Taken s01e10 Episode Script


Previouslyon Taken My daughter's in that farmhouse.
How do I get down there? Our daughter was conceived onboard an alien craft.
She is of incredible importance to them.
Pull back! Pull back! They made this girl, Allie, because they weren't complete without us.
That was my grandfather's legacy-craft, bodies What was he like, your grandfather? You want to know what scared me so badly? Yes, damn it, I want to know what you saw! Then look at me, Mary.
Look at me! Their power is what compels you.
I know the feeling.
You want to be a part of that power at all costs.
What's the meaning of this? Do you see it? There was nothing.
Everything we saw, went through, it all came out of our heads.
This little girl can manifest a thought.
When Allie did what she did, when she manifested the ship, she demonstrated a power far beyond anything the aliens themselves are capable of.
I thought if I could make them think that I'd gone, that I'd been taken, they would stop looking for me.
This girl is the product of three generations of selective breeding, of a genetic experiment on an unparalleled scale.
You want to tell me what this is? It gathers information, it responds to stimuli - She asked me to read it to her.
- Could you? They made me feel like I was with all of them.
LlSA: My uncle and I have a plan.
I put an ad in the personals of the New York Times.
Then Tom gets a message to me about where to meet him.
Remember I said we didn't have a signal on Allie, that we didn't know where she was? - I lied.
- I love you.
Hello, Allie.
Get away from my daughter! Right now! Please, don't be frightened.
Lisa, I'm your grandfather.
Your grandmother gave this to me a long time ago.
Make him stop! Shoot him! Somebody shoot him! Shoot him! Go away now! Allie, what are you doing? Stop it, please! Stop it! Doctor! - Please.
We've got to get away from all these people.
- They're with somebody.
- With somebody? Another man.
According to these gentlemen, a man stepped forward.
A guy in his 30s.
His eyes turned black, and they shot him.
They were waiting for her to demonstrate.
They see she's got the power, and bam! They're here.
You're saying the one who did all this was an alien? You are paying attention.
She didn't leave in a spaceship.
She left in a Dodge Durango.
Still doesn't make you look very good, does it? You take a nine-year-old girl and a special ops unit into the American heartland, you lose the girl, you come up with nothing.
- You're in the deep end.
- You're right in there with me.
I have to go back to Washington and explain what happened here.
Find me the girl and whoever she's with.
- How'd you like us to do that? - The little girl's weak.
This being who came to help her has been shot.
You'll have a definite advantage.
- Smooth sailing, I'd say.
- Just do it.
And when we find her? Then find me.
I'll take it from there.
That's worked so well up till now.
I'm not goin' down alone on this one.
Try not to screw things up.
They're about ten hours ahead of us in Montana.
I had our guy switch the monitoring to my laptop in case the general got it into his head to check.
Mary, you've been through a lot with your father and everything with Allie.
I just wanted you to know I'm here for you.
I know that.
You said you thought they were waiting for her to demonstrate.
What happens now that she has? Pie.
- What? - Pie.
My rule of any car trip.
Let's find a place to get some.
I'll tell you my theory of everything.
She's exhausted from all that she's been doing.
- She'll be all right.
- Will she? And then what? They come for her again or she does something again.
You've gotta do something to change all this.
I just want my little girl back.
You started all this, and you don't have any more of an idea where it's gonna end than any of us do.
Charlie? What's going on? Get out.
Get out! LlSA: What are you doing? Just give me a minute.
I want to talk to you.
LlSA: We need his help.
Allie does.
His help? He's the one responsible! I want to know what the hell this is all about.
Charlie, you're hurting him.
Stop it.
He's already weak.
Sweetheart, it's gonna be all right.
Give me a minute.
Why are you here? Why have you been doing this? What the hell do you want? - We're just trying to understand.
- Understand what? Everything.
I'll try to put this in terms that you commonly use.
I'ma scientist.
We were all scientists.
We came here to learn about your world.
Our idea was to find out everything- your history, your biology everything.
We came here to learn.
