Tales (2017) s02e01 Episode Script


WOMAN VOICEOVER: Of all the twists and turns I've taken in life, the one thing I sure as hell never bargained on was falling in love with two brothers, same family.
Nothing scandalous about it, my love for both was pure, one caught me on the come up, one got me for the long run.
Here's the thing about the Kramen brothers, from Jimmy I learned to love in the moment, with Paul, I learned to love for life.
Both taught me different things about myself at different times, but I taught them something along the way too.
I hope they both paid attention.
This here is the truth, in life there are only two perfect moments, the first is when we're born, the second is when we die, everything else in between is, well, practice.
So hold on to those perfect moments, 'cause we already had the first one and there ain't a damn thing we can do about the other.
So let's make this life count.
Jimmy! (MOANING) So after, you wanna smoke this? Yeah, up there in Portland.
We don't know the smoke We don't know no favors We ain't never Yo, y'all don't see me sitting here? Get up off this car.
Bitch, shut that mouth.
Better yet open that mouth up, 'cause I got something sweeter than that snow cone twice as thick.
(LAUGHING) That made me wanna throw up.
Yo, but for real, y'all better get up off this car or shit's not gonna go good.
There ain't no telling what trouble she get in Rough Christmas, never even wrote a wish list I thought the Swisher was normal in my condition Y'all confused? Y'all see a loitering sign or some shit around here? Man, keep walking.
Sit up on the lady's car ain't real cool, man.
We already got our number down on this bitch.
SNICKERS: That so? Yeah, fixin' for a tag team.
Unless you ain't into running a train.
Unless she wants one more.
Here we go.
I tried to be cordial about this shit.
We don't own no favors I just came here to eat some ice cream and stomp some ass.
We ain't have a lot, now we want it all I'm all out of ice cream.
We want all the dough, we want all the paper.
(GRUNTING AND PUNCHING) Jimmy that's enough, let's go.
(SIRENS) (BREAKING GLASS) Jimmy let's go, the police are coming.
Go, go now.
(SIRENS) (MOANING) Jimmy, will you love me forever? Forever and a day.
I'm sorry man, I know I probably gave you the wrong impression.
Probably sitting down right now, saying to yourself, "God damn, I thought we was boys.
" See that's where you made your first mistake.
Sisco, that was your biggest mistake.
(HEAVY BREATHING) Aw, let me, let me, let me get that for you.
(SMACKING) That might have been your most epic mistake.
Cause you know, you and I, we a lot of things Sisco, a lot of things, but boys, boys ain't even on the list.
(HEAVY BREATHING) When's the drop coming? I'm, I'm, I'm sorry, you want to say something? I can't hear you.
SISCO: I ain't telling you shit.
(PUNCHING) (SPITTING) Come on Sisco, sing something for me.
When's the next drop coming? You talk about the drop? Your moms.
(PUNCHING) Okay, okay, the next drop will be on Main and Lincoln.
- On what? - On Main and Lincoln! - Main and Lincoln? - Tomorrow at 11:30.
Tomorrow Main and Lincoln? Tomorrow at 11:30.
(SPITTING) Hands now, now, let me see your hands, hands! Get 'em up, don't move, don't move.
All right stand up.
I hope this clears it all up for you, you're under arrest.
(PUNCHING) Get him the hell out of here.
You're dead cop, you're dead! Why you gotta talk so much? - Why you mad? - You put your hands on the suspect, you make me put my hands on the suspect.
Pop, I'm sorry, okay, now you got your hands on me.
I ain't no suspect.
MAN: Yeah, well I don't know, I have to check sometimes.
- Man.
- MAN: You did good, you did real good.
- You sure? - I'm positive.
You hungry? Always hungry, you eatin'? Buyin'? If you eatin'.
Shit, let's go.
You gonna take that ride with me and you come back tomorrow.
Take one of these rolls.
How you doing today Melk? I'm good Sally.
Need anymore hot sauce? (STUTTERING) I'm good.
Well I know you like it spicy.
Thank you sweetheart.
Let me know if you guys need anything else.
Why you didn't tell me you like it spicy Pop? Shut up boy.
How spicy do you like it? - Shut up, shut up, - Sarachi? - Shut your mouth, - BOY: I'm just trying to Shut your mouth, shut your mouth, you taking that ride with me? I'm not taking no rides with you after hearing you and Sally talk.
(LAUGHING) at all, for real Pop, I'm not goin'.
You're really not goin'? What you want me say? I want you to say, "Sure Pop, I'll take that ride "with you tonight, come pick up my brother.
" (LAUGHING) What? Really, that's not how I talk.
That ain't how I talk.
You ain't gettin' me to go there, sounding like that.
You comin' with me, come here, you comin' with me.
It's my old Zippo.
Man, this thing got me through the first (MUMBLES).
January 16, 1991.
I know this story, and I know how long it takes.
Naw, naw, naw, this also got your mother to marry me.
Pop, mom didn't even smoke.
- No, no, no, no.
- What you talkin' 'bout? No, I'm not talkin' 'bout smokin'.
I'm talking about the night, I proposed to her.
Oh that night, you tell that story every other week.
(LAUGHING) At the Lafayette Garden Inn.
(MUMBLES) We went to see Lou Jack City.
- You gonna let me tell the story? - It was a drive-in.
You gonna let me tell the whole story? The whole story is, the night I proposed to your beautiful mother, I was scared to death, sweating like a sinner in church.
I was shaking so bad, I dropped the engagement ring in between the seats in the Cummins out there.
Naw, that engagement ring, that diamond was so tiny, ain't no way that console light was gonna find it, so I flickered this up looking for it, damn near set the whole console on fire.
