Tales (2017) s01e08 Episode Script

All I Need

1 [SOBS.]
About that money.
Money, money, money.
He wasn't ready.
What's up, babe? Yeah, that nigger Kevin Hart is a pure fool.
He started snapping on some dude in the first row.
Homeboy stood up, like, 6'8, and man, Kevin jumped back like he got shot.
That nigger's hilarious, man.
He was ready to fight, or acting like he was going to fight.
Shit was funny as shit.
Wish you could have been there.
Too bad you had to go to work early.
Too bad.
This shit again? NINA: [PANTS.]
What the is the problem now? I don't take care of you? Do you do you want for anything? Huh? Put that shit down.
Put that shit down! NINA: [GASPS.]
So tell me, what the is the problem now? Huh? Tell me.
I just don't want to be here.
- Oh, you don't want to be here? - No.
Is that right? You you don't want to be here with the person that loves you? Don't I take care of you? Huh? Hey, look at me, look at me.
Answer me.
Look at me.
You know I love you, right? I love you.
Then let me go.
Please, just let me go! Baby, baby, let you go? You realize there's There's no you, there's no me, it's just us.
Just us, baby.
And us will be together until one of us drops dead.
Do you understand me? Huh? Good.
So, I'm about to take a shower.
Then we're gonna get some food.
I'm gonna get you one of them nice pretty outfits you like.
I know that always makes you feel good.
How that sound? Okay.
Okay, what? Okay, Daddy.
TAGGERT: Whoo! We gettin' money! Ballin! Diamond! Hey, Diamond, you ain't with a gangster? Don't be like that, baby.
You know I love you.
We gettin' this money and we gonna keep gettin' this money, baby.
Let Daddy get fresh and clean.
Diamond! You don't love me, Diamond? Who loves you? VAUGHN: You can't keep doing this, man.
I pulled a lot of strings to get you bumped to the head of the line.
The VA don't reschedule.
You know that, right? Dr.
Green is a very busy man.
You can't just not show up when you have an appointment.
Are you listening to me? Look, you were a papa bear back in the sandbox.
I know that.
You took care of us.
And I'm trying to do the same thing for you.
But I can't keep putting my neck on the line if you can't meet me halfway.
That simplify shit only goes so far in the real world.
Is that where we are? Kenny, you were doing great with Dr.
He's one of the only ones that gives a damn.
Do you think the VA gives a damn? Do you think the VA is looking out for us? No.
But he's looking out for us.
Because he's been over there, and he knows what you're going through.
I thought you were getting better.
You you were going out, and you were meeting people, you were talking to them.
Man, you were even going back to those stupid movies that you like, right? Man, I ain't getting Not one phone call about you getting into no fights anymore, nothing.
Chavez has kids.
Candy just got married.
I was their leader.
They depended on me.
I was supposed to bring my men home safe.
And I let them down.
I shouldn't be here.
I should have died with my men.
I can't live like this anymore, Silk! He don't own me! SILK: Girl, you know nothing in love is easy.
It's a lot of moving parts to this shit.
Miss me with that moving parts shit! I'll call Dr.
Green, see if he can reschedule, and I'll circle back with you in the morning.
But I need you to take your meds until I can get you in, okay? Just hold on 'til then.
- SILK: Diamond - Don't call me that! All I wanted was a normal life.
Was that too much to ask for? Hell yeah it is.
Listen bitch, I'mma tell you this one time.
If your ass don't come back soon, you know how this shit gonna play out.
NINA: Yeah.
I know how he is.
And he said the only thing that's gonna separate us is death.
Diamond! Diamond! No, bitch, don't do nothin' stupid! Diamond! [HORN HONKS.]
Hey! Hey! [HORN HONKS.]
Lady, you've gotta be careful.
No one watches where they're going down this street.
You could have been Like sweet morning dew I took one look at you And it was plain to see You were my destiny You're all You're all I need All I need To get by To get by By You're all - Oh my god, I'm so - Are are you okay? No, I didn't mean to I didn't I'm sorry.
I'm okay.
Trust me, I'm just fine.
Uh, I should be the one saying sorry, I, I Sorry? What? No.
You saved my I mean, that could have been bad, you know? You really just saved my butt.
Your arm.
What? No.
I mean, that's that's nothing.
Really, I'm fine.
You're not fine.
You're in shock.
Let's go sit down, get you a drink of water, and, you know No, I'm really, I'm fine.
I I didn't mean to Look, I don't want to I can't let you walk away bleeding like that.
I get it, I'm a strange, smelly guy, just tackled you in the street.
But I'd rather you be good than fine.
Just let me help, please? Okay.
And, um, you're actually not that smelly.
To patch that up, coffee? Okay.
Here, just hold it down.
It'll stop the bleeding.
- Bleeding.
- Yeah.
You know, I don't think staring at it's gonna make it bleed less.
Can I get you guys anything? Vanilla latte, soy milk, extra hot, extra whip, extra vanilla.
Coffee is fine.
Room for cream? - Black.
- Okay.
One Miley Cyrus, one Kendrick Lamar, coming right up.
