Take Two (2018) s01e12 Episode Script

It Takes a Thief

1 11:45 check-in, and Alpha One is secure.
You get to check on it again in 15 minutes.
I'm going 10-7.
Cameras just crashed.
They're rebooting.
I'm initiating lockdown protocol.
On my way to Alpha One.
Alpha One is secure.
We're back online.
Points of entry are secure.
I'm gonna run diagnostics on the power system.
We have a breach.
Captions by VITAC What is this? Did somebody die? Wow, Eddie.
Such a hopeless romantic.
Sam's date just sent them.
I'm intrigued by his flower choices.
Did you know gladiolas symbolize faithfulness? I didn't even know you were dating.
Well, I wasn't.
It just kind of happened.
Really? So, who is he? His name's Troy.
Troy Harper.
I met him while I was jogging at Lake Hollywood.
How many times have you gone out? Just once, last night.
I know.
I was nervous.
It's the first time I've been on a date since I left rehab.
But you know what? I had an amazing time, and apparently, the feeling was mutual.
So, these flowers after one date? Isn't that a little, um stalker-y? Try thoughtful.
- Considerate.
- Chivalrous? Okay, look, maybe it's me cynical.
Cortana, can you remind me to call Troy Harper today at 3:00 P.
? CORTANA: Okay, Sam.
I'll remind you.
Why don't you just call him now? Oh, well, he said that he was gonna be tied up until early afternoon, and also, I don't want to seem overeager.
Hey, uh what do you know about this guy, aside from the fact that she met him jogging? I know as much as you do.
See what you can find out about this Troy Harper.
I mean, Sam's a celebrity, she's vulnerable.
I just want to make sure that he's legit.
- On it.
- Okay.
Hi! What are you doing here? Sam, it's great to see you.
Oh, Eddie.
This is Paul Dorsey.
He helped me buy art when I had money to burn, and then when I didn't, he helped me hock my Hockney.
What can we do for you, Mr.
Dorsey? I need your help.
My auction house is minor compared to Sotheby's and Christie's, but we're growing.
In fact, uh, the Kaminsky estate chose us to auction one of Kaminsky's most important works.
Kaminsky? Even I've heard of him.
Its valued at $50 million.
A sale like this could take us to the next level.
That's great, Paul.
So, what's the problem? Kill circuit 47.
It's a projection.
Yep, from a miniature projector hidden inside that camera.
So, the real painting was stolen? Last night.
Somebody hacked into our power system and crashed the cameras.
They were in and out in 30 seconds.
So, they used the projector to buy time before the theft was discovered? Exactly, and that painting is up for auction in three days.
- Oh, my God, Paul.
- Yeah, I know.
And now it's been taken while in my care.
I mean, how do I tell the estate that their masterpiece was stolen? This is This is everything I've ever worked for.
It's my reputation.
This is it for me.
Unless we get the painting back.
In 72 hours without anyone knowing that it was ever taken.
Do you think that's even possible? Look, we can't make any promises, but we'll give it a try.
Thank you.
I mean, as long as all of this is kept secret.
Of course.
You have any idea how long that fake camera has been up there? Probably since I upgraded the security system before we installed the painting.
That was about two weeks ago.
So, the thief's been planning it at least that long.
I'm gonna need names of everybody involved - in that upgrade.
- I can get you those.
Do you have surveillance video from when that work was done? No.
The cameras were disabled during the security upgrade.
How did the thief get in and out? They cut the middle of the door out so they wouldn't trigger the sensors.
The glass.
The projector.
Eddie, what if this M.
is unique to the thief? It could help us identify him.
We used an FBI consultant on "Hot Suspect" who was an expert in art theft.
I could run it past him.
Talking to an FBI agent is not the best way to keep this a secret.
I wholeheartedly agree.
Uh, he can't know about this.
I will make sure that he doesn't.
I got this, Paul.
Trust me.
I don't see any fingerprints, not that I'd expect to.
Has anyone touched this glass? No.
Good, because the thief handled it, which means he may have left his scent.
Are you saying you can actually track the thief off his scent? Well, I can't, but maybe my friend Zeus can.
Oh, it don't look like much, but this here is the latest in portable electronic scent detection.
