Taken (2017) s01e05 Episode Script

A Clockwork Swiss

1 It's not just a game for you, is it? It's not just power and control.
It matters what I think of you.
Peter: He's playing with you.
And you're buying right into it.
Maybe it's in your best interest to make me think that.
You're gonna go to the rattlesnake everyday.
If that asshole riddler approaches you, you're gonna call me.
Or if you hear a voice that sounds like maybe possibly that's the guy, you're gonna call me.
Do you understand? Were you home the night he went missing? - Yeah.
- Was Jackie there? We don't exactly sleep in one bed.
Peter: She lied because she was pissed at him, which you should have been able to read.
Annie: Didn't there use to be an old mental hospital called New Horizons? Daisy: Sandy Driver.
A good cop died investigating that murder.
I know.
He was my grandpa.
Annie: Did the same person who killed Jesse kill Sandy? - Riddler: No.
- Annie: But they are connected? Riddler: Yes.
(Loud rasp of a marker) (Waking gasp) (Loud rasp of a marker) - (Light clicks on) - (Loud rasp of a marker) (Footsteps thud lightly) I thought you were gonna sleep on stuff.
Come in.
Be my sounding board.
I know it looks crazy, but it's not.
I thought the murders were connected somehow, for a while.
And then I thought I was all wrong but now I know it's real.
The connection.
Like a serial killer? No.
It's not that simple.
Before Maggie OD'd, she said that Jesse was killed as retribution for what she did to Sandy.
- Wow.
- Right? - What did she mean? - I have no idea.
Not that she killed Sandy.
She has an alibi.
But there's something.
She did something.
You know Maggie better than me.
You've hung out with her.
Talk to me.
Uh she wouldn't hurt her son.
I know.
What else? She's smart.
Smart how? Book smart.
Ah high school awards smart.
Like Tom, he had dreams.
And then the accident which was on purpose.
He and Maggie, both on paths till Sandy.
That's messed up.
Did your dad know all this when he was investigating? I don't think so.
His memo books.
Whatever he knows about Sandy is in there.
I never wanted to look before.
Peter said I didn't wanna be in his head for his last days.
And I didn't.
I, I don't.
So don't.
But what if what he knew then, combined with what I know now I can find out what happened to Sandy? It's worth it if I can figure out what the connection is to Jesse.
Daisy: They said it wasn't big man-sized hands that strangled her.
Jesus, Daisy.
Don't say things like that.
Annie: I don't want you to think like that, okay? Daisy: Why not? You do! All the time.
Go to bed.
Where you going? Good night, Annie.
(Door opens and shuts) I need my dad's memo books.
The last one.
- They're mine.
- Peter: They're not, actually.
They're the police department's.
So is evidence.
Like that shack you burnt down.
There's nothing there for you.
You don't get to decide that.
Get them from Bev, I'll sign off.
It's not pretty at the end.
His thoughts.
(Phone rings) (Tires crunch in the dirt) (Turns engine off) Operator: We're sorry, the number you have reached is Clarence: Randy Oldring found her while walking his dog.
Found her on a concrete slab.
She was posed.
Her fingernails ripped off.
The victim was a message in a body.
Randy was shattered.
What is the significance of the fingernails.
(Starts engine and rumbles off) Randy: This is where I found her.
I was up early walking the dog.
And we just stumbled on her.
You noticed the fingernails? Randy: Yeah.
I couldn't tell if they were ripped off or ah her neck was You now, just knowing someone could do that to her I ah I didn't have kids because of that.
(Chuckles) I broke it off with the girl I was gonna marry because of that.
Your dad ah, he called me one time.
You know, he just, he wanted to see how I was doing.
I thought that was renewed my ah Thanks.
(Footsteps crunch in the foliage) Clarence: A girl disappears from a pageant rehearsal.
A large community event.
How was she not missed? Helen: Photos from every pageant year.
Mother: Bethany! Helen: Oh God.
Come check the length.
Is Bethany playing Mary? It'll end up like that.
So why fight it? So Sandy went missing.
Dinner break.
You liked her, Sandy? People weren't happy when I gave her the role of Mary.
She was here always on time, asking questions.
I don't mean like, you know "where am I supposed to stand?" but you know, "what kind of a person was Mary?" and "did she have friends?" "Was she always beautiful or "did she just become beautiful later?" She'd show up, greasy hair, dirty clothes, but there was something.
I don't know, a light, a hope that came from being in that costume.
For a few minutes during lunchtime she was Mary and everybody had to love her.
To look at her I don't think she experienced a day of that in her life.
