Taken (2017) s02e16 Episode Script


1 I'd really prefer if we could remain friendly competitors.
Maybe I'll see you around, Vincent.
She's so my type.
Everyone has their limits, Brian.
Even you.
Zamani, the terrorist they captured in Syria.
That's him.
And he was just broken out of custody.
- They took Mills! - Who did? I warned you, Christina.
You never gave up.
So how could I give up on you? [SOMBER MUSIC.]
It took some leg work to find you.
I hacked into admissions, changed your identity.
I came here because I didn't know where else to go.
Mills has been abducted.
Santana's Someone's trying to get us.
They already tried to kill you, and it's only a matter of time before they come for the rest of us.
It's not exactly what I signed up for, know what I mean? Yeah, I know.
Now's the time where you'd normally lecture me about loyalty, or threaten to lock me up if I didn't cooperate.
I'm really sorry it had to end this way, boss.
Please don't hate me when you wake up.
I got Good-bye, Christina.
Rest easy, huh? The Senate Armed Services Committee meets today to receive testimony on the privatization of the war on terror.
The purpose of this hearing is to discuss what's gone wrong, and to seek solutions that will enable us to bring our troops home.
Director Owens.
Thank you, Senator Buchanan.
We've asked the head of private military firm Blackfalls to speak with us today.
We're honored to hear from Mr.
David Ramsey, who has served our country honorably in uniform.
Ramsey? Thank you, Director Owens.
I appreciate the opportunity to testify here today, because Our nation is tired.
Tired of endless war, of endless sacrifice.
This fatigue has only made our nation less safe.
Just a few days ago, the CIA allowed one of the top threats to our security to escape.
- You mean Tamir Zamani? - Correct.
Now, I don't blame the CIA.
They are simply trying to do too much with too little.
By any metric of history, time, or money, the war on terror is a disaster.
Afghanistan is a quagmire, 16 years of futility.
So, gentlemen, I am here to propose a radical, more cost-effective solution PMCs.
If a private military company, like Blackfalls, were handling renditions and security abroad, the escape of Zamani never would have happened.
Why? Because we can deploy better-trained soldiers, saving the government both money and lives.
We can send operators into Afghanistan and finally bring our troops home.
Ramsey, I completely disagree.
I don't think we should be fighting our wars with mercenaries.
Excuse me, Senator McDermott? But my men are not mercenaries.
They are former service members, who continue to serve this administration, this nation, honorably.
Gentlemen The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.
What would you do differently? It's time to take the gloves off.
I believe we need a viceroy in Afghanistan, someone who can oversee operations and protect American lives.
It's a position that I believe I am uniquely qualified to fill.
All I'm asking is that you allow me and my men to continue to serve this great nation and the people who love her.
So where are we headed? You'll find out soon enough.
- - Good news.
Looks like your old boss took a dirt nap.
But you'll be seeing her soon enough.
And good luck! [EXPLOSION.]
This whole Zamani debacle's a major embarrassment.
We need to beef up security abroad.
But the President has gone on record saying he won't commit more troops to the Middle East.
You've had the most experience with PMCs, Jim.
- What's your take on this? - Well, some of them have done some good work for us in the past.
Look, I'm not opposed to using PMCs for Renditions and private security abroad.
But I'm just not comfortable with the idea of replacing our soldiers with mercenaries.
Neither am I.
Let me be clear, gentlemen.
As long as I am on this committee, it's simply not going to happen.
Which brings me back to my earlier question.
What do we tell the President? Up the reward on Zamani.
If Ramsey's mercs can clean this mess up, then maybe we can discuss a larger role later.
Which will be asking for trouble.
PMCs are unregulated.
They don't follow the same rules of engagement.
Are we prepared for another bloodbath like the one we had in Iraq? - It's a valid concern.
- I've dealt with David Ramsey.
He's a ruthless, amoral SOB looking to profit from our wars.
Quite frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if he was using this Zamani catastrophe simply to further his own agenda.
- That's quite an accusation, Senator.
- I have a plane to catch.
I'm off to Turkey, to reassure our NATO friends that we're not the kind of country that does exactly what you guys are talking about.
- Excuse me.
- Well, then let's talk when you're on the ground.
- Safe trip, Senator.
- Absolutely.
