Take Two (2018) s01e10 Episode Script


1 MAN: that Dr.
Blanket will be the most comfortable blanket you'll ever own.
Order right now, and I'll send you a second Dr.
Blanket absolutely free.
This is a one-time chance only available [VOICE DISTORTS.]
through this TV offer.
Cooper? [RATTLING.]
Cooper! Mom?! Mom! W-What's happening?! [HIGH-PITCHED WHIRRING.]
SAM: I love wine country.
Hard to believe it's just two hours outside the city.
Yeah, and a world away.
You know, one of my dreams was to retire to the country and own a winery, like Francis Coppola or Kurt Russell.
But that was before I went all pre-hab.
I was gonna call it Swift Wines.
I even had an ad campaign.
"Swift Wines, because other wines are not so swift.
" Did you come up with that yourself? Yeah.
You like it? Let's just say not so swift.
- All right, come on.
I mean, it was a slow pitch right up the middle.
Oh, wait.
There's Stillwater just ahead.
I've never even heard of Stillwater.
- How did this kid find us? - He's a fan of mine.
He read all those articles on us.
We're the only P.
s he's ever heard of.
And so, what, he said his mom disappeared and local authorities aren't doing anything about it? Yeah, that's why he needs us.
And he didn't say anything about what happened to her? He did say he thinks she might have been taken.
" Oh.
Because you never said anything about her being taken.
By whom? You know, he wasn't clear on that point, but I'm sure he's gonna tell us more once we get there.
You must be the P.
s from L.
that Cooper hired.
Eddie Valetik.
This is Sam Swift.
I'm sorry you had to come all the way out here.
We've got the situation pretty much in hand.
- So you found Cooper's mom? - Well, no.
So she's still missing? Well, technically, yes.
So then the situation is not in hand? It's barely been 18 hours.
I know Kay.
I'm sure she'll show up.
Four out of five reported missing-persons they're either found or they return voluntarily within 48 to 72 hours.
So, w-what's your plan? Just wait? What's your angle here? You just looking for publicity? Maybe you're gonna use this for a TV show or something? We're just We're just trying to find the kid's mom.
You got a problem with that? Yeah, I have a problem.
This is my town.
We don't need outsiders like you trying to make us look like laughingstocks by taking advantage of some misguided kid.
You want to play Mulder and Scully? Do it someplace else.
"Take advantage"? "Mulder and Scully"? - What is he talking about? - [SCOFFS.]
Sam What aren't you telling me? I think you better let Cooper explain.
Miss Swift.
I-I I can't believe you came.
Come in, please.
Come in.
Just promise to listen, okay? A-And keep an open mind.
Uh, watch your step.
I didn't touch anything figured you guys would want to gather some evidence.
Thanks, Cooper.
That's smart.
So how long's your mother been gone? Since last night, about 14 hours.
And Sam says you think she may have been abducted? I don't think.
I know.
I saw it happen.
Why don't you tell Mr.
Valetik what happened from the beginning? Uh, I go to Chico State.
I'm home for the summer, taking care of the mom.
I'd heard the stories about what's going on in town.
Stories? I was upstairs sleeping when I felt this vibration.
Then I heard my mom start screaming, so I-I came downstairs, and it was like daylight.
Light was coming in from everywhere, and that was when I saw it standing in the doorway.
- "It"? - I-I could barely make it out with all the light in my eyes, but it was tall, thin, and, like I told Miss Swift, definitely not human.
"Like you told Miss Swift"? Then I blacked out.
After I came to, my mom was gone, but her wheelchair is still here.
She can't get around without it, so she must have been taken.
And what exactly do you think this thing was? - Aliens? - Alleged aliens.
You knew about this, and you still took the case? The kid was crying when he called, okay? He sounded desperate.
Desperate or crazy? Why didn't you tell me about this? - Because I knew you'd say no.
- Yeah, that's right.