It can pick up organic and chemical compounds down to two parts per billion.
Just think of it as a digital bloodhound.
You could actually find him with that? I once tracked a guy through downtown L.
with this thing.
So, how are we looking, Zeus? Not getting enough to go off of here.
Maybe if he had more contact or if I had some clothes that he wore So, it's not gonna work.
You know, we can't track the thief, but what if we can track the painting? [DEVICE CRACKLING.]
Is it giving you something strong enough to follow? Oh, yeah.
Compounds from the canvas, aromatics from the paint transferred to the frame it's giving us a unique scent profile.
Now let's see where it takes us.
- I'll keep you posted.
- Okay.
So, your thief used a projector to fake that a painting was still on a wall? Exactly.
Well, I know you're with the art crime unit, so I figured you would know of some real cases like that.
Mm, I don't.
It actually sounds kind of far-fetched.
Well, it is a movie script.
I think they're taking some creative license.
Especially if they're casting you to play an art thief.
Hey, I played a cop.
Come on.
I could play a criminal.
You know, I just I need to do some major research, you know? Study some thieves, immerse myself in thievery.
Do you know of anyone that could pull off a job like that, like the one in the script? There are maybe a handful of guys.
You think you could get me some info on them? You know, their backgrounds, their M.
s? Sam, you're not working a case here, are you? Mark.
Don't you think if a painting was stolen, you would've heard about that? What do you say? I'll see what I can do.
We're two blocks out now.
Signal's getting weaker, but your thief definitely took the painting down this street.
Yeah, well, I can see why no security cameras, light traffic.
It's an ideal escape route.
Hey, Berto.
Let me guess.
Uh, Troy Harper has a criminal record.
Not even a parking ticket.
Then he's married? Nope.
What does he do for a living? - He's a doctor.
- What kind of doctor? A cancer researcher.
Top in his field.
Before that, he was an Olympic javelin-thrower and a fashion model in Italy.
I just sent you his picture.
This guy's clean, bordering on pure.
Well, you know what? That's good news.
I'm happy for Sam.
We can all rest easy now.
I was resting easy a while ago.
Yeah, okay.
Checking on Sam's men now? - Just looking out for her.
- Mm-hmm.
Come on, you know there's some real creeps out there.
Especially them doctors.
All right, end of the line.
The scent stops right here.
So, what? The, uh the thief got in a car that was parked here and took off? Oh, we could bang on some doors, see if anybody saw him or his car.
Well, we may not have to.
There's no cameras on the street, but there's definitely one in that ATM.
Free-standing ones are easier to get into.
Whoever he is, he was in that parking spot across the street.
That's him! That's not a him.
It's a her.
There's not enough detail to see her face.
The car doesn't help, either.
Can't see the license plate from this angle.
Plus it's a Civic.
There's lots of those around.
Wait, a Civic.
I just saw something about that.
My FBI guy, he gave me M.
s and profiles on on six thieves he thought could pull off this heist.
Here it is.
"The suspect always used a Civic as a getaway car because it's common and easily blends in.
" I'm sure lots of criminals use them.
Yeah, but Garrett Larson, he also did a heist where he cut through a glass door.
Well, it seems like we're looking for a woman now.
That's a guy.
It also says he passed away a few years ago.
But according to this, Larson had a daughter, and she was a person of interest in his last theft.
Maybe she took over the family business.
Melissa Larson.
No criminal record, but it turns out that the cops suspected her of taking part in her father's crimes.
They just couldn't prove it.
She also trained as a gymnast and earned a master's in art history ideal skills for an art thief.
Well, if she's like her dad, then she works freelance.
Which means somebody probably hired her to steal that painting.
What does she do for a living, officially? Occupation professional gambler.
Well, there you go.
That's the perfect cover.
She gets paid in cash and launders her money through casinos.
Now I really wish I was playing an art thief.
I want to play her.
She sounds super cool.
She stole your friend's painting and wrecked his life.
Well, there is that.
I think we need to talk to this woman.
And say what? We can't prove she had anything to do with the theft.
She doesn't know that.
Let's shake the tree and see what falls out.
Can I help you? Special Agent Toren and Stiles.