Hello? Anybody here? [METAL CLANGING.]
- Oh, my God! Thank God it's you.
What are you doing? - Trying not to get killed! - I mean in here! I came back to get a few things.
I figured I'd wipe the drives while I was at it and then What do you mean, wipe the drives? Why? Sorry, I forgot you've been on a plane the whole time.
Yeah, I called you a million times Hart, too.
I couldn't get a hold of anyone, so I executed our no-comms plan to regroup in the SCIF.
Mills is gone.
And Hart's in a coma.
And I don't intend to be next.
What do you mean, Hart's in a coma? I mean she got T-boned, and the cops have no idea who did it.
I changed her name in the system to protect her.
We need to vacate now.
So you're just gonna leave? Got a better idea? Hey! What's that for? For being a coward.
- And a traitor.
- No, no, wait a minute, okay? I'm not a all right, maybe a coward.
- But I'm not a traitor.
- You know what, you seem to forget that we just saved your ass when those two dudes showed up from your past.
And now I need your help, and you're just gonna walk? I'm not gonna walk.
I'm gonna run, okay? Because these guys are trained killers.
- What about Mills? - There's nothing we can do! The ODNI froze our accounts after the Zamani incident.
All right? We have no resources, we have no man power, and there's nobody here to formulate a plan, is there? - So we improvise! - You improvise, okay? I plan on seeing my next birthday.
So you're gonna abandon us, after everything we've been through.
I really thought you'd changed, Kilroy.
Oh, God! What is that? What's that feeling in my chest now? Guilt.
Trust me, I went to Catholic high school.
Really? With the plaid skirts and all that? Are you in or are you out? [TENSE MUSIC.]
I'm sorry, grasshopper.
This leopard doesn't change its spots.
- It's Banks.
- Another one of our guys.
- You see Mills? - Zamani? Over there.
It's Zamani.
Not that easy to recognize, though.
We really only need his DNA.
Put the rest of him on ice.
Save it for the show.
If Mills is still alive, he can't be far.
- Track him down.
- Dead or alive? Dead men can't talk.
No, I'm fine.
How did you come here? This is a very, uh, remote part of Turkey.
Who are you fighting with now, Mr.
Bryan? Are you here with the U.
military to train the BSF? Syrian Border Security Forces.
- A YPG militia? - I'm not fighting anyone.
I was captured by a man who wants me dead.
But you escaped.
And now I'm gonna kill that man.
I'm afraid we have no, uh, currency or weapons to offer you other than my old rifle.
If there is anything else we can do You have been more than hospitable.
But there's one thing.
I'm gonna stick out like a sore thumb.
You think you might be able to help me, you know, blend in? How can you be in a coma and still look so good? [SOMBER MUSIC.]
Kilroy bailed.
Mills is Missing.
So it's just us.
Sister soldiers.
I used to think I was tough.
Training, harassment, the crazy-ass deployments None of it really bothered me.
But then I met Christina Hart.
And you were [SIGHS.]
You were just next level.
A CIA badass, forged from the Cold War, playing by her own rules.
You didn't let Donovan pull one over on you.
I'm gonna find Mills.
And I'm not gonna let Ramsey get away with this.
I am gonna find him.
And I am gonna make him pay.
What's with all the "I" s? Don't you mean "we"? Uh [CLEARS THROAT.]
My mom always said, real men carry handkerchiefs.
- Gross.
What are you doing here? Turns out I couldn't live with myself if you died in some stupid suicide mission, which is weird, 'cause I never really had a problem with suicide, per se.
- It's me.
I sent you a token of Bit-therium.
It's a cryptocurrency I got in on the ground floor of early last year.
You mean like Bitcoin? Yeah.
But much better.
It's up like 17,000% this year already.
And you're giving this to me, why? If you wanna run an op, you're gonna need some cash, right? So you changed your spots after all.
That was a really lame analogy.
Not particularly proud of that one.
Point is, we're gonna need some help.
Okay, you have someone in mind? As a matter of fact, I do.
She's wicked smart, knows how to handle a gun and has reason to want Ramsey dead.
She sounds perfect Unless you're talking about that hacker.
Did I mention she's really hot? You're talking about the hacker.
Holy crap, this thing's worth almost a million bucks! Oh.
Must have gone up today.
