Taken (2017) s02e08 Episode Script


Where are you again? I'm at DefCon in Dubai, drumming up business.
Middle East? Must be scorching.
Yeah, I'm melting.
Shouldn't you be enjoying your time off? If I wanted time off, I would've run for Congress.
Santana and Kilroy are coming by tomorrow [GRUNTS.]
To help with the inventory.
When do you think you'll be back? Uh, just a couple of days, but I need you to hold down the fort until then.
Is that a train whistle? I gotta go, they're about to start an anti-piracy demo on a mock-up of a supertanker.
- Take care.
- All aboard.
Last call for passengers departing Chita station.
- - I have a gift for you.
In America, they must hand out credit cards like candy.
At 18% interest, the minimum payments must have been difficult for a U.
Embassy Secretary who gets paid mere rubles.
I make due.
But you forgot to mention your relationship with expensive watches on your application for a security clearance with the State Department.
That omission is a felony.
Be a shame if it was anonymously reported to your FBI.
What do you want? Ouf, nothing, really.
Eh, maybe a small thing.
Perhaps you could keep your ears open.
Maybe copy some harmless paperwork once in a while.
Administrative stuff, nothing classified.
And you would make my debts disappear? This could be arranged.
There's only one problem with this little arrangement.
And what is that? I don't actually work at the State Department.
But I do work in information processing, and our frequent meetings have provided me with the opportunity to process your travel patterns, like the time I followed you after a meeting in Gorky Park to the Ritz off Red Square.
You remember Sasha? The Russian Defense Minister's wife? The same Defense Minister who oversees all of your military prisons in Siberia.
Ooh, must be so cold there right now.
The cells must be like freezers.
But then again, you would be lucky if you ended up in prison.
So, unfortunately, Viktor, not only am I not going to be working for you, but you now work for me.
How'd it go? - Mission success.
- Ah, congratulations.
I never doubted you for a second.
Well, you might be the only one.
Even the chief of station thought I was insane when I told him I was gonna recruit an FSB agent.
Well, fortune favors the brave.
But you know, I gotta say, it's a lot easier these days, I mean, when I was Back in Berlin in the '80s? I get it, I'm an old car in a young track.
Time to move on.
You know, when we met in the Balkans - Mm-hmm.
- I found your old-school charm to be quite debonair.
Well, it was your first mission, you didn't know any better.
But I bet you could teach me a thing or two.
Oh, this old body's vintage, but The engine is Has the same horsepower.
- Prove it.
- Ah.
Come back here for a second.
Ah, what happened after Tuscany? - What happened after Tuscany? - Mm-hmm.
Well, your letters, I used to look forward to each and every one of them, and then Then they stopped.
Wouldn't have to write if we Lived together.
Don't you ever wonder what it would be like if we had given it a shot? I never knew you felt so strongly.
And to prove it, there is a train going through Tuscany next week, with a first-class cabin open.
What do you say? I can't do Tuscany right now.
But, you know, Provence will be quiet next month.
I'm gonna take that as a yes.
I have to run.
Go save the world.
You know, the intelligence Viktor could provide might earn you that chief of station job.
What're you saying, that you're going after the Russkies nuclear submarine blueprints? No.
Strategic contentions in Georgia? Ukraine? I'm going after Farewell.
- Okay, hold on, Schumacher.
- Farewell? - Mm-hmm.
He's killed at least a dozen of our assets.
Rumor is he's killed their families too, just as a warning to make sure that no one else defects.
All the more reason he should be brought in from the cold.
And you don't think you're biting off more than you can chew? You gotta bait your hook to catch your fish, and I've got a fantastic piece of bait.
It's dangerous.
Not just for Viktor, but for you.
When are you planning on meeting him again? You were the one who always told me to keep meet details between a handler and an asset.
In addition to overseeing this operation, I'm also your backup handler.
Besides, Viktor could be leading you into a trap.
Look, I know how you were trained.
I trained you.
I respect that, I do.
I meant what I said in every one of those letters.
I care about you.
1400 at a park on the outskirts of St.
A park? It's too open.
You don't have control of the exits or the entrances.
You meet him on the St.
Petersburg line, between Luka and Malaya, between the lunch crowd and rush hour.
- It'll be a ghost train.
- Okay.
Petersburg line it is.
Thank you.
I gotta go save the world.
- Who did this? - Farewell.