(Low hum of chatter) Mother: No, no.
No, there's a stain on this.
Is that her? Mother? Mother: No.
This is filthy, you're not wearing it.
Spencer, you know how I feel about grease and dirt.
Helen: She was never very biblical.
(Pages ruffle) Clarence: Need to re-interview the pageant teens.
Nobody knows anything.
Somebody's lying.
Annie: Date of last entry March 23rd.
March 22nd Where's March 23rd? There's a page cut out.
(Pencil rasps) March 23rd, 911 call.
Why would he rip it out? (Clicks button) Female dispatcher: 911, what is your emergency? Male caller: I don't know, but I hit a tree (Forwards the tape) Female caller: I think it's his heart.
Male caller: Oh I'd say about uh, how long you been throwing up, Vern? Young woman: (hysterical) Someone was in my room! Female dispatcher: Okay, I'm with you.
- Are you home alone? - Young woman: Yes! Female dispatcher: Is the intruder still in the house? Young woman: I don't know! Dispatcher: An officer is already on the way.
What's your name? Young woman: Lily.
Lily Mansfield.
- Did you see the intruder? - Lily: No.
- You heard him? - Lily: No.
How did you know there was someone in your house, Lily? Lily: Fingernails! He left fingernails! (Loud rave music) Mother: This is unacceptable.
This is the brewery, the home of Bellevue's future, not a nightclub.
They are these migrating raves.
They pick a different building every week.
- We're dealing with it.
- Well, thank God for that.
I've got investors coming through in the morning.
You see that woman over there? Can you put her in a car and take her home.
How well do you know Mrs.
Edmonds? Luke: I just know her form the parties.
She comes every Tuesday.
- Every Tuesday? - Yeah.
Going back how long? I don't know.
Like three months, maybe.
Okay, thanks.
(Footsteps scuff) (Tapes clatter) (VCR bangs) Hey, you're a borderline hoarder.
Do you have a working VCR? (Door opens) Brady: Hey! (Door shuts) Hey, I said a 12-pack.
Oh, do come in, please.
- Come on.
- All right.
Don't touch my game.
And if you get too drunk to drive home and you sneak into my bed in the middle of the night and you're like: "Ooh, your couch is so lumpy", that's consent.
You want me to sign something? Ah sign right there.
Fair enough.
Have you ever ripped a page out of your memo book? What the hell, Ryder? Is this about Eddie? What kind of shit is he getting you in? It's not about Eddie.
Seriously, have you? Yeah.
It was my first year on the job.
And it was a DUI.
And the guy blew clean.
And ah his, his girlfriend had black eyes and he was fucking lippy.
So I wrote him up as drunk.
Later on I couldn't go through with it.
So I tore the page out.
I almost got fired over that.
Why? You got something you want to cover up? - Does that thing work? - Fucked if I know.
(Bottle clanks) Policeman's voice: Did you know Sandy Driver very well? Ah, not really.
She's pretty weird.
Policeman: Weird how? She never had any lunch.
And her clothes came from the dump.
(Fast forwards the tape) Policeman: When was the last time you saw Sandy? Ah I don't know.
(Forwards it again) Policeman: What is your name? - Lily Mansfield.
Oh, what the hell, Ryder? Policeman: Did you know Sandy Driver? What can you tell me about when she went missing? I mean, I know she was there.
But I don't know when the last time I saw her was.
Policeman: Were you and Sandy friends? I don't really bond with people my age.
I guess I'm an old soul.
Policeman: An old soul, huh? I'd say you like trouble.
Well, something tells me you like trouble.
Policeman: Oh, is that right? - Says here you're 16.
- Oh yeah? What else does it say on there? Does it tell you where I live? What kind of fun I like to have? (Policeman laughs) Whoa.
She's about to go full "Indecent Exposure" any second.
And that cop is into it.
Who's the cop Ryder? You wanna tell me what the hell is going on? No.
If I wanted to look up an old 911 call, where would I find the case file? - You have a file number? - No.
Just a date.
March 23rd, 1995.
(Mutters to herself) March No record.
It isn't here.
What does that mean? Must have been a false alarm.
Your 911 call was never officially filed.
("Silent Night" plays on the piano) Mrs.
Spencer? What did you mean, when you said that Lily Mansfield wasn't very biblical? I need to know.
It's not just idle curiosity.
I used to know her mom.
There was this thing.
It was a really big deal at the time.
Top secret.
Which is hard to do in this town.
What? (whispers) Abortion.
And apparently it was an older man.
(Approaching footsteps clunk) Sit down.
