Taken (2017) s02e11 Episode Script


1 By 5:00 p.
today, The D.
City Council will finally have a deal in place for a new football stadium.
We'll be invoking eminent domain to relocated the Little India shopping district.
But the shop owners will be extremely well compensated for their land.
In return, the people of the city will get a brand-new stadium paid for by the owners and not you, the taxpayers.
However, many residents of Little India are refusing to go down without a fight.
- Table five.
- Right away.
You need to sell.
The city's willing to offer twice the value of this place.
I don't think you understand what a good deal you have here.
Vijay-uncle, please.
I don't know how many times we can say the issue isn't money.
It's about pride in our community, our identity.
But nobody's talking about that.
What that boy needs is a nice Indian girl.
I tell him every morning at breakfast.
Councilman Torres sounded confident today, but his big stadium deal will never happen unless the people of Little India agree to sell their land.
Steve from Fairfax, you're on the air.
Yeah, I think they should be grateful just to live in this country.
Take the money and get the hell out of the damn way.
In your dreams, dumb-ass.
And that, my friend, is how you play Conquian.
What's the matter, Mills, hmm? You never been cleaned up by a woman before? - Not like this.
- Well, get used to it.
My grandpa taught me this game when I was seven.
Kilroy's running late, but we can start without him.
Does that mean we have a low-tech case? Actually, we don't have a case.
I thought you guys could use a break.
I want you guys fresh for our next job.
I think she's trying to say we could use a mental-health break.
An Amtrak ticket to Providence.
Well, you owe your parents a visit, Bryan.
No, really, you shouldn't have.
- It'll be good for you.
- I insist.
A weekend at the Four Seasons with room service and an in-room massage.
Check-in's at 10:00, massage is at noon.
- Wow, a mandatory massage.
- That sounds relaxing.
- Well, I can cancel it.
- Oh, hell, no.
What did you get Kilroy? Speaking of mental-health breaks.
Well, I think Kilroy would be the first to tell you it's none of your business.
- Mr.
- What brings you in? Tattoo, uh, removal.
Right, uh, above my, uh, heart.
- Okay, let's have a look.
- Uh, well, first date, Doc.
So I'd just like to ask a few questions before you know, I get, de-nuded.
Can you describe the tattoo for me? - You know, writing.
- Just a black script.
Um, a name Lexi, for whatever it's worth.
- Lexi, huh? - Mm-hmm.
- First love? - First wife? - So what do you think? - Can you make a clean lift? Well, without seeing the tattoo first, I would recommend a creative cover-up.
Ink leaves a mark either way.
Like it or not, it's a part of you forever.
- I got Vik from Little India.
- You're on the air.
I guess I'm just a little sick and tired of hearing Indians being called selfish.
What's selfish about wanting to keep your own property? Councilman Torres has offered to pay double the land value, right? He is prioritizing money over culture, and that's wrong.
Like it or not, Little India isn't going anywhere.
Where to, boss? I got a lunch delivery for Conference Room K.
- What restaurant? - Bombay Palace.
Torres ordered from Little India today? Guy's got a pair of balls on him, huh? All I know is I got a lunch delivery.
Go ahead.
- Hi.
- Conference Room K? Right through there.
- Another delivery? - I'll take that.
That was close.
Some vacation.
Where's all the help? - Lunch traffic.
- We are the help.
- We need to get up there.
- My baby.
Mills! Wait, wait, wait.
It's okay.
- My baby, my baby.
My baby.
- Break out the suture kit.
- My baby Your baby's fine.
Ma'am, I need you to hold still right now, okay? Let's stitch her up.
She's bleeding out fast.
Must have nicked the carotid artery.
Got to tie it off.
Three, two, one.
- Stay with us.
- It's going to be okay.
You're good.
- It's all right.
- We're gonna get help now.
All right, listen up, everybody.
My name's Agent John McCarron, Department of Homeland Security.
This entire area is now an active crime scene.
