Look at this.
Alamo .
he called me into his dressing room.
Told me McGreevy said it was my fault.
I helped move the body.
Noel was dead.
I could take that into any court in the land and get a conviction for murder.
Charge me, get it over with.
(Mobile phone rings) Duncan? He's not fit for viewing.
I don't think he cares.
Look at him, your old coach, Eddie Cash.
He's just been found beaten to a pulp with a knuckleduster.
Same knuckleduster that killed his boy.
Father and son.
How much more damage are you going to let that bastard get away with? Arrgh! He's an animal.
But he owns me.
I know that.
I know that Noel was supposed to take a dive, but he didn't, so McGreevy's got egg on his face and a big hole in his pocket, so? I understood the kid, you know.
I told McGreevy I couldn't, that I just couldn't do it.
You don't know until you're in there.
It's only when you're there, in the ring, in the moment, that's when you .
you get the clarity.
When you really see who you are.
What you're made of.
You know what I'm talking about.
Yeah, I do.
The kid found out that he just couldn't take a dive.
You know, sometimes they're wired to stay standing and there's nothing anyone can do about it.
I tried to explain that to McGreevy.
But McGreevy's never been in the ring so he has no understanding of it.
He wanted the kid in a frenzy.
It was so fast.
By the time I could stop him all the kid's head was smashed in.
Then he looked at me like nothing had happened, told me to deal with it.
McGreevy! You calling me out? I am.
All on your own? I've got a warrant for your arrest for the murders of Noel and Eddie Cash.
Please, don't come quietly.
I wouldn't dream of it.
You know what's going to happen now, don't you? I'm going to walk out of here over your dead body.
Stop talking, start dancing.
Where's your hammer, then? It's in my head.
Ah! The murder weapon.
Thank you.
I've had the whole place locked down, boss.
Listen, I'm sorry Everybody who watched Noel's fight shares part of the responsibility for his death.
Do you understand that? Yes, I do.
Do you also accept you're addicted to gambling? What? You're a functioning addict, Robbie, and the functioning part is getting Robbie.
Sir, I am not an addict.
Then this will be easy.
Stop gambling or stop working.
What? You heard.
£ It's the only place that I would be willing to die for £ It's the only life I've ever seen £ This town is so mean £ This town is so mean.
£ Closed Captions by CSI
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