Taken (2017) s02e07 Episode Script

Invitation Only

- Shalom.
- Shalom.
Will you be dining alone, sir? Uh, no, actually, I'm expecting my wife and daughter any minute now.
Uh, two Cabernets and - a lemonade, please.
- Of course.
Never a dull moment.
Thank you.
Miss, are you okay? [SIREN WAILING.]
We need some help here.
Help! She needs help! [PANICKED CHATTER.]
Liad Meidar, a brilliant Israeli-American nuclear physicist who disappeared 29 years ago after a café bombing in Tel Aviv.
Long presumed dead, but he may have just been located - in North Korea.
- How do we know? Because the North Koreans were just dumb enough to send out his picture in this propaganda photo from their latest ICBM test launch.
None of those guys look very Israeli.
Yeah, so thought the North Koreans, Mills.
More Israeli than Korean now, no? The DNI believes it's Liad Meidar.
They believe he's been held captive all these years and forced to work for the DPRK's nuclear program.
- That's horrible.
- Horrible, right? I mean, just Just gut-wrenching.
Bright young thinker like that co-opted by a hostile and disgracefully inept government.
Forced to do its Excuse me High-end dirty work.
Meidar would be an invaluable intelligence asset.
He was a rising star in the '80s.
His biggest breakthrough was with miniaturized warheads.
Which the North Koreans recently developed for themselves.
Exactly, which means he might've just outlived his usefulness To them, anyway.
We need to know everything he knows.
I don't know, 29 years? You sure this guy's working against his will? Look, if Meidar had wanted North Korea to have miniaturized warheads, they would've had them 20 years ago.
All right, so then we just waltz into North Korea and pull this guy out.
Without anyone knowing it's us.
This whole thing is a nuclear tinderbox.
To be clear, okay, we're talking about the most isolated, secretive, and uniform society on the entire planet, "and one of you is a 6'2" white dude, so failure is very much an option.
If you are caught, we're on our own.
The DNI will deny you exist.
But on the off chance you succeed, the DNI will take all the credit, so I mean, you know, you'll always have that.
Can I count on you two for this? - How do we find this guy? - Already did.
I took an old photo of Meidar from August '89 and I aged it up to produce this approximate image of what he would look like today.
- Ajna did that? - No, Ajna didn't do that.
That's my own code.
All Ajna did was take this new image to cough up Geo-coordinates of Meidar's latest location, which really, to hear myself say it, is kind of impressive.
What I can't tell you, however, is how to sneak the Odd Couple across the border safely.
Hmm, backpack and some hiking boots.
Only way in is a bus from China.
I know a spy who knows a guy.
Let's go.
Supreme Adventures.
They take brave and/or idiotic travelers on heavily regulated tours of North Korea.
My money's on idiotic.
No phones, no weapons on the tour.
Not really feeling this plan yet.
What's the matter, Mills? Can't survive two hours without your cell phone? No, I got reading material.
North Korean children's books Quickest way to grasp an unfamiliar culture.
That's great, Mills.
Reading at a sixth grade reading level, well done.
Are you guys looking for a little adventure? Uh, we think so.
Is the tour safe? Safe? Of course.
It's totally safe.
North Korea just has a bum rap.
Well, didn't someone die on one of these things? Uh, no, someone got arrested on the tour then later died of natural causes, so In a North Korean jail cell.
It'll be totally safe if you obey the laws.
You guys wanna book this tour or what? Um, yeah, yeah, okay.
Uh, two tickets on today's bus, please.
- Today's? - Mm.
Honey, the paperwork takes at least a week.
Um, "honey," that's that's sweet.
You know what? Let me Let me talk to you for a minute.
Um, now, I have proof that you've been using this bus to smuggle Hollywood bootlegs into North Korea Capital offense in that backwards-ass country.
And that soldier is gonna find out unless you put us on that bus and inform the driver that we have a new first stop.
There you go.
We'd hate to see you get arrested.
Okay, I'll make it work.
You know, I can redirect the bus, but it's gonna be impossible to get off.
That soldier's gonna be riding with us.
Don't worry.
I'll think of something.
Thank you so much.
I'm starting to detect somewhat of a theme in these children's books.
So many perfect little woods creatures living under the constant threat of the malicious savages outside the forest.