I want authorized personnel only.
If you do not belong here, please leave.
All right, look, I'm just going to come out and say what everybody else suspects.
This is a targeted act of terrorism.
- Already? - Based on what? 32 minutes ago, this guy, Vikram Desai, tweeted Councilman Torres "You dug your own grave, and now I'll see you in hell.
" I suspect he went up, and he died in the blast.
How did all 17 intelligence agencies miss this threat? - I don't know.
- That's a great question.
I mean, there were exactly zero indicators that this bombing was going to take place, and yet, this case against this Desai guy has been gaining momentum by the second.
This threat against Torres has been retweeted 12,000 times.
There's already a photo that's been circulating on Reddit of Desai walking into the high-rise 20 minutes ago carrying two bags, which could either look completely suspicious or totally normal, depending on which theory you're trying to prove.
This is all happening too fast.
Yeah, less than an hour ago, Desai was on the radio railing against Councilman Torres' stadium proposal.
I guess I'm just a little sick and tired of hearing Indians being called selfish.
So, somehow, this thing has gone completely viral on Twitter.
It's like somebody knew that Desai was going to bomb Torres today.
Then why didn't we? [SIREN WHOOPING.]
- Are you okay? - [GROANS.]
- Mom? - Vikram? Oh, thank goodness.
Are you okay? Are you safe? [STAMMERING.]
I'm okay.
I don't know exactly what happened, but, um, I'm okay.
Why are they saying this, Vikram? What are they saying? They're saying that you did this.
They're saying that you are the bomber.
- What? Who? - Everybody.
You are on the TV.
All right, everybody, listen up! The elevators are down, with a bottleneck in the stairs.
So just please stay calm, and we'll be moving as soon as we can.
Tell him he must turn himself in right now for his own safety.
If you turn yourself in now, we can sort all of this out.
- Vikram? - It's him.
That's the delivery guy.
Over there.
- Thanks, Mom.
- Hey.
- I love you guys.
- Hey! Hey! Excuse me, can you help me with something? Uh, I'm sorry, ma'am.
This is authorized personnel only.
- There's more help this way.
- Yes, I just was wondering what is the point of origin for the evidence against Vikram Desai? I'm sorry.
Who are you? Just a concerned citizen.
Look, the information's all over the Internet Facebook, Twitter, Reddit.
You must be lost.
Come on.
Why don't you come with me? Have you considered the possibility that Vikram Desai is being set up? Of course I have.
I have also considered the amount of hard evidence that shows he did it.
Why don't you tell that to Sunil Tripathi's parents? Who's Sunil Tripathi? He just happens to be the guy who was wrongly accused of being the Boston Bomber based on a mountain of hard evidence on Reddit.
How quickly we forget, sir.
Just a concerned citizen, huh? Just happened to be in the neighborhood.
You can prove this setup theory? Not yet.
Then you're just in the way.
First off, I'd like to thank you all for your bravery.
I've never been prouder to be your mayor.
But the situation is still unfolding.
Right now we all just need You saved her life.
- Thank you.
I promise you, we'll get the bastard who did this.
- Floor ten, I just saw him - the guy from the news.
He's alive.
He's hiding in a copy room.
All right, you tell your man to sit tight.
I'm sending up my guys.
- Floor ten.
Get him.
he's alive.
- Yes, sir.
Looks like law enforcement has a visual on Vik.
Yeah, well, that makes two of us.
I hacked into the building's security cameras.
This poor bastard's alive.
But, you know, I'm not so sure he did it.
What do you mean? I mean, his his identity was taken in order to make it look like he did.
That threatening tweet, his hostile Facebook page, even his recent financial history it's all been completely fabricated.
- Can you prove it? - I can't, not yet.
I mean, whoever whoever orchestrated this is a sickly talented hacker.
I mean, this Vik guy's got six months of incriminating history that simply didn't exist 20 minutes ago, okay? Now it's everywhere.