And you know why I would have said no? I want to say aliens? - You think? - Come on, Eddie.
There are billions of planets in the galaxy, okay? Is it so crazy to think that there could be other beings roaming the vast universe? No, no.
But it is crazy to think that an advanced civilization would just pop into Stillwater to abduct a wheelchair-bound woman from her living room.
- Look, I know how it sounds, but she is not the first.
A-A-A bunch of other people in Stillwater have been abducted in the last two weeks.
"A bunch"? Yeah.
Two that I know of for sure.
Hey, Cooper.
Can you give us a sec? Sure.
Look, Eddie.
His mom is missing.
Was it aliens? Probably not.
Okay, fine.
Of course not.
But that means someone else took her.
The kid's all alone, and he needs our help.
Um, what kind of condition does your mom have? They think it might be MS.
Started two years ago.
Her paralysis has gotten steadily worse, so she can't get around without that wheelchair.
And you said you were upstairs when you heard her scream? Yeah.
I wasn't feeling well, so I went to lay down.
Then I heard her yelling out for me.
Are these divorce papers? Yeah.
Uh, last month my mom split up with a mistake named Chuck.
He is not my dad.
I take it you don't like Chuck.
He was nice when they first got together, but then my mom got sick.
Chuck helped her out for a while, but then he had his own problems.
Became selfish, belligerent, drank a lot.
She couldn't put up with it, so she kicked him out.
Well, looks like their split was getting ugly and expensive.
Did Chuck ever get violent towards your mom? Yeah.
Uh, she had to get a restraining order against him.
But what I saw in the doorway, that was not Chuck.
Well, you said you saw a bright light, and that's a pretty big light bar on his truck.
Yeah, but the thing was tall and thin.
Chuck is not that.
Cooper, you know how, uh, light bends around people when the light's bright enough from behind them? I mean, the light was bright enough.
I know what I saw.
Then is it possible there's another explanation? Your mom and Chuck had been fighting, you come home, you hear stories about abductions, your mom screams, Chuck comes in, you see someone standing in the doorway, back-lit by a truck.
And since you weren't feeling well, you pass out.
That does sound more logical than aliens.
You really think it was Chuck? I think we need to talk to him.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Sam said I could use her office to study for summer finals.
Where is she, anyway? Up in a town called Stillwater.
Some kid hired them.
He thinks his mom was abducted by aliens.
She probably was.
Stillwater was the site of an alien craft landing in 1972.
- You're joking, right? - Look it up.
You're not joking.
You just happen to know that.
Why? I had an encounter once, so I read up on them.
They're pretty common.
You're judging me.
I'm not.
If there's been another abduction, it's possible the alien craft is back.
I can put out feelers.
"Feelers"? To the UFO community.
So not literal feelers? I'll be out there.
EDDIE: Well, there's your UFO.
For the record, I liked the alien story better.
How do you know it's better? I mean, you think if there are aliens, it's a cute, little E.
? What if it's a Predator that just wants to rip your arms off? Wow.
Did you not get hugged enough as a child? Eddie.
Do you see that sign? What, the "No Trespassing"? We'll say we didn't see it.
That sign.
He's probably just trying to scare people off.
"Probably"? Well, that makes me feel a lot better.
There's blood.
The trail leads into the shed.
Is it me, or does that blood look pretty fresh? [GUN COCKS.]
One more step, and your blood will look pretty fresh.
You must be Chuck.
You must be trespassing.
We're private investigators.
We're looking for Kay Winston, your ex.
You seen her? Not on purpose.
And I ain't got nothing to do with her disappearance, either.
So you know she's missing? Small town.
People talk.
What's in the shed? Killed a deer yesterday.
I'm curing the meat inside.
- You mind if we take a look? - Yes, I do.
You ain't cops.
You ain't got a warrant.
You got no business here, so I suggest you get the hell off my property.
Real charmer.