Hey, our stop is coming up.
We're almost at Meidar's location.
Not a word.
Don't worry.
It's totally safe.
Needles just got a bum rap, right? [GRUNTS SOFTLY.]
We were never here, you understand? [SPUTTERING.]
Oh, my God.
Stop the bus! I told him I'd think of something.
He'll be fine in five minutes.
The roof will be the best way to avoid detection.
You're not afraid of heights, are you? Not if I'm being shot at.
Three, two, one.
Meidar's last known location isn't the hellscape I was expecting.
I've seen worse, but this is definitely a prison.
Fenced perimeter, armed guards on the quad.
And would you look at that? It's really him.
Alive and well.
What is this place? How do we get him out of it? [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
How's our pothead of a tour guide doing? Still foaming at the mouth? Nah, the bus is long gone.
All right, we are officially stranded in enemy territory.
This is a pleasant surprise.
Smuggled my satphone in my backpack.
I don't recall authorizing that.
I mean, I figured it's better to Ask for forgiveness than permission.
Here's Mills, all right? Hold on.
Meidar's alive.
He's living in some sort of residential prison compound.
It's gated and guarded.
And Meidar isn't the only white guy.
- See? Sounds like he's living in one of North Korea's invitation-only zones.
It's these communities of kidnapped foreigners that sprouted up in the late '70s during a state-sponsored mass abduction campaign.
Yeah, there were potentially hundreds of kidnappings.
Many of them were Japanese teenagers, but North Korea took citizens from any number of countries, like Italy and Thailand.
That fence looks electrified.
How many of these places are there? Unclear.
They were longtime open secrets in the intelligence community.
Yeah, man, where you been? They've been mainstream since 2015.
You gotta get yourself on Reddit.
All right, the lady in the red shirt That's Keiko Hanami.
She disappeared from a Japanese beach during a family vacation in 1979.
I'm literally reading her obituary as we speak.
How is a place like this allowed to exist? It's a failure of diplomacy.
Yeah, that, and nobody discovered a million barrels of oil buried beneath the quad.
How soon can you get to Meidar? Not until after sundown.
But what then? We just leave the others behind? I'm sorry, Bryan, but That's the best we're gonna do for today.
How soon can we have the exfil? Sit tight.
I'm gonna talk with my contact.
- Wait, that could be her right now.
- Hello? - What if I told you I smuggled in a second satphone? Are your people still alive? As promised.
They're almost ready for their ride home, anytime after sundown tonight.
I told you I would do this, but No, no, no.
We are beyond this part of the conversation.
But the risk is considerable.
No one outside of Chinese intelligence - is aware this asset exists.
- No one beyond this bench can know my team is in the country.
On any normal mission, I would have three contingencies.
But this isn't a normal mission, is it, Kai? You gave me your word.
You owe me your life.
I'll send the helicopter.
But, Christina, it has to start before sundown.
Every night at 8:00 p.
, the state requires North Koreans to turn on their TVs for a report from Dear Leader.
It's a sort of dystopian fireside chat.
All eyes will be on those screens, which means you two can move out in daylight a full seven minutes before sundown.
They're making sure all the TVs are on.
Talk about a captive audience.
At 8:15, a helicopter will be making its weekly delivery to the docks.
It'll be flown by a Chinese asset.
I wouldn't be angry if you smuggled an M4 inside that snack pack.
Next time.
You need to be on that chopper when it lifts off at 8:20.
You cannot be late.
China will not risk exposing its asset.
Easy, easy.
Liad Meidar? Nuclear physicist? Abducted 29 years ago in a café in Tel Aviv? Just nod if I'm correct.
Who are you? It's Bryan Mills.
This is Santana.
We're Americans, Liad.
We're here to bring you home, sir.
We have to move extremely fast.
We have to be out of that door in less than five minutes.
Okay, I just need to collect some papers.
It's critical intelligence.
We have to move, Liad.
These are nothing To-do lists.
- Who did you call? Who did you call, Liad? Security.
Why would you call security? Because I praise Dear Leader and hate the vile Americans.
If this is another loyalty test, I think I just passed with flying colors.
This isn't a test.
Your daughter, Rachel, in 1989 when she was three years old.
This is her last month in Rockville, Maryland, with your grandsons, Lincoln and Dean.