Has it stopped? Look.
Okay, you seem nice, and thanks for, you know, whatever out on the street.
But really, I'm fine.
I was I appreciate it.
It's okay.
I wasn't gonna do it, okay? I'm not crazy.
I didn't say you were, okay? Take a minute and relax.
- I said I'm - Fine, I know.
But take a minute to catch your breath, collect yourself.
I mean, it'd be pretty sad, you missed getting hit by that truck just to have a heart attack.
- What is that supposed to mean? - It's just a joke, seriously.
But this is about as safe a place as you could find, barring the coffee.
I'm Kenny.
Hi, Kenny.
This is where people tell you their name.
- Is that where we are? - I hope so.
I don't want to have to have poisoned myself for nothing.
If it's that bad, why don't you just stop drinking it? You get yourself together, I'll stop drinking that toilet water.
- What kind of deal is that? - It's the kind of deal you make when you want somebody to be okay.
- Nina.
- Hi, Nina.
Oh my god! [LAUGHS.]
You were warned.
Do you know where the bathroom is? Yeah, that way.
Got sugar everywhere.
What are you doing, girl? [PHONE VIBRATES.]
Oh, hey, how you doing, guys? How can I help you? - Are you the manager? - Uh, she's not in today.
Uh, can I help you with something? My little sister, Diamond.
We've been searching everywhere for her.
Girl, is he even tripping like that? Girl, you ran off with six racks.
What you think he gonna do? - You told him where I was? - I had to tell him shit.
We ain't been to three good places since we got into town.
Shit, Jimmy's taking Bear into every damn store on the strip.
She has nice tits, a nice ass.
You couldn't miss her if you tried.
Your sister? Don't get smart.
You guys got security tape? What? Cameras! Sorry, sir.
I can't help you with that.
Maybe he'll understand you better.
Okay, just tell him I'm coming, okay? Tell him I just stepped out for a few things and I'll be back in a hour, okay? Okay? Please! Please, just call him off.
Please? Uh, look, I'll do what I can, okay? But this man ain't gonna wait forever.
You playing with this money, and you know how that goes.
This ain't your first damn time at the rodeo, Diamond.
Homeboy, I've got some questions for you.
I'm looking for someone, my sister.
She goes by the name of Diamond - [GRUNTS.]
- and she's ran off.
Pretty girl, tight clothes.
You seen somebody like that? Can't say that I have.
Yeah? Okay.
Forget about it, Bear.
Silk says she called in.
Let's get out of here.
- Smarten up, waiter.
Whoo, much better! Look, I think maybe we might have got off on the wrong foot.
Like I said, I'm not much of a morning person, and - You did this? - Yeah.
Did anything else happen while I was powdering my nose? Nah.
It's a little early for engagement rings, isn't it? Just saying, every great romance ends at marriage.
Romeo and Juliet were great until they tried to tie the knot.
Oh, so we Romeo and Juliet now? Nah, I'm thinking like Wesley and Princess Buttercup in "Princess Diaries," or Allen Payne and Jada Pickett in "Jason's Lyric," or Kate and Leo in the "Titanic.
" You know, love that stands the test of time.
You are so corny.
And I bet if I knew what you were talking about, you'd be even more corny.
Now come on, we've got to clean you up.
How don't you know about the the Titan wait, what? Look, I don't care how artsy you are.
I can't spend the rest of the day with you looking like that.
So we're spending the rest of the day? Yes, we are, Basquiat.
Let's go.
Come on.
I'm all right with that.
Baby, baby, baby Baby, I want you Okay, okay, okay I wanna ride with you, shorty I wanna ride with you, shorty I wanna fly with you Okay, okay, okay I'm trying to ride with you, shorty No one but you, shorty Hey No one but you, shorty I want you So, what do you think? Too much? Did you did you just smile? [LAUGHS.]
You did, didn't you? You actually smiled.
I almost thought something was wrong with that pretty little face of yours.
So, do we get them? Do we? Um, am I wearing those at some point? Why, is that something you're into? [LAUGHS.]
Let's get them boxed up, 'cause you're up next, okay? We are making you pretty.
- Seriously? - Mm-hmm.
- Oh god.
- You'll see! [LAUGHS.]
They want to get into your pants and they always leave But you should settle down with a girl like me You should settle down with a girl like me Party it up with a girl like me F it all up with a girl like me Like me, yeah I don't know, I've been sluttin' this shit I don't know if it's the weed or the lips We can't have you looking like this when we got bae over here looking so fine.
Okay, preach it! You've got to match your boo's fierceness.
Rawr! - Yaas, girl! - Rawr, we be fierce! [LAUGHS.]
Your your boo? What, do you want to fight about it? Ooh, y'all are too cute.
But come on, Mr.
Let's get you out of these dusty clothes.
Come on, get on up.
Oh, man.
And let's get you into some couture, honey.
Girl Hey, yo.
I know you hear me talking to you.
What's up? What's up, girl? You can't speak? Excuse me, do I know you? Not yet, but I'm trying to see if we can figure that out.
