Taken (2017) s01e07 Episode Script


1 [Ominous music.]
- [Electricity crackling.]
- [Groaning.]
- [Electricity crackling.]
- [Screaming.]
- [Scream echoing.]
- Dinner with your parents? - [Alarm system beeping.]
- Uh, sure.
- [Chuckles.]
Oh, really? - Yeah, I mean Because [Key pad beeping.]
- What? - [Chuckles.]
You don't sound all that sure.
- [Beeping stops.]
- It's I think you're really gonna like them.
And they're gonna love you.
Well, I'm not sure about that.
They already do.
What? What did you tell them? About you? Hmm, let me see now.
- You know what I mean.
- They knew Cali.
They adored Cali.
Did I forget to tell you that your loving little sister used to brag about you, like, a lot? - What if they don't like me? - Seriously? - It's possible.
- No, I mean you seriously care if they like you? Mm, that's so sweet.
- [Scoffs.]
- [Chuckles.]
- Now you're making fun.
- [Laughs.]
Don't worry.
I won't tell anyone how sweet you really are.
[Both laughing.]
[Dramatic music.]
Do I want the soufflé? Um, I don't know.
I-I hadn't really thought that far.
Well, if Chef insists I'm having the soufflé and we're his guests, then I'm pretty sure that means I'm having the soufflé.
Yes, I understand how soufflés are made, thank you, and I just told you I'm 20 minutes out.
Harry, if [Groans.]
I said I'll be there, and so I'll be there.
Uh, I'm about to lose you.
I'm headed into the elevator.
To save you the trouble, I'm going to dinner with an old friend, Harry, whose college roommate, it turns out, owns Zola.
Francois Zola, the celebrity chef? What have you got? Tomas Vitek just popped up on the radar.
Where? [Dramatic music.]
Dressed as a priest? According to the Brits, in transit from Poland.
Francois Zola was gonna cook you dinner? - When was this? - 9:28 this morning.
- Our time or theirs? - Theirs.
He took a 10:17 flight from Heathrow to Montreal-Trudeau, which landed three hours ago.
- And we're just finding out now? - At least the Brits caught it.
Better late than never.
Montreal airport cameras picked him up taking a cab to a nearby hotel and then, poof, gone.
- Anything on the cab? - Stolen.
Ringer plates.
Ping Bryan.
- Bryan? - Tell him I'm on my way.
What? - Just Bryan? - For now.
That a problem? Just checking.
We're gonna need the helicopter.
Uh, one more thing.
What? Probably respectful to cancel the soufflé.
[Cell phone vibrating.]
Hold that thought.
- What is it? - I got to go.
- Right now? - Yeah.
At Ten after midnight? I'll let you know about getting together with your folks.
How do I know it's not a ploy for you to get out of it? - You got me.
- [Chuckles.]
Mm, mm.
No, no, no, no.
I got to go.
- [Door opens, closes.]
- Bye.
[Car door opens.]
[Exhales deeply.]
We've been trying to get a hold of you for the past 15 minutes.
I was asleep.
Tomas Vitek Believed to be the man behind a catalog of arms deals supplying military-grade weapons in bulk to everything from coups and dictators to terrorists and the cartel.
The Cartel? Singular? - Well, more specifically - The Mejia Cartel.
So you're telling me the weapons used by the men who murdered my sister were supplied by him? According to the FBI, almost certainly, yes.
So now we're gonna find him.
- That's today's date time-code.
- Correct again.
[Tense music.]
This should be interesting.
Can't even imagine what that must feel like.
Face-to-face with your sister's murderer? Why make him do this? - To face his demons? - Or maybe it's her way of showing him she's finally starting to trust him.
- What's this? - Look at the picture.
Do they think sending you in here will intimidate me? Word on the street is you don't need much intimidating.
Every time they've asked you to rat someone out, you've barely blinked.
What is this? It's a test.
A psychological test To see if I've gotten past my need to rip out your throat for murdering my sister.
Truth is That desire to avenge her murder will never completely go away.
It's an unrealistic expectation.
It's not like there's a Tibetan monastery in my future or anything like that.
But can I control the urge to kill you? I'm getting there.
Now look at the picture.
I've never seen him.
See, I happen to know that he supplied the weapons your men used to murder my sister.