This whole thing is a giant, elaborate, and, might I add, exquisite illusion.
Is is it weird to say that I'm a little jealous of the effort? So how can we find out who really did this? For starters, I'd look for the guys trying to kill Vik.
He was probably supposed to die up there, you know? The frame works a lot better if he's dead.
You can't claim innocence if you're not alive to talk.
You could put it that way as well.
Who are these guys? - Elim crew's coming in now.
- Definitely not cops.
You stay out here.
Feds just shut down this whole block.
We're gonna need an exit strategy.
Details from the tenth floor are hazy.
Crowding and chaos in the stairwells are making it difficult for first responders to assess the damage.
It's slow going on the stairs, Kilroy.
This guy's going to be dead by the time I get to him.
I wouldn't sweat it.
The bad guys are in the same traffic jam as you are.
They got a head start, and I got to get there first.
Yeah, but what they don't have is a hacker hookup who can power up the freight elevator.
You said their hacker was exquisite.
Compared to regular guys, but, uh, compared to me, I mean, you know, come on.
Exit the stairs on the third floor.
I'm sorry.
You're just never ready for it when it happens on your watch.
Any word on casualties, Madame Mayor? Nothing verified, but unofficially there might be six dead.
And Oscar Torres might be one of them.
For what it's worth, you showed real courage and leadership on the plaza.
It's what the public needs now and what the public will remember later.
Thank you, but my professional performance review is not a priority at this moment.
And I'm sorry, Bob, neither is your stadium deal, - if that's what you're here for.
- Oh, not at all, ma'am.
I'm here to support you and the people of this city.
I absolutely agree, the stadium is not the priority right now.
Well, it can't be.
The optics just don't support it.
I'm on my cell.
The stadium plan better damn well be a priority.
We're two years into very complicated negotiations.
- Relax, Bob.
- The mayor is in crisis mode.
But let's take a beat.
As far as optics, this could be a blessing.
Give it a month or two.
The public just might see the new stadium as a symbol of civic resilience.
The stadium dies, the terrorists win? Are you kidding me, Hanson? In pure political terms, this horrific tragedy becomes a big win for you.
Not really.
The stadium ceased being a big win for me when your boy Torres cut off my public funding.
You told me this would be a steal.
And now I'm paying for the whole damn thing.
You sure about that, Bob? I saw the contract this morning.
You saw Torres' contract.
But what if I told you Torres' replacement on the City Council will support public funding of 50% of your stadium cost? That really a possibility? I'm picking his replacement myself.
What's in this for you? Between us, I'm a silent partner on the entertainment complex that's going up next to the stadium.
The Torres plan cut the public funding for the entertainment complex as well.
Trust me, this whole horror show is a golden opportunity for both of us.
Torres' private financing plan just died up there with Oscar Torres.
- Suspect's this way? - Yeah, he's in the copy room.
- Second door on the left.
- We'll take it from here.
Y'all Homeland Security or something? I said, "We'll take it from here.
- You got to believe me, Mom.
- I didn't do anything.
Okay, first things first, man I'm not your mom.
- But I do believe you.
- Who is this? It doesn't matter, but if you listen to me extremely carefully, you stand a better-than-average chance of surviving the next five minutes.
- Why should I believe you? - Okay, don't believe me.
But right now there are two really mean-looking dudes standing outside the copy room door about to shoot it down with a shotgun.
Ah! Do I have your attention now, Vikram? Okay, what do you want me to do? I need you to go to the closet door.
It's opposite a window, it connects to an office.
Go inside the closet door, and kick through the drywall.
You want me to kick a wall in the closet? Yes, yes, I can't do it.
Vik, go right.
Mills, you got about five seconds.
Who's Mills? Vik, just believe me when I tell you you are not about to get kidnapped.
That's Mills.
He's one of the good guys, okay? I promise.
Use the stairs here, Kilroy? There's a better stairwell on the other end of the hall.
Stay low.