So what's up? Hey, I don't need your money.
Oh, shit! I thought a woman like you was all about that cash.
Get your hand off of me! THUG: Shut up, ho! We got a problem, fellas? Hey, bro.
She with you, playboy? Oh.
All right, slick, you can have her.
She got too much mileage on her anyway.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Look at me.
Look at me.
Forget about them, okay? [RUMBLING.]
Go get dressed, okay? Let's get out of here.
Go, go! Okay, Miss Thing.
That's my job.
Y'all have a good day.
dream with your boy Spend the cheese with me Start a team Pull up in [UNINTELLIGIBLE.]
with me I can't lie Yeah, I'm in your vibe It's that connection when I'm lookin' in your eyes 'Cause you're the type that I call when I'm down And because of that, no other [UNINTELLIGIBLE.]
put that crown And because of that, I hit you up when I'm in town 'Cause all of that is what keep me comin' around You're contagious And I'm touchin' on [UNINTELLIGIBLE.]
Ready to put them paws on you You can't compare to a [UNINTELLIGIBLE.]
Give me a shout I promise I'mma take you out, word - How many do you want? - How many what? Children.
I want three.
Twin boys and a baby girl.
The boys older so they can watch after their little sister.
You really look out for people, don't you? Are you always rescuing people? That's how I was raised.
My momma told me you look out for people who can't look out for themselves.
You look out for the people you love.
So that is who you are.
That is how you see yourself.
Nobody's who they seem to be.
I mean, we we got this idea of who we want to be.
You know, like, who we should be.
But it's hard to live up to that.
Yeah, I know.
But not you, you know? You're you're perfect.
I mean, you're like, uh [LAUGHS.]
I've probably drawn this fountain 100 times if I drew it once.
My mom used to give me pennies to make wishes at fountains like this.
I used to take the pennies and buy candy with it.
Maybe I should have bought the wishes instead.
What are you doing? I want to make a wish, and I don't have a penny.
Wait, what are you You're going to leave me out here by myself? I thought you rescued people! [LAUGHS.]
Oh, help me! Whatever shall I do? [LAUGHS.]
I will always be there for you.
I wish that you will be my Prince Charming and always come for me.
Hey, guys? Y'all might want to get out of there.
- Oh! - Oh my gosh! - Told you.
- NINA: Aah! - Oh my god, I'm soaked! - Me too! Are you happy now? That all depends.
How far away do you live? Thought you might wanna taste some real cof Whoa! Mm! Um, I can go back in the kitchen.
Is that real? Like, it works? KENNY: I hope so.
I just cleaned it yesterday.
NINA: You do that? It's a mental exercise, you know? Just clear your mind, don't think about nothin'.
Let your hands do all the work.
Is that right? My uncle used to say the same thing.
He was a boxer.
I'd stich him up after the fights.
He'd say soon as you enter the ring, you let your brain go blank and your knuckles do the rest.
Sounds like somebody I'd like to meet.
- Well, he's dead.
- I'm sorry to hear that.
It's okay, really.
He's been dead a long time.
"A Star Is Born"? What's that? Like, a new movie? You're kidding, right? You've never seen it? Chris Christopherson? Barbra Streisand? Mm They play it all the time at the revival theater I go to.
My mom used to take me as a kid.
I've never heard of it.
That's a classic movie.
How Okay, so anyway, it's about this singer, right? She falls in love with this rock star guy.
And he's like he's a little bit of an asshole, - but, you know she's - She loves him anyway? Yeah.
But he'd die for her.
She wouldn't leave him no matter how bad he got, and he knew it.
So he couldn't let her suffer and destroy her life for him.
So he sacrificed himself.
I've never been to the movies.
Not even with your man? [LAUGHS.]
No, but not on a Not on a date or nothin'? Never really been to one of those either.
- Wow.
- I mean, I've had boyfriends.
But none of them ever really did more than take me out to the club or show me off.
I guess I was never really worth more than that.
Can't imagine a life where someone like you deserves to feel so alone.
Like me? Why, because I'm pretty? Because you're you Nina.
I love when you say my name.
There's something I need I wanted to tell you.
It's about Diamond.
It's important.
Look, it's not, okay? Whatever it is, it can wait.
Today has been the most perfect day I've had in a long time.
So later, please.
Been a little minute.
Brother ain't, you know, done nothin' like this.
You can't fail with me.
You can only get better.
I said, baby I said, baby I could tell you ain't been loved If you wasn't, what did he know This is more than a simple crush I said, baby I said, baby Woo I can tell you ain't been loved If you wasn't, what did he know Ooh This is more than a simple crush You're mine I'm yours There ain't a thing that can get between us I couldn't have made a better choice I said, baby Hey, you.
He hey.
You all right? Why wouldn't I be? Because I Are you okay? Yeah, I'm good.
Think I'm okay.
You brave enough to try breakfast? Brave? Yeah.
I'm not too good at it.
I mean, but it's it's hard to ruin eggs, right? Eggs is pretty easy.
Or I can go to the store if you No, no, no.
No, no, no.