Can we have a word with you? Sure.
I have a minute.
Can I get you something? Um, no, I'm fine.
- Look, Ms.
- Please.
First names.
It's Melissa.
- And you are? - Vincent.
Can you tell us where you were last night - around midnight? - Melissa.
I like the way you say my name.
You know what I'd like? For you to answer the question.
Vincent, can I just say, you are incredibly attractive.
Well, that's that's awfully kind of you to say.
I say what I feel.
What do you feel? I'll answer you if you answer me.
What do you know about Paul Dorsey? Nothing.
Your turn.
What are you thinking right now, Vince? If I weren't FBI and you weren't an art thief, I don't know what would happen.
I do.
Can we get back on track here? Where were you last night, Melissa? With a friend or two.
But now I wish I had kept better company.
You know, you have the most spectacular eyes.
Thank you? I'm afraid we have to wrap this up.
I'm getting a massage.
I'll be thinking of you.
Both of you.
You know, we know you stole the Kaminsky, Melissa.
This isn't over.
Then I can't wait for round two.
Man, she is good.
Did you see that? She totally took control of the interview.
What interview? Doesn't "interview" mean asking questions? I was working on that.
How? By chatting her up? What kind of fake FBI agent flirts that way? I was only flirting with her because she was flirting with me.
Oh, so you felt obligated, like it would be rude if you didn't reciprocate? It's a classic technique.
I was building rapport with the suspect to get her to lower her guard.
Oh, trust me, her guard cannot get any lower.
It's not like you did any better.
I mean, she hit on you, and you basically turned to mush.
I was lulling her into thinking she had the upper hand.
That worked like a charm.
You know I heard your whole conversation, right? You guys forget you were wired for sound? Oops.
Anyway, what did, uh, voice-stress analysis tell you about Melissa? That she's one cool customer.
Well, what about when we asked her where she was or Dorsey or the stolen painting? No stress in her voice, at least not from lying.
What do you mean? It's not relevant.
W-Wait, how is it not relevant? Maybe it can help us.
When did she get stressed? I wouldn't call it stress, exactly.
More like agitation.
Increased heart rate, rapid breathing Look at you building a rapport.
Hey, you can't blame me for her reaction.
Yet I do.
I picked up the same thing when she was talking to you.
Ah, rest my case.
Well, this was just an epic fiasco.
- Well, maybe not.
I'm locked on to her cellphone.
Melissa's making a call right now.
MAN: Yeah? MELISSA: Let's do the exchange today, 4:00 P.
at Broadway and 4th Street.
Got it.
EDDIE: It worked.
We rattled her.
Now she's making a move.
The exchange Melissa was talking about had to be about delivering the painting and collecting her fee.
Yeah, this could be our chance to find out who's behind the theft.
Yeah, and get Paul's painting back, which would be amazing.
We'll stake out Broadway and 4th.
It's our best shot to intercept that painting.
But before that happens, time to call Troy Harper.
Troy? Hi, it's Sam.
Seriously, these flowers are incredible.
I mean, it was just so thoughtful, so considerate, so chivalrous.
Refreshingly uncynical.
- Ah.
Yeah, I know.
Me too.
I had an incredible time.
- Hey.
- We should do it again.
- Zeus.
- I'll take it in my office.
Yeah, no, okay.
That That sounds great, Troy.
I'll see you then.
Okay, bye.
Zeus intercepted another phone call from Melissa.
She changed the time and place of the meet, so we got to leave here in five minutes.
I can't wait.
Well, no sign of Melissa.
Maybe she knew we were listening and made that second call to throw us off.
So your instincts were kind of right about Troy Harper.
How so? He's actually a convicted murderer.
No, he isn't.
- How do you know? - What do you mean? Well, I mean, no, he isn't, but how would you know that? I guess I just assumed.
Well, based on all your snooping, I don't think you assumed much of anything.
What is that, Eddie? Like, I can't take care of myself? Like, I didn't think to check him out, too? I'm sorry.
You're my partner, and I was just looking out for you.
Is it that, or are you feeling threatened? Threatened? What? Why would I feel threatened? He is a handsome former model, an Olympic medalist, also a doctor who is literally curing cancer.
