Take Two (2018) s01e13 Episode Script

One to the Heart

1 Whoa-oh, whoa-oh-oh Mm-mmm, mm-mm-mmm Whoa-oh, whoa-oh-oh Mm-mmm, mm-mmm Whoa-oh, whoa-oh-oh Mm-mmm, mm-mm-mmm Whoa-oh, whoa-oh-oh Mm-mmm, mm-mm-mmm Whoa-oh, whoa-oh-oh Mm-mmm, mm-mm-mmm Whoa-oh, whoa-oh-oh - Whoa.
- Yeah.
- Last night was - Unexpected? Full of surprises.
Like Christmas or a haunted house? Well, there was a lot of moaning.
So what happens now? [KNOCK ON DOOR.]
You oversleep or you forget our workout, huh? Hey, Chris.
The The night got away from me.
So I see.
Look, how about I meet you at the gym in a half-hour? You sure you don't want longer? I'll see you there.
- Do you think she saw me? - She saw.
Well, that is a 7.
5 - on the awkward scale.
- Look, don't worry, alright? Chris is as discreet as they come.
Yeah, well, it's not just about Chris.
What happens when we go back to work? Okay, I've slept with colleagues before.
You know, you think it doesn't change things, but it does.
- Things get weird.
- They don't have to.
I mean, we're grown-ups.
We can deal with this.
Maybe we just had to get this out of our system.
Yeah, you know, a-a-and now that we have, things don't have to change at all.
We can act like it never happened.
We go to work, we meet with clients, we solve cases.
We're partners.
That's it.
- That's all.
- That's all.
Oh, I got to go meet Syd for breakfast.
No, no, you're not gonna tell her about this.
Of course not.
Alright, well, I'll see you at the office partner.
See? Already weird.
Captions by VITAC And what if you haven't gotten it out of your system? Neither of us wants to ruin what we have, right? Even if it leads to something better? And what if it doesn't, huh? - [GRUNTS.]
- That was for being stupid.
Look, you thought having her around was gonna be a disaster, and look what happened.
Business is better, and you're not grumpy all the time.
Okay, which is exactly why I don't want things to change.
This is why I stepped away.
Our deal was only until one of us found something more.
Whether you admit it or not, this thing with Sam has been going on for months.
Pretending it's not there isn't gonna make it go away.
But I got to ask how was it? She seemed to like it.
Are you sure? I mean, she is an actress.
Hey, Syd.
Something's different.
I'm the same.
I mean, my hair's longer.
You had sex.
Doesn't the program say you're supposed to wait a year? It's just suggested.
I mean, it's not a rule.
Just don't tell me that it's Eddie.
Well, I guess it was inevitable.
And hey, who am I to judge, right? It only happened once.
Well, three times, technically.
But we agreed we're not doing it again.
The fact that you think it's not gonna happen again is adorable.
So, listen.
This whole P.
thing is getting some attention.
There have been a couple of requests for auditions not worth sharing until now.
There's a lead role in a big movie with this brilliant director.
And they want you to audition.
Now, it's a real long shot, but that's not the point.
The point is, the phones are ringing again.
So, if you're willing to audition Yes.
Yes, that is amazing.
I got to go.
But thank you, Syd.
BERTO: Hey, Sam.
- Hi.
You look so happy.
Do I? - She's smiling.
That usually indicates happiness.
Your date with Troy must have gone well.
I didn't hear you come home last night.
With Troy, yeah.
I was going out with Troy last night.
Oh, yeah, how how was your date with Troy? It went really, really well.
So well.
- You look happy, too.
- Do I? - [GIGGLES.]
Your client's waiting in the conference room.
Her name's Emily Speer.
She doesn't look happy.
Hey, put this in, uh, my office for me, alright? They did it.
Pretty obvious.
Things are gonna get weird.
Tough luck, Troy.
So, uh, how'd it go with Syd? Oh, I got an audition.
For? Well, it's a movie.
Um, Syd says it's a long shot, but I thought I might as well dip my toe in, see how it feels.
That's great.
I guess we shouldn't keep her waiting.
- [SIGHS.]
Five days ago, I was the happiest I've ever been.
I was engaged to the man of my dreams Jackson Bristol.
SAM: Oh, he's very handsome.
He's a horse's ass.
Four days ago, I was coming home from work and went to my closet to get undressed.
