Taken (2017) s02e05 Episode Script


Sweetheart No, I'm about to head to a dinner reception for the Bahraini Ambassador.
I'll call you back.
I love you too.
You see this? What did I say about leaving any marks? [CANE WHOOSHES, SMACKS.]
This is Serhan Dogan.
He's a former army major, currently the military attaché for the Turkish Embassy.
He's been with the delegation for three years, going back and forth to Istanbul, where his wife resides.
- He's gone missing.
- How long? Going on 14 hours.
I thought at least 24 had to pass before someone's considered missing.
For most people, but he's a foreign diplomat who checks in regularly with his security staff.
And he didn't check in last night? No, phone goes straight to voicemail.
It's not even emitting a signal.
Maybe he turned it off.
Occasionally, people like to throw off their electronic yokes.
Yeah, well, his Mercedes was found abandoned down by the Anacostia River.
Yeah, that's not good.
No, and with the strained state of U.
-Turkish relations, Director Casey isn't waiting for an official investigation.
If he's been abducted, we need to find out by whom and what it is they want.
It wasn't long ago that the Turkish ruling party crushed an attempted coup.
And they've had incidents with protesters outside their embassy.
Yeah well, that's an understatement.
I mean, really more like a beat-down.
It could be somebody's looking for a little payback.
Why don't you two start with the Embassy? And Kilroy, see what you can dig up on his digital footprint.
Speaking of electronic yokes Yeah.
Well, let's get to work.
Major Dogan never fails to check in.
It goes against the security protocols he himself has implemented.
When was the last time you spoke with him, Mr.
Kasim? Yesterday afternoon; he left to run some personal errands.
- He mention what kind? - No.
Does Mr.
Dogan have any enemies? Well, of course.
Anyone in his position would.
Well, sure, but any Any that can mean him harm? [SIGHS.]
There was an incident with the locals from a Turkish community.
- You mean the protesters? - No, agitators Merely looking to generate negative press.
Major Dogan did what he had to do to safeguard the visiting dignitaries.
Like cracking skulls? Our security forces dispersed an unruly mob outside our gates.
Following the incident, their leader, Beren Hasan, threatened that the Major's days - in the Embassy were numbered.
- Right.
Any idea where we can find this Hasan? - Welcome, two? - Mm-hmm, please.
We'd like to sit at Mr.
Hasan's table.
I'm sorry, Mr.
Hasan isn't here.
You sure? Maybe he's in the back.
Snuck in when you weren't looking.
I'll check.
Wait here, please.
Nice girl, not much of a poker face, though.
Oh, so if it's poker we're playing, doesn't three of a kind beat a pair? Yeah, pretty much.
Hey, easy.
Easy, fellas.
We're just here looking for some information on a guy named Serhan Dogan.
You Hasan? I am.
What is your interest in Dogan? He's missing.
We heard you had a run-in with him not long ago, that you threatened him.
Because he assaulted us.
He's missing, huh? And you think I must have something to do with it? Well, do you? I do not believe in violence.
No? What about them? They're okay with it.
So - What do you know about Dogan? - Why don't you tell us? Well, I know he's not the upstanding diplomat - he projects to the world.
- Meaning what? Meaning he has another side, one he hides, that likes to party, indulge himself.
Gets rough with young prostitutes.
How young? Young enough to make him a hypocrite to everything he supposedly stands for, and deserving whatever fate has befallen him.
Excuse me.
Yeah? So, it seems our boy, Dogan, has been discharging a little more than just his duties lately.
So it seems.
You have something? Yeah, I dug into his finances and found out he's been paying for a second cell, uh, a Gordian phone.
Wh what's that? It's a it's an encrypted phone.
Guys with security clearances use 'em, or guys with something to hide, namely from their significant others.
Can you get into it if it's encrypted? Yeah, everything has its vulnerabilities, and, luckily, some, uh, kid in New Zealand found one in the Gordian OS and posted it to a hacker forum, so thanks to Ulian Ackland, I'm in Dogan's phone.
