Taken (2017) s02e04 Episode Script


This is Sangita Patel reporting from the Dunlap Steel plant.
Once the largest steel supplier in the DC area, this plant will undergo a major transformation as part of the president's innovation campaign.
Employees will range from steel workers to rocket scientists, as this facility will become the largest aerospace manufacturer in the country.
And yes, the president himself is expected to be on hand shortly for the official launch.
ID worked.
You doubted me? A little.
- What's your position? - Just south of you.
Watching the perimeter.
Among other things.
Be vigilant.
President arrives soon.
Secret Service too busy to secure their own events? The White House was notified of a possible threat.
But the president insisted on going forward with this event.
Director Casey called us and asked us to pull security detail.
What exactly am I looking for? We've noticed a spike in metadata regarding POTUS in this location.
Kilroy is pinpointing the threat right now.
You know, I'm sifting through literally petabytes of data.
I might not find anything at all.
Aw, don't be such a killjoy, Kilroy.
Mm, I'll make sure to tip my waitress on the way out.
Heads up.
POTUS inbound.
Roger that.
They're in the building now.
There's a familiar face.
Who? Colonel James.
Air Force pilot.
Saved my ass a couple of times in Afghanistan.
Looks like he's been promoted to carrier of the Nuclear Football.
Wait, the Nuclear Football? As in the briefcase with the big red button? Wherever the president goes, the briefcase goes.
It contains nuclear codes, should POTUS ever have to launch a strike.
So they tell us.
I mean, nobody really knows exactly what's in that thing.
And whatever it is, it's top secret and could do more damage than the Hale-Bopp comet.
All at the stubby fingertips of a vulgarian who thrives on chaos.
That thing is like having the power of Zeus in a handbag.
Thank you for that assessment.
You're welcome.
And now, to award the official federal contract, - and commence our - Something's wrong.
What? Please join me in giving a big welcome to the President of the United States.
We need to evacuate the building, now.
- Secure POTUS.
POTUS is clear of the building.
Colonel James, where are you going? James is stealing the football.
Santana, he's heading your way.
You in the van, freeze! Hey! Stop.
See if you can cut him off.
Help, a man's after the football.
Halt! Secret Service.
You gotta listen to me, the Colonel is trying to steal the football.
- Down on your knees.
- We don't have time for this.
Do it now.
Oh! - Mills? - I'm fine.
I lost visual.
Mills, what's your status? Colonel James got away.
What about the football? It's gone.
But it's the bottom of the ninth.
Um, 15 more minutes, and then math.
Roger that.
- Okay.
- Do you have it? - James didn't make the drop.
What do you mean? What happened? Some guy was chasing him, and I drove off before they got me too.
Secret Service.
No, somebody else.
- Were you made? - No.
I got out of there quick.
- Are you sure? - Yeah.
What now? We finish what we started.
I'll contact James again and make sure he remembers what's at stake.
We need that briefcase.
Any luck tracking down James? The briefcase is fitted with GPS, but we can't detect a signal.
He's likely disabled it.
- Anyone hurt in the blast? - No, it appears the explosion came from a small pipe bomb.
Loud, but non-lethal.
Just enough to serve as a decent distraction - for an atomic heist.
- Yeah.
Well, the good news is the codes are routinely changed.
New ones have already been issued.
Wait, wouldn't James know that? Yes, which means he's probably after something else.
I contacted the White House, and there are essentially four things in the Nuclear Football.
There's retaliatory options in the event of an attack.
The procedures for the emergency alert system.
The nuclear codes.
And the site book.
What's the site book? It's a strategic playbook in the event of another World War.
Contains highly classified information.
- Like what? - Mobile nuclear assets, for one.
I mean, if it were to get into the hands of terrorists, - or a rogue nation - They'd know exactly where to strike.
It would cripple our defense infrastructure.
I'm thinking James is attempting to sell the site book to the highest bidder.
No, no, I know this guy.
He just wouldn't do that.
My squad was pinned down in Kabul, and he He landed in a hot LZ under heavy fire to get us all out.
The guy's a war hero.
Well, right now he's a federal fugitive who just committed treason.
Even war heroes need to pay their bills.
I got something.
Security footage of the van that Santana saw after the blast.
Nice work.
You check with DMV? Mm-hmm, yeah, it was reported stolen 48 hours ago.
Get the plate to Santana.
She's got a contact at Capitol Police who can run it through their plate scanner database.
The minute that van hits the road, we'll be on it.
I'm gonna go talk to our friends at the Pentagon.