(LAUGHING) That's all man, aw man.
You know, your brother has paid his debt to society and he is fully ready to be reintegrated into life on the outside.
Is that what you think? Yes.
Or is that what the Parole Board's assessment - came back with? - Yes.
Okay, great, well, that'll be my cue, um, thank you Miss Sally see you later.
Pop, I'm out.
Hey Pauly, I'm serious, I need you to take that ride with me, come on now.
I love you Pop, keep it spicy.
I'm guilty, I'm guilty officer.
What you guilty of? Come on, woo.
- Mmm.
- Go ahead, pat me down.
- Okay.
- Or how about a cavity search? PAUL: I don't think the cavity search is in your mouth.
Aunt Mavis, do you have any shame? Nope.
WOMAN: Get your old ass back to work.
Old fine ass, hmm.
Ain't that right Paul, ow? It's kind of firm babe.
Baby, do not encourage her.
I'm not encouraging her.
Mm, that's ribs and menthol, that's nasty.
That's not what you taste, I haven't had a cigarette all day.
But I would like one of your ribs.
Follow me.
Better tell your auntie to leave me alone, for you get a new cousin.
You got a full house today.
It's a little on the job hazard.
Don't worry about it, I get my pay though.
Are you okay? Yeah, put some ice on it, stretch it out.
It's a little swelled right there between, I ain't talking 'bout the hand, stop tryin' to be cute.
Oh yeah, I'm good.
Can we go, can we get outta here, you done with your lace fronts and stuff? I can't I gotta stay late and lock up.
Don't look at me like that Paul.
Well maybe I should be askin' you if you cool.
I'm beyond okay, I'm your girl, you're my man, him comin' on don't change a thing.
(DEEP BREATHING) Damn, I do not wanna leave now.
No? Uh-uh.
I don't know, there's too much on my mind.
You wanna share it with me? Can I? (CHUCKLES) Oh I can feel you have a lot on your mind.
That mind is a terrible thing to waste.
(MOANING) PAUL: Don't waste that.
(MOANING) (PUNCHING) (GRUNTING) Oh shit, breathe.
What the hell you do that for? Yo, my bad, what's up, what you want? You came in light this week Viv.
It's the first of the month.
Cut me some slack.
I know you been bustin' your ass to keep up - the payments on that shop.
- Exactly.
But I got a boss too.
I can't keep covering you much longer.
Man your boss don't know you're running side business, and if they knew, they'd be at my door too.
Just do me a solid, and let me get like a couple more days.
And what do I get? You get to leave outta here without me beatin' your ass.
Come heavy, or don't come at all, and keep your hands to yourself.
Yeah, so is there anything that you wanna tell me now, that you may have forgotten? Any information? Listen Sisco, I know our last encounter wasn't a pleasurable one.
You gotta believe me when I say, the more you cooperate, the easier this shit gets.
Sisco, you gotta tell me something.
Let me get one of them squares.
No problem, they menthol, you smoke menthol? Let me tell you about doin' business with a snitch.
I'm not a snitch and watch your hand.
Alls I know is that you lie to get what you need, and then you burn everything else to the ground to save yo ass.
Now how's that different than bein' a snitch.
The badge is the difference Sisco.
You know, cops get shot every day P.
Oh really? Yeah, you ain't bullet proof.
You threatenin' me Sisco? Naw.
You can't be out here threatenin' police, that's not, that's not smart.
And I know I knocked more sense into your head than that.
I just know, that tin star, only makes you more of a fraud.
Y'all can kiss my black ass 'cause I'm out this bitch.
(LAUGHING) Look at you.
(LAUGHING) - Huh? - You fixed her.
- Huh? - Woo! Yeah, I got those rims you wanted huh? Woo! Shit you put some Daytons on her man then she'd be perfect, yes sir.
Yes sir.
Oh, oh from your brother Paul, he's sorry he couldn't be here, but he sends his love.
You know what that is.
(LAUGHING) Look at you boy, you look good, damn, shit you look good boy.
Pop, is it true what I've been hearing about? Woo, damn J, man it's freezing out here man, - Pop.
- Get in the car man, huh? Is it true? What you want me to tell you? The truth.
Well, uh, the truth is, they didn't plan it J.
I mean they started spending some more time with each other then, you know, things just, come on now, don't, don't, don't do that.
Come on now, don't do that, don't do that.
Stay with me, don't do that.
Come on, come on now.
You drivin' let's go, we gotta get out of here, you drivin'.
My son is home, my son is home! That's right.
- Pop.
- POP: That's right.
I love you man.
Oh, I love you more, get in the car.
Let's go home.
(DOORS SLAMMING AND ENGINE STARTING) So many ways I could live I could die I, I'm just blessed to be alive Say what I want if it comes to my mind These days being real is a crime You say I can only be me, I don't know who else to be You too, I'm still moving in this shit In this world that we in My life (SMACKING) There he is, you up Pop? Mother (MUMBLING AND LAUGHING) Same, Jimmy jokes huh? Jimmy jokes, ain't nothin' changed Pop.
Oh, we home already? Yeah, we home.
That's good, you hungry? You know I can always eat Pop.
- (GRUNTING) - (FLICKERING OF LIGHTER) I'm gonna be here forever.
I'll make you some breakfast.
You wanna put these windows up? (DOOR SHUTTING) You know what Pop, a woman's touch around here could really help step your game up.
Oh, so they teaching you interior decorating in there too huh, I see.
I'm just callin' it like I see it.
Well get use to it son, es su casa now, es su casa.
