Taken (2017) s02e10 Episode Script

All About Eve

Back up.
Gentlemen, welcome to the most important room on the planet.
Black box, 248, 249.
Miss Chambers.
I think we're past such formalities, Maximillion.
Please call me Eve.
It's good to see you, Eve.
I can only imagine the lies you had to tell to get away tonight.
Opening your new facility this week, I figured you'd be too busy to attend.
And miss the opportunity to convince you to come work for me? Never.
We both know you're here to bribe oncologists to push your company's drug on their patients.
Well, I am also here for you.
Your marketing campaign for the harvest coalition secured enough capital to fund it for years to come.
A worthy cause, no doubt.
Selling people on saving the world isn't difficult when they know the stakes.
That's exactly what I want you to do for the new drug that we're about to release.
You got FDA approval.
A week's worth of pain management in a single pill.
Now, I would pay triple what you're making right now to have you manage our launch.
At the Harvest Coalition, I'm making a difference.
Protecting the world's food supply.
Yes, the seed vaults.
I could only imagine what AG Pharmaceuticals could do if we had our hands on those samples.
I mean, I'd be richer than well, than I already am.
Look, forgive me, but your talents are being squandered.
I just can't see finding the same joy and fulfillment in pushing pills, no offense.
I'm confident that you will come to your senses after you see the groundbreaking of our new state-of-the-art facility in Tasmania.
Can I get a photo of the two of you? - Sure.
- Mmm-hmm.
Thank you.
I'm sorry, I have to go.
Rain check.
Next week.
I wouldn't miss it for the world.
Good night.
- Christina.
- You have five minutes, David.
Associating with criminals is bad for business.
I believe we got off on the wrong foot.
A fact I'd like to rectify.
You had three of your own men murdered and tried to kill mine just to stay out of prison.
I'm curious as to how you plan to rectify that.
The two of us are playing in a very small sandbox.
It's mutually beneficial that we get along.
What's this? Olive branch, if you will.
My string will stretch far too thin presently.
Besides, they can't afford my fee.
What makes you think I'll take it? Because you're a crusader, Christina.
You can't help yourself.
I can always help myself.
You don't trust me.
But you don't have to trust me.
Trust the work.
Let me show you again.
- You ready? - Mm-hmm.
You got it? See, you don't have to spin the gun around fully.
You use it to punch your attacks.
Sometimes that's preferable if you don't know - your opponent's gun.
- Okay, okay.
I got it.
That's what you said last time, grasshopper.
Just point the gun.
That's real mature.
Oh, that's funny? Oh, hilarious.
You know what? Laugh it up.
Enjoy it.
You know why? Because you have weaknesses, too.
And if you would like, I would love nothing more than to work on those next, okay? - Okay.
- Great.
For now, let's go again.
Just try not to shoot yourself in the foot this time.
Just focus on yourself.
- You okay? - [GROANS.]
That's cheating.
It is not cheating to use your enemy's weakness - against them.
You know what your problem is? - What? - You have savior syndrome.
- Oh.
- You see somebody in trouble, and you cannot stop yourself.
You just have to help them.
Often to your own detriment.
And that's why I have to keep saving your ass.
Oh, that's cute.
You have a very selective memory, my friend.
Play time is over.
We have a new case.
That was fun.
I had a very interesting conversation with David Ramsey.
The same Ramsey who took down a plane and tried to kill me? [SOFT CHUCKLE.]
You expect us to trust him? It's not about trust, Bryan.
It's about keeping your enemies close.
Oh, you get me close, and you see what happens.
Fair enough.
But this case Ramsey gave us is an important one, and I couldn't pass on it in good conscience.
It's probably why he did.
Meet our new client, Eve Chambers.
She works with the Harvest Coalition Which oversees operations of the World Seed Vault.
A vault that just protects seeds? Well, it was built to preserve a vast variety of seeds that could serve as duplicates or spares in the event of a large-scale global crisis.
Last night, some of those seeds were taken.
How does that amount to a crisis? Because 94% of the world's vegetable seeds have gone extinct in the last century.
So as they disappear, so does the Earth's biodiversity.
Leaving the world's food supply vulnerable to disease and fungus and human wars.
