Taken (2017) s01e08 Episode Script


1 - - [Airplane engine whooshing.]
[Indistinct chatter.]
Fingers on the reader.
[Reader beeps.]
Glasses off, please.
Welcome home.
Ma'am Your glasses.
[Tense music.]
Citizens or permanent residents of other countries must have a valid passport or valid visitor's visa.
[Speaking indistinctly.]
- Here he is.
- All right.
- Good to see you.
- Oh, yeah.
Hey, Rod! Ms.
Wicker? Bryan Mills.
I'm sorry, do we Do we know each other? I was told you'd be expecting me.
Where's Liev? - Liev? - Who told you I was expecting you? My boss, Christina Hart.
- Right.
- [Laughs.]
Yes, of course, please [Chuckles.]
Lead the way.
- This way.
- Yeah.
- Everything okay, Ms.
Wicker? - Call me Leah.
And you tell me.
- Tell you what? - Is everything okay? So far, so good.
- Where are we going? - O.
- My nephew's expecting me.
- You have a nephew here in DC? Liev.
Possible tourist alert.
- A black Audi? - Hopefully nothing.
Okay, now we know it's not nothing.
Could be her guys.
Mossad? Mossad doesn't know I'm here.
No one knows I'm here.
Except Liev.
[Engine revs.]
[Tires screech.]
[Car horn honks.]
- Clear.
- For now.
And you are? Rem.
And you? - John.
- Scott.
Why ask O.
for protection instead of Mossad? Are you sure we lost them? Uh, looks like it.
Why? I met Christina Hart in Beirut, '93.
When she was CIA.
And now it's her turn to have my back.
Doing what? That's between me and her.
12:00, black Audi.
You two, with me.
What are you doing? What are you doing? [Building dramatic music.]
Where are they going? Sometimes, the best defense is offense.
- I need a weapon.
- You're an Israeli - Intelligence Agent, right? - A spy? - Did you hear what I said? - I heard.
Who's your main focus? Who do you specialize in? ISIL? Hezbollah? Boko Haram? Who? Iran.
My specialty is Iran.
- Now can I have a weapon, please? - Relax, we got ya.
Car is empty.
What the Skylark is gone.
Skylark is gone.
Two for one! Two for one right here.
Two for one! [Indistinct chatter.]
[Train rumbling.]
Sun hat.
On foot, heading towards the river.
[Intense music.]
[Both grunt.]
Leah! [Grunts.]
- What? - Nothing.
[All panting.]
Iranian? I don't know.
Could be.
I'm an Israeli Agent.
- Half the world wants me dead.
- And if you hadn't just killed him, we would've had a better chance of figuring out who he is and who the hell he works for.
[Tense music.]
[Dramatic music.]
There she is.
- Made you a cup of tea.
- Oh, I actually brought my own.
Is that okay? Yeah.
- Milk? Sugar? - Iced.
I like it iced.
[Soft music.]
- Eight years.
- Mm.
- You haven't changed a bit.
- Mm, liar.
Go grab your tea.
We need to talk.
So how 'bout we start from the beginning? The beginning? When you reached out to me the day before yesterday From Tel Aviv, right? You said you were coming to DC, and you you needed my help.
Right Because I'm meeting an a sset from Tehran who deals only with me.
No one else even knows of his existence.
Not even Mossad? I made him this promise 14 years ago when I recruited him.
And who called for the meeting? He did, two days ago Highest priority.
What do you need from me? [Tense music.]
Remember Beirut? Where I was your safety net in uncertain times? Yow owe me one.
And do you have any idea what your asset needs to tell you so urgently? You think it has to do with the Prime Minister's visit to Congress? Maybe.
I won't know until I see him.
Do you have a place and time set for the meeting? Mm, not yet.
Step by step is very cautious.
I land, I wait, he makes contact when he's ready.
Why does Mossad think you're here? To see my nephew.
- Liev.
- And his wife.
He's married? Okay, I need you to stay here.
- Where are you going? - Going to find out who's trying to kill you and why.
Don't want you meeting with anyone - until I know it's safe.
- I can't not meet an Asset.
You asked for my help, and now you're gonna get it.
So take a breath.
Can you do that for me? Thank you.
[Dramatic music.]
I wanna put these two on a 24-hour watch.
- Liev and Laurie Wicker.
- Protective over-watch.
I'm going to go see my counterpart in Israeli Intelligence.
- Christina.
- Zev.
Forgive my surprise, but a visit in person on such short notice? And on the Eve of my Prime Minister's arrival to the United States? - I need your help with something.
- Ah, well [Chuckles.]
He says with a sigh of relief.
Of course.
For you, anything.
Thank you.
Is that tension that I sense? - In the air? - In you.
That's just the nature of our friendship.
And never drink coffee without fine chocolate.
Thank you.
So how may I help? Do you know who that is? No.
Well, he's taken quite a beating.
Who did this? I don't know.
Whoever it was knew what he was doing.
- Is he Iranian? - It's hard to say.