Kilroy, can you get a location on it? Yeah, dude, I'm sending it to you now.
- That's why I'm calling you.
- Thank you.
You sure this is the place? According to Kilroy.
All right.
Looks like he was drugged and then beaten to death.
Hasan said he liked to get rough.
Scumbag got what he wished for.
Police! Drop your weapons! Down on the ground! Now! [TENSE MUSIC.]
Detective Lyons, NSID.
Mind telling me what you're doing at the scene of a murder? My people were working in conjunction with the Turkish Embassy to locate Mr.
Under whose authority? FBI? Homeland Security? Joint Terrorism Task Force.
When a foreign diplomat like Mr.
Dogan disappears on American soil, we have to consider all the possibilities.
That's above my pay grade.
So, we got an anonymous tip that there was a body in an abandoned building.
How'd you guys beat us to it? Because we traced his phone to this location.
Any idea what he was doing down here? No, but we were told he likes to frequent prostitutes.
This place is a hotbed for sex trafficking: gangs, drugs.
Well, a lot of that demand comes from the Beltway.
Oh, yeah.
Constant supply of hotshots wanting to get their jollies.
And we can't touch 'em because of diplomatic immunity? Never ends.
I'm guessing Dogan was probably rolled by a pimp, lured down here by some young girl.
Yeah, but if he was robbed, why was he still wearing his watch and his wedding ring? And why was he brought here? Somebody wanted to get information out of him.
Beating he took was brutal.
Looked personal.
Thanks for your insight.
You found your Dogan then, huh? This is now officially a homicide investigation, so if it's all the same to you, we'll take it from here.
Of course, Detective Lyons.
We'll leave you to it.
Back already? Didn't you guys just find a body? We've been excused.
Police business now.
Not quite.
Director is worried Dogan's murder will enflame tensions between Turkey's ruling class and opposition groups like Hasan's, who they'll assume are responsible for his death.
Could lead to more violence, both here and in Turkey.
Well, Hasan did say Dogan deserved it.
Yeah, but it doesn't mean he killed him.
Either way, we need to find out who did.
So, what's our next move? [CLEARS THROAT.]
I have a thought on that.
Well, don't look so surprised.
All right, uh, I-I, uh, got into Dogan's phone.
I did a little digging around.
Turned up a bunch of text messages, one of 'em from some guy calling himself CT69.
There's a reference to "new merch.
" There's a link to an escort service on the dark web.
Escorts? Some of these girls barely look old enough to vote.
Yeah, well, that's the point.
Most of them are kids.
Likely trafficked here for sex.
Who sent this? I don't know.
They used an email-to-text app to mask their identity, but I I'm assuming it's the pimp.
I mean, per this text, it was probably the blonde and the pimp who rolled Dogan.
Or if not, maybe they know who did.
We need to get to them.
Fastest way to a pimp is through his wallet, right? - What are you doing? - Making a date.
- Good work.
- All of these girls have the same tattoo.
Those aren't tattoos.
They're brands.
- Busy day.
- Yeah.
You all right With this case? It's not gonna be a problem.
That's not why I was asking.
I know.
I got a bite.
"He would like to know what I'm into.
" Hmm.
Say Blonde, white.
- Younger the better.
I'm gonna need a shower after this.
- - "I have what you want.
"When? Where?" - - "9:00, Vista Motel" Classy guy.
"Room one.
$1,000 cash.
" Good work.
I just need a john now.
- Serious? - You have the right look.
And what look is that? The I-have-to-pay-for-it look? No, the I'm-not-law-enforcement look.
Yeah, okay.
How you doing, Kilroy? Me? Um, no, good.
Never better.
Will you please relax? I'm rela Why don't you relax, okay? You're not the one who's gonna get shived out here.
No one is gonna get shived.
Just sit down.
What, you want me to sit down over there? You realize how many layers of filth exist in that - I don't think about it.