And if you ever wanna meet them, you need to send the guards away as soon as they get here.
Forgive me.
They've tested me before.
We're on the clock, Liad.
We have to leave the second you send those guards away.
And how do I know we won't be killed? Listen, they find two Americans in your house, we are all dead.
- Mills! - [YELLS.]
Please be gentle.
He's my son.
Is his mother in this house? [HELICOPTER ROTORS WHIRRING FAINTLY.]
You hear that? It's the helicopter.
It's the weekly delivery for our store.
It's our ride out of here.
Leaves in ten minutes with or without us.
Do we have a problem, Liad? - Chopper just landed.
- Where's Mills? Two men.
It was a false alarm.
You make telephone call by accident? That's correct.
That's my son's bedroom.
I am the lead scientist for your nuclear program.
You disrespect me in my home, I'll see to it you pay a price.
- We need more time.
We can try, but don't expect it.
Are you okay, Joon? What is happening? Hey, come here.
I know.
We need to go.
We'll leave when he's ready.
They're here to take us someplace different, someplace better.
But we need to leave right away, okay? But I do not want to leave.
We are not allowed to leave.
Remember when you were little The bedtime stories I read to you? Boston Tea Party, the Statue of Liberty, Princess Rachel from the land of Tel Aviv? Fairy tales.
Pretend stories.
Those places and those things, they're all real, Joon, and if we leave right now, we can go see them.
It's what your mother always wanted.
Guys, it's now or never.
What do you say, Joon? Would you like to meet Rachel? [SOFT DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
Okay, great, let's go.
Oh, wait.
As chief scientist, I have special privileges with trust and access.
I wasn't kidding about the critical intelligence.
Where's the fastest way to the docks? I know a way.
Come on.
Leaving now.
ETA: five minutes.
Hurry, I was only able to get you 60 more seconds.
What's in the case? Every vulnerability in the North Korean nuclear program.
Enough to set them back years.
I would've done it myself, but they would've killed my son.
Thank you for saving him.
Oh, you can thank me when we're in the air.
Come on.
Move, move, move.
Hold on.
All right, as soon as they clear out, we make our move.
30 yards to the chopper.
Then we're home.
Okay? Hey, Joon, it's all right.
You're gonna love it in America.
When I say go, we run.
You ready? All right.
- Hey! - Hey, Joon! Joon! Take this and get on the chopper.
Tell Hart I need another minute.
Hey, I am not leaving without you.
This case is more important than any of us.
You get it to safety now.
He won't talk to me.
I offer my son a chance at a better life, at freedom, and he ran the other way because he doesn't believe me.
He trusts state propaganda more than he trusts his own father.
He's just afraid.
Why wouldn't he be? This is all he's ever known.
You're right.
His entire existence is based on lies Lies I told him.
To protect him from an awful truth.
You want an awful truth? My 16-year-old son has no idea what freedom is.
He's never seen real beauty.
That's not a life.
That's facsimile of a life.
A life not worth living.
I'm gonna go talk to him.
Hey, Joon.
I'm Santana.
We never got a chance to officially meet.
It's all right.
I get it.
She's cute.
I can see why she'd be hard to leave.
I read some of these.
But you know what, Joon? The world is a lot bigger and better than those books will ever say, and I can prove it.
Check it out.
That's the Statue of Liberty.
See? It's not just a fairy tale.
It's a real place.
And America stands for freedom.
And anybody's allowed to visit from anywhere in the world.
You know how sometimes you lose electricity? That doesn't happen everywhere else.
And what about this? That's nighttime in America.
That's New York City, where people can be anything they wanna be.
These are pictures on a telephone.
Why should I believe you? Because I used to live there.
North Korean kids are raised to hate Americans, so I told you I grew up in Israel.
The truth is, I'm a citizen of both.
I didn't tell you sooner because I was protecting you.
I wanted you to think your life was normal.
Maybe it was a mistake, but I only lied to you because I love you.
30 years ago, I was taken from my old life and forced to live here.
It wasn't easy, but I survived.
You and Mom made it easier for me.
But I sure wouldn't mind going back home.
I think you'd really like it there.
What about everybody else? What about Ji-su? We just leave, and she never gets to see all that? It's big of you to even ask that, Joon.