Can't imagine why it didn't work out between him and Kay.
- What's our play? - We check out that shed.
Well, I think we established pretty firmly that he didn't want you to.
He has to sleep sometime.
What time is it? It's 3:00 a.
The man likes his beer.
All right.
Wait a second.
It looks like he's going in.
All right.
When he shuts off the lights, we'll go check out the shed.
You know, I kind of wish there were aliens, something out there that's greater than all this.
Have you ever looked up and wondered if there's other civilizations up there wondering about us? When I was a kid, I would listen to my dad on his ham radio, and he'd talk to people from all over Mexico, Hawaii, Panama.
I remember this one night we heard the strangest sounds, like these high-pitched noises and clicks.
My dad said they were aliens from another world.
Did you believe him? Of course I did.
I was 10.
I mean, I used to build spaceship models and pretend I was Han Solo.
And for months, I would sit around that ham radio and just wait for that sound to come back.
Did it sound like that? No.
That, uh That was strange.
He just turned the lights off.
Let's go.
Eddie? All right.
You know there's got to be some logical explanation.
What? 'Cause it sure as hell wasn't the light bar on Chuck's truck.
We saw him go into the house, we saw him turn off his bedroom light, and when we ran in there, he was gone, so where'd he go? I don't know.
Maybe he snuck out back.
And the "Close Encounters" light show? Just that.
A show.
Like Like in the movies.
I mean, you of all people should know about special effects.
Except lights like that require stands, heavy equipment, beefy union guys, okay? There was no evidence of any of that around the house, not to mention tens of thousands of dollars to pay for it, which, looking at Chuck's house, I'm betting he doesn't have.
No sign of Chuck or Kay.
So where is he? Well, knowing Chuck, probably out on a bender.
Without his pickup truck? Just like Kay was taken without her wheelchair? How does that make any sense? We saw Chuck in his house just before Before what? The aliens came? Did you get any video of it or pictures? So, really, all I have to go on is your word about the lights or Chuck even being here? Did you check the shed? Yeah, it's a dead deer.
Look, I know you mean well, but there's simply no evidence of a crime here.
You folks have a nice ride back to L.
Did you see that? He's trying to shut down our investigation.
I mean, come on.
Do you blame him? Even I think our story sounds crazy.
We know what we saw.
Something is going on here, okay? Whatever it is, I bet the sheriff is in on it.
Or he isn't, all right? And And Chuck staged this whole thing.
Maybe he put on this whole show to distract us so he can take Kay's body from the shed, and then he left town to cover his tracks.
Left town in what? His truck is still here.
Cooper said there had been other abductions.
Maybe one of those people can help us understand what's really going on.
COOPER: There have been whispers recently, people going missing, mysteriously returning.
People don't like to talk about it because everyone thinks they're crazy, but you guys saw it, too.
Well, we're not exactly sure what we saw.
Are you kidding? We saw exactly what Cooper saw.
You said that you know other people this has happened to.
Do you think one of them might talk to us? Even if they weren't taken by aliens, it might help us figure out what happened to your mom.
There's one guy Arlo Hayes.
Said he was taken a few weeks back.
Where can we find him? - Right now? - Mm-hmm.
Uh, he almost always has breakfast at the Five Corners Cafe.
You get the feeling we're not welcome here, either? Well, either that or these people have an odd way of showing their hospitality.
Maybe it's not just the sheriff who's in on it.
Maybe it's the whole town.
- Excuse me.
- Hi.
We're looking for an Arlo Hayes.
Is Arlo looking for you? Well, he will be when he finds out I'm paying for his meal.
Thelma, bring me a steak with all the trimmings and a piece of pie.
Hey, Arlo.
Mind if we have a seat? We're wondering if we can ask you a few questions.
Depends on the questions.
Well, we heard it through the grapevine that you might have a story to tell.
Are you the private detectives Cooper hired? Well, I guess word travels fast around this town.