Should be enough to hire an army to track down Mills.
- Where are you, anyway? Russian Palace.
One star, smells like sewage.
This place has got to be a front for something.
Any sign of Ella? No, not yet, but I know she's here.
You sure we can trust her? No.
But what choice do we have? We need intel on Rams Oh, I gotta go.
May I take your order? You kidding me? I'm not eating here.
It's Vincent.
Remember? [NORMAL VOICE.]
Are you trying to get me killed? No.
Sorry, are you undercover? No I'm just waitressing at a crummy Russian restaurant for tips.
- How did you find me? - Trade secret.
Pretty impressive, right? You need to go.
Owner's a mobster.
He owes me money.
I did a job for him, and he stiffed me.
He finds out who I am, I'm dead.
Let me guess: You're posing as a waitress to get access to his online accounts? Yeah, I just pulled out some money from his offshore account.
Sent an undercover FBI agent kiddie porn on his hard drive.
For what it's worth, you're sexy as hell as a blonde.
- Why are you here? - I thought I'd give you a chance to settle an old score.
With? David Ramsey.
I'm listening.
Well, Ramsey took down two of our team.
And I want to take him down.
I could hack him myself, but that would take time we haven't got.
I know you.
What do you know? Blackfalls keeps everything in-house, firewalled off.
Even the phone lines are encrypted.
The only way to get access is to get inside.
Can you help us with that? Come on.
Every Butch needs a Sundance.
Who's Butch? [TIRES SCREECH.]
Oh, no.
Looks like the Feds.
That was fast.
We'd better go.
- Hey! - Excuse me! American.
Watch where you are going! Hey, I'm sorry.
What do we have? Douchebag - I'll take this.
- Okay.
- Can you activate it now? - Yes, of course.
- How much for your coat? Built her myself.
You can't get those parts off the shelf, I mean, you know Thank you, Uncle Sam.
It's one of the finest rigs out there.
No computational memory component? Think we both know that that's still in the experimental phase.
So you say.
- Mm.
- May I? No.
Absolutely not.
No, this is a proprietary system.
I can't just have anybody getting access.
You're worried about your browser history.
Relax, I already know about your affinity for anime.
You must be Ella.
Kilroy's told me a lot about you.
Lucky for me, he doesn't know much.
Ella's agreed to help us gain access to the, uh, Blackfalls training facility, here in D.
We're going inside? It's the only way.
May I? Just Be gentle.
Use hand sanitizer.
The facility has a faraday cage with normal phone lines going in and out.
Encrypted at a junction box within the perimeter.
Assuming we can get inside, It's gonna take someone with technical savvy to gain access to their data.
Ramsey's guys know what I look like.
They already tried to kill me once.
I'll do it.
Okay, just so we're clear: if you're caught, they will kill you.
It's what we do, right? It's all in a day's work.
You can't just storm in there with guns.
Those guys are armed to the teeth.
Yeah, no, I'm hip.
I figured, uh I'll just walk right in.
Right through the front door.
- You good? - I can't do this.
You're fine, just breathe.
I don't know what I was thinking.
I'm not cut out for this kind of thing.
- Gun stuff, wet work.
- You're good.
Okay? The plan is simple, right? I take out the junction box, everything goes down.
Thirty seconds later, their emergency generator kicks in.
They got power, but no internet.
You walk up, knock on the door, - say you're there to fix the problem.
- Yeah, right.
- Real smooth-like.
- That's right.
- Look at that handsome guy.
- Just like that.
- Ready? - No, I'm good.
- Go get 'em.
- Good, good.
- Hello? - Hey.
- It's me.
- Mills.
Oh, thank God.
Are you okay? I'm fine.
I'm in Turkey.
How's Hart? She's not good.
There was a hit and run.
She's in a coma.
It was Ramsey.
He killed the CIA agents guarding Zamani, took him.
- Took me.
- I know, he's out to get us.
We're done playing defense.
We're trying to figure it out right now.
Can I call you back in two minutes? I'll be right here.
All right, I'm in the server room.
I disabled the firewall.
I'm about to shoot you a fire hose of data, right now.
Got it.
- Sifting through.
- Look for any kind of personal schedule, a private calendar.
Might want to search for, uh, Tuesday: Drown a bag of kittens.
