Taggart (1983) s27e06 Episode Script

The Ends of Justice

(Seagulls caw) (Guitar chords) Hey, you, what did I say? Beat it.
Did you stay away from her? What did I tell you?! (Laughter) To Detective Inspector Jackie Reid.
Well done, Jackie.
(Everyone congratulates Jackie) About time you made Inspector.
What kept you? I wouldn't sleep with the boss.
(Laughter) I would also like to welcome Mita Rahim, our new DS on secondment.
Have you seen Robbie? (Woman gasps) (Phone rings) DI Reid.
(Phones ring) £ Yes, I know the city like a lover £ Good or bad it's hard to love another that I've found £ This is no mean town, no mean city £ It's the only place that I would be willing to die for £ It's the only life I've ever seen £ This town is so mean £ This town is so mean.
£ (Distant siren) Get the witnesses inside.
Clear this area right down to the bottom of the street.
Jackie? He's been stabbed, sir.
He collapsed in front of this couple over here.
Perfect end to a perfect evening, eh? Oh, thanks for dropping by, Robbie.
Sorry, boss, just got the call.
Your arse.
Any idea what this dark red stuff is on the ground here? Er, blood.
Just checking.
We're through here, gents.
No, don't come any further.
There's already been too many people stepping in the blood.
The dog's covered in it.
Will I break it to the dog or should you? Hi there.
Got a minute.
You've been taking photographs.
It's a college project.
You probably know there's been an incident over there.
You didn't take any photographs of what happened? Just afterwards, saw the police arriving.
Can I have the film? You'll get it returned.
Our victim's a busker known only as Jack.
We need solid ID so we can inform his next of kin.
Mita, I'll leave that with you.
Now, CCTV taken at the time has given us numerous witnesses and we've got more potential evidence from film we're having developed.
This mob are in the area making a nuisance of themselves.
Find them.
And this man was seen leaving the concert early.
Clark Donovan, head of appropriations at the City Council.
We need to talk to him.
He might have seen something and not even known it was pertinent.
So, let's get to work.
I know what you're going to say.
Don't worry, we will treat Mr Donovan with the utmost respect.
I don't want to imply that in any way he is involved as a suspect, just a witness.
I just need a statement.
The press would make this bigger than it is.
Listen, you're preaching to the converted.
I just need to know if he saw anything.
OK, Matt.
Robbie, you got a minute? Uh-huh.
Shouldn't I be giving you a present? So, you didn't chip in for the M&S vouchers? It's just a wee thing.
I thought it might cheer you up.
Made me laugh.
Thanks, Jackie.
Listen, as soon as this case is done and dusted, me and you, Reggato's, my treat.
Robbie and I are meeting Mr Donovan later on.
Well, keep it discreet.
Any joy with identifying the victim yet? Not yet.
But there's a new CCTV image of the drunks.
I think it's Baby Doc.
Isn't he the guy involved in? Involved in everything, Mita.
Bennie Docherty and his old man are the biggest gangsters in this city.
Finally I might have something on that scumbag.
Is DI Ross around? No, he'll be back later.
How much later? Not sure, sir.
Do you want me to call him? No, I'll wait.
Katie, wake up.
What is it? Look, I said I'd help you get off this stuff, but you've got to be honest with me.
You said you didn't have any more left.
I'm sorry.
I kept some.
I need it, Robbie.
You don't understand.
I do understand.
You don't understand! You don't need it, darling.
I said I'd let you stay here until you got it sorted.
Please, stop lying to me.
I want to change.
You know I do.
I do.
Oh, Katie, can't you see? You're killing yourself.
Hm? This stuff is killing you! No, no, no, no, no! No, nooo! You bastard.
You bastard! Listen to me.
You bastard! Trust me.
Trust me.
Listen, Katie.
Listen to me! Remember you were going to be a doctor.
You've got your whole life in front of you.
Trust me, it's not too late.
We can do this.
(Distraught sobs) He's been waiting for you.
DI Ross? Uh-huh.
DCI Atkins.
I'm afraid you're under investigation.
Having spent the morning studying your career, I feel like I already know you.
Pen, pen, pen, pen.