But okay What are you doing? - If it were up to me - [Groaning.]
I'd throw you over the side, but it isn't.
So now you're no use to us, it's time to transfer you to a federal facility.
Where? - What does it matter? - [Grunts.]
They're all the same for bitches and snitches.
Open up! Wait.
Wait! Hold it! [Door latching shut.]
Tomas Vitek.
Tell me something I don't know.
Let me see the picture again.
Keep talking.
If he's there, someone Someone is making a move from the north [Groans.]
Someone who needs a lot of firepower.
Have you ever met him up there? [Groans.]
I met him there once before.
Where? [Dramatic music.]
Can I ask you something? I'd like Montreal.
And you miss being in the field? Zero, this is Alpha.
Radio check.
Great jazz.
Zero, Roger.
Strength ten.
The food, the food is to die for.
Target on the move.
Stand by.
We've got eyes on Vitek and two others.
[Car door closes, engine turning over.]
Long leash, let the dog run.
- Alpha, Roger.
- Mobile one following.
Why, do you have a problem with me being in the field? No.
I'm good.
[Indistinct chatter in French.]
- [Man speaking French.]
- Merci.
Mailman, 11 o'clock.
The first cab in the cab line has passed on two fares since we sat down.
Are you getting this? Like we're right there with you.
The game just changed.
Dog find a bone? No.
He found a much bigger dog.
Wait, is that Jimmy Dunne? And I think we just found our weapons buyer.
- Be right back.
- What are you doing? - I got this.
- Sit d Bryan, get back here, right now.
The guy was involved in his sister's murder.
He's not gonna let this go.
[Car doors close.]
It worked.
I got away with it.
How do you know you got away with it? The answer is you don't.
Do you even know who Jimmy Dunne is? He's a mobster, like that Whitey Bulger.
Dunne is in an entirely different league.
He used to own the top corner and Whitey Bulger.
Do you know what the top corner is? New York, Boston, Chicago, everything in between.
Look, you knew I wasn't gonna risk losing Vitek.
Your personal agenda cannot contaminate this operation.
Says the person who pushed that connection in first place.
In 2006, the Feds hit Dunne with a 36-count indictment Everything from human trafficking to murder.
Then somehow he just vanishes into thin air moments before the Feds hit his compound to make the arrest.
Eight days later, the Mejia Cartel rolls into the top corner and takes over.
Are you beginning to get the picture? Now that Mejia's gone, Dunne's planning a comeback.
And you may have just blown our one and only chance to get up on him.
Boss? We got something.
Don't say a word.
Dumb luck does not balance out needless risk.
Tomas Vitek and Jimmy Dunne drove around the city a couple times, in what was either a mobile meeting, an attempt at counter surveillance, or both.
However, thanks to the tracker, we now have Dunne's vehicle at Banque Privée on Urbain.
Deal's going down.
- We move in on Dunne? - Right now? Against that kind of muscle and firepower in the middle of Montreal? When the Canadians don't even know that we're here? There's only one thing that happens in a bank.
And Dunne's not gonna part with a single cent until he's already taken physical delivery of that weapons shipment.
So we take Vitek before he's in the wind again, because him we know about.
We've already done the recon.
He could give us Dunne and the weapons.
You're staying in the van for this one.
[Dramatic music.]
[Both moan.]
Okay! Okay.
[Hip-hop music playing over headphones.]
We're on.
We have eyes.
[Hip-hop music playing over headphones.]
- Hey, Rem, wake up.
- Huh? [Breathes deeply.]
[Dramatic music.]
- Delta, move now.
- Delta, roger.
Moving in now.
What the? [Indistinct chatter over police radio.]
- - [Speaking French.]
[Doorbell rings.]
[Dramatic music.]
How you doing today? [Hand restraints zipping.]
Romeo, on the move now.
Right behind you.
[All shouting in French.]
GSG9! GSG9! GSG9! GSG9! - Germany? - Counter-Terrorism Task Force.
How did we not know about that? Cherry-pick the Montreal police frequencies.
Put a two-minute block on all their coms to Germany.
Just getting my ID.
[Tense music.]
What's GSG9 doing in Montreal? Joint operation with your Canadian Intelligence.
Four months of undercover work ruined, just like that.
- Taxi.
- [Engine turning over.]
[Tires squealing.]
Little gift for you.