We're not that different from you genetically, biologically, but what you call evolution has changed us.
We see things in you that we no longer recognize in ourselves.
What do we know? They're this energy that can manifest itself in different ways- as the beings we've seen, as their crafts, as our thoughts.
There's no right or wrong about them.
The whole concept of right and wrong wasalien to us.
The idea that the things we were doing were cruel They have no concept of kindness or cruelty, no way of seeing beyond the oneness of all that energy to the separateness, the uniqueness, your ability to hate, to love, to feel.
You have compassion as well as cruelty.
We lack both.
Or that is, the traits lie dormant in their brains, like the animal that lives far back inside all of us.
But an experience of something basic can awaken that primitive thing.
And that's what happened.
Your grandmother Sally, she took me in and showed me a great kindness.
Something could have touched one of them, something simple, awakened the sense of what was missing, something gone and half-remembered.
And so our greatest experiment began.
Could they put it back, this thing that had been bred out of them for eons and eons? Your emotional core- your strength, your feeling- and our more- evolved consciousness could we bring these two together? If we could could do this, we would have the next step in the evolution of life.
The experiment was an unqualified success.
What do you think is gonna happen next? Allie goes with us.
We work with her.
We help her to understand our part of the equation.
That's never gonna happen.
You still don't get it.
Thisthing you saw in my grandmother, this compassion, our humanity- you still don't have a clue what that means.
Allie is my daughter.
She is nine years old.
I love her with all my heart and soul.
You will never take her away from me.
She can't stay here, Lisa.
She did too much.
If she uses her power again, that part of her that's us, it will kill her.
You were right.
Those people will keep coming after her, and she will do something to keep you or Charlie safe.
It's the only place for her.
That is what's next.
No, it isn't.
You've inflicted enough pain on this planet.
It's over.
Let it go.
Go away.
Looks like they've stopped.
We should be able to catch up with them tonight.
Tomorrow morning at the latest.
We've taken it all the way together, haven't we? I don't know what you mean.
We're gonna be there when it comes together.
We're gonna know we did our part.
Our part? Keep Allie safe, so they can finish their work.
You're fine with that, aren't you? Them finishing their work.
I can't wait.
That's all you want, right? Front seat at the show? They're more highly evolved than we are.
She's more highly evolved than they are.
It's the way of the Tao.
Nature takes its course.
What if it's our nature to fight back? Then we lose.
Evolution 101.
Pretty weird couple of days.
Yeah, pretty weird.
You all right? I just want to be home listening to my CDs playing soccer with my friends.
I know.
I'm just a little kid.
I didn't ask anyone to make me special.
WOMAN ON RADlO: My friend Dale.
his son was killed in the Gulf War.
Allie showed him his boy.
We all saw him clear as day Your uncle should have seen the ad we put in the paper by now.
He will.
He'll call.
RADlO HOST: What else happened.
Cynthia? CYNTHlA: People were there from the government.
people who'd come to take her.
I want to hear the rest of this.
but right now we've got a call I've been hoping for.
I'm gonna ask you to please stay on hold a few minutes.
As he does from time to time.
noted UFO-logist Tom Clarke is checking in.
- Talk to me.
Tom Clarke.
What news from the front.
my friend? I've got nothing tonight but a false alarm.
I'm calling from Gray's Lake in Idaho.
Gray's Lake.
Promising name.
Uncle Tom! Uncle Tom! Hey, there, sweetie.
- It's good to see you.
- Good to see you, too.
Is this him? - He's my dad.
- I know.
- Tom.
- Charlie.
Thanks for taking such good care of our family.
What kind of adventures you been on lately? - A lot's been goin' on.
- Oh, yeah? Tom? It's good to see you.
I thought we'd go into Mexico through Texas.
I got a guy down in El Paso.
He's working on the documents.
He's gonna meet us at my mum's old place in Lubbock.
I was thinking that you guys should go down to South America.
I've got a family there who can put you up indefinitely in Buenos Aires.
It's a big change, but I just think it's something you have to do.
What? You've got a feeling? This is all supposed to be going somewhere, that's all.
