Tales (2017) s01e07 Episode Script

You Got Me

1 If you were worried 'bout where I been or who I saw or What club I went to with my homies Baby don't worry, you know that you got me If you were worried 'bout where I been or who I saw or What club I went to with my homies Baby don't worry, you know that you got me Don't start with me.
Didn't nobody tell you to call rehearsal at the crack.
Some of us have real life shit to do in the morning.
Do you know what I had to do to Perry last night to get him to wake the kids, make them breakfast, and wait for the nanny? All I'm saying is the show is in two weeks.
You might wanna lay off all that gluten.
Mmmmm You'll thank me when you see the dress at the fitting.
I still can't believe Perry bought you this car.
Girl, while we were perfecting our arabesque, he was writing code.
Thank God.
I guess we all can't be broke.
- Mmm, hello.
- Are you ready? - Yeah.
- Let's rock.
Girl, that's my new shit.
Don't touch.
- Oh, what's this button? - Unh-unh.
Put your seatbelt on.
All right.
It's not working.
Let's just hit it again in a minute.
We'll get this.
Hey, girl.
Where is your head at? I invited some of the investors to come to the show.
If they don't like what they see, we've got to shut the studio down.
Trina, what if I can't do it? What if I can't pull it together fast enough? I mean it's been so long since I've been on stage.
Listen, don't worry, okay? You got this.
You just need to relax.
Plus, your girl got you the cover of "Point and Flex" magazine.
What? Well, it was supposed to be a surprise, but now seems like as good a time as any, so surprise! The editor seemed most especially interested, in covering the Angie Mims comeback.
The photographer will be here tomorrow, girl.
- Thank you! - Of course! What you need is some Vitamin D to keep your mind off things.
Girl, is Vitamin D the answer to all of your problems? Girl, Vitamin D is the answer to every problem.
You know it's been a long time since you had some.
When's the last time you even looked at a man? Who has time for men when you're trying to work on your career? Oh, God You need a man.
Okay? I'ma have Perry hook you up with one of his friends.
You remember the chef I was telling you about? Ooh, this brother is fine! And he cooks all that macro shit you be eating, too.
I'd say no, but I have a feeling you're not gonna let me.
Oh, yes, baby.
I have a feeling that you're right.
So, uh, I get to keep this after, right? 'Cause it'll be hot with them thighs.
As long as you're low-key about your thievery, and don't let the boss lady know about it.
I didn't realize we'd already started.
Yeah, I know.
That's the point.
FYI I like to know what's going on before you just do things.
Everyone, this is Marcus MacAvoy.
He will be getting some shots of us for "Point and Flex," so, let's show him what we've got.
Hmmm Oh! Hey, Sunshine.
Hey, Miss Angie.
Listen, you do the damn thing today, okay? You got it, girl.
I didn't mean to interrupt.
It's a bit early.
How can I help you? I finished the cover and thought you might wanna see.
Oh, it's cool.
It needs a bit of retouching, though.
What else have you got? I don't think it needs anything.
It's not very flattering.
Well, I think your imperfection is just as beautiful as your perfection.
So, what do you think? What's the matter? You don't like it? Uh, no, uh It's great.
Really great, actually.
I also mocked up some copies so you could see what I was thinking before I finalized it.
Yeah, all of that is great.
Thank you.
Right? Now you can send me your invoice and I'll take care of it.
How about dinner, instead? I don't eat out just before a performance.
How about drinks, then? I don't drink.
How about a walk? 'Cause I have actually seen you do that.
So, I'm guessing you haven't had a real meal since you were seven when you were studying at Miss Marie's Ballet School back in Spanish Harlem.
I'm one of those people who randomly google themselves just to make sure no one stole my identity and I know there is not a lot to be found.
So, how do you know all of these things? Well, I'd seen the "Point and Flex" piece before I did the shoot.
Ah So, you know more about me than I know about you.
- Mm-hm.
- That doesn't seem fair.
Well, what do you wanna know? - Where are you from? - Austin.
Why'd you wanna become a photographer? I thought that this was a walk, not a job interview.
I think it's pretty cool that when you realized other studios couldn't give you what you want creatively, you started your own.
That's pretty badass.
Yeah, well, sometimes I feel like I definitely made a mistake.
Owning a business is one step forward, two steps back.
- Yes.
- Every day.
So, what's your favorite part about owning your own studio? That's easy.
The freedom.
And the least favorite part? The responsibility.
You know, sometimes I just wish I could dance and let someone else do all the other stuff.