Arlo, we just want to know what happened.
Look, Cooper is worried sick about his mom.
Can you tell us anything to help us find her? Okay.
You want to know the truth? There is no story.
I made it all up to get attention.
Thelma, I'll take that steak to go.
Friendly town.
WES: It's nothing personal.
It's just these rumors about aliens and abductions well, it's bad for Stillwater.
People come here for the wine.
We don't want to be the butt of jokes.
Well, we're not here to cause trouble, just to solve a missing-person's case.
Tell that to my customers.
My winery up the road we have a world-class reputation.
What happens to that if these UFO fanatics get wind of these rumors, try to turn this place into the next Area 51? Look, we're not out to hurt this town.
We just want to help Cooper find his mother.
Stillwater's been burned before, so we're careful up here.
Well, hey, the sooner we find Kay, the sooner we'll leave.
Well, I hope you find her.
She's a good lady.
It's like we're in one of those westerns where the town has a secret, but they don't want strangers to know about it.
You know what's strange is that we've been here a day and we still don't have a clue as to what happened to Kay.
Well, we have one clue about what happened.
- Don't say it.
- Fine.
I won't say it.
Aliens! Excuse me.
Uh, sorry about that back there.
There's two kinds of folks in town those who've had encounters and those who haven't, and neither of them want to hear me talk.
But if you want to know what happened, I'll tell you.
We're listening.
They took me from my house.
First, I heard the hum, then I saw the lights, and then I saw it.
Tall, thin, coming toward me.
I tried to run, but I was swallowed in the light.
Next thing I know poof I wake up in their ship.
It was like a dream dark light.
And then they messed with my brain.
Messed with your brain how? They made it so I couldn't speak right.
Every time I opened my mouth, all that came out was gibberish, like I had no control.
And how did you get back? No idea.
I passed out.
Next thing I knew, Harry Bueller found me wandering dazed down Highway 126 and brought me in.
Where on 126? Wait.
Mile marker 119? Yeah.
That's where Arlo Hayes claims was found.
Right here.
Why? Someone in the community sent me this article back from '72.
Where'd you get this? There's a vast online network of people who communicate about all things alien sightings, abductions, encounters.
But look at the headline.
It says they took place near Elk Lake.
Right there mile marker 119.
Okay, that's weird.
Not necessarily.
Maybe the craft that was sighted in 1972 has returned to the same spot.
Do you think it's odd that there were spacecraft sightings up here in '72? If you're an alien, why would you come back now? Really? That's what you find odd? Look, I'm not saying it's an alien, okay? But if Arlo was found here and there were other sightings reported here in the past, then maybe it's all connected.
Connected to what? What makes you think Arlo's telling the truth? Pretty sure he was telling the truth.
Is she She's alive.
But someone must have left her here.
It's ash.
The circle's been burned into the ground.
Stay here.
How are you doing, Ma? Oh, I'm just so glad to be back home.
Her lying there in the woods right where Arlo was found, the scorch marks on the ground I-I'm waiting for a logical explanation.
I'm sure there will be once we get her side of the story.
You know, you've been really quiet ever since the woods.
What did you see out there? Nothing.
Just movement.
I don't know.
Thank you both so much.
I could've died if you hadn't found me out there.
What about before we found you? You Do you remember what happened? Uh, after the light and seeing that thing, I woke up in some strange dark space that I tried to call for help, but words didn't make sense.
And then nothing till I woke in the woods.
Your vitals are normal, Kay.
Strong, even.
I'm gonna run some blood tests, but you seem to be fine.
Honestly, I feel better than I have in years.
It's almost as if My legs.
Mom? [GASPS.]
W-W-What are you I can walk again.
I can walk.
I can walk.
Oh, hey, Berto.
I'm gonna send you some names of people who have been abducted.
Don't you mean allegedly abducted? Yeah.
See if you can find any connection between them.
Are you okay? You sound spooked.