Stay with me.
Can you direct me to sleeping berth number two? - You want to be three cars up.
- Thank you.
- [SLAP.]
I appreciate you coming in early to help out, cyber soldier.
No place I'd rather be on my day off.
Santana, do you happen to have any hair of the dog in there? I got a bottle of Thai whiskey that will burn the skin off your tongue.
That's fine.
I don't need my tongue.
Knock yourself out.
Might wanna pace yourself.
The boss is out of town.
Are you kidding? Now that that mother of dragon is out milking the military-industrial cow, I can finally have an opportunity to abuse some telomeres.
- Telomeres? - Telomeres, man.
They're the tips of your chromosomes.
Their length is the best predictor of lifespan.
Research shows that you live longer if you train your chromosomes to rebuild your telomeres after doing a little damage.
Wow, I'm gonna live forever.
Just don't forget the rebuilding part.
Oh, God.
Mills, you've been in this lockbox? - No, what's in it? - Backlog passports.
And somebody has definitely been in here.
And someone has been eating my porridge.
Someone hacked into your system? Somebody logged in and tried to cover their tracks.
Looks like they were searching for oh, wow.
Who's that? That looks like a picture that Hart aged, using this algorithm I gave her, and then she used facial recognition to match the photo to a Russian passport, belonging to some guy - named Kasparov.
- Never heard of him.
And then she tracked that passport to a train reservation and Go figure, Russia.
Didn't she used to work there? Yeah, but that was almost 20 years ago.
You don't think Hart went to Russia.
No, I just spoke to her last night.
She said she was at DefCon in Dubai.
W-why would she lie? A train.
He's gone mobile.
But she'd need a fake passport to get into Russia.
Yeah, well, she's got one.
Our Czech passport is missing.
Run that passport number now.
Yeah, there's a ticket under this passport from Chita to Vladivostok on the Trans-Siberian Railway, the same train as Kasparov.
Why would Hart risk infiltrating Russia illegally? To track this guy Kasparov down from the photo? You know, a while ago, she mentioned a man she worked with in Moscow that betrayed her.
Something she never really got over.
Oh, that is not good.
Hart's gone to Russia to hunt him down.
Let me guess.
You have a train to catch.
I didn't expect you back so soon.
- You manipulated me.
- What can I say? There was already a better offer on the table.
Is everything just a negotiation to you? You know, all those letters, were those just bargaining chips? You're letting emotion get in the way of logic.
Wait, what what logic? I am talking about us.
The logic of me dedicating my life to serving my country, just to be passed over, tossed aside, when a new wind blew in.
You killed my asset over a damn promotion? You of all people should know how much I sacrificed for this mission.
It's not just about the promotion.
20 years I busted my ass, and for what? I'll be lucky to get a private security job, staring at Walmart parking lots - for 50k a year.
- So it was just about greed? You chose a couple of dollars over what we shared? More like a couple of million rubles.
I let you in.
And you lied to me.
I don't even know who you are.
And I don't know if I'm more disappointed in you or you know what? Forget about it, forget I said it.
You got a great closing argument.
Let's see how it goes over with a jury back home.
If it helps any, I feel awful about betraying a former protégé.
Protégé? And selling out one of your assets to Farewell.
Farewell? You're working with Farewell? I knew that would hurt.
You're officially persona non grata.
Your diplomatic visa has been revoked because you're not actually a secretary working for the State Department.
I'd feel worse if I didn't know you'd land on your feet.
Just one more question.
Was any of it real? Bosnia, Tuscany, the letters.
Was any of it real? [SIGHS.]
Back then.
- I really - [CLEARS THROAT.]
Sorry, gotta run.
Just remember one thing for your next assignment, the first lesson I ever taught you.
Never take your eyes off your source.
- How long have you been working this line? - 30 years.
- Mm.
- I've always loved trains.
- Mm? I find them nostalgic, don't you? As long as they run on time, they can be whatever you want them to be.
- You Russian? - Czech Republic.
- Ah, yeah.
I'm on my way to visit my boyfriend, Nikolai.
He's an oil minister in Vladivostok.
- Mm.
- The only problem is, when I booked my tickets, all the sleeping berths were taken.
Perhaps there's an opening? [SIGHS.]
No, they're all taken.
Well, let me see that.
As I said, they're all full.
I'm heartbroken.
