Taken (2017) s01e06 Episode Script

Hail Mary

1 [Tense music.]
- - [Speaking Russian.]
Where are your bags? - Yura, I'm scared.
- We already talked about this.
No, I'm really scared.
Aren't you scared? Let's talk about this in the car.
We really must rush.
My husband is going to kill me.
He's going to kill us.
Once we're gone, there's nothing, absolutely nothing that he can do to us.
He's a Colonel in the SVR, a trained assassin.
For god's sake, you think he's going to just let us go? The CIA will protect us.
Trust me.
We're going to be safe in United States.
Believe me, we're going to be in a lot of danger if we stay here in Russia.
I can't do this, Yura.
Not today.
What? What do you mean "not today"? I shouldn't even be here right now.
[Dramatic music.]
[Car engine turns over distantly.]
Where is he? - - [Speaks Russian.]
- - [Speaks Russian.]
[Soft music.]
[Dishes clinking.]
[People chattering indistinctly.]
- - [Speaks Russian.]
- - [Speaks Russian.]
- - [Speaks Russian.]
You might have a point.
About what? This not being right.
[Electrical boom.]
[Man shouting indistinctly.]
Get away from the window.
[Man shouting indistinctly.]
We can't get taken.
Not with what we know about Yuri.
What if it's Yuri who set us up? You are surrounded! We know you are CIA! There's no escape! You have 30 seconds to surrender! But what if it wasn't him? How else did this happen? What if they've already rolled Yuri up? - What if, what if? - Do you really want to die? If Yuri's still a live Asset.
- You want to die.
- We have to protect him.
Don't do this.
Please? Joan.
There has to be another way out of this.
Five! Four! - God, I hope you're right.
- Three! Two! [Man speaking Russian.]
I can't do this.
I'm sorry.
[Funky music.]
[Men chattering indistinctly.]
Hey, who got Who's on shorty? Remi, you sleeping again? [Men chattering indistinctly.]
- Hey.
- Come on.
What the hell was that? Ho, ho, ho.
Easy, boys.
Easy, boys.
- It's just a game.
- What's up with you? You hurt? We all just having a good time here, right? Right.
Please say your name and job title.
Uh, Gretchen Lareau, Deputy Chief Moscow Station.
Do you understand, Miss Lareau, that the proceedings of this chamber are classified secret? I do.
Miss Lareau, did the two CIA case officers killed in Russia earlier this morning report to you? Yes, they did.
And what were they doing in Keykino.
They were supposed to be meeting an Asset who had asked for our help to get him out of Russia.
An Asset? From the SVR, Russia's Intelligence Service.
He wanted to defect? Correct.
And what is Yuri's particular value? He claims to know the identity and allegiance of over 300 Russian agents in the United States.
- And who recruited him to defect? - I did.
For how long? The last 14 months.
- Both: So why - I'm sorry.
So why weren't you in Keykino to meet him? Because I was back in Langley for a Divisional Directors meeting.
You scheduled this extraction while you knew you'd be back in D.
? Yuri was familiar with Pulowski and McFaddyen.
They had his full confidence.
Or so you thought.
Is it possible Yuri set them up? Miss Lareau.
Anything is possible.
But if he did set them up, that means that you recruited a double agent.
I'm aware.
Thank you.
Which means now somebody has to go find him.
[Phones ringing, chiming.]
What are you doing? We're in the middle of a game here.
Where you going? Ball game's over, boys.
[Dramatic music.]
You got this, bro.
Feel better.
Make sure that hole in your side heals quick.
Keep your heads down.
I'll be with you in spirit.
Hey, you ain't sat out a game since you had your tonsils out when you was six.
And I was nine.
All right.
So what's it now? Nothing.
I'ma be fine.
Come on.
I want to show you something.
Hello, Edna.
Pastor George.
Flowers look beautiful.
Keyshawn Willis.
13 years old.
Killed in a drive-by Thursday.
52nd Street crew got themselves a new shot caller.
They using kids as corner boys again.
You know who? Oh, yeah.
- You talk to the cops? - What? - The police.
You talk to the police? - Please.
I got more use for a back pocket on my shirt.
'Cause what you're asking me to do, I don't do that anymore.
John, this is me asking.
And I know you know better than to ask me Your big brother.
Your own flesh and blood.
You done? 13 years old.
I understand.
Believe me.
I understand.
But you gotta work within the system on this.
Is that what I was supposed to say this afternoon at the funeral? Isn't it your job to pray at the funeral? [All grunt.]
- [Liquid splashes.]
- [Gasps.]
- You speak English? - Please, let me go.
You're coming with us.
Okay, okay.
- [Grunts.]
- Gun.
[Both smacking.]
