Taken s02e13 Episode Script


Bridget had failed to secure what her family had hoped she would achieve from her education, an engagement to a proper English gentlemen.
Instead she landed a job with MI5.
As one of the most resourceful and intelligent female agents in MI5, Bridget was being groomed for a career in data analysis.
Oh, my God.
I am so sorry.
Completely my fault.
Are you okay? And look! Look what I did.
- Are you okay? - Look, lady, I'm fine.
We should really check on him Oh, my God! - [GRUNTS.]
- [YELPS.]
Call Judith.
Cargo's en route.
Where am I? Why is my foot chained to this bed? - Hey, hey.
- What's going Give me your hand.
I'm chained to the bed, too, but it's going to be okay.
What's your name? Ryan.
Hey, Ryan.
I'm Elizabeth.
Are you hurt? No, I'm I'm cold.
Is that a fitness tracker? Let me see.
Turned on activity mode to activate the GPS.
Someone's gonna find us.
Where are we? What's going on? I don't know but take this.
Rub it for good luck.
It belonged to my mother.
Always kept me safe.
Go ahead.
Glad you still share my affinity for clandestine meetings, Colin.
It's Ryan.
He's gone.
Someone took my boy, Christina.
I know it.
- And everyone is telling me - Okay, all right, slow down.
Start from the beginning.
Okay, I tucked him in last night like I do every night.
- Mm-hmm.
- This morning when I went in his room, he was just gone.
- Any alarms go off? - No.
- Security camera? - Only the front of the house.
I mean, how could I let this happen? You know, I take every precaution.
My God, I'm CIA.
How could I not in this line of work? Has anyone called with ransom demands or have there been any threats of any kind? - No.
- Have you or Lynn had an argument recently with Ryan? No, no.
Look, he's a good kid.
I mean, he's a bit of a homebody, really.
Who else knows he's missing? I called the D.
They didn't find any fingerprints or signs of forced entry, and I can tell they think he ran away.
But he didn't take his cell phone.
It makes no sense.
I need somebody to do something.
That's when I thought of you and how you found Abu Jamal's son in Beirut.
All right.
I'll have my operatives sweep the house.
If there's anything to be found, they will find it.
- Colin.
- You have to find him, Christina.
Promise me.
I promise you we will do everything we can.
I got nothing.
You find anything? Looks like someone used a ladder.
Windows were wired in Ryan's room.
The security alarm jammed.
Mills and Santana think it was a professional job.
Yeah, radio noise prevented the sensor signal from getting to the control panel.
But if he was kidnapped then how come - there's no ransom demand? - I don't know.
But these pros you speak of are no match for mea digitos in claves.
- Fingers on keys? - That's pretty good.
So Santana sent pictures of all the evidence, and I found something that might be important.
It's a letter to Ryan Grant from the national medical database informing him of a breach of his medical records.
I remember that hack.
Thousands of people had their private medical data stolen and sold to the highest bidder, right? That's right, so I cross-referenced everybody affected by that hack with the national registry of missing persons, and - And you got a hit? - I got four hits.
Including Ryan Grant.
Now, you notice anything unusual about these four people? They have similar biological data.
Mm-hmm, it's almost as if they were looking for someone with a specific medical profile.
What do you mean? Like looking for a match? Organ donation.
We received the wire transfer.
Thank you, Mr.
If you could just initial here.
Sign here at the bottom, confirming we will be receiving the remaining $3.
3 million balance upon completion of the procedure.
I didn't come to own 50 casinos across the globe without asking questions.
Of course.
You say you are certain you can help my son.
How can you make such a promise? I've been in transplantation medicine my entire career.
I can tell you one thing.
The system is broken.
Kids like Oliver, they spend years on a wait list.
Only to to die without ever having had the chance to live a normal life.
I came in.
I streamlined the process.
Cut the red tape.
Cut the bureaucracy.
My success rate is 100%.
That's how I could make that promise to you and your son.
Thank you.
My son is everything to me.
Of course.
Our concierge will show you to Oliver's suite.
If you need anything, just call or text the number you've been provided.
- Thank you.
- Yes.
The HLA results.
Out of five, only one matched Oliver.