All right, I've got a berth coming up after the next station, but less than 24 hours' time, that is best I can do, okay? What's a little delay for a place to lie down? Your boyfriend, Nikolai He, uh, travels this line a lot, huh? I know because I share my Vitros with him.
Nikolai only smokes Dachas.
Have a good journey.
So if Hart got on the train at Chita station, how do we intercept her? Well, by my calculations, you'd never make it to the next stop in time.
You'd have to go to Khabarovsk, which is the second to last stop.
Book two tickets.
Oh, you guys, you can't just waltz into Russia on a couple of fake passports after that little stunt you pulled at the Russian opera a couple of weeks ago.
They'll spot you in a heartbeat.
Well, then we go in under the radar.
Well, you're gonna have to talk to swap meet over here about that.
Oh, that's cute.
Let me see Eastern Russia.
The Japanese Yakuza use this water route to smuggle Afghan heroin aboard fishing trawlers into Sapporo.
Is this the part where you tell us that a Yakuza boss owes you a favor? Tanaka-San actually prefers to be called sensei and not boss.
He teaches painting with watercolors - and they are really lovely.
- Oh, wow, that is fascinating.
But he doesn't owe me the favor; I owe him one.
And you know what? It's a long story - [OVERLAPPING CHATTER.]
- We haven't got time for this.
We have to get moving.
She is out there alone, exposed.
Did it ever occur to you that maybe she's going solo for a reason, you know? Like Superwoman, you know, with a pantsuit.
Has it occurred to you that she's put herself in one hell of a situation to settle an old score? She is behind enemy lines in Russia, home to the most capable intelligence service outside of the U.
, and she's worked there before, so they know her.
You don't go visiting old battlefields without backup, and I can tell you that from experience.
For all we know, she could be walking into a trap.
She's a capable spook, man.
She can handle herself.
If it wasn't for Hart, you'd still be cleaning crappers in Sing Sing with your own toothbrush.
No one cares about this unit more than her.
That's why I said, "What're we waiting for?" Didn't I say that? So let's go, now! - You said that? - Yeah.
- Call you from Sapporo.
- Send me a postcard.
Maybe also a sex doll.
Or some top-shelf sake, you know, for the telomeres.
He's kind of hot when he's angry.
Can I help you? My apologies, I [SIGHS.]
I thought my friend was in berth number two.
That's understandable.
Kasparov offered to switch tickets.
What was your seat number? It was first come, first serve.
Wish I could be of more help.
Just to be certain we're talking about the same man, he's 6 feet tall, a Caucasian, dark hair.
Sounds like him, except he was wearing a gray hat.
Thank you.
I still can't shake this feeling that I'm being followed.
We moved cars.
A little extra precaution was warranted, considering I don't leave the suburbs of Chita very often.
You've got me to protect you.
Protect me? Or keep an eye on me? Maybe you could take the team, sweep the train one more time.
We swept before you got there.
It's safe.
I thought I taught you at the academy never to assume that anything's ever safe.
The CIA isn't just gonna forget about a defector, especially one that helped take out a prized asset.
You guys give me three days of leave a year, The least you can do is allow me some peace of mind during that time.
Besides, your bosses wouldn't be too happy if the guy who taught them CIA tradecraft wound up dead.
I'll check again.
Wouldn't want our favorite instructor feeling unsafe.
Tanaka-San, I have a request.
My friend and I would like passage on one of your fishing trawlers leaving for Russia tonight.
Still owe me for saving those dolphins.
While I appreciate your contribution to our planet, I really did you the favor.
That cold meat is tainted with mercury.
It ends up in children's school lunches.
You have two kids in public school, right? Besides I thought this 13th-century Kamakura katana paid my debts in full.
Everything was made better in the old days, but that was restitution for the men I lost.
Okay, well, if that's the case, how about I kill two debts with one stone.
And how do you plan to do that? By eliminating three ninjas who plan to assassinate you.
Your friend reads too much anime.
Some of your men have already sold you out.
They're just lying in wait to figure out who else to take down with you.
Ain't that right, fellas? [ALL GRUNTING.]
Wow, this is good quality steel.
Almost as good as the Vikings.
So, Tanaka-San, do we have a deal? [TENSE MUSIC.]
For your journey.
Would you mind if I held onto this too? - [WAVES CRASHING.]
- She's still not picking up.
She's in trouble, I know it.
Try this.
Deadens the nerves.