- You should think about it.
- Here, let me let me - Please don't do that.
That's not a good idea.
Kilroy Oh, for the love of God.
Now I regret doing that.
I told you not to bring that stupid thing.
I bring it everywhere, okay? We're standing in a biohazard.
Car coming.
It could be our girl.
Here we go.
It's not what I signed up for when I took this gig.
- Just relax and be cool.
- You okay.
You you relax, you be cool.
All right, I'm cool.
- Hey there.
- Come on in.
Um Nice to meet you.
You got something to show me? Oh! Right, yes, sure.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I have sorry.
Oh, hey, hey, what are you Santana.
What are you What are you doing? - [GASPS.]
- Hey, hey, hey.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
I didn't do anything.
We were just talking.
We're not the cops.
- What do you want? - Just to talk.
Okay? What's your name? Lucia.
Lucia, do you know this girl? Her name is Ava.
Do you know where we can find her? No.
She hasn't been around.
That's why he sent me.
- Who? - Cesar.
Is he the one in the car? - No.
- A driver.
Cesar, he's who you and Ava work for? All right.
Is that Cesar's tattoo? All of Cesar's girls have them.
I need to check in with him, or I get in trouble.
How about we take you to him instead? I don't know.
We just wanna talk with him.
This is the place.
I'll check it out.
You stay here with her.
I don't think Cesar's gonna be branding anymore girls.
What do you mean? He's dead.
Since when does a pimp not have his phone? [DOOR OPENS.]
Out back.
He's running.
Stay put.
It'll be all right, okay? In the alley, headed to the street! - Hey! - Did you see anything? No! [BOTH PANTING.]
They just disappeared.
And they weren't the only one.
Damn it.
Pimp's name is Cesar Torres.
Belonged to a gang called the East Heights Mob.
Uh, known for sex trafficking, mainly girls from South America, but it could be from anywhere.
Well, at least Lucia got away.
Or went back to the gang, out of fear.
Cesar carved out a real niche for himself, catering to dudes like Dogan, you know, rich guys with, uh, particular tastes, - if you can call them that.
- You mean underage? Yeah, basically, or looking like it, and charging a premium.
Okay, so now we have two victims? Victims? The only victims are girls like Ava and Lucia, trapped and branded by low-life pimps to be sold to entitled, protected scumbags like Dogan.
They're not victims, they're criminals, and if you ask me, they got what they deserved.
Straight up.
That may be, but our job here is to find Dogan's killer Okay? So we need to stay focused.
I noticed his phone was missing.
You know, it could be the killer looking for their next target.
Let's try searching for unsolved murders that might match the pattern.
It might help us anticipate their next move.
Maybe Cesar saw the killer when he brought Ava to Dogan.
- He could've been a witness.
- That would make Ava one too.
We need to keep looking for her.
Okay but where? I've got a place in mind.
So, what's your connection here? Theresa.
So nice to see you again.
Been a while.
I know.
Work's kept me pretty busy.
I'm sure.
Well, we appreciate any time you can give us.
Uh, Diane, this is my colleague, Bryan.
- First time to Promise Road? - It is.
In fact, Theresa was just telling me all about it.
Well, why don't I just show you? We help women out of bad situations, ones they often can't get out of on their own.
Like what? Domestic abuse, sexual assault, human trafficking, among other things.
Women who too frequently are invisible to the rest of society.
We provide counseling, rehabilitation, pro bono legal referrals, job placements, but mostly, we offer a safe space where these women can begin to rebuild their lives.
That's really impressive.
It's because of volunteers like Theresa.
Um, actually, today, we're here looking for someone.
I was wondering if you've seen this girl.
Her name is Ava.
Yeah, she's been here.
I don't know her well, but I know someone who does.
Her name is Ava Conrad.
Why? Has something happened to her? Not that we know of.
We just want to speak with her.
Oh, I haven't seen Ava in weeks.
- She was a client? - For almost a year.