- Where's the body? - Federal Center morgue.
Can you help me? I may know a few people.
[Eerie music.]
I, uh I believe these are yours.
[Tense music.]
Please don't leave me alone again.
Anyone ever tell you you have a kind face? I do? Tell me about yourself.
There's not much to tell.
I doubt it.
Really, I'm I'm not interesting.
I'm in shock, Bryan.
Are you familiar with how to treat shock? Up to a point.
Human warmth, connection.
I just killed a man.
You do have a kind face.
Maybe you should call your nephew.
- My nephew? - Tell him you're okay.
- Reza Saadon.
- Who? I need to speak to Reza Saadon.
Reza Saadon is the Senior Quds Force Agent working in DC - Spelling? - S-A-A-D - Got it.
- Israeli Intelligence knows of a Senior Iranian Quds Force Operative in the United States, - and we're just finding out now? - Please.
You mean to tell me that the U.
doesn't have any agents operating in Israel that we don't know about? He teaches at Mount Pleasant - Tenured.
- Middle Eastern studies.
If the Iranians targeted me, he's the one who ordered it.
We need to make sure this is very, very quiet.
This is a Senior Iranian Quds Force Operative, which means we were never on the Mount Pleasant campus and this never happened.
Cover the stairs and the door.
[Phones buzzing.]
[Intense music.]
[Tense music.]
Step away, please.
- Your hands, so I can see them.
- [Sighs.]
I'm I'm leaving.
I don't want any trouble Not on a college campus.
Who are you? [Gunshot.]
[Grunts, groans.]
- You're making a big mistake.
- Shh.
People are trying to read.
It's been a long time, Reza.
Why? Why did you do this? We've known each other for, what? 14 years.
Truly that is enough time to earn your respect.
Respect? After what we have done for each other.
What have you done for me? Are you okay, Leah? You disgust me.
Why? What have I done? I am your asset.
I contacted you.
You sent a man to kill me.
Did you hear what I just said? An Iranian Quds Force Operative One of yours.
I no longer work for Iran.
You know that, because you are the one that turned me 14 years ago in exchange for my life.
Since then, I have been working for you For Mossad Against Iran.
I I've lied to the Director of my ministry, I have lied to my fellow agents, I have lied to my wife.
And now you have blown my cover.
Why? Because you You You tried to kill me.
Are you sure you're okay? - Leah? - [Metal clanging.]
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Early onset? [Sighs.]
They can't know My agency.
No one can.
Is it possible they already do from your doctor? - If they know - They do.
- They must.
- Then they wanna retire me.
With a bullet.
The things I know from all the years of intelligence work, and now they can't take the risk of leaving me to And they want to do it here Of all places, now.
And for it to look like an Iranian hit.
I feel [Inhales sharply.]
I feel Alone.
So alone.
I was in a car accident not long ago, where I sustained a concussion.
And when I went to the doctor, she told me that I have a A lump in my brain.
A lump? Christina [Soft music.]
I'm sorry.
It's benign.
- You sure? - No.
I keep putting off the biopsy.
So you're not alone, okay? I live my life on my own terms.
You can be sure that I'm gonna die on them, on my favorite beach in Roatán, with [Chuckles.]
Rosé and a good book.
- I owe you an apology.
- My wife.
Where are my children? They're safe.
You'll be relocated.
I was doing good work.
- Was I not? - Yes.
Important work.
And you do this to me? After I have been nothing but loyal to you.
What is going on, Leah? Give me a second.
You think we should intervene? He's her asset.
But she's confusing the past with the present.
That's how this disease works.
It comes in unpredictable waves.
I mean, sometimes the brain is fine.
Sometimes it struggles.
He called her.
The Israeli Prime Minister is coming to town, and we need the intelligence he was gonna share with her and only her.
That is the priority.
Before anything else, that is the priority here.
[Tense music.]
The critical intelligence you have for me You said it was urgent.
There is an Iranian Quds Force Cell Organization operating in a safe house in Virginia.
They are waiting there for the Prime Minister's arrival.
Their plan? All I know is the location of the safe house from where they are going to stage their attack.
Ever since I arrived, someone has been trying to kill me.
The Iranians don't even know you exist.
What about Mossad? Why would they want to kill you? My money's on the Iranians.
You don't believe her own agency would be trying to kill her? You do? My God, you do.
Right now, our job is to protect the Israel Prime Minister from an Iranian hit.
Go get the address from Leah.
Roll those guys up fast.
[Swelling dramatic music.]
Winds are 270 and 10 knots.
Runway one right.
You're clear to land.
LR-010, copy.
Narrow departure frequency.
Local, channel five, log 4674.
Runway one-zero.
- That was quick.
- For you, anything.
May May I ask why you wanted this so urgently? Sure.
Omid Piruz, Quds Force Iranian.
- [Exhales.]
- Now are you going to - tell me what's going on? - Oh, Zev, please, you know you need - to stay off the grass here.
- Well, I was just hoping to ask a favor of you in return.
That sounds fair.