Who are you? My name is Bryan Mills, and I believe you.
And the guy on the call? His name is Kilroy, and so does he.
But why is this happening to me? Faster, Vikram, let's go.
Give me your phone.
Why'd you take my phone? They were tracking your movements.
That's how they found us in the second stairwell and how they knew exactly when to set the bomb off.
Kilroy, any any sign of Santana? [TIRES SCREECH.]
Go! Hop in, boys.
This is your grand exit strategy? - It's 2018, Mills.
- News travels fast.
Federal agents today descended on a restaurant in Little India reportedly owned by bombing suspect Vikram Desai's family.
Is there a phone that I can use? - That's not a good idea.
- I need to talk to my parents.
You're an enemy of the state right now, Vik, hunted by armed assassins.
Any contact with your parents will only make life worse for them.
Worse? What is worse than thinking that your son is a domestic terrorist? Maybe getting arrested for harboring one? Trust me, you do not want to talk to them now.
- Look at them.
- They're hurting.
- I know how you feel, buddy - more than you know.
But you can't go back to them now.
Not yet, at least.
- I didn't do anything.
- It doesn't really matter [CLEARS THROAT.]
What you did or you didn't actually do.
Vikram, what matters is what the evidence shows.
And what the evidence overwhelmingly shows is that you planned and executed a vicious bomb attack against Councilman Torres with callous disregard for collateral damage.
It is hard for me to convey in mere words precisely how screwed you are.
You recognize this guy? - That's me.
- I'm inside Muth's Hardware.
I'm making a lunch delivery.
No, you're buying bomb-making materials specifically soldering wire, fuses, and a burner phone.
- That's ridiculous.
- Here's a receipt and a credit card statement from the purchase, time-stamped only moments after this picture was taken.
I didn't buy any of that stuff.
And yet, there's a history of six similar purchases at six different hardware stores, as well as a receipt to an all-nude gentlemen's club for some reason.
This just keeps getting better and better.
For the record, Vikram, I totally believe you, okay? Also, for the record, I'm a convicted felon.
So, you know, don't get too excited about that.
I-I-I was only there to deliver lunch.
Don't tell me they used an online ordering system or, you know, an app? Oh, God, they erased them, right? No record of the orders makes it look like I went there on my own.
Here's the deal.
This guy, right? He's freakishly good.
But not as good as I think he thinks he is.
Does this name mean anything to you? - Elorenz.
- I'm clearly talking to him.
- Elorenz.
- Why? Because I think he's the hacker, and that's his handle.
And it's buried in all this code, right? In all these hacks, it repeats itself like a CRISPR sequence.
It's basically like a hacker signature.
- How did you find it? - What do you mean? It's what I do, you know.
You do your thing.
I do my thing.
You know, it's not "Elorenz," guys.
It's E.
Lorenz, as in Edward Lorenz.
Who you may know, or maybe not, as the father of chaos theory.
So are we going to go after this guy or what? I don't have enough information.
Well, what can we do to change that? What can we just I'm trying to get my life back here.
Okay, all right, let's think.
Torres The real bombers, man they were going after Torres, right? Yeah, that was their intended target, sure.
Okay, so what eh, what's it called when, uh You were from a fishing village you know, when you fish with dead bait? - Chumming.
- You see where I'm going with this? I want you to get Santana and go chumming at St.
Mary's Hospital.
- I'll brief you along the way.
- You stay here with Kilroy.
I'm gonna get my fishing rod out of storage.
Bring some guns, too, okay? Because the chumming was just a metaphor.
- He knew that, right? - I think so.
It's kind of a weird job.
You? I was told a former CIA case officer wanted to speak with me.
Well, I don't know anything about that.
But I am willing to bet you don't have Vik Desai in custody.
You still think he's innocent.
What I think is irrelevant.
But I do have a plan to draw out the bomber, Vik or otherwise, and I'd like to enlist your support.
How did you get up here, anyway? With the approval of DNI Casey.
