Take Two (2018) s01e08 Episode Script

All About Ava

Call Sam Swift.
You have reached a number that is no longer in service.
You know I hate that, Joey.
Don't scramble her brain, Joey.
That's my job.
And, uh, I don't want to spoil it for you, but the zebra did it.
Actually, the zyzzyva did.
They're a genus of tropical weevils native to South America.
- Who's the dork now, sis? - [STUDIO AUDIENCE LAUGHTER.]
I'd repressed how goofy-looking I was in the '90s.
"Was"? How old were you, anyway? "All About Ava!" was my first real job in Hollywood.
Ava played my big sister on the show and in real life.
She showed me the ropes.
I can't believe she's gone.
How long has it been since you've seen her? [SIGHS.]
Too long.
We'd lose touch, and then we'd run into each other and catch up and then drift apart again.
Some fans are having an impromptu memorial at her crash site today.
I'm thinking of going.
You want some company? [KNOCK ON DOOR.]
Sam, someone's here to see you.
Uh, Galen Eckhart? Galen? That's Ava's husband.
Galen? You heard? Yeah.
I'm I'm so sorry.
- Eddie.
- Hey.
Sam, I have to know.
Why did Ava call you just before the accident? What are you talking about? Police recovered her phone.
You were the last call she made right before she went off the road.
That can't be right.
We haven't talked in ages.
I don't have a missed call from her.
555-0149? That's my old number.
Why would she call me? Sam, I think she was in trouble.
Her death I don't think it was an accident.
Captions by VITAC Six weeks ago, I went to Europe on business.
When I left, everything was fine.
And then, she became distant on the phone.
I-I mean, I knew something was wrong, but she wouldn't say what it was.
I started checking the security cameras at the house.
And you saw something? It's more about what I didn't see.
Her car was gone in the middle of the night a-a few times a week.
Did you ask her about it? I didn't know what to say.
I thought maybe she was having an affair, so I cut the trip short and I came home.
But while I was gone she'd changed.
It's like she was a different person.
She was jittery and anxious.
She stopped coming to bed.
Once, in the middle of the night, I overheard her talking to somebody about someplace called, uh, The Maze.
The Maze? What Maze? I don't know.
I-I tried to talk to her about it, and and she brushed me off.
It's like we were strangers.
And then, the other night, I woke up, and I found her in the living room, crying.
I didn't know what to do.
So I held her and I just told her that I loved her.
And, uh, she said that she was sorry and that it would all be over soon and she would tell me everything.
Sam, she knew you were a P.
I think that's why she called you because she needed help.
I'm asking you to help her now.
I need to know what happened.
I promise we'll do everything we can.
Thank you both.
The person he was describing - that's not the Ava I knew.
She was one of the kindest, most grounded people you'd ever meet.
What could make somebody change like that? Well, if it was an affair, it sounds like it went very wrong.
Hey, Berto, follow up with Ava's husband.
Go through her laptop, her phone, her bank information.
See if there's anything she did in the last six weeks that stands out anything that relates to a Maze.
Also, check the police report on that accident, too.
- On it.
So, where do we start? By looking at the crash site.
Quite the turnout for someone who left the spotlight over 20 years ago.
Her fans still love her after all these years.
Hiya, Dork.
Still hate that.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Oh, UH, Eddie Valetik, this is Corey Holman.
Corey played Ava's on-and-off boyfriend, Joey who little sister Melody AKA me had a huge crush on.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
Weren't you, uh You were also that douchey lawyer on "California Law" everyone was sleeping with.
The gang's all here.
That's Tiffany and Russ.
They played the twins who lived next door.
Oh, my God.
Is that little Chucky Gilroy? Talking to Joan and Bernie? I should go say hi.
Yeah, Chucky played Corey's little brother on the show.
Joan and Bernie were my TV parents.
What about your real parents? They were up in San Francisco, hoping that this acting thing was just a phase and that I'd get tired of it.
Sam? Cam! I I didn't expect to see you here.
I heard you went through a rough patch.
I think everyone heard.
You look good.
That's all that matters, right? Uh, Cam Adams, executive producer, creator, "All About Ava!" and "The Witch Next Door.
" Eddie Valetik.
Oh, wow.
Molly's here? Yeah, I d I don't know why I ever thought that she could replace Ava.
Nobody could.
What'd he mean by "replace Ava"? After the first year, Ava left the show.