Jack's half of the closet completely empty.
The son of a bitch even took the hangers.
It was as if he'd never even been there.
He didn't even leave a note? Not even a damn phone charger.
Do you have any idea what prompted him to go? Yeah, my money.
3 million in savings and every bit of valuable jewelry that I own.
I run a multi-million-dollar business.
I'm in Mensa, for God's sake.
As much as it kills me to admit it, I think I've been conned.
Have you gone to the police? What? So that it can be public? And everyone can say "Oh, poor, poor Emily.
Did you hear what happened?" No.
Been there.
And you have no idea where he might've gone? The only thing I have left of his is this.
Well, that's quite a watch.
He said it was a family heirloom.
I-I went to go get the band replaced for an early engagement present and I don't know.
Maybe you could use it to help find him.
Uh, we can't make any promises, but we'll do our best to find him.
I know he's out there.
He's spending my hard-earned money.
He's just laughing at me all because I fell in love with him.
A word of advice Never fall in love.
I thought that went well.
Just our everyday, normal case interview.
Business as usual.
Don't look at me like that.
Like what? Your eyes at my eyes.
So, everything that Emily's fiancé told her was a lie.
There is no Jackson Bristol.
- And what about the watch? - Top-of-the-line Petro-Robért.
No engravings, no markings.
Did you run the serial number? It's not registered as stolen, and the watch company won't release owner info - without a court order.
- So, we can't trace it? Well, we can't, but I might know someone who can.
Why don't you give Hieronymus a call? - Hieronymus? - Yeah, my watch guy.
You have a watch guy? She's quite the little unicorn, isn't she? You know this watch? Every horologist worth his salt knows the Petro-Robért Midnight Turbillon limited edition 2005.
It's a bit of a holy grail for collectors.
- Why is that? - Only 18 were made.
None have ever hit the market.
Retailed for $125,000, and probably worth twice that today.
The real tragedy it was sold into bondage to unworthy vulgarians as door prizes for the sacking of our economy.
Door prizes? So to speak.
The entire lot was purchased by some investment-banking firm in 2005 as thank-you gifts for their Mergers and Acquisition team for closing a $10-billion deal.
Is that right? Do you know the name of that firm? So I accessed DBR Capital's public records and pulled the list of the 2005 M&A team.
Most of them are either still with the firm or at least in New York City.
But one of them moved to L.
in 2008 - to start his own hedge fund.
- What's his name? Mitch Rhoads, Rhoads Investments.
You know where we can find him? There! [GASPS.]
Maybe you should let go Maybe I should.
I don't take stock pitches in the parking garage, and I don't shake hands in the washroom.
If you want an appointment, call my secretary.
We're not here for stock picks, Mr.
We think we may have something that belongs to you.
- Where'd you get it? - Is it yours? Yeah, it is.
We're private investigators.
You recognize this guy? Yeah.
This guy took my watch.
By "took," do you mean "stole"? Actually, I lost it to him in a poker game.
Do you know where we can find him? Sorry, I don't really know the guy.
Well, you knew him well enough to lose this watch to him.
Look, I got this, okay? He's a regular at the Starland game.
Starland? Wait, I know that game.
It's an underground poker night made up of a-list celebs and random rich people.
Yep, and your boy was there every time I was.
So I called some friends who used to play in Starland.
They told me that it's being held in the penthouse suite at the Nouveau Hotel.
- Did you find out when? - Yes, tomorrow night.
Look, even if we could get in, we can't confront him there.
I mean, a place like that is gonna have security and muscle.
We got to figure out a way to get Jackson to a neutral territory without him rabbiting.
I have an idea.
Our con man likes taking advantage of single, lonely rich girls.
Maybe we should put one in his path.
I don't know.
You have one in mind? Me! I go to the game, I make him think that he's charming the pants off me, and then I lure him to a neutral place where Emily can confront him, and we can get all of Emily's money back.
You really do think you're irresistible? Oh, well you sure seem to think so.
Okay, then.
Let's go con our con man.
No, I get it.
Thanks, Ben.
Yeah, I appreciate it.
That's good to know.
Okay, thanks, bye.
- Well? - We're in.
Ben said he'll vouch for me.
- Ben? - Actor friend.
Big card player.
Played a brooding superhero.
Oh, sometimes not dropping names is worse than dropping names.
