Taken (2017) s02e15 Episode Script


Amy, it's time to go.
Come on, Boone.
Just another hour.
You're already past your curfew.
Any later, your dad is going to send in the Marines.
Why do you have to be such a drag? That's the job description.
Protecting you, and killing all the fun.
Come on, let's go.
- Bye, girl.
- See you.
You see the car? Where the hell is he? I don't know, but that guy's available, and it's freezing.
- Come on.
- Hang on.
What? Something's got that driver awfully nervous.
I don't like this.
Go back inside the club.
What? Why? Blue 38, Amy.
Boone, Boone, Boone! - Boone! - Amy! Boone! No, Boone! Boone! Boone! Amy! How long have you and your family lived in Berlin, Mr.
Collins? About a year.
I work for the U.
State Department, out of the embassy.
Have you and your family received any threats recently? No, and I've had postings in much more dangerous places than Berlin, detective.
That's why I hired Mr.
Boone to protect my family.
To prevent this kind of thing from happening.
Dan, your phone, Dan.
It could be them.
- Hello? - Boone? Amy, where are you? She is with me.
And who is this? You can have her back for ten million dollars.
You have exactly 24 hours.
I need to talk to Amy again.
No, what you need to do is send the police home.
We have friends on the force, so we'll know if you try anything.
10 million, 24 hours, or Amy is dead.
- And - [PHONE BEEPS.]
Ten million dollars? We don't have that kind of money.
- I'll figure something out.
- [SOBS.]
I can't, I can't.
10 million, 24 hours, or Amy is dead.
That was just over two hours ago.
The voice is modulated, but I'd say he's Russian.
Maybe Serbian, Ukrainian.
He was calm.
It's likely not his first rodeo.
Which is why I came to you.
I remember you negotiating the rescue of aid workers taken by the Taliban, and being the first one through the door if negotiation didn't work.
What, you guys served together? We were on the same A-team for my first tour of Afghanistan.
Hold on, there's a real A-team? Special Forces, we saved each other's hides a few times.
Boone took a bullet for me in Kabul.
And I've been stuck with him ever since.
Truth is, Bryan's always been there when I needed him.
Can't say that about anyone else.
How long have you been with Amy's family? Four years, since I left the Army.
I never had a little sister, but that's what she's like to me.
Her parents trusted me to keep her safe, and I couldn't.
So I'm hoping you can help me make this right and bring her home.
I sympathize with your situation, Mr.
Boone, but we're not able to take on a new case right now.
- What? - Sorry.
What do you mean we're not able? Because you're still recovering from a gunshot wound.
I'm recovered.
I can do this.
We can do this.
Okay, you and Santana are headed to Berlin.
Kilroy and I will provide support from here.
- Wheels up in an hour.
- Thank you.
I'll contact you when we land, okay? You got it.
Just so we're clear, I know you're not 100%.
In this line of work, no one ever is.
Boone was there for me when I needed him.
I can't let him down now.
Everyone has their limits, Bryan.
Even you.
I've been working with Kilroy on the club's CCTV recordings.
You can see the kidnappers are waiting for you.
And the guy that I hit was wearing a vest.
- Former military? - Could be.
And check this out.
Thirty minutes earlier, he's talking to the bouncer.
- And he gave him something.
- It looks like money.
- So the bouncer is in on it? - Let's go find out.
It's okay.
We're not here to party.
You're Americans.
- What do you want? - We're looking for someone.
The guy working your door last night.
Jan? Why? You know where I can find him? That's him.
I see you haven't changed.
Just get him up.
Let's try this again.
Where is she? Hey, where is Amy? I don't know.
Then why did you try to run? I thought you were with the guys who took her.
One of them gave you money.
Why? They wanted to know if the girl was in the club.
He showed me her picture.
I told him she was.
Describe him.
Big guy, Russian.
Had a skull tat with some writing on the back of his hand.
If I find out you're lying, I will come back here and end you.
And he means it.
From Amy's dad's phone.
I forwarded the calls to mine.
Blocked number.
- Hello? - You have the money? - Uh, we're working on it.
- Not fast enough.