Aw Pop, you don't have to make me any breakfast, I'll just go ahead and grab a bowl of cereal real quick.
Listen, I just remembered the last time you tried to make breakfast, you almost burned this damn house down.
(LAUGHING) Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, there ain't nobody gonna come in here and jack you for your cereal in here son.
(LAUGHING) I got something for ya.
I'm gonna call it a welcome home regift.
I ain't gonna bite, come on man, - try it on for size.
- Man, I don't want that, you keep it.
No, no, no, she'd want you to have it.
I know, but keep it.
No, I finally got it fixed for you, come on, come on.
I'm sorry I couldn't get a furlough for her funeral.
And as sick as she was, there was only one thought on her mind, and that was to worry that they would mess with you if they ever found out that you were a son of a cop.
They put her last name on me when I was inside.
That shit worked.
There ain't nobody knew I was your son when I was in there.
That's great, that's good.
Good lookin' Pop.
Hey Pop.
Hey, why you didn't tell me you was back yet? Mm-hmm.
JIMMY: Well we here.
You can, say hello to your brother? Hello asshole.
Listen Pop, I just came by to get the uh How's Viv man? Jimmy.
Just wanna know.
What you wanna know? How my girl is.
Listen, I'm gonna tell you this one time.
What, you been locked up 10 years now, a lot has changed.
We got Instagram now.
So one of those things being that girl, is now my woman.
I'm just letting you know that all roads don't lead back to Jimmyville.
Yeah well it's too bad, it's got a hell of a view.
(DAD MUMBLING) What, the four walls you been lookin' at - for the past decade? - We don't need all this bullshit man come on, he just got home.
And how you think he's gonna be gone? Long enough to get a gym membership? Doubt it.
You worried about her going somewhere? Or with someone? Pft, enough, why I swear both of y'all same side of my coin, positive (MUMBLES) negative light, sin is stupid.
Pop, what the hell are you talking about? He always been your favorite.
It's not a secret, everybody in the family know.
You drove 13 hours to see him.
What the (BEEP), you just say to me? Have you lost your god damn mind? I don't have no god damn favorites.
I love you both, always have, always will.
Now both of you will kind of come to some peace with it.
Naw, I got something on my head.
Oh, now he got something to say, woo.
I don't know what's worse, that she left me for you, Or what? Or that you just became a cop to try to take my spot with Pop while I was away.
God dammit Jimmy.
Listen, I ain't your bitch ass brother no more.
That's where you wrong son.
So you best to hold on to what you got.
POP: Naw.
We're both (MUMBLES) Aw hell no, not in my house, no, no sir, no sir, no sir, no sir, no sir, you're brothers you hear me, you're brothers, you hear me, you're breakin' my heart, you are brothers.
Pauly, Pauly.
Yeah, we'll see you later.
You breakin' my heart.
You can't be sneakin' up on me (LAUGHS) like that.
Where were you when I woke up? - Good morning.
- VIV: Mm-hmm.
I went for a run.
- A run? - Yeah.
You don't stink.
It was a quick run.
You say it like it's a bad thing.
No, I'm saying it like it's a lying thing.
You know he's gonna wanna see you right? So let him.
He's not too good at losing.
Can't lose what you didn't own.
He didn't own me P.
You was his girl.
Yeah, a girl, a stupid young girl.
What the hell did I know about love? Absolutely nothin' - obviously.
- Exactly, exactly.
You know what I know now? Everything.
And it's all because of you.
Who? You.
(PHONE VIBRATING) - Go ahead, take it.
- No, no, no, no, no.
No, no, I got finish getting ready for work.
Kiss the cigarettes again.
No, you need mouthwash.
Hello, Pop.
A'ight, I'm on my way.
Come on, come on, snap that jab.
You look like my grandmother pushin' it out here, come on.
Hey Spank, who's the guy destroying the bag in the corner? Never seen him.
He sure as hell hits like a Mack Truck though.
I can use a guy like that on my crew.
Oh come on, this ain't the place to be soliciting business.
Okay, okay, here, give him my number.
Tell him I'm paying above minimum wage.
All right? (PUNCHING) You need some clean towels or some water Jimbo? No, I'm good Spank.
(PUNCHING) What'd that asshole who was eye ballin' me over there, what'd he want.
Aw, he's some mid-level jack off you know, Shawn McClurry, moves a little weight, thinks he's got a big (BEEP).
Does he? (PUNCHING) How the hell do I know, I ain't ever seen his (BEEP).
Does he move real weight man? No, like I said, mid level.
That guy he works for, Chino Lagaro, that sucker is about as heavy as they come.
What does he want with me? (PUNCHING) If I had to add two and two together, I'd say he saw you tearing up that bag and wants to offer you a job.
Doing what? The same thing you been doin' to that bag you meat head.
So, what we do know, so far, is that Cisco Mendoza was running a huge shipment of MDMA for Adrian Lean.
Narco intercepted it after you beat the confession out of Mendoza.
Ay, Pop, you gotta stop saying I beat these boys.
Look, another drop's allegedly in play from Chapel Hill.
Is that the same batch that killed those 12 kids in Emmery last month? We think so.
So why don't we just squeeze Mendoza harder? We can't.
We had to kick Mendoza loose late last night since his lawyer says he was coerced into confessing.
Coerced, are you serious? Mm-hmm.
That boy basically dropped a dime on this whole crew his self at his own admission.
Yeah, after you dropped a few haymakers.
And there's little thing about lack of physical evidence.
Look, forget about Mendoza.
He's already in the wind.
Let me go back in.
Go back in? Yeah.
