Take Two (2018) s01e07 Episode Script

About Last Night

1 Eddie.
Eddie, wake up.
Hmm? Sam.
Don't, don't.
Trust me, we're naked.
What? How did this happen? You don't know either? No.
I don't even remember you coming over last night.
Do you think we? I think we'd remember if we Oh, you'd remember.
Where are my clothes? Oh.
What the hell? What'd you do with my clothes? I don't know.
Mine are gone, too.
- What are you doing? - Borrowing a shirt.
It's okay.
This is just a dream.
No, no, not a dream.
I always keep my phone on my nightstand.
It's not there or anywhere in my apartment.
I didn't see yours either.
No clothes, and my wallet was in my pants.
So our clothes are gone, our phones are gone, and our wallets are M.
And we don't remember anything that happened last night.
Maybe we were drugged? So sorry.
My patients are normally dead.
Well, it must have been a wild night.
You two don't remember anything? Last thing I remember is lunch.
Suppose you could have been roofied and rolled, though the people who do that don't normally drive you home and tuck you in.
I think we drove ourselves home.
My SUV was at my place.
None of this makes any sense.
All right.
Arm, please.
" I don't remember writing that on my finger.
Well, if you were roofied, you'd have no memory of what you wrote or anything else you may have done while under the influence.
Wouldn't we have just passed out? No, you'd be functional and also quite, um, uninhibited.
Now, if you were given a cocktail of drugs, you could lose your memory of events which took place even before you were drugged.
A cocktail of drugs? A-are you gonna be able to tell us exactly what we ingested? Yes, I will indeed.
I'm gonna check in with Berto.
Uh, can I use your phone? There's a-a land line in my office.
You're not gonna tell him, right? Mick, can you check my blood alcohol, too? It's just, if I don't remember, then I don't know.
Four months sober.
Of course.
Will you keep the results just between you and me.
I'll be as discreet as the dead.
Oh, you know what? Can I, uh, take a quick peek at the phone logs from yesterday? O kay.
- This is it? - Just incoming calls from that new client that you had off campus.
Oh, yeah, that, uh the client meeting.
How did that go anyway? You guys went radio silent right after.
You're here.
I called you, like, a million times, and you didn't come home last night.
You didn't return my calls, either.
Well, our, um Our phones and our wallets, they were stolen.
Both of you guys were robbed? Are you okay? Should I call the cops? - No.
- No, don't call the cops.
Not yet.
Yeah, The Smoking Gun could pick it up, you know? That's publicity none of us need.
You know what you can do? Why don't you run our credit cards, see if anyone's used in the last 24 hours.
We can try to track your phones, too.
In the meantime, you guys will need these.
Uh, so, you know, the new client, I had all their info stored on my phone.
So do you have their number? Yeah, we told them we would get back to them - today with an update.
- You don't remember.
- Uh, what you talking about? - Remember what? Besides, they'll be here in a few minutes.
- Who who will be here? - The new client.
The one you met with yesterday.
Named J.
- I love J.
- Yes.
Could you send, uh Send that person in.
They slept together.
Don't don't say that.
They're acting weird, and she didn't come home.
50 bucks says they did.
Want to make a bet? No! That's so wrong.
Come on.
Do you think they know? I mean, I'm pretty good at hiding stuff, but they probably saw right through you.
I just I don't remember meeting a J.
I don't even remember if it's a man or a woman.
- What are you looking at? - This is my case notepad.
I found it between the seats of my car.
I wrote down some notes from yesterday.
Falling Cap R" What do you think it means? At this point, no idea.
Usually just jot down key words.
In case anyone finds this, they can't use it.
So secret, you can't even crack it.
- What is it? - Well, it's a business card, but there's nothing on it.
Okay, cryptic notes, a blank white card, letters on my hand, and no memory.
I mean, I feel like I'm in an episode of "The Twilight Zone.
" Oh.
Maybe our client can help us.
She even look familiar? Not even a little.
Maybe we should admit that we don't remember her case.
Let me handle it.
Well, it's nice to see you again, Ms.
Yesterday you were calling me Jackie.
I liked that much better.
Hello, Sam.