You're dead! You don't think I have lookouts? Huh? Backup? How come nobody knew the cops were up on this guy? [Tires squealing.]
They weren't.
According to the police radios, they were staking out a crack house two doors down.
Be advised, CSIS just broke through our block, and the Germans just denied any activity in Montreal, so now everyone and their mother is gonna be on the warpath.
[Sirens wailing.]
- Here they come.
- [Groans.]
Hold on.
[Tires screeching.]
Look out! [Screams.]
[Tires squeal.]
[Horn honks.]
[Tires screeching.]
[Siren wailing.]
[Tires screeching.]
[Siren wailing in the distance.]
[Sirens wailing.]
[Wailing continues in the distance.]
Oh, God bless it.
[Tires squealing.]
- We got fleas.
- Two bikes and an SUV.
[Suspenseful music.]
[Tires screeching.]
[Tires squealing.]
[Horns honk.]
Everybody out, let's go.
Ditch the van.
Bryan, let's go.
[Tires squealing.]
What the - Come on.
- [Engine turning over.]
- Did he just sacrifice himself for - Yes, he did.
[Tires screeching.]
- [Static whirring.]
- Damn it, Bryan.
[Ominous music.]
They got him.
They took Bryan.
[Dramatic music.]
Tomas Vitek.
[Ominous music.]
Where's Vitek? Who? [Breathing heavily.]
Oh! [Groaning.]
Shh, shh, shh.
Reality check.
The problem with you Green Berets is someone told you you're special, and you bought it.
Rule number one You ain't special.
If and when your ass ever gets captured, now's the time, if you're still alive, to save all your strength for in here.
You don't show anger.
You don't show anything.
You flatline, become dull, gray, no threat.
A bump on a log.
Who are you? And then you start to look for weaknesses, because your enemy, believe it or not, is still a human being Which means there's always gonna be something.
So hang in there, be patient.
Once you find a weakness, one is all you need.
It gives you hope, which gives you strength to endure almost anything.
And you can take that straight to the bank, because he's been there, done that.
Where'd they take him? We already met, numbnuts.
We know all about you, Tomas, from Carlos Mejia.
That's right.
- I don't know where they took him.
- I don't believe that.
Not everyone is as weak as Carlos Mejia.
So you do know.
Where did they take him? What are you gonna do, shoot me? Ah! - [Electricity crackling.]
- [Screaming.]
- [Electricity crackling.]
- [Screaming.]
[Cell phone beeps.]
They're pretty sure he's an American.
Where they got him? Chop Shop in the sticks, about 30 miles out of town.
He FBI? He's not talking yet.
Why are you still standing here When I got a $10 million shipment of weapons at stake? Don't leave it to Vitek's clowns.
You go take care of this.
[Ominous music.]
Hmm? You a religious man, Bryan? It's okay.
You can answer.
It's not a trick question.
I've been known to pray.
I know how that goes.
When all else is lost, I mean, why not? [Groans.]
It can't hurt, right? Right.
So there's that.
Want to know what else there is? [Breathing heavily.]
There's your buddies The team.
God That's your call, but the team Never for one moment lose faith in the team Which is the reason why you do everything you can not to talk for as long as humanly possible Not just to save their asses and the operation But to save yourself.
You following me? Because every hour, every minute, every second you don't talk, you increase the chances of your buddies The team God willing, will come back for you, rescue your ass.
Have a good night.
[Breathing heavily.]
[Tense music.]
I need you to look at something.
- Got it.
- See that red dot? Okay.
Now, red's the live feed from the tracker Bryan put on the vehicle outside the brasserie.
Blue's that same vehicle's pattern of movement - since he tagged it - Riley, - I need you to hold on a second.
- Oh.
Okay, keep going.
For the last 20 minutes, the tracker-tagged vehicle has been speeding northeast from Montreal for about 30 miles, away from its established movement pattern.
[Dramatic music.]
Can I help you? We're here to see your guest.
Guest? I work for Mr.
We got this.
Tell Mr.
Dunne [Breathing heavily.]
You're not thinking.
You got to make them believe you're too weak to do anything Walk, talk, drink water, anything.
That is when they decide to either bring you back from the brink Or put a bullet in your head.
So it's kind of a win-win if you think about it.
But you're banking on their egos telling them they can turn you.