You can't leave me in this big, lonely bed all by myself.
I love you.
Uh, wait a second! Be there in a minute! [LAUGHTER.]
Probably Jehovah's Witnesses.
Come on! Here I come! Aww! [POUNDING ON DOOR.]
Leave him alone! Leave him [SOBS.]
Leave him alone, please! I was gonna call! You was gonna call, huh? [SOBS.]
Silk won't be answering for a little while.
Please! He didn't do anything! [CHUCKLES.]
Did you really think for one second there was any place Any place on God's green earth I wouldn't find you, huh? You're mine, bitch.
You belong to me.
'Til the end of time and to 10 days after that.
KENNY: Let her go! You belong to me.
- No! - Let her go! No, please! I was gonna call, I swear! You swear what? Huh? Daddy.
I was - Say it.
- gonna call you.
Call you.
I swear, Daddy.
I was just was having a little fun with him, that's all.
I was gonna come back to you, I swear! Hmm.
That's a good girl.
Bitch, where's my money at? [SOBS.]
Huh? Check that out.
It's a little light, Boss.
- A little light, huh? - JIMMY: Mm-hmm.
- Huh? - What, you was shopping? - No.
- Huh? You buy me something? Let me know.
You brought me something? Huh? KENNY: Leave her alone! [SOBS.]
You're still talking? Hm! This is crazy.
Whoa, is this shit real? You was a real war hero, huh, soldier boy? How the you get trapped up in the pussy? Shit! Daddy, please! Don't! [MOCKING TONE.]
Daddy, please, don't! Daddy, please, don't! Kenny? Kenny? Kenny, you gotta wake up.
Kenny, you gotta wake up! Kenny! Hey, hey, hey! - Hold still! - Where is she? Hold still! Hold still! Jesus.
Look at you, man.
Look like the inside of a slaughterhouse.
I've got a ambulance coming, okay? We gotta find her.
Okay, hey.
Easy, Marine.
Look, all we're asking is for you to take it from the top.
Just tell it to us again.
Look, I told you two times already.
Three times isn't going to make it any clearer, okay? We were laying in the bed.
They kicked in the door.
- The three guys? - Yes.
- Big guys? - Yes.
Right? No one's ever getting beat up by a bunch of little guys.
They're always big, tough dudes.
Anyways, you said one of them was wearing a jogging thing, right? Like running pants? Look, I gave you the description already, all right? You can't run that through your system? The system? You mean that beige box of shit running Windows 95 on my desk back at the station? They kicked in the door and they took her! Right.
The girl.
What was her name again? - Nina.
- Nina.
And her last name? How about a home address? KENNY: I don't know.
Email? Face [SHOUTING.]
I don't know, okay? I don't know! VAUGHN: All right, okay! Give me a minute.
He's a asshole, man.
- You said you could help.
- I said we'd take a report.
Are you gonna do anything? Kenny, listen to me, man.
Listen to what? Man, she's out there, okay? - I can't - Kenny, you can't what? I mean, assuming she's even real What do you mean, assuming she's real? She's real! We were here! We wre in the bed When was the last time you were on your meds, Kenny? A week? You do remember what happened last time, right? You put five men in the hospital five! You said something about they They kidnapped some woman named Jenny, right? She was smoke, man.
Never existed.
She's real.
Jenny? Nina? How can I know, Kenny? How can you know? She's real.
Um just sit tight, all right? Take a breather.
You lucky you don't have a damn concussion.
- Whose is it? - Whose is it? - Yours.
- I said, whose is it, huh? - It's Daddy's.
- That's right.
That's right! Damn! [PANTS.]
Daddy, Daddy, Daddy What's my name, girl Daddy, Daddy, Daddy Daddy, Daddy, Daddy That sounds right What's my name, girl Yeah, it look like we stayin' around here for a little while longer, then go to Memphis.
You and the girls gonna kill 'em.
They don't even know what's about to him 'em.
Who takes care of you like I do, huh? Seriously.
You think that square gonna take care of you like I do, huh? You think he gonna understand you like me? Let's not forget, you belong to me.
Your uncle lost you to a bet to me.
He gave you away like a piece of shit that mean nothin' to him, like a three-legged dog or somethin'.
Hm? You think he gonna understand that? No, Daddy.
These bitches is crazy.
Hey, Silk! Get your ass in here! Come clean Diamond up! I got some more high rollers ready to party! Hurry up! I I bring you back home to your family, and this is the thanks I get, huh? You don't even say thank you? Huh? Thank you, Daddy.
Tell me something.
Look, we've got nobody on the books by the name of Nina, Diamond, that's been missing or otherwise.
What about the sketches I sent you? What about 'em? That doesn't do any good unless you've got a witness or at least a name that can corroborate the story.
So you think I'm crazy, huh? Is that it? You think I'm crazy? Just find me something concrete.
Until then, I've taken this as far as I can take it, okay? Right, 'cause this simplify shit only goes so far in the real world, doesn't it? Look, that's not what I meant.
You know, I don't know why you put up with that shit.
Guy's crazier than a sack of cats.