Hello again.
How How can we help you today, Jackie? Well, as you can see, case closed.
They don't call us the fastest-working P.
s in town for nothing.
Ah, you're hilarious.
I am? Well, Trevor came back on his own, obviously.
So Trevor's no longer missing.
No, he he's right where he should be.
Say hello to the nice people, Trevor.
- Trevor.
- Mm.
Oh, of course.
He looks exactly like his picture.
He's very photogenic.
And I was so relieved.
I honestly thought he'd been stolen.
After all, he is a purebred Yorkie with papers.
That is a very highly, highly sought-after breed in the black-market pet trade.
Uh, you're you're really lucky.
And I sincerely apologize if I led you on a wild goose chase.
Now, how much do I owe you? How does a case about a lost dog get us drugged? The only way to find out is to retrace our steps.
We need to follow the same investigative path we took.
First we have to figure out where the hell that path is.
Hey, Eddie, I found a couple charges on your credit card from yesterday.
Lunch at Chaco's Taco Truck I know that's you.
What else? Gas purchase at 3:00, coffee at 4:00, and a charge at 8:00 p.
at a place called the Sunset Bistro.
Sunset Bistro? Wait.
Sunset? I know that place.
Why would we come to a café to look for a lost dog? I'm as much in the dark as you are.
I can't believe I used to willfully get blackout drunk.
It was awful then, too.
Does it bother you not knowing what happened? Deeply.
You two lovebirds back so soon? Yeah, well, um, we loved the tapas.
- You just had drinks.
- Drinks? Remember, sweetie, we had tapas for lunch yesterday.
We came here later for drinks.
He never remembers anything.
Just like your high-school friend's name? I would have got it for you, but he paid cash.
Uh, yeah, yeah.
My high-school friend.
You mean the, uh, guy with the hair? Yeah, the guy with the beard and the black baseball cap? - Sweetie, I forgot something else.
- Hmm? I have a doctor's appointment.
- We got to go.
- Whoops.
What friend from high school was he talking about? That's the question I ask when I'm tailing someone and need to get their name, which means that guy with the beard And the black baseball cap is the person we were following.
You think he's a dognapper? Maybe he stole Trevor? Hey, Monica.
Sam, I was going through all the gossip websites to see if there were any paparazzi photos from yesterday, and there's something you should see.
I found something on Tabloid Junkie's PicFace account, but before I show it to you, is there anything you want to tell us? - No.
- No.
Still nothing you want to tell us? What? That? I I can explain that.
It's It's a ruse.
Sam and I, we were, um uh We were posing as a couple.
Yes, yes, for the investigation.
Really? 'Cause that looks pretty real.
So real.
But, you know, then again, I am a really good actress, you guys.
Why were you two posing as a couple? Because we were tailing somebody that was at the Sunset Bistro.
That guy right there.
See that guy with the, uh, beard and the black baseball cap? W-w-wait.
That's him.
That must've been the guy we were tailing.
- Yeah.
- Wait.
"Must've"? You guys don't recognize the guy you were tailing? Okay, fine.
This is This is getting ridiculous.
The truth is, Sam and I, we were apparently drugged working the Jackie Jarvis case.
Drugged? As in? As in we have no memory of the last 24 hours.
The whole day is a complete blank.
That is so eerie.
Are you guys okay? We're fine, but we could use a little help trying to figure out what the hell happened to us yesterday.
I can access your phone's cloud data, pull your GPS logs.
That should be able to tell us where you were yesterday and help reconstruct the day.
Sam, have you checked your e-mail? No, uh, because my phone was stolen.
I'm checking it now.
You have a Rideshare receipt from last night at 2:00 A.
You took a Rideshare and I drove my car home? So how did you end up? Does it say from where? The receipt maps the ride.
Um You came from east of downtown back to Eddie's apartment.
Um, east of downtown, that's an industrial area.
What were you guys doing there? Right.
You don't remember.
Go map our day, and see if you can track down the Rideshare driver.
Find out if there was anything unusual about the trip or if anyone was with Sam.
Got it.
So So Was it a ruse? I mean, it had to have been, right? Listen, whatever happened, we'll find the answers.