I'm moving up the deadline.
You have three hours.
What? No, you can't do that.
I can, and I have.
- Now you listen to me - Stay calm.
Who is that? The police? No.
I'm a friend.
What is your name, friend? Bryan.
What's yours? You can call me Gus.
Okay, Gus, why move up the deadline? Is there a problem here? Not as long as you get the money.
Otherwise, you'll get Amy back one piece at a time.
Starting with her pretty little fingers.
There's no need for that.
We'll figure this out.
You do that, Bryan, or Amy's family will never see her alive again.
So, in addition to Russians, Berlin also has Albanians, Arabs, Italians, even U.
biker gangs.
Search for any whose members might be former Russian military.
Left hand skull tattoo is Spetsnaz.
- Russian Special Forces.
- Sounds like a real charmer.
Dangerous, the kind who wouldn't think twice about hurting Amy to get what he wants.
- All right, I'm on it.
- How's it looking? Her parents have liquidated everything.
Called in loans from family, friends.
They're still short.
I just don't get why the kidnappers moved up the deadline.
Gus wants us to know he's in control, and it forces us to focus on finding the money rather than looking for him.
Bryan, do you have the money? We're pulling it together.
But you're going to have to work with us on this.
No, I told you, three hours.
The family needs more time.
That is not going to happen.
Gus, you listen to me.
You hang up now, you get nothing.
Everyone loses.
Or you can talk to me, and get something from this.
But it's your call.
Yes, it is.
What are you offering? [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
- They have six million.
- I'm sure they do.
But that won't save their daughter.
Even with help, the most they might be able to get is seven, but that's it.
I believe you, Bryan.
Seven, then.
Be at the train station at the Stuttgarter Platz 20 by the deadline.
Have the bodyguard come along with the money.
- Understood.
- And Bryan, if you fail to follow my rules, the deal is off, and they'll get Amy back when her body washes up on the Spree River.
Now what? Get the money together for the exchange.
We leave the police out of this.
And then? We're going to give him what he wants.
Her parents can replace the money, but not Amy.
I got eyes on the doors from the west.
- Santana? - Got the east side covered.
Wherever they come in, we'll see them.
- Stateside, you with us? - We're here.
Okay, it's time.
Yeah? Go to the first row of chairs in the passenger waiting area.
Take the seat on the end, and leave the money next to the chair.
Do not turn around.
When we have the money, you will have the girl.
South entrance, through the restaurant.
Baseball cap and sunglasses.
I got him.
He has the suitcase.
Stand by.
He's clear.
I did what you asked.
Where's Amy? - She's here with me.
- What? - We had a deal.
- Correct.
When we have the money, you will have the girl.
- You have the money.
- We have seven million.
You can have her when we get the other three.
- Son of a bitch! - I suggest you and Bryan use the energy to find the rest of the money, because there will be no third chance.
If you so much as touch her, - I - [PHONE BEEPS.]
- He still has Amy.
- We heard.
So now, we lost Amy and the money? What the hell am I supposed to tell her parents? I thought you could handle this, Bryan.
Forget it, I'll do this myself.
Kilroy, how we looking? We're looking really good.
Getting a clear signal from the suitcase.
You put a tracker in with the money? - What if they find it? - I hope they do.
Because they probably won't look for the second one that I hid in the currency straps.
We needed a contingency in case he went back on his word.
So why didn't you tell me? Well, that was her idea.
I couldn't risk tipping our hand.
I needed you to sound really scared to sell it.
- Well, mission accomplished.
- So now, we just have to follow the money, and hope it leads us to Amy.
Let's go.
- I'm coming with you.
- No, you're not.
- You're hurt.
- What, for real? So are you.
Before yesterday, what was the last action you saw? - Al-Waleed? - Yeah, so? So that was over four years ago.
You're more useful to us here.
Keep Amy's parents calm.
- Let us know if Gus calls.
- Mills, - Look, I'm - this is what I do now.
Let me handle it.
Has Kilroy got a location for us yet? Yeah, we're good to go.
I'll get her back.
SUV matches the one from the club.
I can make out four, maybe five shapes on the second floor.