It might unleash the inner Kraken, but it's not gonna get us to Russia any faster.
- Yeah.
- What's up, Kilroy? - You guys kill any Yakuza yet? That was so two hours ago.
What do you got? I called an old associate whose name may or may not rhyme with Snedward Owden, and he shared some files with me that he, uh, borrowed from the CIA a little while back.
- Borrowed? - Well, you know, he's still a young man, he's got plenty of time to return them.
Anyway, then I was able to match the photo that Hart aged with a CIA officer named Thomas Donovan, right? And get this, he was serving in Croatia at the same time that Hart was serving in Bosnia.
Signed off on a bunch of her intelligence reports as her supervisor.
So Hart was talking about Donovan when she referred to someone who betrayed her.
Yeah, but that's just the start.
They crossed paths again a few years later again in Moscow.
Okay, he signed off on some recruitment reports in one of her source dossiers.
- Who was the source? - Uh, unfortunately, it's either a rectangle of black ink or, you know, it's redacted.
Data masked to conceal his identity.
He must've had upper level access.
And this is where it gets really weird.
After he signs off on these reports, he goes completely off the grid.
There's no personnel action, there's no signatures, there's no intelligence reports, nothing, - just like the guy up and - Defected.
I was gonna say "died," but, yeah, I mean, that works too.
Now he just popped back up for air, which would explain why Hart decided to go after him.
Yeah, that and my algorithm pretty much explains it, and it makes even more sense when you consider the fact that That it's after the dude went dark that Hart got - PNG'd out of Russia.
- Persona non grata? That only happens if your cover's been blown.
Or you've been caught in the midst of an operation.
Or maybe both.
Okay, let me get this straight, Hart went rogue into a hostile country to bag the senior CIA officer who trained her And now works for Russian intelligence.
I mean, if that's not a Cold War suicide mission, man, I don't know what is.
Something's not adding up.
If Hart's supervisor defected and that was the end of the story, why didn't she just pass this on to the CIA and be done with it? She intentionally hid this mission from us, as if she was ashamed.
You know the way she talked about the betrayal? That came from somewhere deep.
It was personal.
I mean, not just about her career.
It's like she was talking about being betrayed by A lover.
I know Hart.
And I know the lengths that someone will go to to exact revenge.
She's gonna risk everything to bring Donovan to justice.
This just got heavy.
Can't they make this thing go any faster? As long as sailors still like their booze, I think there's one way.
Wait here.
Excuse me.
Drop it.
We need to talk.
He said someone would come.
For the last time, you are gonna tell me where Donovan is.
We've been over this a hundred times.
And my men will soon wonder why I haven't returned to my seat.
Your seat.
Car two.
Knowing Donovan, he would've kept his security team close.
Ladies and gentlemen, we will be stopping at Khabarovsk station for five minutes.
If this is your final destination, please prepare to disembark.
Such a shame.
You've come all this way and yet Donovan is about to disappear again into the wind.
This time for good.
All aboard.
Ladies and gentlemen, the train will be soon departing.
Final call.
Last car.
I thought I taught you better.
Classic counter-surveillance trap, and You fell for it? Yeah, well, it kind of helped me find my target, - don't you think? - Ah.
Here we are again.
Although this time, I'm not gonna be able to save you, Christina.
They're not gonna let you walk out of here alive.
It's just like you to have someone else do your dirty work.
Just like you had Farewell kill Viktor just because you didn't have the guts to.
Results are the same.
How much are they paying you this time? Funny, you know, all those years I spent teaching you how to be a spy.
In the end, you're the one who taught me something.
What's that? The mission always comes first.
We'll always have Tuscany.
Santana, find out what's going on with this train! Cover me! - Hey.
- Mills? You once had my back.
Now I got yours.
You ready? Move! [GRUNTS.]
Seriously bad timing, Kilroy.
Or perfect timing, that is, if you wanna live.
I just intercepted some Russian military communications and there's a Spetsnaz soldier company waiting for you at the next station.
Well, we will cross that bridge when we get to it.
Right now, this train is speeding out of control.
That's the problem Your only chance to change tracks is at the upcoming interchange - of the Mongolian line.
- Yeah, and? And I'm hacking the Russian railways now, and I'm throwing the switch.
But it's not gonna do any good if you can't slow the train down.
Unless you wanna end up doing a high-speed barrel roll trapped inside of 2,000 tons of steel.
