Take Two (2018) s01e11 Episode Script

Family Ties

Detective Rollins.
It's me.
Tyler? I'm in trouble.
S-Something's happened.
What kind of trouble? Ty, talk to me.
It's not safe here.
I can't talk.
Meet me at the southeast corner of Grand Park.
Ali, I-I completely agree with you.
No, I don't I don't want to fight.
I'm just I want to make things up to you, all right? And And And I promise you that that is what I'm going to do.
Okay, no.
I know.
No, I wouldn't trust me, either.
This isn't just an apology, okay? It's It's a pledge, a promise.
Yeah, I remember.
I will.
I ju Ugh.
That sounded rough.
It's my sister, Alison.
She hates me.
I'm attempting to make amends.
- Step nine.
- Yep.
She was my first call.
I've got a long list.
But after that Why does she hate you? Well, among other things, I sent a singing strip-o-gram to the auditorium where she was defending her journalism dissertation.
- That's funny.
- I know, right? She didn't think so.
And that was just when I was sober.
What did you do when you weren't? Um I sent her a monkey.
- A live monkey? - Yeah.
Yeah, she was nervous about some interview she was doing with some foreign head of state.
I forget which one.
But I just thought the monkey would help.
- That makes perfect sense.
- In my defense, I was heavily intoxicated.
She loved monkeys when she was little.
- And your sister's a journalist? - No.
She's an award-winning journalist.
See, she's the golden child.
I'm the bad seed.
Weren't you voted most-trusted cop in America? Yeah, it doesn't count.
I'm the only one in the family who doesn't have a PhD.
Well, if she's that smart, she will forgive you.
No, but it's not just about apologizing or being forgiven.
It's about repairing the damage, and Well, knowing you, you'll find a way.
Oh, but you don't know my sister.
Hey, Chris.
You okay? Something wrong? - Yeah, I need to talk to you.
- Oh, okay.
I'll just Uh, actually, you, too, Sam.
Something's happened.
I'm here to hire you both.
Captions by VITAC So, Chris, what's this all about? It's Tyler.
- Who's Tyler? - Her brother.
He called me last night, said he was in trouble.
He sounded scared.
Told me to meet him at Grand Park, and then he never showed.
And you haven't been able to get ahold of him? He must have turned off his cellphone.
I-I put alerts on his credit card that I gave him in case of emergencies.
He just went dark.
Sounds like this isn't the first time Tyler's been in trouble.
Tyler's always been the black sheep of the family.
For the past few years, he's been arrested for burglary, drug possession.
He told me he was getting his act together, and I was stupid enough to believe him again.
If my people get involved, this becomes a police matter.
Whatever my brother's into, I won't be able to get ahead of it.
That's why I'm here.
Is there anywhere that he might have gone? Anyone he'd go see? I checked all his usual hangouts.
Heard he's been renting a room from this woman, Amy Riggins.
That's her address.
Thing is, Amy's a witness for the defense in an ongoing criminal case.
If I talk to her The defense claims witness intimidation, they throw out the case.
We'll try to talk to her, but if she's really involved in a case, even P.
s might make her nervous.
What else can you tell us about her? Not much.
She, uh, works at a daycare, lives in Echo Park, rents a room for extra cash.
- Daycare.
- Yeah.
Why? Just finding our way in.
Tyler? Tyler.
Where's Tyler? Is he here? Uh, sorry, who are you? I'm Brittney, Tyler's girlfriend.
This is my brother, Chad.
Tyler's not here.
Oh, my God.
Chad, what are we gonna do? If I don't have my insulin, it might hurt the baby.
I told you not to trust him, Brit.
- I don't know what to say.
- Wait, no! Tyler was supposed to fill my insulin prescription and bring it over, but he never showed up.
- Have you seen him? - Yep, I saw him last night.
He came tearing through here like a crazy person.
Yeah? Did he say where he was going? No, he just packed a bag and took off.
His room looks like a cyclone hit it.
But I-I'm sure he'll be back.
Yeah, but when? I, like, really need my insulin.