I promise.
You sure we want to? Listen, I have this thing I need to take care of.
I'll meet you back here in an hour or so, okay? Yeah, sure.
I'm winning this bet.
- You heard the man.
- He said the kiss was a ruse.
But was it? I-I don't know.
We were hit with a cocktail of drugs, so I'm pretty sure that my brain wasn't running the show.
And I know you don't like it when you're not in control.
Did you sleep with her? Sleep, yes.
Anything else No idea.
Neither of us knows.
Well, then no harm, no foul.
But the question isn't, did you? The question is, do you want to? She's a celebrity, Zeus.
Last place I ever want to be is in someone else's spotlight.
But you do have feelings for her, hmm? That feeling, the ones you get when you let your guard down, that's what life's about, my brother.
Hey, let me let me see that for a second.
I'm Sam, and I'm an alcoholic.
Hi, Sam.
Until yesterday, I was 108 days sober.
But then I woke up this morning in bed with someone, and I have no idea how I got there or what we did.
Until about 20 minutes ago, best-case scenario was I was roofied.
But then I saw a photo of myself in a restaurant with a drink in my hand.
I wish it was funny.
I do.
I wish I could tell a joke, but I can't, because it hasn't been that long since I got out of rehab.
The worst part is I don't know what happened.
I don't know if I had a drink.
But if I did, then You should have called.
That's what a sponsor's for.
Hey, Tina.
I would've, but It's okay.
People slip all the time.
It's what you do after that matters, and you came here.
Yeah, well, it would be a lot easier if I could pretend it didn't happen.
The worst part is, I don't even know if I took a drink.
Then you better find out.
'Cause here, we don't pretend.
You need to know.
You still keeping with the journal? Most days I just write, "I didn't drink today.
" What am I supposed to write today? If you don't have a drink today, that's enough.
That's the beauty.
Every day, you get to choose.
Don't be afraid of that empty page.
I know it may look blank, but it's not.
There's answers there.
Hey, I think there's something on that blank card.
I think there's something on that blank card.
- What? - What? Okay, why would you keep a blank card unless it isn't really blank? Let me see your hand.
I have one, too.
We were at a club? Give me that.
7560 Carlyle Street.
That's south of Hollywood.
I thought I knew every club in L.
Never heard of this one before.
What do you think the "O" stands for? Well, there's only one way to find out.
Come on.
This must be it.
Hello? I have been trying you all day.
Berto just told me you lost your phone.
Yeah, yeah.
Uh, is everything all right? Aside from the fact that you stood me up last night? - I stood you up? - Uh, yeah.
Or did you forget we were supposed to meet for a drink at Georgio's after my shift? Oh, uh, Chris, I-I'm sorry.
Things just got a little crazy last night.
Look, stuff comes up, Eddie.
I get it.
But with or without benefits, don't blow me off.
Next time, find a way to call.
I will.
Georgio's I was supposed to meet Christine there last night.
Apparently, I blew her off.
- That's great.
- No, it's not.
No, I mean, for the timeline.
What time were you supposed to meet her? She said after her shift, so 11:00 p.
? 11:00? I guess you were planning on waking up naked with her.
Look, I know you, Eddie.
You wouldn't have stood her up without calling, which means by 11:00 p.
we were drugged.
Yeah, or something else was happening at that time.
Maybe whatever it was happened in there.
I think those people recognize me.
Take it easy.
It's just your imagination.
I have a bad feeling about this place.
This is a sex club.
Why would we come here to find a dog? That's not the first explanation that comes to mind.
- Here, look.
- Mistress Kim.
"MKim," like in my notes.
Oh, it's you two.
I hoped you'd come back for a session, especially you.
I know you've been bad.
Uh, yeah.
Um, mind if we ask a-a couple questions first? Still nervous? I love virgin couples.
I'll answer anything you want if you say yes to the session.
Uh, yes? Too tentative.
You should be punished for that.
- Severely.
- Uh, Eddie? Uh, punish her in a minute.
Just But first, have you seen this guy? He didn't come here for a session.
So he was here? Well, did he have a meeting with Mistress Kim? Not questions you should ask.