See if they can't shed any light as to why Colonel James went rogue.
- General Reed.
- Hi.
Thank you for meeting me on such short notice.
My office briefed me, said you had information - regarding the football.
- Yes.
- Colonel James had a - James? He's alive? Yes, we have reason to believe that the Colonel actually stole the football.
That's not possible.
The Secret Service reported the man was after James.
The same man attacked two other agents, likely abducted him.
That was my operator.
I had a team in the field.
He chased James down, but he got away.
I'm the head of the White House Military Office.
The football is my jurisdiction.
If there was another team in the field, I should've been notified.
DOD and I decided to keep this one off the books.
Look, I know James.
He's not just a subordinate.
This doesn't make any sense.
Was there anyone with whom he came into contact recently? Was there any change in his mood or behavior? No, no, nothing.
The DOD issues all aides cell phones and email accounts.
- Correct? - Yes.
I'm gonna need those to see if anyone tried to make contact.
I just want James found.
And brought back as quickly as humanly possible.
You're gonna get everything you need.
Thank you.
Right now the media is unaware that the football is missing.
- I suggest we keep it that way.
- Agreed.
Since you've been running point on this, I want you to continue with the investigation.
But I'm gonna need real time updates, understood? Of course.
Thank you.
That's the van.
Looks like your contact came through.
Again with the doubts? - Nobody's home.
- He's gotta be nearby.
We have a possible target.
James may be attempting to make another drop.
Don't move in until you can confirm he has the football.
Roger that.
Setting up an exchange amongst those that, uh, society can't or refuses to see is kind of brilliant, actually.
You know? "Evil," I meant.
I swap the words sometimes.
Colonel James? It's over, sir.
Now hand me the case.
Uh! No.
Stop! I got him! I have the football.
No, you don't know what you're doing.
Talk to me.
Tell me what's going on.
They have my boy.
They've got my son.
For the last time, where the hell am I? Did they make contact again? I need that phone in case they call back.
You're in a secure facility and no, they have not reached out.
- My son's dead.
- We don't know that.
But time is of the essence, Colonel.
We need to know everything the kidnappers said.
- I already went over this.
- Then tell us again.
I was supposed to drop the briefcase in a shopping cart.
- Once I did, I'd get Evan back.
- What about before then? When did you first realize Evan was missing? I went to work at 0500.
- Linda came over to watch him.
- And Linda is your nanny? Later that morning I received an anonymous phone call telling me to come home immediately.
When I got there, there was no sign of Linda or Evan.
Just that cell phone with a voice message and his picture.
It said they had him, and I was supposed to wait for further instructions.
I requisitioned your personnel files from General Reed and ran background checks on all your emergency contacts, including Linda Green.
Your nanny is not who she says she is.
What is this? She forged her records.
Whoever she is, she stole the real Linda Green's identity.
- Oh, that can't be right.
- It is.
We ran multiple backgrounds.
We believe she kidnapped Evan.
She would never do that.
Linda's been his nanny for over two years.
Well, how did you find her? I went through a bitter custody battle with my ex-wife.
She wanted everything I had, except Evan.
The military doesn't give breaks to single dads.
I met Linda in the park one day.
Evan was giving me a hard time, as kids do.
She saw and stepped right in.
- She was sweet and attentive.
- She targeted you.
It's a classic espionage technique.
She just simply waited for the right moment to strike.
You really think she'd hurt him? If she doesn't get what she wants.
But we shouldn't speculate.
Has my dad called yet? No.
Sweetie, you know he's working.
But don't worry, I'm sure he'll call real soon.
- Is that him? - No.
Why don't you finish your game? [ANNOUNCERS DESCRIBING BASEBALL GAME.]
Put him on.
- They got the football.
- Who? The guy from the factory.
James, he must be working with them, setting us up or something.
He would never risk the life of his son.
I don't understand how they knew.
It's because they ID'd you at the factory.
- No, I was careful.
- No, you were sloppy.
And you jeopardized the mission.
Give me one more chance, I will get it this time.
- You have done enough.
- Linda, please.
Put Hector back on.
- Yeah.
- I need you to come back here.
They may be on to us.
We need to move the kid again.
And what about him? Have him close up shop, and ready for the assault.
We can't afford to be caught.
Remind him of that.
Santana's inventorying the briefcase with Colonel James.
- You will be alone - Those the drop instructions? Mm-hmm.
Why is there so much interference? Mm, something's screwy with their codes.
The kidnappers sent the instructions to James using - an end-to-end encryption messenger.