Do you think I could, like, check Tyler's room a-and see if it's there? Please.
- I think I threw my back out.
- What are you talking about? It's nine minutes, not nine months.
Tyler sure got out of here in a hurry.
Let's see if we can find out where he went.
What's his deal, anyway? He screws up, Christine bails him out.
Keeps promising to go straight, but but at what point do you cut the rope, let somebody fall before they take you down, too? Well, it sounds like you've known Tyler for a while.
Oh, eight, nine years.
I met him when Chris and I dated.
Oh, so you did date.
A couple months.
And it's nothing serious.
We realized we were better off as friends.
With benefits.
Not for a while, actually.
There's a TAP card for the metro system.
Maybe he's used it recently.
Hey, check this out.
Hmm, these are unusual tools.
Slide hammer.
Shanked keys.
Ooh, code grabber.
I recognize all this stuff from an episode we did.
Tyler is a car thief.
I know he's broken into cars in the past.
Well, this seems pretty recent to me.
Hm Secret cellphone? Oh, look at this.
He got a message last night from someone named "D".
Check this out.
What do you think it means? The text is encrypted.
Back in the day, that's how me and the gang used to communicate so that cops couldn't nail us.
So, Tyler's trying to hide something.
Do you think you can crack it? I could try.
Meantime, I looked into that TAP card you found.
Looks like it was bought in Artesia last night - around 9:00 p.
- That's two hours after he got that encrypted text from D.
I know who D is.
Damien Hill.
- Tyler's old buddy from back in the day? - Mm-hmm.
Thought he was doing time for grand theft auto.
He's out on parole.
I heard he just opened a new auto-body shop in Artesia.
Chris, we found carjacking tools in Tyler's room.
Hey, I'll go find out what Damien knows, see if he has any idea what happened to Tyler.
No, it's better if I go.
He'll talk to me.
Damien? Oh, God, Damien.
Tyler? Are you sure Tyler's not in the shop? No, thank God.
Uniforms swept the place.
No sign of Tyler anywhere.
What about the other guys? They both worked for Damien.
They were tied up, tortured, shot execution-style.
Tortured and executed? Somebody was looking for answers.
Or payback.
This is why he was calling.
I know it.
Whoever did this, they went after Tyler, too.
Maybe they found him, and that's why he didn't show up last night.
Look, Chris, we don't even know if Tyler's involved, okay? Let's not go worst-case scenario just yet.
Chris? Eddie, he was here.
He's involved.
How can you be so sure? Rollins.
Hey! I gotta go.
Hey, Jay.
Welcome to the party.
It looks like someone stole John Wick's car.
You got any idea what this was about? Your guess is as good as mine.
I mean, my sister and I have issues, but thinking she might be dead? Christine must be going out of her mind not knowing.
Well, either way, it's bad news, because if he's alive, somebody's gunning for him.
Look, I've never met him, but do you think it's possible Tyler's the killer? Well, the Tyler Rollins that I know wouldn't be capable of that.
That encrypted text, it's a mono-alphabetic cypher.
Total cakewalk.
- A mono-what? - What's the text say? Um, it's an address in Bel Air.
1246 Celina Drive.
It's a house.
It belongs to, uh, Perry Hansen.
Bel Air? You think he went there last night? There's only one way to find out.
Perry Hansen? Oh, there you guys are.
- It's about time.
- What? You're LAPD, right? Uh, no.
I'm Eddie Valetik.
This is Sam Swift.
We're private investigators working a missing-persons case.
Were you expecting the police? I had a car stolen last night.
A Berlinetta Torrino Supercar.
We're waiting for LAPD to come and take a full report.
What time was your car stolen? Do you think that has something to do with your missing person? You never know.
Well, security video tagged it about 8:00 p.
last night.
- My client is furious.
- Client? Yeah, I'm an exotic car broker Berlinettas, Lamborghinis, Ferraris.
That car just arrived from Italy.
Is there any chance we can take a look at your security footage? Yeah, sure.
Doing okay? You seem shaky.
No, I'm fine.
So, how'd you stumble across this triple homicide, anyway? Were you looking to get an oil change? An anonymous tip from a confidential informant.