I'm fine.
Is Is Monica there? Monica? Um sure.
Why? Just put her on.
He wants to talk to you.
Yo, what's up? Berto said that you've been doing some research into the 1972 abductions? - Yeah.
- Have you come across any pictures or artist's renderings of what people claim that these aliens look like? Just vague descriptions tall, thin, gray but if you'd like, I can ask for one.
Ask who? I found someone here in L.
Says he was abducted in Stillwater in 1972.
Okay, all right.
Well, see what you find, and then send me any information ASAP.
Got it.
We're researching aliens now? Send what ASAP? Uh, I asked Berto to look for links between Kay, Arlo, and Chuck.
Told him to send me anything he finds.
Well, whatever he finds, I don't think it'll explain what we just saw.
Eddie, that was crazy.
She walked.
Maybe the trauma jolted her system, you know? Like those those people that get hit in the head and all of a sudden they wake up speaking French.
What are you suggesting? That aliens swooped in and healed her? No.
Drake, can we ask you something? How do you account for Kay's recovery? Oh, well, I can't, really.
Though it's quite rare, spontaneous reversal of symptoms can happen.
There's got to be an explanation.
Okay, well, if you get one, let me know because this is really starting to freak me out.
You know, Arlo is the one who sent us to those woods, and it's almost like he knew exactly where to find Kay.
Whatever's going on, he knows more about it than he's saying.
Yeah, I was in Stillwater back in '72.
The fact is, I'd come home to die.
Did you say "die," Mr.
Carberry? I had terminal cancer, 29 years of age.
The doctors gave me three months to live.
But clearly you survived.
And I attribute it to the life-altering events of October 11, 1972.
What happened? I thought my time had come.
White light filled my room, and then I saw them tall, thin, gray, coming toward me.
And then what happened? I woke in a dark place.
They were around me, over me, laying their hands on me.
I felt a sense of peace.
Days later, I I was found unconscious in the woods, right near that spot that's on your map.
And you know what they found when they took me to the hospital? What? Nothing.
The tumors had vanished.
I was completely cancer-free, as I remain to this very day.
They cured you? I haven't had so much as a cold in 46 years.
These aliens can you tell me exactly what they looked like? They've come back, haven't they? I always knew they would.
Well? Are you convinced? Yeah.
That he's got some major game as a storyteller.
Josiah Carberry's story has been exhaustively documented.
Even if the story is true, doesn't mean it has anything to do with what's going on now.
It has everything to do with it.
I don't know anything more than what I already told you.
So it was a coincidence that you sent us to the area where we found Kay? I never sent you anywhere.
I was just trying to be helpful.
I didn't know where she was.
How could I? Arlo, let me ask you this.
Did you have an illness or medical problem when you were abducted? I had Bell's palsy you know, droopy face.
Want to know what was weird? It went away right after they took me.
What about Chuck? Does he have any health issues? Chuck had a lame arm over a year now.
Nerve damage or something.
That's right.
Remember he pulled his gun on us with one arm? Thanks, Arlo.
Arlo, Kay, and then Chuck it's people with health problems that are being abducted, like in '72.
Look, healing aliens? Come on.
It's got to be some kind of a hoax.
A hoax where people are taken and cured? Maybe that's what they're doing to Chuck right now.
Hey, so Josiah Carberry was able to identify a picture of his abductors.
I'm texting it to you now.
- All right, thanks.
- Who was it? - [CELLPHONE CHIMES.]
- Uh, just just give me one second.
That's impossible.
- Hey.
- What is this? Nothing, all right? It's just What? What's wrong? Oh, my God.
You saw this? In the woods? This is what you weren't telling me? [WHISPERS.]
I'm not sure what I saw, okay? Yes, you are.
I can see it in your face.
That's why you're pushing this whole hoax theory.
You don't want to admit that you saw something that you can't explain.
We need to go back there.