(LAUGHS) It can be quick, be easy.
There's no going back in.
They know you're a cop, son.
I need you to stand down, and that's a direct order.
Are we clear? - Are we clear? - Pap.
I'll stand down.
Again, hours are shit, pay is shit, location is shit, ventilation is shit, lighting is shit.
Boss got his head up his ass most days, but your P.
will stay out of yours.
Since he and I go back about 20 years.
So, what do you think? Give me a second.
Checking up on me, huh? I don't know, Jimmy, should I be? What you so scared of, man? I ain't scared of shit.
Just don't want your unpredictable ass (BEEP) up what me and pap got going on.
Shit, negro.
Last thing I'm even thinking about is messing with you two and your law enforcement asses.
You only joined to try to take me seat at the throne anyway.
(LAUGHS) Oh, your seat at the throne? Okay.
Is that why you went to prison, I got the gig, the go ahead, and the girl? What are you doing? Hm? There he is.
Just like I said, unpredictable.
You don't wanna (BEEP) this job up on your first day do you? So I'mma give you a word of advice, okay? Get a job.
Stack you some coins.
Lay low for a while.
And then do us all a favor and get the (BEEP) on.
I mean, if you need it, I know some people who can get you some applications.
Yeah, a'ight baby bro.
I am telling you, until they get a real brother on The Bachelor, ain't no way that the Well I'll be God damned.
Jimmy Craymen in the flesh.
I'm saying shame, shame, shame Mm, this just like that moment when Stella was about to get her groove back and burnt all her man's shit.
MAVIS: Okay.
What do you want, Jimmy? I just wanted to see you.
Yeah? Yeah.
Well you see me.
- Vivica, can we just talk? - No.
It's been a minute.
It's been more than a minute.
Baby, it's been a long time.
Yeah, well, there sure ain't nothing to see.
And there damn sure ain't nothing to say.
So bye.
(SIGHS) Shit.
Final clog admission More than this Using that gangsta but you really a (BEEP) I came up Man them (BEEP) is sick Ain't no love in these streets man Better get on your (BEEP) yeah 'Cause if you don't you could die (BEEP) I got (BEEP) in the feds And they ain't never coming home They gotta live through these pictures and souls I'm a stand up guy So I can't leave 'em alone I treat they kids something like my own My (BEEP) came and gone Better watch your tone You want that action shit And this cop, how we not know about him? No one did Jefa.
Narcos put the perfect jacket on 'em.
God damn fiction, but it played.
Sysco ran point on the entire play.
You gonna throw me under the bus like I ain't even here? I'm just calling it like it was.
I mean I even meet the man face to face to make the call chino.
You the one that spent all the time with him on the deal you blew.
Chill chill.
So you had no idea you was dealing with an undercover narc.
Not at the time, but I do know him now.
Matter of fact I know all of them now.
Do you know papi.
If we can't find him, we cut the head off the biggest snake in the narco nest.
Send a message, understand? 'Sup Pop? Oh man we good, we good.
All you got was two? It was a long day.
(LAUGHS) Oh you'll be all right, you'll be all right.
Can you believe he showed up at the salon? I outta arrest his big ass for trespassing, or stalking or something.
You know you been living his shadow your whole life? You know God strike me dead for saying this but, the best thing that could've happened for you, is him getting locked up.
You know why? 'Cause I got my own room? Oh you smart ass.
You finally became your own man.
I didn't need him to go away for that.
(LAUGHS) all right.
Yeah, whatever he said, you did.
Okay so did you not chug a bottle of habanero sauce when you were nine? I thought it was red Kool-Aid.
- Really? - Yep.
Okay did you not jump off this roof of this house on your 10th birthday and break your collar bone? Thought I was Batman.
(LAUGHS) Batman, right.
Okay, did you not put your tongue on a hot ass toaster - because he asked you to - Pop, Pop.
I get it, he used to be my big brother.
We did big brother little brother stuff.
Well, that used to be brother, you would follow into hell if he asked you to.
And on the day he broke that boys neck, he did ask.
Yeah Pop but I didn't.
I didn't go.
I think God every minute that your moms came.
I was running late that morning, or else I would have lost - one of my sons.
- Come on Pop.
Come on.
That is just a pain that I could not have outlived.
And you know it was inevitable, huh.
He went to go see her.
He's good, she's good, you gonna be good.
(MUMBLES) I mean this thing with Jimmy man, it's just life son.
Yes sir.
Will you lock up for me? Yeah.
All right good night.
Keys in the same place? POP: Yes sir.
Where you going? I'm a grown ass, grown ass man.
Taking a walk, thank you very much son.
And I love you too.
Make sure that knee don't pop out of place while you're being grown.
POP: Yeah we gonna pop it, but I don't know if it's gonna pop out here tonight.
Hey babe.
What's up babe, you good.
Yeah I'm good.
He wasn't here long at all.
Maybe like two minutes.
Did he start any shit? No babe he didn't start no shit.
You want me to come through? No I'm good, I'mma see you in a few hours.
I love you.
I love you too.
(PIANO PLAYING) We done made it through on some crazy times All alone I done lost my mind I'm your girl, you're my man.
Him coming home don't change a thing.
It just wasn't my time It's so many things I never wanna hear Pushed you away now I want you here And everyday I'm reminded I just want one more night And I don't wanna die without your love You.
No I don't wanna die without your love And I don't wanna die without your love Jimmy.
And I don't wanna die without your love In my arms.
(FOREIGN LANGUAGE) OLDER MAN: Hey, what the hell do you think you're doing? Please someone, help me, no no, please help me.
(BODY HITS GROUND) Son of a bitch.