Your C.
didn't say a word about how all of this went down? No.
Why? You're gonna want to see this.
I found this in Damien Hill's pocket.
Take a look at this photo.
Is that what I think it is? When was this taken? Time stamped 9:20 p.
, which, according to the M.
, is right before the time of death.
Probably just before the fun and games began.
Uh, hang on a sec.
Detective Rollins.
Chris, I got something you need to see.
It's him.
We found the exact same sweatshirt in his room.
I had hoped he wasn't involved.
So, Tyler stole the car, brought it to the chop shop.
How did that end up with three people dead? Because this isn't about a car.
It's about drugs.
- What are we looking at? - We found this photo on Damien's phone.
It's a compartment built into the interior door of a car.
That's how drug smugglers covertly move their drugs.
Oh, you mean like a trap car.
Okay, that same episode, the bad guy was smuggling guns in a high-end car.
Very "Fast and Furious.
" I'm guessing the white residue is cocaine or heroine.
Looks more like coke.
What? So I have some experience.
Is that door paneling from? That's a Berlinetta.
The car wasn't at the shop.
We, uh put out a BOLO, but I'm sorry, Chris.
Maybe Tyler didn't know that there were drugs in the car when Damien asked him to steal it.
Or maybe he did and that's why he stole it.
Look, either version, three people are dead because of what was in that car.
So, if Tyler wasn't at the shop The killer's after him, too.
There's been a charge on the credit card I gave Tyler.
Maybe this means he's still alive.
- Where'd it come from? - A convenience store off the 105 near the Hawthorne exit.
You know what's out there? The old Palms Motor Inn, and it's scheduled for demolition next month.
Making it the perfect place for Tyler to crash.
Hold on.
Chris, you - you need to let us handle this.
- You're joking, right? You haven't told anybody that he's involved in this, so, technically, that's withholding.
You go out there and something happens, it could cost you.
And him.
If he is out there, I promise we'll bring him back.
Shouldn't you have let her come along? I mean, it is her brother.
Yeah, and she'd do anything to protect him.
He's already cost her a lot.
I don't want him costing her her badge.
And And what? we don't even know if it was actually him who made that charge.
Could have been somebody else.
Someone who had his credit card? An abandoned motel is a good place to hide out.
It's also a good place to kill someone.
Whatever we find, she does not need to see.
You were protecting her? What about me? Why didn't you tell me not to come? Oh, really? Since when do you ever listen? Eddie.
Down the hall.
Someone's in there.
- You okay? - Yeah.
Aah! Okay, please, God! Please, please, don't! - Tyler! - Eddie? What the hell are you doing? - You could have shot us both.
- I'm sorry! I-I didn't know it was you.
What What are you doing here? Your sister wants to see you.
Tell her I'm good.
Oh, yeah? You can tell her yourself.
I don't know whether to hug you or hit you.
How about neither.
First you call and say you need my help, - and then you ghost me? - I thought it over.
- It's better if you're not part of this.
- I'm already part of this.
Just stay out of my business, Chris! For both our sakes.
Oh, we are way past that.
I know about the stolen Berlinetta, and I paid a visit to Damien's shop.
I had nothing to do with that.
Then how do you know what I'm talking about? I just, you know heard Damien got killed.
How'd you hear? It hasn't gone public yet.
Nothing's in the news.
- What are you accusing me of, Chris? - What are you not telling me? Do you really think I would do something like that? To my friend? To anyone? And yet you were there.
The watch Dad gave you for graduation.
Inscribed and everything.
Ty, where do you think you're going with this? I mean, we-we're not talking about a B&E or some misdemeanor possession charge.
If this is what it looks like, you're done.
It's not what it looks like.
Then how do you know about those murders? Tell me the truth, Tyler.
After I lifted the car, I dropped it off at Damien's shop and took the metro home.
And then he called me, freaking out, said I stole a trap car and better come take it back.
- Where is it?! - When I got there - I heard voices - I don't like it when people lie to me.
a guy yelling.