Mexico sounds like a good idea.
What do we do about him? He doesn't look too good.
I don't think we'll have to worry about him much longer.
ALLlE: People talk a lot as if the most important thing in life is to always see things for what they really are.
But everything we do.
every plan we make is kind of a lie.
We're closing our eyes and pretending the day won't ever come when we won't need to make any more plans.
Hope is the biggest lie there is.
and it is the best.
You have to keep going as if it all mattered.
or else we wouldn't keep going at all.
Want a granola bar? Are they good? They're not as healthy as they say on the wrapper.
They've got a lot of sugar in them.
You eat food, don't you? - We eat.
- Try it.
That's good.
I don't want to do this.
I know.
At the gas station, I was gonna make those men hurt each other.
I could have done that.
- But you didn't.
- I almost did.
I don't want to hurt people.
How do I make this stop? I mean, if I couldn't do any of those things, then people would leave me alone, wouldn't they? I don't know that much about people.
- Is there anything I can do? - Nothing.
Will the others come for you? I'm not important.
Allie, things are gonna get hard for you for a while.
You'll be afraid, and you'll be alone.
You're becoming more than you already are.
I'm not going to go with you.
I belong here with my family.
I brought this for you.
What is it? It was your great-grandmother's.
She gave it to me before I left.
I can't do this much longer.
I know.
- How you feelin'? - Okay.
You always wanted to go on a long car trip, didn't you? Allie John he's helped us out, and he's hurt, but that doesn't mean you have to do anything he asks.
I already told him I wasn't going to go with him.
What did he say? He gave me this.
Let me have that.
My dad, he used to say that kids shouldn't ever have to think about anything more complicated than baseball.
You're gonna be a little girl againI promise.
Hey, back together again.
See how this looks, gorgeous.
I'm never gonna let you go, honey.
Oh, that's lovely.
I've got a gun to your mother's back.
I'm betting I can get a shot into her before you turn the gas station into a flying saucer or a house of pies.
Allie, don't try to do anything.
Do you understand? Be a good girl.
Listen to your mum.
Allie, when we were in that farmhouse, you saw something that scared you.
I think you know what they want you to do, and I don't think you want to do it.
I can take care of you.
I can keep you safe from yourfriends.
We can work together on this.
I don't want to hurt anybody.
I really don't.
You're out of options.
You must have realized that by now.
I have the resources and technology to help you.
It's me or them.
I just want to help.
You're lying.
You can't help anyone.
Let's go.
Get in the carnow! Get in! Move! Move! CHARLlE: Lisa! Allie! Hey! Hey! Hold on! - Allie, don't do anything.
It's not safe! - I didn't do anything! Come on! - Stop it! - You were gonna shoot her! You're damn right.
She's staying here with us! That was too close.
How did they find us? CHARLlE: Sweetheart, I want to ask you something.
Those people from the government- when you went with them, you said they put something over your head.
I heard them say it was to block a signal.
If those people know enough to block that signal, then they know how to read it, to track it.
You have one, too, Lisa.
That's how they found you in Seattle.
There's not much point in going to Buenos Aires, is there? No matter where we go, they'd find us.
There's gotta be something we can do.
You can shut her off, can't you? You can do something so they won't be able to track her signal or mine.
If you can do it, then do it.
You owe us that much.
I can't do it.
I don't have the strength.
But Allie can.
Find it inside you, Allie.
Can you? LlSA: Allie, don't do anything.
You're weak.
ALLlE: I have to.
Allie, please, no.
What are you doing? The music helps me concentrate.
We're not picking up their signals.
I know.
You know? Shut off.
No more signals.
- You didn't bother to tell me? - I was gettin' to it.
- Do you think Allie did it? - Probably.
- You seem pleased about it.
- Check this out.
The sightings are starting again.
Lights in the sky.
Idaho and Nebraska.
We better be ready.
You can't do anything, Mary.
Don't you get it? You want to talk about what happened at the parking lot? - You were gonna shoot her.
- I was going to stop her.