That's definitely Ramsey's Saturday night fun.
By the way, Kilroy, Mills just called.
- He's okay.
- Okay, good news, good news.
Did you, um, tell him about Ramsey? Yeah.
He's waiting on us now.
Great, so no pressure or anything.
Okay, guys, I found an email handle that references Ramsey's Ranger platoon.
That's it.
What do you got? A reference to Ankara.
Ramsey has an office in Ankara.
And a bunch of confidential emails, about some type of Congressional delegation, a Senator McDermott is arriving in Turkey today.
Oh, crap.
That's the real van.
- Kilroy, abort.
- Abort.
Abort mission! [PHONE BUZZING.]
Hey, we got something.
- - There's a CODEL in Turkey.
Senator McDermott from the Armed Services Committee arrives today.
You think Ramsey's planning on attacking the CODEL? I'm not sure.
The information's - still coming through.
- Santana? - Go, Ella.
- Who's Ella? Found something else.
A video.
Made two weeks ago.
Send it to the number I'm texting you right now.
- Will do.
- I, Tamir Zamani, take full responsibility for the bombing in Ankara.
There was a bombing in Ankara? - Not yet.
- Spilling the blood of a U.
Senator and his soldier crusaders.
This attack is the first of many to come.
He's gonna take out the Senator and pin it on Zamani.
Zamani's dead.
I killed him.
- You did? - Doesn't matter.
The world doesn't know that yet and Ramsey prerecorded this.
It's a master frame-job.
Mills, you're the only one who can stop him, so how can we help? I got a list of equipment.
Think you can get it delivered to me? Done.
Text me your location.
I need it now.
It might already be too late.
I mean, these guys weren't messing around, you know? I mean, they were stone-cold killers.
But I walk up, real smooth-like, real calm.
I'm like, uh, "How you doin'?" "Here to fix your internet.
" Huh? - That's very brave.
- Right? - Very brave.
- I know.
You think she's impressed? A little bit? By the ops Skills? Oh, yeah.
Um, but I think that we should focus right now.
Mills sent us a shopping list, all right? So let's go spend some of that cryptocurrency, all right? Yeah, maybe maybe I should just ask her out to dinner.
You know? Just something "cas.
" So have you heard of an app, uh It's encrypted, called Televeil.
- Yeah, of course I have.
- Great.
It's a one-stop-shop for the discriminating covert op.
Surface-to-air missiles, anti-tank weapons, suicide belts.
Yikes, where do they get all this stuff? Us.
A billion bucks worth of U.
weapons, all over the black market, and for the right price, you can get them delivered right to your door.
I thought UberEats was spooky.
All right, we gotta hurry.
- Bryan needs this now.
You don't look Jihadi.
You Chechen? - You bring the gear? - Absolutely.
I need something that can take out an IED.
Convoy-jammer system.
military grade.
Mark 18 rifle, with suppressor.
Made in the U.
Iraqi forces left some things behind when they fled Mosul.
- Beretta? - Terrible weapon.
I have a Colt.
Much better sidearm.
That thing.
Does it even work? Everything I sell you comes with a money-back guarantee.
Don't forget this: Latest UAV drone from China.
- A drone.
- Fits in your pocket.
Some malware, but it's good.
I even throw in a medical kit for you, even though I hear you Chechens are tough.
I'm not Chechen.
Or a terrorist.
What I am is late.
You know these roads? I need a driver.
Sorry, my friend, I'm a businessman.
Not a soldier.
I'll get my people to throw in another 20K.
Okay, my friend.
Just spoke to NSA Director Owens.
POTUS is asking us not to discuss privatization with any of our allies or troops.
Well, if it's such a Goddamn secret, why did the Armed Services Committee solicit David Ramsey's opinion in the first place? We're all just looking for a solution that makes sense here, Bill.
First POTUS agrees to let Blackfalls handle renditions.
Now he's bucking to replace troops in Afghanistan with mercenaries.
Tell me that's not crazy talk.
Senator McDermott is in an armored Suburban.
- Diplomatic plates.
- Did you hear that, Mills? Should be the center vehicle.
You know, three-vehicle convoy.
Roger that.
Got visuals on the Senator's vehicle.
What? How'd you do that? Had an ex who worked for NASA.
Picked up a few tricks.