Look, if I'm wrong, nothing changes.
If I'm right, the glory's all yours.
Director Casey, huh? What are you asking? Torres was the bomber's target, right? Well, it appears that way.
So what do you think the bomber will do when he finds out Torres survived? This is information that hasn't been released yet.
But he didn't.
- Councilman Torres is dead.
- I figured as much.
But the bomber doesn't know that yet.
So this elorenz dude he's proved himself to be a pretty masterful hacker.
So we're going to have to fight fuego with fuego.
You know what I'm saying, man? [GRUNTS.]
First thing we're going to do is we're going to manipulate Oscar Torres' medical records.
Make it look like he survived the blast.
He's alive, but he's in critical condition.
He's losing blood, a lot of it.
AB-negative blood.
Next thing we're going to do is, as a safety precaution, the hospital is going to clear a room for him in the VIP wing, usually reserved for high-level government officials, dignitaries, rich Saudis that want to pay with cash, that kind of thing.
Finally, we are going to kick-start a volunteer blood drive because hospitals need blood anyway.
And you know what, dude? We're good people.
We have just a quick update on our investigation.
We have more survivors than expected.
Unfortunately, the hospital is low on blood supply.
So, if anybody wants to help and donate blood, they should go to St.
Mary's Hospital, especially if they have AB-negative.
AB-negative blood is the rarest type of blood, and we are particularly short on that supply.
Okay, that's it.
No more questions.
Thank you.
More survivors than expected.
You think there's any possibility Torres might still be alive? Not a chance.
We got confirmation that he was in the same room as the blast.
But no confirmation he's dead? [SIGHS.]
I hate to be crass, but I was getting used to the idea of him being dead.
You and me both.
I got to hit the head.
Tell me something, David.
What blood type is Oscar Torres? Why? Because you assured me he would die in the blast, and I'm beginning to worry he didn't.
Are you sure about this no-guns thing? Bad guys won't have them either.
They're just outside if we need them.
Chum is in the water.
Only thing left to do now is wait.
You watch the doors and the nurses' station.
I'm going to go stand guard upstairs.
All right, this will probably take a little while, right? Fishing is an exercise in patience.
Is this where you sign up to donate? Every drop counts, Mills.
As long as you don't need it later.
Hey I know this seems pretty dire, you know, for you and your family.
I mean, and it is.
You're not wrong.
It's awful.
But I want you to know that you have options.
Yeah options.
Electrocution, lethal injection, death by firing squad.
- No, no, no, no, no, no.
- Just hold on, relax, okay? First of all, D.
repealed the death penalty, like, 37 years ago.
Your only option, as far as incarceration is concerned, is life without parole, but I'm not talking about prison, man.
I'm talking about [BREATHES DEEPLY.]
I'm talking about running away and starting over.
- Like a fugitive? - Like a new man.
A brand-new identity for you and your No, no way.
No, I-I don't want a new identity.
I happen to like the one I woke up with.
I want my old life back.
Yeah, me too.
Well, at least you wouldn't be leaving a loved one behind, you know? Kilroy's not your real identity? [CHUCKLES.]
Of course it is.
My bad.
Did you see how easy that was? Anybody can press the reset button.
You know, you're not the only one that's leaving someone pretty special behind.
You mean like like a girlfriend? - Maybe.
- What are you No, no, see, as a function of saving your life, I happen to be positive that you do not have a girlfriend at this present time.
Well, maybe not one that lives in the States.
What does that mean like, an online girlfriend or something like that? Yeah, her name's, um, Shafali Jeste.
- What is it now? - Shafali Jeste.
Jeste? Yeah, she's from London.
I met her on an Indian dating site.
- You did, huh? - From London? - Yeah.
- There she is.
- Oh, she's cute.
Only one thing, though.
She doesn't pronounce her name Shafali Jeste.
- Of course she does.
- No, she doesn't.
She pronounces it elorenz.
Now we know how you were hacked, man.