When I met her, she had just hit rock bottom.
She had escaped an abusive boyfriend, who got her hooked on drugs and forced her into prostitution.
- How'd she do here? - Good.
I mean, there were anger and trust issues, but with time and help, she was turning it around.
She got clean.
She got a job, got an apartment.
She even reached out to her father, who was desperate to hear from her.
Her father? Is he in town? I don't know.
You said you haven't seen her.
- What what happened? - She slipped.
Got arrested buying drugs.
Lost her job.
That's when she stopped coming here.
You, uh you mentioned she had an apartment.
You don't happen to have the address, do you? Sure.
Truth is Getting our women out of trouble is only half the battle.
For many, it's the road back that's the hardest part.
If you find her, please tell her we're here for her.
We will.
Meg, thank you so much for your time.
- Mm-hmm.
- Thank you.
It may be just me, but I feel this case has struck a nerve.
Is there something you wanna talk about? Honestly, I just wanna find Ava and wrap this thing up, okay? She's two months behind.
I tried serving an eviction notice, and she's never here.
Like I need another deadbeat to deal with.
Here This should buy her another couple weeks.
And us a little privacy.
It's your dime.
Looks like she left in a hurry.
And hasn't been back.
She didn't pack anything.
She probably didn't have a chance.
Most traffic girls are kept under lock and key.
Cesar would've taken her somewhere else.
Hold it.
Hands where I can see 'em.
You boys wanna tell me what you're doing here? [GUNSHOTS.]
- [YELLS.]
I recognized that guy.
They were from the Embassy.
- What are they doing here? - I don't know.
But one thing's for sure: We better find Ava before they do.
You're sure they were from the Embassy? Positive.
Somehow they'd found out about Ava.
Maybe they knew about Dogan's extra-curricular activities.
Then that would mean they'd know about Cesar and Ava.
Well, their ruling party has already survived a coup and faced condemnation for cracking down on dissenters like Hasan.
The last thing they need hitting the news cycle is that their diplomat is in the habit of buying young trafficked girls.
If Hasan knew about Dogan and the girls, maybe he saw this as a chance to expose or eliminate 'em, cause a scandal for the ruling party.
The Embassy is trying to clean it up.
They're trying to erase that part of Dogan's life.
Yeah, it's a cover-up.
They wanna make sure Ava disappears.
Well, we need to get to her first.
But how? We have no idea where she could be.
I might.
Nah, I'm good.
What do you mean? I mean I don't need you to come.
Hey is there a problem? I said I'm good.
Just leave her be.
Nice night.
- You scared me.
- Sorry.
- Can I help you? - Maybe.
Actually, I'm hoping that you can help Ava.
How? I told you, I-I haven't seen her.
I know, but Ava's in a lot of danger, and she probably doesn't know that.
I just I don't know why you're telling me this.
Because I remember that you found her at her lowest point, when she had no one, and it's not a stretch to think that she might wanna find that safe space again.
Well, if she does, I will let you know.
Yeah, I noticed that you bought some hair dye at the drugstore.
It's not really your shade, though.
I can help her, Meg.
Who are you? Someone who wants to help.
I advised the Director about the security agents at the Embassy.
He said not to confront them.
He doesn't wanna risk this becoming - an international incident.
- [SIGHS.]
- Any word from Santana? - No, not yet.
Look, I don't know what's going on with her, or why she's shutting me out.
This has nothing to do with you.
Well, what does it have to do with? You know what, fine, but I don't know how you expect this team to function if we can't even talk to each other.
Mills What? Has she ever talked to you about her time in the army? Or about how she and I met? No.
I was with him that night at the motel.
Is Dogan the one who did that to you? And did you do anything to him? No.
I got dressed, and I left.
I was with another date yesterday when I heard he got killed.
I panicked, and I ran.
And Cesar? I don't know what happened to him.
Ava we need to go to the police and tell them what you just told me.
- The police? - Yeah.
They can't do anything for me.