Put the donor on a plane.
I'll set up with Dr.
These four people were specifically targeted for their organs.
So we know the why but not the who.
Most importantly the where.
I got a crazy idea.
I noticed this kid's got a phone that backs up to the cloud.
And on there I found some cardio data which means he's got a fitness tracker that has GPS.
That's if he's still wearing it.
Now, if I can decrypt that data, I can see where he was last.
Then we have the where.
It will take a second to narrow it down, but he's somewhere in Maryland.
I found them.
Thank God, they're alive.
What about Ryan? He's here.
Wake up, Ryan.
You hear me? You're okay, kiddo.
Your dad sent me.
I'm here to take you home.
They took Elizabeth.
You got to find her.
This generator's still warm.
They must have just taken off on another jet.
There's not much chance for a description.
According to Ryan, they wore surgical masks.
Well, it looks like we're officially dealing with an organ trafficking ring.
Only we got here too late.
They already picked their donor, girl named Elizabeth.
- Dad.
- Ryan.
Well, somewhere there's a parent out there who still doesn't know where their child is.
And the clock is ticking.
Thank you.
You saved my son's life.
It wasn't just us.
A girl named Elizabeth helped Ryan too, right? They took her, Dad.
She was nice, and she gave me a ring.
- Jade's good luck.
- Guess for me.
Do we know what they were after? We think Ryan and the other victims were targeted for their organs.
- You're kidding.
- No.
All the victims were between 14 and 17.
The other kids said that Elizabeth was the oldest.
Maybe 17, 18.
No one named Elizabeth was reported missing.
So we have no idea how to track her.
I might be able to help.
Last year an asset with ISIS became sick.
CIA procured a kidney for him on a dark website called transplanttourist.
I've heard of that.
It's called the red market.
- Like an eBay for organs? - Well, essentially.
But within the site there's a highly encrypted area you'd miss if you didn't know where to look for it.
It's for rich people with rare needs and the money to pay.
Serviced by an unscrupulous broker who operates in complete anonymity.
Okay, so how do we find the broker? The FBI's on the case, but it'd be months before they get the evidence they need.
We don't have months.
We got hours at most.
All right, so I found your girl through the medical database hack.
Her name is Elizabeth Warner.
She's 17 years old, share's the same medical profiles of the other four victims.
Her last known address was at a group home - for foster kids in Bethesda.
- Group home? That explains why she was never reported missing.
You and Santana go to the group home and see what you can find.
Kilroy and I will see if we - can't track down the plane.
- All right.
Vern, I get this is difficult.
But if you can think of anything out of the ordinary, it could really help.
You notice anyone hanging around? Watching the house? No, nothing like that.
Why didn't you tell anyone Elizabeth was missing? Look, I've got 15 at-risk kids here.
It's impossible to keep an eye on all of them every second.
Besides, Elizabeth never gets in trouble.
She's either at school or working or reading one of her spy novels.
And about to turn 18 and age out of the system.
Sad truth is the system just isn't set up to help kids like Elizabeth past a certain age.
Did something happen to Lizzie? Is she okay? She promised to help me with my homework.
Why don't you go in the reading room, and I'll come and talk to you in a bit.
Go on now.
Elizabeth is like a mom to them.
Even though her trauma was worse than most, she always put their needs first.
I should go and talk to them.
You'll let me know when you find her? Of course.
Thank you.
You were a little bit hard on her, weren't you? The only reason we discovered she was missing was because the son of a CIA analyst was taken.
This girl, Elizabeth - She doesn't have anybody.
- That's not true.
She got us.
Let's go.
I have wonderful news.
We found a perfect match.
We can proceed as soon as the surgeon arrives.
I am relieved for my son, but I am not sure I would classify the death of another young person as wonderful news.
But did you know that 105 people die every second? The world's a brutal place.
Most of these deaths are senseless.
In this case, our donor was a young man who was killed in a motorcycle accident, and while that is tragic for his family, perhaps they're comforted in knowing that their son didn't die in vain.
By giving Oliver a chance to overcome the debilitating effects of his disease, the young man becomes a hero.
While Oliver gets two healthy lungs and a new lease on life.