Where? The woods? The truth is out there.
Eddie, we need to find it.
SAM: Maybe Josiah Carberry was right.
Maybe they're back.
They're not back, and you know why? Because they were never here.
Or they never left.
What if it's like "Cocoon" where the aliens heal all the old people? "Cocoon" was a movie.
Yeah, well, the writers have to do research.
Maybe it was based on something real.
You know what is real? Spontaneous remission.
Happened to my uncle.
He had lung cancer, then his tumors just disappeared.
No treatment, no aliens, nothing.
Okay, maybe if that happens once, but we're talking at least three times.
That is more than just a coincidence.
What about that thing you saw? Easy.
It's just a simple delusion.
I've been hearing about these aliens nonstop, so I saw one.
Do you realize that you're trying to make sense of this case by arguing that you're delusional? Makes more sense than the alternative.
Eddie? What the hell is that? It can't be.
- Okay, did you just see that? - Yes.
- Was it the same one as before? - Yes.
So not a delusion? No.
Unless we're both having it at exactly the same time.
- Uh-oh.
This is Eddie Valetik.
Leave your name and message, and I'll get back to you.
Still no answer? Sam's phone's going straight to voicemail, too.
And I can't track them.
Their batteries must be dead.
Or they're out of cell range.
Way out.
You don't think that They went back to the woods.
Neither of us can reach them.
Monica, there's no such thing as aliens.
Then where are they? [SIGHS.]
Wake up.
Where are we? I don't know, but I don't think it's Stillwater.
What's down there? I can't reach the floor, if there even is one.
What's the last thing you remember? We were in the woods, and we saw that thing, and then there was that bright light.
Does this feel like The dark space that Kay and Arlo described? Yeah.
Hello? Is there anybody out there? Are you thinking what I'm thinking? I'm trying really hard not to think it.
Okay, just tell me this is an elaborate hoax.
It's It's an elaborate hoax.
I don't believe you.
Want to know why I don't believe you? Because you don't believe you.
How long do you think we've been in here? My watch stopped.
Phone's dead.
Mine too.
Eddie? Yeah? If we get out of this, we need to get the hell out of Stillwater.
What was that? You see anything? I'm not sure that I want to.
I'm sorry.
For what? For getting us into this.
You were just trying to help a distraught kid.
That's what we're supposed to do.
Yeah, but if it weren't for me, we wouldn't be trapped in some bizarro enclosure that may or may not be a spaceship, in which we may or may not get probed.
- We're not gonna get probed.
- The alternatives? Yep, not too pleasant to think about, either.
That is not gonna happen, okay? Because we're gonna get out of here.
How? We don't even know where "here" is.
Well, this floor is some kind of grid, right? So it's got to be connected to something.
I think I can make out some kind of shape.
All right, well, maybe that's a way out of here.
Doesn't look like a w-w-w-w Wh-Wh-Wh-Wh [ECHOING.]
Sa-Sam, why can't you Wh-Wh-Wh.
It's day.
This is the same place we found Kay.
How you feeling? Other than a whopping headache, I don't feel experimented on.
- You? - No, same.
We must have been there, wherever there was.
Well, they did something to us.
I seriously couldn't speak.
All right.
Where are you going? Well, those lights that we saw before we were taken came from over there.
Seriously? You want to go back there? Yeah.
I want to know what the hell's going on.
This is it.
We were taken right around here.
No lights.
No spaceship.
Yeah, but what caused that? They look like craters.
Or a spaceship landing.
Dead birds.
There's dozens of them.
These birds have no sign of any kind of impact.
No burns.
It's like they just fell from the sky.
What else fell from the sky? SAM: So, you have a theory about all this? Yeah.
Just not willing to believe it.
Me neither.
In fact I don't think it was aliens.
We weren't sick.
They didn't heal us.
A-As far as I can tell, they didn't do anything, so why did they take us? Maybe we were getting too close to them.