That's not up to you.
You're not gonna let it go, are you? I can't.
Do you know the story of the Medusa? You look at her and you turn to stone.
Unless you know the secret which you have to be an enlightened warrior to learn.
This is going somewhere, right? If you know the secret you can kill her.
And then the winged horse, Pegasus, flies from her head and the world becomes a very very beautiful place.
I used to think we could get something out of this.
A new sciencesomething.
I even thought we could get the better of them somehow.
But we're not ready to be anything but spectators in this.
Anything more stone.
I'm not giving up, Chet.
I'm gonna find her, and I'm gonna be more than just a witness to this.
MAN ON RADlO: If it's really all about the little girl Allie Iike all your callers are saying.
then maybe this isn't some evil conspiracy after all.
Mr Jeffries.
Maybe this is all about coming together and moving on.
JEFFRlES: Thank you.
Bruce from Nebraska.
End on a good note.
I always say.
Are these the last days? Is it all coming to a head? The lights are in the sky.
and a little girl is out there somewhere on the road.
She's in our thoughts.
and she has our prayers.
This is William Jeffries saying.
"Keep watching the skies and hope for an answer that doesn't hurt.
" LlSA: I should've stopped her.
I never should've let her shut us off.
All right, all right.
Take a breath.
Take a breath.
Let her come out of it a little before she travels again.
Nobody's gonna find you here.
- What about John? - Let him rest.
Give Allie a couple of days until she's stronger.
My friend will be here by then with the papers, and we can move on.
What are you doing? I can't stay with you anymore.
If I'm here, sooner or later you'll be found.
Now that you've turned your signals off once I'm gone none of us will know where you are.
You mean no one will be able to find me? I can't promise you that.
Then at least you'll get the chance to be the little girl you said you wanted to be.
But if things get too difficult if you feel that you can't stay here any longer, you can find us again.
You'll know.
Find the part of you that is us.
We'll hear you, and we'll come for you.
But unless you call us we won't be able to find you.
I'm the one that's gonna know? When the time comes it'll be your choice.
What I've learned from doing this what's changed in me I would never, never do any of this again.
This is all my fault.
It wasn't mine to meddle.
You wouldn't have been able to do it if you weren't supposed to.
I'm very glad I got to see you.
Good-bye, Allie.
Can I walk with you a minute? Just to the edge of the woods.
This is as far as you should go.
Good-bye, Allie.
ALLlE: How do you let someone go? How do you understand that that's all right.
that everything changes? How do you find a way for that to make you feel good about life instead of breaking your heart? The hardest thing you'll ever learn is how to say good- bye.
LlSA: Allie? Allie? AllieAllie.
Charlie? Charlie! What did he do to her? He did something and just left! No, I don't think so.
I think she was about to give out anyway.
I think he left to protect her! I had this feeling about John, something he was feeling.
When John showed Allie how to block our signals, I think he made it so the aliens couldn't find us, either.
But as long as he stayed with us, sooner or later they were gonna find us.
He was part of them I don't know.
But I think when he went back, he was giving Allie, giving us all a chance.
So we should take it.
Maybe they don't know where she is, either.
- That's a thought, isn't it? - You can't be serious.
What if they're lookin' for her, too? Her signal disappeared and then her mother's.
And then the lights appeared.
How's that possible? She's with one of them.
Good question.
So what do you think? The man driving the camper was Tom Clarke, Lisa's uncle.
Yeah, I thought I recognized him.
He's gettin' a little long in the tooth.
I had the office upload my grandfather's files, everything we have on Tom Clarke.
My-my grandfather went to Texas once.
Yeah, and got the bejesus scared out of him by Jacob Clarke, right? Tom still owns his mother's farmhouse, the one my grandfather went to to get Jacob.
- You think that's where they've gone? - I'm all for takin' a look.
What if they're there, Mary? Then what? Austin, Texas.
Tom Clarke.
This is Tom Clarke.
I'm not home right now.
but ifyou'd like to leave a message.
just leave it at the tone.
Tom Clarke, this is Chet Wakeman.
