Taken (2017) s01e09 Episode Script


1 I don't understand.
I told you.
He's more use alive than dead.
More use to who? I can't tell you that.
The government gave Carlos Mejia, the man who gunned me down in cold blood, a deal? Yes.
And you let that happen.
I didn't have a choice, Cali.
You didn't have a choice.
That doesn't sound like you.
- Mills.
- You need to come in.
- What's going on? - Tell you when you get here.
- No, now.
- They're moving Mejia.
I got to go.
Patch in NSA, NRO, Langley.
Whoever can get us full satellite cover the quickest.
- What? - They're telling me FBI is lead on this now.
Once we deliver Mejia to them, we're relieved.
Says who? - No, don't answer that.
- The White House.
You're up early today.
Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you.
You know where the lid is? Clean.
- Thanks.
- Mm-hmm.
Got an emergency meeting at the office.
Some IT panic.
Bob Landers called.
- You want me to make you something? - I can grab a bagel - on the way.
It's okay.
- No, take some fruit.
George Salt, did you just roll your eyes at me? - No - Yeah, you did.
On the inside.
What are you trying to say? Oh, that I love you, and that I want you to live forever.
Love you too.
One more kiss, and make it a good one.
- I'll see you tonight.
- Mm-hmm.
Drive safe, baby.
We have been ordered to hand over Carlos Mejia to the FBI because somehow Mexico has found out we have him, - and now they want him back.
- So we're just gonna hand him over? Wait a minute, how the hell did they find out we have him? - I don't know yet.
- Did anyone else know, - apart from us? - No, no.
They did not.
So we've been compromised.
Our security's been breached.
That's a possibility we have to consider.
- Yes, absolutely.
- We can't let this happen.
What do you suggest we do, pop a nine-mil in the back of Mejia's head while we still got him? Oh, I know, how about we just send Mexico some more American jobs instead? What if the cartel are behind this? - Pulling the strings - Of the Mexican Government? - You don't think that's possible? - I think you're reaching because you don't want your sister's murderer slipping through your grasp.
Which I totally get, by the way.
I feel you, bro.
But our hands are well and truly tied here.
Where and when are we handing him over to the Feds? We're still waiting for the final instructions from Quantico.
- Sometime in the next 24 hours.
- This has the cartel all over it.
- He's not wrong to think like that.
- No.
No, he's not.
Okay, I'm gonna ask this once and only once.
Has anyone in this room, at any time, for whatever reason, told anyone else about our incarceration of Carlos Mejia? - Oh.
- Come in.
Sorry, I was at a client breakfast.
I came as quickly as I could.
What's up? What is it? Did you tell anyone about Carlos Mejia? - Excuse me? - Please, I don't have the time.
- I just need to know - Tell anyone what - about Carlos Mejia? - Anything I told you.
- No, I have not.
- You sure? Yes.
- Bryan, I'd never - Well, they found out somehow.
- Who found out? Found out what? - Mexican Government.
- Okay, wait.
Slow down - Probably the cartel too.
And you think that's because I said something to someone? - Not even accidentally? - Like at the hair salon or something? That's not what I meant.
I thought we understood each other.
Respected No.
Actually, I thought it was quite a bit more than just that.
I am the one person who understands what you've gone through at the hands of this monster Mejia.
And now you're accusing me of betraying you? - Not betraying me.
- So what, then? I had to ask, Asha, and I know you know why, - so don't act like you don't - I'm not confused.
I'm upset.
You immediately suspect me.
People at your job knew too.
They keep secrets for a living.
You trust them more than me.
I trust you enough to be honest about this.
Look at this place.
Locks, cameras everywhere.
You obviously think someone is watching you.
But as soon as something bad happens, you point the finger at me? How do you know you haven't been hacked or broken into? Have you even considered that? Oh, my God.
What is it? It's a bug.
Probably one of many.
They've been watching us.
Who? Mejia.
His people.
This is getting creepy.
I, uh I think I'm just gonna go now.
Asha, no.
Look, I'm sorry I blamed you.
It's gone too far, Bryan.
I don't know what you're doing or who you are.
- Yes, you do.
You know me.
- No.
I can't do this.
I I don't feel safe here.
I don't know you.
You've never really let me in.
I work for a Government Intelligence Organization.
We report directly to the President.
The President? Our mission is to keep the country and her safe by any means necessary.
Who else knows this about you? Just the people at work.
And now you.
Marie? Marie, are you there? George? Listen very carefully.
We have your husband.
Do you want him to live? - Do you want him to live? - What? Yes.
You're gonna do exactly what we tell you.
Or George will die.