Where is it?! Where? This dude had Damien and his boys tied up.
- Where's my coke? - They had taken a beating.
He kept screaming at Damien, saying, - "Where is it?!" - Where is it?! Damien swore that when they opened up the car, there was no cocaine, but he didn't believe him.
He shot him.
Just like that.
I panicked, got the hell out of there.
I didn't know what to The other guys They were shot, too? Yeah.
The shooter Did you, uh, recognize him? I've never seen him before.
He had a lot of ink, though.
Could have been gang tats.
I went home, grabbed some clothes, called you.
But Damien must have talked, because they were already after me.
So, you stole a car that had drugs in it, and now this guy thinks you took them? Yeah, but I didn't.
I swear.
Chris, all I did was jack a car! All you did? God, do you even hear yourself? She turned her back on him.
She's not believing what he's saying and he's not listening.
I know how this goes.
Maybe we should go in.
No, they have to work this out themselves.
Tyler, these people are going to kill you.
I don't know if I can stop them.
Well, maybe you should just let them.
Isn't that what you really want? Look, I know I screwed up, but I really don't need another lecture right now.
She cares about you, man.
- I know it may not feel that way.
- Well, how could it when she thinks it could be me who made off with those drugs? Do you blame her? Look at it from her point of view.
I mean, you stole a trap car, but you didn't know drugs were inside? That's what happened! Look, Damien told me that the car was gonna be delivered at 7:00 p.
to the Bel Air place.
I showed up at 8:00.
When I saw no one was home, I made my move.
So, if drugs were in the car, somebody took them before I got there.
Is there any chance that Damien and his crew took the stash? Why would he call me freaking out? Besides, Damien was no hero.
All right, if he had them, he would've given them up.
All right, you said the, um the shooter had gang tats.
The 12th Street Kings and the West Coast Skulls are the two biggest gangs in the drug trade.
I'm gonna need you to look at some mug books, see if you can ID the shooter.
- Hey.
- Thought you could use this.
Sorry to be airing all my dirty laundry.
If it makes you feel better, the entire universe has seen mine.
How is possible to love someone and want to strangle them all at the same time? I think that's the definition of "family.
" It's always been a struggle with Tyler.
We moved around a lot.
We were Army brats.
I don't know if it didn't hit me as hard because I was older, but he had trouble making friends.
And there I go again, making excuses for him.
I get it.
He's your brother.
Yeah, but no matter how hard I try, nothing ever changes.
My sister and I have a pretty messy relationship, too.
I used to always blame her for a lot of it.
But now I'm just I'm finally realizing my part.
I'm trying to take responsibility.
Not that my sister sees it.
Owning up to your mistakes, it's hard.
But maybe if I'm finding a way, your brother can, too.
Hey, sorry to interrupt.
Tyler went through some mug shots.
He ID'd the guy who's after him.
Nico Morales, a lieutenant in the 12th Street Kings.
Day job works for a company called Delux Detail.
And get this, Delux Detail is where Perry Hansen gets his imported cars detailed before they're delivered to his clients.
Well, that's how they do it.
The drugs are packed into cars in Italy, the cars are off-loaded at the San Pedro docks, they're delivered to Hansen's house, then Perry Hansen sends them to Delux to be detailed before they're delivered to the client.
So, while the cars are being detailed, Nico and his crew, they unpack the drugs.
But the car was stolen before it ever got to Nico.
And the drugs were already gone, which means that somewhere between the docks and Hansen's house, someone removed them.
- Could it be Hansen? - I looked into him.
No criminal record and nothing else connects him to Morales or the 12th Street Kings.
So, it must have been someone else in the delivery process.
I've heard enough.
Eddie, we are talking narcotics smuggling, an international drug ring.
I have to turn it over to LAPD.
Chris, you know if you do, they'll put Tyler right in the middle of this.
They'll be making your brother a witness against the 12th Street Kings.
You know what will happen.
So, what am I supposed to do? Seriously? You really think this plan can work? The only way to get the heat off your brother is by figuring out who actually stole the drugs.
- Then what? - Well, then you bust them.