I'm calling you with a warning.
I want to help you.
You know, I never would have thought, 50-odd years ago, when we found him in the shed it was all leading towards something like this.
They took you, right? They did.
And you stood up to them, didn't you? I tried.
You stood by Allie and Lisa.
This goes way back for you.
Grandpa? My dad, too.
They didn't do us any favours.
- Well - Sorry.
Nothing's ever simple, is it? I'm gonna go inside and see how Allie's doin'.
What happened? I called you as soon as I heard.
I've explained a bit of the situation to the local authorities.
They've agreed to yield jurisdiction.
How'd it go in Washington? In my years as a commanding officer, I find I get the best results from my people when I don't refer to them as incompetent idiots.
People perform best when they're not riddled with self-doubt.
The joint chiefs seem to favour a more direct approach.
We got 48 hours to find the girl.
I want to thank you for steppin' up, Captain.
Colonel Breck wasn't up to the challenge, something this-this unusual.
Thank you, sir.
With all due respect to the colonel, sir, what did he expect? It's one thing to expect something, Captain, quite another to have it bite you in the ass.
That is one cold and nasty bitch.
Clearly, she knows where the little girl is.
I imagine she and the doctor both knew, but there was a difference of opinion on what to do about it.
That is one cold and nasty bitch.
That's exactly right, General.
I made a call to my guy.
He'll be here as soon as the papers are ready.
Probably be tomorrow.
Then we'll get you out of here, get you out of the country clean.
What is it? There was this there was this message on my machine at home from Chet Wakeman, one of the hotshots on the project, the guy who came after you in Seattle.
He said he wanted to help us.
Then he got cut off.
Probably just some sort of bluff, get us to move too quickly.
Yeah, probably.
Can you get your guy to hurry with the papers? I already made that call.
- This way, Miss Crawford.
- Are these really necessary? For the authorities to feel comfortable handing you over, yeah, they are.
Sit down.
It disgusts me to have to deal with you.
I want that on the table.
I understand that.
When we're through all this, I'm gonna see to it that you're held accountable for what you've done.
So let's get to it, then.
You knew where the little girl was, and you chose not to tell me.
You wanted to keep her for yourself.
I thought I'd use her to re-establish my power base.
What changed your mind? Dr Wakeman.
You've been monitoring the reports from the Northwest, the lights? Yeah.
So far, that's all they've been, just some sightings of lights.
He thought that this was it, they're coming for Allie.
Why don't they just take her, then? Because, at the moment, they don't know where she is.
She's with one of them, the one from the gas station.
Maybe he's the one who turned her signal off.
Maybe he's protecting her.
Why would he be doin' that? Remorse? I came after Allie in a gas station.
She escaped with the help of that alien.
Allie didn't do a thing.
It sounds like she didn't have to.
She's down, General.
She's spent.
Suppose I'm right.
Suppose they don't know where she is.
Then, for the moment, they can't protect her.
For the moment.
So you want to get to her before they do.
I want to finish what we started.
After everything you've done.
You know what the stakes are, General.
He was going to warn her.
Warn her? You're gonna have to work with me.
You want to take these off? Tom Clarke's mother's house, Lubbock, Texas.
This is what we didn't want you to know.
You've taken this away from me before, and it blew up in your face.
When this is over, you can have me arrested, do whatever you think you need to do, but for the moment, you need someone who understands what it is you might be up against.
You need me.
I want this quick and quiet.
Get our people out of Fort Ash and down to Texas.
ALLlE: They will be coming soon.
coming to try to stop what was going to happen next.
But maybe they could be stopped.
Maybe something could happen that would make it hard for them to do what they wanted to do.
- How is she? - The same.
- You think they're coming? - It's just a matter of time.
Well, there's no point in running unless we have a place to run to.
Something like this, the government can only do because nobody's watching.
- That's what you always said.
- Yeah.
I have an idea.
How far do you have to go to make a phone call? Who are you going to call, Charlie? I'm not going to call anybody.
You are.
