Taken (2017) s01e04 Episode Script

Mattie G.

Dan? You hear anything? Nothing.
That doesn't mean they're not on to me.
Anyone at Ingersol do or say anything to make you think they're suspicious? - No.
- That's good, right? That's actually what worries me the most.
I understand how hard this is for you, Dan.
And we both know no matter how many procedures we've put in place, there's always gonna be some risk.
Dan? At the end of the day, this has to be your call.
I can't force you.
We're up on all Ingersol's phones, servers, emails, you name it, and you know I would be the first to tell you if we picked up any red flags.
I just want this to be over, Riley.
Me too.
And for no more of our soldiers to die from this drug.
Ingersol Pharmaceuticals has to be stopped, Dan.
Dan? Do you know the red box trail in Shenandoah State Park? I can find it.
Meet me there at 8:30 A.
Proud of you, Dan.
- Well done.
- Finally A year later.
Have you met at this place before? - Always a different location.
- Could we pick - him up without you? - What? How? - No, she has to be there.
- She's not a field operative.
If I'm not there, alone, by the way, Dan's a no-show, guaranteed.
- This meeting place is not ideal - Dan has procedures for everything, and he will only meet on his terms.
This data he smuggled out of Ingersol He insisted on hiding it for a three-day incubation period while we monitored to see if they realized anything was missing.
What do you think? - I think if he's for real - Oh, he's for real, all right.
Then I know four soldiers this drug has killed.
- Dan.
- You alone? Of course.
I have to ask you something.
That story that you told me about your mother - Was that really - True? Yes.
Do you honestly think that I would make that up? Is that why they chose you? To recruit me? That is the word that you people use, isn't it? - Recruit? - Yes.
It's why they chose me.
It's right over there.
It's under the deadfall.
It's a couple of inches under the dirt.
You owe me a manicure.
Oh, no.
What did I tell you? I told you.
- It's okay.
- Oh, god.
- Just give them the laptop.
- It's okay.
- Dan, it's okay.
- Give them the laptop, please.
- It's okay! - Give them the laptop, please! Now! Go! That was a warning! Prepare to move.
They're outta here.
- Let 'em go.
Stay with the package.
- Roger.
Moving now.
Are you okay? - I'm dead.
- We're in the culvert.
I'm dead.
- Are you all right? - Yeah.
You said that they didn't know! - Dan - You said that! - Dan - You said they couldn't She said there was always a risk.
I know that, because I was there.
And you're safe now.
We got you.
What is it? It's my daughter.
They have my My daughter my Mattie.
My baby.
No way! Not until I get my daughter back.
Even then, I The only way I'm gonna get my daughter back is if I return that laptop untouched.
Where is it, by the way? They better not be trying to hack into it.
- They're not.
- Because they can't? Because we are not going to do anything to further jeopardize Mattie.
Password's encrypted, you know.
You enter it wrong once, the entire hard drive self-deletes.
And Ingersol keeps pushing Sangravan.
Don't do that.
Don't try to make me feel guilty.
All I'm doing is telling you Promising you that right now, your daughter comes first.
You think I forgot about those soldiers who died from Sangravan? - Who've died and are going to die.
- You just did it again.
- Who else have you told? - About Sangravan? About my daughter.
No one.
How 'bout the FBI? We're gonna and wait and see what the demands are first.
But you know what the demands are gonna be.
- Right.
- So you're willing to do that? You're willing to return the laptop? Of course.
- Well, what about National Security? - Excuse me? Well, all I've heard from Riley over the last year is national security, National Security.
What Ingersol's doing with Sangravan is a threat - to National Security.
- Hold that thought.
Come in.
She manipulated me, you know, with that story about her mother.
If caring is manipulating and who put her up to that? Was that you? I'm her boss, if that's what you mean.
- Yeah? - You got a minute? What's the news? What about security camera footage? - I have a security camera.
- They're working on it.
Excuse me for a minute.
Just get my daughter back.
We got into the security camera.
- And? - Not good.
Stay with him for a minute.
Stay with him.
You're not vegetarian, are you? I'm not hungry.
- Can I say something? - If it's more of the same To try to get me to give you the access code So far, that drug has killed three of my friends.
- What did I just tell you? - Just Listen for a second.
Two green berets And the best helicopter pilot I ever saw.
So yes, you better believe we're gonna do all we can to get your daughter back and shut down Ingersol Pharmaceuticals.
- Uh, those go upstairs.
- All right.
Uh, excuse me.
Oh, hey.
Hi, sorry.
Wow, oh.
- Oh, moving in? - Yeah, yeah.
- Uh, Elena.
- Asha.
That's me.
Oh, I hope we didn't we didn't wake you.
No, no, I'm an early bird anyway.
Now that's what I'm talking about.
Good to meet you, Elena.
- And you, Asha.
- Bring it up here.
- Where's her mother? - He's a single dad.
- There a babysitter? - They took her out first.
- Is she dead? - Sedated.
Guessing Ingersol told them no body count - until, you know - It counts.