(KEYBOARD CLICKS) (HEAD HITTING TABLE) Ain't so tough now huh? All they got straight litty All of my gang sittin' pretty See them gold bottles, we the poppers yeah Middle finger to all the offers, yeah I'm the best that did it.
What she says before she starts twitchin' What you got? Our guy's still working on getting that info on the two narcos.
If this shit checks out, you ain't gonna believe it.
Father and son.
You are lucky my gun is under my desk.
I'm sorry Viv, I'm sorry baby.
(LAUGHS) You look faded.
I'mma get you some coffee.
Sober your ass up.
(FOOTSTEPS) So you wanna step up to the plate huh? Give me the nod.
Cut the head off the snake, don't slip.
What the hell kind of name is Craymon? Top you off Malc? As long as it's unleaded, I don't need to be bouncing off the walls tonight.
Well I know what I'd do with all that extra energy of yours.
Really? Really.
Listen Jimmy, I'm sorry I didn't come see you while you were in there.
Forget it.
It's cool.
Forget it? Yeah.
You were in there because of me.
Shit, you ain't do nothing that day.
Except look fine as hell.
Besides you know I got locked up for that shit that went down in the field with Paul.
No one ever knew about that.
Someone did.
It's karma.
Karma? JIMMY: Yeah.
Did Jimmy Craymon just invoke karma? You didn't know? I'm all philosophical and shit.
(LAUGHTER) You know what's (BEEP) up? What's that? When you're inside, locked up, time goes by so slowly.
Once your out, you realize it all just sped by in the blink of a god damn eye.
And ain't a god damn thing you can do to slow it down again.
The only thing you can do is play catch up I guess.
Don't work like that baby.
I mean you can always jump on a carousel for a ride but it's done gone around a bunch of times without you already.
You ain't never gonna get the same right as everyone else.
(MUMBLES) Take my coat, take my coat Thank you.
I love that smell, it's like aftershave and leather.
Throw a little pipe smoke in there and I'm all yours.
Man I think that's justice for leaving my pipe at home.
Well, I'm still all yours.
I'm sorry did I, did I say something wrong? No you just did something that hasn't been done in a while.
And? And you did it right.
Can I do it again? Please.
Come on let me get you out this weather.
What? Nothing.
Say it, Can you give me a line up? You want me to give you a line up? JIMMY: Mm-hmm.
Do I gotta worry about you with that straight razor? Long as you don't act up, we're good.
All right we good.
- (COMPUTER CLICKS) - Looking sharp.
Feeling sharp.
This is awkward.
Look I left my wallet at home, so I can't leave you a tip.
Yeah this here my little bro, ain't nobody in the world more important to me than this little punk ass bitch.
No but for real though, this my better half.
Best half of me there is.
He need to know that we're brothers forever.
What happens to one of us happens to us together.
It's nice and warm in here.
I'm sure it is.
So what are you afraid of.
I'm afraid if I create some new memories, I may lose the old ones.
(KISS SOUND) (PHONE VIBRATING) Hold on, just give me a second, one second.
Aye Pop, listen, um, what you doing? Can I call you back? What you mean call me back, I don't need that much time.
Look, I was just thinking you should stay close to me while we on this case.
I'm good Pauly, I don't need a babysitter.
I'll call you back in the morning all right.
What you mean in the morning, what you doin? Malcolm it's getting cold out.
Who is that in the background.
Goodbye Pauly.
Pop! You got them blue pills with you? Goodbye Pauly.
I love you Pop.
I love you too kid.
Ready, aim, fire.
(GUNSHOTS) We should be down there.
We can't.
Listen to me man.
No you listen to me if Chino and his people had anything to do with this you better believe they got eyes on this place.
Why don't we just go after those pieces of shit? I already asked Garcia to let me go back in.
Look out the god damn window.
This is a message Paul, to you and the entire force.
You don't see what they're trying to do? They're trying to smoke you out.
All right but what if we just go down there? Jimmy, it's best you stay out of this, this is family shit.
What the (BEEP) is you talking about? That's my father they burying down there.
And that my brother you saying they trying to kill.
This is my family.
Now the best thing we got going for us is that they don't know that I'm Malcolm's son too.
And you keep me in and you let me go the (BEEP) to work.
How hard you think it's gonna be to search Jimmy Craymon in the system? He's right.
He's right, they can't find him.
It ain't a (BEEP) alive Google can't find.
They won't find him.
Because Jimmy Craymon doesn't exist.
In any penal system in the god damn country.
When he went inside Pop put moms maiden name on him.
So I wouldn't go in the son of a cop.
Whatever alias that we give them.
It'll never match.
So what you gonna do? Just be like, yo Chino, let me get some work.
You know a dude named Sean McClure.
Yeah, he's one of Chino's lap dogs.
He's been asking about me at the gym.
That's perfect then we make the offer, then we get inside and we make it work.
But listen, when we get inside, I'm running point.
So no mad dogging this shit, okay.
Here's the thing, you can keep me on a leash, or you can rip it off, either way, we find out they bodied Pop, all them dudes are dead.
And what do you do? You gonna throw your life away and go back in? What the (BEEP) you care if I go back in? I mean things seemed to be moving real well for you while I was gone, both of y'all.
Who the (BEEP) you think you talking to? You wanna sit here and bitch about your punk ass life choices? While Pops is in the ground I got a (BEEP) bag on my head.
You know what get the (BEEP) out.
I'll do this shit myself.
Well god damn, my little brother finally grew a set of balls.
(LAUGHS) Okay, I'll do it your way.
It'll give you peace of mind.