JEFFRlES: I've never been inside a UFO, never met one of these creatures, and yet I believe with all my heart that this is real.
Why? Because I do not believe that hundreds of thousands of people could tell the same lie.
If this next caller's who I think it is, folks, we're in for a real treat.
"Tom Clarke back again," it says here on my screen.
To what do we owe the pleasure? Did you find something in ldaho? Talk to me, and I'll talk to you.
It's about that little girl the army's been looking for.
We been gettin' lots of calls about her.
The people who have been calling are telling the truth.
I know this little girl.
I was hoping your listeners could help us out.
I believe we have a lot to talk about, Tom, but I have to pay my bills first, so if you'd just hang on you still there, Tom? I'm here.
Listen, Tom, we're off the air now.
This little girl I've been getting these really extreme calls out of Seattle.
What can you tell me about her? For startersshe's my niece.
It's done.
JEFFRlES: I've got information about this girl you've heard about on the news, on this program, and, as usual, you're not gettin' the whole story.
This little girl, she's a piece of the sky, my friends.
Have you been taken? Well, so has she.
Have you had experiences beyond human comprehension? Same's true of Allie.
This little girl.
my friends.
she may hold the key to an understanding of all that you've gone through.
The government believes it.
That's why Allie's not safe because they're not going to rest till they have her in their hands where they can look at her.
try to figure out what this is all about.
That's why she needs your help.
They can do what they do because they can do it in secret.
They don't have to stand in the light of day.
If you're on the road tonight, turn your car toward the state of Texas.
If you're in bed, get up and get dressed because they're not gonna be able to touch her if there are witnesses.
The government must be on the road already.
but we have to get out there first to save this little girl.
So many of you call me, e-mail me, write to me, and you're starving for an answer.
You want to know why you were taken, what this has all been about.
We're gonna save one child.
my friends.
in doing so.
we may just learn that answer.
Tom, Lisa, you should come see this.
Their target is a little girl.
Her name is Allie.
She's the focus of our government and of a race of aliens that have been visiting this planet since the late 1940s.
This is the girl in question.
While the government has offered a reward for information that may help them to find her.
army officials deny any connection between their search for the girl and reports of troop movements from Fort Ash.
Mr Jeffries.
do you believe that this troop movement is related to the government search for the girl? We have come here to Texas to see this little girl and to understand what's been going on for all these years.
Super-secret missions, government conspiracies involving UFOs and aliens? It may all be a bit hard to swallow, but Jeffries is not alone in his belief.
Tom? Tom Clarke? Thanks for comin', Bill.
This is really something.
I guess people really do listen to the radio at 4.
00 in the morning.
How's your niece? One of these people happened to be a doctor.
She's in there with her right now.
This might be a little beyond my medical capabilities.
Can she travel? Look, I'm a multiple abductee myself.
I've been taken repeatedly since I was seven, but II still don't even really know what we're dealing with here.
This might be something better suited to their medicine than to ours.
No! No way in hell is she going anywhere near them.
We'll-we'll find a way to help her here.
I'll leave you folks alone with your little girl.
You try to be strong for your kid, you know? "I'm your mum.
I can take care of everything.
I can keep you safe.
" But really, you know, there's nothing you can do.
You can't keep them safe from anything at all.
Heyyou've done a lot.
We're gonna be all right.
Tom's got it all set up for us.
His friend brings out the papers, and we disappear into the sunset.
I spent my childhood disappearing.
I'm pretty good at it.
- Nina.
- Hi.
Oh, my God! I can't believe you're really here.
Denny heard about it on the radio.
God, is she all right? No, she's not all right at all, Nina.
It was a series of miracles, that's what it was.
The things that happened, what they did to us, it was just a series of miracles, and the things that she can do- there's a kindness to her power, an intention to do good.
I was really angry.
I still am, I guess.
But what we saw, and what she did- I'm with these people.
After what I did to them, I'm here with them.
They were able to forgive me.
That's because of her.
This is as close as we can get without getting the attention of the crowd.
We'll treat this like a riot situation, have the guards go in first, get the crowd out of there.