At 0440 hours tomorrow, FBI and ODNI will be leaving this facility with Carlos Mejia and transporting him to US Prison Lee in Pennington Gap, Virginia.
We must assume the treat of ambush or interception is high.
The move to the prison is in phases, the final one being a ground approach along a classified route at a classified time of departure.
As of right now, FBI will be taking lead.
The ODNI will be in support and will provide backup.
FBI Deputy Director Martello is now in overall command.
We will be taking local roads to the destination.
And due to the highly-sensitive nature of this assignment, state and local law enforcement have not been notified.
We're keeping this under the radar as much as possible.
Lean and mean.
Any questions, feel free to talk to the special agent in charge on this operation Marie Salt.
Hey, partner.
- Walt.
- You okay? - Yeah, why? - I don't know, just seem - uncharacteristically - Just staying Frosty, as should you.
- I'm fine.
- Copy that.
- Weapons check in ten.
- I'll be there.
Thank you.
Agent Salt? Bryan Mills.
You got a minute? I know who you are.
I've been briefed.
You also need to know I think this whole move - is a cartel play to free Mejia.
- Based on what? I don't have the link, but I know Mejia.
I think they're gonna try and take him.
I appreciate your concern, but we've gone over this with white gloves There's no cartel link here.
Or we haven't found it yet.
They probably got someone - in here right now with eyes on us.
- Mills, I brought in four of my best agents, and you brought in yours.
- We are prepped for all eventualities.
- I'd also like to see the - convoy configuration and route maps - All those will be made - available tomorrow morning - But if we vet them now, - we can still make changes.
- ODNI is here to support the FBI, not the other way around.
I understand that, ma'am, but we do have a history with the detainee.
Which is why you're no longer responsible for him.
Maybe if you'd followed protocol, we wouldn't have to move him.
If we'd followed protocol, we never would've captured him to start with.
Maybe you should just sit this one out.
- I want to be in the van with him.
- No, no.
See, I understand there's a lot of personal history here.
Look, you need to trust me, Special Agent Salt.
No, you need to trust me.
Stay tuned.
- You're leaving.
- Headed back to the office.
I'll monitor everything from there.
You got to call this off.
Unless there is a new, specific threat, there is Right now, the threat is us.
We're making every mistake in the book.
Marie Salt is a highly-decorated agent.
Apparently, she's one of their best.
She is not taking this seriously enough.
You've been ordered to be here in a supportive role.
Do you understand what that means? I'm not gonna stand by and keep my mouth shut when we're doing exactly what the cartel wants.
You know they want us to move Mejia so they can take him.
You can't win this on a theory, Bryan.
I have to play the cards I've been dealt.
Then get me in to see him.
At least let me put a contingency into play.
Fine, my ass.
This is the women's bathroom, Walt.
You want to tell me what's going on? It must have been something I ate, I Something you ate.
And now I I feel better.
- I think.
- What'd you eat? - What's gotten into you? - I know you, Marie.
And I know when something's up.
And you know I'm gonna dig it out of you sooner or later.
I ate lamb.
Now, do you mind? A little privacy, please? You're gonna do exactly You're gonna do exactly what we tell you.
Or George will die.
How are you, Bryan? Hmm? I want you to know, whatever this is, whatever you've got going on, I'll be there to stop it.
Can I tell you something? Come closer.
This is, uh, personal.
You know, this has only been about you and me.
It's only ever been about you and me.
And there's one thing I know for certain.
That I will never rest until my son, who you killed, is avenged.
And you cannot You will not Let go of the need to avenge your sister.
You know, when I fired the first bullet, she looked at me, confused.
Like I was some random man with a gun.
So I told her, "This is for your brother.
And his sins.
" And in that moment She understood.
I could see it in her eyes.
So then I fired the second bullet.
- You're a coward.
- You failed her, Bryan.
How does that feel? Your life ended the moment you took hers.
You will always be my prisoner.
- Agent Salt.
- Keep your voice down.
- Thanks for meeting me.
- You found the problem? Yeah.
- What do you mean? - I have vital information for you.
My husband's been taken.
They want me to divert Mejia to an airstrip.
They're going to fly him out.
If I don't, they're going to kill my husband.
- You know they will.
- You got to go to Martello - No.
They'll be watching for that.
- Well, they're gonna be - watching me too.
- That's why I put distance between us.
You could have gone to Hart, or anyone.
Why come to me? Because you know.
You know who we're dealing with.
I know.
Please get my husband back.
They want Salt to divert Mejia to an airstrip.
They're gonna fly him out at 1400 hours.
If we abort the transport, Salt's husband dies.
Letting it continue, it's a big risk.
There's not a lot of upside.
You said it yourself.