I got peace of mind.
I want them.
Then we in it.
Gay though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.
For thou art with me.
Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.
I can't put a wire on you day one.
So every move you make you report back.
Thou prepareth the table before me in the presence of mine enemy's.
We straight? For now.
Thou anointeth my head with oil.
You think Mom and Pop dancing together right now? Most def.
My cup runneth over.
Looking for work? All day everyday.
And I will dwell in the house of the lord, forever.
Where you going? You don't even see it.
Stop walking away from me.
You are putting Jimmy back in danger, when you should be going back in.
Aren't you the one who told me to get out? Huh? Oh wow.
Don't do what? I know this is about your concern for Jimmy, I know that.
It's not like that.
It's not like what? Did you forget that I'm trying find out who killed my father? It's not true.
You look me in my eyes right now and tell me you still wouldn't let that (BEEP) smash.
(SLAP) I can see for real who you care about now.
So you can go ahead and say it, say it! (FOOTSTEPS) Well go (BEEP) him then.
Holy shit.
Yo who the (BEEP) did this to you? Okay look it's gonna be okay all right, just tell me who did this.
Jimmy don't.
Tell me.
How you gonna solve this? Tire iron, brass knuckles, or whatever, just tell me who did this to you.
You're fresh out, you ain't about that no more.
You my brothers girl, I'm about all that, now tell me.
Listen, I just need a place to lay my head tonight.
You got that place for me Jimmy? (THUNDER) (LIGHTER FLICKING) Yo this here my little bro.
Ain't no body in the world more important to me than this little punk ass bitch.
No but for real though, this my better half.
Best half of me there is.
He need to know that we brothers forever.
What happens to one of us, happens to us together.
(BOY IN VIDEO) Jimmy help me, they got a gun.
(THUNDER) Hey Pauly.
PAUL: What up? If we're lucky enough to get Jimmy in deep with La Gano there's a chance he don't come out.
You understand that right? Yeah I do.
Ya late.
Look I'm sorry, not a good look, I get it, won't happen again.
It better not happen again.
I just said it won't.
Yo would you have happened to see my lady? We really gonna do this shit right now? There's a lot of stuff going on right now.
God damn it, will you two knock this shit off so we can get going? We got about 10 minutes to run the play.
(FOOTSTEPS) (FOOTSTEPS) - What's good? - What's good? Bear, Jimmy, Jimmy, Bear.
We're all set, now.
Yo, c'mon! Pop off like that Juices are juices (LOUD CRASHING) When I wake up, grab that MAC off the dresser I got lil' with berrettas Even though I taught 'em better On the guap, I can't take none or lesser Four fifth on my hip just for pleasure They say I'm smooth, yuh Walkin' lighter than a feather Maneuvering, they be like Don't walk up on that kid, KC Please, sit.
Oh Michele It's good enough, they try to hurt me Offer you anything? I'm good, thanks.
These men, they show you the lay of the land? Yeah, everything seems straight forward.
Tell me about yourself? Well, I dig long walks on the beach, a nice sunset, and a novel, and a buttery Chardonnay to curl up with a night.
Hold up, hold up - (LAUGHS LOUDLY) - You think that's funny? Yeah, it is funny.
Deshawn had already told you, man.
He says your good with your hands.
Yeah, I like to hit shit.
You like the way it feels? - Gettin' hit? - Yeah! No.
But there is somethin' about bone breakin' against bone that I find real comforting.
I need bodies.
As protection or to stack up? You got a problem with either one? I ain't got no problems long as that paper clear.
It will, $10,000 a week, cash.
I'm assumin' that's enough? No.
It's gon' work for now, but should the requirements of my employ vary, we can renegotiate then.
Kinda feelin' yourself, huh? I'm not cocky, I just know my market value.
Judging by your swag, I'm assuming you've been incarcerated? Be correct.
I don't need you bringing any heat to my door.
Listen, I'm all the heat you need.
But trust me, I don't plan to come back here.
Whatever these guys need, you're their man.
Welcome aboard.
Good afternoon, Paul.
How can I help you? We can save the pleasantries, Mavis.
She ain't here.
Where is she? Away.
Away, away where? Look, you know I love me some juicy gossip.
Lord knows, ain't not secret that can stay locked behind these lips for longer hot minute, but that girl needs to be gone right now.
Period, full stop.
I'm sure she would appreciate your loyalty right now.
MAVIS: Thank you.
But I would appreciate if you let me know what you know about Viv.
Really? Okay, Paul, baby, I ain't got no facts.
So, she just left? (FINGERS SNAPPING) Gone! Thank you.
Hey, Paul! If I thought it was a 911 situation, I'd let you know.
She's kick my ass, but I'd let you know.
Thank you, Mavis.
(SIGHING SOFTLY) GARCIA: Sit down, you're giving me indigestion.
PAUL: We shouldn't have sent him in there without a wire, bro.
On day one? You wanna walk your brother in there with a wire, that's a death sentence.
He's in there buck naked, Garcia.
You don't know what's goin' on.
Look, dude, he's capable.
Nothin' ever goes sideways day one.
It's just a size up, you know that.
Well you and I both know that Jimmy is not a person that you wanna be sizin' up, day one or day 19.
Listen, yeah, your brother's a bull in a china shop.
But he ain't got enough skin in the game to go around and make his own moves yet.
Pissin' people off though, that's another story.
I ain't catch where you said you was locked up.
'Cause I ain't say it.
Are you gonna? What? Say it.
Man, I think I got a right to know.
You ain't got the right to know shit about me.
Now, you hired my ass off a handshake without application, son.