Also known as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
Well, I guess strictly speaking, that was only three.
But that doesn't apply.
Okay, here we go.
What? Do you know why there were so many O's in the New York phone book? O'Malley, O'Riley, O'Shea? The Irish Potato Famine of 1845.
That's right.
See, so the Irish only grew three types of potatoes, each of which were vulnerable to a specific fungus.
Now, if they'd grown more species of potatoes that were resistant to that specific pathogen, they would have had enough potato crops to survive the epidemic, which is why biodiversity is all the rage these days.
It's just one stop away from the North Pole.
That means whoever pulled this off had access to ample resources.
We need to find out why.
Well, the seed vault contains many types of plants, which, if introduced to a foreign environment, might act as an invasive species.
And could destroy the ecosystem of an entire region.
Biological terrorism.
Pack something warm.
You and Santana area headed to Norway.
That's some heavy firepower, Miss Chambers.
It's for our safety.
Polar bears run rampant around here.
There's a new fear for the day.
The seed vault security is primarily comprised of nature's defenses.
Indigenous wild life, geographic isolation, harsh environment.
The local police are here to oversee our investigation as civilians are strictly prohibited.
Yeah, but don't you work for the Harvest Coalition that oversees the seed vault? Yes, but even I'm not allowed to visit without an escort.
You work for the government.
Have you ever toured Area 51 alone? Fair point.
Seems like the thieves knew exactly what they were doing to bypass security.
You're more right than you know.
Follow me.
Several seed types were stolen, but the one that concerns me most is the spore P.
recondita, more commonly known as wheat rust.
Why is wheat rust so important? Many countries depend on wheat to feed their people and livestock.
If wheat rust were to find its way into fertile farm land, it would decimate the crop and likely spread unchecked.
All right, Kilroy claims that none of the seeds or spores have shown up on the dark web.
Well if they aren't for sale, the thieves might already have a direct buyer.
We might have to apprehend them before they make the exchange.
Or if it's already happened, find out who they sold the spores to and recover them.
Three thieves were captured on our CCTV cameras, but we only caught the face of one of them.
Hopefully you can identify and find him.
Oh, hi, handsome.
It's a lost Baldwin brother.
I got a hit on your seed thief.
His name is Rafael Fratelli.
Oh, Fratelli likes to keep it in the family.
He's got a brother named Tieri.
Pulls most of his jobs with.
They've been seen a bunch in Oslo for the past month.
Oh, this is interesting.
Looks like Tieri just got a three month lease on an apartment there.
That must be their center of operations.
It's all pops and buzzers if anybody, but I'm sending you the address.
We'll stake out the apartment.
And I promise you we'll keep the seeds safe.
I know the seeds will be safe.
I'm coming with you.
That's not a good idea.
These men are dangerous, and they're willing to kill.
Of the three of us, I'm the only one that knows how to handle the seeds properly.
And I'm paying the bill.
Welcome to the green market.
I've narrowed down the search parameters to cross reference the list of stolen seeds.
How did you know about this? Well, I may have dabbled a little bit in the buying and the selling of rare flowers back in my youth.
I actually made kind of a lot of dough, speculating the orchid market.
Not unlike the, uh the Dutch Tulip Mania of 1637.
Did you know that the, uh the Shenzhen Nongke orchid blooms only once every five years? Took the Chinese eight years to develop that breed.
I'm sorry, so, hold on a second.
Spy master Christina Hart is an orchidist? [SOFT DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
I, uh I missed seeing it the only time it was at an auction in '05.
It's kind of like my white whale.
Well, I mean, you did yourself a favor unless you had 200 grand burning a hole in your pocket.
No, no, it would have been enough just to just to watch it bloom just once with my own eyes.
All right, head to apartment 309.
Doesn't sound like anyone's home.
No movement from the windows.
We're clear.
Send Eve in.
Copy that.
Take a look at this.
It's a seed vault.
Help me sift through all this.
There's gotta be something that can give us a lead.
If you don't mind me asking, how did seeds become your life's work? To honor my sister's memory.
She was an environmental activist who tried to protect the planet from humanity's short sightedness.
Alice was my better half.
After she passed away two years ago, I devoted myself to this work in her name.