- Meaning? Meaning that Sonya the Golden Hand would have a a An impossible time lifting data off this phone.
Nothing? Really? Famous Russian jewel thief.
Trained a monkey to swallow precious gems while she negotiated with merchants It doesn't matter, okay? The point is, I, um, managed to access the messenger's raw script, and narrow it down to, like, about half a dozen groups.
I think we're dealing with a domestic cell.
- Domestic, huh? - Mm-hmm.
So then why could I read some French there? - Look, zoom in.
- No, no.
That's actually Arpitan.
It's a Gallo-Romance language.
But why is it in the code? Because it's their signature.
I mean, coders are artists, they like to autograph their - Oh, man.
- What? Why is that so familiar? Oh, my God.
The Independents.
Wh-what who? The Independents.
You know, [STAMMERS.]
the radical hacktivists.
You know, they're like, "the only true patriots.
" "Thorn on the government's side.
" I thought that group went dark.
Well, apparently not.
They surfaced last in 2005.
They They blackmailed the Bush administration.
Tried to get them to admit that That they knew Saddam didn't have WMDs, right? And when the Feds refused, this guy, their leader, Julius Vox, right? He released thousands of classified documents.
He he waged a full-on cyber war.
- I remember that.
- Right, right.
- He shut down Langley for hours.
- That's right.
They had to reboot the entire system - just to undo what he did.
- Yeah, yeah, so good.
Impressive, right? The then it was impressive.
It was impressive then.
Well, maybe Julius is planning on leaking the information in the site book, carrying on No, no, no, no, no.
It's, uh it's not his style.
He did it before.
Yeah, but to whistle-blow against federal crimes, not to cripple our defenses.
These guys are watchdogs, you know.
They're not anarchists, you know.
Besides, it would be a little difficult for him to begin where he left off.
- Inconvenient to say the least.
- How so? Julius was killed in an explosion three years ago during an FBI raid.
The Independents blame the government.
Then it's about revenge.
It'd explain why they've come out of hiding.
The Feds still have a dossier, um, on The Independents, but I can't access the information.
- I can get it from General Reed.
- Okay.
- Football's intact.
- Not a hair out of place.
I put James in holding.
Now what? We turn this thing over and they don't get what they want, James may never see his son again.
- - So where are we? Have we found James or the football yet? We're close.
On the phone you said you needed to be read in on The Independents? Yes, we've ID'd them as the kidnappers.
Apparently, it has something to do with their former leader, - Julius Vox.
- Vox.
The cyber attack guy.
I remember.
Listen, the Oval wants to go public on the missing football tomorrow.
I would strongly advise against that.
The president wants to share the information with the American people himself, rather than have 'em finding out about it through social media.
If The Independents see their name in the news, it may provoke them into doing something rash.
And blow our chance at getting Evan back safely.
The decision's already been made.
Look, I'm just asking you for 24 hours.
And we still have a shot at ending this with no loss of life.
I can push the news briefing to tomorrow.
But if the briefcase isn't recovered by then, there's nothing more I can do.
Thank you.
Sure this is the place, Kilroy? Yeah, I wasn't able to triangulate the exact location of the phone used to call James, but I was able to determine the cell tower.
Ok, well, those things cover up to 45 miles.
So how are we sure they're here? - 'Cause of the interference.
- What about it? That site is a ghost station.
I mean, everything about it screams "abandoned," right? Except for the fact that it's transmitting shortwave frequencies that are bouncing off the ionosphere.
That is fascinating, Kilroy.
In English, please.
The voice message left for James picked up interference from that location.
All I needed to hear.
I got that lock.
You learn lock-picking at West Point? No, Ocean's Eleven.
One second.
Got it.
That's That's the Constitution, right? Yeah.
That is not the Constitution.
I'll clear this area.
GPS coordinates.
- - - Drop the gun.
- Okay.
Oh! Where's the boy? No! You can't stop us.
Santana! What did you just take? What was that? [GAGGING.]
What the hell is going on? What happened? [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
Cyanide Who are we dealing with? Dinner time, Vox.
Thank you.
- - All right, I am sending the pictures now.
Got 'em.
This may sound crazy, but I think Julius Vox is alive.
What makes you think that? Secret underground prison.
Mysterious gas explosion.
Whoa, whoa, back back up.
What secret prison? [CHUCKLES.]
I knew it.
What? Would you like to share that with the rest of us please? Yep, there there's an urban legend among coders that if the government wants a black hat to work for them, and they refuse, they stick you in the deepest hole they can dig.