Why not? Because Cesar used to brag that he would make us disappear if we ever tried to leave, because he and his guys are protected by a cop.
A cop? Yeah, that's how I met Cesar.
He took me to him after I got out of jail.
This cop, you remember his name? Once, I heard Cesar call him Lyons.
Lyons? As in Detective Lyons? Okay, listen, Ava you are in very real danger, and I need you to come with me.
Santana was working in Iraq with JASOC, providing arms for counter-insurgency forces, as part of a CIA program.
But then, NSC imposed a cease-fire.
We stopped distributing the weapons, and the insurgents returned.
Yeah, I remember.
They recaptured many of the villagers.
Yeah, they executed the men and the boys, and they raped and kidnapped the girls to sell into the sex trade.
Santana came across one such group: captured Yazidi girls.
Some of them were just children.
Santana decided she had to do something about it, so she cut a deal with the insurgents.
Arms for the girls.
It didn't take JASOC long to figure out what she had done.
When I heard about it, she was facing a court-martial.
Women have always had to deal with rampant harassment, sexism, and Santana was no different.
I mean, her superiors saw her actions as reckless, emotional, and without merit.
I didn't.
So, what did you do? Called in a few favors.
Instead of a court-martial, she got a letter of reprimand and an Other-Than-Honorable discharge, but still, it cost her her career.
Almost her freedom.
And I have no doubt she would do it all over again.
It's it's okay.
I got you.
Everyone, this is Ava.
How did you find her? I just knew where to look.
She admits that she was at the motel with Dogan the night that he was murdered, but She says she had nothing to do with it, and I believe her.
Do you know who might have? No.
- I'm sorry.
- It's all right.
Back to square one.
Or maybe not.
Check this out, come here.
Five years ago, there was a sex trafficker.
He was holding three girls in his apartment, when the police caught him.
He walked on a technicality.
Yeah, but he didn't get far.
About three months later, he was found in a vacant lot, beaten, drugged, and, uh, castrated.
Case is still cold.
Who were the women he held captive, does it say? Two women from South America, one women from Virginia named Megan Chandler.
- Chandler? - Meg? From the shelter.
She's not only counseling trafficking survivors.
She is one.
Meg was looking for Ava.
She could've found her, followed her to the motel, saw her with Dogan getting rough.
And attacked him after she left.
But how did she find Cesar? From me.
When I ran to her place, I told her that Cesar would be angry and looking for me.
I told her about his shop.
So, other than a PR nightmare, this has nothing to do with the Embassy.
This is about a vigilante.
And a dirty cop.
Detective Lyons.
Wait, Lyons? Are you sure? Ava said that Cesar was working for him, and now Meg knows that too.
We need to stop her.
I don't think so, bitch.
Ava, can you tell us where you and the other girls were being held when you weren't working? I'm not sure.
Cesar always took different ways to get there.
You remember what type of place? Uh, an apartment, hotel? - A warehouse.
- Oh, yeah? You think you'd know it if you saw it? I don't think I could forget it.
All right, let's take a look.
- Did you find her? - No, she's already gone.
That's an antipsychotic.
She's been crushing the pills.
That makes them ejectable.
- That's how she's drugging them.
- There's no syringe? No, she probably has it on her, along with a dose for Lyons.
Has Ava managed to give you a location yet? We're working on it.
Does anything seem familiar? - No.
- What about sounds? Uh, do do you remember anything in particular you might have heard or remember hearing? - Just traffic.
- Yeah? Like, um, start-stop or steady? Steady.
All right, maybe near a freeway.
Go back.
That building with the pointed roof, I see it every time they take us back.
- The tower, are you sure? - Yeah.
Okay, there's an industrial park near the Capital Beltway.
It's near Hillcrest Heights.
Look for the tower.
- We'll find it.
- Let's go.
Got a little present for ya.
Who's she? She's the one that killed the Turk and your boy, Cesar.
I think she had the same thing in mind for me.
Don't leave a trace.