You shouldn't have come back.
Why not? What does this have to do with the dog? You need to leave.
Or what, you'll spank us? What the hell? Well, we must have hit a nerve.
Speaking of nerve, "You can punish her in a minute"? What? Would you rather she punish you first? Hey! Get off me! I understand you were looking for me.
A dangerous proposition, especially for a private dick.
You're Mistress Kim? Look, I I think we got off on the wrong foot here.
We were just trying to get some answers.
I'd like some answers myself.
Why were you asking about Trevor? - Trevor? - You took us because of him? What is your interest in him? If you lie to me, I will know.
We were hired to find him.
By whom? - We won't reveal our - His owner.
His owner? Meaning what? Meaning the person who owns him? And why did this owner want you to find Trevor? Uh Because he was lost.
And valuable.
He's a purebred.
Purebred? Yeah, Trevor has papers.
Papers? Is that some kind of code? Code? No, it's just a fact.
We are talking about Trevor, right? Yes, Trevor Stark, the man you were asking about at my club.
Man? We were looking for a dog.
You don't really expect me to believe such an idiotic story? Uh, well, it's the only answer you're gonna get.
You have no idea what you're dealing with.
Stop looking for Trevor Stark, or this ends badly for you.
Can you imagine having a whole day wiped from your head? Be an interesting experiment.
If you erased someone's worst day or someone's best day, would it change who someone is? Hmm.
The driver's name is Rupert.
That must be him.
Rupert, thanks for showing up.
You said there was something in it for me, so Now, do you remember giving this woman a ride last night? Oh, yeah.
Most memorable night of my life.
I should have paid them.
- Them? - Her and some guy.
Looked like they'd been partying pretty hard.
What do you mean? Better if you see for yourself.
Dash cam.
I put down a towel.
We need you to hand over the memory card from your dash cam.
No one can see this ever.
I wish I could unsee it.
You'll have to buy me a new card.
Now, Rupert.
Would you stop looking at the Rideshare video? I can't.
It's hypnotic.
- Morning, Eddie.
- Hey, Sam here yet? I'm here.
Something wrong? - Not with me.
- Nothing's wrong.
Did you find out anything about Trevor Stark? Yeah, he's a sales rep from Arizona.
Distributes janitorial supplies.
Why were we hired to find a guy who sells mops? You weren't.
I dug deeper, and the hospital listed on Stark's birth certificate, it burned down 10 years ago along with all the birth records.
It's a classic way to create a false I.
So not only was Trevor not a dog, he's not even a Trevor? Well, who is he? I don't know.
That's the question we need to ask Jackie Jarvis.
Yeah, except there is no Jackie Jarvis.
There's no record of her on the web and the phone that she called us from was a burner and it went offline as soon as she left here.
Jackie Jarvis is a ghost.
What about the Rideshare driver? Did you get anything from him? What? Uh, Eddie? Yeah.
We're Yep.
I can't.
I just can't.
If I was with her, then how did my car get to my house? It's like the X-rated version of "Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
" So, want to see how we've reconstructed your missing day so far? I pulled your phone's GPS data off the cloud, and we were able to put together a rough idea - of where you went.
- Run me through it.
First stop, you already know Sunset Bistro at 8:00 P.
And then at 9:30, you drove to somewhere here in Hollywood.
Yeah, the "O" club.
You went to a sex club.
Of course you did.
It's not what you think.
We were following Trevor Stark.
Of course you were.
We'll need you to do a little background on the, uh, club's owner, okay? Mistress Kim.
How do you know Mistress Kim? I saw her speak at an entrepreneurs seminar for successful women.
Uh, after Hollywood, you ended up in this area of Encino from about 10:30 to midnight, and that's when your phones went dark.
Then at 2:00 a.
, you caught your Rideshare home.
Yeah, we were probably tailing Trevor Stark after he left the "O" club in Hollywood.
It was late.
Maybe we followed him home.
Okay, so we know what "Sunset" is, "Georgio," "MKim.
" Now it's "Falling Cap R.
" What's that? Wait.
There's a street in Encino called Falling Leaf Drive.