Two infrared cameras cover the door.
Roger that.
I'll head for the barn.
The place is really isolated.
The nearest neighbor is a half a mile away.
Mills, I think we should consider - bringing the police in on this.
- We can't risk that.
If Gus does have an inside man on the force, if they tip him off, it could get Amy killed.
What they won't expect is me.
All quiet.
- You're clear.
- Roger that.
Still clear.
I'm getting some signal interference.
I've got three men down.
Did you say three men? Kidnappers? - I don't know.
- Say again? Mills, radio check, over.
What? I just lost them.
- You lost them? - Yeah, Mills and the money.
Something's jamming their signals.
Mills, can you hear me? Mills, are you there? [LOUD THUD.]
Something's not right here.
- Santana - [DART WHIZZES.]
Gus, where is she? Take him.
Mills, radio check, over.
Santana, what's happening? Santana? They took Mills.
What? Who did? The kidnappers.
They got him.
So you think Mills was still alive? There's no point in taking a dead man.
- Did you check out the house? - I couldn't.
Barely got out of there before the police showed up.
- Did you find him? - No.
We weren't able to reacquire the tracking signals.
Have you heard anything from Gus? No, why would they take Mills? Could be they're looking for another ransom.
Okay, we need an ID on this Gus.
Working on it.
Do you realize how many Russian gang members are into hand tattoos? It's not a small number.
What is it? Nothing.
I'll be back.
- Call me with any updates.
- Will do.
Someone has to know these guys.
Gangs are networks.
Networks are connected.
Right, so who do we know in this world? You got me.
- What? - It's something Mills said.
Come on, we need to make a couple stops on the way.
Are you currently running an operation in Germany? Actually, I am.
A K&R case.
Any reason why I wasn't informed? Yes, because it wasn't government-related.
- You sure about that? - Excuse me You're not aware of what just happened outside Berlin? The CIA has a safehouse there.
They use it as a stopover for renditioned prisoners like Tamir Zamani.
Zamani? The Quds Force terrorist they captured in Syria? That's him, and he was just broken out of custody at that house barely two hours ago.
Four agents were killed.
Why are you telling me this? Because it appears your man was behind it.
This footage was recovered from one of the surveillance cameras, all the other ones were shot out.
- Care to explain? - He was there on a rescue mission.
Something must have happened, and he was taken along with Zamani.
- Taken by whom? - We don't know yet.
This looks bad, Christina.
Look, I know it does.
But think about it.
What justification would Mills have for freeing Zamani? How about money? Zamani's got all sorts of powerful brokers, like Syria.
They'd pay millions to see him freed.
You're aware that Mills served in Syria? Yes, to stop ISIS recruits from crossing into the country.
Well, it's not much of a stretch to think he still might have connections there.
Even so, it doesn't warrant accusing him of treason.
I think Mills is being set up.
- Why? - I don't know.
But I'm going to find out.
Well, you better do it quickly, Christina, because if you can't, I won't be able to protect you or your team.
- Crisis averted? - Just postponed.
What's the status on the kidnappers? Well, I wasn't getting anywhere swiping left on foreign mug shots, so I went back to the ransom call.
- Looking for what? - Oh, not looking, listening.
I decoded and modified the top five digital voice changers that use non-randomized algorithms.
Essentially reversing the algorithms - to get to the voice underneath.
- Did you get it? - Did you get his real voice? - Some of it.
I mean, the original signal was degraded by the filter, but I ran it through a Russian biometric voiceprint database, and I got a hit.
They had his voice on file? It's Russia, dude.
I mean, they record everything.
24 hours, or Amy is dead.
Avgustin Vikhrov.
Then I cross-referenced his name through Interpol.
Skull tattoo.
- Yup.
- That's him.
Former Russian Army, Special Forces.
Now associated with a Russian-born German crime family.
He's wanted for drug trafficking, contract killing, kidnapping, and extortion.
A triple threat, kind of like the Hugh Jackman of crime.
Okay, I get the kidnapping, maybe even breaking free a terrorist, but why go through the trouble of framing Mills? And why abduct him? Well, I really only got as far as the voice thing, which was kind of challenging.