Best decision I ever made.
Joined the Harvest Coalition, and I never looked back.
Looks like they're prepped to parcel out and repackage the seeds for sale.
Enough with my sad story.
How did you get into this line of work? Oh.
Drug dealer murdered my sister.
And I spent the better part of the past year in a Mexican prison for putting a bullet in the bastard's head.
But now I I guess I do this because it it makes me feel like I'm honoring her memory.
Welcome home.
I'm en route.
Come on.
Let's go, go.
They got away using the fire escape.
It doesn't matter.
We got one of them.
And he's gonna tell us everything, aren't you? We found the three men who were hired to steal the seeds and spores.
Unfortunately, two got away.
- And the third? - His name is Jean Paul.
He flipped when we told him we were from the International Criminal Court about to send him to the Hague.
And who hired him? Someone called Gemini.
Identity unknown.
All the arrangements were made online and heavily encrypted.
So now this Gemini has the seeds? No, the thieves got greedy and double-crossed Gemini.
They're planning to sell the seeds at a top secret black market auction called Kudzu.
We need to get inside that auction if we want to find Gemini.
I'll get Kilroy on it.
In the meantime, you stay put.
Santana there? She's turning Jean Paul over to the local authorities as we speak.
I'll get back to you as soon as I know something.
Sirius? Wow.
Long time.
It's good to see you.
You look good.
I I mean that.
Well, you know, uh, I was a little indisposed, what with being incarcerated and everything.
Maybe you heard.
I did.
Wanted to hear you say.
- How was that? - Hmm.
When you're in the shower, do they Um, listen, I'm looking for a botanical auction called Kudzu.
Well, at least you're not looking for something easy, or cheap.
Giving up Kudzu's going to cost you.
- 20k in Bitcoin.
- That's ridiculous.
We'll find somebody else who can Is this feed secure? Who's that? That's just I Oprah.
Wow, okay.
I mean, that's high-speed robbery.
Sirius, you know that, right? Right, you know that.
You win.
Transferring now.
As always, nice doing business with you, Kilroy.
Au revoir.
Where did you acquire enough money to pay - that exorbitant sum? - [SIGHS.]
Well, I built a Bitcoin mining farm.
I squirreled away a few nuts for the impending apocalypse, all because the world decided a sequence of ones and zeroes suddenly had value, so, what are you gonna do? You're paying the next power bill.
At least I'm using them for good.
You know? I mean, uh, I think the playboy philanthropist is kind of a good look on me.
Kind of like a Dark Knight vibe, I think.
Yeah? No? Well.
More like Howard Hughes.
That's true, I do hate cutting my nails.
- [BEEPS.]
- Oh, there it is.
Kudzu's a nomadic auction that's farther off the grid than Tatooine.
It requires an invitation, which I'm sending you now.
- What about Gemini? - One crisis at a time, okay? Bye.
Kudzu's being held here today.
Know the place? Bellevue Gardens.
We're gonna need a change of clothes.
Have you found anything on Gemini? Not really.
Gemini's what's known as a economic hitman.
- Does that mean anything to you? - [SIGHS.]
Economic hitmen are hired to infiltrate developing countries and manipulate their governments in order to steal their natural resources.
- Steal for whom? - Corporations.
Big oil, big pharma.
The hitmen, they go in and they convince local leaders to take out loans for construction or engineering projects necessary to harvest the natural resources.
And then invariably when those countries default on the loans, the corporations move in and take everything.
Colonialism 2.
It's crafty.
Fraud, rigged elections, extortion, sex, and murder.
Whatever it takes.
Economic hitmen are very well connected, and not to be trifled with.
Well, looks like Gemini's latest accomplishment was collapsing indigenous farming in India.
Farmers were pressured to sell their local seeds to buy the superior genetically modified ones.
Forcing those farmers to use seeds that are sold only through the corporation.
It's all to establish a stranglehold on India's agricultural economy.
It's reprehensible.
I've taken down information networks, power grids.
I've even hacked into Elon Musk's experimental A.
But Gemini's managed to collapse entire regimes.
The hell have I been doing with my life? Anyway, my best guess as to Gemini's secret identity is one of these three: Harris Waters, Mahmud Sarafina, or Xi Wu.