I lived right by it when I first moved to L.
- Do you think maybe - Berto, show me what's on that street.
Here's a street view.
Zoom in on that rental sign right there in front of that house.
Capstone Realty.
That's Cap R.
We must've followed Trevor Stark to his rental house on Falling Leaf Drive.
Let's try around back.
How did we go from here to being naked - in the back seat of a car? - I don't know.
Nothing about this case makes sense.
No identification on any of the victims, but their tattoos and, uh, physiques indicate ex-military.
Yeah, well, so does the close-quarter combat.
Cause of death runs the gamut strangulation, blunt-force trauma, broken neck.
Similarities in the secondary injuries suggest a single attacker.
You're saying one guy did all this? Yes.
It does appear that these gentlemen took on Batman and lost.
All right, Eddie, play time's over.
- Who are the dead guys? - Why are you asking me? Because neighbors saw you and Sam here two nights ago right before these men showed up.
Who are they? Um I don't know.
No games, Eddie, not with four bodies.
What were you doing here? Sam, um, while your partner there gets his ass kicked, I wanted to let you know that your lab results came in.
As I suspected, you and Eddie were drugged with hybridized scopolamine.
Hybridized scuttle-what-amine? It's commonly referred to as The Devil's Breath.
Thieves will use it in its powdered form.
They hold it in their palms and then, like Sorry.
blow it into an unsuspecting victim's face.
The drug takes effect instantly.
Well, what does it do? Wipes out memory, as you're painfully aware.
And And while under its sway, you remain conscious but highly suggestible.
How suggestible? Like, what could I be made to do? Essentially, um, anything.
But there is good news.
Your, um Your blood alcohol test came back negative, and there were no other drugs in your system.
- So I didn't slip? - You didn't slip.
Okay, 110 days.
Mick, thank you.
Don't thank me, Sam.
You're the one staying sober.
It's, um, quite good.
Just so I understand, you were hired to find a dog who was actually a man named Trevor Stark who you tailed here, but you don't remember any of it because you were drugged.
Anything else you'd like to add? Just that getting drugged is probably why I stood you up at Georgio's.
I don't even remember making the date.
I know it sounds ridiculous, but Yeah.
Then it must be true, because you would never make up - such a ridiculous dumb-ass story.
- Hmm.
What? Yes, sir.
I understand.
Yes, sir.
What? The name Trevor Stark is sending out ripples.
Feds are on their way.
Oh, good, 'cause I have a few questions for them.
Yeah, well, they won't be answering your questions or mine.
Why not? They're taking over this crime scene.
I don't even know which agency, but I have orders to evacuate everyone, including you.
Everyone pack up.
We've just had our jurisdiction pulled.
We wake up naked in bed, and now it's a national security matter? With a body count.
Something's going on here, Sam, something bigger than tailing some random guy.
Let me look.
In a minute.
You said that a minute ago.
Come on.
Eddie, that woman.
That's our client, Jackie Jarvis.
- What? - Yeah.
She's a Fed? Looks like she's in charge, too.
Then she can tell me what's going on and why she lied to us.
Whoa, where you going? Hey! Hey, Jackie.
Trevor the dog, my ass.
Who's Trevor Stark, and why did you hire us to find him? I'm sorry, ma'am, you need to clear the area.
Was it you who drugged us? You did, didn't you? What the hell gives you the right? Who do you think you are? This is a secure scene.
Leave now, or you'll be detained.
You need to identify yourself.
What agency are you with? Did you see that? She practically admitted that she drugged us.
Are we gonna let her get away with that? Hey, Berto, I'm gonna send you a picture of a plate.
I need you to run it.
We need to figure out who we're up against here.
I need you to get this done now.
I'm on it.
I don't think I've ever heard him so stressed.
That's because they're both into each other and in massive denial.
Look at the evidence they made out at a bistro, went to the "O" club, and shared a naked Rideshare to Eddie's at 2:00 a.
Statistically, 31% of office romances do end in marriage.
What are you trying to say? Nothing.
What are you trying to say? Nothing.
It's like "Men in Black," only it's a woman in black.
I mean, she acted like she didn't even know us.