It is a good question.
How do you help an entire country understand they're being lied to? I know they've seen hints of the truth, just like you TV and movies smuggled in on thumb drives But not enough to make any sense of it.
I have no idea how to help these people.
I have an idea.
What if there was a way for those pictures to be seen by everyone, Joon? How? You have your own car for work with driving privileges, right? We saw a radio tower on the outside of town.
If we could broadcast those pictures to everybody, would you leave with us for America? It's okay that you're scared, but we're gonna keep you safe, Joon.
I want to see Ji-su one last time.
I meet her at lunch.
I'm sorry, kid.
It's too dangerous.
You want my trust.
I'm asking for yours.
We can't risk that.
I think we should.
I do trust you.
Okay, Joon? Okay, well, for that to work, we need to split up.
Your dad and I will go to the tower.
Santana will stay here while you meet up with Ji-su.
Then we'll all meet up for a rendezvous.
Everyone okay with that? Absolutely not.
I took a big risk sending you that helicopter, and your team failed me by running in the opposite direction.
As far as I'm concerned, we're even.
There must be something you want.
There is.
But you won't like it.
Yusup Tursun.
Yusup Tursun, the leader of the Eastern Turkistan Islamic Movement? Right, he's responsible for six terrorist attacks in China.
We want him.
The United States doesn't have him.
Perhaps you have a piece of software that can help China locate him.
The U.
hasn't put him on a kill list yet either.
Do you want your people back or not? [TENSE MUSIC.]
Can I ask you about Joon's mother? Li-Hua Chen.
She was just a beautiful woman.
They forced us into a marriage so we could have a child.
Someone they could kill if you ever tried to leave.
But love finds a way, you know? We were just Everything to each other.
But she died of TB because they wouldn't pay for her antibiotics.
I'm sorry.
The thing I always wonder about is, why me? Why did they choose me? Did they know I was weak? Did they know I would cave? Because I did.
But I didn't make it easy for them.
I held out for seven years.
They beat me.
They starved me.
They locked me in a room.
But eventually I did crack.
I went to work in their nuclear lab.
You made the most of an impossible situation.
That's what you did.
You fell in love.
You had a son.
You built a life for yourself.
I want you to know that every step of the way, I sabotaged their nuclear program.
I replicated every setback anybody had ever documented.
That makes you a hero.
- [SIGHS.]
And when we leave here, people are gonna know the truth.
- You seeing that, Kilroy? - Yeah, loud and clear.
Did you get your laptop in a sync circuit? Meidar did.
What's your read on the security? Uh, light, maybe a couple of guards, but your access point is on the west side of the bridge.
Meidar's gonna patch me into the tower, yes? - Yeah.
- Okay, let me talk to him.
Let me walk him through the procedure.
- He wants to talk to you.
- Hello? Okay, Meidar, we don't have a lot of time.
I-I need you to listen very closely and do exactly as I say.
How you feeling? [SIGHS.]
I'm leaving forever and was not allowed to say good-bye.
And I did not.
You had a nice hug, though.
You were watching? I didn't think that unmarried couples were allowed to hug in North Korea.
Was that the first time you did that? It Just happened.
All right.
Um Go pack up your stuff, okay? We're gonna leave early.
Come on.
Drop it.
Just had a run-in with a guard, so he might've got off an alert.
You seeing any movement? No, right now, you're all alone, but I wouldn't dillydally.
How's Mills? Halfway through a suicide mission.
Why don't you tell me? Can you run this name through Ajna, please? Yusup Tursun.
Sounds like a Uyghur separatist or a rebel pilot from "Rogue One.
Why's he important? - Just run the name, please.
He's he is a Uyghur separatist, isn't he? Wanted by the Chinese.
You want me to track him down so you can trade his life for a new exfil plan.
Um, this might come as some surprise to you, seeing as how I'm enchained and everything, but I've never actually killed anybody before.
I am just asking you to find somebody.
Yeah, who's gonna be dead by the weekend.
Perhaps, but if you don't, maybe Mills and Santana don't make it to sundown.
Look, as an anarchist, okay, I'm not particularly excited by the idea of playing executioner for a nation-state, all right? But as a Homo sapiens, I-I'm really uncomfortable playing God.