Why don't you share the news with your son.
The hangar was rented.
Tenant paid cash, but the plane belonged to a small charter company.
- Bennett Aviation.
- Yeah.
They filed a flight plan to a small airport in Upstate New York and listed that as their destination.
- Passenger manifest? - Conveniently redacted.
But I would bet dollars to ding-dongs that our girl's on that plane.
It says here that the flight is less than an hour.
Elizabeth could be anywhere by now.
Yeah, well, I could check traffic cams, private ambulatory services.
I mean, it's not much.
It's better than nothing.
Digitos in claves isn't always the answer.
We need boots on the ground.
Let's get Santana and Mills on a flight to New York.
Someone at that airport had to have seen something.
Ruiz is on route.
Keep her sedated until I give the word.
Hey, you can't be in here.
It's a private hangar.
I just wanted to check today's arrivals.
We haven't had any, and who are you? Nice watch.
That's what, three-year salary for a guy who services birds for 15 bucks an hour? It was a gift from my wife.
You know the penalty for aiding and abetting human trafficking? Life without parole.
You know you're gonna have to hide that watch someplace really uncomfortable when you go to the pen.
Let's go talk to the Feds, shall we? Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Wait, wait, hold on a second.
I was just paid to unlock the service for the plane into the system.
I had no idea that Cubano was a human trafficker.
- Cubano? - Yeah.
El hombre had an accent that any Spanish speaker would recognize [SNAPS FINGERS.]
in a second.
He travel alone? Just him and his little bag.
No teenage girl? No.
Maybe she was on the earlier flight, but I wasn't on shift.
Earlier flight.
Cuba? Home to some of the most talented doctors on the planet.
And the medical bag for house calls.
The second flight was the arrival of their transplant specialist.
- How did he leave? - A black Town Car.
It was parked right in front and there was an envelope on the seat.
We find the Town Car, we find the doctor.
And we find Elizabeth.
Next time think about why you're being asked to look the other way.
So flight came in from Venezuela which employs more Cuban doctors than Havana.
This has got to be our red market doctor.
- Dr.
Anton Ruiz.
- Yeah.
Formally renown currently disgraced surgeon.
Anyone going to these lengths would want the best doctor money could buy.
Not disgraced for surgical ability.
I'm sure he's a great surgeon, but, you know, for his illegal transplant shenanigans.
Well, I'll reach out to my local law enforcement contacts upstate to find the Town Car, but that's gonna take time.
Have you found anything on your organ donor website? Yeah.
I did some digging on transplanttourist.
net, the site Colin told us about, and so basically if you're rich and you need an organ, you place an ad here.
The broker gets back to you via encrypted message, and once the buyer's ability to pay has been verified, the broker deletes the ad.
That's very clever.
- In a disgusting, evil sort of way.
- Right.
They find their "donors" by cross-referencing the needs of the buyers with patients from the stolen national medical database.
That's how they found Ryan and Elizabeth.
Yeah, whoever this broker is, I mean, he knows how to hide.
I haven't been able to track him, but I did manage to hack into his encrypted server.
Here, take a look.
"Received your $2 million deposit.
"The organ should be available within 48 hours.
" Yeah, that was sent to someone who needs a kidney 20 minutes ago.
48 hours isn't a lot of time.
No, which means our broker is looking for victims as we speak.
But we have access to the same data.
So if we can locate their next target then we can intercept one of their current operations - and catch them in the act.
- No, I was thinking - the same thing.
- Hurry up then.
- We don't have a lot of time.
- Yeah.
I need you to schedule a pickup.
We found a match for our new client.
A man named Ed Phillips.
In New York.
It's like looking for a needle in a haystack.
This doctor could be anywhere.
Any word from Hart or Kilroy on the location of the Town Car? No, they're still working on identifying the next victim.
Organ thieves are a disgrace.
Special place in hell for these bastards.
It seems like you're taking this case a little more personal than usual.
You mind telling me what's going on? My sister, Cali, was an organ donor.
Sorry, Mills.
I didn't know.
Me neither.
Till after.
She was always so selfless.
Most people, they don't think about the end until it's too late.