Let me tell you something about Kenny Carter.
One night in Anbar Province, enemy got a drop on us.
They circled our position, snipers in the hills.
I mean, they're picking us apart.
I'm talking about a very short shelf life here.
So, what? Crazypants went all Wolverine and killed his way out? Twelve of us, asshole.
Under siege three days.
By day two, it's only five of us left.
Had a chunk the size of a golfball missing from my hip.
But Kenny? He just kept disappearing, coming back with food and ammo.
He's a damn ghost.
I passed out from blood loss, woke up in a field hospital somewhere.
And they told me by the time they got us, all Kenny had left on him was three rounds, and his sidearm and a Ka-bar.
He turned that damn slaughterhouse into a bloodbath.
Sounds like a great role model.
He saved my life! You and me, we've been partners, what, two years? And the most you've ever done for me was got me cups of coffee that taste like dog piss! Hey, what the? How would I even know that? We're called veterans for a reason, asshole.
And still, he can't even get himself a doctor's appointment without waiting for two months.
But you civilians wouldn't care less about that, right? You wouldn't care less about the sacrifice that man has made, or the fact that he can't use the one skill that he's been taught.
What skill is that? Have you not been listening to a word I've been saying? He's a killer! [TENSE MUSIC.]
Come on, baby.
So, how do you think this is going to end, girl? [LAUGHS.]
Yo, I need you to stop trippin', real talk.
In the life, love ain't nothin' but a four-letter word.
And quiet as it's kept, you ain't the first or the last bitch that ever got turned out lookin' for it.
Hell, look at me.
When Taggert found me, he made me feel beautiful too.
Told me he loved me and shit.
There was no me, there was no him.
It was just us.
Look at me now.
I said look at me! I love him! Is that really what you think this is? Love? I've never felt anything like it.
I know you think I'm stupid, like you don't think it's real.
But I love him.
All right, I'mma keep it real with you, then.
Facts only.
You ain't nothin' but a high-class hooker one night and truck stop pussy the next.
Hoes don't find love.
All they find is a new pimp.
But you wrong, Silk! He saved my life.
And I love him.
He made me feel like I could be a wife.
A mother.
A human being.
Someone worth being with.
He wants to have three kids Two boys and a little girl, so they could protect their sister just like he protected me.
I love him.
And now? Now I'll never even know if he loves me too.
I might've gotten him killed! No, I don't even know if he's alive! [SOBS.]
TAGGERT: Silk? You done in there? Check the spot, bitch.
Diamond got some new friends to meet.
You have to go to him.
Please? Please, I have to know if he's okay, to tell him how sorry I am.
Please, Silk! I can't do this not knowing.
I just I'll never ask you for anything else.
I'll do everything Taggert wants.
But please? I need to know if he's okay.
- TAGGERT: Diamond! Your ass gonna get my ass beat.
Give me the goddamn address.
Hey, you remember me from the from the other day? Uh, I don't remember anything.
Look, it's okay, man.
I'm just looking for anybody that can help me corroborate the description of these gentlemen here.
No, seriously.
It's all been kind of a blur.
I don't remember anything, sorry.
She got the Miley Cyrus.
I got the Kendrick Lamar.
I don't even know what you're talking about.
Look, all right! I came in here with a very pretty girl.
She went to the bathroom.
They came in looking for her.
Yeah, I remember.
You were back there talking to yourself while I was getting slapped around.
I'm not looking for a repeat performance, okay? Okay.
I'm sorry.
Um, can I use your bathroom? Yeah, sure.
Damn! There's gotta be something here! THUG 1: I ain't gonna tell you again, homie! Open the register! [LAUGHS.]
Hey, homie, look who it is.
I'll call the police! Police? Do I look like a bitch to you,? Huh? Call 'em! You look a little nervous, playboy.
You gonna be aight? Look like somebody put the fear of god in you.
What, you scared? F, boy.
Damn! You scared yet? Huh? I think he cryin', bro! [LAUGHS.]
After we finished with you, we're gonna find that pretty little lady of yours, and we're gonna have a party.
It's gonna be me, her, and my man right here, you dig that? Take care of this [LAUGHS.]
Any sound other than the answer and I'll break the other hand! [GROANS.]
- KENNY: Where is she? - Man, who? - [CRACKING SOUND.]
- Aah! I don't know, man.
I swear to god, I don't know! We just seen her run away.
We was just playing.
We weren't gonna do nothin'.
I swear to god! - [CRACKING SOUND.]
- THUG 1: Aah! She work for some big dude, all right? I don't know his name, but he a main man! You don't know his name? THUG 1: [GROANS.]
I don't know! - [CRACKING SOUND.]
- Aah! Taggert, man, Taggert! His name is Taggert, all right? Taggert! He's official.
He got girls, dawg, some of the baddest in the South.
He got them working around the clock, all right? He takes girls to the club, they get the dudes.
They take 'em back to the hotel, to the parking lot, it don't matter, all right? It's the only reason why I hollered at your lady friend.
I thought she worked with him.
She was always loyal to Dawg, look, she got Taggert got them doing things, dawg.