No problem.
- [YELLS.]
I got this! Go find Meg! [GUN CLICKING.]
Don't you hate that? [GRUNTS.]
Meg? Are you all right? She's gonna finish it.
Finish what? What I came here to do.
- Stop right there! Oh, please do it.
Oh, good, it's you.
Looks like we were both right about this place.
You mean about you running it? [CHUCKLES.]
Well, that's some decent detective work.
But the last I checked, you're no cop, so you can't arrest me.
No but I have no intention of arresting you.
- Santana.
You got him.
Good job.
- And the girls? - They're safe.
Good, that leaves just one last thing to take care of.
- No, you gotta stop her now! - Do I? Yeah, I'm pretty sure the only one that needs to be stopped out here is you.
I know about Iraq and the girls you saved.
Saved? Wow.
You must not have the whole story.
I didn't save anyone, Mills.
Those girls that I turned over to the Iraqi police, one week later, those same police sold them back to their captors, so what I did made no difference at all.
And he's the same.
Just a different uniform.
As long as there are men willing to buy women and children, there will be men trying to sell them.
It never changes.
Meg saw that too, so she decided to break the cycle by getting rid of men like Dogan and you.
- You can't kill a cop.
- You stopped being a cop the moment you went into business with Cesar.
Yeah, but he's still got that badge, and I'm not gonna let him use it to get out of this.
You gotta know, whatever you choose to do, I got your back.
But executing him That ain't gonna change anything out here.
It's just gonna change you.
Then what would you suggest I do? Same as Dogan and Cesar: punishment that fits the crime.
- You there? - I'm always here.
You find what we're looking for? And then some.
Lyons made dozens of cash deposits under the IRS, reporting him out of, uh, 10 grand.
Transferred it all to an account in the Cayman Islands, that and a 34-foot boat in the Keys.
Good luck explaining that one, pal.
We found the money.
That and the testimony of the girls and any gang members who wanna cut a deal will be enough to put him away.
A former cop, he's gonna be wishing every day you had killed him.
Maybe not.
But I kill you, and you're just another victim, and I would rather expose you for what you really are.
For what it's worth, you did the right thing for those girls in Iraq.
Yeah, well the right thing doesn't always win the day.
It did today.
For a second there, I thought you might actually kill him.
- Thank you for waiting.
- Not at all.
The Ambassador would like to extend his gratitude to you and your people for your diligent investigation regarding the circumstances of Mr.
Dogan's murder.
Mm, and what are those circumstances officially? The police concluded he was killed as a result of a robbery attempt gone horribly wrong.
As opposed to being involved in a sordid sex trafficking ring? You all knew very well what he was up to, didn't you? And you chose to ignore it.
Hart, I'm sure you can appreciate the delicate hand this situation has required us to Oh, I do, I do.
Though your security forces were anything but delicate when they shot at my team, while in pursuit of an innocent girl.
Yes, that was an unfortunate misunderstanding that we deeply regret.
Let me be perfectly clear, Mr.
If there are anymore misunderstandings involving your security forces while on U.
soil, rest assured, the full details of Major Dogan's illegal activities and your knowledge of them will be released to the press, diplomacy be damned.
Do we understand each other? Give my best to the Ambassador.
I can't believe the police are saying that Dogan was killed by a mugger.
Yeah, after a little pressure from the State Department.
That's unbelievable.
People wonder why things in this town don't change.
You're right, it's actually totally believable.
Does that mean Meg won't be charged with Dogan's murder? Yes, but she will be charged with Cesar's, will likely serve out any sentence she receives in the psychiatric ward.
What about Lyons? He's facing multiple charges of sex trafficking, kidnapping, attempted murder.
We'll put him away for the rest of his life.
Well, I'm gonna go, uh, try and do something a little more uplifting.
There's a "Texas Chain Saw Massacre" marathon down at the Bijou.
Cheer me up.
I gotta be somewhere as well, so You wanna join? Uh, sure.
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