They're only thinking about themselves and the present.
But not Cali.
Sounds like she takes after you.
Six months ago I got a letter from LifeShare Donor Program.
Organ recipients, they write letters to the families of the person whose organ they received.
And they want to meet you? Yeah.
Looks like we found our next victim.
Right there in New York.
Ed Phillips.
45, single, mechanic by trade.
They'll definitely go after him.
Just need to get there first.
How do we do that? First we inject a subdermal tracking device in the victim that can't be detected.
Then we wait for our broker to send a kidnapping team as Santana waits out of eyesight, ready to follow.
What just happened? We've lost our signal.
Makes no sense.
Tracking device just magically shorted out.
You'd need electricity for Oh.
They tased him.
They tased him.
- Get in there now.
- On it.
Santana, do you have eyes on Mills? Santana? Guys, we have a problem.
Mills has been taken.
- Any luck? - No.
I hacked all the security cams in the area and came up empty.
They must have used the alley to avoid them.
Perfect timing.
Yeah, hold him until my agent arrives.
Thanks again.
Found the doctor? Poughkeepsie's finest found him.
He's our best lead to find not only Mills but Elizabeth.
Divert Santana.
She'll be able to get a location off him ASAP.
I have full confidence in her.
Has many hidden charms.
Please, officers, I'm late for an important procedure.
It's just gonna have to wait.
This came from the boys in Washington.
- Agent Santana? - That's right.
Joint Terrorism Task Force will take it from here.
Thank you, gentlemen.
Cuban passport out of Venezuela.
- Some kind of foreign operative? - Something like that.
Thank you for your help.
Appreciate it.
What is this all about? I have a patient on the Dr.
Ruiz, I presume? Who are you? Did she send you? Why, yes she did, but I don't think that my "she" is the same as your "she.
" What's in that envelope, huh? Why don't you give it to me.
Thank you.
You got a big pay day coming up, huh? I'm guessing these are your instructions.
- Drive.
- Where are we going? To see your patient.
Step on it.
- You called? - Where is Dr.
Ruiz? Tried him several times.
No answer.
Must have his ringer off.
The tracker in his cell phone's headed towards this location.
We can't keep the kid sedated for much longer without risking serious infection, - pneumonia - He's 20 minutes out.
What is the holdup? Dr.
Ruiz has had a slight delay.
Should be arriving shortly.
In the meantime, we will ensure that Oliver is kept as What do you mean "delay"? There's been a traffic jam.
How long? 20 minutes.
Volkov, I have worked with Dr.
Ruiz in the past Enough.
Do you think you are the first person to eye me as a mark, Ms.
Chapman? Excuse me? What will it take? Give me a number.
This isn't a shakedown.
I was hoping it was.
I don't understand.
Because if there is an actual problem and my son doesn't get what he needs, then you will have an even bigger one.
I will shut down your entire operation permanently.
Now do you understand? I'm going to be with my son.
Prep her for surgery.
I'll check the labs on the new patient.
Wake up.
Come on.
You got to get up.
- No! Get away! - It's okay.
- Get away.
- It's okay! I'm not gonna hurt you.
They were gonna hurt you.
Okay? Who are you? My name is Bryan Mills, and I'm gonna take you home.
Take a whiff of this.
It'll wake you up.
Trust me.
I'm sorry.
Put these on.
Got to figure a way out of here before someone comes looking.
There are only two exits.
The elevator and those stairwell doors.
How do you know that? Something I read.
Always case a room when you enter.
Why am I here? Why did they take us? They want you for your organs.
You're the perfect match.
What happened to the rest of them? What about the others? There was a boy named Ryan He's safe.
They're all safe.
In fact it's because you helped Ryan we were able to get your name and find you.
But those men? There are more of them.
And they're not gonna stop, okay? So I need you to tell me everything you know about this place and who is coming for us.
We're in a basement.
Three cameras.
But that one's the only one that blinks and moves.
There is a supply closet over there.
It's unlocked.
They always come in pairs.
And the woman, she's in charge.
You are incredibly observant.
I move around a lot.
It's the only way I know how to survive.
The elevator, they have key cards to activate it.
You can't get up or down without one.