Sounds familiar.
Well, they're definitely looking for somebody.
Do you wanna call the car? We're heading back now.
I'll contact local PD.
My son.
Did you find him? You said the site book contained information regarding classified locations.
- Could any of them be a black site? - Maybe.
What does that have to do with Evan? Come with me.
We need you to decipher these coordinates.
How well do you know the site book? Like the back of my hand.
Carriers must damn near memorize it in the event the president needs advisement.
I want you to take a look at the map on this screen and tell me if any of the coordinates match one in the book.
That one, there.
It's right here.
It says it's a federal storage facility.
Well, can't exactly call it "Gitmo DC.
" This is interesting.
There's a laundry manifest.
There's been pick-ups and deliveries to this site.
There's an electrical read out.
How'd you get that? Freedom of Information Act, baby.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Do we have a location on Julius yet? - We're working on it.
- Man, whatever they're doing there is pulling enough juice to power Nationals Park.
Oh, my God, it's Linda.
That's her.
Do you have a list of known accomplices? - [COMPUTER BEEPS FAVORABLY.]
- Nancy Clark.
- 36, 5'3".
- Julius's wife.
They're married.
This is an extortion.
- On a trade? - Exactly.
You said it yourself.
Releasing information that could harm the innocent isn't their style.
The Independents want the football to trade for Julius.
For obvious reasons, that can't happen.
Then let's give them the man.
Vox? You just you just wanna give them Julius Vox? Yeah.
He's being held in a supermax black site.
Yeah, but illegally.
- I mean, he's being held illegally.
- Kilroy is right.
The world thinks that Julius is dead.
No due process, no trial.
They just threw away the key.
Trading a hostage for a prisoner I mean, that's really no different than negotiating with terrorists.
Also, how do we even know he's there? What was the date that Julius was killed? April something.
April 16th.
See if anyone was processed into the The black site, on or shortly after that date.
Inmate 10642.
There you go.
Processed two days after Julius' recorded death.
It has to be him.
Before we even consider doing this, you have to remember he is being held by federal agents.
- No one gets hurt.
- So we go in undercover.
Santana will arrange the proper credentials.
We infiltrate the black site, grab Julius, and be out before anyone realizes we were even there.
This isn't a simple snatch and grab.
Kilroy will need to upload a prisoner transfer request in their system.
In order to do that, one of you will have to excuse yourself.
Uh, bathroom? Thanks.
You'll need to locate their server room and gain access to their main hub.
I'll need a few minutes to upload the patch.
Not seeing the prisoner's transfer in my system.
- Let me call it in.
- You know what, I got it.
I got this.
He's probably just forgot to hit send or something.
- What? Hey, how're we doing? This is not an exact science, all right? Well, you know, hurry up, or you're gonna have to send someone to break us out.
- Okay, it's done, it's done.
It's done.
I'm okay.
Here you go, you try that again? Bring up 10642.
- All good? - I believe so.
- We got him.
- Let's go.
I think we've got a problem.
I got this.
Make sure we're not followed.
Hey, can you show me the quickest way to get to the interstate? [GROANING.]
- Halt.
Congratulations, Mr.
You've just made parole.
Welcome back to the living, Mr.
I have a deal to offer you.
Your group, The Independents have been - very busy in your absence.
- Herodotus.
- Excuse me? - The father of lies.
You work for the government, yes? Right now, we do, yes.
I'm sorry, have we met? I don't think so.
Are you sure? I never forget a face.
Spend any time at Sing Sing? [CHUCKLES.]
Oh, no, no.
They deem me far too important to be held in such an asinine warehouse of delinquents.
Well, then I guess not.
Vox, it [SIGHS.]
Give Kilroy a run at Julius.
I don't think that's a good idea.
Come on, we're not getting anywhere, and we're all out of time.
You don't have the stench of a Bureau man.
Glad somebody noticed.
- Co-opted by the company? - Something like that.
We are all chameleons.
We take our hue and the color Of the moral character of those around us.
John Locke.
For a marionette.
Says the guy who was just freed by one.
Do you know what's happening? Assume you need my help for something.
Your wife kidnapped a little boy.
That doesn't sound right.
She did it to get you out.
She would never do that.
She's threatened to hurt him if she doesn't get you back.
You don't know Nancy.
No, I mean I don't know Nancy.
That's right.
But, I mean, I know - I know guys like us.
- Us? Yeah.
We start out with a creed, right? Seek the truth at any cost.