We gotta keep him alive.
Real name or code name? Real name.
Who are you? CIA? - You wish.
- Please.
What happened in Keykino, I had nothing to do with that.
Why didn't you show up? It's complicated.
So boil it down.
Complicated and personal.
We got a tail.
[Engine revs, tires squeal.]
- - [Speaks Russian.]
- FSB.
- They with you? No.
They must not see me.
[Tires squeal.]
[Tires squealing, horn honks.]
I knew it.
They found out about me.
Now they kill me too.
Found out about what? That I was trying to defect to CIA.
Two CIA officers were killed.
- Langley says you set them up.
- No, I didn't do that.
I swear on If they knew about the two CIA officers and the meeting place, - why didn't they know about you? - I don't know.
But now they do.
Look! [Tires squealing, horns honking.]
He was about to swear on someone's life.
- Ask him who.
- Sierra, this is Zero.
Can it wait a sec? Roger.
[Tires squealing.]
12 minutes to Foxtrot Oscar.
12 minutes.
Standing by.
Foxtrot Oscar.
What is what is fox - Airplane out of here.
- What I can't leave Russia.
I thought you wanted to defect.
[Tires squealing.]
I got this.
Hey! Get your ass back here! Shooting Russian agents on Russian soil is an act of war.
- I'm telling you, he's playing us.
- I'm not playing you.
I swear.
[Engine revs.]
Zero, this is Romeo.
Moving to the shrug now.
I do want to get out of Russia, yes, but I can't.
Why not? Not without my girlfriend.
Your girlfriend? There was no mention of a girlfriend to the CIA.
Well, no, because she is the wife of my superior officer, Colonel Sergei Kuznikov.
What, you thought you'd just spring her on the CIA? She got scared last second and wouldn't come to Keykino.
Anyone buying this crap? She couldn't come.
It's true.
On Tatjana's That's her name: Tatjana.
I swear on her life.
86 the extraction.
Stand by for further instructions.
- What? - You heard.
We ain't done here yet.
Yuri's having an affair with Tatjana Kuznikov? You had no idea.
- No.
- Well, maybe she's the problem.
Kuznikov used her to get to Yuri.
Some vodka, a little pillow talk? Suppose for a minute that neither Yuri nor Tatjana Kuznikov are responsible for the Keykino ambush.
Who else knew Yuri's identity? Me and Pulowski and McFaddyen, that's it.
So no one else at Moscow Station or Langley knew anything at all about Yuri or the meeting at Keykino? Not even Sy.
Gretchen, I'm gonna need your help around the clock as I move my people through Saint Petersburg.
Of course.
Anything you need.
Move your people around doing exactly what? What do you know about Kuznikov? A nasty piece of work.
Backroom bully who rose through the ranks - putting the wood to the Chechens.
- Anything else? Our hands are pretty full right now with Russian activity in Syria, Iran, and Ukraine.
Khalid Murvan.
A Chechen activist rumored to have been kidnapped, tortured, and killed by Kuznikov last month.
Where did you get that? A friend in German intelligence.
Are you crazy? You kill FSB officers in the middle of Saint Petersburg! You think you can get away with that? For your hands.
Boss says to get the Colonel's wife.
You speak Chechen? Wait.
Tatjana, you don't understand.
She won't.
Do you speak Chechen: Yes or no? Yes.
- Some.
- Good.
You're gonna teach him a few words.
- Me? - You.
We're going to need a safe house to debrief Tatjana.
Preferably one that you and only you know about.
We all have one of those.
For a rainy day.
[Bluesy music.]
[Heavy clank.]
[Both speaking Chechen.]
[Gun cocks.]
Gonna deactivate the alarm system with what'll look like a routine software update.
No red flags.
Buys you ten minutes.
Hit it.
Three, two, one.
We're a go.
Take this.
She gave it to me.
Does Tatjana speak any English? Yes, yes, she speaks it well.
- Can I tell you something? - We gotta move.
- What is it? - Becca.
Please Don't hurt her.
[Men grunt.]
[TV announcer chatters indistinctly.]
[Dramatic music.]
You all know Brant Pope, Divisional Director of Eastern Europe.
Just in time.
Have a seat.
Bravo and Victor are in position.
Here we go.
[Dramatic music.]
Yuri's outside.
Okay? Are you the CIA? Cousins.
Plate check.
[Camera shutter clicks.]
Kilo, eight, four, one, hotel.
I can't go with you.
- Sure you can.
- Come on.
Come on.
It's Colonel Kuznikov.
I thought you said you had eyes on the SVR building.
Maybe he came from somewhere else.
Bravo, Roger.
We gotta move now.
[Dramatic music.]
[Both grunting.]
- - [Speaking Chechen.]