We'll figure out who she is, and we'll take her down.
How? She's a Fed.
No, she's a bad cop with a fancy badge.
You got that right.
Trevor Stark? Drive.
Thank God I found you.
I thought they might have gotten to you.
Where is it? Where's what? What do you mean, "Where's what?" - The vial.
Where's the vial? - The vial? If this is from two nights ago, we don't remember.
What do you mean you don't remember? You showed up at my house.
You warned me they were coming.
Are you saying that we've met before? Oh, God, they must've drugged you.
Wait? Who? Jackie? Who does she work for? You really don't remember? She's a traitor.
She hired you to find me and then sent her men to kill me.
Why would she want to kill you? A vial was stolen from a government lab inside job.
I tracked it to Jackie, but just as I recovered the vial, she set me up, put me on the run.
I-I've been trying to stay a step ahead of her, but they followed you and captured me.
You're saying you're the good guy? You killed four people.
I had to to survive.
When they were done interrogating me, they were gonna kill me.
Escape was my only option.
And why should we trust you? I'm I'm not asking you to.
I didn't ask you to the other night.
I told you to take the vial and keep it safe until we could sort this all out.
If Jackie gets her hands on it, she'll sell it to the highest bidder.
You agreed to hide it.
I need to know where.
We don't remember a vial.
We don't remember where we would have hid it.
Where did you go after you left the house that night? Somewhere east of downtown, but we don't know where.
We're trying to find out.
Keep trying.
Drop me off up there.
How do we find you? I'll contact you when I can.
What's in the vial exactly? A nerve toxin deadly enough to wipe out the city.
All this time, I was worried we had sex, and instead we were carrying around a-a deadly nerve toxin that could wipe out an entire city.
Fun fact about me, Eddie I drop things.
I could've killed us all.
If any of this is true.
Well, everything he says fits.
We know Jackie's after him, we know she drugged us, and now we know why so we wouldn't remember any of this.
You don't believe him.
Fun fact about me I'm not very trusting.
And if I didn't know who to trust, I wouldn't have trusted either of them.
What I would've done is probably Made sure the vial didn't fall into the wrong hands, not knowing who was telling the truth.
I would've taken it and hidden it until I could figure out what was going on, and then You would've called someone you trusted to help.
My sudden date with Christine.
Are we saying what I think we're saying? That we took a deadly nerve toxin, hid it where no one could find it, and now we can't remember where the hell it is? We need to figure out where we went after we left that house.
I have intel on Mistress Kim.
- From who? - My contacts in Koreatown.
Aside from her activities at the "O" club, Mistress Kim is known as a deal broker for legit businessmen and criminals.
Anyone who has something exotic to buy or sell, she can make it happen.
Mistress Kim must be brokering a deal with Jackie - Or Trevor.
- to sell that toxin.
All right, we know we were at the house at midnight, which is when Trevor said he gave us the toxin.
So if we hid it, it had to have been sometime after 12:00 a.
And before your 2:00 a.
naked ride.
It's not like we had pockets.
So we didn't have the vial then.
So, what did we do? Bury it? Stash it? Wait.
The clue I wrote on my finger.
" - What about it? - I know what it means.
Somebody, help me! Help me! Okay, so I made this movie before "Hot Suspect.
" The plot is the evil ghost wants my soul for all eternity.
If he can get his hands on something I hold precious spoiler alert, the locket my boyfriend Brad gave me I'll die and become his forever.
"Evil Soulmate 4.
" ES4.
Get it? I get why I never saw it.
Why did you do that film? Because the director told me I-it was a metaphor about the emptiness of modern bourgeois life.
Okay, but now I know why I wrote "ES4" on my finger.
I must have hidden the vial somewhere in a drain.
Okay, w-where? D'uh.
In a drain.
Somewhere between Trevor's house and the naked ride.
Oh, well, that narrows it down.
Maybe I can help.
Those Fed SUV licenses that you sent me, took a while, but I traced them, and not to the Federal Government.
Those vehicles are registered to a Valance Holdings, a private company that also owns buildings, three of them in L.
Feds must be using them as covers.