You've gotta be patient.
You're a start-up, so you'll have a someone else soon enough.
I know it.
I'm glad you like the cover, too.
'Cause it's actually going to print as we speak.
What? You just said it wasn't finalized yet.
Yeah, well, getting it out there is pretty final, isn't it? I don't do business like that, Marcus.
You can't just make decisions for me.
You don't know me.
Oh, Angie, Angie, look I apologize.
But you just said you hated logistics, and I noticed that you were a little overwhelmed, so, I took something off of your plate.
Hey, look, let me make it up to you, all right? That's a tall order.
Yeah, well, I like the challenge.
I have to go.
Angie, look, I'm sorry.
Okay? I really am.
Unfortunately, sorry just isn't good enough.
Goodbye, Marcus.
Girl, why didn't you tell me the cover was out? I was in the check-out line at Whole Foods and saw your fabulous ass starin' back at me.
Thanks, but it wasn't supposed to come out this fast.
Oh, and Perry spoke to Chef Justin.
He's going to prepare a light macrobiotic supper of broth, grass and dirt, just for you.
And it's at chez moi.
I'll text you the details.
Girl, this man better be fine.
Girl! He is fine.
Oh, shit.
- What's wrong? - Nothing.
Uh, let me call you back later.
Okay, but Well, this is quite a surprise.
My mom always said, whenever you offend a lady, you have to go out of your way to win back her trust.
A gift is so not necessary.
Didn't your mama ever tell you, never look a gift horse in the mouth? What's your address? You've got an interesting style.
Is that for me? Now I noticed that you didn't have any art hanging in your studio.
So, I figured that these would do.
I thought about hanging some of my old posters, but I never got around to it.
You try.
Hold it like this.
You know, Gordon Parks once said the reason that he picked up a camera was because it was his weapo against everything he thought that was wrong in the universe racism intolerance poverty.
What? Yesterday you asked me what made me wanna become a photographer, and I guess I did it for the same reasons that Gordon did.
For the same reasons that every Black artist does.
Is he your favorite photographer? One of them.
But I was always impressed by Carrie Mae Weems.
There's something about the eye of a woman that can't be duplicated.
I'll never forget the first time I saw her self-portrait in the "Kitchen Table" series.
I knew that every photograph I took of a woman had to be like that strong powerful fervent Now get closer.
Make sure the crosshairs are in focus.
Let me take off your clothes.
May I tie your hands? It'll relax you.
I promise.
What are you trying to do to me? Worship you.
Two, three, four five, six, seven, eight Coupé.
Seven and eight.
And let it breathe, hey.
Sorry, everybody.
Let's start with the pas de deux.
Five, six, seven, eight.
And one, two, three, four, five, six So, I tell the server to put the price of the knife on the brother's bill.
And we're talking a $500 handmade knife.
I figured if that fool was brazen enough to spill it, I had a right to make him pay for it.
So, what happened? He's now the owner of one expensive-ass knife.
- Okay.
- Touché.
You seem to be doing good over there.
You know, it's like I finally am eating a vegetable that tastes like what you think a vegetable should taste like.
It's alchemy, really.
You know, it's taking something that seems ordinary and transforming it into something that people just they just can't forget.
You know, it's about those moments that you carry with you long after the meal is over.
- Cheers.
- That's my boy.
That's my boy.
- I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
- Sure.
Yeah, it's beautiful out tonight.
It is.
Give me your hand.
I'm so sorry.
Um, I'm actually gonna have to cut the evening a little bit short.
- What? - Yeah.
I'm sure Justin has an incredible dessert planned.
It is true.
Yeah, you just stay.
I'm sure whatever you've got going on can wait.
It really can't.
But thank you.
Everything was delicious.
I hope it's the first meal of many I make for you.
Well, thank you.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
- Pardon me.
- Excuse me.
Man That woman left on me.
She did, though, for sure.
She's pretty.
She's your woman.
Angie, what's goin' on with you? Nothing.
He's very nice.
Oh, my God, Angie, you are not gonna leave this fine-ass brother sittin' here.
You're gonna eat his food, have him drop you home, and then let him blow your back out, girl.
You can get it.
It's fine.
I appreciate you for trying to introduce me to a nice guy, but really right now I have to go.
Okay? Kiss Clementine for me.
Ooh, Angie, really? I can't believe you right now.
- I'll see you tomorrow.
- Wow.
I'll tell you all about it.
I've gotta go.
What's that? Invite me in and you'll find out.
I can't believe I'm letting you do this.