You were catfished.
Mills, we got a nibble one of the guys from the high-rise.
- Um, excuse me.
- Yes.
I think there's someone that needs help over there.
- Oh.
- No problem.
Okay, he got into the system.
Got about a minute.
Mills, there's more than one.
He could already be up there.
I got our man.
And guess what.
It's Ramsey's guy Morse.
Ramsey? The private military contractor.
That means somebody hired Blackfalls to kill a city official.
We need to find out what Morse knows.
Oh, I will.
But we're going to have a little fun first.
You were in the Rangers with Ramsey.
Bravo Company, second Ranger battalion.
- Served my country well.
- No You're a disgrace to the uniform.
You killed six Americans today, and for what? - Ramsey has his reasons.
- I have mine.
- You did it for the money.
- Maybe.
But it's a lot of money.
Who hired Ramsey to set off that bomb? Come on! [CHOKING.]
You really want to kill a soldier? You're not a soldier.
You're a mercenary, a murderer, and a terrorist.
Now, who hired Ramsey to set off the bomb? You really want to die for that guy? You should have came to work for Ramsey when you had the chance.
But I got to say, I'm glad you didn't, because I'm going to get a hell of a bonus.
Don't expect a soldier's burial.
People are going to know exactly who you were.
Show me your hands.
- You're not a cop.
- On your knees.
- You good? - Yeah, let's go, let's go.
Mills, a little help.
All right, with any luck, we can use the back door of this Website to track down elorenz.
com what is that, a fish? "Maahi" means "beloved" in Hindi.
No, I get it, it's like FarmersOnly, but for Indians.
What's FarmersOnly? It's like maahi.
com for farmers.
You know, for what it's worth, Shafali, you know, seemed pretty you know, she seemed nice.
I mean, she seems you know, she's fake, but Yeah.
She was the first profile I reached out to.
Smart, funny, ambitious, you know, dated non-Indians, but was open on Maahi because she wanted to make her parents happy, just like me.
Almost too good to be true, huh? We were going to meet up in a month.
- Dude, I am so sorry.
- That is brutal.
On the upside, you may just get your chance.
Seems like your fake girlfriend paid for this bogus dating account with the same stolen credit card he used to pay for a pound of chocolate-covered coffee beans a couple of weeks ago, sent to this address in D.
Do you think he's still there? Maybe, but not for long.
Different stolen credit card associated with the same address just paid for a ticket to Berlin.
- We got to go.
- Me? I'm a wanted man.
Dude, but I'm not leaving you in the SCIF, so What about someone else from the team? Look, I could lie to you, and I could tell you that they're too busy or whatever, but the truth of the matter is, I want to look this hacker in the eye.
I just found out who elorenz is.
- I want to talk to Ramsey.
- He's in a new-client meeting.
You are? A new-client meeting, that's even better.
I'll give you my personal cell phone number.
You can't just walk in there.
- Christina.
- No need to speak.
Just shut your mouth and listen to what I have to say.
- This can't wait? I'm in the - No.
I want them to hear what I have to say on the off chance that one of them is actually a decent human being.
This man is a monster.
He's an actual domestic terrorist.
You are out of line, Christine.
And you can either believe me now, - or later when the story breaks.
- She's obviously not well.
But the facts are the facts, David.
Somebody hired this company to set off that bomb today, and you are just enough of a monster - to have accepted the job.
- Is there a problem here, sir? So what, is he going to kill me in the parking lot? The story doesn't die with me, David.
So you get your affairs in order, because this little sandbox isn't big enough for the both of us.
Oh, and now you can't say that you didn't know.
- Nobody's here.
- Start looking.
- What am I looking for? - You, for starters.
This is definitely the place.
Look at this.
Hands up, don't move.
- She ain't here, boss.
- You'll never guess who is.
The Desai kid and some other guy.
What do you want us to do? I'm really sorry, Vik.
I really didn't think this through.