Play starts at 10:00 P.
It's a Hollywood game, so I'm gonna have to change my look.
If I'm too recognizable, and someone knows I'm a P.
, it might scare off our mark.
So, what do you think? Blonde or redhead? Oh, blonde.
Definitely blonde.
The name's Blonde.
Jane Blonde.
With a license to kill.
Nice bling.
I borrowed it from my jewelry guy Oh, you have a jewelry guy? Yeah, well, if you want to catch the big fish, you need the right lure.
Here's your ear piece, keycard and our client's retainer.
- Hey, try not to lose it.
- Relax.
I'm actually a very good poker player.
I used to clean out all my castmates during late-night shoots.
Maybe we should play sometime? Oh, yeah? What are the stakes? No limit.
So you think he'll hit on me, too? Well, if he doesn't, he's dead inside.
This is just like "Molly's Game".
Do you see our guy? Fox is in the hole.
What's that supposed to be, some kind of code? Shh, he's coming over here.
- You know he can't hear me, right? - Right.
Alright, remember, once you think you have him, bring him down to the room.
We're in 2423.
That's some dress.
If you came to play, I think you may have already won.
I find I win more when the other players are distracted.
- I see it's already working.
Jack Johnston.
I haven't seen you at the game before.
Lexi Payton.
I'm new.
I just moved here from New York.
- What brings you to L.
? - Opportunity.
HOSTESS: Looks like everybody's here.
Just a reminder, it's a $10,000 buy-in, antes are $50 and $100.
Players, please draw cards for seats.
Oh, look at that, we're seatmates.
- Must be kismet.
- Can I get you two a drink? I'll have a glass of the Chambertin 2005.
And can I please get that in a Burgundy Glass? Yes.
I'll have sparkling water with lime.
You're not planning on taking advantage of me, are you? Ante up.
Raise $2,000.
Looks like it's just me and you, Jack.
You've been playing it safe all night.
You ready to make your move? How do I know you're not bluffing? There's only one way to find out.
Guess I wasn't bluffing.
Pretty lucky night.
Play your cards right, maybe you'll get lucky, too.
Sorry, guys, I need a break.
Could you deal me out of this hand? Eddie.
What's the matter? Deacon just walked in.
- Deacon? Did he see you? - Yes.
He's gonna blow our play.
Can you get out of there? Too late.
Scotch, neat.
Samantha Swift.
And in disguise no less.
Don't worry, whatever you're working, I won't give you away.
Why are you here? After you and your pal Eddie sent me to prison, I was uninvited from my regular card game.
But these folks here, well, they love being able to say that they lost a hand to an alleged crime boss.
You know, but I keep telling them that I'm innocent but as you know, once your reputation's been sullied, it's just so hard to repair.
See you around, Sam.
He's gone.
Sam, we should abort.
You need to get out of there.
No, the plan's working.
I can do this.
Well, then do it fast.
Cashing out.
The room's just here.
Don't you just love going home a winner? [LAUGHS.]
- After you - Oh.
- Whoa! Whoa! - Put your hands up.
Hands up! Emily.
- You tricked me.
That's right.
- How does it feel? You lied to me.
You told me that you loved me.
- How could you do that? - It was business.
"Business"? It was my life.
My heart.
And I want it back.
All the money.
All the jewels.
Sorry, Emily, that's not how this works.
That's how it works today.
So let me tell you what's gonna happen, Jack Or Tim, or Simon, whatever your name really is.
first, you're going to apologize to Miss Spear.
Then you're gonna return every cent that you took.
And then you're gonna leave town.
And if you don't do that, I guess we're just gonna have to hand you over to the cops.
Okay, fine.
I agree.
She gets her money back and her jewels and I walk free, right? - Just give me the - [SILENCED GUNSHOT, GLASS BREAKS.]
Down! Get down! Given the trajectory of the shot, we think the sniper fired from an empty office across the way.
Uniforms are searching, but still no sign of the sniper's nest.
Who knew you were gonna be in this room? - Besides us, no one.
- Well, someone knew.
Is it possible your client wanted more than just her money back? No, she didn't even know what room we'd be in - until she got here.
- Any idea who he really is? Jessup Lance.
The IDs are all fake, but his prints are in the system.
He's wanted by the feds for multiple scams bank fraud, wire fraud.
It could be another angry victim wanting payback.