Unless that was always the point.
Does this file show any other post-army activity? Looks like he was a military contractor.
- A mercenary for hire.
- Who did he work for? Blackfalls.
It's quite the rush, huh, Bryan? Amy.
Where's Amy? Is she still alive? You should be more concerned about yourself right now.
But yes, she's alive.
For the moment.
This is not just about the money.
Well, you got that right.
That man at the house with the beard.
His name is Zamani.
He's a terrorist.
Or a freedom fighter, depending on who you're talking to.
What is this about? You're asking the wrong person.
- Ramsey.
- Hello, Bryan.
- See about the girl.
- Don't hurt her.
I can get you the ransom.
I respect you trying to negotiate even in your current condition.
But money was never the prize.
You were.
This is about me.
- Why? - Honestly, I needed your help.
And I knew you wouldn't come willingly.
I offered you a job once, but you refused.
- So you used Boone.
- I did my homework.
I knew he'd turn to you to get help with rescuing Amy.
That's why your man, Gus, didn't kill him at the club.
You let us track the money to the safehouse, and Now, I'm your fall guy for Zamani.
Well, I couldn't have anyone connected to me be involved in such an act.
You are nothing but a mercenary and a traitor.
Actually, Bryan, that's what you look like.
And potentially, Christina as well.
You know, we're more alike than you care to admit.
We're both patriots.
Patriots don't kill their own country's agents to free a terrorist.
You joined up with Christina so you could be pre-emptive, to save lives.
I want the same thing, only on a much larger scale.
So I take it you still need my help? - Otherwise, I'd already be dead.
- Correct.
Your role isn't finished yet.
But when it is, I'm going to take your life, just like you took a friend of mine's.
Your friend Morse was just a killer.
Same as you.
He was loyal, and died in dishonor.
It seems only fitting that you do the same.
Ramsey would have the means to discover Mills' and Boone's history together in Special Forces.
And use Boone to get to Mills by kidnapping Amy? Yeah, okay, but why jump through all those hoops - just to grab Mills? - Something to do with Zamani.
Whatever Ramsey's up to, he can't do it alone.
Well, I mean, somebody's got to know what he's up to.
Or be close enough to him that they can find out.
Does Blackfalls have a corporate website? [TENSE MUSIC.]
- Quite a slick one.
- Pull up the top executives.
Former lobbyist, lawyer, retired military brass.
A real murderer's row.
It's Ramsey's inner circle.
Now all we need is leverage.
Well, you can get something on anyone, depending on how deep you're willing to dig.
Let's start drilling.
- Are you sure about this? - Not in the least.
- Oh, good.
- You should holster that.
You'll just piss them off.
Well, well, well.
Last time we met, you and the big man were looking for a senator's wife.
Yes, and we brought you a former FSB friend, Vladimir.
Was a great day.
Not so much for Vladimir.
So, where is the big man? He's gone missing.
Captured trying to rescue a kidnapped girl from a gang of Russians.
Mm, unfortunate.
That's why we've come.
To ask for your help.
And uh, what did you bring me this time? - Another FSB dog? - May I? Hm.
Gorilka, brynza, black winter truffles.
Ingredients for banosh.
I recall you like to cook.
So, what do you know of these Russians? They're led by a guy named Vikhrov.
He's former Spetsnaz, like you.
Yeah, I heard the name before.
- You think you could find him? - Maybe.
But, you know, such undertaking will require a little more than just some cheese and mushrooms.
There is also 7 million in cash missing, so you help us get Mills and the girl back alive, you take a five percent finder's fee.
Ten percent.
Okay, I'll see what I can do.
Well, looks like you beat me here.
I guess I'm not the only one looking forward to this.
You're right about that.
You were expecting a different girl.
Sit down, Mr.
- Do I know you? - No, but I know you.
Former prosecutor who made a name for himself by waging war on vice in D.
, and yet, you still keep a weekly standing rendezvous with a high-priced call girl, whose name is Haley.
Who sent you? My wife? No.
Well look, if this is some kind of shakedown for money It's not, you have bigger skeletons in your closet than infidelity.
Like the Guadalajara deal.