She kind of lost it.
She started drinking heavily, got into drugs.
Sounds familiar.
You know, she was the only one that called me when I was in rehab.
Told me it'll all get better.
Anyway, Molly Vance is the actor that they hired to replace her.
Without Ava, the show died a quick death.
Well, it was called "All About Ava!" It was only on for two years? - [CELLPHONE RINGS.]
- Yeah, but it became a cult classic.
- Whatcha got, Berto? - According to the police report, the car didn't swap paint with anyone, and there were no irregular impacts.
Everything was consistent with a single-car crash.
All right, well, what else did the report say? Here you go.
Well, I'm looking at Ava's tire marks.
Looks like she veered off the road suddenly.
That's kind of strange if nobody else was involved.
BERTO: Yeah, the cops saw that, too.
They called it a "likely aberrant obstruction.
" Cop talk for "We think she saw a bunny in the road.
" Yeah, well, let me guess no witnesses? Isolated road, no homes for miles, no traffic-cam coverage.
Okay, thanks.
Joey I know you're here.
You can't hide from me forever.
What's wrong? - [KEY CLACKS.]
- Did something happen? Nope.
I'm sad that Ava died.
I used to love the show.
Why? In foster care, you take your family how you can.
Even on TV.
Every episode, there were lessons on how to treat people right or how to stand up for what you believe in.
I wasn't allowed to watch TV.
My parents thought it would melt our brains.
Are you saying you've never watched "All About Ava!"? - Mm-hmm.
- Oh, my God! You're so lucky.
You get to watch it for the first time ever.
I'm cool.
You are decidedly not cool.
Not if you haven't watched the show.
It was about what it meant to be a teenager at the turn of the century.
You're, like, really close to me right now.
If you watch it and you hate it, then you can judge me, but not until then.
It's all up online.
You can use my account.
You're not gonna shut up until I watch it, are you? Nope.
You're gonna love it.
- "Huh," what? - It's about Ava.
I'm running a search on her phone records.
And it says that she called roadside assistance three weeks ago at 3:37 a.
One of the nights that her husband said that she was out.
So if you can find out where that truck met her, you might find out where she'd been going all those nights.
Hello? Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey, hey, hey! Look, I just have a few questions, is all.
I don't want any trouble.
I just want to know, did you did you happen to see a car go off the road last night? So, he heard tires screech, and he ran out just in time to see Ava's car being forced off the road by a dark sedan.
He climbed down to see if he could help, but someone was already there, rifling around inside her car.
He got close they took off.
Could he tell who? Just a figure.
It was too dark.
Galen, we gave his report to the police.
They sent a second team to take a look, and they found something.
It appears that her key ring was forced open after the crash.
So whoever was rifling around in her car most likely was after one of her keys.
These are the keys that they did find.
Can you tell if any are missing? I I don't think so.
Well, her driver's license was also missing from her wallet.
- You have any idea why? - No.
With this additional evidence, the police believe that Ava was intentionally run off the road.
They're reclassifying her death as a homicide.
They'll be conducting an investigation.
But you'll keep looking? Right? Well, I if that's what you'd like.
They'd still think it was an accident if it wasn't for you.
Galen, can you think of anyone that might've wanted to hurt Ava? No.
No one.
Everybody loved her.
We had the perfect life.
At least, I thought we did.
Give us a sec.
BERTO: That 3:00 a.
call that Ava made to roadside assistance three weeks ago? Finally got a call back.
Said she called from this address, way out in the valley.
Are you sure this is the right spot? This doesn't look like the kind of place someone would come to have a torrid affair.
Well, seems like the kind of place you'd buy drugs.
Think it's possible she was using again? We're more than an hour from her house.
If she was looking for drugs, she could've found them a lot closer to home.
It wasn't "the Maze.
" It was "Lemaise.
" This is where she was going.
What is this place? [WOMAN SCREAMS.]
WOMAN: They're gonna kill me! [SCREAMS.]
They're coming! [SCREAMS.]
They're coming! Hide! Hide! Hey! You shouldn't be here! Get out of here now! No! They're gonna kill me! Let her go! Whoa! Easy.
Are you okay? Mother isn't in there.
She's gone away.
What the hell's going on here? It's all right.
It's okay.
I should be asking you the same question.
What are you doing in my sleep clinic? A sleep clinic? That's right for night terrors.