- Doing - Like what? THUG 1: You already know about it, man.
And who told you that, huh? Your man's laid out! No no! - Who told you Nina do that?! - Huh? - Who told you that shit? - I just heard it around.
I just heard it around, all right? Please! [GROANS.]
God, please, look, I just heard it around, okay? I just heard it around.
Please, let me go, let me go.
That's fine.
You've been a really big help.
I appreciate that.
Let's see what we can do about that other hand.
- THUG 1: Aaah, shit! KENNY: Just find out who he is, that's all I'm asking.
And I've told you that I've taken this as far as I'm willing to take it.
- I just sent you the sketch.
- The man's name is Taggert.
Can you please do me this last favor? Okay.
All right.
Who's that? SILK: A friend of Diamond's.
I've got a message for you.
Are you Kenny? Okay, well, Diamond wants to make sure you're okay.
Where is she? Look, she says she's sorry, but she wants to Needs to make sure you're okay.
And she understands if you don't wanna see her again.
Well, if she really sent you with that message, then you know I can't leave her alone.
I have to see her.
You know, there's a far less painful way to commit suicide.
I'm not scared of him.
That's funny.
I used to think the same thing.
Did he hurt her? Do you really think that Taggert can hurt her any more than you can right now right this minute? I mean, yeah, Taggert, he takes away our looks and our self-respect.
But there's nothing worse than a man who gives her hope and then snatches that shit right out from under her.
I don't believe I caught your name.
I don't believe I threw it.
It's Silk.
Okay, Silk.
We talked about having kids Twin boys, and then a little girl.
That way So the brothers can help protect her.
I love her.
Stop saying that shit.
'Cause are you gonna love her when you go to kiss her lips and have to wonder how many dicks they sucked? When you stare at that tight little ass and have to wonder how many tongues been all over it? You really want me to believe that you wanna make babies with a ho who don't even know how many tricks she's turned? Yes.
I need you to believe that I love her.
I said I would always come for her.
And I will wade through all of them to get to Nina.
What did you call her? Nina.
You you really mean it? You love her? [SIGHS.]
I have to talk to her.
Can you please call her for me? Hey, girl Nina, baby! You okay? NINA: No, baby! I should've I tried to tell you! - I love you.
- NINA: What? - I love you.
- NINA: I love you too.
TAGGERT: Bitch, who do you got on the phone? - NINA: Oh god.
- Nina! TAGGERT: Bitch, I asked you a question.
Give me the phone! Nina! Nina! Where is she? Listen, I already stuck my neck out for this Nina shit.
And if Taggert finds out I'm here, he gonna kill my ass too.
Okay, listen.
If you didn't love Nina, you wouldn't have came here.
Yeah, Nina's my girl.
She's like a little sister to me, to all of us.
- But I just can't - Look.
We can save her.
You can't let him win.
You're definitely stupid.
But at least she picked a cute one.
Okay, fine.
I mean, this is suicide, but I guess it wouldn't be real love without it.
So, how are you gonna do this, Romeo? Wait a second.
Last time they caught me, I was a little underdressed.
I heard you was butt-ass naked.
Yeah, well, not this time.
All right, Jay-Z.
Let's go get your Beyoncé.
I don't know.
You might owe me a couple dollars.
Hey, paint roll We shackin', the paint roll We re-up and change clothes Rake back the money and hoes We want the Money and hoes We workin' Money and hoes We get the Money and hoes Let's get the Money and hoes Hey Man, just just make sure when the high rollers get here, you take them to 201, bring the bitches there Mm-hmm.
- Let them pick who they want.
- Mm-hmm.
Then take them to 202, 203, 204, 205.
- You got that? - Got it.
Wait, wait, wait.
Then bring Diamond in 201, and leave Fat Boy in there, and I'm gonna bring him in myself.
- You got it? - Cool.
All right.
What's up? Chop, chop! Let's get this money, bitches.
Come here, pretty.
See baby boy over there? Go talk to him.
Hey, paint roll We shackin' the paint roll We re-up and change clothes Rake back the money and hoes We want the Money and hoes We workin' Money and hoes We get the Money and hoes Let's get the Money and hoes Hey Okay, so he's in room 232.
Now, all of them down there, they ain't got guns.
But that ain't the same as saying none of them ain't got guns, you feel me? Be on your shit.
- Where you going? - To buy you some time.
Focus, man.
It's slow money, but it's ho money, and ho money is show money, all right? I hear you.
Wake up.
Let's get this money, man.
All right? - What are you doing tonight? - This.
- What's up? - I'm doing good.
Listen, uh, can I holler at you for a second? I have something I think you're gonna want to hear.
Go ahead, man.
Go ahead, hurry up.
Hey, what's up, what's up, what's up, man? Good to see you again, man.
A regular customer.
Why your money always all stuck together, huh? Room 140, man.
Have a good time, all right? Enjoy yourself.
Homie, what's up? 50 dollars, you have a freak all night.
For 100 dollars, man, you could Oh, shit! [GROANS.]
Hey, this fool just told me she's really in 243.