That way Nico knows that Tyler's not involved, and then he calls off the hunt.
Chris, finding the drugs is the only way, and we know where to start looking.
We focus on these men.
I called a buddy of mine who works Customs.
He pulled the manifest on the Berlinetta.
All three had access to the vehicle.
First up is Tobias Powell.
He works security at the holding lot.
He switched his shift to work the night the car came in, and that looks kind of shady.
Bachelor number two, Isaac Carter.
He's the dockworker who off-loaded the car.
He also has convictions for armed robbery.
And then there's Logan Cross.
He's the driver who actually transported the vehicle from the docks to Hansen's garage.
And he used to work at a junk yard, so he'd know how to get to those panels without making a mess.
I'll run their names by Narcotics, see if they ring any bells.
Yeah, that much coke doesn't hit the streets without making a splash so I'll reach out to my sources and see if anyone's heard anything.
I need to get back to the precinct.
Berto's gonna take you to Eddie's apartment.
You'll be safer there.
Chris, um I'm sorry.
Me, too.
I got your text.
Everything okay? Yeah, so I'm doing a write-up on our triple, uh, homicide.
You know, so, just, you know, remind me again.
Who tipped you off to the crime scene? - A confidential informant.
- Mm-hmm.
You want to tell me what's really going on, Chris? - I already told you.
- See, well, it turns out that that photo I showed you, it's a door panel of a Berlinetta.
So, I checked with my guy in Auto Theft.
Funny thing he showed me security video of someone boosting the exact same car.
I know it was your brother.
- Jay - Three dead bodies, and your brother's mixed up in it? Tyler didn't kill those men.
And you know that for a fact? I don't have proof.
Not yet, anyway.
Listen, Chris, this is a triple homicide.
I cannot keep this from the lieutenant.
Jay, please.
I just need a little more time to solve this case.
What if it was someone in your family that was caught in the middle? You've got 24 hours to sort this thing out.
Really? You were in juvie, too? That's not something I'm proud of, man.
No, but you're, like, a You're, like, a tech guy.
Yeah, some gangbangers in my hood figured that out, and they had me breaking into ATMs, hacking accounts.
I was always more on my own, you know? I never had to deal with all the gang stuff.
- Well, till now.
- So, what kept you in the life? The fact that the one talent I seem to have is stealing cars.
Now I'm tired, you know? I'm tired of making the same mistakes.
I'm tired of my sister bailing my ass out.
It's not too late to change.
Well, it's hard to say no when Damien calls about a Berlinetta with a fat paycheck.
I just didn't think it would cost him his life.
So, how'd Damien find out about the car in the first place? He sent me the address.
I took care of the rest.
I looked at the security systems in that garage.
Might as well be breaking into Fort Knox.
Well, Damien's new source came through with a code that would disable the whole system.
The source gave you the code? Do all your jobs usually come with that much intel? Nah.
This was the first time.
I thought I got lucky.
Thanks so much.
So, the driver who delivered the Berlinetta, he called in sick today.
That's the kind of thing somebody does when they steal a shipment of cocaine and don't need the paycheck.
- Who's texting you? - Ugh, my sister.
Making that phone call really opened up the floodgates.
She keeps texting me all the things I need to make amends for all the times I was selfish, obnoxious, destructive.
She's a journalist, so she has lots of words for what I am.
Well, you know, I've been on the receiving end of a few amends calls.
It gets uncomfortable.
Trust me it's uncomfortable for everyone involved.
All I'm saying is that just because you're ready to have that conversation doesn't mean that she is.
So, give your sister some time.
Maybe she'll come around.
What's up, Berto? I was talking with Tyler, and I found out something weird.
Damien gave him an access code to Hansen's garage.
Thing is, only a few people have access to that code.
What, are you thinking it's an inside job? Yeah.
So, I double-checked Damien's phone records, and he got a call from a blocked number right before he contacted Tyler.
So, on a hunch, I checked Perry Hansen's phone records, and he called Damien at the exact same time.
Hansen's the blocked number.
But why would Perry Hansen want his own car stolen? To throw off suspicion because he's the one who took the drugs.