You couldn't have just said we have to slow the train down? How much time do I have? Two minutes.
Give or take a minute.
- Stop! Turn around.
Where are your FSB friends now? [TENSE MUSIC.]
Go ahead.
Can't say I don't deserve it.
It can wait a little longer.
You wanna know if I loved you.
There was a time I needed to know.
Now is not that time.
Still, truth be told, I did.
I did love you.
Bosnia, Tuscany, Moscow.
All of it was real.
I just felt at the time, defecting was my only option.
I realize now that was a mistake.
- Ruined two lives.
- Three.
Let's not forget about Viktor.
Viktor was not just an innocent bystander.
He was an FSB agent who tried to blackmail you.
How many other Viktors were killed after you defected? How many names did you hand over? No more.
I swear.
I just agreed to teach.
To help a new and ambitious Russia develop the skills to defend themselves from terrorists coming out of Chechnya.
Men who would've gone to Afghanistan to kill Americans.
What, am I supposed to thank you? How many other innocent people were killed by the intelligence agents that you trained? You're a traitor and a coward, and the only thing you deserve is justice.
Maybe you're right.
I'm just surprised it took you so long to find me.
It's not exactly like you're listed in the phone book.
I take this train every year.
It reminds me of the one we took through Tuscany.
I never stopped writing.
- Kilroy's here.
- Kilroy, quick.
What's the Russian word for "brake"? Uh, stop, Russky? Brakesdilonovich? Kilroy, focus! Okay, I'm searching.
Uh, there's a little problem.
It's in Cyrillic.
Um, how How do I describe this? Remind me never to pick you as a partner for Pictionary.
Okay, hold on, hold on.
It looks like the word "top.
" Okay, and then "mo," like in, you know, "mimosa.
" Oh, I can't believe I said "mimosa.
" And, Uh, followed by the number 3.
Pray you're right, man.
You okay? Where is he? Where is he? He's gone.
I'm sorry.
Do not try to stop me.
We're gonna do this together.
You go that way.
What're you waiting for? Pull the trigger.
I knew it.
You still have feelings for me.
I was never here for you.
Ironic, isn't it? [CHUCKLES.]
The first time I meet the infamous Farewell is a goodbye.
That was for Viktor and for all the other CIA assets you killed over the years.
And this is for their families.
- Ah! Ugh! [GRUNTS.]
How did you know Farewell was gonna be on the train? Never take your eyes off your source, remember? [COUGHS.]
I figured she would never let her best asset out of her sight.
Spotted her a few times during our cat-and-mouse game.
I'm glad You were the one who pulled the trigger in the end.
There's still time.
Ah, you were always the better spy.
Let's go.
Kilroy says Spetsnaz soldiers are on the way.
The exfil plan was Vladivostok.
We're gonna have to find another way.
Well, if we're going out by sea, we might as well look the part.
Helps with the sea legs and heavy hearts.
You know you're welcome to join us in operations in the field any time, hmm? You know, it's been a while since I've seen you handle a weapon.
Not bad.
Well, it's a lot easier with two sharpshooters backing you up.
But I wouldn't want Kilroy to get too lonely in the skiff.
Speaking of Kilroy, take it easy on that sake, please.
He will kill me if I don't bring him back some.
- There's a little backwash left.
- Oh, that's perfect.
So does everyone get a chance to go rogue on this team? Because there's a Burmese ivory trader that I've been hunting for a while, and that butcher stole my revolver.
I would really like it back.
Who still uses a revolver? You ever been to the Golden Triangle? [LAUGHING.]
So the reason you didn't tell me about your mission? Is it my sister? Murdered on a train? I criticized you for going rogue to avenge your sister's death.
I didn't want you to call me a hypocrite.
Makes sense.
'Cause I probably would've called you out.
I would've expected nothing less.
Well, then I propose a change to our partnership.
From now on, we confide in each other.
No more secrets, personal or otherwise.
We can do that.
I do apologize.
Apology accepted.
You know, I never told anyone this before, but when I was in Bosnia and he was in Croatia, he used to write me these letters.
Beautiful letters.
Like this letter? I found it on the train.
Can't have been easy, confronting Donovan after all these years.
Well, since we're being honest with each other, it was it was much harder than I thought it would be.
You still had feelings for him.
But the mission came first.
Well, I respect that.
I'll leave you be now.

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