Still, you gotta admire the move.
We're tryin' to fly under the radar, and they put up a wall of people between us and the little girl.
She must really mean a lot to those folks.
Goin' through these lengths.
We'll move in tonight.
Video message waiting Hey.
I programmed this file to send if I didn't delete it in 24 hours.
I guess I didn't delete it.
which I guess means you deleted me.
I kinda saw that one comin'.
You must be headed in for the final wing ding about now.
I wish I could be there.
There's something I wanted to share with you.
We're all so desperate for meaning.
aren't we? All of us.
Mary even if you think you're not.
You want answers.
and in that way.
I think the aliens are gonna disappoint you.
Here's the stone truth of it.
They're still asking the same questions we are.
No one is God here.
We're all in the same boat.
That was our life together.
wasn't it? We asked questions.
I used to love the way you I used to love the way you'd get that faraway look in your eye whenever you were workin' something out.
We could have been happy.
I really believe that If only you'd just let it go.
That's another question for them.
isn't it? What is it that makes us so screwed up? Why do we do the things we do? Well.
maybe they can create something better than the sum of its parts.
Allie belongs with them.
We're not ready for the knowledge they have.
It would destroy us.
Look at me.
Guess in the end.
I turned out to be something of a humanist.
You're shakin' your head.
right? See? You do love me.
What brought you here? As soon as I heard what was happening with the little girl, I-I knew I had to be here.
- How long do you think you'll stay? - As long as it takes.
- And you? - We all feel it.
I don't know if any of us could tell you exactly why, but we all knew we had to be here.
It's kind of hard to explain if you haven't been taken, butwe all knew we had to be here.
The girl, Allie, is inside this house.
Some say she's resting, others say she's dying.
The question we haven't been able to answer yet is what does she mean to this group of abductees, people who believe they've been taken? I really appreciate you doing this for me.
No problem.
Good luck, Tom.
This is all of it- passports, visas.
We have a car waiting for you in the woods.
An old back road leads all the way to Highway 177.
Dale and I took it this morning.
It leads all the way past the army.
We came out on the other side.
They weren't any the wiser.
You ready? We went to the sporting goods store and cleared out the hunting section.
If anyone tries to hurt our little girl, they're gonna have to come through us first.
I don't want you to do that.
Allie? Tom, could I talk to her? Just for a moment.
Please go back to your cars! Bill, please help me get these people Folks, please Uhuh she's not ready to talk to us yet.
She's just not ready.
- You all right? - I'm fine.
Listen, we're gonna get out of here.
We're going someplace where none of this matters, okay? Everything's ready.
We gotta go.
No, not now.
I want to talk to them.
I know you're all scared, and you don't have to be scared anymore.
Honey honey you don't have to do this.
All you have to be is my little girl.
The rest of it, it doesn't have to happen.
You don't have to do anything.
They're scared.
They need something.
You don't have to be the one to give it to them.
I think maybe I do.
You have something in your heads.
It lets them know where you are.
I can shut them off.
When they shut off, they'll fall out.
Don't be scared.
ALLlE: They won't come for you anymore.
They won't be able to find you.
No one's going to take you.
It doesn't seem right to, uh, interfere with us the way they did.
Maybe not to us, but if we saw this from someplace else, it was just time for this to happen.
For what to happen? Me.
Listen to me! All of you! All of you, listen to me! They're not gonna do anything! There's too many of us here! Do you want to help? Stay in front of the porch! Go to the mayor now.
Get me the wireless unit.
Attention! This area is under federal control! Please make yourselves available for immediate relocation to a debriefing area.
Your vehicles and personal belongings You don't listen to that! It's a lie! You stay right here! Stay right in front of the porch! Right here! Stay in front of Allie.
Stay right here.
Stay in front of Allie.
We're stronger together! Stay in front of the porch.
Just so you know, a lot of us are armed and willing to give our lives to protect Allie or take some if we have to.
Get out of here now.
Put your plan into action.
We'll do what has to be done.