Waters and Sarafina are dead.
Well, Xi Wu's travel indicators don't match up with Gemini's last known operation.
Plus he's in China.
Monitor Xi's movements.
And keep looking.
I want a name.
These covers were a rush job.
They will not stand up to heavy scrutiny, so please tread lightly.
The electronic invitation Kilroy provided should get us in without a problem.
Mills, you have a wardrobe change.
Please don't ask how I got it.
Carbon nanotube tech.
- Bulletproof chic.
- Impressive.
Thank you.
Just doing my job.
Okay, I have to get dressed.
I want to thank you for everything.
You're a good man, Bryan.
Better than most.
I have my moments.
How do I look? Tall, dark, and bulletproof.
You'll do.
Welcome to Kudzu, Mr.
You take the west side.
Eve, you're with me.
Can you smell that? Hmm, cocoa beans.
A chocolate cosmos.
I thought they'd become extinct decades ago.
Well, it is amazing what money can buy.
- Could you wait here for me? - Of course.
Santana, I've got eyes on.
Cover the exits, but keep it quiet.
Pleospora papaveracea.
Make sure it's there.
Back away now, boys.
Come on, where I can see them.
Now slide it over.
Who are you? A wild man of Borneo.
All you had to do was deliver the goods as agreed.
You would have been generously compensated.
This is your reward for betraying me.
Forgive me, Bryan.
But I needed your team to track down the seeds.
I hate to leave you like this, but I don't have much time.
You're Gemini.
I am truly sorry about your sister.
I'm not going to kill you.
But I can't have you following me.
The Kudzu auction was raided once the gunfire erupted.
You can thank Santana for getting you out of there, Bryan.
Are you injured? No, I'm fine, thanks to the bulletproof vest.
But Eve is in the wind.
We lost her and the stolen seeds.
Almost lost you, too.
- I tried to tell you.
- I know.
- Savior syndrome.
- That's right.
But don't feel bad.
Eve fooled us all.
Or should I say Gemini, now that we know.
She claimed to be on a time table.
We need to find her fast.
Yeah, I did a background check on Eve Chambers.
She's only existed for two years.
Whoever this economic hitwoman is, she's playing a super deep game.
Kilroy will continue searching for her true identity.
I'll contact you if I have better luck.
Better luck with who? Quick work.
I'm impressed.
I've got other jobs that could use that kind of attention, if you're interested.
What interests me is why you would send an economic hitman to try to destroy my c-girl.
So much for playing nice.
Economic hitman? I haven't the foggiest idea what you're talking about.
Gemini does that name mean anything to you? Gemini? What's he got to do with the seed vault? The woman from the Harvest Coalition, Eve Chambers.
She is Gemini.
I've crossed paths with Gemini, though I never knew his her true identity.
The methods she employs are, um unorthodox, to say the least.
A few years ago, I lost a contract to Gemini to eliminate the illegal cannabis trade pouring into the US from Mexico.
A sweeping clear operation with minimal civilian casualties.
She accomplished the mission with zero.
How is that possible? Gemini waged war on the cartel from an economic vantage point.
Introduced a biological agent that targeted their cannabis strain.
Decimated the crop in one harvest.
Cartels were forced to turn to other narcotics to smuggle into the US.
She stopped the transport of marijuana from Mexico without firing a single bullet? Same time as the States started to legalize it.
You and I know that's not a coincidence.
- Right.
- Big pharma moves in, they play hardball.
Economic hitmen are bad for our business.
I'm close to figuring out who she is.
- But I'm gonna need your help.
- I'm listening.
The Harvest Coalition has no record of Eve Chambers hiring me or any member of my team.
They're spooked.
They won't release the authentic list of stolen seeds.
I need that list if I'm to ascertain Gemini's plan and how to stop her.
You'll have what you need in an hour.
This Gemini better hope that you find her before I do.
Wow, facial recognition found a 99.
89% match.
But that's not Eve.
It's Alice Wright.
Who the hell is Alice Wright? I don't know.
Alice Wright.
Alice Wright is an OB-GYN from Ohio.
Dude, she's a dead ringer for Eve.