This is my office, that's what I do here.
- Can I offer you something? - No.
Dispatcher: What's your name? Lily: Lily.
Lily Mansfield.
- Did you see the intruder? - No.
- You heard him? - No! How did you know there was someone in your house, Lily? Fingernails! He left fingernails! (Big inhale) I'm smart enough to know that you're not gonna tell me the truth and you're gonna try and play me.
But I know you know something about Sandy's death.
Oh, (Small chuckle) I see.
You're bored.
Your murder's solved.
Didn't go the way you wanted.
Didn't turn our town against each other for your viewing pleasure.
I'm not bored.
I'm engaged.
And I just want you to know.
- I know.
- There's nothing to know.
I was in the pageant.
Just like everyone else.
You still got fucking fingernails.
(Snaps) I have a fucking alibi! How's your stress level? It's fine.
(Laughs) The door is that way.
(Footsteps clunk) (Door slams) No, no, no, no, no.
I'm not here.
I just came to get something.
It's my day off.
Dispatcher: What's your name? Lily: Lily.
Lily Mansfield.
This is it, isn't it? Why you didn't want me looking into anything.
His memo books.
Was something going on with him and Lily Mansfield when she was 16.
Did you know about the 911 call? It was a nightmare, that's all.
He said fingernails were the answer then didn't report it.
I played the call for Mother.
It wasn't a nightmare.
She got fingernails.
He had to have known it had something to do with the murder.
He covered it up.
What Annie? What did he cover up? Tell me.
He didn't process the scene.
Mother's house.
There's no file.
He made it disappear.
I watched his witness interview with her.
It was weird.
Did you check to see where Mother was the night that Sandy was killed? Yeah.
She has an alibi.
But she's still involved.
Why, because some nut job left some fingernails on her bed? You got fingernails too.
So I guess you're involved, right? My garage got burnt down, I guess, I, I, I did it too then, eh? And I know who else is likely involved, is virgin Mary.
That's right, yeah.
She's the ring leader for the whole magical murder! Why are you on this anyway, Annie? Because I think it's gonna help me figure out who killed Jesse.
- Was he sleeping with her? - Annie, just don't.
The 911 call was March 23rd.
He declared the case inactive March 25th.
He found something that made him stop looking for the killer.
And then he went crazy, spent all his time at his fishing cabin and that was it.
What happened between declaring the case inactive and his death? I don't know.
I haven't been to that cabin since he died.
Don't go there, Annie.
I need to make sense of all this.
Peter: I think whatever happened there is never gonna make any sense.
I wish you'd just let it go.
Annie: Yeah.
Well I can't.
He's my dad.
Something about this whole mess sent him up there with his gun.
And he never came back.
(Phone rings) - Yeah.
- Sid: I heard it.
- The voice? - At the rattlesnake.
I turned around, there's a few guys.
I don't know which one but it was the same voice.
They were talking about um some mess they were in.
- Are they still there? - Yeah.
All right.
You wanna make some money, keep your eyes on them.
If anyone leaves, you follow them.
Hey, Brady.
Get a van and meet me at the rattlesnake.
Why? Because it's a beautiful day for a fucking drive.
Let's go.
Virginia: Hi.
A few Tuesdays ago, there was a party at the old furniture warehouse down the street.
You probably heard it.
Ravers come here for water and things.
Do you remember seeing her that night? (Books shuffle) (Young Annie giggles) Clarence: You gotta stop growing there.
You're gonna be bigger than me.
Daisy: Hey.
What are you doing here? Your mom hates church stuff.
I don't do everything my mom wants me to do.
So wait.
Are you like rebelling right now - by joining the Christmas pageant? - (Sighs) - Hmm - I hate this stupid pageant.
I have to do it.
You know who would have liked to have been Mary? Jesse.
He would have loved it.
And just because she wore one dress doesn't mean she wanted to wear all the dresses in the world.
(Small laugh) Jesse kissed me once.
As a she.
(Humming) - Hey.
Do you have a minute? - Sure.
Can you do a debit card run for me? Boring.
I thought it was gonna be something fun.
What's boring about that? - (Footsteps shuffle) - Hmm.
Peter: Number four to the mic.
I've been preparing for this mess all day.
That's the last one.
He musta slipped past me.
- Are you fucking with me? - No.
- Are you sure? - Yeah.
'Cause if you ever waste my fucking time again like this, you're gonna go down, you hear me?! What's this about? No idea.
Bringing in random guys from the rattlesnake.
What's the first sign of Alzheimer's? (Footsteps thud) The old mental hospital, New Horizons.