Still not threatened.
Oh, hey.
I think that's her.
That's a very Melissa-ish car.
Yeah, and that must be whoever hired her.
Wait, there it is.
That's the painting, in that tube.
That's her money.
Well, they have the painting.
We can't let them get away.
We're not going to.
Eddie Valetik.
I'm a private investigator.
Who's in the car? That's none of your business.
Move that piece-of-crap truck.
I believe you have something that belongs to us.
You mind stepping out of the vehicle? Or what? You gonna call the cops? Don't bother.
We already did.
You bring in the police, this only gets worse for you.
Yeah, well, I guess we'll see about that.
That was quick.
What seems to be the problem here? So glad to see you, gentlemen.
These losers are harassing me.
They cut us off.
They won't let us leave.
SAM: Sir, we're private investigators, and we cut him off because he has a priceless stolen painting.
That's ridiculous.
It's in a tube in his car.
Look, take a look for yourself.
Do you have what she's talking about in there, sir? This? This is my personal property.
I'd like to see it.
Be careful with that, officer.
It's worth a fortune.
See? What'd I tell you? The painting.
A blueprint.
What? That can't be right.
Plans for my new tower on Wilshire.
Are we, uh Are we finished here or? Unless you want to file charges.
Chalk this up to a misunderstanding.
Now move your truck.
BERTO: Your guy is Marcus Cutler.
He's a wealthy real-estate magnate, but the more I looked into him, - the uglier it got.
- Sounds like stealing art - isn't the only bad thing he's done.
- Let's put it this way.
He wanted to tear down a neighborhood to build condos, so he floated rumors around that the area was built on a toxic waste dump.
Home prices plummeted, enabling him to swoop in and purchase all the houses at a discount.
That's disgusting.
Well, he's obviously mega-rich.
Why not just buy the painting? Here's my in-depth psychological analysis because he's cheap.
He has a rep for stiffing vendors and then suing them if they complain.
So, what? He wanted the painting, but decided it was more cost-effective to just steal it? We can't let him get away with that.
How are we gonna get it back? We need to talk that over with our client.
Marcus Cutler did this? So, you know him? Yeah.
He's an "art collector" of the worst kind.
Uh, word is he bought up looted antiquities from the Middle East, paintings stolen by the Nazis.
Cutler doesn't care about art.
He isn't moved by it.
He just acquires pieces for the sake of having them.
And did he ever show interest in the Kaminsky? Not the Kaminsky.
My auction house.
That's what this is about.
He wanted to buy you out.
I turned him down, and now he's gonna destroy me.
That's who he is.
I appreciate everything that you guys have done so far.
I truly do.
But we're at the point where I need to just own up to this mess, go public with the theft, cancel the auction.
Paul, don't do that.
This is your whole life.
Just give us a little more time.
Sam, the auction is tomorrow.
You know, we may still have another move left.
How much are you willing to pay to get the painting back? You mean like some kind of ransom? Something like that.
Well, given the situation, I'd give everything I have.
I need a number.
Are you kidding? You want to hire Melissa to steal the painting back? That's your plan? You have a better one? Any plan is better than that.
Sam, we know she can do it.
Plus, if she earned a lot from stealing it the first time, now she can earn even more.
We told Melissa that we were FBI agents.
Now you want to turn around and convince her to steal for us? Yeah, I'm pretty sure she knew we weren't FBI.
Still, how can you possibly get her to agree to this? Just through the sheer power of your charm? What? You don't think I'm charming? - Not that charming.
- Mm.
When are we going to see her? I think it's better if I go alone.
- Do you? - You said so yourself.
I mean, we do have this rapport.
Hey, she was into me, too.
Yeah, but I have a better chance at closing the deal.
Not that kind of deal.
But you are not going alone.
You're wiring me for sound? Don't you think that's a little unnecessary? You're meeting with a known criminal.
I'm just looking out for my partner.
She's not exactly Hannibal Lecter.
Really? 'Cause it sure looked like she wanted to eat you.
I was hoping it would be you.
Is your friend coming, or do I have you all to myself? That depends.
"That depends"? Depends on what? He's just playing her game, is all.
Yeah, well, it sounds like he's had a lot of practice.