Go handle your business.
DISPATCH: Car 32, we have a message coming in for Detective Spalding, over.
This is Detective Spalding, car 32.
Go ahead, what can I do for you? DISPATCH: We got a call from a Special Agent Carter from the Georgia Bureau of Investigations.
The suspect, Taggert, he's a part of this ongoing investigation with sex trafficking and prostitution, over.
Let's go, let's move it! Drop the donuts.
TAGGERT: You up.
You really love soldier boy, don't you? - NINA: And I hate you.
- TAGGERT: You sure? NINA: I hate you.
I hate you! Don't kill me! Here's soldier boy.
Yeah, soldier boy.
You're that soldier boy.
You like my Diamond, huh? You ready to put your whole neck on the chopping block? I don't care.
I love her, and I'm not leaving here without her.
Hmm? What makes you think you're leaving here at all? Huh? Huh? Well, I guess that's the way this shit goes, right? Diamond, get your ass over here, Diamond! Diamond, get your ass over here now! [GUNSHOT.]
My name is Nina! Daddy.
Kenny! Oh my god, I thought I'd never see you again.
I love you.
Baby, I love you too.
I thought he killed you.
- No.
- I love you.
Do you understand that? I don't care how many men you've been with.
I don't care about none of that.
And I hope that's not too much for you.
If you're gonna grow old with me, you're gonna need to learn when to shut up.
You came for me.
I told you I would.
All right, come on y'all.
We gotta get out of here.
What did y'all do? [SIGHS.]
Should have did that shit myself 10 years ago.
Hurry, come on, y'all gotta get out of here.
Hoes are running out of this bitch like rats from a sinking ship.
The cops can't be far away.
Now come on, get your shit! What you standing around for? Take Taggert's car.
Hurry up, Diamond! - Get off me, please.
- Thank you, thank you, Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.
If you really want to thank me, and I mean really thank me, then I want you to go away and stay far away from here.
And if you come back I'm gonna beat your ass myself.
Oh go.
Don't move! Don't move! I said don't move! [GUNSHOT.]
Nina, come on! Nina! Come on! [CAR STARTS.]
Come on, baby, we're almost there.
Just a little, baby.
We did it, baby.
We did it.
You're good at this.
My uncle, the terrible boxer with the very punchable face, he'd come home a mess.
Could barely walk the next day.
Should I be worried about my parts when you get done? [LAUGHS.]
Well, let's find out.
Look, I get it.
You nasty bitches have a code.
I can appreciate that.
But you're either gonna give me a name, sweetheart, or you're gonna take the fall and spend the rest of your life letting guards decorate your face with their dicks.
Take a walk.
Come on.
Give us a minute.
They're gonna die.
You get that, don't you? Hm? There's blood in the water, and if I don't get to them first, Nina and Kenny are going to die.
Kenny ditched his phone, so I don't know where he is.
He's in the wind.
He's gone, can't find him.
But something tells me that Nina left a way for you to contact her, so [LAUGHS.]
What's funny? [LAUGHS.]
I don't mean to laugh, but it is really funny when y'all assholes try to play tough guy.
Sitting in here acting like you know something.
You don't know shit.
Not about Nina, not about your boy, and you damn sure don't know shit about me.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
And let me tell you about your boy.
He ran through here like a hurricane and he ain't let nothing stop him.
And it wasn't about no money, or no dope, or no pussy.
He love that girl.
And I ain't never seen nobody love somebody the way he love Nina.
And when she'd look at him, she could make stone cry.
So, I'm probably a nasty bitch.
But I ain't gonna betray that.
So you could bury me under the jail, 'cause I ain't telling your black ass shit.
Hey, you.
The other day, at your place, I wanted to There's something that I wanted to tell you.
You don't have to say anything.
I know about everything.
You don't.
There was no way out.
After Uncle Benny, I had no family.
I didn't have any friends outside the life.
It was like I wasn't even real, like I wasn't even a person.
At first, I just wanted to feel something, anything that real.
And then it's like You just want to not feel anything at all.
You just want it all to stop, 'cause it's just too much, and nothing seems to fix it.
Aren't we a pair? The day we met, you saved me.
You saved me, Nina.
Before I met you, I had nothing.
I knew the first day I looked in your eyes that you would wash away all the pain, all the loneliness, all the madness.
I was nothing, absolutely nothing, and you made me feel like I was something.
Look what we have here.
You know, it looks kind of fancy for a guy like Taggert, huh? It kind of looks like a girl's phone.
You ain't shit.
Hello? Who is this? Kenny, listen.
Uh, I'm so sorry, okay? I I didn't I should have Little late for that, isn't it? No, man, no, not at all.
It's not late at all.
Ke Kenny, listen to me.
You are a decorated soldier.
You are a decorated hero, you understand me? You have a history of mental illness that Dr.
Green can vouch for.
The DA's gotta be able to work around that.
All right, you might do a couple years in psych ward, all right? Some house arrest.
You can get through that.
You can survive it.
I know you can.
It's not too late, Kenny, come on.