She's a decorated Agent.
She's dedicated her life to the Bureau.
Mejia's capture cost hundreds of lives, and thousands of man hours.
We put him out there, we risk losing it all.
Okay, no one's personal situation can justify that.
We know what their plan is.
So we let Salt keep going with it.
We make the cartel believe everything's going their way.
Escort Mejia right up to the hand-over if we have to.
And in the meantime, we look for George.
The minute we grab him, we pull out Mejia.
John, you want to chime in here? I agree with Bryan.
That's why I'm standing here.
You're on Mejia with Dave and Rem.
Do not let him out of your sight.
Bryan and Scott, the two of you go find George Salt.
- When does the cartel plane touch down? - Six hours.
Listen up, everyone.
Our ODNI friends and I are in the van with Mejia.
FBI team will be in the follow vehicle Whoa, whoa, whoa.
I thought FBI was taking Mejia.
No, I want you guys focused on possible external threats.
Let them do the babysitting.
You're supposed to be lead on this.
Don't let them push you around.
They're not.
You ready? Come on, let's go.
Come on.
Apparently George Salt left for work early yesterday morning for an emergency meeting, - some kind of technical issue.
- We accessed his cell.
IM from Bob Landers, company Vice President, asked to meet him at 7:00 a.
Landers and George Salt.
Both fellow MIT grads.
No priors, no history of conflict - in their texts or emails.
- In other words, nothing there.
- What about the kidnappers? - A couple of witnesses caught a van parked in the parking garage around 6:25.
- Security camera caught this.
- But that's it.
Zero on the driver or the vehicle.
Okay, so this was a textbook takedown.
They knew exactly where the security camera was - and where George Salt would be.
- We traced the call Salt got.
- Burner phones.
- This guy Bob.
What time did he get to the office? - 7:20.
- 21 minutes late.
For an emergency? Bob Landers set him up.
Hi, I'm here to see Bob Landers.
He's in a staff meeting right now.
He's on the move.
Have a nice day.
Oh! We know you set up George Salt.
Got him to work early for a meeting that didn't exist.
Listen, they said if people start to ask questions, not to say anything, and if I did, they would kill me.
And George.
Please, they're watching.
- Who? - I don't know exactly, but they are.
- No one's seen you here.
- Look, you don't understand Look, we got to move fast before someone does see you.
- Where's your car? - It's in the lot down the street.
You're gonna walk there.
Like you're going to a meeting.
Gonna drive to 1220 Summer Street.
Park on level four.
We'll be there.
We'd bring you in now, but if they see you with us, it'll be bad for George.
Get walking.
- Oh, whoa - Just come quietly.
- I told you not to talk to them.
- I didn't say anything, I swear.
- Federal Agent.
- Drop your weapon.
- Back off.
- Let him go.
Ah! Zero, this is Victor.
Suspect down.
Shooter is in a black SUV.
Heading west on Patton.
And the suspect? Suspect's dead.
I say again: dead.
- Riley.
- I need you to access a phone.
GPS locate the last ten numbers called.
Texting the number now.
- This is Hart.
- Any news? Working on some leads.
Anything else? Possible location? No.
Not yet.
- You there? - Yeah, yeah.
You'll be approaching the diversion point in less than five minutes.
You ready? Have you Have you ever thought about never seeing the only person you'd ever really loved again? Marie, we're playing every angle here to find George.
We're doing everything we can.
Diversion point any minute now, copy that.
- This is Salt.
- You told them.
Your instructions were to tell no one.
Look at your screen.
Marie, what's happening? Help me! You got to help - Mills, you find anything? - I lost a suspect.
- They killed him before we could - I should never have trusted you.
Salt? What? About you.
They're gonna kill him.
Not while you have Mejia.
You promised, you promised you wouldn't tell anyone.
What the hell have you done? We're getting somewhere.
You have to trust me.
He's gonna die, isn't he? I am the only chance you've got.
If he dies, I I don't think I I'm not gonna let that happen.
But we don't have a lot of time.
So I got to go now.
Riley GPS-ed the last ten numbers called on that dead guy's phone.
Seven of them went to a phone in a mall in Arlington.
Never gonna bring him to a mall.
There's too many people.
- There's too many cameras.
- Not this one.
Never got their zoning approved by the city.
Still an old warehouse.
They're coming up to the diversion point now.
Zoom in on the tracker.
Follow vehicle down.
Follow vehicle is down.
Something's not right here.
- Go, Dave and I will cover Mejia.
- Let's go.
You okay? Yeah.
Is anybody hurt? - What the hell happened? - I don't know.
The steering locked up.
The thing veered off the road.
- Can you get it started? - No, it's shut down.