I'm just going to jot down a few notes while we chat.
Is that OK with you? Sure.
Why exactly am I under investigation? I was a wee bit melodramatic.
We received a complaint that a police officer assaulted and robbed a drug dealer.
That officer was identified as you.
That is ridiculous.
Robbie, relax.
I'm on your side.
I'm not about to take a word of a known drug dealer over that of a police officer with more than 20 years experience.
But we need to work together to clean this up.
Have a seat.
(Mimics Snagglepuss) Heavens to Murgatroid.
It's DCI Burke.
I could have sworn they put you out to pasture a long time ago.
We're just having a wee sampling here.
You know, that's our main business these days.
Importing vino.
I did, Baby.
I like to keep track of your heart-warming rags to riches story.
It's Benny these days.
I need to know, Baby, sorry, Benny, if you bumped into a busker last night at about 10:00pm? A busker? Yes.
You and your friends were seen in the vicinity when a violent murder took place.
I don't remember any busker.
Anyone remember where we were about ten? I'm sure we'll pitch up on the CCTV somewhere.
Mind you, it was Big Malcy's stag do and we'd been at it all day.
Oh, it's a cheeky wee bastard.
A bit like you, eh? (Men chuckle) They're all gone.
I don't believe it! Everything all right? Annie, this is DS Rahim from the other night.
I left my camera bag in a darkroom and somebody's nicked my new lenses.
It's the second time that's happened.
I think somebody's copied the key.
Can I ask, why were you taking photographs in the first place? You mentioned a college project.
We're taking shots of the same street in the same spot every minute on the minute for 24 hours.
We're using film so we can learn how to develop and print them ourselves.
So, you were there all day and all night? We took turns, did it in shifts.
Can I see the earlier photographs? Do you have any taken just before and just after 10:15pm? Some of those are the darkrooms too.
I'm not sure which ones we've washed yet.
Well, can you check? We really need to see those ones as soon as possible.
Yeah, no problem, we're booked back into the darkroom tonight.
Hello there.
Clark Donovan.
Oh, thanks for making the time to see us.
No problem.
Hellish business.
Just what the city doesn't need, and the week we launch our Knife Crime initiative.
There you go, Valerie.
So, how can I help you? Well, just a couple of questions, it won't take long.
You left the concert early? A meeting at the Corcoran Club.
I got the whole first half, the Paris Symphony, the second half I wasn't so keen on anyway.
Oh, you're a Mozart aficionado.
Did you happen to pass the busker or see anyone with him? The busker, is that the man who was stabbed? That's right.
No, sorry.
I didn't walk through the alley, I was going in the other direction towards the square.
Well, if you do think of anything, no matter how unimportant it might seem, give me a call.
Well, that doesn't happen very often.
It's usually the other way round.
I'm giving a woman my card.
(Phone rings) Excuse me.
Hello? Oh, yes, thanks again.
If he was made of chocolate, he'd eat himself.
Dig deeper.
Check he definitely didn't turn into that lane.
Why, is he a suspect? We need to eliminate him from our enquiries, that means finding out who was missing, what time and why.
Or have you forgotten the basics, Robbie? (Mobile phone rings) Hiya.
No, I can't.
I said I can't right now.
Look .
just relax, just try and relax.
Hello? DCI Atkins.
DCI Burke.
I hear you're interested in one of my people.
For what it's worth, DI Ross is a good officer with valuable experience.
Damned with faint praise.
Come on.
We both know this is just some wee nerd trying to damage a good cop's reputation.
But then I guess it's not important what I think.
That's right, it's not.
So, no truth in it then? What, Complaints? You're joking? Yeah, I always like to do a bit of stand-up when one of my officers is under investigation.
No, no truth in it, no.
I need to ask these questions, Robbie.
If I defend your reputation, I'm putting mine on the line as well.
I'm not asking you to put anything on the line.
I can handle Atkins.
Oh, you think so? Aye, sure, he's just an obsequious wee git.
(Laughs) Don't let that fool you.
He's as smart as a whip and just as sore.
So, this drug dealer, is it possible he's got some kind of grudge against you? I don't know, I told you, boss, I don't even know the guy.