I mean, she could be her doppelganger.
This is weird.
She hasn't posted anything in Oh, my God.
Mills, they're they're twins.
They're identical twi Eve and Alice are identical twins.
Where is this twin now? [KEYS CLACKING.]
Six feet under.
Opioid overdose.
Two years ago, Alice Wright's death went viral.
There was a brief public outcry after the respected doctor was found dead in her parked car in broad daylight.
I'll send you the picture.
Now that I know that Eve Chambers' real name is Evelyn Wright, I also have her address in Oslo.
She's definitely been here.
I think it's safe to say that Eve did not care about the seeds.
Everything about her was part of a cover.
She never cared about the Harvest Coalition or the seed vault.
So we need to figure out what she does care about, you know? Mills? It's like a shrine to her sister.
Alice was the last thing Eve saw when she went to bed and the first thing she saw when she woke.
That's some serious abandonment issues.
Why would a woman like Eve go to all this trouble for seeds? Spores, not seeds.
Ramsey used his contact to provide us with an actual list of what had been stolen from the vault.
And there was one discrepancy.
Eve switched out wheat rust for something called Pleospora papaveracea.
In English, please.
It's a fungal spore that specifically devours opium poppies.
Ramsey had claimed that Gemini was responsible for destroying Mexican cannabis crops with some unknown agent.
She has done this before.
Hey, take a look at this.
That's Eve with Maximillion Silver.
He's the CEO of AG Pharmaceuticals.
It's the same company that produced the opioid that killed her sister.
The FDA just approved a non-addictive opioid of theirs called Vaqnopran.
And they're breaking ground in Tasmania this week.
That's where the world's supply of legal opium is grown.
Eve's done due diligence.
Vaqnopran may be marketed as non-addictive, but these these reports say the exact opposite.
It's as addictive as it is potent.
Might as well be poison.
So why not expose Silver for the drug dealer that he is? They've tried.
I mean, this guy's testified before congress.
The press refer to him as the "silver-tongued devil" because he talks himself out of all his troubles.
And then he buries the rest in lawsuits.
Mills? Not this time.
Eve believes Silver's responsible for her twin's death.
She's gonna use the same tactic she did in Mexico.
Release the spores on his poppy fields, destroy his opioid empire, and then murder him.
How do you know that? 'Cause it's what I would do.
You know what? Is that so bad? We stop another opioid epidemic and rid the world of a scumbag? Sounds pretty win-win to me.
Look, I know it's tempting to watch this whole thing play out, but if Eve's plan succeeds, the damage could be irreversibly catastrophic.
Once the spores are released, they propagate and spread indiscriminately, effectively wiping out the world supply of pain killers.
That would send the medical society back to the dark ages.
The seeds we recovered won't last long.
Santana, you take them back to the seed vault.
- And make sure you're made.
- Made? Like, you want me to pick up a tail? One of Ramsey's mercs followed us here.
I thought I spotted him on the way in.
Just saw him again.
Are you sure it was one of Ramsey's? I never forget a face.
I'm not sure what his game is, but I'm I'm confident Santana can run interference.
Santana, you return the seeds.
Mills, you take care of Eve.
- Hi, Max.
- Eve.
So pleased you made it.
How was the flight? It was good.
Though I must admit, I wasn't expecting to see this.
Yeah, my architect pulled out all the stops on this one.
I made a few special modifications.
I mean, who doesn't like to have a little comfort when they work, right? Ready for the grand tour? Lead the way.
My new crop of genetically modified poppies are a testament to scientific progress, to say nothing to capitalism.
Aren't they gorgeous? You used GMOs as the basis for Vaqnopran.
Of course.
Without them, none of this would be possible.
I mean, they're cheaper and faster to grow than regular poppies.
Which means a larger profit margin.
Vaqnopran will become the new gold standard to pain management.
We could change the world and make a mint.
Santana sent you the usual package.
Should be more than adequate to stop Eve from releasing the spores.
I'm sending over the schematics for AG Pharmaceuticals right now.
Got them both.
These men work for a private company, so let's try to keep the casualties to a minimum.
Your concern is very touching.
I can handle rent-a-cops.
Now, this is our newly installed irrigation system.