Whole thing from start to finish took 49 seconds.
Neighbors never saw or heard a thing.
I'm so sorry, Dan.
- Just get her out of here, please.
- I'm not leaving.
Dan, we need to get you ready for the ransom call, okay? Right a bit.
Right a Oh, perfect, perfect.
- Here? - Oh, careful.
Don't think you wanna pull that muscle, heh? Asha? Oh, my god.
Asha, what's going on? I heard something.
- Asha, open the door.
- There was a man in my house.
- Oh, my god.
- He went no, no, no, it's not safe.
He went out the back.
- Are you okay? - Uh, yeah.
- What'd he look like? - It happened so fast.
- 911, what is your emergency? - Yeah, hey, there's been a break-in.
- Hello? - This is very simple The computer for the girl.
Let me talk to my daughter first.
Dad? Dad, are you there? - Dad? - Mattie - Darling, I am so sorry.
- Here's what's gonna happen.
- Ready? - Yeah.
What? I'll do anything.
You should put it in your pocket.
They said it it has to be just me.
No one else.
Keep a hand on the phone at all times, in case you don't hear it ring.
It's set to vibrate as well.
They said if they see anyone else in there, she dies.
No one's gonna die.
You think you can just say that, and that makes it so? Sorry.
My bad.
Check, check.
- Check.
- Check.
And check.
I'm into their security cameras.
When was your last flu shot? Echinacea, baby, all the way.
Hey, Dan Look at me.
We all want the same result here, okay? They said alone.
And that's all they're gonna see.
12 minutes to go.
Anything missing? I don't I I thought it better not to touch anything.
So you guys just going through the motions or are you actually gonna do something? - Ma'am - She's just trying to help.
- Ma'am? - Miss, this guy covers tracks pretty well.
He knew what he was doing.
Do you have anywhere you can go for the next couple days? - Yeah, she can crash with me.
- No, no, you just moved in.
- No, no problem.
- Friends, family member, somebody you can trust? Why? What's going on? What are you not saying? This guy was in your underwear drawer, miss.
And it's not the first case of stalking that we've seen - in the neighborhood in the last year.
- Well, that's great.
Of a young, successful, attractive woman.
Are you hitting on her now? We'll have some mobile units watch the building for the next couple days.
In the meantime, if there's anyone you can call A stalker? Tell me this is gonna work.
It's time.
We should be all over Ingersol Pharmaceutical - by now as well.
- We will be.
- When? - Once this part is over.
- And if this part - Don't.
I know that little girl.
I made her my friend Helped her with her ballet, went to her recitals.
You remember what I told you about overinvesting emotionally? Okay? He's moving to the bench by the carousel, like they instructed.
- Mattie? - Oh, hey.
One level up.
Cue ball.
Alpha, acknowledge.
- We all got dog lady? - Got her.
It's a cute ass dog.
Not fair.
They're coming in like ants.
Roger that.
Eight tourists and counting, from all directions.
Beginning to feel a lot like a killing zone in there.
Have you seen Mattie? Where is she? Try to relax.
Act like you're talking to your wife or something.
My wife dumped us eight years ago.
Have you seen Mattie? You need to move to your right, towards the airplanes fast as you can.
- Why? - Just do it now, please.
Thank you.
Oh, excuse me.
Hey, pooch.
Do you mind? Lose the earwig.
- Mattie.
- Where? She's over there.
She's heading into the arcade.
- Don't move.
- I see her.
- Stay where you are.
- 12 tourists now.
This is about to go south.
This is not an exchange.
It's an ambush.
- Roll it up.
- What? Get him out.
No noise.
- There's too many kids.
Do it now.
- Roger.
Heads up.
On your toes.
Later, dog lady.
Never forget a face.
- What are you doing? - Gotta go.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
No! You want your daughter to live? - You wanna live? - She's in there right now.
- Don't fight me.
- She's in there right now! No! What are you doing? No you can't do this! You can't do this! It's not supposed to happen this way! It's not suppo It's not supposed to happen this way! What are you gonna do about my daughter? They're gonna kill her! It's not supposed to happen this way! - Wait, where's Bryan? - We gotta go back! You got they're gonna kill her, you bastards! Stand by.
Mattie, it's all right.
Let's go.
Hey, no! Run to me! Hey.
- Where are they taking her? - He he'll kill you for this.
Who? Him? Tom? Hey, it's me.
Where you At? Chuck, you there? Chuck? You there? Chuck? Zero, this is Bravo.
Got a cleanup situation back here.
Moving out now loading dock.
Okay Charles Solitzki hang on Ex-cop Milwaukee PD And brother of Tom Solitzki.
- Know who that is? - Chief of security at Ingersol Pharmaceuticals.
If she's dead, it's on you.
So you just wanna give up? He's just thinking out loud.
I'd do the same.
- What happened in that place? - I need the code The access code to the laptop.
- Your people screwed up.
- I screwed up just me.
- And now she is dead.
- Dan, you cannot Yeah, I can blame anybody I like.