You said you would take me home.
I don't know what that means anymore.
But I want the chance to find out.
They're coming.
Go hide in the supply closet.
- No, what about you? - Just go.
I got this.
- Your men.
- What happened? Apparently the new patient is awake and attempting to escape.
You need to take care of this.
Don't hurt the girl.
We can't risk damaging her lungs.
Then ready the chopper.
- The chopper? Why? - The place is burnt.
This man clearly knows what we're doing here, so we're moving the operation to Boston.
What about Dr.
Ruiz? Freeze the money transfer.
If Ruiz turns up, tell him we no longer require his services.
I'll call Dr.
He just got divorced again.
He'll do it for the right price.
That's how this is gonna go, huh? - [GRUNTS.]
Your days of being a surgeon are now over.
You try anything again I will turn you into the next donor.
- Do you understand? - [GROANING.]
That's good.
- Get up.
We've had to change course.
We're moving the operation to Boston.
No, absolutely not.
You told me Oliver is too ill to move.
If you read my contract, I always have a Screw your contract! The lungs and the doctor are going to Boston.
If you'd like to stay here and wait for another donor, that's fine by me.
Bryan, look out! [YELLING.]
Bryan! Bryan! - [BITING.]
Get out of here! [DRILL WHIRRING.]
I think that's what you're supposed to say.
The card.
Let's go.
Bryan! [GUNFIRE.]
Help me! Bryan! No! [PANTING.]
Why is this place abandoned? You need to tell me what you really know right now.
I've worked with Ms.
Chapman before, but the other three times were in her Boston facility.
They're on the move.
Santana, you find Mills? No, but they're moving the operation to Boston.
Look, there's a helicopter here.
I'm gonna send the location now.
All right, I sent it.
Do not let that chopper leave before I can figure out how to get up there.
Oh, no problem, I'll just magically turn the weather into snowpocalypse, but you only get two more wishes then I go back in the lamp.
I'll get the ODNI to cancel flight plans in the city so they won't be able to get - clearance for takeoff.
- You can do that? Santana, we need you to find any trail of incriminating evidence on the red market network.
I would but it looks like they just deleted the hard drive.
They always think they do.
Okay, I need you to unplug it immediately, and I need you to listen very carefully.
This is what you're gonna do, all right? What do you mean we can't take off? We don't have clearance, ma'am.
All flights over the city have been cancelled.
- Not this one.
It's a matter of life or death.
What is wrong with her? She's dying and your son needs her lungs.
Just let me do my job.
Okay, I got it.
The red market.
You got the whole network? Yeah.
- - Kilroy was here.
So, you're the one causing me all this trouble.
What is the financial reward for playing God? The price tag on that girl's life? Spare me your sanctimony.
Do you know how many hospitals and doctors play God every day? Happens in every triage, the OR, the ER.
They don't save them.
You can justify it any way you want.
Bottom line is you're gonna kill that girl.
But I'm saving that boy.
Supply and demand, just the way the world works.
You think his father even cares about how the sausage is made? If he didn't pay me, he'd find someone else to do it.
I didn't know.
I was just trying to save my son.
I didn't know what she was doing to these people.
I don't know how much time he has left.
So I'm going to go be with my son.
How you doing? You holding up? I'm okay.
In fact, I'm glad it was me.
What? All this.
It means it didn't have to happen to anyone else.
Most people only think about themselves.
Especially in survival mode.
You're very selfless, you know that? Not to mention observant, persistent.
I think you'll do just fine in this line of work.
What line of work? What's this? Come on.
There's someone you should meet.
I've heard a lot about you.
I don't know how much there is to know.
I know what matters.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
- Hey, Ryan.
Thank you.
For this.
It worked, huh? Colin says he has a guest house in the back.
Heard you might need a place to stay.
I'm not so sure I can afford it.
CIA has an internship program.
Might be able to swing something if you're interested.
That sounds a heck of a lot cooler than working at the Quick Stop.
Come on.
Come on, bud.
Thank you.
For not giving up.
Just promise me you'll do the same thing, okay? [SOFT MUSIC.]
- Hello.
- Hello.
I'm Bryan Mills.

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