Ego is the key here.
Is he dead yet? Almost.
[Silenced gunshots.]
Take him down.
Clean him, feed him, hydrate him, get some clothes on him.
[Ominous music.]
What is this? I told you to clean him up and take care of him.
Go get him something warm to wear.
Take his cuffs off, please.
The good cop is the closer.
He wants you to believe, to hope That he's the only one that can bring you back from the brink It's all right.
The only one that can save you That all he needs for that to happen is the truth, which you and he both know has to come out at some point because no man can last forever, and you've done your duty by lasting this long Which he respects.
You're a brave man.
I'll give you that much.
And if there's a machine, don't waste time trying to game it.
[Machine beeping steadily.]
[Liquid pouring.]
Hot tea.
Make you feel better.
Go ahead.
[Beeping continues.]
You military? Ex.
CIA? No.
FBI? No.
Private contractor.
Smoke? No.
[Beeping continues.]
You get a very small window of time to use the machine to game the man.
You work for the U.
Government in any capacity? No.
[Machine beeps rapidly.]
[Steady beeping resumes.]
Try again.
Do you work for the U.
Government? Yes.
See? Not so hard, is it? Who? Just getting you to talk is his first sign of progress where others have failed.
Now's when you can start to steer the interrogation, 'cause his ego wants to allow it.
I've seen some terrible things.
Where? In the service of my country.
Afghanistan? Iraq? Syria? Massachusetts.
Massachusetts? Where my sister was murdered By Carlos Mejia Using weapons bought From Tomas Vitek.
Carlos Mejia? [Steady beeping continues.]
Do you know him? No.
That was you on that train.
Maybe I will have that smoke now.
Was Tomas Vitek your only target in Montreal? Cigarette, please.
Thank you.
[Dramatic music.]
Aah! Shh.
Get up.
[Energetic music.]
How many more men? How many more? Three.
Our orders are to shoot through him.
Those are orders he gave.
You have five seconds to come out, and [Gunshots.]
[Dramatic music.]
You can come out now.
It's clear.
Now it's time for you to answer some questions.
And we brought you clean underwear.
- Keys.
- What? - I need your keys.
- Keys? [Keys jingling.]
Yeah, baby.
- Do it.
- [Breathing heavily.]
- Do it! - [Whimpering.]
[Cell phone ringing.]
You at the border yet? No, I got robbed.
What do you mean "robbed"? The took the truck, everything.
It's gone.
Shipment's been hit.
This place is no longer safe.
[Elevator bell dings.]
[Thudding overhead.]
[Guns clicking.]
- [Tear gas canisters hissing.]
- Tear gas! [Men coughing.]
[Elevator bell dings.]
[Men continue coughing.]
[Men continue coughing.]
Now, that's what I call a clean take.
[Hand restraints zipping.]
I know you must be worried the FBI already let Dunne slip through their fingers once.
I'm not worried, not this time.
I know where you live.
- Let's go.
- Do me a favor.
Throw away the key.
Walk away.
Walk away.
[Tense music.]
Thank you.
For what? Coming back for me.
Don't ever do that again.
- Do what? - Go solo.
Seriously? We look like we're kidding around? - You mean when I - When you took off in the van without warning.
To draw fire so you guys could take Vitek to the safe house.
- On your own.
- There was no time.
To communicate? We're a team.
You understand what that means? I thought I was doing what was best for the team.
You keep pulling stunts like that, and the time will come when one or more of us doesn't make it back.
[Pensive music.]
You think about that.
Feels good to be alive, though Huh? You're welcome, by the way.
So what do you do now, Bryan? - Marcus.
- Dad.
It's okay, Asha.
I can take it.
I work for the Government, sir.
The Government? But I'm afraid that's all I can say about it.
I mean, I co I could make something up, but I'd rather not sit here and insult your or Mrs.
Flynn's intelligence, and I'm pretty sure that between what my sister told you and now Asha That you have a fairly good idea of the type of work I do.
We're very sorry about what happened to Cali.
She was like another daughter to us.
Like Asha's become a part of our family now, too.
Do you believe in what you do, Bryan? Yes, sir.
And the people who you do it with? 100%.
Can we talk about something else now, please? You said you weren't gonna do this.
Thank you For your service.
Thank you.
[Calm orchestral music.]

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