So now Mattie's dead.
She's not an issue anymore.
And now you people are just gonna go on business as usual, is that right? - Wrong.
- No.
100% right if she's dead.
It doesn't make any sense for them to kill her yet.
I'm sorry to put it so bluntly, because what Ingersol is paying them to do is get back the medical test reports on Sangravan.
Mattie alive is their leverage.
This is a multi-billion dollar corporation with everything to lose.
She is their only hope for survival.
Make the call.
Where the hell are you At? Mr.
Who's this? I'm afraid your brother's dead, so I grabbed his phone.
I also have the laptop And the code.
What do you want? Is Mattie there? Mr.
Golitzki, this is her father, Dan Dan Glynn.
Is Mattie alive? Put the other guy back on.
- I'm here.
- You killed my brother? Yes.
Dad! Dad, I'm all Dad What just happened here? What happened here? What just happened? Mattie! Mattie! Mattie! The one who killed my brother You're gonna bring me the laptop at first light.
You, and only you.
- Where? - There right there The underpass between Junction 9 and 10 on 395.
- - How long to first light? You got just about nine hours.
Thanks for letting me stay at your place, Bryan.
I'd have been pretty mad if you hadn't.
Hi-tech, huh? You'd be surprised.
Last thing they expect.
Gives you more time.
To what? Get away whatever.
Have you been broken into before? - No.
- Oh.
Um knock on wood.
You should take the bedroom.
Uh, I'm I'm good with the couch.
Guard dog sleeps by the door.
Under no circumstances do you push this any further than exchanging the laptop for Mattie.
Clear? Laptop, please.
Step back.
Where's the girl? You'll need the access code.
- Which is? - Not until I have the girl.
Let's go.
Both hands to the bar.
- How far are we going? - Cuff your wrists to the bar.
- - Oh, okay Not too far.
- On site? - Yeah.
All good.
Yeah, we got it.
You got the code? - No.
- Why not? He says not until he gets the girl.
Bring him up.
- He says to bring you up.
- How many men? I don't recall.
Four Four men.
Try not to shake the car too much.
You got about three minutes before the cigarette burns down enough to fall into the tank.
Now he's not answering.
Something's wrong.
Wait here.
He's here.
Take the gag off.
- Let's go.
- Who's here? My dad? Dad? Dad, I'm up here! I'm okay! I'm up here, Dad! Dad! Please! Please, somebody help me! Dad! Dad, help! Dad! Dad, I'm up here! Dad! Dad! Help! Dad, help! Dad! Someone help me! No, please don't run away from me this time.
- Are you a friend of - Your dad's? Yes.
- You a gymnast? - Ballet.
Where's my dad? So you have her now.
Where's what I need? Stay close to me.
- Downstairs.
- Where? Behind some construction equipment.
Narrow it down for me.
I think I saw some welding gear.
Ah! - You ready? - Not really.
You stay down.
Listen up I need that laptop and access code.
Don't move.
- Mattie! - Dad? Oh, baby.
Oh, baby.
I'm so sorry, Dad.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry, baby.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
What for? I love you so much.
He says you're brave, Dad.
- Who? - Him.
15% of all patients, all of them military Some in-country, some stateside, some still serving, some veterans All suffered massive stroke as a direct result of Sangravan.
Which was sold to the Defense Department as a blood clotting agent to stop the bleeding.
Ingersol hid the side effects.
And I quote "in some, but not all cases, SHV-9876 Sangravan is known to accelerate pulmonary embolism, and/or CVA cerebrovascular accident " Which, in plain English, means stroke "and death.
" Some of the cases were more or less immediate, and for others, the side effects accumulated over time.
It's all here.
Defense Department reports on Sangravan mention none of this.
Then that's an internal issue in defense that needs to be resolved.
Wouldn't you agree, Madam Secretary? - I would.
- In the meantime, we now have the head of the snake.
We are now outside the Corporate Headquarters of Ingersol Pharmaceuticals, where federal agents have made multiple arrests of senior management.
Would you give us an answer? Comment about Sangravan.
Screen door needs some oil, Daddy.
She would be So proud of you, honey.
Trying to get me drunk, are ya? Slainte.
- Who is it? - Me Bryan.
Wow, it actually works.
Told you.
Hey, nice suit.
I made dinner To say thank you.
You didn't have to do that.
How I was raised.
Shepherd's pie? Hope I got it right.
How did you, uh - How how did you know? - Your mother.
Oh Huh.
That a problem? What else do you two talk about? Nothing.
This and that.
Mind if I I get out of this thing first? - Are you mad at me? - No.
You seem upset.
I'm just It's been a long couple of days.
I wanted to do something nice for you.
Which It's not necessary.
What are you afraid of? - Afraid? - Bryan I bought dinner, I spent half the day cooking it, I got dressed up, and I lit candles.
Do I really have to spell it out for you? And now you're mad.
What then? Nervous.
Me too.
This nervous? Close.
Elena, ahora qué? I could finish him off right here, right now.
First, we use him to find Mejia.

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