But y-you're not here for a consultation, are you? No.
We're here about Ava Ava Day.
Yeah, I heard about the accident.
It wasn't an accident.
She was intentionally run off the road.
She came to me several weeks back.
She'd been having nightmares vivid, recurring, acute.
What were they about? They were about a figure a man with spider-web eyes.
Oh, that's creepy.
She'd been dreaming about him for years, but recently, it'd gotten worse.
He was terrorizing her every night.
No wonder she couldn't sleep.
- Did she know what it was? - No.
But as our sessions progressed, I began to believe that the figure was a a fragment of a repressed memory.
A memory of what? That's what we were trying to figure out.
And I believe we're making progress.
Under hypnotic suggestion, she appeared to have a breakthrough.
What, she remembered something? And whatever it was scared her.
When I brought her out of hypnosis, she wouldn't talk about it.
She insisted on leaving immediately, even though she was too sedated to drive.
And that was the last time I saw her.
And when was this? About a week ago.
And through all this, she never mentioned anyone in her waking life she was having trouble with, anyone that might've scared her like that? No.
You said she was too sedated to drive.
How did she get home? She called a friend to pick her up.
- You remember who? - I didn't get a good look.
But he was driving a classic car an old gray Chevelle.
SAM: Whatever this memory was, it must have something to do with Ava's death.
We have to figure out what this means.
You know that car the doctor was talking about, the Chevelle? I saw it at the accident site.
Wait this is a Chevelle? Yeah.
Why? I know whose car this is.
It's Corey Holman's car.
It's like his signature.
The noogie guy? The guy you had a crush on? The guy my character had a crush on.
Were he and Ava close? Very.
They dated back in the day.
You think if Ava remembered something, she might've told Corey? [STUDIO AUDIENCE "OOHS".]
Why are you dressed like that? Because I'm awesome.
I'm going as baby New Year.
But it's the winter formal.
That's why the diaper has a bow tie.
I'm sorry.
I love this episode.
- Why? The dialogue is obvious, the characters are one-dimensional, and the plot lines are ridiculous.
Come on.
You don't even like it a little? It's objectively not good.
My personal opinion doesn't factor in.
- EDDIE: Hey, Berto.
- Just give it a few more episodes.
You'll see.
- Where's Sam? - She's meeting with Corey.
You said you found something? Yeah.
Check this out.
The day after Ava left the sleep clinic, there's a charge on her card from a gas station in West Covina.
I checked with her husband.
The only thing that's there is an old storage unit filled with crap from her folks' house.
- Why would she go there? - Don't know.
But her husband says she hasn't been there in years.
Later that day, she was back in town, at Angel City Bank.
Uh, look at this charge on her account.
- $45? - I called over.
The only product that costs exactly that much is a one-year rental of a safe-deposit box.
She rented a safe-deposit box right after visiting her storage unit.
You know what that means.
She was moving something from that storage unit and putting it someplace safe.
And the timing it has to be related to whatever she remembered at the sleep clinic.
And what do you need to get into a safe-deposit box? Keys.
The key the killer took from Ava's key ring.
T-They must be after what's in the box.
Look, talk to Corey.
Find out what he knows.
I'm gonna meet Ava's husband at the bank.
What's in that box could be the key to everything.
- Okay.
Thanks for meeting me.
Of course.
How you holding up? I should be asking you that.
You were closer to her than I was.
She was my first true love.
That's why I know you'll help me.
What do you mean? What happened wasn't an accident.
There's evidence that suggests someone wanted her dead.
I think you might know why.
Me? Well, how the hell would I know? I know that you picked her up at a strip mall in the middle of the night.
You know about that.
Was there something going on between you two? No nothing.
We were just old friends.
Corey, come on.
It's me.
We've known each other forever.
If something was going on No, Sam, really.
All right? She called me out of the blue one night, said she needed a ride home no questions asked.
When I went there to pick her up, she was out of it, like she was stoned or something.
I figured she'd just fallen off the wagon and didn't want anyone to know.
- Well, what did she say? - Nothing.
I could tell she was upset, but whatever it was, she didn't say.
The whole thing was super weird.
Did you speak to her after that? I tried, but she said she had to go see a friend up in Ojai and she'd call when she got back.
She never called.
I should've pushed harder.
I knew something was wrong.
Who knew she'd go flying off a cliff? Gentlemen.
You really think the answer's inside? We'll know in a moment.