We just tryna make sure we got What the (BEEP) you worried about where I was locked up? Your work for the Census or some shit? Hey Jimmy, man, you gotta call me.
Okay? You gotta call or text me or somethin'.
Let me know you're okay.
Yo, you cool? I dunno know, we cool? My man ain't too subtle about the way he handles his business sometimes.
Hey, look, why don't I take a piss, and them we can all chill the out over some lunch, a'ight? - My buy.
- All right, bet.
Take your time.
He's a tough guy.
(LAUGHS LOUDLY) (SIGHS HEAVILY) SHAWN: Where's my money? Yo, what we doin'? A'ight, look, we just clockin' right now.
I know right where he at.
Now, the big dude is chill, but the other cat, Shawn? Yo, he jumpy as shit.
Okay, listen, if nothing happens within the next hour, let 'em know you gotta meet with your P.
, get outta there.
SHAWN: Yo, what's takin' this guy? PAUL: We got the plan locked.
Yo! (KNOCKING) What you doin' in there? I'm tryna take a shit, but you all the way up my ass.
SHAWN: Open the door! Yo, you gotta! Yo, you not makin' a real strong' first day impression.
Car's running, let's bounce! Jimmy, goddamn! What's wrong? The call dropped.
So, just track him.
We can't track him.
He's on the move.
So, you know I ain't never been about puttin' my hands on a lil' lady, but this bitch, she a brawler.
I done seen her take a few.
So, weren't really worried about bouncin' her around.
Yeah, how many rounds she win with you? And here's the crazy part, at first she went toe to toe with me, right? You might even know this broad.
Man I dunno know nobody 'round these parts here.
Fine sister from Spagoletti's, always in the back hittin' the heavy bag, long hair, fine, perfect ass! Doesn't tell me much, man.
There's a lot of ladies up here.
Well, she the bitch of the bunch.
Owns the Sister to Sister salon over in Little Five.
Go on.
Ain't no more to lay out.
She owed my some money.
I fronted her for keepin' the lights on.
Yeah, shit, you had to collect? Yeah, I had to tax that ass.
Hop in.
Hey, fellas, you know what? Is it cool if I take a rain check on the lunch, a'ight? My P.
'gon trip out if ain't there by 2:00.
BEAR: Oh, you tryna get up out that check, huh? Hell no, big man, c'mon! On me, get yours.
You need me to drop you somewhere? Nah, I'm straight.
I'mma get at you first thing in the mornin'.
Shit droppin' early, a'ight? A'ight, you know where to get me.
BEAR: All right, cool.
JIMMY: I'm gon' kill that punk, Shawn! Jimmy, relax.
Son of a bitch! You and your goddamn lying.
Get off me! VIVECA: Jimmy! How could you be such a good cop, but still so stupid? PAUL: Get off of me! She only stayed here because she was sacred you'd find out who did it and end 'em? PAUL: Let me go! You gon' be cool if I let you go? PAUL: Let me up, and you'll find out.
Man, I'm serious.
No games, Paul.
Fine! Who did this to you? JIMMY: It was the punk ass bitch Shawn.
Shawn did this? I'mma kill that bastard.
I was borrowin' money from Shawn.
All right, I got behind on a couple payments, but I'm good now.
I'm caught up.
I didn't wanna bright you down in that with me, baby.
You can never bring me down.
You'll never bring me down.
We good though now, we're good.
PAUL: And you stayed here last night? VIVECA: Yeah.
PAUL: With him? Yeah.
Paul, we ain't do nothin', man.
Baby, I told you I am 100% your girl.
Look, I'mma keep it real with you, what you two have, it's truth.
Ain't no lies in it.
What me a Viveca had was Was bullshit, okay? I was just gonna it was because we were young, but okay.
I love you both.
You should be together.
Look at my life, I dunno know where I'm gonna be in the next six months.
Shit, I dunno know where I'm gonna be in the next two minutes.
You two, you make sense, more than we ever could.
Babe, let's go home.
I actually wanna stay here tonight.
I wanna be close to Pop.
I want you here.
Okay? Okay.
I'mma go up stairs, okay? Shit.
What we gonna do about that piece of shit that put his hands on Viveca? We ain't doin' nothin'.
You're not goin' back in.
What? I get one day undercover, and you gon' pull me already? That's it, Shawn's goin' down on assault.
He's caught, you did good.
Now, we can move on.
Yeah, and that's why you should let me finish what we started.
Jimmy, do you understand how dangerous this is? I sent you in there without a wire one time.
I can't do that again, it's too risky.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) What the hell you laughin' at? I ain't gon' front, man.
I'm kinda feelin' this whole cop shit.
See, I'm definitely not sendin' you in now, 'cause you certified crazy.
For real, man I think I got a knack for this cop thing.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) What'd you think Pop would do if he heard us talkin' like this? It'd probably be one of the happiest days of his life.
I mean, he always said you had the mind of a cop.
Yeah, but (CHUCKLES) said I had the brains of a criminal.
He ain't lie about that.
Look, I never really did right by you when we was kids.
I know that I led you down a lot of up roads.
But this, your career.
Your lady.
I'm proud of you.
I never thanked you for savin' me.
(SOBBING) I love you, bro.
PAUL: I love you too, man.
(GROANS LOUDLY) And you ain't gon' see me cry, dawg.
You still my lil' brother.
- Yeah.
- Don't get it twisted.
Well, let's do this shit then.
Let's do it for Pop.
- I appreciate it.
- Yeah.
You slept good last night? Not really.
Oh, why not? You was a little loud last night.
Really? Doin' what? And I think you put a little extra something on for my benefit.