So they brought us closer, inside the ship? Why not just knock us out and leave us in the woods? Are you trying to understand the motivation of aliens? That's just it.
I-It doesn't feel alien.
It felt human, like theater.
Like we were taken for the sake of being taken.
Like someone wanted us to think we'd been abducted.
Why? Maybe to scare us away.
Thank God our phones are working again.
We've been trying to reach you since last night.
Where were you? It's a long story.
- We have time.
- We don't.
Can you check if there are any reports or 911 calls made last night about any unusual activity around Elk Lake? What kind of unusual activity? Whatever comes up Weird noises, strange lights.
Strange lights? You were abducted.
- No, we weren't.
- No, we weren't.
- No, they weren't.
- I'm pretty sure they were.
Also, see if you can find out who owns the property around Elk Lake and what it's used for.
- I'll check it out.
- Oh, wait.
One more thing.
C-Can you see if there's technology out there that can scramble a person's speech? The aliens scrambled your speech? I'll see what I can dig up.
Meantime, I did find a few links between Kay, Chuck, and Arlo.
Over the last couple years, all three developed health problems involving some form of paralysis, and they all went on disability around the same time.
- Who treated them? - That's another link.
They were all diagnosed by the same doctor Dr.
Maria Blunt.
I'll send you the address.
MARIA: Sure, I've heard the locals' rumors, but I don't know anything about alien abductions.
Do you know what caused your patients to get ill all around the same time? Bad luck, I suppose, but for a while there, I thought it was environmental.
Environmental? Motor neuropathy caused by toxic exposure can sometimes masquerade as other diseases like MS.
Uh, is that treatable? It can be, if you can identify the specific toxin the patient was exposed to.
In fact, I thought it had something to do - with all those birds.
- Birds? Two years ago, hundreds of birds dropped out of the sky.
Cause was unknown.
Could have been avian flu, but some of us suspected pesticides.
I was trying to get the EPA to do some testing, but then Dr.
Drake showed up, and that was that.
What do you mean? He bought my practice a few months back.
I hated to give up, but he offered me twice what it was worth.
No way I could refuse that.
Berto, I need you to run background on Dr.
Sheldon Drake.
He owns a medical practice in Stillwater.
- On it.
And I got some info on the area around Elk Lake.
It was state-owned up until a few months ago.
Then as a part of budget offsets, they sold a chunk of it to developers looking to build cottages on the lake.
All right, thanks.
Keep us posted.
You really Dr.
Drake has something to do with all this? Who buys a medical practice in a place like this for twice what it's worth? Maybe he really likes wine.
Yeah, well, then he could have set up his own practice or bought another.
It's like he wanted those patients.
And the timing a few months back? That's right around the time the Elk Lake property was sold.
I don't think the timing's a coincidence.
We need to follow him, see where he goes.
T-T-Take m-m-me too-o-o y-y-your le-e-e-ader.
What is that? It's called speech jamming.
Your own voice is projected back to you with a very slight time delay.
It's so disruptive to your brain that it renders you incoherent.
So that's how the aliens did it.
Let me try.
Hey, M-M-Mo I cou cou-cou-co-co [CHUCKLES.]
For r-r-r-r Freaky.
SAM: What's Dr.
Drake doing at a storage building in the middle of nowhere? It's not really the kind of place you make a house call to.
Oh, my God.
No way.
Do you see that? Hazmat suits, like in "E.
" or "Close Encounters.
" Maybe it is aliens, and this is a government cover-up.
What do you think's inside? There's only one way to find out.
Eddie? Look.
So, either it sleeps standing up or It's a costume on a mannequin.
It's still creepy.
These drones, high-intensity lights everything you need for a high-tech light show.
- [GASPS.]
I-I'm sorry! I'm sorry.
But I was right.
It was human.
Yeah, but why? Maybe it is the government, and they're using the alien story to cover up whatever is really going on.