Melissa, just to be clear, I'm not FBI.
I know that.
I figured out who you are, Eddie.
Well, then, you figured out who hired me.
And that doesn't worry you? I felt a spark.
That's rare for me.
I want to see where it goes.
How do you know I'm not wearing a wire? You probably are.
I'm not sure you will be for long.
I have a proposition for you.
Let's talk about it after.
I think we should get it out of the way first.
- I don't like waiting.
- I'll make it worth your while.
Do you think he's really into her? I mean, 'cause that sounds really real, okay? And this is coming from a trained actor.
It's supposed to sound real.
Not that real.
This is weird.
I can't listen.
No one asked you to listen.
The man didn't want to get wired in the first place.
He's just in there trying to get her done.
Well, he's trying to get her done, all right.
That is a dollar figure, a fee for a job.
Would that fee be acceptable? The fee is acceptable, but the job isn't.
I haven't even told you what the job is yet.
You don't need to.
I have a code, Eddie.
You have one, too, so you understand.
Is there anything that I could do to change your mind? He's trying to close the deal to close the deal.
It's no to the job, Eddie, but my offer still stands.
Another time.
It was a good thing you had my back, 'cause I barely made it out of there alive.
All right, look.
I just I just told her what I thought she wanted to hear.
That was me trying to get Melissa to help.
Why would I think anything else? I knew what you were saying wasn't real.
None of that bothered me at all.
But you know what does bother me? Paul's auction is tomorrow, and the painting won't be there.
Everything he has built will just go down the drain.
I don't suppose you have a plan "B"? Melissa was plan "B.
" Then I have a plan "C.
" Who needs Melissa? What if we steal the painting? Let's be clear.
Stealing the painting back is a Hail Mary plan.
Yeah, but if we pull it off, we save our client's career.
Plus it'll be awesome.
That dirt bag Cutler has it coming.
For starters, we need to answer two questions.
First, where is the painting? I checked.
Cutler has 21 commercial and residential properties in L.
He'd probably keep it close, in one of those buildings.
We'll try to narrow down which one.
Which brings us to question two how do we gain entry? I got intel on that.
All of Cutler's properties use encrypted key cards.
So, what we need is an all-access key card.
That way, wherever the painting is, - we can get at it.
- How do we get one of those? What we need to do is clone a key card from one of these three men.
That's Cutler.
Then there's this dude, Michael Gould, his security chief.
Yeah, he was driving Cutler.
Look, these guys know us.
We can't get near them.
Well, then, that leaves us with this guy Nick Brennan, facilities manager.
- What do we know about him? - Nick Brennan.
Lives in Studio City, 35, single.
He has a profile on Matchstrike.
How would know Wait, are you on Matchstrike? Maybe.
He says he's looking for a sensitive woman.
I'm a sensitive woman.
No, seriously.
What if I put up a fake profile, invite him to Zeus' bar, and take his key card? It worked in "Sneakers.
" - That was a great movie.
- But this is real life.
I mean, we're running out of time.
And besides, what makes you think that he'd even meet with you? You're not the only one who can be charming.
Can't believe she got this guy to show up in under an hour.
I'm really not sure why that surprises you.
SAM: We pull this off, Eddie, I get to actually be an art thief.
No, you won't.
If there's gonna be any stealing, I'm doing it.
You'd face charges if you got caught.
It's too risky.
Excuse me.
You don't get to decide if I can or cannot steal.
For now, why don't you be a key-card thief? Sam, you clear on what to do, darling? Yeah.
Get the key card and put it in the card-scanner thing.
Then you got to get the key card back into his pocket.
He's got to walk out of here not knowing we copied it.
Well, here he is.
About to meet the sensitive woman of his dreams.
- Hi.
Cutler owns six homes, four of which he leases out.
Plus three high-rise condos, seven office towers, five warehouses.
The painting could be in any one of them.
So, let's start with his houses, and then check tenant lists to see if he rents space out in any of the other buildings.
So, uh, what made you decide to sign up for Matchstrike.
com? It helps me filter out people that fetishize Asian women.
I connect with cool outliers I'd probably never meet.
You should try it.
I've read those profiles.