Tursun is a butcher with the lives of 37 innocent civilians on his hands.
I have been given the opportunity to trade his life for the life of our teammates.
Teammates, bit of a stretch, but okay, I'm listening.
Look, people are gonna die either way, that's a fact, so don't think of it as deciding who to kill.
Think of it as deciding who to save.
And if that's what you call playing God, Kilroy, then so be it, but you know what? It's not always gonna be this easy.
- How we doing? - I don't know.
Maybe five more minutes? [SATPHONE RINGS.]
- Yeah.
There's a vehicle on the approach, and I got a million bucks that says it's not Amazon Prime.
I'm on it.
Keep working.
- [YELLS.]
You okay? I'm not done yet.
There's no shame in leaving now, Liad.
No, just another minute.
Definitely not Amazon.
Mills, get the hell out of there.
You got three military trucks six miles out with no regard for speed limit, all right? You gotta get the hell out of there.
How we doing there, Liad? Almost.
'Cause we have a situation outside and we need to leave right now.
I'm almost done.
I'll call you back.
We got about five minutes before more guys show up with guns.
Whenever you wanna go, I got your back, but we should probably go.
I made a promise to my son.
Do you wanna know why they chose you, Liad? It's because you're exceptional.
You crippled the North Korean nuclear program for two decades and never got caught.
And that was the hard part.
Now you just gotta connect an antenna.
You can do this.
You can do this, Liad.
- Okay.
- Wait, it's electric! [ELECTRICITY CRACKLING.]
- Huh? Joon, move! - [ELECTRICITY CRACKLING.]
It's okay.
Don't worry, Joon, all right? Funnest part is gonna be stealing that car.
- Okay.
Let's go.
Yusup Tursun's last known location as of 19 minutes ago.
Pleasure doing business.
You good to go? Thank you.
How we looking out there, Kilroy? Well, the good news is, I got the radio tower signal here.
If Meidar installed it properly, they won't discover the hack until we use it, so I'll able to broadcast after you're, uh, you know, killed.
Copy that.
You trained in the Israeli military, right? That was a long time ago.
Well, it ain't rocket science.
You drive.
Start the car! [ENGINE TURNING OVER.]
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Reverse, reverse.
When I say "now," brake and turn right as hard as you can.
- Bryan! - [SHOUTS.]
Bryan! Stay straight, Liad! He's not slowing down.
Do not stop! Do not turn! You need to shoot! Stay the course, Liad.
Stay the course.
You wanna go home? It's on my to-do list.
Hart's contact is sending a mini sub.
Should be here in a few minutes.
- We gotta make this fast.
- Yeah.
Do we need to worry about him? Kid's having a hard time.
Do you mind if I talk to him? Go ahead.
I know this is all a lot to take in, but what your dad did today for you and for the people of North Korea is one of the bravest things I've ever seen.
And the reason he did it is the same reason he does everything else in his life 'cause he loves you.
Can I ask for your help, Joon? This briefcase has the name and picture of every foreigner in North Korea being held against their will.
If you're ready, I think you should be the one to turn over the files.
Only if you're ready.
I'm ready, Dad.
Let's go.
You got a minute, Kilroy? Oh, want me to kill somebody else? [SIGHS.]
No, I was hoping you could send me that photo-aging code that you wrote.
Oh, sure thing, you can You can age up the Earth, watch watch the whole thing just melt away.
It's very disturbing.
Something else? [SIGHS SOFTLY.]
What you did for us this week Oh, no, are you arresting me? Thought maybe we should set that bitch free.
- What, this guy right here? - Mm-hmm.
Oh, that's a very lovely gesture.
I actually hacked it two weeks ago.
Look, I'm not saying that I like you guys.
Uh, because, you know, I don't.
But, uh, I-I am saying that I think I think you're interesting, if not a little, you know, insane.
Just don't forget to send me the code.
"Kilroy was here?" Seriously? Never even left the SCIF.
We should be thankful it wasn't porn.
It's Meidar's family.
Heads up.
Hello, sunshine.
I'm sorry I didn't call.
Hey, baby girl.
Have I got a story for you.
This is Joon, your brother.
Joon, this is Rachel, the princess of Tel Aviv.
Nice work, you guys.
Yeah, it's gonna look great on the DNI's résumé.

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