What about Nina? Kenny Kenny, I can save you.
But she killed a cop, man.
It's on video.
Kenny? Kenny? Kenny, are you there? Kenny? Last night, at this hotel known for prostitution, two alleged shooters left four dead bodies, with one of them being a rookie Metro PD patrolman.
Metro PD is offering a $50,000 reward for any information that may lead to the arrest of these shooters who left the scene of the crimes.
Motel security camera footage salvaged at the parking lot of this bloodbath shows the two suspects as they fled.
Police and the FBI have joined forces in search of the couple, with state troopers on every highway.
Kenneth Carter, will you make an honest woman out of me? I will.
But I can't marry a woman who's never been to the movies.
- That's just not right.
Oh, so you're taking me out on a date? Yeah.
- Okay.
SALESWOMAN: Mmm? Yeah, we'd like to shop in private.
Is that something you can do for us? Normally, you need to make an appointment to do all that.
- You know what? - Your time is valuable.
And I wouldn't dream of not compensating you.
Shit, who am I kidding? Everyone's got college loans today.
Please? Well, on that case, yes.
Yes, real quick, yes.
I am so sorry, we're closing early today.
I am not feeling well.
I hope you guys can come back tomorrow.
Now, how can I help you two lovely people? [FUNKY MUSIC.]
Do you like it, baby? I want your smell on me.
So, do you like? [EXHALES.]
You look amazing.
Really? Your eyes couldn't be more beautiful.
You are so corny.
I mean, how do I look, you know? I don't want you to be ashamed of being seen with me, you know, like you said earlier.
You look just how I pictured my Prince Charming.
Let's hit the town.
So what now, Sherlock? What makes you think they haven't skipped town already? Nah, I don't I don't think so.
I mean, how far are they really gonna get? I mean, true, they got they got Taggert's dough, all right.
We've got a statewide BOLO going on.
A cop is dead, man.
I don't care how much Kenny says he's in love with that girl, he's not stupid.
He knows the clock is running against him.
Yeah, he's He gonna stay close.
Kenny's old school.
He grew up watching romance movies.
So if he's into that girl like he says he is, he's gonna take her to one.
Let's go.
Come on, chop, chop! Where would I be without you, baby So if you need me If you want me to put it on you Because I love ya Yeah And don't you forget it Whenever you need me If you want me to put it on you Come on Uh-huh Oh Darlin', where would I be Can I get the biggest popcorn and soda you have, and one of every candy you have? And my boyfriend's gonna pay for it.
That'll be $28.
- He's a keeper, right? - Sure is.
Oh my god, thank you.
You know, if I forget to tell you I had a great time tonight.
I thought I was supposed to be the corny one.
Ma'am, we are looking for these two individuals.
Have you seen them? They've been in theater three for about an hour and a half.
Happiest couple I've seen in here in years.
Command, this is Detective Sanchez, car 23.
We got 'em.
The suspects in the motel shooting are located at Wait, listen, listen, listen, wait, wait, wait.
Let me talk to them, all right? I can get them out.
Send SWAT, send helicopters.
But remember, this is our collar.
- What are you doing? - Listen, let me talk to them.
Just give me a minute, Sanchez! Come on! [SOBS.]
Oh my god.
Oh my god, I love this movie.
Look how much they love each other.
We're out of soda.
I'll get some new ones.
- What do you want, man? - Just listen to me, all right? Just listen to what I'm saying.
Let me go in there and talk to him.
I can get him out peacefully.
Just let me talk to him.
You saw what he did at that motel.
Look, if you're too close to this, I get it.
But this is happening with or without you.
Take him away.
talking about, Sanchez? Sanchez! Get the off me! You're a piece of shit, Sanchez, you know that? - You're a real asshole! - Get him out of here! This is bullshit, and you know it! This is bullshit, Sanchez! This is bullshit! Simplify, Marine.
Do you think that our love can create miracles? This is such a good movie.
Oh my god.
- Do you think our love could take us away together? [SOBBING.]
Kenny, they love each other so much.
You didn't tell me about that part.
You're a mess.
Shh, shh, shh.
It's so sweet, but so sad.
Oh my god, baby, that was amazing.
They're so in love.
That's the kind of love I want.
Someone to grow old with me.
Someone to stay with me no matter what.
So how about it, baby? You gonna love me when we 70? They're not going to let us grow old, Nina.
The cops are in the lobby.
Listen, baby, you can live, okay? There's an emergency exit by the screen.
- No.
- The car is parked out back.
You can slip out, head east up the coast, maybe Jekyll Island, St.
Use that money to stay low, okay? And when I get a chance [SOBS.]
Nina, what are you doing? I think our love is a miracle, just like "The Notebook.
" And I think our love can't be broken by anyone or anything not even death.
I love you.
I love you, Kenny.
Cease fire, cease fire! Damn it, damn it, cease fire! Now! [COUGHS.]
Nina, Nina.
I love you.
I love you, Kenny.
Like sweet morning dew I took one look at you And it was plain to see You were my destiny You're all You're all I need All I need To get by To get by By You're all I need
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