It's watering the fields as far as the eye can see.
Fully automated.
Revolutionary A.
Knows exactly when the poppies need watering.
It sets the timer accordingly.
Gotta figure out how Eve plans on releasing the spores.
The only way for her to wipe out the crops is to release the spores into the irrigation system.
The irrigation system is automated.
There's a master circuit on it, but it's gonna take some time to hack.
So, now that you've had a chance to tour the facility, what do you think? What you've accomplished here seems like it would be impossible.
It's very impressive.
Thank you, but accomplishing the impossible is part of my daily routine.
Something you'll soon find out.
Assuming, of course, you say yes.
Looks like we're gonna need another bottle.
Mills, I've been trying to hack into their system, but I can't get through the firewall in time.
We need you to find the main valve to the irrigation system and shut it off now.
It's locked.
Then there's nothing you can do there.
Find Eve.
We'll take care of it.
Roger that.
To the dawn of a new beginning.
What did you do? Wh why are you doing this? This is my sister.
My twin sister, Alice.
She was a gifted OB-GYN.
Alice found such joy bringing new life into this world.
A random car accident forced her to have surgery.
But the prognosis? 100% recovery, they said.
Look, I don't I don't know her.
Oh, but you do.
You lobbied her doctor directly.
She was given your drug.
The thing is she could never get off it.
Look at her.
Look at her! You killed her.
To you, Alice was nothing but an acceptable loss.
And I understand, because you and I a lot more alike than either of us wants to admit.
But Alice was innocent.
As were the thousands like her who died because they relied on you to take away their pain.
- I didn't force them to - To take your poison? But you used your money and your influence to hide the truth about your drug from the FDA.
You knew the chance of addiction was high, and it is guaranteed with this new drug.
Look, I'm sorry, okay? Please.
Please! Your life's work.
Supposed to work wonders when it comes to pain management.
This, is the exact dosage my sister had the day you killed her.
Now you can experience exactly what she felt.
Eve! - [SCREAMS.]
- Don't do it! It's not gonna bring your sister back! Don't! No! Don't do it! Eve! When the irrigation system engages - Come on, let me in! - The spores will spread, decimating your genetically superior poison crop.
Let me in! Now, you are gonna watch your empire burn, and I'm gonna watch you die.
I'm through the firewall, but the coding is so aggressively annoying.
It's set to engage in three minutes.
All right, I'm just gonna shut down every system.
Blocks the effects of opioids.
You're okay.
You're gonna be fine.
Santana returned the stolen seeds safely to the seed vault.
No one will ever know they were missing.
I burned the fields and then bleached the water to make sure the spores wouldn't spread.
- Good.
Hey, you know, those, uh, files you found at Eve's apartment, they were enough to make a legal case against AG Pharmaceuticals.
Silver committed multiple acts of fraud.
He bribed FDA reps to get his drug approved.
Now they're gonna spend a long time in jail.
Good job, everyone.
Thank you.
Where did you get it? Well, you don't ask Santana where she gets her toys.
It's yours.
Shenzhen Nongke orchid.
I don't know what to say.
It costs a ton of ones and zeroes.
Try not to kill it.
Bryan Mills.
You must be David Ramsey.
Nice to meet you, face to face.
The pleasure's all mine, I assure you.
It's nice to see Hart lets her dogs off their leash once in a while.
Yeah, well, this old dog learned a few new tricks going up against your men in West Virginia.
What do you want, Mr.
Mills? Call me Bryan.
After a person tries to kill you, I think your relationship can be on a first name basis.
Bryan, you should be working for me, not wasting your talents with Christina Hart.
With Hart, I get to help the people you forget and discard.
A crusader, through and through.
You do know what happens to crusaders? They end up martyrs.
I'm not sure you sent your men there to kill me or Gemini.
But I came to deliver a message.
And if I catch your man following me again, he'll meet a similar fate.
And the next time we meet [SCOFFS.]
May the better man win.
I will.
Your contacts and experience are very impressive.
I do believe you'll be a great asset to this bank.
The company would be honored to have you join our team.
Thank you.
I'm excited to be on board.
I believe I can accomplish great things here at Morgan Sachs, the right way.

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