Everyone's so funny and smart, confident.
I can't compete with that.
I just don't look that good on paper.
Paper! What? I think I know which building the painting is in.
That card emits an RFID signal, so we should be able to see where he's got it.
Sam, the key card's in the inside left pocket of his jacket.
So, tell me about you.
Who is Maggie Wilcox? Who is she? That is a great question.
Do you want the real answer? Well, real is all I've been looking for.
Then the jacket's got to go, Nick.
What do you mean? It's armor.
It's distancing, you know, and I'm about to be vulnerable with you.
Of course.
Yeah, I totally get that.
I can't believe he fell for that.
Well, look at Nick's face.
She got him.
What she needs to get is the key card.
The truth is, Nick, I had an awesome career, but it flamed out because I couldn't stop drinking or making a fool of myself.
But I came out on the other side.
I got sober, and in most ways, my life is better.
I lost some things I may never get back, but I'm present, and I've realized that the world doesn't revolve around me.
I didn't know she felt that way.
Or maybe she's just acting.
The only thing missing is someone to share it with, someone kind and decent, someone to laugh with, cry with, someone to love and protect who can love and protect me a real partner in life.
See, I've never really had that before.
I mean, probably because I wasn't ready for it, but now I am.
You know, someone's that good at pretending, how do you ever trust what they're saying is real? That was real.
It just wasn't meant for him.
First of all, thank you for sharing that with me.
Hello? Yeah L-Listen, I-I-I'm just in a meeting.
ZEUS: She's got the card.
Sam, make sure all the lights turn green.
That's when the card's been cloned.
Yes, sir.
I But I just Come on.
I'll be right there.
I am so terribly sorry.
That was my boss.
I have to go.
- Uh-oh.
- All right, Sam, you've got to get the key card back into his pocket.
Nick, you can't go.
I just I just bared my soul to you.
I know.
I really need to leave.
You can go.
Just go ahead and go.
- Okay.
- Mm-hmm.
You really are a sensitive woman.
I just told him what he wanted to hear.
I was in the moment.
Barely even remember what I said.
How do you do that, open yourself up to a complete stranger? Used a little acting trick pretended he was someone else.
Who? Troy.
Killed it.
We have a key card of our very own.
And we figured out where the painting is.
How? Paper, paintings they need to be protected from heat and humidity.
So we looked, and only two of Cutler's buildings have climate-control systems specifically designed for art a warehouse and one of his mansions.
We think the painting's in that mansion.
Did you just say "one" of his mansions? Well, he collects real estate like he collects art and makes a fortune out of this one by renting it for high-end functions.
In fact, they're holding a gala there tonight.
What are you doing here? If you're up to what I think you're up to.
You're gonna need my help.
These are blueprints for the mansion.
How'd you get them? A contact at Building and Safety.
I planned the Kaminsky job for three months.
I hate the idea of doing this on a clock.
Then why are you doing it at all? Why should we trust you? I collected my fee, and Cutler paid me with these.
Counterfeit bills.
He really is cheap.
I can't exactly press charges, can I? He knew I had no recourse.
But now I do.
Check that out.
It says "Utility room.
" Not with steel-clad walls and no windows.
It's a vault.
That's where the painting is.
And we need to get it out of there in the next 12 hours.
We may be able to do that sooner.
I hacked into the RSVP site, and I got you on the guest list for the gala.
And I checked Cutler won't be there.
If you can go in through the front door, you don't need me for this.
Well, then, I have another job for you.
If it'll help screw over Cutler, count me in.
I'm your plus-one.
We're in this together.
BERTO: Then you guys better get rocking.
It starts in an hour, and it's black-tie.
You have something to wear? Yep.
You? Yep.
Tell me what you think about this Matchstrike profile.
"I'm an L.
native who's curious about the world with a passion for Thai food, Thai boxing, and hiking Sycamore Canyon.
I play guitar, but I'm not great at it.
I'm respectful, a devoted friend, and I try to live life with an open mind and open heart.
If you want to know more, let's connect.
" Yeah? This guy sounds all right.
- It's you.
- What? See? Not so bad on paper.
How did you know all this? Because when you talk, I listen.
So is this the kind of profile you'd swipe right on? Post it on Matchstrike and see what happens.