The one that you brokered between the Mexican power plant and Saguaro Energy, whom you represented, and then it turned out to be just a money laundering scheme for a drug cartel.
You know, the wire fraud charges alone carry 40 years in prison.
That is, assuming the drug cartel lets you live that long.
What's, um What do you want? I'm not so interested in your former jobs as I am your current one as in-house council for Blackfalls.
- What about it? - I need information on what your boss is doing in Germany, and where he's holding an associate of mine.
- I have no idea.
- You can find out.
What makes you think so? Because guys like you know where all the bodies are buried, attorney/client privilege and all that, and if I don't get what I need, I promise the full details of your prior dealings will be on the Attorney General's desk by morning.
You were good back there.
Without you, Mills and Amy wouldn't have a chance.
- I don't know about that.
- I do.
Back in the Army, we got into a scrape, it was Mills who always knew the right thing to do.
Me, not so much.
Why'd you leave the Army? I was on the team in Al-Waleed.
We were fighting alongside Iraqi forces against ISIS.
But some of the Iraqis weren't just taking out ISIS soldiers.
They were massacring their families.
My captain told me to leave it alone.
Don't get involved.
But I did.
Well, it sounds like you knew what the right thing was in that situation.
Not for my career.
Careers can be overrated, man.
Trust me, I know.
Well, after that, I went through a rough time.
It was Mills who kept pushing me to find something else.
Another purpose.
- Until I did.
- With Amy's family? I'm sorry.
I should never have pulled you guys into this.
Don't be.
This is what we signed up for.
All of us.
So Vikhrov is staying at an old asylum outside the city.
We don't know how many men he has, or if the big man and the girl are there.
Only one way to find out.
She won't eat.
Guess she doesn't like hospital food.
What should we do with her? Well, we won't get any more money from the family.
Might get a decent price for her from the Albanians.
Or we could just get rid of her.
And be done with this.
- We're in.
- Roger that.
If you find Gus, take him alive.
Secure the lobby.
No one gets in or out.
You two are with me.
We're going up.
She knows what she wants.
I like it.
Whoa! Whoa.
Mills and Amy? That's Amy's.
Is there another way out of here? Service elevator.
- Where are we going? - Shut up and keep moving.
- That's far enough.
- Boone.
You all right, Amy? She won't be if you come any closer.
If I die, she dies.
Lower your weapon.
One, two Okay, okay.
No one has to die here.
Afraid you're wrong about that.
Blue 38! [SCREAMS.]
Where's Mills? Where is Mills? Where is he? - Gone.
- Gone where? I got you, I got you.
We found Amy.
She's okay.
Very good.
And Mills? He was gone by the time we got here.
No sign of Zamani, either.
Ramsey must still need them for whatever he's planning.
Do you have any idea what that could be? Not yet, but I'm working on it.
- I have to go.
- Me, too.
Theresa, you did well.
Amy's alive because of you.
I'll feel better when we find Mills.
What do you have to tell me? I can tell you this is a mistake.
David Ramsey is not someone to be trifled with.
Neither am I.
Need I remind you it's more than just your career at stake.
It's your freedom.
Ramsey is set to testify in Congress.
About what? The role of private military contractors in U.
combat theaters.
He wants to step in for the military.
- Step in how? - Take over.
By putting his men in hotspots like the Middle East in place of U.
He wants to privatize the war on terror? Exactly.
Which will take him and his company to a whole new level.
What does this have to do with freeing Zamani and abducting my man? Ramsey was saying that to sell his idea, he needs a win, a proof of concept.
One example had been that if a terrorist were to escape from U.
custody, that would show that the government can't handle secure renditions like his men can.
So if he broke out Zamani, then he could also be the one to recapture him? Proof of concept.
And in the process, take down Mills and my company.
You said that was one example.
Is there another? - I've said too much.
- Where is Ramsey? Not without immunity, and I want protection for my family.
- Tell me! - You don't get it, do you? You have no idea - what you're dealing with here.
- Hello? - I warned you, Christina.
- David.
- You wouldn't listen.
You forced my hand, and now you've lost everything.
Including Mills.

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