Can I get a patient list for that place.
Horizons has been shut down for more than a decade.
I can put in a request, but it'll take its sweet time.
How long? Don't hold your breath.
Lily: Someone was in my room! Dispatcher: Okay.
I'm with you.
- Are you home alone? - Yes! Is the intruder still in the house? Lily: I-I don't know! Dispatcher: An officer is already on the way.
- What's your name? - Lily.
Lily Mansfield.
Did you see the intruder? - Lilly: No! - (Door slams) - You heard him? - No.
How did you know there was someone in your house, Lily? Fingernails! He left fingernails! (Door opens and shuts) Peter: I've been prepping for this mess all day.
What does that mean to you? You had the book.
What? You ripped the page out.
Earlier you said that Lily had fingernails on her bed, but I never told you that.
It isn't in the recording.
And if it were all just a hysterical nightmare there would be no fingernails.
But there were, weren't there? Did you take the 911 call? Was it you interviewing Lily? Did you destroy evidence in a teenage girl's murder 'cause you wanted to fuck someone? Is that why you're so desperate to find this guy? Not for me! For you! 'Cause he knows your dirty secret? I can't deal with this right now, Annie.
My dad killed himself 'cause he couldn't solve this case.
Is that because of you? No! Then what? Young Peter: So I'll need to take this pillow case to evidence as well.
I'll need to check for fingerprints and bring the forensics team to go through the whole house.
No, please don't.
My parents are crazy.
They've been threatening to send me to boarding school and if they find out about this, they definitely will.
I mean, I'm sure they're not real.
Are they? Wait.
Wait! (Toilet flushes) What did you do?! What did you just do?! That was evidence! I know you like me.
During the interview, I could tell.
Annie: Is that why you went there that night to see her? No.
Your dad got the call but he just went home, okay? He just left.
Your mom was having a fit about something.
And then I, I, I went.
If he would have taken the call, none of this would have happened.
But I did everything I could, Annie.
I, I, I staked out Lily's house.
I put the pillow case through forensics, everything.
She had an alibi.
I looked everywhere for this guy.
- I'm still looking.
- Is that why you burnt the shack? She told you to, didn't she? She did not know about that shack till you found it.
And you told me.
There's no need of bringing the past back.
You're such a liar.
You knew he gave me fingernails.
You knew I needed that information.
This is my life this person and you knew shit.
And you sit here today and let me think that my dad had an affair with a teenager and it was you! He's dead! He's dead! - I'm alive! - What does that mean? It means that I made a judgment call because I thought you needed somebody.
What? A dad? A surrogate fucking dad? So you just put all your fuck ups on him 'cause what the hell? He's dead already.
- Why not? - Annie! Annie get back here! (Door slams hard) (Crickets chirping) (Footsteps crunch) Briana: (Laughs) No, that's not how you're supposed to do it.
Eddie: Yeah.
That's how you do it.
You just go straight in.
Daisy: You're gonna burn it.
Flamed grilled just like a whopper.
Briana: She knows, it's like the slow roast.
You gotta go for the slow roast.
That's what I always say.
- Eddie: You like 'em like this.
- Daisy: No.
You call yourself a parent? I can't believe Daisy made it to 12 without anyone showing her how to properly roast a marshmallow.
I guess we dropped the ball on that one.
It was a joke, Annie.
I know.
I'm joking too.
See, I'm smiling.
It's a joke.
Work okay today? Can I have a beer? - We got more of those? - Oh yeah, yeah.
There's lots.
Hey, baby.
Let me try.
(Flames crackle) Mom, they're burning! They both shit.
(Blows) Just gimme another one.
Gimme another one.
Here you go.
Can I speak to you for a second? Take it, baby.
What's going on, Annie? What? Your face.
You've been crying? Yeah.
I had a shitty day.
Peter lied to me.
He's been lying my whole life.
Do you really think you should be here right now? No.
I don't think I should be here right now.
I wanna go home.
I wanna go home with our kid.
I need you to stop.
Whatever it is that you're doing.
Please? Just stop.
Can we just stop? Why? 'Cause you turn up at this fun, family fucking barbeque - like this? - (Exhales) I know, oh fuck, if she has one drink, if she has one fucking drink, the fucking shit is gonna explode.
And I used to like that.
I was the guy who took pity on those boring couples who wore cardigans and had supper at home and had date night and never had what we had.
That epic fucking cut yourself and bleed love, tormented relationship.
But I get it now.
What? You don't have to feel pain to be with someone.