And you're not on drugs? Me?! Well, why is that so ridiculous? You're addicted to gambling, drinking and shagging, why not add smack to the list and go for broke? I've had enough of this.
I'm under investigation by Complaints, not you, so with all due respect, sir, give it a rest.
Jackie, DI Ross is distracted by this Complaints business, you're heading up the busker inquiry from now on, OK? Mita, where are we at with the photographs? Well, I thought if we could just look at as timeline it might help.
On the left is before the murder, on the right after, I think you should take a look at this, sir.
We have Donovan leaving the concert hall early like he said, but the students' photos show him in the alley meeting Baby Doc.
So he was lying? And they were talking for less than a minute because in the next photograph they're both gone.
So why didn't they admit they saw each other that night? And where did they go to after this? Get everything you can on Baby Doc's financial dealings.
See if we can find any link to Donovan.
Dead man's shoes, eh, Jackie? You OK? Yeah, why wouldn't I be? Robbie, talk to me.
You're all over the place.
What's wrong? I'm fine.
I'm just tired.
And I could do without Complaints sniffing around.
Yeah, but you've got nothing to worry about, have you? No.
Are you drinking more than you should be? No, I am not! Robbie.
Robbie! I've got myself into some debt.
Gambling? Yeah.
Anyway, I offloaded the new car but it's spiralling out of control and I owe this loan shark a lot of money.
Yeah, I know.
I was going to lose my flat, Jackie.
Anyway, he sold my debt onto someone else and now I've got this company called Clydeside Finance breathing down my neck.
So, is that who you've been talking to all the time? Yeah, that's right.
Look, I've got some money if you Hey! I'm dealing with it, OK?! Right.
Well, we just have to hope the boss doesn't find out otherwise you'll be finished.
No, I'll be fine.
I'm just a bit stressed.
I'll be fine once I've sorted out this debt problem.
I'll be back to my old self, OK? DI Ross.
How are you? Benny.
Don't tell me you own this place? Oh, aye, and a few others.
And who says crime doesn't pay? I don't think anyone ever said that, do you? Love to chat, but I'm meeting someone.
Must've got the time wrong.
You got the time just right.
You're meeting me.
I am Clydeside Finance.
I've looked everywhere.
That roll must've been in my camera bag.
They must've taken the film when they took the lenses.
I can't believe another student would do that.
I'm sorry, I don't believe in coincidence.
Neither does my DCI.
You could be charged with obstruction, you realise that? You think I'm lying? Did one of you do this? Me.
It's powerful stuff.
Look, folks, I know it's been a stressful time for the both of you but these photographs are really important.
Can you have another look? You might have missed it.
Katie? Is it? What's it to you? I'm a friend of Robbie's.
Can I buy you a drink? You met Clark Donovan that night.
That's right.
Are you two friends? Met at a charity do.
Was just saying hello.
Why didn't you mention it before? Didn't think it was important.
You told me you didn't see the busker, yet minutes after this image was taken he staggered up the alley and died.
He must've had absolutely no stage presence because I don't remember a thing about him.
What was he singing? That might help to jog my memory.
Do you find the death of an innocent man amusing? I've got a very sick sense of humour.
But that's not a crime, is it? I think something happened in that alley and I think you know what.
And I think that this is a waste of my time because the lord advocate's going to throw this back in your face and say, 'No case to answer.
' That boy's dog could've stabbed him for all you know.
How did you know he had a dog? What? I said, how do you know he had a dog? Well, they've always got a dog, haven't they? It's part of the uniform.
Hi, mate.
Clark Donovan.
My car's just down the hill.
I told you, he was asking about my project - our project.
He thought it sounded like something the council could use to promote the city.
Really? 24 hours in the life of, that sort of thing.
Said he might commission us.
It didn't seem like that to me.
It seemed like he was annoyed about something.
Like what? The missing photographs? They could be very embarrassing for Mr Donovan.
Were they? I don't know, I haven't seen them.
He didn't try to buy them off you? No.
Look, Mickey, this is serious.
An innocent man is dead.
Someone's going to gaol for it.
If you don't tell the truth, that's perjury.
You could be joining them.