Insurance will cover the car, and the client and the drug ring assume it's a random theft.
But why do it? Pure greed? I think I know why.
Perry Hansen may have had a gambling addiction.
I saw a bunch of calls to a number in San Diego, and I tracked it to a gambling treatment center.
You don't call a treatment center unless you've hit rock bottom.
- He must be in financial trouble.
- Big-time.
Last year, he sold a cabin in Tahoe, and then a couple months later, he put his house up for sale, then slashed the price.
I think we need to have a little chat with Mr.
You see the kid's shiner? Something's definitely going on with this family.
Hansen, mind if we have a word? - Caleb, why don't you go inside? - Yeah.
What's this about? Well, the fact that you set up that Berlinetta to be stolen.
After you helped yourself to the coke that was hidden inside it.
Coke? What are you talking about? That's ludicrous.
The gang has already killed three people over those drugs.
If we were able to figure out that you had the drugs, it's only a matter of time before they do, too.
We can protect you.
Like I said, I don't know anything about any drugs.
Okay? Now, get off my property.
- He's lying.
- Yeah.
If we don't get those drugs back, Tyler's dead.
Hansen wouldn't cop to stealing the drugs.
But his son, Caleb, had this gnarly black eye.
So, we dug a little deeper.
Check this out.
A college newspaper? That's where Caleb plays basketball.
The article says he missed the preseason for a knee injury.
The exact same time his dad was making phone calls to that gambling treatment center in San Diego.
Hansen's not the one with the gambling addiction.
- It's Caleb.
- And I asked around.
Sounds like he's in deep with an old friend.
- Melanie Ray.
- Mel? The loan shark? He's lucky all he got was a black eye.
Yeah, and Caleb's bio on the team's website says he works part-time for his dad.
So, that gives him access to the cars and opportunity to steal the drugs.
Only we have no evidence.
No warrant.
You think the kid's just gonna admit to stealing the drugs? What we have is leverage.
Maybe that'll get him to talk.
So, my brother's life depends on a 22-year-old kid now.
- That's the plan? - This can work.
And if it doesn't? What happens to my brother then? - One last game? - Okay, okay, okay.
Playing with you, man.
What are you guys doing here? We need to have a little chat about your gambling.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Oh, well, that's too bad.
'Cause the next chat we're gonna have is with your coach.
Please, you can't tell anyone.
One more violation and I'm off the team.
It'll ruin my shot at the NBA.
This is my future, man! Then be straight with us.
Is that black eye courtesy of Melanie Ray? My bookie hooked me up with her.
And now she's on me to pay her back.
How much are you in for? 250 large.
$250,000?! Sorry, that is just a lot.
Look, I-I-I went to rehab.
I-I quit hanging out with the wrong people.
I'm really trying.
So, how are you planning on paying her back? My dad's handling it.
How's he doing that? He said he took a loan out through his company.
It's gonna cover things up with Mel, but I I hate that he had to do that because of me.
Caleb didn't take the drugs.
His dad must have stolen them to pay off the loan shark.
He did it to protect his son.
Yeah, and now three people are dead because of it.
If we don't get those drugs back from Hansen, Tyler's next.
Yeah, but if we do that, Hansen won't be able to cover his son's debt, and Caleb's legs will be next.
He's fighting addiction.
He's trying.
We can't trade his life for Tyler's.
What if there's another way - to take care of Caleb's gambling debt? - What do you mean? Okay, so Hansen stole the drugs to save his son.
What if we can get the loan shark to lay off of Caleb? Maybe his dad would be willing to give up those drugs.
How well do you know Mel exactly? You want to make a deal with a loan shark? Do you have any idea what that woman's capable of? Well, I know what'll happen if we don't try.
Christine Rollins.
- We need to talk.
- Your brother sent you.
He doesn't know I'm here.
He's not your guy.
- You don't know your brother.
- Wait.
What if I can get your drugs back? Would you call off the hit on Tyler? Oh, you're a dirty cop now? I'm not a cop right now.
I'm his sister.
And I'm offering you a deal.