[Smacks and grunts.]
- We can't kill Kuznikov.
- He knows.
- That's heat we don't need.
- He knows.
[Dramatic music.]
[Both smacking and grunting.]
[Both smacking and grunting.]
[Smacks, thuds.]
We have one more problem.
She's pregnant.
Oh, come on.
You gotta laugh.
Scott, Tatjana.
Tatjana, Scott.
How many months? Too many.
How is she? [Sniffs, groans.]
She's fine.
Sorry to keep you.
Hello, Brant.
I'm impressed.
I presume you're here to watch your back in your time of need.
He's here because I asked him to be here - as her Divisional Director.
- Anything I should know? You guys figure that out yet? You gotta turn the power on first.
[Machine beeps.]
[Siren wailing distantly.]
You all right? Where's this Mook at? [Panting heavily.]
False alarm? Maybe.
Let me go to her.
Why didn't you tell us she was pregnant? I didn't think that you would go and rescue her.
Lives being on the line and all.
[Tatjana screams distantly.]
Did you tell her about Keykino? Yes, of course I did.
What, do you think that she is the one who told Kuznikov? Do you mean her husband? She would never do that.
She hates him.
He he beats her for no reason.
Can you imagine what a man like that would do to her if he found out that the baby isn't his? So why did she change her mind the other day? The doctor put her on bed rest.
'Cause her pregnancy is at risk.
Please, can I see her now? [Tense music.]
[Metallic jingling.]
What are you thinking? - I'm thinking - [Metallic clanking.]
The SVR Colonel showing up unannounced back there Has got me thinking.
[Tense music continues.]
[Metallic clang.]
[Broomstick snaps.]
[Broomstick clatters.]
- [Knock at door.]
- Yes? Yuri! [Both speaking Russian.]
Yuri says America is a beautiful place for a little girl to grow up.
[Brash hip-hop music playing.]
You can handle that tonight, man.
Hey, lookit here, though.
Who this? You need to leave the kids alone.
Who are you? My name's John.
Bye, John.
[Smacking echoes.]
[Gunshots echoing.]
Leave the kids alone.
Last time I tell you that.
I got two.
You? - One.
- [Scoffs.]
- Two.
- What? Zero, it's Sierra.
We got incoming.
- Again.
- Ping John.
Get him in here.
All call signs, we got another situation.
Radio silence till further notice.
It's time to get Yuri and Tatjana out of here.
- Get up.
- Careful.
She's meant to be on bed rest.
[Leaves rustling.]
- - [Man speaks Russian.]
Get Oscar Vertanan on a secure line.
- Who's Oscar Vertanan? - An Asset.
Oil man from Finland who flies in and out of Saint Petersburg every week on his company helicopter, no questions asked.
How solid? I got his daughter into Harvard.
Do it.
Which is the secure line? All of them.
You, you, my office.
[Tarp rustles.]
[Leaves rustling.]
[Engine rumbling.]
[Dramatic music.]
Come on.
This way.
Come on.
[Metallic snap, both yelp, thud.]
Okay! - [Metallic clang, man screams.]
- [Gunfire.]
[Metallic clang, man screams.]
[Gunfire continues.]
Is it safe? Come on.
We're going to Finland.
[Tatjana groaning loudly.]
Contractions are getting closer! You have to do something! You want to get out and start directing traffic yourself, be my guest.
[Both speaking Russian.]
Been there, done that.
Feel your pain, bro.
His pain? [Speaking Russian.]
[Groans loudly.]
You got kids? [Screaming.]
[Speaking Russian.]
- Get us out of here, Rem.
Let's go.
- Screw this.
Hold on! [Engine rumbles, horns honk.]
[Groaning and gasping.]
[Radio static crackles.]
[Knocks on door.]
[Door clicks and hisses.]
[Door hisses and clicks.]
What is it, Riley? This Oscar Vertanan.
I just wonder if, with everything that's happened, we should be trusting other people's Assets.
Or trusting other people, period.
We're in.
Is that John? [Rhythmic beeping.]
[Device beeps, rhythmic beeping stops abruptly.]
Well, what do you know? Bunch of secret crap that never should have gotten out of Langley - buried deep in the hard drive.
- I think that's it.
Okay, we're good.
It's a private airfield.
Main gate to the west.
Vertanan's taking care of the security people.
How? Money talks, young lady.
Money talks, especially in Russia.
Talk later.
Stay by your phone.
- Where have you been? - Bathroom.
Who was that? Our embassy in Helsinki.
They're scrambling an - ambulance and a doctor.
- Thought we agreed to limit exposure.
They think it's for one of my staff.
It's fine.
What's going on? She's also up to her neck in debt.
- Sick mother.