Mills, the convoy is headed down Ataturk Boulevard.
Ataturk Boulevard, go.
It's your dime.
I used to work at the NSA.
- It's a true story.
- And that's relevant, how? Well, I picked up a few tricks of my own.
- What is that? - That there is the senator's personal private cellular phone number.
Dude, what are you waiting for? - Call him and warn him! - No, obviously I What's even more disturbing? My spies tell me David Ramsey's been bending POTUS' ear to set up a secret spy network outside the CIA, to report directly to the President.
I'll record your message at the tone It's on you, Mills.
I got a visual on the convoy.
I need to jam the detonating device.
I'm gonna lose you now.
Looks like I'm gonna need my money back.
Put your foot down.
Hey! Pull over! His own spy network? Am I the only one in Congress who hasn't gone insane? IED! Stop the car! IED! There's an IED! Stop the car! Stop! [TIRES SQUEALING.]
Get over here! Now! I'll make it $50,000 if you get this man to a hospital.
What about you? Don't worry about me.
Go! The terrorist attack in Ankara on the congressional delegation led by Senator John McDermott, was apparently set off by a subterranean improvised explosive device.
The Senator was pulled from the flaming vehicle and rushed to a local hospital.
That's Mills.
But Ramsey's coming like a freight train.
Terrorist and fugitive Tamir Zamani has claimed credit for the attack in a video posted online, vowing another attack on U.
targets abroad every week.
I, Tamir Zamani, take full Ramsey releases the Zamani video, right on cue.
I know where Mills is headed next.
I got us a C-17 from the Air Force, - headed to Turkey.
- I'm sorry, "us"? Yes, us.
Mills is gonna need help, whether he wants it or not, so It's up to you.
I guess I gotta go save the world, and stuff.
Somebody has to.
I gotta jet, too.
Got another contract.
- Government.
Ironic, huh? - Yeah, it is.
Hey, listen, um I really appreciate everything you - You've done for us.
- No worries.
It's weird.
I went through your browser history, virtual private network.
Couldn't find any porn.
You seem surprised.
You're a dude.
Either you cover your tracks better than anyone I've previously encountered or Perhaps I prefer the real thing.
Real humans.
Female humans.
Good to know.
Hey, listen, uh I was thinking that I don't know, maybe when I get back I guess I should qualify that.
Uh, so, if I get back, uh, maybe I could give you a, I don't know, phone call, something like that.
You're asking me out on a date? Well, I know that strictly speaking, this is a workplace environment, but I'm really just asking for your phone number, and you've seen my entire browser history.
So I feel like we're on a level playing field.
I'll be at my favorite watering hole.
A week from Saturday.
8 o'clock.
Okay, great.
Where is it? I'm a very private person, but You found me once before.
If you're really interested, you'll find me again.
Sucks I'll be dead.
Spilling the blood of a U.
Senator and his soldier crusaders.
This attack is the first of many to come.
Some of my best work.
But the Senator survived.
Mills? Maybe.
- Could be coming for you.
- Let him.
With McDermott out of commission, we've got a clear path.
Think POTUS'll bite? What I warned Congress about just came to fruition.
On their watch, with their troops providing security detail.
The war on terror is about to become private.
Is it really a war? It's never been declared, and there's never been a draft.
Because no one wants to die.
But everyone wants security.
They just want someone else to fight for them.
Only we're gonna do it right.
And they're going to pay for it.
POTUS is furious about this terrorist attack.
He wants Zamani's head on a stick.
The DOJ is upping the reward for him, dead or alive.
The CODEL's routes are known ahead of time.
Why wasn't this road cleared? It was, the night before.
This is the exact breach of security that David Ramsey warned us about.
This act of terror was entirely foreseeable, preventable.
I agree, this should never have happened.
As a result, I am tendering my resignation from the Armed Services Committee.
You're retiring, Jeff? This will be my last term in Congress.
Tell the President I will not stand in the way of further privatization of the security forces abroad.
State Department just upped the award for Zamani up to 30 million.
Time to collect! Take the body off ice.
Stage the take-down.
If the CIA was embarrassed before, they're about to be humiliated.
NSA Director says POTUS wants to meet to discuss further utilizing PMCs abroad.
I guess Blackfalls isn't the one with the PR problem anymore.
Quite a rebrand, sir.