It's e It's empty.
You sure this is the right box? Quite sure.
Maybe she came back and emptied it out.
Do you keep track of who accesses these? According to the logs only Ms.
She accessed the box once last week, the day she rented it, and then again yesterday.
Yesterday? Ava was dead yesterday.
I'm gonna need to see all your security footage.
According to the logs, the safe-deposit box was accessed at 2:37 p.
All right, well, start at 2:30 and then scroll forward.
Whoever accessed that box would've come in around then.
Wait! Back it up.
Eddie that's Ava.
This is impossible.
Ava's dead.
She is, right? I mean, unless she faked her death somehow.
She didn't.
Galen ID'd her body, and they ran her fingerprints.
Hey, Berto, can you pull up another angle on her? Uh, let me see what I got here.
Hold on.
That's not Ava.
Wow, the resemblance That's crazy.
So she impersonated Ava to break in to that safe-deposit box? And possibly ran Ava off the road to get the key.
What do you think Ava had in the box? Something worth killing for.
Whatever it is must've come from her storage unit, right? I'll check it out, and I can see if I can figure out what she took from there.
I'll go, too.
This could shed light on her.
Storage units are like a microcosm of a person's psyche.
Mine's very orderly, in case you were wondering.
The drive will give us a chance to talk about "All About Ava!" Or we can just sit in silence.
What is it? She just looks so familiar.
Well, yeah.
I mean, she looks like Ava.
No, it's not just that.
I think I've seen this woman before.
Ava had all these stand-ins and stunt doubles on the show, and a few years ago, I ran into one of them, and I had a full-on five-minute conversation before I realized that it wasn't Ava.
And, yeah, I was a little under the influence at the time, but still.
This could be one of her doubles from the show.
You still have the contact info for the cast and the crew? Not anymore.
But I know who would.
- This is awesome.
It's like an "All About Ava!" museum in here.
And a study of mental compartmentalization.
What do you mean? Ava literally put this part of her past in a box and locked it away.
The question is "Why?" Maybe she didn't have enough closet space.
I sense a deeper meaning.
Oh, hey.
That's the dress Ava's character made Melody for her first date.
Hold on.
You've been watching the show.
I may have had it on.
In the background.
To create white noise.
So, the fact that I'm holding the snow globe that Corey got Ava from their trip to New York, that means nothing to you? Less than nothing.
I rest my case.
You do like the show.
I just didn't want you to destroy Ava's property.
So, how do we find out what she took? Um we look for boxes where the dust has been disturbed.
Or, if I'm right and this is basically a vault where Ava stored her "All About Ava!" past, she'd keep her deepest secrets in the most sacred place.
Like in here.
It's locked.
Not for long.
So much for my theory.
It's just scripts from the show.
I'm not so sure.
Look at that.
Is that blood? EDDIE: You recognize her? You think this woman killed Ava? Well, we can't be sure, but we think she could've been one of her stand-ins.
She definitely could've been.
She's practically Ava's twin.
But no, she wasn't one of ours.
It's been 20 years.
Are you sure? Positive.
Ava had three doubles.
Claire lives in India, um, Juliet has a scar over her eye, and, uh, Sophie well, Sophie put on a little weight, so I-I'm sorry.
This woman never worked on "All About Ava!" When was the last time you talked to Ava? Uh, it's been a while.
Cam, we have her phone records.
We know you two talked.
What about? N-Nothing special.
Uh, uh, just, uh, catching up.
Six calls in the last month.
So, on average, you and Ava were catching up every five days? Mr.
Adams, you could lie to us, but good luck trying that with the LAPD.
The truth is that Ava and I discussed a revival of the show.
There's a reboot? You're making a reboot? I didn't hear about that.
Sam, look, don't take it personally.
It's just "All About Ava!" is family TV.
It's something fans can watch with their kids, and with you fresh out of rehab, well, it's just not the right image for the show.
So, who is coming back? Everyone.
Well, not Ava.
Right Ava's dead.
No, no, no, no, no.
I-I didn't mean that.
E-Even before she passed she passed.
Ava didn't want to be in the reboot.
I was holding out hope that she'd change her mind.
Oh, Sam, I'm sorry.
I-I-I should've told you.
They all kept it from me.
They probably didn't want to hurt your feelings.
You mean the has-beens didn't want to tell me that I was the biggest has-been of them all? That I'm beyond over? [CELLPHONE RINGS.]