CHARLlE: Thanks.
They're here in force, come out of the night to put the monster back in the box.
We better get back inside.
No Allie Are they gonna come for you now? John left that up to me.
Do you think if we'd been regular people, Charlie would have lived with us, and we could have been a family? I know that would have happened.
I don't want to go.
I want to stay here with you.
Then stay! We've got a plan.
We can get out of here right now! It'll be okay.
Give the command.
Troopsadvance! Here they come.
After a little girl, ladies and gentlemen! Please disperse immediately! Ifyou do not disperse.
you will be in violation of Federal Ordinance 860 endangering of public welfare Oh, Allie.
Allie, please, please don't.
You heard Dale.
If I stay here, people will kill each other.
I don't want that to happen because of me.
Then we'll go away.
We have a plan.
Where could we go? This would all just happen again.
Allie, Allie, listen to me.
I am not gonna let that happen.
We're gonna get Charlie, and we're gonna get out of here.
We'll figure out a way.
There's nothing we can do.
We're a family now.
We can try.
We were always a family.
I didn't ask for this! I want to be a little girl! I just want to be a little girl! They're really coming this time aren't they? Charlie I'm glad you turned out to be my dad.
I love you.
I love you, too, Daddy.
I have to go.
No, I can't.
I can't, I can't.
I won't let you.
I won't let you go.
Youyou said this was all meant to be.
And I meant all of it.
- This part, too.
- I can't stand this.
I have to go.
And I said I wouldn't ever let you go.
I love you, honey every day and twice on Sundays.
I love you, too, Mama.
Is she makin' this all up? Is this just another screen? This is no screen, General.
This is real.
Can you stop them? Can you stop them?! Please! You gotta do something.
This is my family.
That's my daughter! We can't.
Allie belongs with them her and the knowledge of how they did all this.
I'm sorry.
- That, too.
- No.
This is a record of everything.
Even if we lose the little girl, at least we'll still have this.
Sooner or later, we'll know what they know.
You're the one who was gonna see this through to the end.
I did.
Sir! Let her see the rest of this.
She deserves that much.
ALLlE: I don't know what will happen next.
I don't know what I'm going to be.
what I'm going to learn.
but what I do know is this- Iife.
all life.
is about asking questions.
not about knowing answers.
It is wanting to see what's over the next hill that keeps us all going.
We have to keep asking questions.
wanting to understand.
Even when we know we'll never find the answers.
we have to keep on asking the questions.
Excuse me.
Did you know the little girl or her family personally? No, I didn't.
I just came to see what the deal was.
Sir, shall we pick up the mother and father? The mother and father? You're talkin' about the little girl's parents? Yes, sir, her parents.
They must have slipped away in all the excitement.
I don't see them anywhere.
Neither do I, sir.
Shall I tell the JTF guys to head back to Fort Bliss? I don't see why not, Captain.
There's nothin' for us here.
Thought you might want this.
She did all right, Lis.
She took the other one with her.
She took the other star.
She's gonna be back, Charlie.
She really is.
She's gonna be back.
ALLlE: My mother always talked to me a lot about the sky.
She liked to watch the clouds in the day and the stars at night.
Especially the stars.
We would play a game sometimes.
a game called "What's beyond the sky?" We would imagine darkness or a blinding light or something else that we didn't know how to name.
of course.
that was just a game.
There's nothing beyond the sky.
The sky just is.
and it goes on and on.
and we play all of our games beneath it.
Just before it gets dark When the light still hangs in the sky The day's not quite come All its promises still in your own eyes Between the time your mother calls And the time you put the ball away There's a lifetime to be lived And a world where every dream is here to stay Just before the night comes And you run back to the safety of your world Just before it gets dark You can believe in every story ever told In those last precious moments There's a beauty no one wants to give away Well, nothin' lasts forever But those moments keep forever far away Just before it gets dark Before you grow old Before you're too old to pretend Just before it gets dark And you know your dreams will not come back again Hold on Hold on tight And I promise you, baby It'll all be all right I promise you, baby It'll all be all right
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