- Where was all this? Her computer.
I mean, where was the computer? Rolltop desk.
What's in her safe? Didn't want to mess with it.
Not enough time.
Figured this was enough to be going in with.
They're three minutes from the airfield.
Vertanan's waiting on the helicopter.
Engine's running, security's on site.
There's that money talking.
Sierra, this is Zero.
Sierra, send.
We do this by the book.
We don't need another Srebrenica.
Sierra, Roger.
- What happened in Srebrenica? - Nothing good.
You got your SVR card on you, Yuri? [Heavy metal music blasting.]
[Men shouting and chattering indistinctly.]
Stop, stop.
[Heavy metal music blasting.]
- - [Speaking Russian.]
Zero, this is Victor.
On final approach to airfield now.
[Helicopter rotors whirring.]
[Engine revving.]
[Dramatic music.]
[Men shouting indistinctly.]
Son of a bitch.
The Russian military was waiting for us on the bird.
[Men shouting indistinctly.]
[Men shouting indistinctly.]
[All speaking Russian.]
You want to really know what happened in Srebrenica? We hunted down a mole.
Where did you find them? Your home computer.
You broke into my house.
First there's the two CIA officers sold out to the Russians.
Then there's a near miss at Colonel Kuznikov's.
Then there's the fiasco at the safe house that you gave us.
You broke into my house and my home computer.
- And you planted these files.
- You know we didn't do that.
Put me on a polygraph.
Polygraph? Like you never trained for that? Then I want a lawyer.
If that's how you want to play it.
And I mean in the next hour.
- Not three days from now.
- Oh, trust me.
We're in a hurry too.
So what now? Maybe you should take a run at her, sir.
Sure, I can do that.
What happened to having her back? You're the one with folks in a bind in Russia.
Where I was raised, those in the field come first.
You're right.
Let's do this.
The good news is Your wife's having the baby.
Better news is, it's not yours.
[Engine turns over.]
Brant, this [Clears throat.]
I didn't do this.
We know.
What? Give us the room, please, Gretchen.
Sit down, Brant.
- Excuse me? - Sir.
- I am the Divisional Director - Sit.
If Gretchen sold out her own officers, then why not give up Yuri too? See, that doesn't make any sense, which means whoever gave up those guys didn't yet know Yuri's identity.
You just found reams of secret CIA communiqués in her home.
But they did have access to movement orders, plans, and reports of the officers in Moscow Station.
Seriously? Someone, say, like their Divisional Director.
- Little desperate, are we? - If Gretchen was taking Russian money to pay her mother's medical bills, then why is she still in debt? And why leave documents like that on her computer in her desk when she has a state-of-the-art safe? - You need to ask her.
- Like you said, I've got my people in the field, and time is running out.
I wasn't even involved in this operation.
- Until - Until Kuznikov showed up at his home at exactly the right time.
Gretchen waited until she wasn't the only suspect.
She's smart.
So why isn't she pointing the finger at you? Treason is front page stuff, Brant.
It doesn't just end your career.
It ruins your family for generations.
And then there's your son, Robert.
How does Robert live with that level of shame? Sit down.
He's a bright boy, Robert.
He's got a bright future.
Unless, of course, this kind of behavior runs in the family.
But let's give him the benefit of a doubt for now.
So either I leak your arrest and you watch the bottom slowly drop out of Robert's world, or What is that? Natural causes.
You have two minutes to decide.
You can't do this.
For our folks in the field? You kidding? [Latches snap.]
[Tense music.]
Reestablish comms with the team.
We have our mole.
[Breathing heavily.]
Why, Brant? Money.
Money talks.
Robert's stronger than me.
He takes after his mom.
He'll be okay.
Let's hope so.
No, no, no.
We had a deal.
Please! [Bangs on door.]
Please! - - [Man speaking Russian over loudspeaker.]
[Indistinct radio chatter.]
Take her hand.
[Indistinct radio chatter.]
[Man speaking Russian over loudspeaker.]
- - [Speaking Russian.]
[Speaking Russian.]
[Indistinct radio chatter.]
[Men chattering in Russian.]
Why me? I prayed for a solution, and he Gave me you.
I honestly believed you left that life behind a long time ago.
I honestly did.
Problem is, you never believed that I too left it behind.
That is not true.
I'm not the answer to your prayers, George.
You know why? I don't think you praying right.
I think you praying like some kind of punk-ass hypocrite.
Maybe you should stop praying for solutions and just try harder to be one.
[Indistinct chatter over loudspeaker.]
[Baby cooing quietly.]
You ready to roll? [Sighs.]
You really got kids, huh? Yep.
They're the reason I do this work.
You're crazy.
That's the other reason.
[Both laugh.]

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