This is just the beginning.
Fire in the hole! Go, go, go, go, go! [GUNFIRE.]
Body's burned.
Get his DNA for identification.
It's the second time in recorded history that Turkey's been this cold.
I'm so glad I could be here for it.
As-salamu alaykum! My favorite customers! I give you best service, huh? - You got the goods? - Of course! Come.
Et voilà.
Just don't ask me to drive you anywhere.
I don't want to get blown up or shot at.
Perhaps you're in the wrong trade.
It's an interesting country you have here.
It's kind of like a Postmates for weapons.
I just tracked Mills' new phone.
He's right near the Blackfalls Facility her in Ankara.
I need, uh, medical bags.
- Sure, he didn't take any.
- Yeah, go figure.
I need two.
No, definitely three.
- Why definitely three? - You can handle this.
That's my jam.
Let's dance.
- Don't do that, please.
- I always wanted to say that.
- Thank you.
- She's all yours.
- All right.
- Courage, mes amis.
You too, I guess.
Hey, cowboy.
We know where you are and what you're about to do.
I'm about to go give Ramsey his reward.
You don't know how many guys he has in there, okay? Why don't you wait for some backup? - This is between me and him now.
- Mills, listen to me.
Hart would say "be smart," right? This sounds like a suicide Mills.
Screw it.
Punch it.
You won't be needing this.
The death of Tamir Zamani was verified today, taken down in an explosive attack on his bunker hideout.
Private military security forces produced DNA evidence confirming Zamani's identity.
Love it when a good plan comes together.
You're welcome to hitch a ride on the jet back to D.
Collect your fair share of the reward.
Appreciate that, sir.
Buchanan told me you were the best.
He's old-school, he knows.
We all know.
It's time to take the gloves off and stop playing candyass in the Middle East.
Assassinations, waterboard.
Whatever it takes.
The way we used to do it.
- The hell is that? - Is it one of yours? We're not in the UAV business.
Call security.
Whoa, whoa! [SCREAMS.]
Drop it.
I'm not here for you.
So you should leave Now.
Understand? The hell's going on down there? Hey.
We have a problem.
Take care of it! [GUARD YELPS.]
Bryan Mills.
I should have killed you myself.
I guess now I'll get the chance.
Ramsey killed three of his own men to cover up a massacre.
Now is that the kind of man you want to die for? No.
So you get yourself downstairs and help your buddies who weren't as lucky as you.
Everything went off without a hitch - Except this Mills.
- He's alive? Very much.
And he's coming.
Heard he's relentless.
You could say that.
Stand down.
- Sir? - Stand down.
Not our war.
There's a far more lucrative one on our horizon.
- Drop it! [BOTH PANTING.]
I don't care who you are or who you think you work for.
That's why you're gonna let me through that door.
Oh, boy.
You chose this.
It didn't have to end this way.
It always had to end this way.
I knew this was a bad idea.
Dude going the other way? Right idea.
You're doing great, man.
Come on.
Oh, God.
You okay? - What do I do? - Cradle his head.
- Oh, God! Okay.
- Oh, man, you're gonna bleed out.
- No.
I knew you'd find me.
Take it easy.
- Couldn't help yourself.
- Yeah.
Neither could you.
We've gotta get you out of here, all right? You were right.
Hart would've wanted me to be smart about this.
Bring Ramsey to justice.
Gonna need your help getting him up.
Back to the private sector, sir? Raytheon, Titan, Northrup Grummon, they're all in play.
But there's a standing offer from KPR, CEO.
KPR's big.
Afghanistan, Sudan.
Bigger than Blackfalls.
And with a lower profile.
Big-time contracts.
Blackfalls is done, sir.
Ramsey was a useful idiot.
There was no loyalty amongst his men.
They knew what he was.
How many do you think we can get to come over? They're mercs, sir.
They need a job.
Ah, good to hear.
War is money.
And we're gonna make a lot of it.
- - I read the report of the 19 people murdered by your men over money in Iraq, including a 12-year-old boy.
I know their names and the village they come from.
You even murdered your own men to avoid justice.
Not anymore.
I found the village And I found the father of that boy.
And now He's found you.
Justice is about order.
It's not about satiating anger.
It's about finding a balance.
The punishment must be proportionate.

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