You get your drugs back, Tyler walks away.
Know that I'm a man of my word.
So, when someone takes something from me, I make sure I get what's mine and they get what's theirs.
Eddie Valetik.
Been a while since I've seen your pretty face.
Who's the sidekick? - His partner, Sam Swift.
- Oh, right.
As seen on TV.
I've heard about you.
Say your piece, Eddie.
No one visits me to pass the time.
We need to talk about Caleb Hansen.
I'm kind of past the talking phase with that kid.
Look, I understand, but what will it take to give him room to breathe? Put him on a payment plan.
He's on a payment plan.
The plan is for him to pay.
Look, Caleb has a problem, but he's getting help.
I think he just needs a second chance.
That is just heart-breaking, honey, but I don't do second chances.
Come on, Eddie, how many sob stories have I heard? You've got to do better than this.
Uh What if I can, um make it worth your while, Mel? Listening.
If you rework the terms of the kid's loan I'll owe you.
A favor from Eddie Valetik? Now, that might be worth something.
- More take-out.
- Uh, sorry, man.
It's all good.
It beats being out there, looking over my shoulder.
Uh, it's Eddie.
Give me a second? Yeah.
Hey, what's up? Yeah.
Hey, are we still on to do this? You sure you can handle moving the drugs? No.
Tell them it's no problem.
All right, I got it covered.
Where you headed, Tyler? Nico.
I know it was you who took my blow.
- Where is it? - I I don't know! - Then you're gonna die! - No, no, no, no! Look, I'll take you to it.
Right now.
I swear.
So, they were here all this time, huh? Where are they? Where's my coke?! If I tell you, you're just gonna kill me like you did with D and his boys.
Yeah, if you tell me, I'll do it quick.
But if you don't, I'll take all night.
Worse than your boys got.
So, what's it gonna be? All right.
There's an opening in the wall.
Bricks are in there.
Good choice, Ty.
You best not be playing with me.
See? I knew you had it.
You could fool your sister, but you couldn't fool me.
Leave my sister out of this.
She came to see me, you know.
Offered to go bad just to save your sorry hide.
Maybe I'll go visit her after you're gone.
- Freeze! Show me your hands! - DEA! Freeze, hands on your head! DEA! Drop it, Nico, or I drop you.
I don't know how you got Hansen to give up the drugs, I probably don't want to know, but your plan worked.
We busted Nico with the coke, and we got him for the triple homicide.
So, it's over? How did Tyler handle things? He played his part perfectly.
He missed his calling.
He would have made a good undercover cop.
Weren't you worried about Tyler going off with a psychopath like Nico? I stuck that tracker on Nico's car when I went to see him, so we had him under surveillance.
Tyler was covered the whole time.
Once we moved the drugs to the chop shop and we put word out on the street about where Tyler was hiding, it drew Nico right to him.
What about the gang? Won't they still come after your brother? Well, word is, Nico's out of favor with the 12th Street Kings for killing Damien and his crew.
Too much unwanted attention.
So, the target's off Tyler and on Nico.
So, what happens next? Tyler's talking to investigators at the precinct.
I'm headed there now.
How'd it go? I'll let you tell her.
Well, I, uh, gave a full statement.
Told them I'd be willing to testify against Nico.
You sure about this? Yeah.
Yeah, it's time I take some responsibility.
I could talk to the D.
A I appreciate it, sis.
All of it.
But I'm good, you know? I need a fresh start.
Yeah, we both do.
That was pretty brave of Chris putting herself out there, risking everything she's built to protect her brother.
We got lucky.
It could have gone either way.
Well, it gave me some perspective and courage.
I gave my sister another call.
She agreed to grab coffee with me next time she's in town.
- Well, that's kind of a victory.
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah, she said I was Lucy with the football too many times.
She didn't want to fall for it again.
Lucy? That's weird.
I pegged you more for, like, a Snoopy.
I mean, big nose and weird, floppy ears.
One phone call down.
Yeah, but there is a long, bumpy road ahead.
Need a ride? You mean home? Yeah, that, too.
I'd like that.

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