You don't have to drive someone to the edge of fucking sanity just to test them to see if they love you.
It can be calm and simple.
Fuck, Annie, I need calm.
I'm done with the crazy.
Well you enjoy yourself.
And if you get a tip about a crocheting seminar at the lion's club, you you let me know.
I'm sure she's in the loop.
(Water runs, toilet flushes) How's it going, Annie? You know what? Just don't, okay? It's fine.
What you don't understand is that he's pissed with me.
I don't know why I don't remember.
He's finding a temporary situation.
Some desperate girl who'll fall all over herself to be with him.
It's actually kind of like foreplay for us.
(Door opens) (Horrified exhale) (Door opens and slams) - Peter, what are you - Talk to me about the fingernails guy.
No more games, Lily.
- What do you know? - What? I - I don't - You're lying.
You're lying to my fucking face.
And you've been lying to me for years.
What do you know about the fingernails guy.
- Tell me now.
- Peter.
Just come in.
Sit down.
Let's talk.
Did you hear what I just said? I said, tell me what I don't know.
Tell me what I don't know.
I want to know right now! - I don't know.
- Tell me what it is! - I need to know! - I don't know who he is! Tell me what you fucking know! I don't know who he is! - I promise.
- Jesus Lily! I let down the first guy who ever supported me, who ever cared about me.
He said that I was a good cop and he believed in me.
And then what did he do, he fucking shot himself! And a little girl got ruined because of this.
No, that wasn't because of you.
Of course it was because of me! How can you say that? How do you know that he wouldn't have been able to figure everything out if he had, had all the information.
- That girl could - You can't think like that.
I can.
Of course I can.
How can you compartmentalize like this, huh? You're fucking crazy.
I can't do this anymore.
No! No! No.
The only time I feel alive is with you.
Oh God.
The only time I'm real is with you.
And I know it's the same with you.
And if you don't think it's because of that first night.
That first time.
That "water tastes better because your fucking life is in danger" moment you're fooling yourself.
(Grunts) (Heavy breathing) (Heavy breathing) - (Moans) - (Objects clatter) (Heavy breathing, grunting) (Footsteps crunch) - Hey.
- Hey.
You wanna go somewhere? Where? Anywhere.
Not here.
What did he say to you? - Nothing.
Just - What did he say to you? Just let it go.
Let it go.
I just Let's just go somewhere and get really drunk.
I just, I just can't be alone right now.
That's nice.
Real classy.
You want to talk about classy.
I know your plan.
Use my sister.
Spend her money and toss her aside.
Same thing has been happening all her life, 'cause she won't stop betting on fucking losers.
Annie: Hey! - (Grunts) - Hey! - (Fighting grunts) - Hey! (Fighting grunts) What's wrong with you? I'm gonna take Daisy home.
I'll go with my dad.
(Door shuts, exhales) (Hitting thuds) - Briana: Are you okay? - Eddie: Yeah.
Come here, come here, come here.
- Grab the car? - Okay.
My God.
(Footsteps crunch) (Loud rave music plays) It's not me.
The video's time-stamped.
It was taken the night Jesse died.
That means you weren't at home.
That means you can't alibi Tom.
It's my it's my only release.
(Calming breaths) (Belt buckle jingles) Now we have a secret.
It's not why I come here.
I don't come here to feel the adrenaline, the fucked up adrenaline of that night.
I come here because I deserve to feel this fucking low.
(Door opens and slams shut) (Floorboard creaks) (Alcohol sloshes) (Slow Country tune plays) Clarence: Annie, you still awake? I'm gonna be gone for a bit.
I just gotta take a little trip to my cabin.
You know, it's where I go to think.
One day you'll see.
You'll look at yourself and your place in the world and and you'll see you need to get away.
You need to go and think about where you belong.
And if you do good for the world or if you do bad.
If you're a force of light or if you are dark, - worthless.
- (Angry scream) Fuck you! (Kicking grunts) (Crying) Fuck you! Fuck you! (Crying) Fucking selfish! (Kicking thuds) Ahhhh! (Door opens) (Footsteps crunch in the foliage) (Sighs) (Alcohol sloshes) (Shivers) (Crying) (Guttural scream) (Crying) (Screams) (Fighting grunts) Dad? (Steps crunch in the snow) Who are you?! Who are you?! Wait! Wait! Who are you?! Come back! (Emotional breaths) (Footsteps thud) Announcer: Next Monday, a shocking discovery We're gonna have a problem here? Not if you keep it clean.
Announcer: breaks the case wide open and leaves Annie fighting for her life.

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