One of my agents hasn't checked in.
Leah Wicker? She passed through your customs yesterday under a U.
A Quds Operative found dead under a bridge, and a missing Mossad Agent.
Really, you know nothing of my missing agent? I'll keep an ear to the ground.
- How 'bout that? - Christina, we are friends.
Are we not? - Good friends.
- Ah.
The worst two words a man can hear from the lips of a beautiful woman.
Zev, you're really too much.
Got a 12-35, runway one center.
Line up and wait.
- [Lever clicks.]
- [Electricity buzzes.]
[Speaking foreign language.]
[Speaking foreign language.]
[Muffled shouting.]
- Shh.
- [Grunts, groans.]
Don't move at all.
[Dramatic music.]
Lights, lights.
[Yelling in foreign language.]
- Down! - [Speaking foreign language.]
You were gonna shoot down the Israeli Prime Minister's plane in America.
Let me guess.
You were gonna pin it on a terrorist organization, which your government would then condemn? [Tense music.]
Show this one the picture.
How you doing? This is a buddy of yours? - You speak English? - No.
No, you don't speak English, or no, he's not a buddy of yours? What is this? It's when you decide if an already crappy night can get any worse.
Yes or no, do you know the man in the picture? Zev told me he was Iranian.
The Iranians we captured swear he's Mossad.
And I believe them.
Are you sure? I think Zev knows you're here.
Then it's time to confront this head-on.
Are you ready? We don't have a choice.
[Somber music.]
My brain is tired.
- Everything I have - Don't talk like that, please.
My apartment, my house in Tel Aviv, everything goes to Liev and Laurie.
And you'll tell them yourself.
Do you think I'm gonna get out of this alive? After last night, I'd say they owe you one.
Ah, Leah.
" You say it like my grandmother.
She was a wonderful woman.
You know, I saved your life once.
- Sarajevo, '94.
- That was you? And for your information, I just saved our Prime Minister's life.
So what happened to a gold watch and a condo on the Mediterranean? I just want to ask you one question.
Was it you who gave the order to have me killed? Or was it an agency directive? Leah, please.
Are you acting alone? [Tense music swelling.]
Yeah You are acting alone.
Good, that's all I need to know.
[All grunting.]
[Intense music.]
- Skylark is flying.
- [Speaking foreign language.]
Go! [Tires screeching.]
I need to get to my nephew's apartment in McLean.
I have a go-bag and a car there.
[Speaking foreign language.]
[Tires screech.]
[Gun clicks.]
Out the back.
Get out of here.
[Both grunting.]
Car keys.
[Knife whooshing.]
[Both grunt.]
- [Glass shatters.]
- Ah! [Panting.]
[Tires screech.]
No! They're Israeli Agents.
No kill shots.
[Car beeps.]
[Flames whooshing.]
A motorist crashed into a gas main Outside of an Adams-Morgan apartment building yesterday, causing an explosion and forcing the evacuation of two buildings.
There is one fatality, the driver of the car, - and we are waiting - [Somber music.]
They'll ID her body within the next few hours.
I'm just glad you all got to know her even a little bit.
From a little shop on J Street.
I'm sorry for your loss, Christina.
Mm, our loss.
Yes, yours and mine, America and Israel.
Iran's gain.
She was a most painful thorn in their side.
- Legendary, I'm told.
- Yeah.
But at least she is at peace now.
And here you are with more chocolates.
Life must go on.
Leah would've wanted that.
And for our friendship to continue.
In her memory.
Do you really believe the Iranians planted that bomb? You don't? [Tense music.]
You got a minute? Sure.
What is it, Bryan? I guess I'm I'm I'm a little worried about you.
Mossad found out about Leah's diagnosis from her medical records.
I went to the doctor under a fake name.
No one needed to know about my concussion.
Thank you, but it's really nothing to be concerned about.
Well, I think I'd be a bit concerned about a tumor in my head.
No one else knows about my diagnosis but you.
Is that something I should be concerned about? No.
We're good.
[Doorbell rings.]
- Hey.
- Hey, Harry.
It's, what? 3:00 a.
? I tried calling your phone, but, uh Oh, I must've left it on "do not disturb.
" Were you busy writing? No, I was busy sleeping.
- Anyway - Take your coat? I like your face.
Do you have a problem with that? Did you come here at 3:00 in the morning to tell me that? [Soft music.]
I lost someone today.
What? [Sighs.]
You're freezing.
Come on.
Come sit down.
But it made me start to think, you know.
She was all alone Just this life of service and secrets And I suddenly realized that that could be me one day, you know, in the not-too-distant future.
Christina Unless I do something about it.
Are you open to ideas? Ideas are good.
3:00 in the morning? I'll take a good idea any time of the day.
How do I look? [Chuckles.]
That face.
Well played.
Ah, it's just a remote car starter, nothing complicated.
[Both chuckle.]
Do you know what Christina has that I never had? What? It's you.
A good man.
She found herself a good man to watch her back.
Did I ever tell you you have a kind face?
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