Possibly, but that still doesn't answer the question how did they know he was gonna be here, in this room? Detective.
Do you think it's possible that it was someone from the card game? Deacon.
Maybe, but like Chris said, how did they know that he'd be in this room? You didn't tell her about the key.
So it could disappear into an evidence locker? You saw how he reacted when you found it.
I'm thinking whatever is going on, it has something to do with this.
And if want to have any hope at getting Emily's money back, we need to find out what.
According to the key's bitting code, it's to an H&R barrel lock system, commonly used for storage lockers.
Yeah, and the L.
? I searched Google, Yahoo, Bing.
There's no L.
in L.
that suggests the use of lockers.
But honestly, it could refer to anything.
Look, given the numbers that are stamped on it, we know it's some kind of commercial locker.
And given the way that the guy reacted when you found it, I mean, it's pretty clear that whatever's in there, he doesn't want found.
That rules out temporary and public lockers bus stations, airports, gyms, spas.
Too much risk of someone with a master key getting curious and accessing it.
Maybe it's something he rented long-term.
Ooh! Golf club or country club? If he's a member, then he might have a locker.
Yeah, except there there's no country clubs in the area with the initials L.
Maybe a store-it-yourself facility? Well, no, most storage places, you provide your own lock.
I mean, this is a little more high-end.
High end When he ordered his wine, he insisted that it be served in the right kind of wine glass.
Yeah, he's a wine snob.
Yeah, and people who don't have wine cellars sometimes store their bottles in climate-controlled lockers at wine-storage facilities.
S Wine Storage.
Berto, look up wine storage places in L.
La Brea Wine Storage L.
- Whoa.
No wonder he was anxious.
- All that must be worth Millions.
Look at this.
Cash, fake IDs.
That necklace.
Those diamonds Those aren't just our client's jewels.
No, maybe he's run this scam before.
Look, there's wire transfers, offshore accounts.
Maybe we can use these to trace Emily's money.
Hey! Hey.
Get the bag.
Eddie, are you okay?! Eddie, are you all right? Oh, my God.
You know, you don't have to take care of me.
Be quiet.
I know I'm not a doctor, but I have played one on TV.
Who do you think those guys were? I don't know, but they were waiting.
And they must've followed us to get that duffel.
You think one of them is the shooter? Could be, or someone connected to the shooter.
If they killed Jessup, this is about more than just stolen jewelry.
- We need to tell Christine.
- Tell her what? That we lied to her about the key? We got jumped and we lost crucial evidence.
Look, I'd rather just take a minute and try to figure out who did this first.
How are we gonna do that? There's plenty of traffic cams in the area.
I'm sure Berto will be able to find that car and pull the plates.
- Ooh.
- It's okay.
That's not the first time I've been jumped.
Well, it's not even the first time this week.
This is a bad idea.
Yeah, it is.
- Last time.
- Okay.
Hey, what's up, Chris? Hey.
Uh, you think you could meet me at the morgue? There's something I need to show you.
I just got my life together again.
And now you're asking me to take a wrecking ball to everything? I can't believe this.
Why did you have to show up now? [WHIMPERS.]
Sam, you just blew us away.
Look, you made Sara cry.
Thanks? Sorry, Sara.
So if you want it, the part's yours.
You look serious.
Did I do something wrong? We found something.
Tell him.
We just got back the ballistics report.
The round that killed your con artist was from a .
338 Magnum.
It's not your typical civilian ammunition.
It's favored by military and mercenaries.
The LAPD Firearms Analysis Unit analyzed the striations on the slug, and they found a match in the system to an unsolved homicide from three years ago.
Chris I'm sorry, Eddie.
But the weapon the shooter used to kill Jessup Lance It's the same one that killed your friend, Marnie Stahr.
Monica, I have the most amazing news.
I don't think now's the best time.
Did something happen? You better ask Eddie.
There's been another victim? Yeah, a client of mine.
Killed three years ago.
While I was protecting her.
Marnie Stahr.
She was a human-rights lawyer working a number of high-profile cases.
She must've made the wrong people angry because she started to get death threats.
She hired me to investigate.
But the threats, they kept getting worse.
So I put her on round-the-clock protection.
How did it happen? She'd been holed up in a hotel for a week and just wanted to get some air.
Talked me into letting her go out We were in a city park.