Berto, what's up? BERTO: Mick said the stains on the paper are definitely blood.
Can you, uh, run the DNA? He's gonna try, but the samples might be too degraded.
In the meantime, we found something else in that box.
A file full of stalkers and obsessed fans from back when Ava was on the show.
Do we really think one of these people would go after her 20 years later? We think she might.
That's her.
That's the woman from the bank.
Only, she was wearing a blond wig.
- EDDIE: Who is she? - Pam Joyner.
Busted for B&E, drugs mostly low-level stuff 'til now.
20 years ago, she was arrested pretending to be Ava and sneaking on the lot where the show was taping.
Where can we find her? [VEHICLE DOORS CLOSE.]
Pam Joyner? Hey! Wait! Hold up a sec! I'm sorry.
I thought you were Ava Day.
You're not cops.
You can't do this.
Well, actually, we can.
See, Section 837 of the Penal Code allows for a citizen's arrest when a felony has been committed.
- What felony? - Impersonating Ava, breaking into a safe-deposit box - that's called fraud.
- What are you talking about? I didn't have anything to do with that.
Is that right? Then, uh, explain this picture.
Look, when I got up in the morning, someone had slipped an envelope under my door.
Inside envelope was Ava's driver's license, a key, and a note with directions on clearing out the box.
I see.
And you thought it'd be a good idea to just follow those directions? There was 2 grand in the envelope, with 2 more upon delivery.
So, what was in the box? Nothing.
A pair of busted-up glasses.
Glasses? What kind? Big black frames, like Buddy Holly wore.
Was there blood on them? I saw brown spots.
Could've been dried blood, I guess.
Maybe the glasses got smashed while someone was wearing them.
Both lenses were cracked.
EDDIE: The man with the spider-web eyes.
Ava's nightmares, her repressed memories they were about the person wearing those glasses.
Yeah, but who is he? It's hard to tell what he even looks like.
- I don't think Ava knew when she drew this.
That's because she hadn't recovered her memory yet.
It was still just a dream.
Repressed memories are usually of traumatic events.
The blood, the glasses all point to some kind of accident.
Or an act of violence.
The glasses could be evidence of a crime.
It'd explain Ava stashing them in a safe-deposit box.
Ava wouldn't be involved in a crime.
What about during "All About Ava!"? Did anything bad happen back then? No.
Why would you ask that? The glasses were in her storage unit.
Everything there was from the show.
Well, we'll look into crimes from that timeframe, see if any of them connect to Ava.
Hey, Berto, did the lab get a DNA match on the bloodstain from the storage space? Not exactly.
So no? No, I mean they didn't get an exact match.
But they did get a familial match with someone in the system.
So whoever's blood was on that paper is maybe the nephew or cousin of this guy.
Raymond Lew arrested for aggravated assault in 2010.
And released in 2012.
Look at this.
According to his probation report, he worked at the Maricopa Grille in Ojai.
That's where Corey said Ava was going right after she recovered her memory.
That could be a coincidence.
But I'm betting it isn't.
Places like this are like the after-school hangouts I used to imagine normal teenagers went to.
Yeah, my buddies and I were more mall rats than soda shop.
Oh, yeah? You still know any of those people? Some of my best.
- It's good to have those people who know where you came from.
Afternoon, folks.
What can I get you? Some information? Have you seen this woman? Ava.
She was getting to be quite the regular these last couple of weeks.
Do you know why she came here? The pie, I guess.
She kept to herself.
She'd sit at that table over there, never said a word except to order.
Does a Raymond Lew work here, by chance? [SCOFFS.]
Ray? No.
He left last year to work the oil fields up in Prudhoe Bay.
So Ava didn't know him? I think I would've heard if she did.
He's my brother-in-law.
Honestly, not worth knowing.
So, if, um if he's your brother-in-law, then who would that be? My son, Matt.
He passed.
A hit-and-run.
The glasses.
I'm sorry.
When did he die? August 7th, it'd be 20 years.
Excuse me.
Uh, thank you for your time.
Sam? [SIGHS.]
August 7th, 20 years ago, when her son was killed in that hit-and-run What about it? That was the night of the show's wrap party.
Ava got so drunk.
She kind of spun out after that and quit the show, and I never knew why, but now I do.
The glasses, the repressed memory, her coming to this diner Eddie, I think Ava killed that kid.