It's not going anywhere.
I'm calling Martello.
Uh, we're on radio silence He's right, we don't want to give away our position.
I think you really need to talk to him.
Just to play it safe.
Let me handle Martello.
You come with me.
The rest of you, stay here, and wait for a recovery vehicle.
Entering suspect location.
Stand by.
- What's going on? - Nothing.
- Whoa.
- Cuff him.
Marie, what are you doing? I'm sorry.
The cartel has George.
And I need to take you out of play for your own good.
Make sure those other guys don't make any calls.
Jenkins is gonna ride in the van with us.
Exfil point's up here.
- Plane's 15 minutes out.
- 16.
I just picked up the plane.
You need to see this.
Tail winds pushed up the ETA.
The plane will touch down in six.
Get me Bravo.
- Yeah? - You've got three minutes, and I'm pulling Mejia, - calling the whole thing off - No.
We're at the location.
Situation just changed.
Three minutes is all you have left, Bryan.
Wait out.
Zero, this is Alpha.
Arriving at the landing strip now.
You love your husband very much.
- Right? - Don't talk to me.
The only one who can save him is me.
Get me on the plane, and you'll see him again.
You can I give you my word.
Copy that.
Stand by.
- Hart.
She's pulling Mejia.
- No, no.
You can't.
- The plane's landing in four minutes.
- Okay, get me Hart.
We'll meet them at - They'll see through that.
- We've got to try.
- They'll negotiate.
- We can't lose him.
My husband's a good man.
You can't do this.
George is gonna die.
They see this is a con.
- They're gonna kill him.
- We got to go.
It's not just him at risk.
It's you too.
And, by the way, the FBI, so let's get real here.
I'm not going to give up on my husband.
Salt, at the end of the day, you're a Federal Agent.
We do not negotiate with terrorists, and I'm sorry, but you know that.
Aborting now.
Pack it up.
Do not let your husband die for them.
It's time to move.
Salt, get in the van now I'm going to go get George myself.
Salt, stop.
Think about what you're doing.
Line her up.
She's a Federal Agent.
It's Salt.
She's got Mejia.
We have a situation.
I want Mejia alive at all costs.
Everyone else is expendable.
Give me back my husband, or I will take him down.
Give me back my husband! Or I will take him down.
If you think I won't do it, I will.
Drop it.
Give us Mejia! Or we'll put a bullet in your husband's head.
Right now! I said drop it.
Zero, Bravo.
We have the hostage.
Say again: we have the hostage.
We have him.
He's safe.
- He's alive! - You believe that? They always lie.
He's got him.
Trust me.
Salt, your husband is safe.
Ask him! Ask him what we had for dinner at our wedding.
You didn't have a wedding.
You eloped.
Fried clams at the beach! Salt.
I got you.
I got you.
Where is he? My wife.
I want to talk to her.
Is she okay? Yes.
You're a lucky man.
Mejia's gone.
Get me a helo.
Doctor says six weeks.
Finally get to spend some time at home.
Me too.
Yeah, they're probably gonna suspend me.
- Sorry.
- I'm not.
It's going to be just us now.
- I love you.
- Love you too.
I got to go.
Uh, Mills.
- I just wanted - I need a truck.
- What's going on? - Right now.
Donnie, get me a vehicle.
How do you know where he is? Tracker.
I want him to die.
I know.
Please be advised, suspect is armed and dangerous.
Maintain coordinate positions as key locations until further notice.
Maintain a state of high alert.
Let me say again: high alert.
Got the results on that phone record.
Please tell me there's something that leads us to Mejia.
Elena Morales.
She grew up in Mexico.
San Cristóbal de las Casas.
Same town as Mejia.
- Get me an address.
- 26 Tivoli College Park.
- Oh.
- Hi.
Got your rug.
Where do you want it? Oh, uh, you must have the wrong address.
Uh, no, I've got 28 Tivoli.
Yes, but that's not my Ah! Elena! Hands.
Get out.
At the residence now What's going on, Officer? Neighbors heard a woman screaming.
Looks like some kind of fight.
Oh, my God.
I'm gonna go check out number 26.
Call this in.
Where are we going? Federal prison.
Taking you myself.
You ever think about those who you killed? Like my son? Or is that too many for you to remember? I think about my sister.
You might want to answer that.
Or not.
Bryan? Help me.
Help me If she dies, you die.
I die, and I get to see my son.
Call them off.
You You really want to see her die too, huh? If I let you go, she dies anyway.
I see how you could think that way.
How my death means more to you than her life.
But so long as I live, she lives.
She's my new insurance policy.
Take your phone back.
You're going to need it.
Talk soon.

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