What if I did see something? Could you make sure I was protected? Mickey! Protected from who? I saw the argument.
It was Baby Doc and his gang having a go at the busker.
This lot? That's them.
Anyway, I kept walking.
I heard the dog barking so I turned and the busker was just sitting in the doorway.
The men were gone.
He seemed OK.
I didn't think.
You didn't see who stabbed him? No, but it must've been one of them.
OK, I've got a witness who can put Baby Doc in the alley at the time of the murder although he didn't actually see who stabbed the busker.
But if they're all culpable, we can charge them and still put Docherty away for life.
Now, I just need one corroborating witness to put the nail in his coffin.
So, go to Baby Doc's crew, find out if any of them want to turn Queen's Evidence.
And, Jackie, find a safe house.
Put Mickey Dawson under 24-hour protection.
Can I have a word? Yeah.
It would appear you haven't been completely honest with me, Robbie.
I've got you in the East End when the dealer was attacked.
Yeah? How's that? Katie was telling me.
Your girlfriend.
The junkie.
OK, two things.
She is not my girlfriend, and I do not appreciate you calling her a junkie.
She's got a drug problem and I'm helping her to deal with it.
By acquiring more drugs for her? By trying to get her into rehab.
What's she saying? No, no, no.
DCI Burke, I'm afraid I'm going to have to suspend DI Ross until further notice.
I've got Benny Docherty in my sights.
I need every officer I've got.
You don't need Ross.
I doubt the force needs Ross.
I want a reason.
Assault, robbery, consorting with known drug addicts.
How's that for starters? What do you want? I've got a proposition for you.
Keep me informed on that busker investigation and I'll forget about that 40 grand.
I'll also have a word with that dealer you battled.
Get him to drop his complaint.
Sorry, no can do.
How come? Amongst other things, you're a suspect.
We have a witness that puts you at the crime scene.
I never touched that guy.
What's Burke playing at? Like I said, no can do.
Oh, really? Well, we'll see about that.
I need to know what Burke's going to do before he does it, and if you don't do that for me, you will regret it.
For the rest of your life.
Katie? (Mobile phone rings) Matt, he's been on the radar for years.
They're gunning for him for a reason.
It's a witch-hunt, is that what you're saying? Matt, I called Atkins in.
I know you're loyal to your people and I admire that, but sometimes there just isn't enough room in the lifeboat for everyone.
What? And I'm supposed to just stand back and do nothing? No.
Concentrate on your investigation and let Ross fight his own battles.
I'm not sure this is one you can win.
Bad dream.
It just got worse.
How did you get in here? Shush.
You listen.
This witness, this Mickey, I need to pay him off.
What's that got to do with me? Katie.
I've got her.
And if you don't help me, you're never going to see her alive again.
Burke's setting me up.
I don't know why, but I'm not about to sit back and let that happen.
I know you've got that lying wee arsehole somewhere.
Where is he? I'll pass on your message, how's that? No, no, no, no.
I need to talk to him myself.
No, I can't do that.
Are you really going to let poor wee Katie die over something like that? Because I'll do it, Ross.
I will.
I'll cut off her fingers, her ears, her toes, and then I'll toss what's left of her into the Clyde.
Scouts' honour.
You never mentioned you saw Benny Docherty after you left the concert.
Benny who? Oh.
Oh, is that his name? Yeah, I know him vaguely.
Businessman, right? You really don't know who he is? Obviously I should.
He's THE ranking gangster in the city.
I see.
Can you tell me what you talked about? You said this was an unofficial chat.
It's beginning to sound decidedly official to me.
We chatted for a few seconds.
He instigated it.
I mean, he was a bit merry.
I just asked him what the occasion was, that type of thing.
So, it wasn't pre-arranged then? Absolutely not.
Do you have any business dealings with him? Not that I'm aware of.
Well, I can tell you that he's benefited from various contracts handed out by the city.
You even use one of his security firms to protect council properties.
Well, if I knew somebody like that was behind these companies, I wouldn't have touched them with a barge pole.
You do realise I don't dish out these contracts personally, don't you? Are these manuscripts originals? They're autographs technically.
It's a musical manuscript written in the composer's own hand.