If Ava did kill that kid, how does recovering that memory lead to her being run off the road? Maybe once Ava remembered, she confessed, and then the kid's family came after her.
And hired Pam to raid her safe-deposit box? Yeah, that doesn't really add up, does it? - You know what would make sense? - Huh? Did you see Ava drive away from the party that night? I was too busy following Corey around like a puppy.
Well, then, she could've left with someone.
So maybe Ava was the passenger.
Maybe Ava witnessed the hit-and-run.
And then blanked out the whole experience traumatic amnesia.
And then talk of the reboot started bringing it back, and she remembered she kept the glasses.
Evidence of the hit-and-run.
That's why the killer wanted them so badly.
So whoever was driving that night Is our killer.
Hey, were there pictures taken at the wrap party? Are you kidding? The paparazzi was out in force.
I had to dig pretty deep, but I found some photos from that night.
EDDIE: Wait.
Uh, who's that with Ava? That's Molly.
Molly? I-I thought she came on after Ava left.
Here's an "All About Ava!" fun fact Molly was a guest star in the first season, but then, when Ava left, they beefed up her role.
She really campaigned for that part.
She hasn't been in much lately.
Well, then again, neither have I.
Well, wait a second.
They left together, and Molly was driving.
Which means Molly had motive to get rid of the only witness to Matt Lew's death.
We need to talk to her.
It's better if I go alone.
Maybe she'll let her guard down if it's just me.
It's so nice to see you after all these years, without any of that old baggage.
I thought you hated me.
No one hated you, Molly.
We were just kids, you know? Hey, do you remember the wrap party at the end of first season? Mnh.
That was so many Chardonnays ago.
Well, maybe, um this could help bring it back.
You and Ava looked so adorable.
Oh, my God! Would you look at that ponytail? What was I thinking? [CHUCKLING.]
Do you remember what happened after that? What do you mean? Like, where did you go? What did you do? Why do you want to know about that now? I was a 13-year-old nerd.
I just felt so left out of all the stuff you guys did.
I just thought you were so cool.
Well I can't believe I can remember this, but Ava and I went to this after-party this big house in the Hills.
It was a friend of Corey's, I think.
I heard there was an accident.
What kind of accident? Car crash.
There was? Oh, I was too drunk to drive.
If you didn't leave with Ava, who did? Oh, no idea.
Besides, it was like 20 years ago.
Sometimes I can't remember what I did last week.
So you never heard of anyone from the show having a car accident that night? I just told you I didn't.
Why are you grilling me? Something happened that night that might have to do with Ava's death.
I'm just trying to put the pieces I feel so stupid.
I actually thought you wanted to hang out with me.
But no.
You just wanted to interrogate me.
I should've known better.
Molly, please.
Do you at least remember someone getting their car fixed or getting a new car? You don't remember? That was around the time that Corey got that stupid-ass Chevelle.
Happy? EDDIE: Well, Berto just confirmed it.
Corey bought his Chevelle one week after the wrap party.
And not only that, he junked his old car even though it was worth $15k.
Because he crashed it and he didn't want anyone to know.
Look, I'm sorry, Sam.
I know you care about him.
- Get down with the movement - Corey? Operation Hutch The family structure has broken all the way down SAM: Corey?! Watchin' CNN like "Apocalypse Now!" when it's on See, I can break it down like whatever you want [MUSIC STOPS.]
Sam! Over here! Call 911.
Uh, so, we managed to track down some people who attended the after-party.
They remember Ava leaving in Corey's car.
I'm trying to make this all fit with the boy I knew.
What was he like back then? He was cute, smart, talented.
He could talk to anyone.
Yeah, my best friend in high school was that guy.
Jack Bolton.
I wanted to be him.
Everybody loved him.
You should've seen him on the football field.
I mean, I was pretty good, but this guy was on a whole nother level.
He got a full ride to UCLA.
Where is he now? I ended up losing touch, but about 10 years ago, I was working a drug sweep in Pershing Square, and I grabbed a guy who'd just bought a vial of rock, and it was Jack.
He was 120 pounds.
His clothes were just hanging off his body.
I could barely recognize him.
Jack was staring at me.
It was, I think, the first time he realized I was even a cop.
You know what he said? "Man.
You sure have changed.
" I guess it happens to us all.
He's awake.
It's all gonna come out now.
I couldn't face that.
You lied to me, Corey.