You can't be here.
This is a restricted area.
Eddie, it's Chuck.
This is a sterile area.
You have to get out of here.
You abducted him? N I-I didn't abduct anyone.
I'm healing them.
I'm I'm making them better.
Step away.
Sam, call the sheriff.
I'm I'm fixing him.
That's what they want.
That's why he brought me to town, why he hired me.
Why who hired you? [DOOR CLOSES.]
What's going on? Just trying your world-class wine.
The 2016.
What is it that I'm tasting in it? I mean, there's a hint of lies and notes of what is that, pesticide? I think you're mistaken.
We don't use pesticides.
Only you did, two years ago.
We're an organic winery.
You were until your vines were threatened.
And from the methyl parathion you used, we're guessing a weevil outbreak.
Yeah, that's nasty stuff methyl parathion.
Especially if you don't know what you're doing.
One little spill can do a lot of damage to humans, not to mention birds.
No, I I never Yeah.
Yeah, you did.
And then you panicked and buried the evidence on state land where you thought no one would find it.
And the state sold the land.
They were gonna develop it.
They were gonna dig up everything and find out what you did.
See these people? They did seasonal work for you.
They remember the leaking barrels.
They remember walking through those puddles that you claimed was just harmless liquid fertilizer.
You lied to us.
Didn't tell us we'd been exposed.
You thought it would all blow over, but then we started getting sick.
You knew we could sue you for everything you were worth, so you used those stories from '72 to fix the damage you'd done.
Guys, this this is ridiculous.
None of this is true.
Drake told us everything how you paid him a fortune to treat their neuropathy without letting them know the cause.
The lights we saw in the woods, the hazmat team? That was you digging up the barrels trying to get rid of them again.
Hello, Wes.
Deputies found your spaceship.
It was staged in an old grain elevator in the back part of Wes's property.
I still can't believe what he was able to get away with.
Wes has deep pockets.
Winery's his hobby, but he made a fortune in tech, including, by the way, developing strobe-light weapons for the military designed to incapacitate the enemy.
So that's how he did it.
I guess he figured it was better to spend a million on his hoax rather than lose hundreds of millions in settlements.
Well, it was kind of genius using Stillwater's healing-alien story as cover.
I mean, the lie was so big, it was almost impossible not to believe it.
Well, all the folks here wanted it to be real.
Hell, I did, too, and that's why they didn't want you poking around.
Oh, I understand.
They thought they had something that made Stillwater special and didn't want to share it.
Oh, Stillwater is special.
Just not like that, it turns out.
Thank you both for getting to the bottom of this.
So, turns out it wasn't aliens in Stillwater.
Not this time, but they still haven't found out what happened in '72.
You really think Josiah Carberry was cured by extraterrestrials? I don't think it's beyond the realm of possibility.
You never told me about your close encounter.
I don't think you'd understand.
Try me.
I might surprise me.
You'll probably mask your discomfort with the unknown by making dismissive comments, but, suffice it to say, I was touched by an alien.
Physically touched? And ever since, I've had the ability to read minds.
So what am I thinking? You're thinking "She can't read minds, but if she can, I'm in big trouble.
" Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
I'm just kidding.
I did see a UFO once, but it didn't give me the power to read minds.
However, I can usually tell what you're thinking.
I'm a psych student.
I don't have to read minds.
I read behavior.
We should play poker sometime.
No, not strip poker.
So, Wes McManus's wines not so swift.
Oh, wow.
Really? How long have you been waiting to say that? - Pretty much all day.
- Yeah.
And, you know, I'm actually kind of bummed that there were no real aliens.
Me too.
Really? I was expecting you to say, "I told you so.
" From the guy who actually thought he saw an alien? Besides, I kind of like thinking that there is something else out there, something more.
Uh Sam? I took it from Wes's warehouse.
I got ya.
You totally thought it was aliens.
- Hmm.
Not so swift.

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