You seen Sam? She here yet? Whoa.
SAM: Coming! Well, you look presentable.
I guess I can be seen with you.
First and last time I play chauffeur.
Oh, really? Why don't I play chauffeur and you steal the painting? Well, since you put it that way I'll keep track of you off the key card, and I'll be in your ear to guide you the whole way.
Good luck in there.
Let's get Paul's painting back.
What? Nothing.
So, Zeus, how we looking? Stairway should be just up ahead.
Yeah, and I see that there's a guard there.
There's another stairway at the north end of the house.
I'm sure there's a guard there, too.
We just have to figure out how to get past this one.
I know.
Unzip my dress.
What? Here? Yes.
Unzip it now.
I'm not really sure I have faith in this idea.
All right.
Just go halfway down.
Just do it, then follow my lead.
Come here.
Ma'am, I really shouldn't.
Please? Okay, I just I need your help.
So, I ran into my ex in the wine cellar.
We got a little carried away.
Can you zip up my dress? Please? Zip it up.
Thank you.
You're so strong.
All right.
I'm on the second floor.
I see you.
Take a right.
At the next hall, go all the way to the end.
Then you'll hang another right, go through the bar area.
The vault's at the far end.
Flag on the play.
Remember the three key-card holders? One of them just walked into the house.
He's approaching the staircase, Sam.
It's Gould.
He's seen me.
Sam, stay calm.
We'll get this sorted.
What are you doing here? What are you doing here? I was invited.
I don't think so.
Detain her.
She's trespassing.
Hey! Come on, get your hands off me.
Now, tell me.
What are you doing in this house? Let go.
The art vault.
Let's go.
Eddie, they're on to you.
I'm almost there.
I can't turn back now.
They're coming, man.
Get out of there.
It's trespassing now, but don't turn it into a felony B&E.
I'm in.
Damn it.
The painting It's not here.
It's game over, Mr.
Well, that could've gone better.
We're going to jail, aren't we? Well, at least we'll be the best-dressed people in there.
Aww, you like the way I look.
Well, you're not half bad for a felon.
I saw how much you liked unzipping me.
You think this is sexy? Wait till you see me in an orange jumpsuit.
Orange is my favorite color.
CUTLER: Thank you, Officer.
Did you really think you could go up against me? Huh? Take what's mine? The bad press, the lawsuits I'm gonna file it's all downhill from here.
Remember this moment.
It can't end like this, can it? Us in cuffs, the bad guy winning? It's not over till it's over.
AUCTIONEER: And we come now to lot 17.
This exquisite piece is from artist Godrick McMains, a prime example of his work from the Barcelona period.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, let's just move on to lot 21.
Sir, would you kindly sit down? Everybody's here for the Kaminsky, am I right? So, let's move on to the main event.
Get this show on the road.
Cutler, the items are auctioned in a predetermined order.
Yeah, so you say.
But from what I hear, - you don't even have the painting, Paul.
I know.
It's shocking, right? Rumor is somebody stole it.
I think you need to assure everyone that what they came for, Paul, is actually here.
Put up or shut up.
Lot 21.
The Kaminsky.
You're supposed to be in jail.
Oh, we were headed there, but then the L.
took interest in our story.
Especially when they heard about your warehouse.
My warehouse? Well, we knew you had two buildings equipped to store art.
Did you think we wouldn't hit them both? So, we did a little exploring, and we photographed what we found.
Yeah, and a lot of other photos were taken, too paintings, of sculptures, all that seemed to have questionable origins.
See, once the L.
got interested, well, then, the FBI got really interested.
Remember this moment.
Sam, Eddie, I-I don't know how to ever repay you.
Watching Cutler get led away was practically payment enough.
Hey, remember that Hockney you had to give up? What if that were to show up on your doorstep? Paul, you do not have to do that.
But I wouldn't say no.
Consider it done.
Uh, I got to get back to my clients.
Thank you.
A crazy few days, right? So what now? I was asking myself the same question.
Melissa? Yeah, we're gonna grab a bite.
I bet.
Yeah, we, uh, made plans to meet tonight.
Till tomorrow, then? Till tomorrow.

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