There's no way anyone could've known we were there.
She wanted me to buy some ice cream so I'd lighten up.
I didn't even see where the shot came from.
She died in my arms.
I never found the shooter.
She was more than just a client.
I couldn't protect her.
But now I have a chance to find the guy who did this and put him away.
I mean, these cases, they have to be connected.
I just need to figure out how.
What if they're connected, but not like you think? What are the odds that the man you were standing next to in the hotel room would be shot by the same exact weapon as Marnie Stahr.
Okay, that just can't be a coincidence.
And Deacon being at that same hotel at that game, what if he's behind this, and he's dangling Marnie's murder as bait.
- Bait for what? - He wants to destroy you or or both of us for what we did to him.
Maybe he's behind this and he's he's playing us somehow.
What if he is, Sam? So, what, are we supposed to sit back and let him get away with it? What if this is the way to finally get him? To beat him at his own game? My eyes are wide open.
Well, it doesn't matter if you're blinded by emotion.
All I know is that her shooter is still out there, and I have a chance to finally find him.
To finally end this thing.
What does Christine think? What she always thinks.
That I should stay out of it and let the cops handle it.
Yeah, well, she's right this time.
You need to sit this one out.
Sit this out? You're kidding, right? - Do I sound like I'm kidding? - Three years, Sam! Three years I have looked for a lead.
I finally have one! I mean, how can you not get that? Oh, I get it.
Okay, you want to ride into battle on your white horse, and you want to destroy a person who killed someone that you cared about.
That is who you are.
I know that.
And so does Deacon.
We don't even know that he's involved! All this talk about us being partners and you're not gonna back me on this? Not when you're being stupid! When have I ever not had your back? I'm trying to protect you, okay? I don't want to see you get hurt or dead.
Yeah, well, I can take care of myself.
I've been doing it since long before you showed up.
So if you don't want to back me on this, then I don't want you around.
Berto, any luck finding the guys who jumped me? What the hell are you doing? - What? - Pushing her away like that.
She's been the best thing to happen to you in years.
Did you find the car or not? I pulled traffic-cam footage from the city system.
Caught this nearby right after you were jumped.
That's the car.
You run it? Yeah.
It's registered to a Jimmy Dante.
That's him.
Eddie, he's mob.
Dante's an enforcer for the Spolano crime family.
Find him.
The conflict was inevitable.
Both of your emotional states were already heightened.
- Why do you say that? - Because obviously you slept together, which means there's more at stake.
- How'd you know that? - It's why you're so upset with him.
No, I'm not upset with him.
I'm upset for him.
He blames himself for this woman's death, but it wasn't his fault! Which makes him vulnerable.
He is walking into a trap, and I need to find a way to prove it before he does.
Emily! - Oh, Sam.
- Hey.
God, I'm still so rattled from the other night.
Hey, have you had any movement on the case? Oh, we have some promising leads.
I just I wanted to ask you something.
I'm curious.
How did you come to hire our agency? Did someone recommend you to us? Yes, it was an old colleague of mine.
I was confiding in her about what was going on, and she said she had heard good things about you two.
What's her name? I'd like to thank her.
- Evelyn Collette.
- Thanks, Emily.
I-I'll let you know if we find out anything.
Sam Evelyn Collette.
Her maiden name is Chambers.
As in Judge Noah B.
Chambers? She's Deacon's sister.
Remember me? Drive.
You took the wrong guy, pal.
Do you have any idea who I am? I know exactly who you are, and I took you anyway.
If I were you, that would scare me.
Jessup Lance.
Killed with a .
338 Magnum at 200 yards.
Oh, I had nothing to do with that.
I wasn't done.
You see, I know all about you, Jimmy.
Key suspect in some gangland slayings.
All at close range.
But a shot like that, 200 yards? That takes skill.
Skills you don't have.
You didn't take that shot.
I want to know who did.
You're not a cop.
Why would you even care about him? Him? You think I care about him? This guy's a lowlife, okay? He had it coming! She didn't.
Look at her.
This is who I care about.
Three years ago, she was killed by the same gunman.
So this is personal? Oh, yeah, this is personal.
So let me tell you how it is.
Right now, you are the only thing standing between me and him.
And I am a freight train.
So you can sit here and get obliterated, or get off the tracks.
Where's Eddie? I've been trying him, but he won't answer.