I collect them.
I imagine they're very expensive.
They can be, but my collection is very modest.
No Mozart then? Unfortunately not.
Well, thank you for your time.
I really do love your apartment.
Aye, it's a bit much, isn't it? You can tell I'm a control freak.
Everything in its place.
Well, to be honest, I think that's refreshing in a man.
You know what I love about Mozart? Every note exactly where it should be.
Well, if I were you, I'd check who's dealing with those council contracts.
You need some quality control.
No, absolutely, I'll look into it.
And one other thing.
Mickey Dawson, the art student that you saw yesterday.
You didn't happen to purchase any photographs of you and Baby Doc gladhanding each other, like best buddies? No, I did not.
And next time you want to speak to me, call my lawyer.
Finally got an ID on the victim.
I was getting desperate so I checked names like Jack and Jackson against our database.
Lo and behold, our busker is one Douglas Jackley.
He has a string of convictions for assault going way back.
No wonder he preferred the nickname.
Find out if there's any links to Docherty.
Maybe he knew this guy, became one of his victims.
(Gunshot) How the hell could you let this happen? There was a car outside at all times.
We thought he was safe.
Does he look safe?! Where did the shot come from? From the window.
We're checking the flats across the road.
How did they know? You said you'd protect him! Oh, Christ, get her out of here! You promised! Come on! .
to come forward.
The police believe that the killing of art student Mickey Dawson may have been a gangland hit.
The shooting occurred late yesterday afternoon in Glasgow's south side and police It's not a great shot, but I think you get the picture.
No, I don't.
Explain it to me.
Obviously DI Ross has been taking kickbacks from our friend Docherty.
I think you found your leak.
I don't see Ross in that photo.
It's outside his flat.
I'd need more if I was to believe that Robbie Ross would sink so low.
Let me make myself as clear as I possibly can.
He's finished and you will be too if you try and protect him.
I'm getting a warrant for his arrest.
I want you to pick him up.
Has a certain symmetry, don't you think? Argh! (Pained cries) You said you were going to bribe him.
You said you were going to pay him off.
You never said you were going to kill the boy! I didn't kill the busker and you bastards know that.
Where's Katie? (Shouts) Where is she? Katie? Oh, Jesus, Katie.
I'm so sorry.
Did he say anything? No.
So, do we think this is linked to the busker case? Who knows? How many enemies did he have? Half the city wants to smash his head in.
This is not a good idea, Robbie.
I want to help.
I need to help, I'm still a cop.
Yeah, but for how long? Atkins thinks you leaked the address of the safe house to Docherty.
Did you? Oh, God, do you know what you've done? He had Katie.
Katie? Katie Wallis? Are you involved with her? No.
I couldn't bear to see her throw her life away.
I had to help her.
I needed to.
Why? I saw a bit of myself in her.
So, where is she? Docherty took her.
She was helpless.
He killed her.
I want him behind bars for the rest of his life.
Why? Do you think you might need company? He said he was only going to bribe Mickey, that's all.
I swear, I never knew he was going to kill him.
And that's why you attacked him? I don't want my first arrest as a DI to be you.
Where is Mickey? He should be in one of these somewhere.
Do we have him on CCTV? No.
That doesn't make sense.
According to his story, he should be on his way home.
I've just found Annie approaching the alley.
Annie? What's she doing there? Where is she going? Mita.
Jackie! Take a look at this.
They lied about who was on that shift.
There's Annie walking away from camera.
It wasn't Mickey who witnessed the stabbing, it was his girlfriend.
Why did Mickey say he witnessed the stabbing when it was you who saw it? He knew who Baby Doc was.
He knew that he was involved.
He was scared they'd hurt me if they knew what I saw.
And what did you see? Just what Mickey said.
They started arguing with the busker.
He didn't know a song they wanted him to sing.
And before I realised it, someone had stabbed him.
I need some water for my pill.
I'll get it.
So, he was stabbed because he didn't know a song they wanted? I know.
It makes you despair for the human race, doesn't it? I need to arrange some security.
Stay here and keep an eye on her, please, until they turn up.
You're the boss.