I must be outta my mind.
You're not out of your mind.
How do you even know how to do this? Capturing fleeting moments is what I do.
Open your legs.
Where are you putting this thing? And shouldn't I be looking at an image in a book or something? Do you trust me? It'll be a moment that you won't forget in a place that you won't forget and always be against your skin.
Tie this around your eyes.
Remove the blindfold.
It's beautiful.
A beautiful canvas.
I want you to take it easy today.
I want to.
It's like being on tour.
Where were you coming from last night? - My friend Trina's house.
- Oh.
She tried to introduce me to this guy a chef.
Trina's always meddling in my life.
He may have thought that I was pretty.
I don't believe this.
What happened? What's wrong? So, you made love to me, and then went out on a date with another man? It wasn't a date, Marcus.
I was eating with a couple of friends.
I spent my night with you.
Look, I don't have time for these [BLANK.]
games, Angie.
You're either with me or you're not.
I'm with you.
You're telling me the truth, huh? Oh.
Where you at? - Bye.
- Bye.
Morning, Sunshine.
Looks like we're not the only ones off to a late start.
Yeah, I needed the rest.
I've been pushing it.
Waldo, are we not having a good day today? Yeah, I'm over this heatwave, too.
Y'all stay cool, okay? All right, take care today.
- Bye, ladies.
- Bye.
Are you into tattoos now? I wanted to try something different.
- It's pretty, huh? - Hm.
Where did you run off to last night? Or should I say who did you run off to last night? Okay.
I've been seeing that photographer who shot the "Point and Flex" cover.
I believe that.
He was fine as hell.
But why all the cloak and dagger? You coulda just told me, heifer.
I know, and I'm sorry about that.
I just I knew you really wanted it to work with Justin.
Girl, I'd say have both.
But I know that's not your thing.
I don't know, he's just really under my skin.
And in your drawers.
Was the tattoo his idea? Yes, he did it, himself.
- Bro had me blindfolded.
- What? On the kitchen counter.
Girl, you done got branded? So, how was the deep? Yes! Oh, that's my girl.
Okay, come on, boy.
Come on.
I'm not sure this is healthy what we're doing.
Do you feel satisfied right now? Extremely.
Then why are you complaining? It's just I told Trina about you yesterday and it felt like I was spilling some sort of dirty secret.
Now that is the second time that you've mentioned Trina.
Do you always let your friends have this much control over your life? To be able to talk openly about a relationship means it's kind of a healthy one.
And you're affecting my work.
Well, what's the point of having a relationship if it doesn't? I just have a lot going on, with the studio and the show and I wanna see you later.
Damn, Angie, how many of these does he have? Hundreds.
And he has the nerve to be upset about Justin.
I can't believe I was so dumb.
Girl, you were dickmatized.
It happens to the best of us.
Do not beat yourself up.
And, if things could get any worse, he went and branded me like I was just another girl in his camera.
Is that what gets him off? Marking his women? It is a little creepy.
I ain't gon' lie.
So, what do you wanna do now? I have to break up with him.
It's the only thing I can do.
Did you bring my flashcard with you? Marcus, you owe me an explanation.
Oh, what? Is that why you brought her with you? It's not about her.
I let you into my life, in my home, and you marked up my body as if I was just another girl on your Rolodex.
Marcus, how many women in Atlanta have the same Baby, I came into your [BLANK.]
life, and I gave you multiple orgasms, all right? That's what I did.
So now I'm the bad guy? Don't play games, Angie.
You're a grown woman.
You made a decision to be with me and now you're mad because you can't hang.
You thought I didn't know you took my shit.
So, was this just about sex for you? Do you even care? Angie, I'm not interested in any of these bullshit games, all right? Give me my [BLANK.]
And get the [BLANK.]
outta here.
Go! Marcus? Marcus? Marcus, baby.
Baby, wake up.
- Angie, we have to go.
- Marcus, wake up! We have to go! Wake up! Baby, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Wake up! Angie, come on.
Let's go.
Hey I got you.
If you were worried 'bout where I been or who I saw or What club I went to with my homies Baby don't worry, you know that you got me If you were worried 'bout where I been or who I saw or What club I went to with my homies Baby don't worry, you know that you got me Somebody told me that this planet was small We used to live in the same building on the same floor And never met before until I'm overseas on tour And peep this Ethiopian queen from Philly Taking classes abroad She studying film and photo flash focus record Said she workin' on a flick And could my click do the score She said she loved my show in Paris At Elysee Montmartre And that I stepped off the stage
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