And one of those buildings is just east of downtown, four blocks from where the Rideshare picked you up.
When I finished doing our show, I thought I'd been in every abandoned factory, warehouse, and alley in Los Angeles, but there's, like, a lot more.
Well, this looks deserted.
Some kind of office space.
It's a receipt with yesterday's date.
Whoever was here must've just cleared out.
Jackie and her G-men? This could've been a staging area or a command center.
Or maybe they brought us here.
It's a decontamination shower.
That's why we were wet and naked.
We were exposed to the toxin.
They took our clothes.
And sent us home in a Rideshare? Eddie.
I am being careful.
Okay, we have the vial.
Now what? Now you give it to me.
See? That's why I don't trust people.
You followed us.
You used us to find the toxin.
Even with your memories erased, you two are surprisingly good P.
You're not the victim.
You're the bad guy.
You stole that toxin.
Yeah, and I'm gonna sell it to the highest bidder.
It's called capitalism.
Buyer's here.
I'll deal with you two later.
Now walk.
When this deal's done, we're dead.
- What are we gonna do? - I'm working on it.
We good? The money's been transferred.
Please submit the item for inspection.
- What? - Just faint.
Sam, Sam.
Sam, Sam.
Put it down! Put the gun down! Put it down! - Show me your hands! - FBI! Hands up! Hands in the air! Freeze! Game over, Trev.
Not yet.
I walk out of here or I drop this.
This vial's more lethal than VX.
It'll kill everyone in this room in minutes.
You'd kill yourself.
You're bluffing.
Am I? I can't let you leave here with that vial.
And you can't stop me.
Move, Sam, move! Come on, go, go, go! Take the rest of your clothes off.
All right.
We're gonna die.
No, we're not.
Just rinse off, okay? Your skin, your hair everything.
- What if we're too late? - We're not.
Oh, my God.
I don't feel anything.
Do you feel anything? I can't tell.
It's like déjà vu all over again.
Special Agent Angela Truman, FBI.
What the hell? You're not dead.
We're not dead.
It wasn't nerve gas.
It was knockout gas.
We switched the vials.
What? It's a long story.
You might want to dry off first.
Trevor was one of ours until he went rogue and stole the toxin.
We sent out our people, but he knows us, and the clock was ticking.
We hired several P.
firms, and you two found him.
Yay us? Afterwards, we took you to our Decon site as a precaution and hosed you down.
And then you drugged us so we wouldn't remember any of it.
I came by the next day to make sure you didn't remember.
Yeah, that dog was a nice touch.
Yeah, I thought so.
At that point, we were interrogating Trevor and looking for the vial.
But we didn't know he'd shaken your faith in us and given you the vial to hide.
But when I saw "ES4" written on your finger, I got curious.
It didn't take long to make the connection.
You watched "Evil Soulmate 4"? Not your finest work.
But we found the vial.
Case closed.
Only Trevor escaped, killed your men.
And by then you two were out in the world, asking questions.
So you figured you'd use us.
We figured if you could draw him out Not only would you get him but his buyers.
Hope there are no hard feelings.
No hard feelings? You sent us home naked in a Rideshare.
Well, this was supposed to be a covert op.
The only clothes we had said "property of the FBI.
" And, in our defense, we didn't think you'd remember.
And if you had, well, you'd just assume you had a wild night out.
So then what? You just put us in bed together? No, you you did that on your own.
Uh, but now that know, I do need you to sign these.
Nondisclosure agreements? We're also here to confiscate all the files you have related to the case.
Why the paperwork? Why not just wipe our memories again? I'd like you to remember me in case I need your help again.
I thought about what you said earlier.
If I forgot my worst day or my best day, would that make me a different person? I thought about it, too.
You wouldn't.
Exactly what I thought.
Why? Because one day's just a drop in the bucket of life.
I know.
I'm a poet.
Also, I'm calling off our bet about whether they slept together.
Why? Schroedinger's cat.
Look it up.
Have a good night, guys.
Night cap? - That was - An adventure? Anything come back to you? No.
You? Well, at least now we know what happened.
Not everything.
There's still one thing we didn't figure out.
I guess some things are better left a mystery.

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