Yeah, well, it's better if you stay out of it anyhow.
We need to talk.
Have you told the boss what you heard? No.
But I need to know what's going on.
Robbie's got himself involved with Docherty, but it's complicated.
And you're protecting him? Yeah, well, until I know if he's telling the truth.
I admire you.
You have 15 years experience on me, so .
I'll do whatever you think is right.
Oh, Mita, I can't ask you to lie.
To risk your promotion? But that's what you're doing, isn't it? (Doorbell) Where's the roll of film?! I want that film now! I told you, I don't have it! You think you can blackmail me? Who do you think you're dealing with? We destroyed that roll Stop lying to me, you little bitch.
We both know what's on those photographs.
Where's the film?! I'm not lying, I'm not! Mickey destroyed it! I don't believe you! Why would he do that? Let her go! I can explain.
This girl is trying to blackmail me.
Oh, shut it, Donovan! It's not you I'm interested in.
Is it? Is it, Annie? So the missing photographs showed you enter the alley moments before the murder, is that right? Your boyfriend is dead because he claimed to be a witness to a crime he never saw.
I need to know why he did that, Annie.
Annie, if I look like a kind-hearted father figure to you, you need your eyes tested.
Now start talking or you're going to gaol.
I'm serious.
He raped me.
Who? The busker.
Two years ago he raped me when I was on my way home from college.
I never reported it.
Why? I was drunk.
I thought that nobody would believe me.
Wait a minute, Annie.
Are you saying? I'd been taking photographs for about three hours.
I went back to college to develop the negs.
That's when I saw him.
I recognised him immediately.
I went home, I got a knife.
It was like I was on autopilot.
I walked into the alley and I stabbed him.
Just like that.
Straight in the heart.
The thing is, it didn't make me feel any better.
The pain.
The pain I've had for two years, it didn't go away.
I thought it would but it didn't.
No, we know you didn't kill the busker, but don't relax just yet.
What we would like to know is why you were so keen to get that roll of film? As you're well aware, it is my right to remain silent.
Well, according to Annie, you were seen receiving an envelope from Benny Docherty.
Can you confirm that? Well, all this is just hearsay because the girl destroyed the roll of film.
Oh, she said she did.
You tried to buy the film from them but what you didn't realise is that Annie couldn't sell it to you because it incriminated her as well.
So, you're looking at charges relating to bribery, obstruction and attempting to pervert the course of justice.
You see, there are just some things, Clark, that you can't control.
Listen, I'm sure we can come to some arrangement.
Well, the only arrangement I'm interested in is a signed statement from you in which you admit to taking bribes from Benny Docherty.
Where do I sign? (Siren) Benny.
You've got a nerve coming here.
Don't bother uncorking the Chateau Lafite, pal.
You're under arrest.
I never touched that busker.
I'm detaining you for the murder of Katie Wallis and Mickey Dawson.
Argh! And all to cover up a crime you didn't even commit.
But then, you never were the brightest, were you? Poetic justice of a kind.
(Pained scream) If you're going to do what I think you're going to do, don't.
No, I have to come clean, Jackie.
Look, all they have is Baby Doc's allegation that you attacked him.
It's his word against yours.
I'm giving you another chance.
Take it.
But you understand this, you've got to change.
I will.
I have a warrant for the arrest of DI Ross.
He attacked that dealer and Docherty and he's going to pay for it.
Really? I've just arrested Baby Doc for double murder.
Under the circumstances, I don't think he'll make much of a witness, do you? You've been trying to put the wrong guy behind bars, Atkins.
You seem to be missing the point, Burke.
If you think Ross is fit for work in your department, then your department is not fit for purpose.
You don't have a case against him and you know it.
No DNA, no physical evidence, and poor Katie's dead.
All you've got is the word of a known drug dealer and a double murderer.
The fiscal will laugh in your face.
Now, get out, and take your warrant with you.
Don't worry, I'll be back .
for both of you.
I'll be waiting.
Now, get back to your work.
And you.
(Phone rings) DI Reid.
£ It's the only place that I would be willing to die for £ It's the only life I've ever seen £ This town is so mean £ This town is so mean.
£ Closed Captions by CSI
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