I ain't thinkin' about your benefit when I'm benefittin' myself.
(PHONE RINGING) Yeah? Got it! Cool! What'd they say? What'd they say? The MDMA's comin' in.
Okay, and? And let me do this.
Let me do this one thing right.
Now, you wanna trail me, cool, but let me go in and do this for you, for Pop.
Jimmy, I already told you I can't.
I can't send you back in there with a wire.
Man, wire me.
A'ight, look, follow my with a drone.
Put a camera up my ass, a'ight? Just let me do it right.
(LIGHTER FLICKERING) Okay, it's gon' go down quick.
You give me the drop phrase, then you get in and out.
What's the drop phrase? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I see the drugs, and I say the eagle has landed, and y'all come stormin' in.
Dude, what're you talkin' 'bout? That's not the phrase.
What's the phrase, say it.
This gym could use new ropes.
A'ight, cool, after you say that, we come in, you get down, we do our thing.
Okay, cool.
All right, so where's my strap? Can I trust you with it? Look Jimmy, this ain't no game.
I copy.
Jimmy! Paul, I got it.
Can I? All right, don't do nothin' stupid.
(GRUNTING LOUDLY) You like hittin' women, huh? (GRUNTING LOUDLY) Awfully goddamn quite for a deal.
(TOILET FLUSHING) It's too quiet.
I'm callin' the cavalry.
Do it! (YELLING IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE) (SHOUTING LOUDLY) (TIRES SCREECHING) Get outta the car! Get out! GARCIA: Get out the car with your hands up, now! (GUN FIRING) Shots fired! I'm goin' in! Get out of the car! - (MUMBLES IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE) - Shut it! (GUN FIRING) (GUN FIRING) You the one shootin'? JIMMY: He shot first what the (BEEP) you want me to do? Do what the hell we talked about in the car! (GUN FIRING) Where'd you get the gun? I borrowed it from Shawn.
Cover me! (GUNS FIRING) (GUN FIRING) Hey bro, you good? Man, hell yeah, bro! This cop shit is dope.
(GUN FIRING) Shit, bro.
Now take my jacket off, take my jacket.
(SHOUTS LOUDLY) Be careful! You a'ight? Yeah, this cop shit, ain't so good now, is it? You know what, bro? You might be right.
PAUL: Are you the piece of shit that put your hand on my woman? Yeah, and the bitch deserved it.
Yo, I got this You gon' let your big bro take up for you? Big bro right here! Okay, let's go.
You next! He caught me off guard! That's one! (GRUNTING ANGRILY) JIMMY: There you go, bro! Why you not talkin'? JIMMY: There you go baby bro.
Why you not talkin'? JIMMY: Like that.
Get your punk ass up.
(GRUNTING ANGRILY) (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) I see you baby bro! Watch my shoulder, watch my shoulder.
You out there lookin' like me.
Officer Cramen, requesting assistance.
Officer shot.
Officer Cramen! Y'all like how I did your pops? (LAUGHS MANIACALLY) Yeah, hit me! This is for Pop.
(GUN FIRING) Baby, I love this ring so much.
I hope you do, it cost enough.
You did good though.
Nah, it was so hard to find something as beautiful as you.
I love you so much! I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you.
- I love you.
- I love you too, baby.
Save if for tonight.
(GLASS CLINKING) Can I have everyone's attention, please? Thank you.
Now, I'll be the first to admit, I ain't been the greatest brother in the world.
And to be perfectly honest, sometimes I haven't been much of a brother at all to Paul.
That's not true, you got me shot, and I got a raise.
Would you shut up, and let me do this? Now, with that being said, I've never been more honored to be your brother than I am right now.
And I know Mom and Pop are lookin' down, smilin' on us.
I love you.
I love you too, bro.
Now, this right here, it's a letter, a note.
a poem that I wrote to Paul when we was kids.
What I wrote then, I mean even more now.
I can say I was wrong.
I can take the blame, 'cause brothers don't always share the same name.
So, this fraternity is for eternity, and we'll be brothers forever.
What happens to one of us, happens to us together.
So, please raise a glass for Mister and Misses Paul Cramen! (CROWD CHEERING) VIVECA: I learned a lot from Jimmy.
He always said "Enjoy everyday of your life as if it were your first.
" I learned a lot from Malcolm.
He said, "Enjoy everyday as if it were your last!" (CROWD APPLAUDING) Okay, let's get this party started! I got this brand new Kanye West, - "Brothers!" - Brothers forever We shared the lips of God when the baby was born Should've sat at the route and dedicated a song I can say I was wrong I can take the blame ' Cause brothers don't always have to share the shame name We met when we was young I forgot the grade The last one in place was a rotten egg Since then, I done good and rotten thangs Brothers forever So, I can tell you one thang Brothers forever As soon as I cut the cut the grass low It's easier to see the assholes So, I'm sorry for all the missed queues How 'bout I admit that I missed you I missed the fam and our brotherhood I just wanna make sure that my brother's good So, I ain't embarrassed or above Flyin' out to Paris for a hug Or pickin' up the phone just to call up Pickin' up the phone, hope it's all love ' Cause Jesus taught us love So did Moses and Mahommed So nuttin' so atomic that we can't agree to drop it Drop it, piece it up and get it poppin' And bury the hatchet so we can lock in Why don't you still have him on the line We'll be brothers forever What happens to one of us Happens to us together - And we'll be - We'll be Brothers forever - And we'll be - We'll be Brothers forever VIVECA: But this man right here, I learned the most.
He says, "Enjoy both, babe, that way, you never miss a damn thing.
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