You knew what was going on with Ava.
We took a vow to never tell.
And it destroyed her.
Take me back to the night that you and Ava left that after-party.
I think you know what happened.
I need to hear it from you.
We were driving way past drunk.
And there was this thud.
It was a kid.
We tried to help him, but he was gone.
Why didn't you call the police? Ava wanted to.
But we were just so scared of what would happen.
And she freaked out and blocked the memory.
For the longest time, I thought she just didn't want to talk about it.
And when you saw her last week, she wanted to come forward.
I told her it would ruin our lives.
What good would come of it? Wouldn't bring the kid back.
His name was Matt Lew.
We were able to track his DNA from the blood on his glasses.
Those glasses.
I handed them to Ava when I was trying to give him CPR.
She locked them away, like she did her memory of that night.
The night Ava died Corey, please tell me that you just drove after her to talk to her and you didn't mean to run her off the road.
You think that was me? That wasn't me.
I would never Corey, you just admitted to the hit-and-run.
Yeah I was in the car that night with Ava, but we were wasted.
Someone else was driving.
Who? CAM: For the press-release photo, I want principal cast on the couch, with Corey here, Molly here, and Chucky right there.
W-what are you doing here? You rebuilt the whole set.
It looks exactly the same.
W-W-We talked about this, Sam.
You know my hands are tied.
You can't be a part of the reboot.
Neither can you.
And your hands aren't as much tied as they're gonna be cuffed.
I don't understand.
W-What are you talking about? The hit-and-run, Corey told us everything how you told him to keep his mouth shut back then.
You threatened him.
Corey's a troubled man.
I don't know what he told you, but you can't believe anything he says.
Well, the police did.
He's cooperating fully.
They executed a search warrant at your house.
You know what they found? The glasses that Ava had in her safe-deposit box the ones that Matt Lew was wearing the night you killed him.
Ava came to you.
She told you she wanted to go public.
But you couldn't have that.
- So you followed her home.
- That's ridiculous.
You're gonna have to leave, or I'm calling security.
Oh, don't bother.
We did that already.
Boys? How could you, Cam? We were just kids.
You were supposed to look after us.
You were supposed to know better.
EDDIE: I know it's not much consolation, but 'cause of Ava, Cam Adams will finally pay for what he did.
It does help knowing the truth, knowing that Ava was trying to set things right after all those years.
Thank you both.
What? Good work.
Not good for everyone.
It's Molly, asking me to meet her back at the studio.
What do you think she wants? [SIGHS.]
To tell me I ruined her life? Taking down Cam killed the reboot.
The whole cast is probably gonna hate me for this.
You don't have to go.
If Ava taught me anything, it's that you have to face your demons.
Hey, Sam.
Thanks for coming.
This is about the reboot.
Molly, I am so, so sorry.
For what? For killing the show.
I know this was a big deal for you for everyone.
You didn't hear? You ever tell anyone I did this, you're a dead man.
Ava, did you lock Cindy Chenausky in the janitor's closet? [STUDIO AUDIENCE LAUGHTER.]
Uh maybe? But you're gonna get in trouble! I know! But it's worth it.
I saw what she did, Melody.
She was picking on you.
And I wasn't gonna let her get away with that.
You stood up for me? I I thought you didn't like me very much.
You're my sister.
I have to like you.
I will always stand up for you.
We're family, and that's what families do.
And I know that if, one day, I am ever being picked on, you'll stand up for me.
EDDIE: Well, looks like you lived up to that promise.
I thought you went home.
Well, forgot my phone.
So, how'd it go with Molly? She pissed? No, actually.
Apparently, the reboot is back on, and they asked me to be in it.
That's great.
I turned it down.
Why? As much as I want to act again, I feel like doing the reboot would be moving backwards.
Joey, Ava, Melody they were my old family.
Right now, I kind of like the new family I have here.
It was nice to be asked, though.
I did agree to do a cameo in the first episode.
They're dedicating it to Ava.
That's nice.
Well, come on.
I'll, um I'll give you a ride home dork.
Do not call me that.
- "Dork"? - I'm serious! - Oh, dork.
- Eddie.
- It really bothers you that much? - Eddie! - "Dork"? Why does that bother you? - No, see, I can say it.
- You are kind of dorky.
Right, dork? - No.
You can't say it.
- Ah, dork.
No, stop! Eddie! Stop!
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