Whatever happens, I want you to know your parents will know the truth.
- Roger that.
- Consider it done.
It was option C all along.
Option C? Firing squad.
I'm so sorry, dude.
Hello, Vikram Vanraj Desai.
Pleased to finally meet you.
Wait, wait, wait.
Hi, E.
Lorenz, aka elorenz aka Ella Nicole Riordan born April 10, 1985, Lemont, Illinois, right, hmm? - How did you find me? - Uh, coffee beans.
The chocolate chocolate ones, you paid for them - with a stolen credit card - You tracked it, I get it.
- Guess everyone makes mistakes.
- Right, right.
Anyway, time to make peace with your gods, gentlemen.
- I have a plane to catch.
- Okay.
If I'm tracking the vibe in this room correctly, Ramsey sent these idiots to kill you.
Well, I happen to be very, very friendly with some extremely capable operators who would very much like to see Ramsey dead.
Why did you even come here? The kid just wants his identity back, dude.
It wasn't personal, Vik.
So your people want to kill Ramsey? Unless you kill us right now, in which case, you're going to jump the line.
Wish them good luck for me.
You're going to find a good girl one day, Vik.
When you do do it in person.
Maybe I'll see you around, Vincent.
My name's not Vincent.
She's so my type.
Let me be very clear here.
Vikram Desai is 100% innocent of this crime.
He's the victim of an elaborate identity theft, intended to make him look guilty.
This man John Michael Morse is our monster in question.
He was a disgruntled lone wolf, an Army veteran, who furiously opposed Councilman Torres' policies on veteran housing.
Now, Mr.
Morris worked very hard to frame Vikram for these attacks before he himself died in the blast.
We have recovered his cell phone in the rubble, which contains a wealth of incriminating evidence and information.
Now, I can take a few questions.
The stadium is dead, gentlemen.
I hope you understand my decision.
It's too fraught.
Emotions are running high right now, ma'am, but people forget.
Think about Chavez Ravine in I.
When the Mexicans were booted from their homes to build Dodger Stadium, folks thought that community would never support the team.
Have you seen the size of the crowds at a Dodger game lately? People forget, Madame Mayor.
Not everyone, and certainly not me.
- The team needs a new stadium.
- I know.
And we'll build one soon.
And when we do, I promise you this.
We're not paying for it.
You are.
Little India stays.
Like, after the Santa Fe trial, you know what I mean? - One more? - This is great.
This is my mother's dal dholki.
It's, uh, lentils in a Gujarati curry.
It looks wonderful.
Shukriya, Mrs.
You're very welcome.
It's not too spicy for you, is it? Probably for that guy, but not for me I love it.
You want to put some money on that, Santana? You can't afford to, Mills.
All right, um, actually, if I could just say something.
Um you all did not just save my life today.
Um you saved my last name, my family heritage.
- So thank you.
- Yeah, man.
- All of you.
- Cheers.
Especially you, Vincent.
- I really appreciated - Ixnay on - Who's Vincent? - Uh, inside joke.
Um, so you dating anyone, Vik, or what's the story there? I have some advice for you.
You might want to not give out your password on the first date, should you ever choose to pursue another relationship.
- Right? Am I right? - Yeah, definitely.
Christina What are we going to do about Ramsey and whoever it was who hired him? Well, there are some dark forces at play right here at home.
But I already made the first move.
Stormed Ramsey's office and poked the bear.
He'll be coming, and we'll be ready.
I apologize for the botched operation.
I got my guy on the City Council.
It'll pay off eventually.
Just not for your stadium deal.
The mayor will come around.
If not, the next one will.
What about your man, Morse? Can he be traced back to any of this? This was off the books.
Morse was officially terminated years ago.
Now it's really official.
Tough seeing a loyal trooper dragged through the mud as a terrorist.
Well, he knew what he signed up for.
What concerns me is the team that killed him.
This isn't the first time we've crossed paths.
I want to make certain it's the last.

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