He's running down the guy that jumped you.
- The guy's a mobster.
- And he went after him alone? I tried stopping him, but he's not thinking clearly.
He's gonna get himself killed.
Berto, this mobster, do you know if he has any connection to Deacon? I'm not sure.
Christine would know.
The Spolanos? Yeah, they have a stranglehold on the Long Beach docks.
Word is, Deacon's organization employed them to bring product into the States.
- So they're connected.
- Sam, what's going on? Eddie's in trouble.
I think he's being set up.
Berto, we need to find him.
Can you track his phone? We were hunting Jessup Lance for months.
He pulled the same con on Old Man Spolano's daughter.
Middle of planning the wedding.
He took her for nearly a mil.
We finally got a tip that he was gonna be at the game.
Had it all set up to take him down to the river.
And then we found out that you were on the case.
So the old man worried that Jessup would wind up in police protection and we'd lose our shot.
So we asked a friend to recommend a specialist.
Someone outside the family.
Someone who wouldn't come back to our doorstep.
Contract killer.
Karl Kahn.
Odds are, if he killed your girl, someone paid him to do it.
Where can I find him? [LOCK CLICKS.]
Why'd you kill her? Huh? Why? - [SIREN CHIRPS.]
- Who paid you? Who paid you? Who wanted her dead?! Put it down, Eddie! Now! I can't, Chris.
He's the one.
He was paid to kill her.
All the evidence is upstairs.
Kahn, I'll ask you again.
What's your connection to Jessup Lance? To Marnie Stahr? Tell me about the explosion that took out your apartment.
Let me ask you a question.
Are you gonna charge me with something? Because your time's almost up.
- He's not talking - Chris, he's baiting us, okay? - He's the guy.
- I've got nothing on him.
Whatever proof you had was destroyed in the explosion.
He blew up his own apartment.
Can't you hold him on arson? According to the arson unit, all the evidence points to a gas leak.
Because he staged it to look like one! Chris, he killed Marnie.
Eddie, I'm sorry.
I can't hold him any longer.
I got to cut him loose.
We can't let him walk! There's got to be something we can do to keep him here.
At least until we can build a case.
Eddie, Eddie, you're spinning, okay? This is what Deacon wants.
What you need to do is walk away.
So he can disappear and slip away forever? If that book is any indication, he's killed at least a dozen people.
Better luck next time.
What'd you say? Let him go, Eddie! Eddie, come on! Stop it! You could kill him! I need some air.
Sam? [SIGHS.]
It's late.
You just took off.
Yeah, I just needed to walk, to think.
You know, you were right.
I shouldn't have gone after it.
I lost control.
I did things I promised myself I would never do.
I thought I was past all this.
You know, sometimes, even though you're done with feelings, they're not necessarily done with you.
Which is why I usually try to avoid them.
What are we doing, Sam? I have no idea.
And it's way more complicated now.
Hey, you you had an audition.
How'd it go? We don't need to talk about that now.
You got the part.
I did.
It's the lead, the break I was hoping for.
You're gonna take it, right? I haven't yet.
I can't do both.
I know.
So where does that leave us? [POLICE RADIO CHATTER.]
Mick? He was beaten, he was tortured, and he was shot close range.
- Chris, there was a witness.
- Who? - Detective Rollins.
- Lieutenant.
Uniforms found a hidden camera, part of a wildlife survey.
They were able to pull video.
I need you to take a look.
Chris, that license plate that's Eddie's car.
Hello? DEACON: Hello, Eddie.
Deacon? It was nice to see Sam the other night.
It was good to see the two of you are doing so well.
Why are you calling? Just checking in on my old pal.
Hey, that case the two of you were working, how did that turn out? It turned out just fine.
Did it, now? That's nice to hear.
Sam has a new movie.
She must be thrilled.
- What do you want? Huh? - That's funny.
When the two of you sent me to prison, I asked myself that same question what do I want? Well, Eddie, prison has a way of clarifying things.
Making them simple.
Oddly enough, at this particular moment I have everything I want.
- [BEEP.]
- What? - [KNOCK ON DOOR.]
- LAPD! Open up! What? What's happening? I don't know.
Hey! Hey! Step back, Valetik.
Hands where I can see 'em.
Chris, what's happening? What's going on? Eddie Valetik, you're under arrest for the murder of Karl Kahn.

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