Then we discover that truth.
We don't like what we see.
Better off not knowing, right? The system, you know, it doesn't care It doesn't care who it wrongs.
Doesn't care who it hurts.
So why not just psh.
Blow the whole thing up.
I mean, I get it, believe me.
The problem is, it it's not It's not the system.
It's you, and me, who ends up hurting people.
It's not society.
So That creed just kind of falls apart, doesn't it? I help you get the boy back, you reinstate my freedom.
- Yeah.
- No.
You need to answer for your crimes.
What I'm offering you is a podium.
Your day in court.
Your chance to speak your truth.
And let my peers decide my fate? No more dark holes.
Neil, where the hell are you? Hello, Nancy.
That's your real name Nancy Clark.
Who is this? Where's Neil? Let's just say I'm a third party who wants to make sure your deal goes through.
Unfortunately, Neil didn't make it.
You killed him? Cyanide.
I'm guessing you know from where.
- What do you want? - I already told you.
Well, it's too late.
I hope that's not true.
Has Evan been harmed? Tell Mark to say goodbye to his son.
I think you need to listen to my offer.
Nancy? It's me.
Julius? I'm going with you.
- I can't allow that, Colonel.
- Evan doesn't know you.
He won't come if he doesn't see me.
He's my son.
I can't do it.
Got your squad out.
Left no one behind.
No one.
I didn't think you remembered that mission.
I never forget the lunatics.
Remember, Julius, we leave with you and the kid.
My people aren't going to like this.
Come here.
That was the deal.
You come back to us, we'll make sure your voice is heard.
You just make sure you stick to the plan, all right? Go to your dad.
It's okay.
Baby, come on.
I can't come with you right now.
What? I don't understand.
I made a deal.
So we won't be silenced.
You what? You believe them? Julius, these people are liars.
- Look what they've done to us.
- You kidnapped a boy.
I did that for you.
I know.
But I still can't come with you.
If I do, they'll never stop hunting us.
I have the prisoner in my sight, sir.
- Free to engage? - Yes, engage.
Shoot to kill.
Yes, sir.
Mount up.
Julius, get down! [GUNSHOTS BLAST.]
Get the kid off the road.
We gotta move.
On my mark.
- Three, two - Ah! No! No! Ah! - Julius.
You good? And Julius? [OMINOUS MUSIC.]
What's gonna happen to James? I spoke with the Department of Justice.
He's lost his security clearance and he'll have to retire.
But they're not gonna prosecute.
He was acting out of duress.
Well, that's a bit of good news.
Well, I wish I could say the same for Julius.
Although only heard by the people in this room, his message did get out.
Really? Did he? I Maybe I missed it.
He made a choice.
Do the right thing and save a life.
I don't know how you could possibly show more integrity than that.
There's only one thing left to do.
Where's the football? I handed it off to the Security Council.
You were supposed to bring it here.
You almost got away with it.
What are you talking about? I had the opportunity to chat with Julius before his death.
Imagine my surprise when I found out you were responsible for his false imprisonment.
- That's ridiculous.
- I thought so too.
Until I had my people look into it.
And it turns out that upon intake, all inmates require a three-star general's authorization.
Guess who's signature was in Julius' processing forms? - What do you want? - What do I want? You tried to murder several people, including my team.
What do I want? Julius Vox was an escaped prisoner.
He was an imminent threat to national security.
- He had to be neutralized.
- He deserved justice.
Don't talk to me about justice.
Men like me do the things we do so good people can have justice.
That's not for you to decide.
He's all yours.
The things I did were for the good of this country.
- For the good of this nation! - Sir, relinquish your sidearm.
With continuing coverage of the Defense Department scandal, we go to Susan McCain on location.
Inmates were released today from a secret government facility where they had been held without any due process.
Some for years.
Senior White House Military Officer General Isaac Reed was arrested in what is being dubbed the largest infringement in our nation's civil liberties.
The hacktivist group known as The Independents is largely responsible for shining a light on the illegal black site.
However, the group's leader Julius Vox died several years ago, never living to see his day in court.
- - Son of a bitch.
Huh? Um, no, nothing.
Everything okay? Yeah, no, I'm fine.
Hey, did they find the bodies, or Linda was recovered at the scene.
But the blast must've thrown Julius from the bridge.
Local PD is dredging the river.
Hey, wanna grab a drink? Uh, no, no, I'm good, man.
Thank you.
- Uh, you go ahead.
- Okay.
Don't stay up too late.
Don't worry.
Not planning on it.

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